The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1931
Page 6
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W: r ' ' PAGH .SIX pp s hide ARK,) COURIER NEWS "Ribbed Again," Said the Fans .iandsome Tronhics to Rej ' Awarded Winners in Journey a'. Armory Here .', Four Missouri and fuiir Arkansas i '-. ilnlets will pmUipatc In an in-) i- ?pcndenl basketball totmumcnt' 'J i be singed lure Tuesday. Wcd- .» "iday and Thursday nights, spon- 'i "r:d by the Biythcville City l,::i- \f 10. Tlie tournament will be play; ': al. the Armory. .* Two handsome tronhlr-s will to j - vardcd to the winner and niimer- •* * in ihe tournamont. Tlie tro-; •jj. lies arc expected to nt!d interest i i - the cage- inci-t. which officials j * y.wlll attract fans from a mnn-: ' r of towns in this sec'.lnn b:-' - ' 'Ifs the backers c! tlic partlcl-1 •; .ting tennis. '; 'A big number .of ex-rollcelate • ; * us and former high s-hool bas> :lcers will piny with Hie visit- 5 '7 teams he-re. Hornersvlllc, «:i5 * ' tho Missouri eiuranb. bnast a "\ -willful aggregation which dcJeal- . ; • ' the BlythevlHc All-Stars early. L .'i-'-.v the season. Steele, Cooler r.nd 1 Lluc ' :; " '-"lloud. tho other !vlis?aurl learns jtli? V, •• [So. tourney, also boasts strong l roil rords* with the Steel? Ims fa- j • red as one of UK slrciijcst teams •. the lonmcy. The Stceic bavs I • \\i heat the local ng^rcv riffgolt Killers Wggott has agreed to enter Ihe iwuoy and Ihe addition uf Ihe ' lay county baskuerr.s gives Hie - rknnsas lean", i:i - tilt tourney n •luch better chance lo withstand 'ie .'formidable challenge of the Urecuri aggregations. The Bly- 'wvlllc quintet, Wilson Once-1 la are the other Arkansas Icams j i the meet. • • 'I The.local All-Slnr team. sc:e j l-j -d recently by olliciiU of the City j ^age loop games, has worked out '• :verartimes under the tutelage of j Th.omas Ivy, principal of the Yar- i v .ro schools. The Wllscti team ha? • .lot played here this season bntj vill probably represent the biggest j . :hance of the Arkansas teams for! 'hs tourney title. i . The first round of the. tourney' vrill be played Tuesday night. The ' first p.ime is scheduled to start at 3 rovide Power For Champions .,^-' • •. -~^^ * 'fi Leader Confesses Need of Rc-Inforcemenfs for Groves and Earnsliaw. ! 1IY Wll.l.lAaf BKAUCllKll ! • NMit Service Spurts KillUir I FORT MYERS, Fla..— "If S0 m.'- : thliiij should linpiKn to Grove or i Eaii-shawV Tliat would l>« JUM tra tad!" Thy v;cnls were Connie Macl:'ri' | and ho uttered them with a vohe'ui- ! encc thai broke IhioiiKh his usual ' culm poise with a .sur;!rl:;l!i« Jo 1 .'. .In fact, Mr. Muck iiiraost glarod ; I when he sixike. and n. ylarc on the ! i patiently polite face of Mr. Macl;|i!',- c 1 Is about i In Siberia. [is common as ROM-HliU v, 01 Id champion Philadelphia A'h- Vl'.oio Copyrislll, lt'31, NI!A Srrvlri "Stick on my tide." said Pilinu Blaster thai uunriicil his cracked tl-. And Jimmy Mnloney, Boston fat boy, made This picture- fliovts Maionty. right, .sinking n WL' hr.d bS:n discussing ;iie Ath-i lclics " I'™' 1 "'" 1 '»'- » [ drive lelifB' chances to win n third i '" Ul " I 10 " 11 "' 11 ra ce. One im- s'.yaight world championship, ami I portent near. Al Simmotis. is mlss- " Conine Mack still rctnliisj i,, s . biit Al Is tryiny to reduce His that- he cherished as a ,...