The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Hi.YTiTEvru.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY Memphis Bill Gels Hig Homecoming Hand Sutherland Thinks Training Tnhlc o( Old Not .' Bad Idea_AIlcv.All. BY JOCK sia : !ii:i!i.AS» l-niver.sily of l"illsbur«li CMI-II PITTSHTJRGH.-For a Ions: l!mo I have listened to ruaiolinsin from . coaches of the Western Conlm-nte concerning the virtues of a foot- bill training table, and I !:.ivo ye! to understand that liny of thf-ia •*-erc not In tavor of it There may he a fow who ar. as oppisrd to It. out their o;)[X>- silion Ubuilly k; backed by flimsy reasoning, or they nuiy ii' 1 [or'.'.n;'ale In having some place where r.i teams could en 1 , under rircnmsMi'.c- cs similar lo iho«e surrounding a ii-ai training [able. In n-.iy strenuous :iih!<:i';c contest, the coach who knowi his business must admit, that coo;l p.-y.-lcnl condition malched ajalaM [Kw. 1 physical condition Lv all oilier things being nearly cqua!—i:s;ia'.ly the Olllerence between virlorv defeat. I have &ctn game* \von and Josi by a few hamburger saint niches. * * * Ti:e question is v.-hether or 112 ihe athlete can gel the same wholesome balanced diet at n fraternity Iwuse, restaurant, or boardhiK liousc- lhat can b? provided for him at n well-supervised training labU'. There is no question but l-al lie (should Have such a balanced diet piirinj the early pan of the season, in the first few games, or In the longer workouts, it is nol unusual for n player to lake oif much as five nr six pounds in workout. .' Wnen this same alhlete eils down nfier such a practice, or s'.irh fcajne, his hunger knows no llir.u Overeating is one weakness thai most football players seem to have, and this is true even in the cnseb of those wlio faithfully Iry lo live up to training rules. 1 have found lhat the average athlete Mints to set n. record In eating every line he sits down to the table. The University of Pittsburgh abandoned its training table in 1917 when most of its athletic personnel went inlo the service. Since that time members of Its athletic teams have been eating whatever thes cared to. Only for two weeks bs fore Ihe season opens, while the football loam is in camp, is Iherc a real training table. As an undergraduate, I had experience of competing with and without, (he advantages thai go with a training table, and 1 have coached leams that did and did no liave one. It is no guessing on mj part when 1 say Omt 1 am <lecid cdly partial (o the tralnin; table Like many ol the Western con fcrence couches, I feel that manj ol our best at-letes here at Pit frequently lake part in contcsl when nol at their physical best. U would be interesting. If n checl could be see how man. schools make use of a' iraining u bte of some description. I imag inc. that it such a check were mad' that abou'. 15 per cent of Die hrf cr- institutions— probably Ihe moi successful—supervise the (Hot their athletes. A Signature Worth §75,000 Opt" Reismis Dixie Teams i Travol For Big Gates ] anrl Recognition. Wild!y-cluciiiii> iho'.i Hill Tern 1 . m;uiat/!-r o ims Hue'! the 1 Mrcr-l:. the Cilanls, world MT:*., thai Wi.'iuk-'.l through Memphis lo welcome liome ic-ui"-. 'i'he iiic-itu 1 ;: shows Jif- c-lly on Terry's arriviil. versity cam* 1 out of the clasr, oj i;rt-at unknowns by sljilemaunn Notre D.unc. lo*a came out Irorn behind an eur of com lonjj unouuii lo lay low tin? big city boys from Northwestern. The end is nol yot. Hooks and Slides Braucher IM1> YOU KNOW THAT— The Giants want Pep]jer Martin . . . and i::e Braves want llotlomlcy and Jess llaines . . . HIM! that iht-y'l! probably set whai thvy want before the 1934 baseball era dawns. . . . Wilh Ihe withdrawn! of Ellsworth Vines from ain.iUMir tennis, WK Francis X. Shields is lell cock of Ihe nnpaids' walk . . . and from his playing or this year, Francis X. can handle the lop runs of amateur tennis just as well as "Elly." . . . That US-pound i|iianerbacli or Ciinicelo Teeh, one Steve Tercbus, is a sophomore Hash from Johnstown. i'n., who's golnt; to gel places . . . just ;is ioon as he geUs over lhat nervousncfi In linudllni; the ball . . . ask 'ipop" Warner. FOLLOW ^BALL IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES UV IIAIlllY Ml:HKI-: f'uiifli, I'nivciM'iv nf r;,. ul . e i,, ATIIKNH, On.. 0<:l. Hi.