The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1933
Page 5
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TUESDAY, i, 1933 (Aa&.) COUBOB PAGE WVE ^ CLASSIFIED SECTION • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION AUTO CLASS INSTALLED We install Blass >" your car wliile you wan. call us tor better ser- viec. 1'noiie ti'ii. ttic Chevrolet Co. 10ckll-10 Pally rite per line for i lie insertions. (five average words to a line) One lime per line 10° Two times per line per day .. C8c •I nree tbnes per line per day .. We btx times per line per day .... 05u Month rate per line 60c Minimum charge DOc Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be chargcf. lor the num- tcr of times trc ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out old-: of the city must be accom lanied by caih. Rates may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken for more ihun one incorrect in Eeition of any classified ad. Advertising crdered for Ivregu tor mwruous lute the; one tun rait. Phone 306 or 3u7 ""BUSINESS IMUECTOKY Gateway G»«tc Good MrcluuKc-WorK Guaranteed 1'iice* lliiibt 19p K10-1K llbBbAKU Autorngtive CO. no Auto Glitss All Kinds Installed The Ark-.Ho l,umber Co. IN TJfP CHANCERY COURT THE CHICKASAWBA PIST OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Margaret S. Clalhihcr, Plalnlin vs. No. 5583 John C. Oallalier, Deiendanl. WARNING OflDKR Tue defendant. John C- Galhhcr, is warned to appear In the Chan- cerj' Court, for (he Clitckasawba . District of Mississippi County, Ar- jkansiis. within thirty days "swer the complaint of lire Margaret S, Gallaher. Witness my liand as Clerk Qf said Court, and the seal thereof, on this 9 day of October, 1933. R. L. GAINES, Clerk 10-17-24-31 OF THE QWNFM*V, MANAGEMENT, CJfCV'lATlON ETC., REQUIRED BY Tilt ACT OF t'ONO«M8 OF AUGUST M, 1911, . Of BlytliCTllle Cornier ?ie\vs, published dolly »t BlythtvUk Ark. tm Oclowr' l'. IOT. 3t«tt ol Ariiiniis, County o( Mississippi, is. B«tort me, a Notary Public, |n uiid (or Uic Sink' and cpynt* »!<«*• Mi!"iil« uld, Ptftv5»)Jy ojjp«ar«d Chester 1!. Baboaclt. whs, Imvin^ bt*u dull dog Suvcd Watchman From fUttier's Bite "c»l. (Ul')-Wllllmu sworn according to l»w. deposes taul s»y> rw I* the Rlltor of In* Blyth«v|l,5 Cgijfter Nwi and tl)*t the to\tw\t\s U, l« the twt, al m »l(l|iB Ills rounds In Hie stopped to nick up R coll of I'stili, knocked him u.sldo. anil llitn Hinti'<l nt thr "rope." it wusn'l ro|)e. [t ivus n lurse r.ittlc- iiinki'. Junk's belter eyesight in Ilii: dim light, hail distinguished (111 dincrcnee. Jack svnb bitten by Uic reptile, but lie succeeded In killiuc It. rushed him to n knowledge and fc;ll«!, a, (ritf statement of the ownership, ra»nig»mwU , opc ' he had left, Uic dny before. I unn. who atlmirlMcred nntl-venom landjf a d»Uy piper, lh* circulation), etc., pt th* atoroald piibJc»Ufln| Jack, who was troltlnj; »t hts I tmitmnils und KIWI! the dos's OUR BOARDING MOUSE ;uc kli-iu WRECKER SERVICE Call as when you need a wrecker, Day and NlglU ifcrvicc. Call 533. Crevrolet Co. lOckll-JO IN T!U) MISSISSIPPI CHANCf- RY COURT: DISTRICT. CJUCKASAWBA FOK SALE CAFE, good business. Selling because ol other interests. Address "E" Courier. IfickSS