Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1891
Page 7
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BENJAMIN FEANKL1N. A. Sketch of the Public Life of the Great American. OK UTTER DISFASEl Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste in the mouth ; tongue coated ; pain undertho ihouldor-blade : in the back or sldo-olten mistaken for rheumatism: sour stomaeh with flatulency and water-brash; indicestion: bowels lax und costive by turns- headache, with dull, heavy sensation : restlessness, with sensation of bavins left something undone which ought to have been done: fullness after eating- bad temper; blues; tired feelln?; yellow an- Pe 455^? 0 ^ » SM ? and "yes; dizziness, eta Detail, but always some of these indi. cate want of action of the Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy Dlillosoplier, Scientist, Author,'But .Patriotic Above Every Thing—How Ho WHS Honored Eotli nt Home and Abroail. Take Simmons liver Begntotor -AN EFFECTCAX. SPECIFIC FOB Malaria, Bowel Complaints, Dy»pep,la Slck Headache, Constipation, EUiousnesn, Kidney Affections, Jnuadlce, Mental .Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIAN'S OPINION. "1 have been practicing medicine Tor twenty years and have never been able to put up a vegetable compound that would, like Simmons fiver Kegaluor, promptly and effectually move the Liver to action, and .it the same time aid (instead °* w «k«w>g) ihe jjfcestive and assimilative powers of the system. L. M. BIN-TON, M.D., Washington, Ark. , ONLY GENUINE i:.ia our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. J. E. Zeiiin & ?a. Benjamin Franklin, the anniversary of whose birth oecxu-s on the 17th of January, was one of the representative American men of his time, and one whose memory deserves to be honored by the people of the United States. His career was remarkable and proves that merit will win its way under adverse circumstances when supported by energy and judgment. Franklin was born at Boston, January 17, 1706. His father was au'intelli- gent and devout chandler of English birth. He was the fifteenth of a family of seventeen children. To keep him from going- to sea, he was apprenticed to his brother James, a printer, and by much reading, careful and assiduous writing, together with the unassisted study of mathcmi (tics, he acquired such knowledge and facility in writing- that he ventured to print his thoughts upon public affairs in- his .brother's newspaper, the Ivew England Courant. The discovery of their authorship led to a quarrel between the brothers. In 1723 he broke his indentures and ran away, first to New York and thence to Philadelphia, -(there he found employment as a journeyman printer. He visited England in 1723-20 After his return to Philadelphia he Married (1730), established the Pennsylvania Gazette, and soon found himself a person of the first consideration, not only in Philadelphia, but throughout the provinces, for his talents as a writer and his judgment is public and private affairs. He established the Philadelphia Library in 1743, and the American Philo GOOD ROOT CELLAR. Plans of One,Thivt Cftn Be Built for About ' Tifty Dollars. . A root cellar ''wholly above ground," ft plan for which is desired by a subscriber, is not advisable where frost* frequently penetrate ,to the depth of two or three feet, as it does in the North. But a cellar partly underground is safer and usually cheaper, if possible, choose a location protected from the prevailing winter winds by a kill or woodland, with natural drainage; make an excavation to the depth of about four feet, and a length and breadth sufficient to hold the anticipated crop. This is easily -done by figuring on two thousand eight hundred cubic inches as the space required by one bushel of potatoes or other.root crops. Lay up a good stone foundation to one foot above ground, using a liberal amount of mortal-. The .stairs of five steps may lie located on the outside, as shown in'the engraving, or placed inside the cellar, as desired. The superstructure may be of wood; the corner posts need not be over six feet in height. If a balloon frame, the studding should be covered with matched lumber, both outside and inside. This is to be covered with heavily-tarred pa- 'were sold to well-to-do fortunates Chinese. This opened a new trade, although at tet it was not easy to sell the women Bepaase wealthy families -did not wish «L u % 8 !T ant8 ***** black teeth - the result of the practice of betal nut chew- mg. So small a price, however was asked for them, that all the women were finally sold. To day these women W^ m rv demand * S0me P* rl * ofr Western China.. As. servants they are gentle, obedient and laborious, and are so highly esteemed that they command a good price. It is a very lucrative trade, and hundreds of poor women are every year -dragged away from their homes by these pitiless dealers in hu- It is gratifying to hear that the French .are making good progress in their ef- lorts to stamp out the traffic Thev have visited very severe punishments apon some Chinese whom they have caught stealing women and dra^inn them to the mountains.