„,,,.. Camera tu thu adhesive ir.pcj youth something like half a century lib in the recent, Miami bat- '• n B°. '«! Is tolling under no dclus- doubly sure that It j lo1 '' 5 Bs lo ll)c lll(ilclll ty of the job Ini-. T(.!ii.',niilUd by Tc U-plmto ; ideals ' ycail - Canlc " ™r. the decision, Dut ihe r »re that It j io1 '' 5 n5 '° lllc dlllicnlty of hard h.ft lnt«i Ulc ;"" s Jllst ahc *"' mineral H= ic6l'R»LS UJILU * THEY'RE SELF MADE •-MEM- o'clock with tour games being • - played .tho iirst night. Rcprcsenta- j lives of each team in tta meet, will'; draw just before thp .fast, gait:6 fi): 1 ' . p.iirinss, but file drawing will ba ' •seeded, so that, each Missouri team will meet an Arkansas team In iho ' first round. Wednesday nlghl Iho semi-final round will be singed, two ' games being played. Thursday night the championship game will he played, preceded by a preliminary game. T)I1) YOi- KNOW THAT— i in> firrl rnclng car i.s 0:1 1m:.: at Ihe Indianapolis :;pcc:lway. ready for the big race DccDrn- llon Day . . . it's f.onle Schneider's. wlnn?r cf lliird place lasl y:':ir . . . Uiulc says If las i-arly t:fut (his ::cason will nn him £;can;l plni-e. lic'li Jii^t mn:ii:, al the track unxt year . . . . McGrnw'ri team may b'.' catk 1 :: Gliints but 11-.2 Snrtlnis hav; 'em tills ye:i.- '. . . there isn't a pHi-nsr hi the Trlbj wh'vr\::i f New Orleans K;-,D mr:nn:'?3 under 0 K-ul . . . Ih2 Yr.nk-, huve on? wli^ .^t^nd.' G icet 7 inche - . . aiv.t another who wei'jlr. 210 ... A student of Hi? Mr- Onw training camp mrl'mris is lilsaciii!. b.i=2b.ill coach at Kcio University in To- tho Olpnrs-Whlto Sos ciiinbl'ui tlr-n tln'.t wcrld t;-,nr r.; j would be just l Mr. Mac!; is ^ily Acaiic Acif? Bath Saves Lives o5 Yoiinp Fisli „,.„ c I of age; neither wl Will apOnSCT 'has cl-iiic high r.rli : will be, for grade bays t:ams onlv. I i H will b? held under tllrictlon ci ', E. S. Johiiscn. .v.ip:rintci'.d::il. Avbyrd schocls. No boy will be |low3d to |ihy who Is over 13 yrsrs 1 ill any !;oy wl'.^ i NEW ORLEANS. I.a., -UP>— c ;; "if fisli wi'h to remain 'healthy i!- ! :hcy ini^t lal:.- n bath Ja;i y . ; ' cr l'6ar'> the v.c;-^t caira of r.rliDo! -,vork b; al- I 'tt- ; s at the hatcheries, where mll- | The- annual tournament for crude l lo restock state waters icr.vr.r, ~ (toys an:l girls that is hcM al Curd- ' ' ARBYRD, Mo—An invltidclial! v.-ell will pruhablv b> held "ov basketball tournament 'will be heir:! lime this month. " team with inc. conducting as careful aiv Inv:ntc;-y of his bs^ebrill' j assets us a Scotch grocer who I I !'