The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1933
Page 1
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Served by the United Press REHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1B8OUHI VOL. .XXX—NO. 18:', Blythevllle • Dally, News, Mla«tMlPBl V»lle7 I«r>r Blythevlll* CourtK. Herald. m.YTlliCVn.l.L:, AltKAN'fiAS, WKDNKSDAY, OOTOHKH IH, 103:1 MEMPHIS SINGLE COPIES FIVE'CENTS) LAYS HUSBAND WITH I Model Kitchen Will Be The Schoolroom For Housewives Norman Thomas Comes to Aid of Tom Mooney Stiiool phu- •. Not row. 1 ; ot link 1 laboratory t;i-h'on> from i< Cookm [ bit", uixi .small %:\i burners, not n'fonn. l?:ic-ln'r niitl little [.h'ls l<i;ivnin^ • M rs. Thnrn hus Iravrlcrt widely Iht-ir firsl logons in Home Ecnu- ; LU i^ cfninlry Kinlying in Ib-- ( miics—but a model kitchf-n on ilu.'-iabo:»Uoiitrs v-'licrr nf-w home nuik-. Liagc. nn pjcfXTic-nccci lecturer anil in? rquipiwm i-s designed nnd] d'SiiictiKiratov. nnd the hundreds of I t: mi led: tint bus used riuuiv n°w; ;.c-aLs filled u-ith ihn \vojm 1 :i of Hly-- uppliatifos in hf-r own horn* 1 kiirh- IlicviU'! :nul vicinity —'.Im i.s llu-j t-n Unit- ti'foni ilw-v woiv mi UK* Cooking Si'liuol whk-h will hold j market. Snr is i-hihushi.siic iibtmt i- v lo: All Oilier i po.irir 1 ; Sllhicct All Vjmei LXgaCU.b UllUJVA-t tO Fulfilment OI BeflUCSt ,, ,, , to ivh'S. VaUglian. , ion!: no:; week, fiw to nil of you. i H,P dwlopmrnl of lioini>niiiklir/.| tr-fflay afK-rncton. will lx> rebuIR vis ! lint lib' UH> littln KlrK k-aininv (.cuiiiimi-nt. in this country. r.sjv>-1 •'•oon as iwi-.Mblc. Miix Meyers of ' ' - inn la T DV CIDC SAN F»AN<-'lKCa Oft. 18 .1)1') Ml I I fir 1 " T " ! " Mf " 1! "">'. I' 11 "!.' lonu>r serv- Ul I 111^MriK a life Miitem-e lor Ihe 1're- I p.m-ilncss D.iy fuLiI bambini; heie, , , n i i i 1 ''-"' a 1K "' V d'-friiili-r today in NOr- IVlOvei'S lil'OmCl'S Announce I m.<n Tliom:,.--.. N.-«- vork«r. v:\td They will Rebuild As!*r™,«i U n;, i:i !;; :l £? 2rtvlW!l ' llel1 '" Observations — liy C. It. I!.: Fauner.s Gin on Smith Klin 5 (U'blroied by lire lati 1 OSCEOLA. Ark.—Letacics and'ih'-ir lirsl lessens in Iheir f.i-hnnl t .j;,]!y thai whir-h is av.iilabV ev-1 iwji-i.s IHII-IH'IS. ovuicis nun »|j- : .,,ilioilil-.-, .sinci- his imnrls lictiucsls lo Mississippi County j cooking claiM-s. Ihe women who nl- , L . } n'-iic.-c at inodcM prices loiluy. . "alors of the ein. anno'.incfd lo- .,| l(T tl , ( . | xl . rl i )m |, m mn; High Schools, lo Ihe lioy Scouts j lend the bin Cooking School al the ~i[ v ,-omen had been responsible ] " ;1V - and others under terms of the'city auditorium next week will we f cr Uic-w new devices." raid Mrs. 'the eiijhl-.Maml Kin. built uboul nil||l/n Tn I Nil, will ot the lale U. E. Lie Wilson, j and hoar many interestim; ihinps 7 horn, 'ii would be sai prising 10 years aco at a cosl ol $j:>.000. i M II II tf I III \\fil\t _ .-.. i Jrfrt! • f,.. »i... t: ;..... ffi»,. Hi Alt mi ii . , ,nv. _ i. „ • ... . i.n— w i c 'iliT>f\(;l ( r\\ '11 Iv • lil'SI I'QVOli IJV IlllPIIll 1 I II 111! U H -M comingcm upon salisfaciorv foi the first lime. The kitchen it- enough. The housekeeper IDS been execution of leims of ihe will .self is lu lie a display of new > only indircctlv re.s]K>iisih!e. lint she which devise for Helen May i equipment and utensils. In it Mr*, hits demanded more simple- house- tools, easier wavs to core [ Vaushan of Hot Springs. Ark., a | George Thutn. Ihe famous footl, _ _ trust fund of $100.000 and bequeath i lecturer and homcmakor. who i-on-j fo,- n er lamily's food, licuce Hie 10 her Hie forlv-nve acre esiale on duels Ihe Cookinr School for the I improved, aiiloiiinlic- ir-fiiseraloir. which she resides, together with. Courier News, will lecture every 1 0 ; I01 i nv . Slie has demanded ta.s- for Moon- 'llu! fumed [>: Kon:-i'V, iUteiiipts •<i ii'naln u uanluii have bi'eu re- jtfied conslsU'nlly by Cahttn'tiln ::iulioiiil".