The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1949
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1949 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) >COURIER: NEWS Liquor Exporter To Retain Permit Revenue Department Official Loses Suit To Nullify 1948 Act LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 2. (AP) —An Arkansas act. permitting ex- Portation of liquor Into dry stales was ruled valid yesterday. Chancellor Frank H. Dodge said the act was constitutional in holding that the Sun Export Company • of Lake Village, Ark., be permitted to remain in business. Arkansas Revenue Commissioner Bean R. Morley sought to force the company to quit selling liquor lor exportation into MLssisippi, \\lnch •ijp a state prohibition law but "ilch, nevertheless, levies a "Mick market" tax on 1 liquor. The litigation hud ah unusual twist—Morley—a state official contending [hat a stale act was unconstitutional. Morley said Dodge's ruling would be appealed to the State Supreme Court. Dodge made permanent a previous temporary order which prevented Morley from revoking Sun's export permit or othevrwise interfering with its business. The chancellor termed the disputed act, which was passed by the 1849 legislature, a "vicious unfortunate piece of legislation," but said it was not unconstitutional. Morley asked all Arkansas liquor exporters to dispose ol their stocks and surrender their licenses after Oklahoma reaffirmed its prohibition law in a statewide vote. Western Arkari.ias firms, from which warehouses liquor for Oklahoma had been sold, complied. Sun refused. Keep 'em an. in? Teamwork Keeps Jets in Air to Guard Northeastern Approaches to the United States Again FALMOUTH, Mass., .(NEA)—Th« war-time slogan "keep 'em flying" is In full cry again at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod. From its runway* roar tile F-84 proaches to the United States. And from Its hangars comes the clatter of tools as mechanics work on preventive ''maintenance, the ounce of prevention 'that keeps the ThuuderjetVln'the any The Inspection and servicing cycle ' the SOO-mile-per- PORTRAIT OF SPEED: Photographed at an exposure of 1|25 of a second as It CMM* In for * Undine at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod, this Thunder jet makes an unusual portrait of pure ipeed. Here it is moving from right to left; Cor what the Thunder jet looks like: when stopped by the camera, ice the small picture at top, In which the plane ts headed the other w»y. PAGE THREE : Arkansas Bond Deal Good One For Minnesota ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 2—I/D— •yrhe State Executive Council, by pfrnir to one vot/.'. decided' to keep Charles Foster as secretary ot the State Investment. Board. Governor Luther W. Youngdahl .had demanded Foster's removal. He charged that Foster, falsified investment board minutes to hide a "'secret deal", to buy Arkansas bonds with Minnesota state funds. . ; Late in June the state brought 45,208,000 worth of the .Arkansas bonds. • ' The council exonerated Foster by. approving a list of findings prepared by Attorney General J. A. A. Burnquist, who is a member both or the executive council and the investment board. Burnquist's fin dings based on OUNCE OF FREVENTXIN: Splil apart ror_overh»iit of Us jet engine, this F-84 looks as if tt wouldn't fly for a long time.-But tbe engine elmnge can be finished in 50 minutes. hour jets taxi into parking position. Bepause Jet fighters cover the same distance as plston-enghieci fighters, but In less than half the time; servicing operations are doubled on fryable days. To meet, flight 'schedules,, perfect teamwork Is required from the :«0 officers and men of the 33rd group. Fighter time' out of commission has decreased sharply since the first' Republic F-84 was delivered to the Air Force nearly two years B:JO. Then, .the new Allison J-35 axial flow ty'pe, 4000-pound thrust engine Vas removed for inspection every 10 to 25 hours of'flying lime. Today, after 84,000 hours of flying by live Thuhderjet grotitis .lime between engine changes averages 200 hours and, in the case of one group, 300 hours. • * « Engine change on the Thnmler- Jet can be accomplished in 60 minutes, even though the plane must be split apart and the tall section removed to get at the power plant The plan* Is fabricated from 4850 jwunds of aluminum and 1300 pounds of steel: 315.000 i-iveU anti countless bolts Join the 165,000 individual parts into one structure, but only four bolts have to be removed to split the plane for overhaul. When the new engine Is Installed.