The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1950
Page 6
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PAGE snc - (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY 22, 1950 Russians Teach Hate of America Ex-German Colonel Tells of Red Work Against the West DUSSELDORF, Germany, M a y 22. (VP)—A former German army colonel Just back from the Soviet Union .said jTsrcrday the Russians are conditioning their people for wnr with tile United States. Not only are (he Russians storing food and supplies in great quantities, said Col. George Felrtnunn, but they are carefully schooling the people io hate and distrust the United States. Col. Feldmann, who was captured in Romania in 1944, said that in the nearly six years he spent in Russian prison camps, he watched the anti-West tempo pick up impetus. U.S. Is Scapcjoat The United States, ho saw in an Interview, has been the scupegoat for all of Russia's internal ills. "If there is not enough to eat the peasants are told: 'That Is America's fault.' if (lie crops are not good that, loo. is 'America's fault.' Day by day the Russian people are schooled to think only in terms of enmity against America. Of course all the We.stcrn allies are blamed for nearly everything, but the real emphasis Is placed against America. "War Will Come" "The Russian people tnink th * war with America will come soon. They are constantly told that the United States wants to fight Russia in order to rob her. "I Jeel certain in saying that if war should occur soon between America and the Soviet Union the Russian people would not be surprised. "But from what I saw I do not believe the Russians are prepared to wage a war yet." Held in Prison Col Feldmann was held for some time in a prison also used to confine Russian criminals and it was in this prison, he said, that he learned the best Russian attitude toward the United States. s clecled . 1950. Queen of the Fairgrounds of "ari, Emperor Hirohiio's Daughter Wed« $20-a-Month Museum Attendant Cost of Living Up in April WASHINGTON, May 22. Living costs Inched up ft bit last month. The Bureau or Labor Statistics said its index showed a. rise of two- tenths of one-percent between 1 March 15 and April 15. With the 1335-39 period figured as 100, that brought the index to 187.3 for mid-April— 1.4 per cent lower than a year ago, but 25 per cent above the figure for June 1846, when price controls were relaxed. Jury Awards Man $15,000 / More than Suit Asked • PHILADELPHIA, May 22. W>)— .' Karl J. Mersinger, 24, injured in a bus-auto accident, sued the Philadelphia Transportation Company for $75,000. That was for Injuries to the spine. The PTC admitted in court yesterday it was wrong. A Jury decided the Injury wns worth $80,000 to Mersinger, $15,000 more than he liaa asked. TOKYO, May 22. (/P)—Princess I Taka, attractive second daughter of Emperor Hirohilo, Saturday became plain Mrs. Toshimichi Takatsukasa, wife of a $20-a-month museum attendant. The wedding took place at the home of Prince Takatnatsu, Hirohito's brother. The austere Shinto ceremony was formal and private— only alxntt 30 members of the two families allendcd. It was the first time, so far as Is known, that a Japanese emperor saw one of his children 'married. Thousands of Japanese lined the route from the Imperial palace to the wedding house. The bridegroom's father, Notni- suke. Is chief priest al Meiji Jingu, Tokyo's leading Shinto shrine. Taka, 20. wore a sliokclko, ancient ceremonial dress. A purple hnknma billowed like a skirt over a pure white kimono. Covering both wns a brillinat ted robe with full sleeves, knee-length in front and lengthening lo a train In back. The bride's hair was fashioned in the royal formal style resembling a cobra's hood. She carried a Inrge ceremonial fan tied with brightly colored cords. Takntsukasa, 2G, wore formal western morning clothes. Taka walked confidently across the threshold, smiling as hundreds of flash bulbs flared. The 65-year-old Empress Dowager Sadako, Hirohito's mother, wore n purple dress of western style. The tiny, bespectacled Hiro'tilto, in Western dress, and Empress Nagako, wearing a blue kimono, arrived in the big maroon Dalmler-TJcnz with the 16-petal gold chrysanthemum seal. Three chief priests and three assistants conducted the ceremonies. The newlyweds will live in rented quarters In the home of former Adm. Saljuro