The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TKN BLTTHEVILLB (ARKJ COURIER NEWS Royall Takes Oath as New War Secretary 'WASHINGTON, July 25. (UP>— Kenneth C. Royall was sworn Ii jfeterday as Secretary of War In a brief formal ceremony attended by other cabinet members, military leaders and North Carolina friends. Robert P. Patterson, tnc' retiring secretary, administered the oath. Royell has served as undersecretary since early In World War II. Tit is with very great pleasure indeed that I administer this oath at office to one of my old friends, fhtterson said. • f Royall was accompanied to the Pentagon ceremony by his mothc rind wife. Secretary of State George C. Marshall and Secretary of Navj James Forrestal attended; \V. Stuart Symington, assistant Secretary of War for Air; Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower, Army Chief of Stall; Gen Omar N. Bradley, Veterans Administration nnd Gen. Carl Spaatz. commander of the Army Air Forces. No Investigation Of KG Vote Fraud Slated by House WASHINGTON. July 25. (UP> — A" responsible House Republican leader said yesterday that the House will not consider any proposal to investigate the alleged Kansas City vote frauds. 'This leader, who would not permit his name to be used, made his !Bouquet f6r d Future Queen'' J Social Security , - TQX Rafe to Stay I At Present Level At a ball in Edinburgh','Scotland, Princess Elizabeth receives n. liouquct from one of the seven members of tile Kdinbunjh Girls ,, Clubs who were presented lo her. Tlie heiress presumptive lo Ihsv throne ol England was accompanied, at (lie bull, by. her family. nna> fiance, l.t. Philip MounlbaUcn. ^_ disclosure alter House Democrat-, The Republican Leader said )e ic'Lender S'.ni> Haybum had threat- I House would not take on the In- cued to upset Saturday adjourn-1 vrstiijallon bnL added that llsiy- ' " ' ' burn had not been so informed. Rayljiirn's throat was made lo reporters. ment plans. Huyburn warned Hint he would object lo unanimous consent action to speed legislation unless he wns assured the House would not undertake to Investigate Ihc Kansas City case. Read Courier News Want Ads. WASHINGTON, July 25, (UP)A Seiiatc-llouse conference com mittce reached agreement today on . lc(jLslaUon freezing the social sc' ciivily lax for employers ant] em uloyes at one per cent through 1940. Tlie rate had been scheduled to jump to 2','j per cent next Jan. and to three per cent on Jan. WJ. Under the new schedule, Ih iate x -will be increased to l'/j cent In 1050. In 1052 it will go" to two per cent and remain there. Tlic House had proposed that tl. two per cent rate become effectiv hi 1057. The Senate had voted t hold the rate at one per cci through 19-1!) but made no provislo for n revision of rates beyond tha time. The legislation also contains provision continuing until June 3 1950 Increased federal Brants to tl states for nssistance to needy age to the Wind nnd to dependent chlM rcn. Under prc.sonl lasv the lucre; cd grants would end Dec. 31. For Complete Protection Against All IHSURABLE HAZARD Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124W. AshSh , DEflTH of a DOLL h^s I ^J^^ •<**&- ©"by Hilda Lawrence; Disliibuled by NEA SERVICE, INC. -': T1IH STOHYl M ';'•! Ituiii- llou.c' hi ^thrrr. lie IllKO |5o : J.lbl»y, lirrmmrn-l -Bl»ckmnir». >!!«» ;Kulh MllliT \\un mhiills vllllilllt icr lo think she wasn't here to elp. So even though Until is dead, he wants to straighten things nut t she eein. Yon inlRhl call it ii ort of mcmoi'ial, sec?" . "Thai's lovely," Molcc said. Gallic sprayed pcrsaKe 1JIJT ya ol 50 pounds j: FRIDAY, JUJ/Y 25, 1947 wntcr-clls- untrt-jted clock during iuid:;iun- d an uvi'raB« animal over ir.or lust year when lltcs were most prevalent. Club 61 Blythcvlllc, Arkansas — — Highway 01 North Dine and Donee Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Red) Btckerstaff and Gcorpe For Reservations Telephone S44 • ••••••••••• c ••••••••••••«•••••«»•••••••••*••••', "Hello, Mr. Jones! I guess you don't know me, but just 'ask Mrs. Jones about