— N. Y. Sun ' = 1 ' "Sho's y' live—d' co'plexion kims aftah d' blood—what's dis he—a— . beau'f ul complexion guaranteed if d' Wood am pure! Befo' d' Lo'd dat am salvation fo' Aunt Sophy." All we claim for it is an uneqnaled remedy to purify the blood and invigorate the liver. All the year round you can depend on Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery in all cases of blood-taints or humors, no matter what their name or nature. It's the cheapest blood-purifier sold through druggists. No matter how many, doses of other medicines are offered for a dollar. Why? Because it's' sold on a' peculiar plan, and yon only pay for the ffood you get. Can you ask more? " Golden Medical Discovery " is a concentrated vegetable' extract, put •up in large bottles ; contains no alcohol to inebriate, no syrup or sugar to derange digestion ; is pleasant to tie taste, and equally good for adults or children. The "Discovery" cures all Skin affections, and kindred ailments. ^- FBAXIO.U,-. sophical Society and University of Phil adelphia in 1744; carried on his f amoui investigations into the nature of lightning (1740-52), and still later re'sutuea them; and for his papers on the subject he was elected F. E. -S. in 1775 and received the Copley gold medal. In 1753 he was made Postmaster-General of the colonies, and several tunes served efficiently as commissioner to the mother country and to the various colonies: From St. Andrew's, Oxford and Edinburgh he received the degree of LL. D. He did'his best to prevent the revolutionary war by trying to avert the injustice which A SERVICEABLE ROOT CUL^AIt. per, and' sheathed with matched lumber. The expense of four thick- nesses of. matched stuff is not heavy, and a' building is secured that is quite frost proof. The windows, which are placed upon the side, two feet above the wall, itre double-sashed, with a four-inch air chamber between. The door is Double, with a space between. The ceiling should be made as impervious to cold as-the side walls. A heavy application of mortar should be applied vsfhere the sills rest upon .the wall; besides the sills should be laid in mortar. The roof, may be of any material desired. The interior should be divided into bins, located so that they may be reached by a long wooden trough, one end of which can project out of either -window, into which the roots are scooped direct from the wagon. Windows should be arranged so as to be readily opened or closed for ventilation. A building with a -capacity of three hundred bushels can be substantially built at an outlay of from forty to seventy-five dollars, owing- to the amount of work the owner performs himself.— American Agriculturist. COMMENTSJDF^THE PRESS. C3^ Indiana's finances are so poor that a Chicago fii-ta of book publishers >-as just declined to sell that State school books on credit. Indiana, it is worthy of incidental remark, is in the hands of a Democratic Legislature.— Troy Times. 2®"Herc» is an indication as to the effect of the election of a free trade House. The value of imports into the United states for November was $03,910,843, against §58,994.784 last year. Exports during the same month were 889,18,419, against .503.713,820 in ]SS9 — Iowa State Register. B^tfr. Cleveland's talk about frugality and economy'would be a good deal more impressive if it were not for the recollection that • he foolishly squandered SI0,000 in trying to, prevent the .people from eipclirrg a Republican ' President in ISSS.-St. Louis Globe-Democrat. F"A Democratic, newspaper a few days ago had a picture of a lie-publican manager offering a Democratic member of the Legislature ;i, bag- of dollars, vhich was refused, but an Alliance member crawling between the Democrat's legs appeared to want the money >adly. The Alliance members must b'e pleased at this Democratic compliment. —Chicago Journal. Continual dropping wears away the stone." The continual breaking of lamp-chimneys costs a crood deal in the course of a year. You can stop it. Get Macbeth's " pearl top "or " pearl glass." You will have no more trouble with breaking from heat. You will have clear glass instead of misty; fine instead of rough ; right shape instead of wrong; and uniform, one the same as another. You will pay a nickel a chimney more; and your dealer will gain in good-will what he loses in trade; he will widen his trade by better service. Pittsburfr. , GI'O. A. MACOBTU &, Co. A Noted Divine Says: "1 buve been using Tntt's Liver P1I1» for Dyspepsia.