.as misplaced a can of beans. It • 'was when lie readied Iho subject j of pitchers that Mr. Mack yrew! cmotlonai. l Wi; had Lc:n talking of luck and' injuries r.i:d olThand T asked h!:ni If he thoiiEht. tlir- Athletics could I r,o. any place without, Grove or' Earnshaw, except pDrhaps to :i| f;oo;t movie. | "If FOinetliln^ sliDiild hF.ppen tni Grcv.' 1 or .Earnshaw? Well, thai too ba-.l!" _ i not a man vvh:>l ; gees aroinul bllndlolded. He h\ aware that h? has only six [rttclvr/ ! wiio can li? dcix-ndcd upon as re - ;- j tiiars. He wants three mere. | As a result, e^cry person you • mic'. In Fcr; f.fyers this sprU:-j: i would probably nclmlt under pres-1 j rure that he wr.s a ]3itchcr. -., I The six regulars are Earnshaw.: • Grove. Walb^rg. Rommell, SliOH's j ! ar.'j MniiaiToy, aii'J R liar, been i ! gcnc-"ally admitted that three or • I leu: 1 of these pitchers .are pretty j \ :c^ulnr at thai. In his canvass j j io:- thrcs mere, Connie is giving • I every li!:rly prospect from O.'. 1 ]). I j A]a.. lu Piligcr, Neb., n rarc'nl- !onrp-3V[r. 'Eherr arc 10 I'.i::!?! 1 ?! ra cam;:. LOfr.o of v.liose names are not even known, and Ihcre are' more 0:1 the way. j ^ollcinj the size, of the .^niari. j which seemed umiG'jally lar^e for Athletics, 1 asksd Mr. Hack If he htir.ponecl tn be goSnj; in for, c:;i:ci!tutntin3 in u C'ir; way tills] year. ] "Net much experimenting," was ankles in tin ba'.lis of Hot Springs, Ark. ;:?.ys he v.ill lie ready for tho i opening game, ny looking dose- I ly a; the abavc. yon may see M- diu Rommel's knuckle ball. I EAHVS' (AW Wins nwtanu in Final v::i.s cl. ..c ;::i u i.:^!::::^ a i^ - r'-aie vcllv i:i '!-.;• h:.; lu'.t 0'ih i I'j !c:.- in tho bst r.n:i.;'.c of ;!l.-.y. ;cro r:id Tru:;'.r,nn are l:o'h >.-> r.prcwii'.t UK district in i iho iinniiil- Arkansas liii'h basketball tournament wliich vyiil l:c held al Jonesboro. the lauer i i«irt of this week. ; Ci<; ; - Loop Baskek-crs | Play at Armory Tonij.'t : Tcniglit v.ill be City C..-.c L^.i- • ". night at the Armory. The second contests cf ihr 1' . half of the race will b? sliced N •. league games will bj played Thn--- ! day night of this week bjcaus^ c! ' the independent tourney. : Starting next• week. City u a -.: • r games will be play.'d twlcs'n K ? V., - on Monday and Thursday 'nights. I Games tcnight will be played i i | the following order: Merchant;, v;. | Apes, Gas Homids vs. Hi-J&clw' ;Hi'bb9rd vs. Dixie Flip's, Csmpanv M vs. Frisco. LFFIV RPnvC V I LAURA LOU BPOOKMAN ®|Q3l SYlyJEA ^^ SERVICE Author of "HEART HUNGRY, e£ • iiixa.N 1 III:HI: TODAY fJYl'SY Vrll!!!!!^. m-yrnr-nld tyiil-il, cini ...... ret I hi- Oimt \\hh-St 1-i f-rln^in- AI.A.M CKIHUIV Ilium- fniiH n jcnr uuij a hall oT art tiluil}- In I'lirln, 't'h* couple arc nil i rnKiiRcil Jm( Ihrr* ,1* an iinilrrxiritnllnjr lie t \vi-eri Ihrui. t>r» tin' liicr ihr- «1rl ^er:, n hrinil ItuE >\MMirn nhiiiii Oii^hy iilciitUK-.^ fin ruitiin hi T fu Inicrr AIHS. iiNi-rc n t nnU Jiurc ti.iriT with ("m\hj- ft drive t ln^ Injusr ntrliiK iJi plril tvlir nll ni)U u 'iN InvUEi nfi:irf- s |u aiti'iiJ 11 ilin- bcr. Ttvn nlplil* rnki n dinner rn- - I i) t>:itcr ntunr iiml vlij rinil .Mrs. I«-in^ rrunJ. % U'M M rt CHAI'TKR V SIOHV at Arbyrd Friday and Saturday. I March 13 and 14. Ths tournament' n fungus which killed vcun? Hsli.1 ^.'f, K . V •throu»h a discovery of i!:_. ftfai:ie; ;,.'