-Th.'ie •.'.a: :i !:me «lH'n southern iootl);i!l li-iim-. iKni to «a eiitt or north to 1-;•-;•!• ih.'ir line c.ilibiir. liiu it Is •not vj now. You run sei- just :is Jim:-!] fi.'Hlmll in di<. Tc'iinesvc- LAlsibaiin. CieorKia-tieoiHla Tech or V;in<li]i)ill-I,. s. U. Climes :is In | Hie H-M'viint-Yiile. Army-No: re : till-:. I Tin- only reason southern leans ' v.v out nf [lie land t,( cotton for .I' ncn 1 : is to (jet ;i cut in ih- ,,, ] liaril-ilmiiiK backs inn! sti-llnr tin- PIIKC...II.II )„„.„..,.„ ,,,„,. | K . appraised by M x>rls v.-rltcu in oilier Millions. ' Tlie < iKincc.s of Dixie's brand nf "ootbull hnproyliiK Is excellent. I Wins Two Onl of Three Falls Over Firpo; \Viii!icr. Hf.-y W-k-h. ni! l-ir;Kj. ul of iliri- nalcii :.t I'-'' Wrk-h i-iiiri C::fi»dian, wrisi over Onih Auierican. i'j;o ':i!Ls in thr fi'a'.uie : rmiiry l.l-l ni-lil. e 1'ili-k lu win mo ton'J ;i!ld lime! laU.s niter los- ie >::•: l : lrpo :tttuck«l fAil'C :iiif-r Illl' IlLSt fall. of Hirer Union tines was due to i"l- • i,..„„,,.,,,.. n ,, fu.UM with th,, n,^l-;';;; ak: "' y ; ' U ""' slnr '" °" '•> ollth -< here 11V AKT KKLNTK NKA Si-rvk-f; S|nirts Writer The Ciiillnplng Oitcls of St. Mary's, crartntl by Unit exponent I of Nnlre f>.ur.e football, "Slip"' ,. , . have one simple play I hut \i >r - u ^ ' srjrini: on tin 1 ting these i esi." ; The play as diagramed insect n^ainst a li-2-2-1 clsroiw.' ••± fn . u,, ' The line Is evenly balanced, and' ;i;v ,{.,,, .Ihe b;i!l is siiiipiied back lo No. 1.; .) ]c; , j,,.. |Tne duly of backs Nos. 2. 'J :it;d •) j is to open a hole IxHiu-cn thf tackle. ! | and end. with No. 3 i;oiiii; on; tliroitjjh tn :a!-;e on', one of til:.' sec-1 undary. clearly; ii- Hsu- s::oulil take can: t o: '.In- dirfensive team Showing conflclMicc' in Joe Cronin, his boy itian:.-.-!-, Chirk 'Cirillitli. p:i:.-i<imi of the Washln'jtnn fienators. s<avi> him :i three-year con- lra.-l. rrjsorU'd lo (.all lor 5^5.000 ii jvar. Joe is :.:iO'.in al left pa:i- niiif liis signature a.s Ori/i look.s 0:1. Nile liow U till- rei of •Hi- tim- conches hail malej'l;!!. bica • [>res>s pl;iy(-d , fie.shiiien in of Cliickas;»w Clialtci (Irid \>ws and Vic«s Krntii II. II. S. The Chicks put up a slllf nghl In he Tech gauic Inn were oiunum- icrecl and outwtlghcO. The squad .s u whole look a t'0o:l haltering ,ncl some of the fellow's arc still lUising their bruises. However, moil if Ihe players n'lll be In gond shap'.' or this week. 'I'he Papooses arc ]irou<l of Ihelr ictory over Keiscr last Friday. Tl:ey liowed u better otfenso than in the lone.sboro game. The schedule lor lie Papoases Includes a game Kii- <iny nighi at Jor.csboro agains: tho •ollego tiaining school eleven, a rr- urn b:ittle here with Jon.-staro unlor liiBii and n trip tn Memphis .o tackle Rellenie Junior hish on November 8. U;uiis iin- n;ilivc boys. Mnny - n J' 'he showing of ;<';im.'- which Ihise ol>:;,in coaching positions have smaller squads than many of hli;h .sclicxils and iirop schools 'heir opponents. J>tany Dixie: squall:; develop p!;iyers that number around 40 men (and some for culli'U'j careers \vhen coaches think llm-is law enouuh mite. j if the cjualiiy ij there) bin itmong was when soulhern' J' 10 '™ 40 Ult ' l '. c ilri ' po^iWy only the (jrccncs* sort of or u ^ lfi ^o^eh could .sent! inlo use hlph '-cliooJs and ;| llllr< ' S am ? v-'ilh the a.'Aiirnnce tnccliccie ball'! !