Hyakutake. There will be no honeymoon. Tak- alsukasa had to report back on his Job today. Taka. who gave up her royal rank and privileges, will take over man- THOSE WEATHERED BROWN SPOTS New Kind of Hand Cream Specially Made to do Iti ESOTERICA I, tr, 0 , raorvc | ous new Und ol hand cream for fading Ihoio brown ipols Ihot raalo your hnndi look old. AHo ladei older , u ,r ae , blemTiriei cod roughnen In 0 woy no or<Jinory hand tream or lolion con. leny«i hoji'Js whiler, clearer, younger looking tpiiMy—vllen wittun lha fin! lew doyi. While ES07ERICA looks onj fecli lil o Irie fineil nor. greasy vanishing hond cream, it bat on odded clearing onion. Produced in a laboratory lhal hoi J jludied Iho cfTctl c.1 co.melics or i sltrt pigments lor 2i yean. Ttouiands gladly pold 55.00 for ESOTERICA. Now in quantity proc.ur.lion. it eon be told (or SI.50, pl u i i a ». If you MM) cleo/rr, wtiilcr-looling f>°ndi, SC | ESOIERICA. Money batk if lie fin) jot does nol bring dcilrcd rciulll. \ STORES Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer Custom Application Chas. Brogdon Phones 6847 — 6284 '/j Mile South on Highway 61 ngcmpnt. r>[ hr-r husband's household, for whicli she has trained 18 months. F.S.: The riewlyweds won't hnvc i(. (oo tough. The government ap- proprlatetl tile equivalent of $13.500 for wedding expenses, and gave the princess $100,000 lo "maintain her dignity." Fifl-een Drown n Venice Canal VENICE, Italy. May 22. «•;—A hilthcn's church procession ended i drowning for K youngsters yes- :rday when a rickety footbridge .•er a canal collapsed. Horrified priests and villagers gambled Into the water to save S of the iniirehlng children. But lie 15 victims, ranging In age from '1 moiiUis to 11 years, were swept.> death by the swift waters of the annl at Cavarzerc. south of Venice The 11-month-old child, n hoy, •as being carried by one of the thers. Sweet Potato, Maybe SPRINGFIELD. III.. May 32. «r)_ Uclvin McCoy, hand director at Springfield's Fciishans High School :oulcln't toot his sousaphone. He took it to a music house re- air shop and It didn't take long to ind the trouble. A potato vine rowing in the horn had wound round the coils. YMCA Ponders Woman Issue BUFFALO, N. .Y., May 22. fAP) — Should women be admitted to the governing body of the Young Men's Christian Association? The question was a bic issue today among delegates to the 24th annual conference of the YMCA's National Council. The council's committee on constitution and by-laws Ira proposed au amendment to delete the worrt "mnlo" from the rule oti membership. Ann Dvorak, Husband To Try Reconciliation LOS ANCKLES, May 22. (ff)~ Movie Actress Ann Dvorak, who sued dancer Igor Dcga for divorce last February, says they are reconciled, "We've decided to give our mar- rinse another trial," she told newsmen, I'h" couple were .narried in 1047 after she had divorced actor-divee- tor Leslie Fenton. The actress served for three years as entertainer for troops in England. IJega, born Igor dc Navrolzky in Russia, but educated in France, was a captain in the U.S. Army in the war. Commuting Camel's Fare Raised by Ferry Hike NEW YORK —I/ft— Transportation costs have gone up (or everybody — including camels and elephants commuting on the Wee- havvken Ferry. This ruling was announced by the interstate Commerce Commission recently. Officials of the West Shore Ferry Line which traverses the Hudson River between Wechawken, N. J., and New York City could remember only one time in recent years tt-licn an uncrated animal crossed in one of their boats. That was about a dozen years ago when a man was exhibiting an elephant in New York. He commuted every morning with the animal and returned every evening. This continued for two weeks but neither the man nor the elephant, has been seen on the Weehawken Ferry since. The I.C.C. decided to prepare a- Rainst a return, however. It Increased the cost of ferrying elephants, camels and other vtmcrated wild animals" to 42nd Street from $1.40 to $2.80 per animal. Loch Lomcnd Gets Park LONDON (AP) — The "bonnic, boiuilc banks of Loch Lomond" are to be a national park. Britain's secretary of state ofr Scotland announced the government had bought a 12.310 acre estate which includes the mountain Den Lomond and a 13-mile stretch of the banks of the storied lake. The Transvaal district is around Johannesburg, South Africa. MASS-PRODUCTION CARVING- Clifford, Stasaek, of Chicago', txarnintj some of Ills wood-carvert African art creations which a cutllnir machine can produce from a model. 