„„'„"'. nsl-.pry dcpi'.rtniL'iit i found a bath with picv.'niE, lins et'" Tckli u '" " ' BRUSHING UP SPORTS Ills reply, "except, for the pitchers. At a fc-.v pi^sltions, our men had | bad years la^t year. Haas and i not do r.r, well r.s I think ! .h'r, year. Uut as a v.liolc I my infielders and o\itfielders look i £0od to me. "Wiih Tcdt, Williams, McN'.iir and Hinins, we have a pretty good rrserve inlleld. Hob JohnsDii end Jim Moore are goad outfield substitutes. One of the other re- ct"its r.iny show promise. Pahni^ano from PciiUinrt, and Heving, \vhci -ame from the Red Sox wilh Todt, "'I. 0 " ( ' y , rsy " s " can help Cochranc out with the 1 ' 1lml «''slai:«l catching. ! "There v/ill net Ue much ex|K-ri- i minting, except for pitchers." We taikc:! over a few of the eat pitchers of other years. Would | Mr. Mack like 10 have Chief Een('.<:: or P.ubo Waddsll, in Ins prnn:. 1 l'o:i year? Mr. ^lack agreed sadly that he roiilcl. ; But his conclusion carried a note i of optimism based upon a base- tall cxp'jrience of 19 years r-.uo. [ I "I didn't think they couW b:at my ball team of 1912." he said. "It seemed to me the best team I i ever saw. We had won the world 1 championship In 1910 and 1011 and ! 1 irokrd forward to 1912 with a 1 wholo lo'. of confidence. i "Uut they beat that team. Jake \ Stahl's Boston team won the pe:i- i nant and the series that year. i "Tho very next year we vion tlie 1 wcrld championship again, despite the fact that I had losi Jack | Cocmbs. one of my best pitchers." ; "Oh, well, maybe pitchers are not i SD imixKtant. after all." T saUl. |. Bit', his quick; reply was: "Oh. yes. (hey arc!" "•il-IICHK was oo nine for Croshy [o rci'ovcr lite comiioauiv. Jlis nrjltcreil "ti'cuti cvmntig!" was In- leiTiiptud by Gypsy's tetiso. ear- prlscil cry: "\Vliy. ,Man Crnshy— you lo!rl me you were going to work tonight!" Hor voice was clearly audible ubove the slrcet'a noire. It had the flrunallc n'Jality wiiicli promlsc.s eicHeincnl, -Men anrt women turned lo E™ \vlio was speaking. Alra l^insley took tho youn^ niJin's arm. "Cnmc. Alan." she &iul tnfiiiy. "This is outrageoiiK!" I'll.: words wore a ri>niin£nd. Atrs. l.nn\;lcy diti i;tit took at C'-ypay. Her l'ri."ifl i;37^ ryfuscd to recognSzo the tjirl'" pvcaer.CL-. Crosby, ihoimii !io fell the Hand lls arm. seemed nliout tu speak I straggled forward again, relief was Gypsy iaterruplcd. \ sidowa'rk of things! I Miiislui. siie Bi.;i:iiicd. ";'iit. oil. Alan i McBridVs consciousness of Alan's mlshl liave^tn:,] i!io truth: jailer, nt nliat she bad done. n somewhere In the crowd a ! of Hie sol. His eyes wore ' llsc'rl voice. halMriuikeii. rosv j slral.cln ahead: his fnco mis pal- the girl's. "Oh. nlil l'a;ia's | She ktic-v hu was furious. Only r out!" the voice crlril. j 1U . CC | :c fore bad Uypsy seen him Jnined i- "|i,,n't Id I lo-..l; like Uiat. 1'lia lime they had "fl'fiy, Alan Crosij— you tolJ me you tcere going to ulorlt hlr: K ct away wilh ,|. bal.s. S.iak ' licci, -.vaiklus on Hie, East Side and 1)1111 ™ " ll! i- 1 !' 