>fow t ' lal t1 "' 1 ' wmil <l l>lai' »-?il. le.idinj! schools need i So the iPiiilt Ls thai often ns unly polUlnnii and insnuction in,' L ' w as 16 rugged playeis will sec the intrivaii: (!et:iil.s of whatever • service In th<: toss-up battles. Any i:aitirui:n' syMem thoir respective eotc-h or player knows lhat it lakes i cc.ii'hi-.s nue. ! i* real man to play CO minutes of There: is a belief in the south' ft - strenu o»s saiae v.'ilhoiit weak- th:it its p'; «re ion K her than ''" illB •••onsiUcrBbIs 1 . tlia-e in cither STiinns, nail here's' ~~ '.he reason: I Bureau of Labor statistics show- Seldom ,lo<"; a te ;lm from (he I e[ | t , ut cari , mlm «-er. ; earnins !t : iih niay : ,n mlersectional foe S ,. 3G ^ (1(lv ,„ Rftf - inm ^^ ,„ „ | v.-ithtnit belr-uoau-eiKhcU consul-j Ualyi s ,_ 86 - in ai-rmany.J2.9C in . „ ., , ... , ' eniWy, esm'i-ially in the hue. DC-' England and S10.1G in ihe United J,i|..u\' ;incl ClnneM- make' sp:!i; thu; fact, southern teams get stales in 1939 more colonists in the tropics than their share oL victoiies. not i ' '_ do '.vhlle men; the saylnt: Ls Uin f . saiily bircaiiH- of Iselirr Instruction, t the while man expects to (,'0 home but bccnuM* :he Inds are in lliere' Golrs Cosily Gamt lie dies, while the China- tei'.hnj; wilh every molecule of It Is e.sthnatecl Uiat American :nan cto'.su't exi^ct to ^o homo un-: i-nergy. • golfers spend more than SSOO -' Hi he (lies. . 'llils f.-ict is further borne out COO.MO on the game every year 1, NSWERS I ;i wa-s i!ie- ycnini; Ilallnn lio hit! in :•. dies! v.'lth :i loi-h iliirlng the wedding i lusilvitti-s :i!i<l who was not founii null her body'had become n .skeleton. THDEE Tlu: ALAMO van :. ml^^iijn cliapu In Kan Anionio. 1V\ Five ditfereill rhiKS lisivo 1lc\vn over Flnrldn- S[i.iEii8li. I'ronrli. Hritish. IF S. :iml Confrilerale. OI.IJ mON'SIDKS was laiir.i-liml ill 1.797. London has reduced the num ber of policemen engaged in traf- lle control by 116 during the past 12 months by installation of traffic si The center of the Chick ceiveo a lerrillc ixiumlln^ lands of Lewis Yomur, and his''lVc" males. II was the first real lest of Die line and ihe boys have profited by the game. The coaches feel that they will look belter in their future fames. Is "tlie simplesl and best play in : the Notre Dame system of ofl'ense." in ihe word.-, ol Mndlann. In explaining mfs pby lo me. Mildlgan likened U to the alrals-gy of Ihe S:nilheni c:ivalry ni.-ner:il dnring ihe " u ' ',-" ! marked lhai al the ROXY One or two of Hie fellows came oul of the Terh game "punch" drunk. Herschcl Mosley. or. the tlirowiiii; CIK! of most of ll'.e Chirk passes, took a hard pounding from Ihe ends and tackles who rnslie:! him. One or two errors in judgment tliiriniT the battle miithl be attributed to his beint: dazed nl c;V.i moments Irom thif continued ci'.- lack of the Tec;i men. j Bud Wilson's friends claim that • he has been practicing in secret I' the art of Juggling a football. Any- ! way. Bud's (wo miraculous c:\tches i of passes after jiikjs'mg them the spectalors Hirills in t::e battle. Charley Brogdoii. diminutive halfback, is captain of the Chicks for this week, succeeding Ray Reck ' led Ihe team during h;'i Experts? Haul Th2 victory of the Giants over IJ-.e Senators in five games brings to mind thai this Is going in be a sad year for the exerts. 1 even knew experts who were so sure about the Senators thai they made bets, and when an expert flourishes bis own money, as well as advises you how to bet yours, you may. depend upon it that the expert feels pretty certain, because most of the experts do not make much money and do not care to het much of Ihjt. j a »d in Iho Tech game."ciurley is 'Few of the big average nnd p:v-•"<>«' In g«od shap: after belli;- oul ccntagc men gave Johnny Goodnun or early season pr.viicc on account' a tumble in the National Open. °' illness. and you would have had a quern- Ions eyebrow raised at you i! you' •*<*-' Burns has jecn elected to had mentioned Shutc before the captain the Papooses for the sea- thing started. ! s on. \v. T. -\urns h? -. gradiwlci) * ' * \ from 'he !