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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana • Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
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WEATHEB JFOEECAST Partly cloudy tonight and Thursday; not much change in temperature. "FAIR A A A A HOME." 3VOTICE. It yon have difficulty in get- 5 ting the Pharos-Reporter delivered Jo you regularly call OO TELEPHOXE UNTIL 6:30 5. M. 5 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14.


BULJbETEf. PARIS, May Austrian pence aefegatton ani-red at 6 o'clock Oils CTCBlngr. Chueeilor ot the Mission, said bo hoped to take back to Vleansi, "terms ttiat -will pnt an end to tho suffering of hts By John Edwin Kevin PARIS, May lengthy German notes were handed to tho big four this morning and they began immediate coneWeration ot them. The first-dealt-with Oie German request tor oral discussions ot the peace treaty. The eecond -related to a substitute plan lor the disposition of the Saar valley based upon a division the coal fields.

The third demanded freedom of intercourse with Austria. It is expected that all three will eventually be rejected. The Gorman delegates at Versailles have sent a communication to Vienna by way of Berlin, annealing to the Austrians to co-operate with the Germans in securiii.s; unity during the discussions. A touch of hnroor has been added to by tho mayor of St. Germain issuing an appeal to the inhabitants to remain cool -when the Austrians arrive.

Territorial Questions Settled The bier fonr arc understood to have decided upon all territorial questions in the Austrian treaties save the disposition of the Adriatic littoral. This relieves the American defecation of all responsibility as President Wilson has already made his position clear in this respect and the Americans are rcstine on that. Both Premier Orlando, of Italy, aud Baron Snnino, the Italian foreign minister, have called upon Col. E. M.

House daring the past 24 honrs but it is understood that no progress has been made toward the settlement of the troublesome Kume question. 'Egg Riots 1 AMSTERDAM, May riots' are the latest in Germany. Advices from. Heilsberg said that 42 women had been arrested and martial law declared after a mob of females had attacked food shops shouting "We want eggs!" The streets were cleared by troops after many ot the women had been injured. SINES GIVE SENTENCE TO PENITENTIARY ENTERS PLEA OF GUILTI TO CHARGE OF PASSING FRAUDULENT CHECK IN COUNTY.

PLEA GOMES AS SURPRISE llaim Sines Bilked Farmers of This ami Other Counties on Stock Food Weals. "What was thought would be a very nteresting trial in the local circui xrart came to a sudden end this morn ng- when Leonard F. Sines, through is attorneys plead guilty before Judge Lairy to the charge of passing rraudu ent checks. The judge repared the sentence and read it to Sines and instructed the sheriff ot the county to carry out the sentence. A entence of from 1 to 5 years, a fine and disfranchisement for a period o.

hree years was the penalty given. Sines has been, held in.the local jai: or some time in default oC a bond is claimed that Sines has bilked the armers of this and. adjoining counUe; a large sum of money by failing to deliver stock food sold to farmers after he had cashed their notes at the banks. The direct charge against Sines was giving a fraudulent check to Jesse Swisher, proprietor of a garage at Royal Center, in payment for an inner tube. The check was issued August 3, 1918.

It is said that it was abont this time that Sines was working dn the northern -part of the county with his-stock food scheme. Attorney M. M. 'Wall of this city and Pollard and Cartwright of Delphi represented Sines. PEACE TERMS UNBEARABLE TO GERMANS BKKHIER I A SPEECH HAS BEE' APPROVED Bl" GEKJIAS PBESS.

BITTER FEELINGJOWA8D S. The American Officials In Berlin Are Watching- the Situation Closely- Greatest Opposition Comes I'roni Outside of Bavaria. ARE IGNORED IN PLANS FOR WELCOME DAY HSIOJT DELEGATES CLAIM 3EAY- Oil REFUSED THEM RECOGNITION os coaomTEE TO HOJfOK SOLDIEH8. TO BE HELD HERE ON JULY 4TH Made That Unions Take So Part in Celebration, But Action Is Deferred. SCHOOL ENUMERATION SHOWS AN INCREASE The city school enumerators have filed their reports with Supt, Douglass of the city schools, and tKe record shows that their are 4,780 persons ot school again Logansport, an increase 100 over the enumeration of 1918.

The record also shows that there were 414 Logansport young men in various mUltarj' and naval camps of the nation, and that 240 were overseas, a total In the war 722. There are sixty veterans of the Civil -war resident in Logansport, and fltty-me veterans of the Spanish-American war. NEGRO "BOOZE RUNNER" MAKES ESCAPE FROM JAIL I COLUMBUS, May "Washington, negro "booze runner, indicted at Greensburg, for the slaying of Elmer Robbius. a Big Four detective, held in the Bartholomew county jail for safe keeping, and Donald O. Stanley and Albert Meyers, accused auto thieves, escaped from the county jail last night and had not been apprehended up until noon today.