1 .! '_ ^ ; fninirt a men licating a crlngins Cos lariU'il Ili'r IK 1 ;:.! Kill 1 v.-liicli h:iil [;iilrir-rcil terrier. Alan had Interfered and wsd by But ; ihe nf.'air liaJ ended la police liino tij'iisy : court. D;itstanrllnK In Oypsy's mciil- m ilic cnclc; "">• "if :hc cpifoiio had remained l liciielf. :ti • visinn of Alan's blazing dark Ornsliy ai:'i i he lieaiiiifui stranger.' tjts and while fnco. II was icnlfyhii:. At il:;i; | Now | lc ivas liko that again. She when. It ficeiuccl the \vlmlc a-orlrl wn^ sure be knew iliat sho was a SIM .if i-yes siarlnj at liei ; «:i:rl,ii:i; iii rr but sllll lio did!" iT'i-"' 3 ^-'""'' '"'^""-'I'l-'V.!. 5 .! c 1 ,'," ! i".. t:yi ; sy 'I 1 "! 0 ' 1 '".'""''"'•""''J'-l Uko flame faancd by tho wind Gypsy, consiilericg the situation. Blared at the young man. Crosby slarcil back. Ho was first to speak. "Well—." ho said darkly. "I hope you're satisfied!" "I hope you aro!" "Do you realize that you made ridiculous before a wlmle sirect full of strangers? Do you rc.ili?" what you looked like?" "Do 1 realize — ?" Gypsy demanded. "Diil you say 'do I realize'? I supposo It was all my fault! Listen, wcs [ the one who rlainicd to be pi:emling Ihe evening with ibe boys at Ihe office? Waa I the one who did lhal? Why dhln't >ou tell the truth it you wanted to ireak a date? Why didn't yon say was; you were going out wilh Iliis—this | radio. ~ " " Shu waited WHEN al last they reach.--il ** rjoming hoa^e (lypsy ali^ii; Without a backward glauc* si:'.- ; up ihe slops to the entrance, tho time Crofhy had px'.f. • driver and rcceivefl his chnti^i- : girl had catered tho house au:| .. out of suuke. S!iu ;uldrc: : dctl ' Siie siarc:! mil ihe call window. Cnislv "Vo'u'il bcllcr dike ynnr frk-!!"! linnie!' !<ue salil ieily. "He:':^ tny : i-.n Cu.ul lii;;lit'" '• tlio girl's anger increased with each To nvri't ibe incident bcforo Ihe ; word, ft was llio McBrido temper. Cage Teams ' Defeat Yarbro Squads ' The Burdei'e girls ar.d boys bas; kctb.ill teams defeated tSs Yarbrc cage learns Friday afternoon at t'.u .Armory here. The Buvdtttc R:rl>| , won 13 to 12 and the boys 23 •-•> 14. ; The Y::rtro girb tsok the lea:M -at the nrflnnln? ol tho ccconi | .quaiter nnd continued to nay In' . front until tlic last mlnu'e of Ui? i game wiion two field go.ih ;i» rnp- ' Id SUCCO.«L'.O:I put the nurrictte l.-is- sies in Iroat. Slrj Innirit ;!iul ibe liitMlur altcntlaiil, \\!;n .1 from crimson to p3]e lnvonilcr try ln£ lo clicck tlic a'iniii' lici|-ed '[in In'.o tne molor wliich Had j duwn lo the c;i:lv Mrs. l.nrmicy's r V r-u'ii fair lingers rl.j-cd ''-" ''"«' • •*- \vili. a rL-soilndlr:-.; l[:w.ick (.Jyiisy :onkcd .-it (.'inshy. "IJ 'ic!" he pa i ll; enrer K.IS ono thing, .