-. .siim- )iis impiisonmenl was almost totally- destroyed by] lire which appaienlly oriBinated i i from defective rle.clricul wh-lnH! personal property, und a monlhly al'.einoon. IX'sinninK Tuesday. She- income ol $'>5R for the tv.'olve; will trj 1 new iccinc.s. discuss soait- in- cookery, hence llie Sine r.uto- malic controlled ransre and the* months immediaielv succeeding her! familiar o'.il ones, demonsli-ale modern kitchen ciibinei. She luus sained full hcnd'vay before; liny effort' lo hall Ihc names; (ould be made. A i.oiilh wind probably saved Ihe luiEe ]>lant anil buitclinKS of the BMheville Cotion Oil Mill, south of the Rin. from damage. Had the ! Forms Will Be In Their Hands by Monday, R.F. C. Chairman Says. Says Germany Will Sign Nothing Until Give 'Recognition. iii-.ituN. Oci. in 'tin — cii'r- nniny will "iilli:nd no confeieiin 1 , join no ulllance, adhere In • no conv.-nilon. sign nothliiK," until she i-; urauli'd' ei|iiallty with other millons, Chancellor Adolf Illlli'r ."iilcl in u sot'ccli today to n lirrmp nl N:i7j aides. The .speech was made to sloim Irnopvrs and lenders of Nu/l ]iar- '"Ilu- mlslalie of previous Oer- I mnn ^ovi'i-nmenU," Hiller.lold his men. "was lhat they were over jopllmi.stlc renardinB the l.enuiii' of Nfiiions and ILs liustlLullons." ! "I also nni optlmlslle, but wilh nrcl to the future of Iho Orr- of the clerk o!' the county and I ^ ._. __ Drobale court here Tuesday. Mr. M I I I I U Wilson said: "All Ix'ciueslb' and do- M I I I f fj vites shall be if necessary, decrens- II I I LLtl JACKSON, Miss, Oct. 18 (UP) —Southern farmers were assured World .Uncertainty Re- sDonsible for Rapid Decline in Price. WASH1NGTON. Oct. 18. (CPI — Adolf Hitler was blamed by admin- benefactor's death. I tricks and triumphs of cookery •• ^^ "r 0! . s!l f e footl. and ihe re-! llames Ix'en blown southward tcr- Conduding Ihe document, which j which have never been given IK- £lt j t ] )aH v.-en not onlv u«islitiior.| lou* claimific or ueslructlon of the as flkd Cor p-ubaie in the olfic-M - : -a Washimlon lo proteci the con-1 oil mill would have been po:slh!c. the clerk o!" Ihe county and! * ^ n nl lairn I .sunu-r in all she aim, but. thc| .Spreads K.ipiJIv i mnnufnctururs have been forced j Tin- fire broke out when nn .•ler- ! :o employ fine chemists cud spe- ! ' •"• ""!>' hull) was being fillet! nl- jcialisrs. lo produce ed. Innsed, omitied or burdened, if r-nn IIIIIP IT nnflft Packav.e them for „. „„.,!- ,,. neceiiiuy. and to D'i- extern neccs-1 I I Ml \M\\L tt I IIUI1U they have lind lo dt-vke delivery ihoilcii culled almost Instantly and ^ R p c |U . J( , |asl u , ht f0| . iiurv. to pcimii full payment ofj rill! Ui! MI H I I! Fl 111 ! systems which eiuranice fresh! appeared to he imiitcd in .several.., Ailiclrs 8. 12 and H inchscling payment of all Hens on Ihe properly dejciibed in Article 8. aud I' do specially declare it my will thpi. if Hi" [invites and bcnnesu I" said aiticles be for any re-.tron. noi. vilhstJindinu mv desire and direction'; e\rres5cd herein, in anv re- '-nTr. o>- lo anv exteni lessened. miuoicoiv nffr-clod bv any asscr- dcn decline in American g e chemists end spe-' ' •"• I'-'" hull) was being filial nl- of ,„ m)ls n 1)01]ml fo| . lhc(] . ,,_ Mt jucc Ijcttcr foods, to to a socket by a gin emiilove. ni~ . jndl |ow mi(kl|il)| , touou or \ KMr for cleanlluef.s. and bulb shattered and winns was •'•„.,. j^e II Jones chairman of d lo dt-vke delivery I ihoilcirculled almost Instantly and t! ' 1L . R p c ' ),„,.'