The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYfHEVlLLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COUHIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. IIA1NES, Adverting Manager Sol« Nutlonal Advertising Representative: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Dttroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Little •Bock. Published Evciv Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as fccond class matter al the poet office at Blythevlllc, Arkansas, under acl ot Congress Oc- jf.—— tober 9, 1911. Served by the United Press. SUBSCU1PTION KATCC By carrier in Uic City ot Blylhevllle. 15c per week or W-50 per year In advance. By ma!l within a radius ol 50 miles, »3.00 per year, ?1.50 for six months, 85c for three months; by mail in postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, ?10.00 par year, payable in advance. Trouble in Europe Tin- withdrawn! of tin- ililk-r monl fronii the LUIIBW of Nations and till' Geneva disni'miiniciU confer- ciicu is a severe blow, ll'oiitfli by no means necessarily a fatal one, to Hie liopc for permanent world peace. Before being too (|tiid<. however, to condemn Germany for her action, it is well to think buck over the years since (he dose of the world war. The end of the war fan ml' the German people thoroughly disillusioned with the leadership of (he Prussian militarists. They turned out I he Jlolieiizollcriis and all the lesser lights of junkerism jiml eslablifhed a democratic government, dm-jr.lwlly unn-im- periiilislic in outlook, which, <1cs]iiti: severe domestic hardship.-; and ecuii- omic and military burdens impnsed from the outside, survived for years itnil easily put down sporadic 'iiprisinjis on the parl both of tomiwinixts and of the old military cast':. Had the Allied powers shown any disposition to cu-operate v.ith this democratic German regime il seems siifc to say Ilitk-i 1 could never have risen to power and there would be no fear in Europe today of a reerudescencu of German imperialism. Instead the Allies, and particularly France, attempted to keep Gcrniii'iy in a stale of military., and economic subjection. The reaction of the German people, was little different than would have been that of other peoples under similar circumstances. Their attitude of cooperation turned to one of defiance. Evon thti Hitler government, ex- Ircmcly nationalistic though it is, has not stood in the WHY of effort^ to insure peace. It has offered to accept for Germany any degree of disarmament which other Kuropean countries arc willing to accept for themselves. It is the refusal of KI-MIICL- to agree to ecjimlity between herself and Germany that is the real obstacle. It may be avgued that France, after. her world war experience, is amply justified in the policy she is following. Certainly the fear she hrs of a strong Germany is umlcrstundablc. But that does not make her policy either right or safe. IU>r hope and the hope of the world for permanent peace depends upon friendship and mutual confidence between the co'.'ntncs on the east and west banks o( the Rhine; not upon an attempt to keep in permanent subjection a nation of 70,000,000 people. Thwarting Escape There i.s