-it is tested while the plane is still in two pieces. At night, the operation looks like a giant blow torch as,fire bursts from the tail cone at velocity of nearly twice the speed of sound. • I the 33rd Fighter Group's ounce of Then the Thumlerjel Is bolted • prevention. A'lTLEi: I.KAVKS 10 DOWNING S'l'llKKT— Clement Attlce, British prime minister, leaves 10 Downing street on his way to announce to Parliament a proposed 25 per cent cut In dollar spending for Imports and un eight per cent cut In the government budget outlay for the year. The next day Conservatives Liberals and Independent Leftists attacked the Attlce program inul demanded downfall of the labor Government. Atttee, meanwhile met with King George. (AP Wlrephotu) With the Courts Chancery: Bill c. Cobb vs. Bobble G. Cobb, suit for divorce. Alma Laruc Morgun vs. William Howard Morgan, sull for divorce. Bonnie Lee Tomllnson vs. Hoyd Sanford Tomlinson, suit for divorce. Helen Fl. Wilson vs. Raymond R. Wilson, suit for divorce. Millie Washarn Wilson vs. Louis V. Wilson, suit for divorce. Wlllinm Wadklns' vs. Jimnlla Spain Wndkins, suit for divorce. Common Fleas: Thomas Y. Chin vs. Rosscvelt Hlrsch, suit to colled $500 on note. Harold Henson vs. Service Fire Insurance Company, suit to coltccl $485.50 on policy. Circuit: Geraldine Sharp vs. Mrs. Charles Bright, appenl from common pleas court, petition charging breach oi contract in connection with damage In amount of $400 on storage of furniture. N. H. Jones vs. Service Fire Insurance Company, suit for $2,0(10 (o colled on policy. FOR WOMEN'S painful functional monthly Olalreas, back together again, ready for the pilot to take over for his share of ., „ , young anil Ullddlc-agcd women, for 67 years have used Cardul. Irritable, nervoits conditions due to Irregular action of ono ot woman's primary organs can he soothed anil calmed by taking Carilul a-i directed. tnloratory control Of Carduf n.ssiirea ^ ^^—^^— efficient nntrap.1.1- mcxllc ncllon. Cnrdul nets two ways; (1) Ilcl|> to lessen functions! periodic pains; nllny RymiKtthctlc nervousness *ncl Irrlt/iblenea.i: (2) Alt! In building rcfllsluncy wlien taken regular. Buy Canlul lo liolp Ihwarl DIB monthlr A Iw a y « buy Canlul, by name. Marriage Licenses Tlie following couples have ob- :alned marriage licenses at the office of MJss Elizabeth Blyihe, coun- ly clerk: Emmelt O. Nickle and Mrs. Helen' O. Flynn, both of St. Louis, Mo. Format) Ray Rogers and MUs Mary Evelyn Martin, both of Luxora, James Schacffer of Cartervllle. HI., and Miss June Lovelace of Cambria, III. Therman Theodore jJohnson and Mrs. Joan Banfred, both of Ridge-* ley, Tenn. Rudy Weteckl and Mrs. Jean Znslro. both of St. Louis, Mo. Louis Ames and Miss Camllle Da Rose, both ol Chicago, 111. Italy Is the third leading producer of raw silk In the world. PROBLEM You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair HflLTCRS QOffLlTY SHOC SHOP 121 W. M » I M S ' Most Montana Farms Receive Electricity BOZEMAN, Mont. —(IPy—, Nearly tsvo thirds of ~ Montana's farms now receive electricity^ Rural Electrification Administration data here show 23.4G2, or 62.2 per cent, of the state's rural homesteads now are elcctr'Tied- This compares with n national average of about 75 per 'cent while 11 states can boast 95 per cent rural electrification, the HEA said. testimony taken .at. public hearings shows the Arkansas bonds '"constitute a safe, sound and desirable investment of state funds;" that there was "no secret' agreement or any illegal conduct" on v the part of the secretary or any'i member of the board;, and