| as t nl«ht for i guarantee fresh appeared to be imiitcd in .several.., Vll] , w , tl| p ostinaslcl . footk on every grocei-y shelf. It's a pl-.i-.-es. The fire originated near tlv; | C ; enm , Jllmi ^ A p,, r i ey . "real age for Ihe homekceper. Hcr| pr.-s-s and spread rapidly. | ,. An for|11 .. nn[ , Kgi-cement* will vork has nevot- been pud pleasant." Mis. Thorn will uot only so simplified U)r , 11>mls mcr Two city fire irucks responded ^ ui iijr to alarm.-, from the alii and the. thp [ol[on |]CH b Mond[vy .. ht . nivthcvlllo Cotton Oil Mill bui| snid _ 1>AU th(ll wm he ncwssflri J* \ K to:' Ihe farmer to CO to his lucnl detail al the school, each session. I and wns raging full force wnen but she will also Kivc oui. new re- the fire fighting apparatus arriv- . cipes. describe new forxl produc'.s, • r-d. Tliu BUI being outside the city. prKent his warehouse receipt, sign the agreement to re- tnan iwople, while 1 am exlieiue- ly peMimistte about Geneva." he The ftoveniment'.s decision mi Sniuuluy to wllhtlraw from ihc l.e:iiiue of Nations and the world clharmiuncnl conference ushered in a decisive phase in our light, tor ttiuallly," Hitler said. Tne sincerity of ihr Lite I!. K. lx-<> Wilson's Inli-ri'ni in public rili:-' ration tioiild huve liad no Ijeitrr prool than Ls provided In lho.e pio- vMoiii of hi.-, will M'llln^ nsule .1 liberal ]X)rllon of hi-, e.sialt for trie, bviiellt. of tin: Wilson schosl district and u .smaller part for uixora. 1 have no way ul •.•sllnwilntc '.inliifuriu: whicli tin- Wlhon thr.lvle; will deris'e from Mr. Wilson's lr- <|Ufst. but !l Is apparenl tlwl It will bo .subsliintlnl. It Mioulcl Ije •.•!!- lu-lenl. leitalnly. uilh iv.isou.iblc lax revenues, lo assure the tj-jy.s ami Kill.; of Wilson and vi'.-lnl'.y l!n very bi'st, in eleme.jilary anil secondary education lor KcneiMtlons la come. It will be a belter inanii- nenl to Mr. Wilson's memory ihiiu any Unit may !«• erecled cirr his Brave. oOo The inai'icel slump lhai has carried the price of wheat <lu>vn IS cents 11 bushel In llirei- days Is attributed lo ihe slump In torcl^n currenclei;. It is tad news for American wheat producers, bni u Is reassurliin to (lie country In nen- eral. it Indicates thin wilh littler from Ihe l,ea»nr.' of Sloiy of Cruelty Told Police by Mother and Her Daughters. MEMPHIS, Ocl. 18. (UP)—Mrs.' Daisy fjiurle. 3u, harked Ivr im.-m-' j)loyc<l husljun:! lo death R'ilh an- ax today aud llien h'-'ld a family prayer seivUe ovci' his ballcrecl ixxly. Tin.- victim, uaborl Wilson Slo- rie, ^5, a jobk'S^ rai'.w.iy man, was killed as he lay sleepily in his Woodstock home. Mrs. Slorie was arreslcj on a cliai-gi! nf miirdei- ami broujlu ui pulk'e headmiurlers where she told her story of majTlaiie dlfficulUes. Slie told qfllcers she called In h?r: two dauijiHers, Mauella. 17, nnd Clara, III, sljownl them Ibe bloody'- nx. and conchictetl n prayer .-.c.rfllce i In tlM! blood sp.iltcred room. '. The woman said she had been : duce his acreage un to 4u per cent, t lion of dowe-.- interest or oili'--- "•ise. or hv iviv otlisi- reason simi- hi'- ("• dissimilar, then, In ihni cv- c-nl. I °ive, beonealh nnd devise lo a number of filled 1 rny nremen were unable to con- nnlt v(nr nlu i ?el llle money." •"ir.,"Hn7, nmeiiK rnri« rw'Hw <iuil-l» mritel U^KCIS, and in addition! r.cci their hoseliuos to the city X bnnkc-i- or wnrcliotisoman who .. ^ --.. ~» ^ ri rS L \meric\n ^r samf ot tllc dlsllcs oootecl tl " ri!v ' ! """" v - >l<n>ly ' T *?, "T °n i ? |1'« collatorallzed cotton niav i««| pv^t f^J,,,, ilcn ik-cllno in B iam, {}w (Icilloll5tnltUm . bul „„ Friday' ircm (he oil null's fire fighting his i oal] A , mf , 0 lh c govennucnl ' " ale trOWley. Six or Eioht SKots Fn'eti ln»o 'ail Cell o( Rev. Nations nr.d storm clodds Bi ui;er- • U( , n , en om i iin-eavene'd by her ; Ine over Europe, forei s n l,.