- Weak Stomucb and Costlvcnom, with which. X tiav«lonr been afflicteU. Cheap Lan<ls andffomes in Ken- tiiclcy, Tennesee, jjj| ALABAMA, Mississippi and Louisiana. iABMERS! with al] thy Betting 2«t a ARE A SPECIAL BLESSING. I never had any thing- to do me no much rood. I-reocoiniuenil them to all •> - . -reocoiini em o a th« bc»t-inedicine In cxistimce." Kev. T. R: OSCOOI>, Sew Torlt. SOLD EVEEYWHEEE. Office, 89 & 41 Park Place, If. Y. Cijicinati.to New Orleans Time 27 Hours. -—fcTraliu. Baggage Car, Day Coadws tna Simpers run through without choree. "" 111) MUds the Shortest. 8 Hours Oie <ialctowi Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Fia Time 27 Ho; rs. Ph.- oiilr lin« running Solid Trains and TIFHUH OKLT TJKE FROM ONCINXATJ TO THERE IS BUT ONE VOICE SHEEP SUGGESTIONS. .AMONG THE POULTRY. GOLD MEDAL, PASIS, 1878, SIGXITUBE. BENJAMIN Caused it, procured the repeal of the Cfl.'S Breakfast Cocoa from -which the excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely Pure I and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a citp. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons -in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W; BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. VEGETABLE . act (1766), and ever warmly sustained colonial rights. In 1775 he was chosen "to Congress, and in 1776 was one of the signers -of the Declaration of Independence, living also been one of the committee to draft that instrument. He was (177G-S5) employed in the diplomatic service of the United States, chiefly in Paris, where his influence in behalf of his country was powerful, and where his simplicity, dignity and wisdom made him highly popular. Se was president of the Pennsylvania Supreme Council -(in effect Governor of the State) 17S5-88. In 17S7 he was one of the delegates to the convention which drew up the United States-Constitution. ^This truly great man and disinterested patriot died April 17, 1790. Of the writings' of Franklin the "Busybody," a series of admirable papers somewhat after the manner of the. Spectator, and the incomplete "Autobiography," are the best known; bnt his political, anti-slavery, financial, economic and scientific papers are all noteworthy. The famous "Poor Richard's Almanac," he published from 1732 to 1757. In youth he was an avowed sceptic in religious matters, but in later life treated the Christian religion with great reverence. "Franklin's career," wrote Charles Henry Hart in the Century a short time ago, "stamped as it was with great successes, and left as it has an imperishable mark upon the page of history, is much like the career of a great lawyer whose powers and abilities liave contributed largely to build up the body oi TARRED .paper win drive away lice. CAPONS sell best in February, March and April. LEG-WEAKKESS is often caused by too rapid growth. _A HEN likes to scratch and should be given the op portunity. LIME is cheaper than roup and f unri- gation better than lice. STRAW is better than hay to put in the nests of the laying hens, SAND is ziot a substitute 'for gravel and should not be made to take its place. IT is never g-ood economy to feed the hens more than they will eat up clean. . IT will be quite an item in maintaining health among the poultry to seeth»J they are well supplied with charcoal. • USTIE the chickens are six weeks old sweet milk can be used instead of water, and the poultry will thrive better. A DRT dust bath is very essential to the health of the fowls during the winter. Arrange it in the corner of the house. THE goose, if properly managed, lays about as many eg-gs as a turkey and can be raised to maturity, at about one-half the cost. Os the farm, where she can have a good range, sixty pounds of grain will keep a good hen a year in good, thrifty condition. _ UNLESS willing to pay attention to little, things, it will hardly be advisable to go into the poultry business as a specialist.