HOME PLACE on East Main, reasonable terms. tTank E. Thrash- Continental Life Insurance Company, a corporation, Plalntill vs. Rota Rosentbal, Isaac Uosentlial, cl al., Defendants. The defendants, A. Grater, Sam Grabcv. Louis Grnl>?r, Jew Graber, ^^ax Orator and Dave Graber are warned to appear in the Mississippi Chancery Court, Chtckasnwba Dis- m •ncklS nn:n vvte are drinldnjf BUD- of l liottled 20c B*er. for tht datf >)iown in the above caption, required by the Ael ol Augurt I imclK, snavlix), tin civ himself in 24, 1812, embodied In section 111, Postal Laws and Regulations, printed on the reverse side of this form, to wit: 1. That tlie names and addresses ol the ptiblklMr, «dits.', cunulM editor, and business manager arc: Publishers, Courier Newi Company, Inc, Clythevillc, Ark Editor, Chester R. £abcock, Blythevjlle, Ark. Managing Editor, Chester R. Babcoclf, Blytli«v|lle. Ark. Buslntss J*»na«er, Hatry W. Hslnei, Blythcv(|l«, Ark. 2. That the owner Is; Courier News Company, Blythtvlllt, Ark. Chester R. Babcodt, Biythevllle, Ark.; H«ry W. H»lnet, _., _,. Ark.; Journal Pilnllng company. »>gnk W. I-cuhy, Guy Roge'rs, Allin Leahy, Btevens Point, WU. 3. That the known bondholders, niortsatjccs, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortwgef, or other securities are: Edgar G. and Beulah L-. Harris, West Point. Miss. 4. That the two paragraphs next above, giving the n»mcs of th« owners, jitoctliolders, md security holders, If any, contain not only .he list of stockholders ard security holders as they appear upon tha | Spuils (irrv, Aliiiyr Grooiid HEN!), Ore. (UP)—A new sort ol . IK'lato vjue srow on the Jarm at A. W. Long this year. The plmil tcre no spuds at all below the j liroimd, Iml Us branches wero loaded with ''shapely tubers. Each .j of the polnto?.', bore miniature vines at its "eyes." Tlie Oothlc cathedral In tlie world Is nl Seville, Spain. By Ahern New and Used Furniture • Boimh! and Sold ^ j K J R 5/ [ LE _" 13 3; Chevrolet Sedan. Stoves repaiietl-Auy majxc • G d < . an{[ -^ M , x , Courier Neivs. rin Hardy 511 \V. Asu, _ Mh u trict. wltiiin thirty days and 'an."' svi p er Ihc coniplflint of the plaliir till, Continental Life Insurance Company, s corporation." . Witness my (iwid/'as tlerk of sa(4 court, and'the .sea! thereof,.on this 26 duyof Scpierhbef,-1933. R. L>GAINES,'Clerk. ' . ayi arc here again." Brink BUDWElSliK, klne of bot- llrrt beer. 20c kI«-WJ Holstciu Heiiers, heavy sprli fresh soon, from heavy milkers.! S'.antcn A. Pepper,', Ark. I 'lip kl<j| Jo'ok-ss Sold Tickets And Secured Work Watcr-Pr""f Tarpaulins •=:!] $2.75: 8x!U W.20; 0x12 M-35; 0x15 $6.00; other flaes and weights rat;dc lo ordei. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. First St. 18p klO-lit EXPERT Tjp.nvriling and Adding Machine Hcpairlni!. O. S. Blan- r.enihlp, 116 E. Roee. Call 165-J. Registered Spencer Corsetiere •Urs. J. J. Davis Phone «1 20c klO-20 FTJKNITUKE New and t'sri H J. Dods'on 3Ut E. Mate 26c kl I.. G. Moss BlstlwviUe's Cut Rale Undertake CLEANERS, TAILORS SSffe Cfible-N'clson player plane, : * S200; 1 $155 1-3 H. P. Duylon .. Electric Saus3','J Mill $50: 1 S^i'.!, renor Banjo 58 901 S. Lilly REAL ESTATE Come ir, list jour real estate See