The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1935
Page 3
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^ ' < !> ' Bay P^tsJ^^vSjtajSrR^SdTao'to BUCKS BUT OF flljllfl!! [Iffp IH ! ff^SjAtirii^'' 1 — <- — s ^-r^^^iM^ ^n,^m~^t ——_ -J-i^ —_ _ •**" w . w »* • wl llnlMlli III. I I 111 *uc.:neuii. • i^ff.iralSSH^v-^--*.- I li-rrs*. C.n .,,-.:- ..^-^. *N» ••"' •••"• •• - •• — >• Locals Slill Have Chance For Second Place in District Tourney second place winner In the ,'ad county tourney, defeated niylhevllle, Mississippi county champions, In the (list mind or the .District Four, tojirnnmeiit, nt Truinahn this morning. Hay woii 30 to 24 eliminating liljlhcville from the .championship ))Jay. The Chicks sun have nnon- poiUmtty lo finish second by sweeping thru the consolation lonnd nnd defeating the losing team of Che clmmptomhlp finals provided they don'l have to fncc "ay again, niythcvllle will meet ilia loser of the nell-Slmwticc game, to be plnycd this nftornoon, in Its first consolation game nt. B o'clock tonight. S«iy,. foiwnid. led nny to trl- »m|)h over the ClilcVrcsnws lending nil scoio.i In tlie game with u total of 13 points, lib mrito nl forward, Mnitin, turned In 8 points to run second in the <iucsl of scoring honors. Koehler, Blylhevillo center, <h,u uu i IIIUI1U I MtpOU? Club .-Was $175,000 in Debt When Rickey Re turned from Army ,-,: Tills- Is the laurlh of a s«rl«f o articles on th«t Smartest Mun /i B. n/ over to the opposition --, ., fjfj i,.^,. tllv ^tuiuj, ftUU the pace for iih mates with seven .. polrjts, traflecl by Purlle with fi Thfe. gnme was one of the fastest of the early tournament round Ulh the two teams baltllng on even terms most of tlie way. nay's ability to cash' in on free throws ^really s]w?elcd victory for the • -....-...., MM^U u IIUUM? 'Crnlghead County tenm In capital: :°"' 101!sc can,vass, .selling .stock a letters The Bay boys missed but $ a sl "" X! - Klckey, in*, brai whlml (he world rhamulon:<:ard} * • * . * • , •••ii i'; BY IIAKftY OKA Spoils Editor, NKA . After nvi> yean with llic Browns, which saw him ousted ns manager In, Die jjcacc settlement with- Die Federal Leaijue, the spirited Branch Hlckey organized a gronu of St. I/nilsans thill purchased the cardinals from Mrs. Helcne nbblmon Britton |n 1917. Replaced M hoss of the lirov/ns by Fielder JOIIM when Philip do Cntraby null bought U 1E club n't. i)io conclusion of tlic !9llj scnson Rickey had hold on As vice president nud business miningcr on the strength of mi unexplrrd cqnlrncU Bon Johnson appreciated Rickey's capabilities. Tlic leader of Ihe American I.engne wanted to kwp him In tlic circuit. Dal) ' Mdn'l relish f ., j ,- t> n - • -u. ~u mn, "J'J/W.lltmrj, ihe' lengue look the cnse lo court but Hlckey won the suit nnd ih, right (o the presidency of the Nn tlonnl League' club. . Rickey, ably, assisted, by Jnme C. Jones, n prominent, nttomey hncl civic leaders mnkc n BUT I STILL HAVE FIVE ) WORRIES LEFT ON " THEIR FEET.' .•** wc-u oeri YOU, YOU MOOVJAN MADCAP,' ^l % ' W% ^'W*. & . SK£ CUT TH' VUOI5ER./ AR£ YUH HURT MUCH,, 6OOSTV -'OOOH- MY HEAP; ABOUT HE'S.HURf ; EH? . DOUBT ABOUT IT, NOW/ 6oo&- I THOU&Hf vuz. -• -*--;~^ - • ^.