the butcher who saved those juicy steaks for her during the war'." • w XVII «T\ON'T look like'(hat. I'm not •^ going to sue." Mark leaned across Miss I.ibby's immaculate desk. "So she lied about never having worked before, she didn't inake friends, and she went to pieces when an irate customer accused her ol short changing. . . Girls like you major in psychologj or something, don't yol "" "Yes," Miss Libby admitted "And I'm supposed to be Kood." "Well, be good now. What do you make of all this?" "Trouble in the past. Maybe n fcrush with the law. On the verge ol being found out and couldn't lace it. Heck, Mr. East—-sorry, excuse it, but I feel awful. But what •tan we do? It's too late." "Maybe it isn't. Have you got the Smith girls handy?" "They're outside now, trying not to look terrified. Come in," she Called. • Moke and Poke. filed in nnd lined themselves against the wall. "You're not going to ,bc shot," Miss'Libby said kindly. 1 "This is Mr.'iEast. Did Bcnz tell you what he's here for?" "Yes'm," Moke said. "Then answer, his questions, that's all." She tossed the next move to Mark with open relict and . relaxed on the end of her spine. "This is going lo be easy," Mark said. "I hope you don't mind ii 1 call you Moke and Poke. Now did you girls know Iluth Millci very well?" .They answered simultaneously affirmatively and negatively, and Kurst into tears. "1 know how you feel," he said, ""bat's the way Mrs. Sulton feels too. She's afraid Ruth was in •rxnc sort of trouble, and it upsets "CURE. And between us, we're ^ Koing to help. All, you have lo do is answer my questions. Now. Hope House is full of uirls. wonder if there's any one girl you don't like?" "We don't like nobody," Moke said. "It don't pay." "I sec. Who is Jewel Schwab?" "She rims Ihc elevator." "Nice ,'jirl?" "Kind of grumpy, wouldn't you say, FokcV" "Inhibited. She can't ever got a fellow." "Thai's flue, llia'.'s the slufT. Now, I want to s?e Jewel tonight, but I understand a Miss llracly looks over nil callers. Highl?" "She tries lo. So does Miss Small. Who lold you" "A tall girl with spots on her ace." "Kitty Brice. She's the telephone operator and helps at the lesk." The corners of Moke's nouth said she didn't care for Citty. 'And who's Miss Small?" •Miss Brady's assistant. Brady's the Head, SmaH's the second Head. I'hcy'rc educated, you could talk to them, Mr. East. The rest of us got orders nobody was to talk, uut they'd talk to you. You loll them about Mrs. Sutton and they'll understand. You sec, il's like this. There's a lot of swells behind Hope House, and Miss Brady and Miss Smalf have got lo keep scandal out or it's bod for their reputation ns Heads." Mark nodded. "They're right. Scandal would be very bad. 15ut suicide doesn't necessarily mean disgrace. It could mean something sad, like heartbreak. Do you suppose that was Ruth's trouble?" ""MO. sir!" Moke was positive. •"-' "Maybe we didn't know hoi- so very v/cll, but we know it wasn't anything like that. You notice a tiling like liliil. U shows. . . . But I've been thinking about something. When she moved lo Ihc House she sort of changed. She moved on the Saturday and on Monday she died. But 1 don't know—" . "Sure you know, Moke. Co on." "Well, 1 don't think she ale all Ihe meals, and that's funny because the meals arc cood. She said it was because she was sick, but she looked like shc_wa:; in a trance nr something. That was on the Sunday." "Never looked like lhat in Ihe store?" "No, sir. ... I wish wc't! paid her more attention now." Moke's eyes filled again, but Mark went on as it he didn't see. "Tell me about the Sunday. You, the other one, Poke. Il'o your turn now." "We saw her on Sunday morn- inn," Poke said. "We didn't sos her on Saturday because we had n dale. We had her lo our table for breakfast, but she wouldn't eat. And Sunday was the ten day. I'hc big tea, with bought refreshments, and sewing for the party." Poke covered the tea from start to finish; Mrs. Marshall-Gill, the costumes and the masks that made everybody look the same, Ihe mole, and Ihe simulated pearls, pink. And Hulh in a corner by herself. Moke concurred soberly, bob- Ding her head. "Yeah, yeah, Ihal's right. That's the way it was. Am then she spilled tea on her new suit she'd saved up for." A sudder look oC surprise crossed her lace "That's funny." "Funny?" Mark turned from Moke lo I'oke to Miss Libby. They were frowning at each other with complete understanding. "Funny?" he repeated. 