what we have to sell £. M.. Terry Licensed Ueiltr, Tcrry-Wurtbinston Title Co. BMheville rhone 617 23c klO-23 I OR SAM. — Pretty collage ort Kentucky, 5 rooms and bath, $800 cash. Quick-sale. For Quality cleaning Phone 180 •Barr.cs NuWa Cleaners 12ckH-13 of (he company buv also, In cases ivherp the ttocilioldera or security hdjrfets app«>r upon the boats of tlje company 03 trustee or. In any'other fiduolary relation, the mime of thu \xnon or .roi)»rnllon i (or v,iiom 6Ufji trustee jt.o^ttgg, Is tivi'ii; also thav tho spi(J two pnru- ^raplJE, contain statcmente qnbraclng nfUmn's full knowledge and bclliM is to''the : elr?umstanpfS'»nd'conditions under which' stoctholdois und security haiders who do not appear upon the books of the company us trustees, hold stock, and securities In a cspaclty other' Iliau-tlmt .of a bonaflde owner, arid thisiaffjant has no reason' to believe : that any other person.' aisoclatipri," or corporation has airy. Interest direct or indirect in the'eaid slock, bonds', or other securities than as'so stilted b, him. . . 5. .11141:(he average number of copies or each issue ot (his publication: solcj'or'distributed, through the mails or otherwise, to paid lubscrtbers during Hie six months preceding (lie date shown nlwvc Is i TON" Miv, iIJPi— Jobless in ', 4.166. ii-o'm : ci'l!l'"town were set'-W ' . : CHEOTEI^ R. PABCOCK, ' EUllor 1 J ..,,. jn nfdcr to! Sworn lo and subscribed before mo iliis nth ilny «f O.-tnbiT. 193:t. (SEAt) ' '' HARRY W..HAJNE3, Mut'ary Public (My commission Expires, April 8. 1DH7 liorsc sliow for he benefit of'the unemployed. The unemployed ticket sellers were givn a commission on lick- ts sold. It worked almost too .well. Alter a while there wore but a'fcw ticket, sellers left. Most of them, in mak- n° their rounds, had talked cus- toniers into giving them permanent iobs. • When frightened, rabbits stamp > Co-Kds Paddle Krcsiliinrn icveral times on the ground withl PHOENIX. Ark. (Ul 1 )—Upper- their hind fecti making a sound class co-eds are wlcldbie paddles which can be heard a long way to discipline freshman women stu- ss^^sl^SHSBHS! ft« WORRY ABOUT ELMER! SOT A HUG ON *SOO IN THRO YOUR "PET , AN TO Ktt"P IT SW4SW J WEV-\_, WQV4 OVER WITH YOU OWE OR OUT WITH YOU VEEL LBNVES OPF THAT CABBAGE. TOR OR I GO ON •PUB.UC BAN4ANAS OFF STALK. TOR „ EXTORTION V rARS.HOOPLt A SHOT ACROSS' YOUR "BOW, TOR VJEX-V. ~i L.V. NOU — KEEP TH\-oT-ROrV\ Hats Blocked Loo!; ijike New Ptcme 171 Unique Cleaning Serrice 20c kIO-2(j DRESSMAKING SSWING, Alt'rnations. Very Rea-j FriO jj T Apartment, good location, jonable. Miss Louise Crane, Phonr Cl0!x to sl:hool _ gK Hearn' Si. 86. BATTERIES ~~~ Batter)' & F»diator Smicc We guaranicc: you better battery or radiator vofk for less money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on nc\v and rebuilt batteries. Call CT3. Shouse-Litllc Chevrolet Co. For Vrompt Battery Sen-ice rhooc 8 Ben Clune 2ckU-2 New Ford Batteries Kenlal-RcchartirB-Repalring •;n TIP.E ^ UATTERY STATION DOGS, PETS For Healthy Dogs feed Miller's Ralinn * Quirk i.unch HUBKAKP ICARDWAKE <:O. llckll-U ~ Sl'OKTlNd GOODS I'nu will find a complctr Hnr of NKW MODKI, BICVCI.KS at Hubbard Hardware Company. IGckll-16 \VAI,I, i'APF, I! Single :'.an-. ;r,ls Sl.tO 2.000 toils old pattcvri.. ••-'. l&H MAYFLOWER luu ICc V E. C. ROBINSON UJMBE.!'