-iukL-rs t)alK i, wno |, ad rt| )eniedly ordered! nnd Investors ililnk that Uncle I IPI . lr) liavt , ),„„„. Manell.issto'ri-'.', .Sam's money, despite our abandon- ,.i rtpr or lll( , UTO daughters, bore-oot; mem, of the. now alandard. is pa-;- ,,„,. mol-ier's story of'cruelty ut't!i?- : - sitJIy a licttcr bet than men- own ' llnm i s or hcl . father. . : At, nny rate It reveals n belief .. Wc had barely cnoiiiili to j'at," abroad that, the United Slnlw is] the glrl MlWi , atu | 1]loUlcr look m ' not liMy to be a patty to the next I W a.shlnir in exchange, fo,- i-lfL-i o'. : European war. lu thai these KO>I- s( , co , 1d lmm | c | 0 tiic s jrom'pEaple in ' Ueuien ove.r.iear, nre nbsolutely cor- 1 L | l( . neighborhood " reel This country Is solmt'io b^: M bs slorla'salci her motncr had on the sidelines the next time En- stopped attempt!; or iielg.-:-c:-. »o • rope is foolish enough lo seek to -horsewhip" her father b'JCau;. prices. They claimed that a chain of ec- , s more important iiifts from tin- lo- lines were played on ihe «>«inL vil | lolU rec0 |i rsc upon himself if merchant!! will be given lo a -ciul of the GUI, Mlve Its probleiu^by nulillnif. But it l s to be hoped llml tliev i,.., culc . Uy u, U i- family. as " ! Hie note is defaulted next July nnd! .lONESBOno. Ark.. On. 18 mil it is to DC hoped thai tlievo TL n- C 'i will be no,war In Europe. Even as I « nfCC UlVOfCe BUUS u disinterested onlooker the United I PiU j Hero PtRtnc u-nnlit ^iifTAi- Thn^j. ,-,\, n I UCU 11CIC lo tnkc the , £cl1 in 'ne dollars me. I0 „.;,,„ „ i Germany withdrew from the, Crfates Sinn,(H» Trust I L OI5 Nallolls Im erna.lonal! Article 8 ot the w II devises to ba ,|en; became alarmed over Euro-! Helen Mflv Vauelian ui fee simolc. " ;„,.... _,, .. „, ._, • n^ r-x-rsM r: ?;:^r ^H-S l.v, known ns Mr. Wilson's "Mai- °V' e American dollar soared. The I'ovn lioad Pro|»rty," ar.d directs f. r .,, ., the executors 10 pav any incum- 'he aouar: hnnc^ n., it Jr^m other assets of '• A » tllal - :1S I»"««l cut by die Ihc estate. Artie'* 12 c-entes a of lnc !eldc " u } P^idenl Roose- irust estate of S100.0M from the vcll ' s campaign for ngrlcultural re- pi occeds of nine life insurance covcr J"- is sa " 1 sol!lCtv for the lK,Iir:i,. s . for ihc sime beuenclarv American whe;il finmer who still «'llh Ihe Union Pl-nlcr Bank i: i>lls 55 ! wr conl or llis H" 1 " lo setl Trust Cojnpanv of Memphis nnm--Wheat price.; droppctl 15 ceuus in ed Iruslee and directed to invssi three days, the proceeds of ihe insurance policies in "interest bearing sccuri- j tics of sound, safe and conserva- live charncter." providing, however, llml no invesUnenL shall be made wiihonl Ihe apuroval in writing of .1. H. Grain and W. p. Wilson, executors of the will, and lo "pay the inieresl colleclcd lo Helen May VniiBhnn in such manner and -.11 such limes as will provide a sufficient rceulnv income for her inainlcrfance." If Ihe inieresl is not sufficient to provide such in- com" the. trustees, wilh approval of ,lhe cxeciilors. may life their discretion in supplying Ihc beneficiary uilh funds from Ibe principal al anv time after Ihe first ' year following Mr. Wilson's death Article 14 of the will provides the income of 8250 per month to be derived from other assets of the estate and paid lo her during the tv.