-. • SLAVE CATCHING IN CHINA, fho Traffic GOOD straw makes good fodder for beep. It must be good straw, remem- er. IF we are to be successful in produc- ng early lambs, we must not attempt ) do business in a slipshod way. Both the ewe and lamb must have the best of care. On, meal is growing in popularity as a food for sheep, and we are glad to note the fact. It would be an excellent thing if every flock-master could feed sciine. - , IP a sheep is in very poor condition in the fall of the year, it is better to kill and'bury the animal than to fool with it through the winter. The chances are that it will die anyway. IT will be necessary to remember that roots are principally water, and that i] 'the breeding ewe is given too much oJ this cold water, while carrying the lamb, abortion may result. THE sheep is an easy animal to fatten, and the most of the fat could be laid on with less grain, if. there was a little, more care given to the matter of feeding. No animal should be recklessly ?td, the sheep especially. Do Sot TrSle WitJi Glanders. A Kansas man recently died with the glanders, which he contracted from a horse. Too great care can ncjt be exercised where any thing that has the slightest appearance of .glanders appears-in the horse. The disease is terribly fatal and terribly loathsome. It is difficult to determine whether or not glanders are present in tho earliest stages of the disease. But when tjaere is a discharge from the nose of the horse, it is safe and wise to be on our guard. Handle the animal with the ut most care, remove it from the well horses, and if it is finally Settled that the disease is glanders, kill the animal and'bury it at once. There is no sort of excuse for letting- a glandered horse live an hour. There is too much danger in tritting- vii..!i glaacloi's.—Western In the unanimous shout of the thousands who use Dr. WMte's Pulmon- aria. It proves that this medicine has many warm friends and admirers among all classes and ages. Old and young alike, ehout its praises and declare it the greatest cough remedy on earth. It cures a Cough in less time than any other remedy. It cures Croup in a few minutes. It.cures Whooping Cough in ten days. It is the only remedy that will cure Consumption. It is harmless and pleasant to take. It costs 25 cts., 50 cts. and $1 per bottle, and every bottle is warranted. oold by E. F. Keesliii" : i d ] .E Pryor. u to Atlant ' he Shortest Cincinnat uieshortest; Cincinnati 15 Miles Shortest Cincinnati To Mobile, A!a. Olrect connect,™* at wewuweWnd Shreveport For Texas, Mexico, California. Jver One JIfflion Acres of Land the Passenger* Ticket Agent Queen i Crescent fionte, Cincinnati. 0 • ' PON'T GIVE UP! >*rrl You can Qet^Tell r«rm«a«ntly. T)oA'"/iino and you'll.me or be Hemented! We Kadicalfy J^Tf *" W«|«fcii«Mc» and Diaeiue* of.TIcii '. tjcimlre Metlodi In Home Treatment, deuribidla I nun »tr\>/ nnnu I Klallert free for a short I OUR NEW BOOK "-"EIIIF,MEDICAL . •"•••n, I C , Q _ Bun . ulo< N _ Yi Te»tijBODi*li. XvorrthJD£ confident!*] UP DON'TS! BIG FOUR HARVEST EXCURSIONS TO THE ICARTER'S ~~!|TTIE Blot Headache and relieve all tho tronblss lnof» flent to a bilious etato of the system, such aa Dizzincse, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress oftaB eating, Pain in tha Side, &o. While'thelrinogi remarkablo success las been shown In cuilEjj- SICK , yot Oarter'a HtHe'XIvor Pm§ M* eqnally valuable in Constipation, curicgand pie. venting tills ann»ying complaint,wMlo they also correct all disorders of thestomach^tiniulato tha liver and regulate, the bowels. Even If they only HEAD AcIiBthoywonlSbQHfcnostprfeelesstotiiosBwlio Buffer from this distressing complaint; but t ortu- natoly thoirgoodnees does notend bero,and tlioso who onoo try them -will find these little pills valu- abl& In so many ways that they will not bo willing to do without them. But after alislclclieaj V.'timeii und Children Still Curried On. ^ Vvtile in most parts of the world • except Africa, slave catching is becomin- a thing- of the past, the practice is still carried on to some entent-in Tonkin in spite of the efforts of the French to put an end to it. The slaves who are want-' ed there are only women and children blare dealers find women and children in they forests, away from the villages, ""iff them into the mountains and sell tp Chinese merchants, who carry —Every man and woman has a lion to fight If you have not foug-ht. the lion, it is because you havi let the lion eat you up., This very moment the contest goes on. The Trajan celebration, where ten-thousand gladiators fought and eleven" thousand vrild beasts -were slain, was nc^ so terrible a struggle as that which at this moment g-oes on in many a soul. That combat was for tha life, of the body; this is for the life of the soul.