The trio escaped from the jail oy sawing bars with saws obtained in some unknown manner. Washington was indicted with John Hancock, another negro "booze runner," but Hancock did not escape. The two were to have been, taken to Greensburg today for a preliminary hearing on the charge of first degree murder. Stanley and Meyers, arrested in Indianapolis, with a stolen auto in their possession, were to have been taken to Indianapolis today for trial. Report That American Cruiser Fired Two Shots at an Italian Warship ATHENS, May by f'rench censor)--A dispatch irom Smyrnia says that an American cruiser fired two shots an Italian narship on the morning of Mav Tor disobeying allied naval orders.

Ihe shots were fired across the bow btern of the Italian warcraft, thu dispatch said. PARIS, May official report had been received today at the office of Admiral Benson, Tj from Athens that an American cruiser liad fired two warnin's shots at an Italian warship off Smyrnia. American naval officials refused to discuss the report. ATHENS, PARIS, May of the Italian peace delegation in the hotel Edward Vll today denied all knowledge of the re. ported clash between American and (Italian naval authorities at Smyrnia.

news from Athens regarding must be subjected to the --said one officiaL- BERL1N, May speech of. Premier Philip Scheidemann in the national assemblj-, in which be declared that the peace terms are unacceptable to Germany has been approved almost unanimously by the German press. As a result of the bitter language used by the premier feeling is growing stronger against the Americans and precautionary measures have been taken by tho police about the Adlon hotel, where the American mission is quartered, as well as about the headquarters of the other allied missions, to prevent Premier Scheidemann's speech is not accepted as the government's last word, however. Tbe ministers are expected to the result of the negotiations at Versailles before making any decisive announcement as to signing the treaty. May Upset Plans.

It is recognized that the exchange of opinions between the German envoys and the allies at Versailles might be upset completely if any Qat announcement were made here at this time. The cabinet, the peace committee of the national assembly and the leaders of the various political parties met again today tp discuss the de-1 (Continued on page seven.) 'Why didn't Mayor James I. Barnes recognize the Logansport Trades'and Labor Assembly on the committee which is to prepare the great Fourth of July home-coming celebration in this city? According to Mrs. O. P.

Smith, secretary of the assembly, the mayor has been requested on several occasions to recognize this organization which represents practically 4,000 laboring people ot this cily and appoint a representative on the exec- tive committee, but he has failed to act. Organized labor is greatly worked up about the fact since the mayor has refused to act after the many reqtiests. As a meeting of the asembly in its regular session last night, several interesting things came up in connection with this. A suggestion was made to the assembly to refuse to take part iu the celebration, but no action was taken on the motion. Among the 100 delegates, representing over 3,000 men at the meeting, there was a feeling of resentment that organized labor was not treated with consideration in this, the greatest event that is to be pulled off in Cass county this year.

A great number of the delegates suggested that organized labor not take part in the celebration on the Fourth of July, but appoint a committee to prepare for a welcoming home celebration on Labor Day. Probably the larger per cent of the soldiers of this county are from the different trades and organized labor feels that it should be treated justly in giving our hoys a welcoming home. It is said that a statement was made last night that Mayor Barnes had worked hard among members of organized labor for his election- and since that time had absolutely ignored the laboring people. One man is said to have stated: "I would just (Continued on Page Three) THE AIR IS FILLED WITH EXCITING THRILLS TODAY BALLOON BOUND FOR ST, JOHN THE DIBIGIBLE LEFT MAIfTACCK SAVAL STATION THIS Amen! ON AIR HALIFAX The C-5 Carried Enough Gasoline to Make a Trip of 1,500 MBcs--Has 120 Horsepower Motors. MONTAtIK POINT, L.

May big naval dirigible C-5 lelt the Montauck naval air station at 8 o'clock this inorniug, in an attempt to fly to St. Johns, N. without stopping. There was no offiteial announcement that the "Blimp" as the dirigible is called, was headed for New Found- land, but it was learned shortly after her departure that the radio station here had notified stations at Chatham, Bar Harbor and Portland, Maine, to look out for her. IVasMnirtoTi Notified.

A message also was sent to Commander Masfield, at Washington, informing, him that the C-5 was started' and that everything went off LONDON, May latest fad among English society women is to be photographed in bed. The custom is being imported from France, where fashionable women are accustomed to receiving visitors while in bed. "Boudoir calling" is expected to follow the fashion, of having one's picture taken wuile in night- dress, reclining in bed. LONDON HAS COMMERCIAL AIR STAGE CIVILIANS ARE NOW TKAVELEXG SEAPLANE LANDS AT HALIFAX HADE TR11' FKOSt CHATHAM MASS, TO HALIFAX IS 4H HOURS. SEVEN GREAT AIRWAYS.