-elve months before the trusi fund becomes productive. All costs of the trusteeship, inheritance tuxes, present liens against the renl property and every expense incident to adminis- '•alioti of the Helen May Vaughan trust of direct bequeath to her nre lo be paid from other assets ot the estate nnd if for nnv reason the life insurance proceeds do not eaual $100.000. then n fund equal that amount is to be created oul of other assets of the estate. The trust is to continue so Ion? as cither Albert or Fletcher, sans of Mrs. Vauehan, aif under the age of twenty-five, at which lime the body of the properly is to be turn-. ed over to her for her absolute [ ownership, or in the event ot the death of ihe two children before they ate twenty-fire years old. the proucrty is to be delivered lo her. The executors are given almost unlimited discretionary powers in the administration of other sis- sets of the estate. Conditions lo School Otfls It Is provided, however. In be-j quests to both the Wilson nnd the' L,uxora school districts, that If al nny time by operation of law, or otherwise, their location or area shall be substantially changed the payment of monevs derived from llxs trust funds provided lor these Institutions shall be paid by the executors, "in their exclusive and unlimited nnd uncontrolled discretion to any other educational purpose at any place or plnccs In the (Continued on Page Three) Wilt Tomorrow who has just Cnlv a small amount of uotion. relumed from Washington where j possibly eiiual to five or sit bales, he was active In obtaining the rc- ; was on hand in the gin when the cenlly approved R. P. O. loan lor i fire broke out. Hie i;ln was in op- refinancim; Ihe indebledness of em'ion at the lime. Drainage Dlslrict n, for which he bnlli by ihe Unit- Is receiver, will speak to n Joint iEvll!e Rotary -Six cl.lit shoU! were nred that , abroad cbulcl by late la,l nlgla iuln the eell of the n 0 ,^ * ««»»»"' nrv nnii< rmwiev \i.ii!lor of the foreign demand! for American ' * " B In lail on n murder charge. • ,, , i , , ., Counlv authorities said ihe hul-1 ""M"^ °L". 1e i«"; came from nn alley behind the '' jail nnd apparently from nn auto Three divorce^ fictions vcre filed.; j-esterdny In chiuicery court Hore. ; In one - action•.-Marvin Wurren Is \ ''' r war Then on 8"' 01 " 1 < ) s ° r desertion; They'llv- : (i debtor nation. We paid cd Wittm five dnys. acconllnj to.: what we owed abroad with Roods. tl10 mftP HI! inn mO The gin wns built by ihe Unit- Is receiver, will speay L HI L I H UM I- Kn «' Farmers of America in 1"^ tnc-eling of the nlytlv 1 nil! Illlllil I I llu when that orgnnlzation was nl ihc and Lions clubs at tt I JIUL. Uli iui.ui.iivj . Uclgtn ori , 5 gl . owt |,. in 1923 Nfty- blc Thursday noon. lions and which we now find we ..jight or its gn i ers Brothers purchased the gin, r L Pnnnl considered one of ihe best in this the present- sliuiilion wilh' respect I'HOKCS renal- ^.^^^ tmm u w fn rm co-opera- to the affaiis of Dlsrict n nnd to tics for NRA Agreement Violations. the Hotel No-1 Tom Sleivari; who lives 'ncnr the ' "nnol collect. Today we nv. .. . . ..._.., ... - jail, told notice he saw flnmes- creditor nation. We 1mve no debts Mr. Scott is expected to explain Upm-tlni; from Hie nose of Hie pun "> Europe llml we can pay by Closing Mock Prices A. T. and T •.... 114 1-4 Anaconda Copper 11 5-8 Bethlehem Steel 27 5-S Chrysler 38 1-4 Cities Service 23-8 Ccca Co'.a 03 1-4 General American Tank 27 3-4 General Electric 17 rt-4 General Motors 25 3-8 International Harvester 32 !-8 Middleivest Utilities 1-4 Montgomery Ward .... 17 New York Central 29 3-4 Packard 33-8 Phillips Petroleum .... 