that the board and its secretary acted 'in good faith and in the best interest of the state." , Circuit Judge Dismisses \ Saline Gambling Charges. BENTON, Ark.. Nov. 2. (/Ft — Circuit Judge Roy Dariuser, acting at the state's request, yesterday dismissed an "indictment accusing C. H. Britt of operating a gambling house. The state admitted It ; couldn't prove the charge after examining seven witnesses in"» trial. The indictment grew out of the one-night operation of the Colonial' Club, located in Saline County near the Garland County line. Similar 'charges stand against four others,'who have not been located by officers. They are named in a grand Jury indictment as Prankie Hegan, . B. Murphy, Ben Gravlna and Jimmy Doe. Stone age men made rough drawings of star coiisle Hat ions on the walls ot caves. NO WONDER .THOUSANDS PREFER THIS LAXATIVE For welcomn relief from" _ constipation take Blackf u directed. BI»ck-Djau|rht (. Dr.ush . the rrlrartly Iuativ«. U«d for renera- tioiis. BenenclU for lou ot «ppet!|. headache, iipjet Homach. Batulenc*. sle-epIwaiiMi!. bid breath— when theai are caused by ilugrlshness du» to con- tipation. Tike Bfaclc-DrauuM' Ceil* WITH ALL THEIR EXTRA VALUE..* **? •*. Dodge i/ob-fittfed Chassis Features TRUCKS are priced with the lowest! It's what you get for 'what you pay that counts! i Read, oh this page, why Dodge "Job-Rated"trucks offer you exfra value. Then, see us at once. Ask us to quote you the price of the Dodge "Job-Rated" truck that fits your hauling or delivery job. • , : : You'll get more for your money . . . in performance, in economy, in long-lasting truck satisfaction. For a "real deal" ... see us now! l.SUFIII-FINCTION CtUTCHES. Large friclional areas. "Job- Kated" for smooth action and long life. 2. «UCG!0 3-, «- .r S-SPHD SYH- •CHRO- SHIFT TMN5MISSIONS —"Job-Rated" for the load. Carhurizeii gears; heat- treated shafts; antifriction bearings throughout. . . . . : Hypoid design; banjo-type housing . . . "Job-Rated" for the load. Long life . . . low upkeep cost. 4. CKtllOMDto IRAKI IININGS (no rivcta) prolong brake ufc. S.CROSS-TYPt STEERING , . . Sharp turning angle; easier handling . . . and simplified narking. ^ 6. SATETT-tOCATED S»SUN«S... Outside the cab, NOT inside! * * * HEW STEEIING COIUMH CUISHIFT • • • ctandard equipment on H-, %- and 1-ton modct» with 3-spee<i transmissions . . . provides easier handling, more unobstructed floor space, greater safety of operation. "•tCHT-SFOP HMD IRAKI... under the center of the cowl . . . right where you want it. Standard on all fi-, J/- and 1-ton models. Provides u nolist ruclcii floor space; easier passage through either cab door. Dodge i/ob-t&fed" Engine Features! • FUMOUS DODGE L-HEKO TRUCK ENGINES . . . •"Job-Hal^" for your loads;.sav* gai, oil. • COMPUTEIT SPUSK- AHD DUST-fROOF tUCTHICAl STHtH • •. . with high-oulpiit genefalor. Reiiitor-typ* tpark and high-output coil, Imurt amoiingly wnooth cngin* 'op«rat!on; Fong«r plug life. • EXHUUJT ¥*l»E SEAT INSERTS . .. r.ii.t on. Kiduu valve grinding: prexrv* p*rformonc«. • KfUttWLE rREFinED MMN K«Rmu ; • > loofl-lif« quality. Reduce ma!nt«nanc* costs. . • fUTL-rRKSUK IU«RICATIOH . . .'poiitiv. P , nlIUI . „ mam, connecting rod and camihafr btarings and cam. stiaH drive, prolongs engine life. • Fua-upreTH crimoER cooims... 4 RING UVMINUM ULLOT • fHTONSv .. OIL-MTH AIR CLEANER and many o*.r moo.,. 'saving fvatured ' : * Fo*- the good u* you TKUCK5 UIERH TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE XIN YflUI PREJENT TIUCK _ —r«B.| ink innwk'jri ni.t>wT«nnbi. vn BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickasawba Phon* 4422 No Extra Charge or WAWAY 12-DIAMOND ENSEMBLE Finery cut radianf cTjomond in. 14k yellow gold.mounl- ing. Matching wedding band. 11.00 A WEEK SOLITAIRE '50°° $1.00 A WEEK Kill mm BULOVA *47 50 GRUEN >39 75 $ 50 $1.00 A WEEK Special Value! DIAMOND ONYX RINGS Choice $ 16 95 Hondjom* gold mountmgj. Jet-block onyx . . •. fiery diomond. IJreitiis . . . *TO«t» M M.TTHIVIUI, MIMPHIS AND DYEXMUftO

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