little doubt liiat the great majority of Americans hosirtily will endorse Attorney General Homer Cum- niiiiK-s 1 plan for a uuw federal prison in which the most vicious and "irVe- decmuble" of prisoners can be isolated. The place chosen for 'his prison in Alealruic Island, in San I'umeisco liay. It seems to be ideally adapted for such purpose. Most prisons, unfortunately, are n:>t "escape proof" for the r.'idly desperate convicts. \Vq have, had enough prison breaks in the last few years to convince us of that. This island prison (Highl to be soinelhinj: else again. Mr. Cinnmings is conlidei.t that a man immured there would slay there, no matter how i;rcai his elVorls lo t r et away; imd his confidence seems to be. .instilled. It. is liard enough'in tiiis country to catch and convict men of the Caixwe or Kelly type, without having lo take chances on seeing them break loose from their cells. Such men ought to be isolated in a prison designed especially to hold desperadoes. Philippine Independence The Filipino independence issue evidently is going lo be with us again this winter, liolh house.-' of the Filipino legislature have lurnnl down the Hawc.s-Cutling acl, and the whole problem, thus is tossed kick in the lap of Congress. The Filipinos objected lo the Ilawes- CulfiUK act chielly because il seemed to promise the I'orni of independence without the substance. What they want i.s a straight-out independence measure, with no strings attached. If we arc going to let them go, it would seem that a. quick and complete severance would be the logical way lo do it. II is more than possible that this is just Die kind of measure the fomiiui Congress will pass. If HO, the country at last will redeem a .solemn pledge which was ignored for more than a Himr'ler century. i( - By George Clark I W CHURCH 1TVPTTC1?C - n ii-f',5^;-! AtS-'itffi-aa vVM*L3: r rf' TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 193S .- *,' _/ ' .-, ncc y 3 pAT.crr. "Wlii'ii he calls nil vou ;ii',;iin. run't you .jtisl mention tli;i your Inllu'v mis;ht consider a pusition iviiii hi.s lirin?" Avoid Wearing Tight Garters 11 Your Veins Arc Svvollei mwm IIV l)lt. MtMllilS I-'ISIMIKIN j vi-ilii by lh- lll.H'i'l i'lll o! CiMlai Killliir. Jemnal uf the American! Mibftam o thai de.-l'.uy ilie Hull MnllvM'AyMM'Iiitfon, ami uf My- ' HI Uw blood \e:-sjls ami cause L>ei Rria. llu- llcallli ;viaj?a/inc Ii: disappear. Tiie.-r- liave relieve Tiijhl 'Barters may be llic only • ihe eoli'Jilion in uiar.v cases, neaiis of supporting your 'how. hiit j inn you should realize that lh lon't wear them If you're subji'Cl : mrli:od -simply lemous tile dilair o varicose veins. a yarlcr belt J vc:-:,el and clues noi cure ti:c CGI or allach yoiu 1 hose lu your inuirjo. ilillon '.vhich cr.nsc:! ihe varico "nslcad. | vrins. Tr.e reason for lilts warnisi.i; is -• .Inn the cartels ehoxe nfr what lit- j tie blooii flow there is Ihrjiugii the: already .swollen veins and so miike I the condition mere si-noun.. ' Varicose- veins re.sull wren yfill I have to siaiui tOii£ 0:1 your feet, or f olli-i \ve;ikni-.