14 Radio 0 5-8 Simmons Beds 16 St. Louis-San Francisco 3 Standard of M. J 3D 1-4 Texas Co 23 5-8 U. S. Sleet 37 7-8 'as necessary adjuslmcnls are inuili' .by insurance represenlatives, HIP tell wluit remains lo bf June to pul them In practical working order. but he was unable lo recognize ihc sending' gcods nbroud. We have all man who fired. He said several > ll( -' gold we need and Europe has were In ihe alley i relatively Hub that she can af- WASHINGTON. Ocl. 18 i UP)- : property being pailially covered bv • M.-.i- P n |: rv U/ill Fines and jail lenns faced violat- .. insurance. Mr. Meyers estlinatert monetary roilCy Will ors of recovery codes and agree- that the E ln could be rebuilt In u 1 Q & \\ f or "Sound Money incnts today. " i working period of 15 In 20 days, i President Roosevelt invoked the penal sections of the national in- Magnolia SfirVICC Men duslrial recovery acl lust ni°hl in • sweep Ins executive order and, LJlSCUSS Better delegated full powers lo Adminis-1 iraior Hugh S. Johnson to prevent, j inprovp( | melhods of aulomcli' violations of Ihe law and force , scrvlc( , designed lo assure more ef-j ;ll(1 o n j led Plvts - WASHINGTON.,Ocl. 18 It President Roosevelt's advisors imvei sifted fifty plans for an official 1 tnonetorv policy {town lo a liand- fn' which declare for "EOtmrt [ money" in one form or another, informed by The (ainfire came without warn- ford to send us. .We nre not llkc- Miu; since officers believed lhal ly to nuance large scale exports by jibe church war had subsided. The new loans .when we cnnnoi colbel Tabernacle had been peaceful since old one*. Europe, involved In war, »TrvtiirrM was slain more ihnn n : would be able lo scnd'ns little In Ihe way of goods lo exchange lor our goods. War, therefore, might easily lessen rather' than Increase week uso. n- j {Catherine Kelly Dons have! . compliance wilh cones and ncree-j fi( ,| (1|U opcnU | on 0 ( motor vehicles! n high nuihoiily lodny siuisslcr's wife al the Cincinnati pound. That is tl:e gGvermneni menls ar.d all rules ami regnla- WC1V ,ij SCUS50{ | fll n meeting of; T ,, ? j,| nns im " { j cr S | 1U | } . ignore workhouse lodny and put on the loan value of such cotlon. nnd Ihe lion-; issued under terms. Magnolia service men nt the. lio- \ t | lc ( Ssl]nncc o ( .-iventacks regulation prison garb of gingham terms of the loan arc Mich that the Johnson Immediate)!- siipnlemeni- |fl j, ol)le j, lontiny OV cnin{;. The in-j ' = ._ _ . ._'" a lffs an d slri]>ed cotlon coat. borrower lakes no risk of loss from crt Ihe presidents orrier wilh reg- Sllu jii 0[1 K j vcn j. s a part of a five i : yhe was beiriiuilnz the first dai'; a declinine market but stands to our export market. oOo For all practical purposes the „ a pun 01 u mi illations placing those who <!"-. day course being conducted by It | n,_iL „£ CI n/vroJ^ D!.IJ- the blue ea?le under the pves- c um-jcm-. rcpre.scnlativc of the ul -"l" 01 >-•> "oraau irtnni'-! ri-»mi-]ovment n?rcement on! Magnolia Institute at Dallas. Tex-1 BII equal footinc with those for| as ! whom codes have been promulgat-1 Tne c i asses W ill be ailendcd by. ed. • local cmploves of Ihe Mngnoii-.i' New York Cotton NEW YORK. Oct. 18 (UPi — Cotton closed l.arely steady. c|>on hiyh low close C-ct 915 925 Ml 901 Dec 326 951 915 916 Jan 931 957 921 '921 March May Sir, 9T> 912 985 1006 936 950 965 936 f!50 905 Spots closed quiet at 935. o.T 10 Grocer Called Suicide EL DORADO. Ark.. Cct. 18 <U Johnston's regulations already i rcDUired surrender of eagle ujxm demand. blue! ; company. • tious upon cmirse. take completion of Ibr- Fire Destroys Home jGel* 21 Years for KilUng of Aged Negro Woman! Wife and Three Children jumped or fell to death today troni the Hillsboro street viaduct onto the railroad Iracks below. Coroii?r Tom E. Berton returned ~. verdict of suicide. WASHINGTON. Orl. 18. tOPl — The Nnllonnl