- . - "®'i9fi>yjyE_AJr-iivicf.rmoT T.M. RCO Inoienwi) taxatio . of Mil- process. And NRA's mini- give heavy' Industries prefeired stock, sale-, In- the Roosevelt administra- mum wasos liavn brxKlcc fillip. Whether dolla CCC and Subsistence Homesteads, spots in the iwbHl: •• .'•ehabilllatlon. one try foi point on free throws In the entire game In other (list lound Jonesboro defeated Bono, 30 to 28 . ,, . !" nren " 0 ». n automobile .-, " ....—•*, ul( . uiuuJItoi (ILstribntor. Invested $2000 lie v, president or the vast Cardinal sy?- em talny, iiml [his winter only a i last-minute hitch prevented him and Marion defeated Crawfords-ll" mlto hltch prevented lilm Mile 29 lo 10 Thursday nielit. !{, rrom . sclll »E »ls holdings to u w continuing first round ptny this" ™ c f"''.Okmhom<i oil miiltt-inlllion- ninrnllirr it/nlmn- >„;,„_„.! . ...m fllTO. I Or mnrn Ilinn n inii>i n .. moriilng- Welner, 'fnvnrert will Joiie.sboi'o, tilmmed Corning, 34 fo 11 and Oiccnc County high school bent Mnrmnduke, 34 to 15. The BIythevllle-Uay gnmc was the final Batne of Ihe morning play. The line-up of the Blythevllle ,Bny game follows: - , Blytherille Pln 5 ej: pg.F, ^ H Mpsley, f 1214 Purtle, f 3016 Koehler, c 2327 Tiplon, B l 0 J 2 Blackwell, g 1 l'' 4 3 Sillbn, f 1012 Tolnl Q c 11 24 Player Fg Ft Pf Tl Martin, f 3—3-4 9 , Seay, f 532 13 7 McSfast«i\s, c l' 1 3 3 Pembcrton, g 1 i o r -'3; Kankliis, g 0000 • Hyncman, g ' ~ i~0"3'"2 L '.Total- .« 11 8 12 30 Seven Districts Holding Jlects LITTLE HOCK, Ark— With.. the state senior high school tournament only a week off, seven district tournaments are underway this • d, to determine participants ln i?,ig staet c\ent nt, Hardsnn. Kve dfctrlet lounieys hnVc ' already been completed and the seven ending Saturday win 'complete the evtnt First and wcqiid place winner? In the district ; meets will be eligible lo>plaj inithc) stale toiir- ney. Districts holding; tournejs this .week arid their location arc: District 2, at Harrison; District 3 nt Senrcy, District 4, a I Ttmnann, DisMd 5, at Wynne, District G 4 North Little Rock; District 9 at Norphlet; District 10, at Hope. Caruthersville And Hayti Put Out Early PORTAOEVILLE. Mo. ' . — :•"• TV *"•''* \Jii M alrc, for more llmri n ''..-'-* • • Rickey I.eavrs New Venture. Flat to Rght In France The cardinals were n poor club on -the Held and o(T, when Rickey assumed command, however Aboul the : only- things : llic lorjfanlzatloii had plenty of were debts, hopes and energy, with [he Indefatigable Rickey snpplyltiu practically mi. the latteK ^Miller Hugglns 'was manager, and tlio American League retaliated for the loss , of Rickey by • snatching 1 Flugfrfhs for the amuent New York \imkcos nfter the nrM year ' • . .: Things went from bad ^o--worae, with Klckey hlm.wlf .copping' the climax, by resigning -the p'resldcii- f /"Jinie,;lpl8,;ib;serve as a ; ma : O^WI-UIC.A.-E. p. m the chcmil alKiirfare' service. :• ,.•.', : -. A ihu-d-nlacc 'club -drifted 'W a ; u' ' rfi whilc-Rickey was away,-nn(J-Heri- drlcks wns fired; •...,......,.'-. ..... Tlic ,CardinaIs. ; W cre.'$ 175,000 -in (lebt/whcn .ftlckey'.; returned .from' the war, J The . slti.atlon' ^ppeaVcd hopeless, but the .resourceful Rickey had Rogers Hdrhsby.' idea.' In Uie Interest, of-.eooromy^ he- -de'' "Birds Him-. " Rlckcy; s ' legal business nt Boise, ali vs Idalip, , poor iV.hls .health u^' i . .