—Talmage. ia ij, Y. Observer. Is the bane of somanyllvss that here Is-whore vre make our great boast. Ourpillscuroit-whila others do not. (Jirter-s Little Liver Pfflaare very small ana very easy to talio. One or two pills mako a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripo or' purgo. but by tbeirgontle action pleasoiill -who use thorn. In vials at 25 cante; five for $1; • Sold by druggists everywhere, or seat-by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE- West and Northwest, SOUTH, Somnwest ana Somneasr. THE—Cleveland, Cincinnati, CMcago:&st. LfR'y WILL SELL ROUND TRIP EXCURSION TICKETS TJ all prom/nent points in the West; and Rtoth- wess, South, Southwest and Scutlies st AT HALF RATES —ON—TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 9th TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER'23d TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14til! All tickets good returning ttjrr/ dajs from date of sale. ' _ This is: a glorious opportunity for Home Seekers to visit thY territory named, 8 nd we would mvlte correspondence on the Tubjert For lull Informs don call on or address D,.B.lUETra, General Passenger laws we call government; yet the finder I ?" em into SOTae °f the western prov -•-" ' - ™ces_of China and'sell them COUGHS AND COLDS. ' 35o, and SI. at all drnggista. I HOBGAS & MS, - - ProiiriBte PROVIDENCE, R I. IHADE SUPPLIED by ROSS GORDON^ LaFayette, Ind. For sale by B. K can point to no one great controlling *cfr—his was the rounded whole." —He is a fool who hopes that our reason will follow to their conclusions the mysterious ways of Hirri -who is one Jjeing in three Persons. Enow, then, how to restrain thyself, O man, when thou desirest to question the things ol God.—Dante. —The peace of God is rich hi its blessings. It tells us that our sins are foi> •given and that we ar* walking in His commandments. His peace is essential to enjoyment and progress in the ChiJ*. tian lif e. Only as we possess it can we use the Divine word with profit. As Mr. Spurg son says: "Put sheep in go«d pasture and they can not thrive if constantly driven about by dogs."—Christian Inquirer. — _-_»« w\>4_i uiACLu. to ncli families. This oAous traffic ' be ff an about twenty-five years ago. Formerly rpnkmese women were almost unknown in China. The. practice of exporting' them as slaves came about in .this way: . - : '^^S theC1 ™ese soldiers who invaded Tonkin, which was in a revolt •gainst China, found themselves encumbered by prisoners taken from the Tonkinese, They, did not know what to do with the prisoners, but at last decided to ship them to China and see if they _conld, not sell, them. It was at ttiis time that - immigration agsncies were recruiting: in China thousands of workmen to toil on the Guano islands of ChiH. The hundreds of male prisoners we*e easily disposed, of to these emigration agents, and the women and ftajdren who were amon? the UTI\ Delicious Mince \ pnjre book on treatmon H. FACIAL BLEMISHES Tlio largest.EsrubMshmentln tbii "oriel lor the treatment of Hair iimu Scalp, Eczema, Holes. Worm ^-jenluouB Hair. Birihmarks tl), PrecklcMVrickk's, KcaxoEo ,, Blacklicnda, Barber's Itcii. 'scnri f PIttJEee.Powder Marks, facial Development, Sunken Cli"rt;s. eiu. Con- ealtati.on free a: oilicflorhyu-a r. T-S all skin and tscuij) nfiVefi'auPaud their itsealedto ilny addreeH Tor" 6uts. r. \Vflfl-m*mr> v T* . ... ?.. OnrMalydor Perfection Swinec tree with »„,.. Oo M Inireft or SoesiMg —IN - . ' ' STOCKS. EONDS. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS "" If so, trade wJtn a reliable 5nn u-ho te™ Inrf [. n yearB^xpenence, and are members of the C'i.uu.» Board of Trade and Stock -'Exchange.' Wiio da bigness strictly on Commission. »!& to • t '"-, .» Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago. C. A. WHYLAND & CO. 10 Paoffi'o -AVIS. - Chicago. His, Interist allowed on nioiilhly balances. g<l St.. ', SUAl-lorthe |Miln nnil Soalp. at Jrwmfj or lit/ mail. liO-rcuti, REMEMBER L i BUi ff^ I Inl & IS THE NAME OF THAT Wonderful Remedy That Cures CATARRH, HAY-FEVER, COLD In (fie HEAD, SORE THROAT, CANKER, In puper boxes; enough f r r two largo pies Always reaay; easily prepared. For Sale by leading Drug-gists. - SOLD BY ALt GROCERS. CHICAGO, JOSEPH fiiLLOTT'S STEEL PEWS. GOLD MEDAL; PAflis EXPOSITION, 1889, THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. PERFECT MANHOOD. , MWdleiwed aDd.Kweriy men wlro «rs K from -the effect* oS youtiifi/l roiiiee ore™ censes of maturer ycar», and now find tholr manlT vlKor decreased and who are tronlilcd with terrible drains »nd 1-3MOS, you can be perm aoDDtly rasKired to JPBKPBCT MA\HOO», nt home, without cx[»ORnre t At loweMtr cont, b7 J>r. CIarlc«'a approved methods, tested and prnven In ni'Rrl-f W Teal's pnwtke (MstabJtsbed B51), Tn Chron!-; >*rTou« and Bpeeiai Diseases. *•"""" . It In need of medical »w. send for Qnestton i s yp« S»n fully (Jescrllie the syraptoms itf vour p^ S, 1 " 2'? ai !?'y* lnc - Consultation, free »- V -—?, ; ours,* tos; Sundays, 9 to IS. .AddrcKb F. D. CLARKE, M.D.. 86 9. Clark St., CHICACO. ..

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