^erentancc | quickly roused and aa qnlclily dis- "''" 15 aimtlicr. and Gypsy's In'ifpnn- j r.elled, which had Involved her In urn. Mill hlazerl. Shn lapped oae i dinkulllcs h»fore '."«"!!'] ! ': w,;v l3 :,l^^" St ±^^ d ^.,' "I.'«». ran lonro Mr, ^..loy duoi iT:iir was Crosby's fault. : tilth- k;t lap red fasler. All rlslit-if Alnn wouldn't i speak shc'tl show himt (jypsy put ; one ti.iud on Ihe cah door unit tr'.cil j to bo ablo lo explain to her—I' 1 It was tho last straw. So It was • Mi*, l.angley whom ho was Ihink ' in^ of! Mrs. Langlcy lo whom tie i '«s already trying lo frame es- furs and diamonds and motor cars: She heard him coaling up stairs. (lypsy. In her own romn Hoor above, leaned analnst I!IL- .: and listened 10 ihe slow. fai:n footsteps as they ncared the i . floor landing. Tliere waa n Hypsy IlKlcncd. heau! (he (ln;T and close, anil then ihe hnu~p still again. There was imthlii^ tho halt-heard, muffled dawe • from the Jenkins' second i- a Hctle longer i ' radio time-worn lunc. Uyiisy recall, i: <'tv title. "L'an't Wo He Kricnds'.'" -i^.j of those Eoiiss of bligtueil ..--.n. Sudtlcnly she forgot slio tiateil -^'1:1 Oosby and never wanted lei-si'.- .1:^ fnce again. Tears blimlgil her. s'l.j made her way to (he bcil. Eanl: i: 1 -:i It aod bill her face In Ilia p!!:,..j. A T 10 o'clock the followin.i; n MI" ing Clara llonanl. I.H.M-H! blond and fragile In a new '•> -HI crepe, paused ncgliacnlly I' '1= Gypsy's desk. Crosliy. slower lo anserj ' I "Because you're going lo —that's: whilo why. \Vn.n do you want lo rto? Gel' nnrscil smoldering resenttaenl or or j the rloi ..quad o::t? I should think ; Ions perloils. 1 boys mirtor control all tlio v.ay to i\vm easily. Whittle of UuvdeUe"\uft I lilgh point man with 15 iioints. ProfcssDr Tliomas Ivy ot Yarbvo "i!ei In!" be nnlcrcil. fiVliM) 1 cnlllll 11.H tiiivc hl-l.l Ilick oven If sue |:.L.| w:u:: ci | M. She j j.m'vu ,: 0 ne about enough for one! "Don't worry." ho assured her. r ' n- , , " 'i" r '" lr "' " m ""' i ufcl ' t '" • " n ' lo a" I" ™>' P" K " '» s« that ? M i V. < ' l:ir " Ilcs5 trosliyi "You let me alone. Alan Crosby! : you l.r.vo your wish." InliuweU. riio ijror aunt sftrr ihcm j A fine ono you ure to tell me what Afier that llwy roilo in und tbo lajl iuii:c:l | io i!o. iil do as I flta;c' .11 coillit nnt go | silence. that they Curiosity stony prompted Ihe l them the Eircct was JamracJ. Now that iho cenier of [merest had bceu removed i>.a crowd on the ami | "We'll see about Ibal!" Crosby ] slrl once or iwlcc to steal a glance lammed llio door Fbn! s-riln. At .it her companion. Not onco did vou can leave your work ni: ihe s:uiio forward. Instant tho v,.j started j Crcsby ludlcalo lio there. 'Tin all right. 1 ' "Hut Iliosc circles uniler eyes—anil you're EH nale!" "I'm all rlgbl." Cypiy ifn "Didn't sleep very well — th:i ^ Kiito chose that precise in for F.lkalicth Tultle In sr;-- 1 the ilooiwoy. "Miss McllrlM. 1 executiVQ Fimke cripply. j J know she was come Inlo this offtcc l (To t? Continued)

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