•' i™y' «-i ,ois ncnitn v.^cn;, P hyaidlans^dylsed him'to get out into Ihe open air in m2 The man destined' to introduce!, nas: production Ivory farmln K .' as head of the Cardlntils didn't 'even have railroad fare when col Robert L»e Hedges, owner of : the 3. R, Suewcds Storall; Will Colonel Hedges contemplated bur- liasln ur cliaslng ihe Kansas city Blues from Oeorge Tebcan,.and sought Rickey as MM of the club.- The dcnl fell through, and B. R. wound up os " • ».., *iiw. — Csrutri 1 ersMlle, and HnyU, Pemlscot conn-• b iisiiw« «.";»"' "' """" u «P ty teams, ha\e been eliminated in ^ \ m * ns >sn of the. Browns, tlis regional tourney underway rt here, Deering being the only Pemi - O —--••(, HH; UUIJ I- scot county team to win-'-in early, rounds. the Results of the first games played arc: pardwcll 3G, Caruthersviltc 12- Marston 24, ciarkton 22; Gideon 34, Rlsco 13; Portageville 24. parma 6; Deering. 31. Lilbourn 10; Matthews 27, Haj 11 10 Rickey was a letter I wrote ^Hedges to n holdout that say.s 7 . ..k,, b ^o hkl II llUJUOtl Impressed my employer," assumed resnons'l- Kcclges and- one Prizes Await Winners in Kite Tournament OSCEOLA Ark—The boys and ,3'rts or Mississippi county mav en« several kinds of kites In the Kite Tournament to be held at the football Held m Osceola, Saturday, March S, at 1 30 pm Prizes will be given for the smallest, largest, most artistic, and most unique kite "vL th l b * st . Hle cnl « rca After"tlw wt«s have been judged balloons filled with gas will be sent u p by the boys and girls Their names and return addresses will be on attached cards *hich will request the finder - _' to return the card to the ScuUw ; Gordon Hampton and Wathen Pre- Wt are assisting the Rev Marsl M. Callaway in registering the ap- rilcahts. Any boy or girl who i. nine- years old can enter a kite if ( .f*• h * s x h 1 d * an ? i* 1 * ln i 18 »«k. " » 1t\v *vu( If !._ »ik__j_ . "Oradnally, I bililles for Mr ...... s ^ U111I . one day, in 1913, t learned that George Stoval because of nn incident on he field, was to be released as man- f' I 10 ? 605 tol d me he .want--. e to tak« charge of the club I had no previous experience, had been away from the playing side of the game for four years, and aid not want the position.' •It was not by personal choice ( H the , dinals. I took malt * r ot these ! i <OTe y , and, In the case of Uic CardlnaU economy. Whether I was a success' or failure does not make much difference. I did not care to manage, but knowing that it was to tall to ' Three billion pcMOns rldc"T5cw York s subways anhually. *en«el and If he »«ends some church e ' Phone 644 (Continued Prom Page'l) nerce, New York aloe!: Kxcliiinijc Md American Ijiinken;' Afsouh- —which usually have demnnd- d "hands off" and a balanced Udgct. V . . . ' lite business nnd Dig finance re Jillll the most powerful' foici: i this, country, but their former inlicallhy and complete clomtnn- tion of government. l» now fnr less complete. , • '' New Dealcra nlso see certain Important Intangibles, mostly ecluea- ifotml, as achieved. They ' think .orces have been set in motion Milch can't be stopped, lhat, barring futnl clashes with aiitlpa- Uietlc rdrccji,-. the promise of (he Ncv,' "--• ... • oT hundrcd.s of tlioilsiiiul: of lowest paid wage enrne>s ' Sliuidimls of living for the sal- nrlcd mldiltc class and theTwerncf! 