The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1950
Page 7
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fAGK TWFLYE' BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Grass-Fed Beef Needs To Be Cooked Longer By CECII,V BROWNSTON'F. A&fiOdaled Prrfis pood Kdilor You'd belter learn how to cook grass- or range-fed beef well because it's around in the markets these days that it's usually a 'good buy. Grass-fed beef Ls lean nml need* long cooking If it's to be juicy and tender. Here's how to turn »n economical cut of l^ef into a delicious pot roast. It's rich brown color comes from slow, even browning. Dnn 1 t stint on browning time! It may take half on hour or even much longer lo brown the beef evenly on all sides. Use moderate heat for the browning and turn the roast on all sides, holding it with a fork part of the lime if necessary. You can be getting the vegetables ready while the top and b'ollom browns. Cook the vegetables that go with the pot roast by adding them to the pot roast kettle only a short time before the meat Is done and you'll have better flavor and nutrition. Savory 1'nl Roasl Ingredients: 5 to 6 pounds beef (rump, chuck or round), 2 (able- spoons lard or fat on meat, 3 lea- spoons salt. '; teaspoon pepper, I cup water. 3 to 4 aiedium potatoes (peeled and halved), t to 8 medium carrot* 'scraped*, 18 .small white onions (peeled), 4 tablespoons flour. .Mclliod: Wipe meat with damp cloth. Heat heavy kettle and melt lord If meat does not have sufficient fnt. Drown beef evenly on all sides (this will lake 30 minutes or longer). Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of the salt and the pepper; arid water. More water may be adMc'l durinif th« cooking If needed. Cover tightly. Cook over Inw heat, at simmering temperature on op of range 3 to 3',i hours or until meat is almost tender. Add potatoes, carrots, onions, and remaining 1 teaspoon salt; cover and cook 20 minutes. Remove ment and vegetables !o a hot placer. To thicken gravy, measure liquid; add water to make \''i cups. Blend 1 tablespoons flour with 4 cup cold water to a smooth paste; add n small amount of hot liquid. Add to liquid in kettle the flour paste, all at once, stirring briskly to prevent lumping. Cook, stirring constantly until mixture Ihlcken.s and boils. Makes fi FCrviJlfs with additional meat for 2 meat main dishes. EDSON Continued from Page 8 to run the government these days." the man observed, and then he went on: "I sometimes wonder what'!! happen to all that corn stored in there. I wonder if they'll have to Rive it away across the water. And then I think ff the corn borer is as bad UK they think It i.s, or if all this rain we've had keeps up, and we have R bad year, why all that corn'll come In mighty handy, and they'll be nble to sell it, for a lot more than they've borrowed on it. Huh? "It takes smart men to figure these things out. It takes -smart men In the government.. Roosevelt, he was a smart man. I was awful sorry to see him go. I wished he could of lived on to go through with some of the ideas he had. T think things might have been better if he was alive. Hnh? ."Tniman? Oh, I don't think Truman's as smart a man as Roosevelt »:«i. He probably means well enough. but he can't see ahead, and H takes »,smart nmi to s«e ahead. I'm not wnfti-t enough. ."But Roosevelt, he was for the wprkin* man. I still remember back to th« depression of 1932. Course. the young folks around here that have growed up since then don't remember what H was like back then. but I do, and I don't want to see it eyer s*t Ilk* that sgain. "Why I remember. I couldn't get ftnjrthlnff t« do, sometimes. I WAS tenant on i man's farm then. PO acres, worlcin' on shnres. But I couldn't get nothuV /or what 1 raised '»nd *o J had Ui go lookin* for other work. Shuckln' corn. All 1 could get. wa« n dollar a day and sometimes I had to-spend that'much tor gas, just drivin' around lookln' for work. " "It's not like thnt now. I can get plenty to do, like this job I'm rioin' for this man here. But I don't never want to see It get like it was then