34 AERODROMES OPENED AT ONCE The Seren Airways Lead from London Edeiibnrg and Gliisgow, Via Manchester and Sow Castle. A WORD TO THE UNWISE In its last Sunday's issue the Tribune made a vicious and uncalled for attack on the Pharos-Reporter, because this paper advertised its greater circulation, which has been declared as libelous by parties in a position to judge. The article contained more than one untrue statement but the principal one to which the public's attention is called at this time is as follows: "It might be added that the was not long ago expelled from the Audit Bureau of Circulations for irregularities and was later reinstated upon promise to be good." The Audit Bureau of Circulations is a national organization, having among its members a large percent of the leading newspapers, magazines, farm papers, national advertisers and advertising agencies. Its purpose is to secure authentic circulation figures, making an audit of the member publications once a year, and the Bureau has been so successful that it is now pronounced the last word in reliable circulation statistics. The alleged libelous statement in the Tribune Sunday was at once referred to the Audit Bureau of Circulations and Stanley Clague, head of the Bureau, replied as follows CHICAGO, May 13th, 1919.

Manager Pharos-Reporter, Logansport, Indiana. My Dear Sir: Answering yours of- May 13th, state that the statement contained in the advertisement which appears in the Logansport DailyTribune of Sunday, May llth, reading as follows, is unwar-- ranted and is not in accordance with the facts: "Money talks and it is a simple matter to prove whether the lies about its circulation or teUs the truth. IT MAY BE ADDED THAT THE WAS NOT LONG AGO EXPELLED FROM THE AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS FOR IRREGULARITIES AND WAS LATER REINSTATED UPON PROMISE TO BE GOOD." The attention of the Logansport Daily Tribune will be called to the misuse of the name of the Audit Bureau, which, is in violation of the publicity by-laws of our association. Yours very truly, AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS STANLEY CLAGUE, kC-W. Managing Director.

If the Tribune will stoop to such methods, and 'in so doing- run the risk of incurring- penalties that may be far reaching, what is to be expected next? fine shape. The station here asked LONDON, May commercial Washington to report the departure -to the United States cruiser Chicago which, is at St. Johns, awaiting th "Blimp's" arrival. Every "gob" at the naval statioi was ordered out at 5 o'clock this morning in readiness lor the flight Several men had been working on the balloon all night, following her tes flight to New London yesterdaj afternoon. At 5:30 the doors of ihe hangars, were moved back and at 7:15 a blast from the siren signalled all hands The men piled from mess hal with a cheer and rushed across the grass to tto hangar, where they lined up on each side ot the dirigible 3fM) "Gobs" Assisted at Launching.

Lieutenant Junior Grade, Ralph Norris of Chelsea, gave orders to the men as 300 "gobs" assisted at the "launching," ten thermos (Continued on Page Three) WOMEN PLEAD FOR 8 HOUR WORKDAY DELEGATION OF CIVIC LEAGUERS APPEAL TO BUSINESS MEX OF CITY OP LOGASSPORT. AT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LUNCH Mrs. Arthur Reviews AVork Done by Civic League Members in Their Short Existence. Tbere was a new note in the affairs of tbe Cass County Chamber of Commerce at the noonday luncheon today, the ladies being present in numbers sufficient to put tbe mere man members on their good behavior. Before discussing the ladies part of the after dinner proceedings a few matters of routine business will be disposed of.

Chairman Mike Fansler in his customary fine Italian way discussed the successful putting over the Victory Liberty Loan. He stated that Cass county's quota, of. Jl.250,000 had been oversubscribed $75,000 and this after had been turned over to Carroll county for subscriptions which had been turned into the local banks which were subscribed here by parties who properly should hare been accredited to Carroll. Paul Souder on behalf, of the state liberty loan committee presented to the five wards of the city, each of which had raised its full quota, a fine Victory Flag which the various wards were requested to take with them and display in. a suitable place in their ward.

This will likely be in the corridor of the ward school. There were numerous short speeches by members, but taa chief interest centered about Uae part the ladies played in the meeting. A number of members of the Business Women's Civic League was present, in the interest of the new movement which, the league is starting lor shorter hours for the business wo- (Continued Taree) air stage has been officially ushered in by Great Britain. Civilians are traveling on seven great airways, radiating from London to all parts of the United Kingdom and to points outside. One hundred and twenty aerodromes and landing stations have been placed at the disposal of commercial air traffic, 34 main aerodromes being opened at once.