9/ngo enrnr-r. have not Improved however. Millions In these' j-roups arc economically, wprsc: ,oir 'as a result of llviiiK er-.U Inci-oasc.s- jMUiilntt they hnve always dad HIC INdO.MKS (1KT , will be. gradually' tul- .illed, tllnt, the, Aanerican economic •yslein really ; Ls being remodeled -to • the dismay of those who hlnk It. was-.all right as It was ^nd Ihe dlsippolntment 'of those .vho . feel . It : should be junked. .NRA ha? educated Ihe biuslne, :omnuinlty to : a reallKallon llmt 'aLssez fnire is ruinous lo everybody and the New Dealers hope o leach It. many more valuable lessons. ' . MAS'SKS- HOPES RAISED The masses of people have been led to expect vast social < Improvements ami some, such-as I has c on relief, have ex|H>rtenced new 'benefits which' they can hardly be made to'- give' 'lip. ' "";• ' : . ' " '•Mllllorts' 'of : citizens haVi lost nllli-ln' the leaders of nuance and ndilstry :nnd , have shown : Iheir willingness to fbHow political: ipifli er» : In prefcreiice, . No •pnc.'luio'ws where '.(his; MU'.dead'; to.-'' Ai -Us Wtst-it-lrarls^toi blind, . adherehce to '.dangerpiisV. demagogs.':. '.' ','•.'-.••. ,::Uft wljap/dniwpenlsfr^re^cspe-- :la]ly cjHisltj: ..ajjpjil VliV'admlhis- Ritlon's— fallirre. to "firing -a'boUt jrenter : rcfastrlbiitlon ? of wealth •lev,-. pcaler.r/lnsKt Mhls ils ati 'b'i- MenmvbilL',- Hie Intr.u Income ta>; figures' nvnllnblc show thai in 1033 taxpayers with Incor.fjs »r l(¥-s than ^10.000 saw thoii-. incomes riccline 5 per cent '.'vhife the 8,000 at the ^ top. Increased theirs.- by 10 . |>cr, cent, the (op 2.000 by 16 per cent mid iiic'. n'lmi- ber of Incomes over a million dollars rose from 20 to 40. ": ' Fl2/les nnd mLstaki/i •. of the , : o years, Judged ballyhoo, have New Deal's /Irpt by tl»c advance . evl(ablc, ;, inevjlably . slow; , by t attrition on • • many; fronts. \-. , NEEDS REALLY'HELPED: "Iilcome hns been "distributed ,iu he needy unemployed J^ml niil- lons, according;to rtRAiofflclnls, getting ^a decent: diet for he first time In, their lives. Old ige pensio'iii -will >rwll<itribute" o many more/j-nnd 'iih«rnploymc'lit nsurnnte as. well, i ' Currcrisy.-manlpulation hns play- d a pan: The ,farmers hnd 1 a 'Ig: cut-in, through the 1034 bil- lon-dollnr increase In farm In-, ome. lower Interest rates and! been painfully numerous. - NilA fell far. short of Its- re-employment goal and got all tangled up In the fly-paper of indiscriminate' price-fixing and production control. • ; < . Bxpaaslon of ma.w piirch'asin" power wns Us bnslc puriiase and it Hasn't, .achieved that, because (lomltiant .•'•. / feroi|i)s in Indiislries wrote their own codes and kept wages-down; while pushing' prices The Federal ••Hou.slne. "AdmlhL'i- trallon, designed as a grcat r stimulant, has nopped consplcuoiuily Once ballyhooed as a forthcoh.IiiB employer of 5.000,000 iwrsons it T?*»i L t lcmt virtlmll >' nothln' B . : TARIFF ACT AIDS MTTIE . The new Tariff Act, enabling rcaties with foreign nations for larger exchange of gooils; ,1m brouglit only trentlej with Cuba and Brazil, although American e i X f?f lo Cllba have more than doubled since- that one was stPiied Hilsstan. recognition,'. connled ion 'as a, trade., booster. , hi«-.been..follo^- ed-by_Hllsngreement -and -bad •le'el- ing-.betvreen Ihfe-'tworgovernbicifts •-• -' ncis .