Huh? ."Lot of the farmers lost their land then. too. But Roosevelt, he wanted to do somethln' for the farmers, and wanted to help them. Course, most of them got their land back now, and ever since the start of Ihe Second World. War. they horn makin' more'n they ever did. Huh?" Krnnrmn Plan Confusing What did he think of the Brnn- nnii plan? "The Brrmnan plan? Talk a ho tit it seems to of died down, There was a lot in the papers here aboul It last winter, but I don't hear it talked of so much any more. Leastwise around here. "I don't know, myself. I don't understand it. all, I'm not smart enough. Rut I'd like to see it tried if it'li do what they say. "This Ditksen, thnt's runnin' for the Senate now, they say he's against the nrannan plan. .And Scotl Lucns. from over around Ha- vatina. that's senator now, they .say he's ft gainst it too. Don't [»ivc n man much choice. I always like 10 ha* f e a choice. "Don't know how I'll vote on them. I've always been the black sheep in my family. My grandfather moved up here from Kentucky after the Civil War. and him and my father and his brothers and my brothers always voted Democrat. But T voted Republican like most of the people around here, up to the time Roosevelt wns in. ' "I voted for Truman, too, this last lime, but I don't know if T'ri do It again. I don't think he's smtvt, enough. But the Republicans has got to make up their minds pretty soon and say what they're for. At least that's what It looks to me like, Huh?" THURSDAY, DECEMBER fl, CANIIV FOR CHRISTMAS—The small fry can make M. Christmas Is Everybody's Job Crime-Detection School Ordered to Tone Down Its 'Thrill' Advertising WASHINGTON. Dec. 21. f/T)—If crime-hunting Is packed with thrill." and romance the Federal Trnc! Commission doesn't know about it It ordered n West Coast correspondence school yesterday to stop representing finger-printing and crime-rtetccl.ion work as "(illpr. with excitement and Intrigue o packed with thrills, color and romance." The order was issuer! Con rad E. Grepn and I.eon A. Crouch trading, the Commission, said, aj the Inlerstate Training Service ol Portland, Ore. The order was also direclpt against Jacob W. Spat/, of las An B.v OAY.VOH MAIIDOX XJCA Slaff Wrllpr Christmas Is cver.vlxxly'.s job. So why not let 'teen ayers. or even roiingcr members of Hie family. :akc a hand In making chi:ist- •candies. A box of Johnny's fudge bars for grandma! wonderful thought. A Jar of randy on Ihe Chrisloias table made by younn Susie! Why. of course, let tlie small fry put Ihcir oar in the holiday gond will. Here are two .very easy recipes. Our own youngster, five year old Pat. helped mako the first himself aiul there was no confusion—just smiles of pride when we all Said it was wonderful candy. i Fudge Ifcirs (.Makes 32. tars) Two ounces unsweetened choco- ate. 1 can (15 ounce) S'.veetend ondcnsed milk, 1 cup quick rolled ats. uncooked. !i cup coconut. <(, up pecan meats, chopped. Melt chocolate in !op of a double x>iler over boiling water. Add condensed milk, rolled oats, coconut ml chopped pecan meats. Stir , mti! well mixed. Pack uito a greas- j d baking pan (7 x 11 Inches). Bake n a moderate oven (350 deg. F.i 2 to 15 minutes. Cool and cut nto bars. PtRnut !Ui(tcr Marslimatiiiu- Kars (Makes ^ do/on liars) rive cups puffed rice or puffed wheat. Vi cup butter or. fortified margarine, 1/3 cup peanut butter, pound tnnrshmallow.s <al>out 32.) Measure puffed rice into a shallow pan. Heat in a moderate oven Ciiin deg. pj for 10 minutes. Pour puffed rice into a large groaseri bowl. Melt butter, peanut butter and marshmailows in top of a double boiler over boiling water, stirring occasionally. Pour peanut Reles. who. said Ihe Commission, was formerly associated with Green and Crouch. "Yeoh, she's in there telling everybody about how nice they were to her at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION, when she needed a loan." You Should Read This! »e »wre jnnr srcertomrlrr U Forking pcrfc.rUy. Drive In tn T. f, Scuy .Motor Co. and Irl nn. rhcck it. One. ilar nerr- Ict on *pctdotncter rrpalrs for All cam