'Margaret' Cancels Summer Concert tour LOS ANGELES, May 22. (AI'j — Margaret Truman has canceled her Jiily concert appearances and will not sing publicly this summer. James Davidson, head of the New York agency which handles her bookings, said here yeslerday .that the president's daughter has asked to be relieved ol scheduled appearances at Robin Hood Dell, Philadelphia, and Lewisohn Stadium in New voiced at the 160th annual meeting of the Massachusetts Medical society. Pin/ess Diaper May Be Hero for Fathers S«NTA ANA, Calif. — fjl'l— H. A Schwilck is manufacturing n plnless diaper which he expects to make htm a hero among papas. Invented by a Mrs. J. C. Slusstr of Pomona, Calif,, the new diaper may b« adjusted to various sizes and held fast by snaps. It Is cut and sewert to a pattci and requires no folding or pins. Schwilck plans to d-iitributc them nationally. He says they will cost slightly more than standard diapers, York. " Miss Truman, ''for personal reasons." plans no concert bookings until October, Davidson said. Prison Has Own Murder Mystery SAN RAFAEL, Calif., May 22. den? Convicts Louis Smith and John Allen were convicted sentenced to death. But now. John R. Heydenfeldt, 22, a psychiatric patient in San Quenton prison, says he had knifed Hoi-den. Alter pleading guilty of wounding his San Quenton cell- mate. Llnyrt Ballard, he told Judge Edward I. Butter: "I want to comcss n uhe Borden slaying) and absolve Allen and Smith." Told that, automatically would get him a death penalty, the youth said: "I know what it means. I want to die." Heydenfeldt won't get that wish very soon, however. Prison officials said they will Investigate carefully before accepting or rejecting his i confession. Con Cause Ulcers, Nervous Upset BOSTONt May 22. «>/ — Thirty years with a nagging wife may give you ulcers, a Boston psychiatrist be- licvc.s. . Such a marital conlretcmps can cause emotional stresses that may induce ulcers, arthritis: or degenerative heart disease. That's the opinion of Dr. Stanley Cobb. Billiard professor of neuropathology at Harvard Medical School and psyciatrist-in-chief at Massachusetts General Hospital. Correction Shot! Chairs Advertised erroneously at $3.95 in Friday's Courier News, should have been 4.35 ALVIN HARDY FURNITURE 1 - SUMAC Science has discovered an exccl- Jcnt new treatment for ivy, oak or sumac poisoning. It's Kculle anil sale, dries up die blisters in a surprisingly short time, — often within 24 hours. At druggists, afli s'IVY-DRY ..<?*<? NEARLY 9 CU. FT. SIZE LOADED WITH FEATURES • Aiilomoljt Detroit-ing . R«!l,( ot Colrfauit er . Meat- Storage ColJpcik . m t, 5 ;J e Fte««r-JHb. IGpoiily • (o!<Uy,oy Shell . Coie-Plui Bolllc Slmogo . 14 Sq. II. ol Shell »rea . < £ D1T .Oot Ire Tlay. • SHJin, HyJiomir • 5-T, 0 r Prol.ition PI on SVSTIMPIIISAN ^ Kcfrisrr.unr automatically turns * .ii.<cl< off-then, jrrcr the .fefrost I'tnrMl, automatically turns itself on I i I O ITi'n film of frost on outside i ~ of freezer is dissolved — re- always works at peak > Q Defrost w»trr dnins into (Msv-to. ~ renio>c, sptllprnof 1 UncMrosicr -c in he emptied at jour con>enlcncc! BACK IN BUSINESS - WITH A GIGANTIC Use MOORE Paint After some time, we are back in the Paint Business and are prepared to handle your orders with the same coui-f eons and attentive interest that has been the policy of Deal's in the past. We are exclusive dealer for BENJA- JIAN MOORE LINE OF PAINTS, VARNISHES AND ENAMELS. We slock only one line and refuse to handle any second .line of paints for price competition. We offer two prices and types of material in the MOORE LINE and both are top qualify materials for (he purpose they are intended. SALE STARTS TUESDAY, MAY 23 CONTINUES THROUGH SAT., MAY 29 Reg. Price 5.95 Sale J95 Price 4 ! Reg. Price $4 Sale ^49 Price Reg. Price 5.10 Safe |25 Price Reg. Price 7.75 Sale /80 Price 6 6 Security Flat PAINT Reg. 3.45 y Security Outside White Reg. -J9S 4.80 Reg. Price 3.80 Sale V5 Price There is a big saving for you on all your paint needs this week on all items in (lie A100UE line. Cnil in your orders and we will deliver them free of charge. .. USE MOORE PAINT - CALL DEAL'S South Highway 61 BlytheviHe

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