l.abcr Hoard today moved openly Into labor cUs'pufes between the Ford Motor company and strikers nt Us eastern fnctor- ics. r t" The extent to which Ford,- who ;;| held aloof from the NRA automobile co<lc. would recognize the board's authority lo act In tlu ills-. . pules uas uncertain. Neither, was- ihere any Immediate indication's' to whether the" board was prepared, to assume fcimal juristllction. aver the strikes and attempt to enforce'' any decisions tt mlylii make. ' ' -' .. Chairman Wagner of Ihe labor- She was beginning Ihe llrsl dai"; a declining market but stands to [board announced lhat lht> manager' - - --- - ... - of ihe Ford' assembly plant, at- Edeewaler, N. J., would m?et to- •' day wilh reprcsenblives of the strikers at Newark. N. J.. nt a conference arranged by' the board. CINCINNATI. O.. Oct. 18 (UP) I Price of cotton of low middling —A somewhat saddened Kalherlne Krtide or better ha.s been stabilized Kelly shed the gaudy finery of n by the. government at 10 cents per Claude V. Cooper is attorney for the ptalnllfls in all three actlcus..- Labor Board Wi!! Seek to Settle Ford Strike- : I natter life sentence for uarticiua-j reap full benefit from advance in lio'n in ihc ktdiinpine of Charle.s, price. Urschel. Oklahoma Clly million- , AS soon ns the necessary forms alre. have been distributed probably ear- Kalherine arrived lasi night. | iy next week, borrowers will be able Her mother. Mrs. R. O. Shannon, ' to obtain their money at once. was left, in Memphis. Tenn., where | Their will be no risk, no wailing. ' she will .serve her life sentence at Ihe Shelby counly prison farm. "I am sure f will be paroled or pardoned before so very long." no red tai». As long as cotton Ls selling al substantially less than 10 cents there Is no good reason why nny farmer should refuse to take ' Katherlne said. She denied she' advaiunge ot t h c loan offer.11 does told reporters at Memphis that havc nn ncrmse rccil | C t!on pledge her husband, Gcorse "Machine | r , The home Robinson. Cotton Ginning Running Keiiy. would break out or;^- n ;-;";^; c ;| 0 ; 1 '-' 1 ;- n ' 1 Y a ;. Far RpliinJ Fa<t Spason Loav? " worlh " cnlttliul " r >' wh . cre | Restriction of thc loan to cotton Tar Behind. Last Season ,, c ^serving life and rescue her ?f )0 . A . , md[Ulng gra[te 0 . ^ttcr is reasonable, and should funilsl eslimaled nl Sl.OOO. was not .cov-i cied by insurance. The nre caushl from an over- i healed slove and (be aged negro | murder of his wife and three small children whose bodies were found in Iheir home nflcr it WHS CoUon Arkansas is ig to the census hurcnti re- joorl for October 1. which shows loycu i>y nre, J.102.054 bafe compared lo 501.851 The jury fount! him guiHy ot ln (K _ ^ , , \_^ Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEAN'S, Oct. 18 (UP) — Coaoi! closed tfirjiy steady. Oci Jan March May opan high low 921 943 957 911 9-18 954 968 031 993 910 917 933 947 OC2 ClOSi 895!) 911 911 934 947 962 Spots closed steady al S96. off 8. Chicago Wheat woman bnre.v e^ncd f™m th,;^"^ J-»_ -« --^.to bla^ins; biiilriiiur. Other momlws[JJ of her famll; :efore Ihev lell nlns for ihe cotton fields. Firemen collected and contrlb uled a small sum to buy thc aged woman- a .pair of shoes when It wns discovered that she had been forced to flee from her home barefooted. Mississippi counlv. as usual, leads Ill nir.K. v^iuri mviiii/VJ ••> , . . T . . fnit '«ijjio3ip|ji vuuiiis. :ib II:>UILI. I 1 mllv had built the fireif ^e dea h penalty are.uns: tla , lhc sMf b R wl(J(> ^ v lell emller In the mor-! J^nson. In order to break ; i-. compar!son of fl (or ,., -jhonie lies nnd ,et rid of .his^fam-1^'— ^"oo'l^r • liy. murdered them and