and Iriirks. T. I. Seoy Motor Co. 121 East Main I'lionc 2122 Flowers for fvery Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NEW LOCATION 1500 W. MAIN J'HOXK fiflOZ l)i:ilF>r-marshma!low mixture O..T Ihe iniffecl rice. Ktir until the jmf/ctl t ice i.s evenly coated. Pack into a Breased i>akiiit; unn n x 11 Inchesi. Cool and cut into bars. Tonwrroiv's Menu HREAKFAST: Oranpe juice, pork .s^iisnyc cnke.s. eiii'irl'.cd toust. bul- tcr r>r fortified margarine, coffee milk. LUNCHEON: Creamed tuna fish arid peas on toast, rt'.v carrot sticks, enriched soft, rolls, butter or fortified margarine, jiitlgc tars, tea, milk. CHRISTMAS DIN'NRR: Cranberry juice cocktail, roast beef, brown gravy. Yorkshire puailtng, buttered Brussels sprouts, creamed onions, jnixeri green .salad. French dressing, plum pudding, hard sauce, nuts nnd raisins, cufice. milk. 29 Mid-South Aliens Become U.S. Citizens MEMPHIS, Dei:. L!0. r,l>j— Twentynine aliens of Memphis nnd the Mid-South yesterday became United States citizens in a ceremony in federal court here. They came frmn Russia. England Greece, Spain, France. China. Canada, Newfoundland. Poland. Brazil nml the British West Indies. Russia led the ILSI with ei<;ht aliens. British to Get More Yule Food But Turkey, Pork Will Still Be Hard For Shoppers to Buy f>ONf)ON-This will he the elm- cst to a ration-free Christmas that Ilritaln lias enjoyed since 1940, but many old fond favorites will still he rni.ssin". Butchers already are predicting Ihat pork will he hard to get. They probably won't have enough even for rceular customers, although the present meat ration is only 23 cents weekly. Turkey are still scarce and other shortages continue In sugar, butler, eass. (ea and bacon. Housewives making their own puddings and takes will have a harrt time (hiding raisins, mincemeats and ' ndied prcl. Bill the Minislcry nf FIHM! has just liflod Hie roiir-iwund weight restriction on ron feet loners' eukes. Shoppers nnw e:in order any sir* nf cake, lent and ilerorairrt, paring (lie controlled price of three shillings n[nc|]enrc a pound. Other welcome changes are the lariif rtuantity nt Christmas pud- dim's, by reputable manufacturers, already liplng the shelves. And. for the first Christmas in years, cookies of all kinds are off ration and In quantity, i A pleasant surprise Oils year will lx> a Inrt-c variety of canned pre- pnrod foods, off ration for the first Christmas since France was invaded In 10W. Most are French. Dan- I, Dutch, lielsian or Polish, but! there also are canned corncobs.'; corn kernels and oiher delicacies i frmn Canada and the United Slates, j -tinned fruits generally are in [ ample -supply but canned peaches. I pears and pineapple still make only ! rave appearances on the shelves. To amplify {lie seanty meat ra- linn tlii're are cooked Dutch chirk- ens, canned whnle .and lins of'* rooked ham writhing anythliii; from IE* uunees lo 10 pounds. Speedy, efiellive i«Nef itom ccugKt. li!<« a do<!gi'l prescription. SoKi- faction or your money back. WAIT'S GREEN MOUNTAIN COUGH SYRUP &taocd SLICED BACON Crisp, Tender, Tasty | Serv» it for breakfast, | lunch or supper. MEMPHIf rtCKlHO CO. ^M . ••. jm -• l^M - '^p'- ' k ';'•"' • - • Good Meat llcrt't rf grant} it'tty to "ijoy Itft-ortr bitm . . . M IUXE H»l« CA55EROU It wouldn't be Christmas nrithout (VIAY ROSE HAM 4 aips Msyrose Ham, Liquid from mushroom i l-mchcuhc., lc»n(16o t .)»mallwhol«oninni 4 07. .,r,cookc<i noodles O f about 16 sm.ll cooked onion. 1 can, (( 07.) mushroom pieces , olp d ch( . d j lr chcci( . 2 nips medium while sauce shredded Cook noodles according to dircciions on ihe package. Brown ham »nd mushroom pieces in ham dripping. Thin white sauce with the liquid from the mushrooms. Comliinc all ingrcdienu except cheese. Place in a greased 3- quart casserole. Sprinkle cheese on top. Place in i moderate oven (350'F.) for 35 tninutcj or unlil cheese browni ilightly. Moyron Horn I, r«ally l Get May rose lo giva you "c«nt«r. >!ic." flavor from ,„,! h, «nd. £njoy II coM, !«•! 