-Eies Hu-j BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From THIS CURIOUS WORLD ~ \ Geo. W. Bartuni THS HOUSEHOLD Of" HENRY VIII CONSUMED Jim-that's I'.vy husband — Kiys talked to Hie new pastor and lat lie seems nivlully anxious to 'I a lot of ne»' mcinlKis and ail from hi-s talk, lie seemed "pcelnlly hut-rested in us joining. supixise he fcunil out. atou 1 , my uall inheritance or lepaey as .me call il. It .sure beals all i".v a tliiiiy like thai spread; i'l 1 sonic of the ear le.smen or the furniture mini ild it cr iL might of been the lace where I bought the hals id coats. Jim—that's my hus- ind—auys he would not put it ibl thai fpllov dial sold us llic nek in some l:!nu or a proposi- 011 way o!T ocmo \vhcrc. that if tin us oul like llic fellow sorii nould. we '.'.'ill be rich, or it y have bee-i Hie fellow that eld us Ihosc funny looking thins/. .'at l;cei> Ihe llijluniiig from strlk- the house. Anyway. Ihe new ireach'-r said since our letters veie 1:01 dated, il did not mat- if they were leu years old. 11- co',;Ul see no reason why they uuld not be i;r,od and when we told liim the .secretary of our hurch back home was slill ask- iii 1 . us lo pav up the balance i an old jileOi; 1 -'. lie said lo pay 10 attention lo that as no ouo >vcr considered such an obllga- 1011 as blndin?. ANNUALLV/ THE KING/ ALLOWED HIMSELF /O GAtiONS OF ALi?. FOR DINNER. THE CATERPILLAR OF THE POLYPHEMUS MOTH INCREASES ITS WEIGHT 86,OOO TIMES IM 56 DAVS/ J^SJffJV-^-.^' '; : "'^'~"X*x^_r-^ MAKE OP OF THE SMTIRE AREA OF S\>/£DENi/ Sfjncc. •«. IQ-17 j Fall Failed lo Injure Italic DETROIT. (UP'— Gra- Tile lotal ex];c-r,niline.s of liu- [-uiir,- houseiiold ul" Henry VIII for ham, 19-moiilhs-oW. was none U:e| ioc]( | ., m] (I ,. in ; : ainoiinted ici a .sum tiuiivah-m in rnddcrn rnrreiyv ,-orse for a Iwo-slxy fall frcn: si.7rVj.OUO a vcnr. the home of his parents her:- «•- cenlly. '1'he baby was roc-kins in L;ikc Vnncrn. in S««ti-ii, i.s llic his chair near a window when he of Rus.'ia. rolled over the '.vindu'.'-.sil! a:ui lei! l-j (lie cronnd. He fullered no h:- juncs. hospital attendants re- liortctl. ' Kiirc'.K'an l^tke NEXT: Wby VIMS llu- yi;w lu-i- imixirl ul in Head Courier News V.'ai ; rin- piano plnying irconl is hi:!d; Mendi-lv-oliii. S'flo noti 1 ^ in lour Ads. I by MJk-. Q;uiulhn; shtj p];\yi-d from i minuter Ihv Mcoiui.s.. files nf Uic Kl;uhcyUIe Daily C'nuricr in:i;i.\ 111:111: -rniiAV | "Oo yun reallj like thai (cl-jln-lii;; n real sjiort. I'm proud <:! iinV-'lrr ",'iMM™' V 'lu'"il,'m .hl»""in '. llJ1V -" !- VOU - 1>llt - VOIl'l't WOlldci fill, silii- 'imici-ii""'""!!'!* n irAinViihint «n- j "Of course I like him," Juynl ply wonderful!" u-r I'Mitfttriii'tiiin fur iii*. flutter'* janswered, liotiius tier voice teemed j Pat ^ig^led. "You're drua!:." x'i' P i"n'iji"'ii'' > '. :1 "l'iii'i"c V 'i^ii"iV'r is'ncen. 1 . "1 like him ircmi-nilous- "You're a fine one to bo lalh- •iii MAiuiAKA «oci- :'>'•" ! ius." Jerry lold liei. Take a luok *in, srhcnu-.s ru lake hint air*? , .,,„ Ml .,, ,. ,,.„ ., ,,,.,. t ., ; ,, ..,.„,. i at yourself iii ilia i::;n or!" You go ahead an' ro.s.sle. I'll tell you when you're belli' choked. — Hew Clmk. Indianapolis irfcree. lo protesting wrc-stler. * * * An Itlenl foreign secretary '.