-•After pumping : a -billion' tolars banks,''tlm ndinlnlstrtUon Is nimble to get tlj c to lend money—or bnsliic.'i'i"To—iioT- rov,'. Hunk lonn-i continue to de- dl*. I'WA. put hundreds of ihoiiTOnds to work,-but never did gold policy have' fcecn a snc- CCM or u failure : is a inatter of argument. : •TO 1'AS'f fRIlIMPHS The Roosevelt, admirer ever, will h.irk back' ; -to tl liow- lic first .. Repeal. i m, ! ts ml " lm "m '-Wiiscs and atoll Ion of. child labor. Salvation of ImmJreds nf thousands of homes .and farms. 'AAA and Its organization .of agricultnie. TVA lasnrance. Exijosiire and n of Wall Street. Oinb- Ing of tlte "power trust." And many more. . And he will add (iijit""»ic Nei Rocsevdt. ' Fo'ward WilJi -ji '-. ™ Bur I on Service Sta. ARK, MO, STATE HNE Super Shell Gas at Missouri Prices Frances* Sandwich Shop In conned I on ..... PURINA STARTENA «>R BIGGER AND STRONGER CHKKS/ CASH FEED STORE 112 E. Main NOTICE Penalties for operating nil motorized and horse (irawn vehicles including automobiles, trucks drays, motor cycles, ambulances?, etc., without payment of city license' fees will be in ctTeel atter midnight Saturday, JIarch 9, 1935. 1 ay your license fee, secure .iiid display re- qmrcd tags in order to avoid penalties as provided by city ordinance. Signed, ROSS BEAVERS City Clerk Burke Hardware BlytheTJlle THE NEW FRIGIDAIRE '35 WITH THE FAMOUS PER R E E Z E R THE GREATEST REFRIGERATOR VALUES EVER OFFERED BY FRIGIDAIRE i This FrigKlairc '35, with the Super Freezer, sets new . ; siandards in ice,free2ing capicity-ih hMlthful food - i,v presMvatiori-rin tKe criiping » B d freshening of veee- iiihles—in economical performance". '—. . THe Super Freezer makes posiible a Complete Refrigeration Service. It provides the right kinds of cold for every-:pur P same -cabinet. There's Ja<t fretzmgloi making ice cubes and desserts;/ ro « n storagf ._ ^ *or meats and ice cream; extra-eol4 Storage for keeping a reserve'supply.of ice cubes; moistslorage for'vegetables and fruits; and normal storage for'fbods requirio? dry frosty cold. .- . ' IT WILL PAY FOR ITSELF In addition. «o its many Conveniences, Frigidaire actually saves you money. Operating costs are so low and you can save so much money oa refrigeration and food bills that your Frigidaire pays for itself with the money it saves. But see the Frigidaire '35 for yourself. Learn how easy it is «o buy under our liberal terms. Come in today, let us show you how a Frigidaire pays for itself with the money it saves. ' • Remember that regardless oftheprice you pay you want a refrigeratrirth'at'will do these two things;; first, keep foods safely at temperatures below 50°; second, freeze: plenty of ice and desserts quickly-even in the hottest weather. The Frigidaire '35 does these two things better because it has the Super Freezer, which gives a Complete Refrigeration Service. E. B. GEE SALES CO, Inc. Phone 67 • c ./., , ., ryth and Main THE FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION WILL HELP YOU BUY A FRIGIDAIRE

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