01 it corn ,, ,, om ft , «ropp«r. Of li.oP II quitUy |i|', 0 lr, 0< J y cooled) and enjoy il hoi. You'll find goiyto- follow torvino mitruclioni righl on tri» wrop- pnr, too. To b« ivr« of top-qyality Ksody. lo-Eol hom, be >ut« you loy, "Mayro.*." Sf. Louis Independent Packing Company • St. Louis, Mo. READY-TO-CAT HAM Either Whole or Half Hams Star At Christmas Time Parties Mrni Broiled Grapefruit Baked Half Ham sweet Potato Puff.1 Buttered Broccoli Cranberry Nut Salad Cloverleaf Rolls Butler or- Margarine Mincemeat .Tart* 'with Hard Sauce Beverage With young people home • from school and with out-of-lown guests In the home the yule season becomes a popular lime for entertaining. Another trend of the season is serving a perfectly baked ham brightly garnished with Christmas colors. A baked ham always makes a grand appearance on the serving table; however, for a small group a half ham may be preferred. Both the shank and life butt half of ham may be decorated with a Christmas air. For example, red and green maraschino cherries may b: alternated over the surface ol the ham and the platter brightened with green parsley. Or for A different serving, (lie ham may be carved In the kitchen, then the attractively arranged slices are placed on a platter or tray garnished with cranberry nut salads In lettuce cups. However the ham is served, prop- e. cooking is mast important. First. it Is placed on a rack In an open roasting pan. Placed fat side up. the juices will run down through and over the ham as it cooks in a self-basting process. Water Is not added to the roasting pan and It la left uncovered. The ham Is roasted In a 300 F. oven. A roast meat Iher- moineter.Inserted, Into the thickest section of the ham will tell the ed, that U, It hu reached 16* 9. An estimated cooking lime. m»y b» determined by allowing 15 to 111 minutes per pound for a whole ham I and 18 to 20 minutes per pound for I a half ham. Cooked dried beans learn well I with browned chopped onions and I canned tomatoes. Season well with salt and pepper and serve very hot .-prinkled with parsley. To cut lh.« | parsley fine use a kitchen scian*». homcmaker. when the ham is cook-' ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT ICK St. Joseph ASPIRIN ^ NERVE& Due lo i Ink of Vitimim 61, 82, Iron and Niicin! Perhaps you nre nervous, unccrlaVi tense. <iue in a lack or Vilamins B, BT Iron anil Niacln In your system, like Mr. Cliarles A. Blown. 280* Harrison. Kanj»i City, Mo, Let him tell you how Irxlay sr e*l Hadacol helped him by relievi is ut. cause of hit distress due lo such deftcencies: "I am 50 years old and em. l'!oycd on a job (hat nl times Is verv nuicli a strain on Ihe nerves. A year r,r so «eo I beiwn to have nnck.icnes 1 »!.„ seemed | o w n l:e u» jr. the morning »• jh a (celtn,; as lkni. R h 1 ha.t a han C oW I have hcei, Inking lladncol mm- (or about 2 monlhs Win,; finished erne larce hot,], ancl starling nn mv second. I can tnilrt- (ully say 1 h.lven't felt as good In en yes" H.daeol has nteri , Godsend lo ™ and I highly recommend it lor anyon. who Isn't feeling tjp to par," Only HjKlacol fj\-cs yon that "Wonder, fu! Iladacol Feeling"—trial file bom, only 3I2S; larco family „, hospital s"e 1350. Recommended by many doctors' nuney-lnek jwnramce ' © I3JO, TJie LfiHane Corporation VAKE^VAREALLY SPECIAL! \H^ SPECIAL! U. S. No. 1, Grade A Red POTATOES—2,29 THE BEST POTATO BUY IH YEARS! SEl FOR YOURSELF! Royal Guest COFFEE Freshly Ground Lb. 78c IGA Xtra Whipped Salad Dressing Full Ql. 55c Monarch Strawberry PRESERVES 3 10-Oz. Jars $1 Monarch Pic-l-Joy Sweet PICKLES 3 for $1.00 Yello—in sticks MARGARINE Lb. 27c Large Green Pascal CELERY Stalk 23c Fresh Crisp RADISHES 2 Bchs. 15c Reelfoot—Ready to Eat HAMS Whole, Avg. 12-14 Lb.65c Pure Pork Homemade Sausage* 3Lbs.$1 Fresh Dressed, Fat and Tender HENS Lb. 49c Armour's Sliced BACON Lb. 49c Reelfoot Fancy Round Steak 4 Lb. 98c Fresh—Eatmor Cranberries 2 ibs. 35c Large Yellow ONIONS Pound Be 15c 3 Pound Bag Plenty Of Parking Space At Your IGA Store MAYS' IGA SUPER MARKET 421 S. 21st. "Remember, It Poys *o Shop wifft Moyf'"

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