sei to Ills' home to hide the crime. Dec Mav close 78 1-8 81 5-8 Will Test Sanity oi Florida Ax Murderer I TAMPA. Fla.. Or;. I'. (UPi-A sanity hearing will be given Victor $30,000 In Cotton Checks Received Early This Week i One hundred and forty (hree> checks for $30.000 were received. _ I hero in the three-day priod. oml-| Desha more prior to October I this year i follows: Ashley by Christmas. U. S. Cabinet Discusses Recognition of Russia WASHINGTON, oct. is tup)- Steele Negro Held for Chicot Clork Columbia Conway Cralghead Crlttendcn Chicago Corn open high .low close Dec 41 5-8 45 3-3 . 40 3-4 42 7-8 May 48 1-2 5) 47 1-* 49 1-2 I Ing Tussday, for farmers who par-' tlelpnted In the government's plow- 'ip cotlon campaign. Forty two checks ariivcd a: the- Faulkner Hempstead Jefferson Lnfaycttc L-iciia. 22-vear-cld youth who hack- j office of J. E. Critz, counly agri-! Lee ed to death his parents, sister, nnd ciillurnl agent. Sunday. 24 mere Lincoln 8334 8.774 9,110 9.910 6.769 7.149 8.629 14,079 5,012 9.702 0,354 19.815 10.653 23,600 SSW 8,405 5.289 11.317 8.560 11.670 10.665 22.927 8.130 12,061 5.254 9,277 7.380 10,483 The question of Russian recognition nnd Irade relations wlih the Soviet has now reached the advanced stage of cabinet discussion, the United Press leatncd today fiom an authoritative source. President Roosevelt presented the question to the cabinet during a long session yesterday. Although officials would not discuss the matter there Ls reason to believe that informal preliminary two brothers in an apparent fit of Insanity. A charge of murtiei 1 was formally filed against him iat« yesterday afier the bodies of his victims were ••ero received Monday, and a group of 77 readied here Tuesday. Between 250 and 3M of ihe 1.150, chscks- originally due fanners in the Ohlckasawba district of Mis-' found In his home wilh a bloody islsslpnlr counly remain to be re- ox .In the kitchen. (ceivcd. Miller Mississippi Nevadn PhlUipf Polnsetl St. Francis 5,118 9.582 30504 52.586 C.G74 9,599 7,759 13.987 10,528 16.863 9,353 15,12« Seek to Identify Trio as Massacre Principals KANSAS CITY. Oct. 18 (UP) — All attempt to identify Haivcy J. Bailey. Alfred Bates, and Oenrgc "Machine Gun" Kelly as participants In the Union Station massacre here was to be made today. Federal agents planned to take 14 witnesses of the massacre to the federal penitentiary at Lcav- cmvorth. Kan., where the three men now are serving life sentences for their parl in Ihe kidnaping of oil millionaire Charles F. Ur^chcl. „,... _ ; Frank Nash, an escaped convict Killing on Lutes Farm i w "ho was bEin? returned to the i Leavenworth penitentiary, and four Oscar Stevenson, stecle, Mo., ne-; cffl « rs « rc slain In front of the ;| •„ „.« h.M m th* ^.miv 1.11- station June 17 by a murderous added Incentive lo growers to gel their cotton out before bad weather lessens Its value. gro, was held In the county Jail here todav on u charge of murder l in the death of a negro tenant on! the Uites farm, south ot Blythe- 1 ° "'»*»»= S u » f ' The negro victim was killed in shootings. ley had some connection with .tl:? his house by a shot fired from '"is out- lit BUII«HW1» 1U .3HHV i *• t ivici >i — i. i_« i l I I lions halting recognition have been i a supper table when he was struck begun with soviet representnllves. in the abdomen by a slwlgun load. fired through a window. He died Almost Instantly. Officers Investigating thi Camden Negro School WEATHER - Fiir iciiiihi ar.d somewhat warmer . told t! ' at the 'Thui;t!.iy. s'.icot- Thursdfiy. Men'.phi-j and vicinity— Fair to] tim had recently brought n nesress. n | R ) lt

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