\euici be a rvo« between a recluse nnd a irninp. —David Lloyd Gcoree. f t * 1 otjecl to pulling women inlo a separalc i;roup in ixilitlci or anything cU=c. —Mrs. Oif- loict Pinchot. * * * The l<oosevelt "raw deal" is Hit- bitijc.M boloney ever per|«lratcd. —Howard Scoll. technocrat. * » * Tammany Hall, v.illi all Us corruption, h.i.s not cost. New York near a' nnirli as her bankers. ^Norman Thomas. IM-'llo... K'.uill JV.T.-.OIIS p:i re subject to this trouble. And il one wim is o'.*.-*..,..* MS a job that requires him lo slay [ Wednesday, Ort. n. Pi;'!, mostly on his feel, he cilhcr should ^ Mrs. Henry Hun:]uuty returned try to ^cf ;.ome other klurt of wart: | Wednesday troni Mcir.pliLi where <>:• al .IruM arr:iti^c to t'Al amvn he'she imderweni an ujK-raiiun. Hor ccrliiiu iK-riodi durlny the flay. j many friends n:e uiad In learn oi The cause cf varicose veins is n:-1 her rcco'.ery. efficient action of ir.eir valves, ar.j I Ihis comes aboiu from Hie iirt-.-mre '• J - Nir ': 'I hennas nrd C. A. Cim- of (he btaxi. enliaiieed by :na? i ninchain lirad-d a delegation nf .standtng on the fc-ct cr other wear.- i Hotarmij \vlio v:ii:: to Cunilhcrs nc.sses. | ville Wcdnescl.iy to ainaiib.c u club 1 in that city. Sct!'.clin:c.i vanc:is-.' vein, are '.lie result c.f prcssurr within th': abdomen, dnc la overwehn or t:.e accumul:iti3n of f.u. O: the .'.'.'.i-::- iiiK veito may be a>-soriLii,r-;j ,vi;li the yrov.ih of unnoi.s in the .TiKi- men ar.d'.ime.s with rhiiri-l'' birth. ! lYcnueiuly lack of exercise v.::i: c , „ ir . , 10 do with thu conh-l rJ'encn tngmeer Ureams tion. There is genera 11 v lo'Aen-:! nr ' \ , \ -i r r i tone o! the iniisciilnr system ai.:i U! Automobiles ot TUtuVC the cir.ire blood vessel systcir.. Therefore, to rcUc'.c \.irif. • CHICAGO 'UI 1 '—An aiitomobile veins, yon should i;ct o'.tt in'i> ri:- 1 hi winch a moioiisi may atijnsi air. T'nkc mild rwrci-i-. -.--Ill:' 1 'viieel and throttle, set the and do rvcryihni; ••: i alarm deck and wake 1151 houia Ji>nlli - i "In lhat ease," J'.ob saiti, "fier-'' 1 c>u B )>' llnrlinttl, .Innn H ia- ; Ilap3 it V.'OUld be belter not to lell i I'M llll'licd illld Blared ill 111". i'ou wlial 1 tbiiil: of him." : mirror cjpiH>:=ite. -iii'; bi usbed one "11 would certainly b< belt'-T." jiianrt. over liLr eyes, pevriii;; bar,! .loan agreed. Hho was siiuil aflcrj-' 1 lh e liluiieil ima^e t!iifti;;K b':- lllat. afraid to h : iiM IILM vuii.'-. Ifort her eyes--Hi': ilil'.tr-luoklli.-; 'I'lu iiniii': tioiip'.d and Juan I 1 ' 1 "'" 1 Kirl in a s-t-i-ii drcs.s. Slv: ami Hob mu\uA to bvr lable. rliir- slrainofl lirr eyes but Ibe f'-a- ins coolly at each oilier, smiling : tlM ' cs remaiiitd indistinct, pulitely into cacli ether's i-yes. i "I \'.,iat lo ;;o buaie." .~h'j :-:aid, Jlnlr .* al.^n n uncfit. ^llhlinilLT- Maii:l!ng>j iilli- u], hcl"rt-n Juan :iuil Hull, riu.-illv, Mjrr tlial lie m> ii. Mrmpiiin «hh ,HM'« Aiu'ii:i,ii. a!-*,, ;it the ^F»t«r. IK fnr.nluntril iijlli .111- I10.MI-: VOKIIUiT!-:!!. nun ol In r fni|ilnyrr. Jnnn lf:irn^ Xr<nn IILT iiiD(hcr_1hal I'.lt IJU.^ lirpn ^f,in^ in parries irlitrc llicrc is n tnnil I'^i In lu-toniin^ unr.-i-.^- I.^T -irrr>-^ Inltrt'Hl in i;i,-Mllll \\ n.- II^IM, n marrlrrt nomun. .1. rrr i'- r n IitT J'ut nni- niKhl anj Ifirj •Ir.i-r in n ronil linii-ir. M)W <.O <).