. COAL & WOOD buy Before you mvo money. Phone Railroart and Aili Coal Yard. Vtt are cxctoUc aients for iuil Otnaine Montevallo Coal und JSIpay, Ark>i»u Antlir^citr, and Kentucky Cuah. I hone 417 K. F. Fry Wundtr Clly Coal Company DC kll-3 1'HONK 107 AUTOMOTIVE ull 308—Ked's, Place H8K. Main l'«r Auto Vaintinsr Budy »ud I'cndcr Service roraierly with Shousc-Litilc Co. ale klO-26 l,,\KfiKSl !SK>CK USED 1'AKIS Between Mei'.ipliis and SI. Lojils Also Aulo Class — Phone 60 JACKSON AUTO'PARTS CO. 2c kll-2 FUBNIKHED 2 roim . apartment 700-West Walnut. IVcki Modern ^ loor;) furnished or un- uirnisriua aiibrunuius, 'newly dei:over K.roy Drug Co. Also .•>ic-re buildin? adjoining uioatie. V. Simon, UO W. Dav». -II t\ WASH 'MAKES, A STRIKE! MMBE 1'rt DREfcMlMCj.BUDlXE, . UPE, MWEN'1 1OU M£ftH IT WAS IM THE LAKE? VOU PULLED IT OUT OF THE WJM6R, HftLF . ILLED WITH •SftMD? / MSTBHtNOO VEU> OF 0<W OUT OF NOU, P*1D TLU BREftX VOUft NECK, GET ME! OtK TIME WJ£'R6 (3CHH& TO kEEP A SCCCET. HEAVEMS ABOVE! PROM coo-cco, LOOKt L1TTL£ SPECKS Of BELLOW STUFF MI^ED WITH1HE . GOLD'. &LITTERIW& , GiRAilNS OF GOLDjj; 1034 MAIN ST. Room. Meals OLD BOOTS HWe WOCft'S EWIH Sanders. Phone 635-J. WANTED TO RENT 3 or 4 room furnished apartment <lown slairs. call Jolmson at 633. 16ck20 MALE HELP WANTED Man wanted. Supply customers with famous Walklns Products in Bly- thcville. Business established, oarn- Inys average $25 weekly, pay sl Immediately. Wi'ite J. n. Walkins Company, 70-00 Memphis, Tenn. CHARLEY IS HONEST! SALESMAN SAM O^T' life. HA^SU'T P, TWlWfr CCOKEDUP (\orsuj soMe.Ttns. ; u;ne>-s ue'tve. cpEM orders. Apply Bartnlck'-s Coal Yd., Railroad i: Ash at. Phone 179. Op k!3 705T cSoTTfv HVJMCH VD 6e\T*«.- OUT AS ft U3f»TEF>-, CHp,aLe.-y-VLUCK) OUT ' SIT OM 0 \ 6 ftpTeR.MocHj / To Vpu, SIR. I. / "^ —^i/~^- 1 cmuese Pofi-K AM' EGO — Drink the best for the same price, BUDWKISKR kin* of bottled beer. 20cklO-20 THRKK KEYS on ring, beU'ceu Farmer!, Bank and Railrcnd iv:ncr may hnvc same by coming for ntl. llxx 11 V.'i'' BF.'VvVN MAKF, MULE. 7 yi> • r-id. v.\-;Eiu 0.;. Cole's place Oa 170, Corner Hx;. Left H._ J ItKWARD. H.'.I. Cole, Luxora K. K. L). 1. Box IW. Up ki A STONE WALL! Jersey bull yearling, tin- horned. Bright 700 or 800.Ibs, A. b. Lovelace, Uouic 'J IBpklO, AXD 'HIS FRIENDS TAB I^ICK-OFP TV^KITY-SEVEN IT, FELLAS...COMf Okl',.UETS:i» . ' PLACES GNE ME TVEFiRSr PL -V.'J AM' I'LL TAKE 'G'A ~~ ' IT'LL TAl<:E THE COFs TO STOP I'TWlSll?' CROVIP/ TO V\CV- RXJ. THE EXTRA POINT! SCORE; 6 Will -arc for cliildmi by the ur hour. I'hunc H5-J. 'wiia Wll- 10'1. Work Riiawnlccd. W. W. Book- MlLFORP WICKS TO «UILI)fN(; MATERIAL --"•:-"—-" BUCHANAN Cmil is Bind; Bui We Trent You White." DC kll-9 Hues er. Call 100. 1'rcncli Olive lir.nich Out I'AHIS (Ul'i— rr.uics- hus dccici- r<l to abandon iier'^ym.wi o[ iiiid tV.c Olive Branch on her Fliunps ;ind honor Hie memories or tliKx' of ta- Bi'cut citlicm, Vic- lor Hugo. Paul l>onmer and Ans- tirle Brland. The HIIRO stamp will appear this month, Doumer in November, and Briaml shortly llierc- after.

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