Tbe seven air ways are only provisional and may be modified to suit later needs of development. They lead from London to Edinburg and Glasgow via Manchester and New Castle. Dublin, Belfast via Manchester and Sheffield. France, from Lympne, near Dover. Holland, from HadJeigh, near Harwich.

Plymouth, via Southampton. Bristol from New Holland opposite Hull, on the east coast, machines can jump off the Scandinavin countries. The great'London terminus will be at Hounslow, 12 miles southwest of Central London, while customs nouses for traffic outside of the United Kingdom will be limited to four. Lympne, Hadleigh, New Holland and Hounslow. Must Be Ajnvorthv.

All machines plying for must be certified as "air worthy" and the pilots must submit, to periodical' examinations. These arrangements were completed by the air ministry, which will supervise and aid commercial air navigation. While fairly long flights depend solely upon the 'passengers requirements, the air ministry has arranged for eight landing stations in the 400 mile jump to Glasgow or Edinburg. BOCSD FOR CAM? TATLOK, CAMP MILLS, L. May ollowing units left here today for Camp Taylor: 125th infantry two of- icers, 247 men; 77th division casuals, four officers, 106 men; 115th ammunition train, one.

man. TFAJPT TO ISSUE BOSDS. INDIANAPOLIS, May city of Marion has filed a petition with the ndiana Public Service Commission or permission to issue water works construction bonds. "SLID MQRNfUl The KC-1 And JfC-3 Will Start 01 i'lig-lil; to tie Aaeres Late This Afternoon Is the Report HALIFAX, N. May sea plane NC-i arrived here at 2-10 cal time (1:10 New York time), thii afternoon, having completed a ffighl from Chatham, in four honn and five minutes, an average speet of more than 80 miles an hour.

The NC-1 and NC-3 averaged onlj slightly more than 60 nautical mile! an hour in their flight from Rockaway Beach to Halifax. CHATHAM, May States trans-Atlantic seaplane NC-4 "slid off" Cape Cod at 3:05 a. today, circled high above the naval ail station' for a short time and then started on aa 800 mile Jump- to Tre- sseyVN. F. Failing to catch up with her planes tbe NC-1 and NC-3 Commasidei A.

C. Read of the NC-4 said he would make the long flight from New Found: land to tho Azores alone. However, if weather conditions along the Nova Scotia coast are adverse, the NC-4 will put into Halifax tonight and will go to Trepasaey tomorrow. Commander A. C.

Read and his men were undaunted by the hard luck they experienced. Forced by motor trouble to put back last week the NC-4 has remained storm bound. Dales from the northeast which swept down the coast abatW today however. The wind shifted to' the (Continued on Page Eleven) TOMORROW WILL BE HOLIDAY AT PONTA OEL GAOA NXNt PONT A DEL GAD Azores, May destroyers consecutively numbered, starting from the west, arc now wailing- for the start of the trans-Atlantic flight from Trcpasscy, which is expected today. Ihc destroyers are equipped with star shells, radio apparatus and signals eight feet hiirh.

The number of each destroyer is painted on its side and outlined in electricity at night so the seaplanes can spot their location. Weather conditions at this end of the flight were entirely favorable today. The aviatorss are expected -to rest aboard tlic Melville before resuming their trip to Lisbon. Commander Worlman of the American flotilla, and local officials are planning to give the" seaplanes, a great reception on their arrival here There will be no business transacted in Ponta del Gada tomorrow, the whole population gathering along the breakwater to watch for the arrival of the birdmen froia across the Atlantic. There is the keenest competition among sailors in the flotilla as to which will be the first to sight the- arriving planes.

Boston Gives Usual Noisy Welcome to 26th Infantry Upon Its Arrival Today BOSTON, May' the usual noisy welcome from official committee and civilians the transport F. J. Lackenbach. docked here today with he 126th less the Third lattalkm. Tnere were 25 officers and 2,308 men in the regiment commanded by CoL W.

T. Mollison. The outfit which was formerly a part of the sustained from the Michigan National Guard one thousand casualties. Five men were carried zzieii were caroeu xrom Lne oouui iii LC ship in ambulances, victims ot an ac- service squadron and cident when 700 iron bunks on the fn berth, deck collapsed daring terrific gale-on. the way.

NEW YORK. May 1189 officers and men, the Italian liner Guiseppi Verdi arrrred today from Marseilles. She was the aret of six ships dae before nightfall witi 8,430 troops. Aboard the Italian liner was tbe theatrical -unit of 78th. division the 303rd mobile ordnance repair shop the 307t field artillery complete, me air squadron, the 1.108th.

air casual coHi- Pennzylvanja, panies for California, New York, Massachusetts, Kansas aad. i.

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