'Yeah," Moke said. "When you save up for n new suit and get it. yon don't jump out of a window." lie addressed himself to Miss Libby. "That is the kind oC reasoning lhat drives a man crazy and cracks a case." (To lie Continued) GATEWOOD GROCERY \ Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown 1.35 Colvcrt 1.35 Schcnlcy 1.35 Cream of Kentucky 1.35 Three Feathers 1.35 Hi!l& Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses . 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer GAS, reg 17.9c; .per Case $3.35 Ethyl 19.9c I All Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1.35: Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawbm Chamblin Sales Co., Inc. Sales Sliidclmkcr Service First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern limc-ssiving tools siro provided for our Iniin- sd mechanics. They use their skill :ind I.lit correct tools to give you better service. We repair all iruiUes of cars mid trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars 191G Chevrolet !! loll Vickup ISMIi <;M<: ',<: Ion IMcliup 1015 UoAKC'/t Ton Pickup 10H Chevrolet !4 Ion 1'icliup INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection ) Accident & Health • Hospitaliziition • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burgliiry • PUUe Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chnrlcs G. Blttncr-W. M. (Bill) WIlso Our Boording House with Moj. Hoopie Out Our Way WELL.THERE IT IS--RI&HT THERE.' THIIV CON'T WO TEST TUBES ANJ STUFF. i GET IT— VOD'Re HOtiTlMG 1. FOR A STEPLADOER WE CAM /TO SAVE TIME, HE HAS TH DOC HERE TO ESAU BAIL.6.Y/ VOL* RECALL. MV FAMOUS PUGILIST, BAO WHAT? Sb REAO OFF SPE1CIPICA.TOM TO ME-- HORIZOMTAU 60MB" GROGAN3 AlVi'T AMY 3OAKS L., OO&VVTA BE ABLG TO aAlLL -THAT /. \ CHECK UP ' AMO SEE MftrATLE OF 30E LOUIS CAl^i VOU SO&&ES.T A riCfT TOO STARTING WHAT TH' TROUBLE MOT tOO MUCH ^-ER 8ACk BY MlCIl7\EL O'MALLEY and RALl'il I.ANE Keasons SM'r A TRIP UP \/\OU DON'tUHDER-^ IHE RIV£R BETIER \ STAND. 1 COUID TAKE THAU COWtBIN&THE 1 IT MYSELF. BUT I HAVE REST OF YOUR LIFE / A [VMJGHTER ANO A IN FRONT OF A A WltE.I! HOIIID RUIN — %£»m w*' e -4 THE DECISION IS OP TO YOU. ADVICE IS TO CONFESS THE WORKS. .THAT'S fRSE ADVICE — ,!< SOU IMAGINE it IT WO'JLD DO TO HER TOIEARN THAT fc£R FiTHER ASA lOU'RE MAO, FLINT.' I , CANT TELL THE POLICE ' THAT IVE GOT TOEinY YEAC.S N THE PEN HANGING OVER MY HEAD. ii^- : ^C,'%PJ!h^.« By MERRILL BLOSSE HIS FRIENDS f MOM PUT ME our Of BUSINESS i, ;.\y DRUM WOKF BABV NEXf DOOR.' MAVBE so, BUT i- PPEDICT THE TELEpHOME IS HERE TO STAY .' 1-lEV SLOW COWN'Ml^E' OU WANT 1O ROLL AROUND IM DITCH WITH THAT Bl Idlfi Foril Super :>-i!our 1911 rlynilllllll Z-llonr 1U41 Plymouth i-lloor 1SI40 I'ontillc Lots of Olhci-s to Select CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Studebaker Dealer •First by Far With n Postwar Car Phone 2195— —RU & Ash St., So 1.0I1K Mrs OUR MJ1IST WASH TUBBS ..SO WE PREDICT WE'LL FIWP 1« ssoK- PERSOH^ KODUI SOEH.V, WE ONKUS...SUT LISTENEiP IF ou HoipS 1 ^io FOLKS! THE SEARCH THM n&,s • US LITTLE SHOCKED TOE NATION MW BE WtMBTOUEC VOUSER...HUS KEIN6I.E USEK.. FOB BEMJTY, FOK BUILPIMS. FOE. CLE?.R TWWCINS... OML 1 / KEINGL.E'5 SOFT, Nou»sume SOAP EVER TOUCHED THAT S DMHTV. SKIN.., TWADDLE.. USMXJITEWIE -"i\NE'RE LEWHWG NO STO!= UNTUENEDTO- K'B««tt4 v 1NP|ia4&PN«ii ^ UE'tl KELP WL1 PULL ME UP., L'IDGAR IV1ART1S A Good Hunch BUT THE TEACH5 TH= WOULD SHERIFF,1\'E GOT A HQs'Cri TriM HID S THE BEfCRE HE 1 VEF1 UO-.IS5 DCE5 <35 =M. BJT LESS'N '\\AXTf\ SI JUST KEEP Hy FUF-I) HARM AN BOO'lti ANP HKR BUDDIES .,. . VQU'Rt 60VO OK) TV\t OOtS By J. R. Williams

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