>, >oo.vs lo ti-e first i Hows and Net Men squad and Carl Lay has macie e i 1 Horse track experts tank into 3 I promising showing wilh the Ha;is.! state of nervous collapse as oiu after another of the three-year- olds refused to buzz. .Several ^psyeV.opathic wards are lull of tennis experts. The United States Davis Cup team was picked lo overcome Prance. England wasn't given a tumble. Australia was a. place where there were too many bushes for tennis. When Helen Wills Moody reached tte finals with Helen Jacobs, your astute expert stroked a reflective chin and said "I told you so." A few minutes later he was hiding behind the clubhouse. Bu<*JU5t Walt! Thc-re is no such thing as a box- Ing expert any more after the staccato touch—the boxing experts walked on l'-c pier In squad for- Tucs.-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITIC—1(V - 25c "A 'Grand Hotel' on wheels . .. . rairiing good entertainment," sayt Motion Picture Dally. and New Subscribers May Get and Five men were .ill who played the entire Tech battle. They were Mosley, Fender. Punle. Mcrse Tipton. The game Friday shoved a lack of satisfactory linemen but Coach Puckett is drilling his charges hard in an effort to correct tins condition. The backficld is f.v.rty well supplied with the following- Mosley, Beck. Mores. I/Jcke. Blackwell and BrogcJon with several promising I'apooses In reserve in' ca-y of need. AMERICAN WOMAN'S WORLD 1 YEAR EACH s gfow . ..And Uie tough season Iscnly be- A? i warning, KaAshs Unl- SViiS ESTHER RALSTON, CON- RADVEIDT. Jean £.-.:„, Hiroli Huth, Gordon H«!,cr, Ccd:k Hardwitlce. Diieclcd by V/cUsr fordt. .A Gaumor.l Picture re- Uaitd far UNIVEnSAL. Prc- scfil«d by Carl Loc.-n.vle. Gibber SMIba ho s bNn tost to the .squad 0:1 acccunt of hcivin- n work. W. J. Willingliam served notir,- to the regulnr tackles Monday to watch out. His play was greatly nil proved, You simply order the Courier News and bolh niiiijaxines delivered . r 1° your home for twelve months—or, if you :irc lucky enough to already 10 cue nl our renders, simply ;iulhon/.o us (« tonlinue delivery of the Courier' News for another 12 months toiiiDhia u, n will, ih t . ma-a/ine^. |.' ()r the 2 masii/i,,cs and Ihe Courier News you imv GO cents down and 1,0 touts a monll, to the carrier boy for 12 months, simple, isn't it? Suphomore). Hur ftimgc PHfLADF.'LPHIA. iIJI 1 )— Hillpe. ace jxnaltr an:l . lipstiek have jeen barreil from Ihe fresliman lass of the new coliese of Lih- •ral Arts of t^e University of Penn- ylvanin. Hie nilinj; was formu- [ittd :us p:irL of tiio traihtlohal iiijr of freshniL-n. e's What You Get Liberty (Weekly) .- - - 12 Months Woman's World - - - 12 Months And The Courier News - . 12 Months ALL THREE ONLY 60C Down payment, p| us monthly payment* COc to the carrier for 12 morths. Foi- Fiivthev Infonmiion phone :)OC and \Vo Will TI;iv c a Carrier Uny Pick J'p Your Offer or It You Pri.'f«r— Use This Coupon llro]) In .Mail l-;m Jiis-lnc I' Order to Your Carrier. nr Givr THK COtlKIER NEWS, Uljthcvillc, Ark. I hereby agree to subscribe to, or extend my present subscription for the Courier News for twelve months from this date, and also for the following 2 nisga7hvs: I.IIILHTV (Weekly) WOMAN'S WORLD 1 year I year I am now paying GO cents and agree to p"y your regular carrier 60 cents per month for twelve months, f '"">' understand that this contract cannot be cancelled withr/jt Immediate discontinuance of the magazine subscriptions. Signed Address Tmni Stale . Rend Conrie:- Sews Want Ads. DICTATOR SHAVIHG SATISFACTION GUA KRESS -" )0 West *.STORE Main St. Tuesday - Weds. MAT. 10c-2ac NITE 10c-35c THE SCREEN'S MAN OF THUNDER WRAPPED IN THE ARMS OF THE SCREEN'S WOMAN OF FIRE! Mnran & Mack Comedy I'ar;minuii( >H COMING - - R1TZ THEATRE SATURDAY & SUNDAY. OCT. 21 and 22 BIG MUSICAL GIRL SHOW ON THE STAGE IN PERSON Malinep and Night Russ Ferns and His Broadway Vanities : 25—PEOPLE—25 j A Comnlele Change of Van- I devillo ami Picture Each Day

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