\ «1TII Till: S'ICIIV ' CHAl'TKlt XVU i "|OAX was dres.siiiB lo so lo Hie! «• "Xiplil Cap Club," and wonder- in:- v.'iiy she did not [eel more Another d,ni':". A wall/. Ilii; " r ' r vn:'.-c Ir-.-labiiny. lilne. H was r>.'-i'ir:u. • v.i:':t. .lolin : "l.i! 1 i:irl wa'il- to ^'i Slini!':," wa", sbak'jn t*i 1i:id slip conM mo iked J'.-rry. "ll'.'l'-. iVL-'ll llax^ enjoy tlic (liii.'-i.- M> i:: ^;.'iv- nf t!;e .sonm black toffee. .Make you tecl pain and IniiuiliutioLi ii:'j bad ; bL-t'er." k«n«'!i. i i- llt liinai; (!,.: i-offei bill her At llnj cud of 111'; iXi'i d.iinc !„..,;,; ...jiu aibed. Tb'j brigbl. wa:, :lil! l:ii;: ',::-. 3 •••:•.:> : -nil |j:]r.i ]n;rt ln-r < y.-o and tbe iTld y. "['in l-ri-My :•:::;.-. Vo'i •,„;...:,.• annoyed her. Il wj:; ju^t i musl he v.anlin.: lo r. •.-::: lo'i'-i::; il,a'. :;!r: E;HV Jerry's easer your fri-iid^. Un:i'i >o'i IbiiiK ; ;;i ;:r.. a:ul. 1 ur:ii!i:;. ^aw Claire \Vil- Mrs. Pri-e fa.,--cr dcli-hl-' '' h '^' «!"•• had ulwavs wantetlio \-^ ,"' •;'"" , ""' : ' ^'" "'" W-"- -^"- ii.r:iu,:;.uaw . euro u 11- fnilv entenaiml ihe Tue^chrV i n- to .he club nntl now. when Jin, yul ! ^'^ l:il :V. ''' ; l ° ;;1> l:ll ^- !: '^ =" .« -^ '"",' : "' iiv:;1 '- IJriclRi- -':!-.,b '.i lur I-.UHI,; on west "'iiriicld had Invited her. tlicre i ,,,;""; ,'.".;.., .... . ., , .,..,„; ;V.'. "'' "" "''' "' '' "''-' Main Mri-ft. Mr.. Clnrlc.s Afflirk " :l • :1 'umi" i" her throat ami a '. ,, ..' .." ,.' . "..J. '.''."! '.,. ".'."."' ... . , ... ncched lii»li s,or, Mrs. W. M. | MK about iier lieart. ^^ ,."".. t»'l^-. : ,'l u-i ; ,Vii i-M^'voi!','- rn-"'"^ •.--'.]!"' i Mclvcn/ie v.'as a ''lle.-l. i • Vou lonk very swr-r-t " \:v<; 1:1... [•» ,i_:... ,'-. .. • ,-• . '\, ... , . V ,''!.•,',", , ' Vou Jouk very sweet, j IVariiit said, coming into tlie and biirvcyliig Joan willi eyes. Klie liked ilic yuii like I'll dri' o:i'; lie a lool. Ii I'd "No lbauk«." Jci;-.:i l"i.1 liiin. tl , iir.":l be: would 1 have broush mi lo 11!: y re— vim Clier." Klic si'Vi: siiuide. black BOWII Ui;u made tier I..^jij. jioii'finrni n. In-r. iiii.Miiil-• out ol tlii:- pliee: siitii girl look even slimmer, ad- l,,^ Then, with a cun nod to : .. o: . hc.ii'.'" "It was all an .i:ii-:'"!. T;i!->.' an i li.ll'.' ii: UD mired v'ay tlic cloudy hair drawn liaek simply, admired Juan's red lips and gray-blue oy 1 "- 1 A few miniiles later Joan .lim':, ap;iruiiiis glance and thai is necessary tn prevcr.'. .-'..IL;- j i» ( er on Uu- hijlivay i-.ciir lii.s <!(•-[ j; w ,-is a bit. of bain: to her sore i "" : """"" ' Whi-ji ihe vai\e.> Ot t'.e \eiii-. slroyid, Ihi'r^. is a liiid.Mr. liid lo accunml.Ui' m Hie IL---I iUiuuihiet. l-'renrh iir;incer. | ; The p».-sih:lily. in the noi i':oi . '. i far ihslanl fiiiurc. liioulhict insi-:s.' ! '' : "'' : i.s not a "pipe ilrcjin." ["inlher i advances iii .spun:: su.spcn.sion -.'known as lloatin,: imwer--:nay le- I voli:(ioni/.e aulnmybile travel, lie y f:io holel and .!iin nodd'id ear:lc-::sly to 1 acquaintances, greeting ^ Tunrc warmly, lie checked '.:• \vraps rnnl guided Joan tu- w.i:'il tbe Italian ruoin. . tbe Jim, he walked a'.vay. Jim's tnlla::iL'd c-x 1 .- i''."l for lenieuee. "Jo-ni. I'm a : mi '.- C-o ahead and say it; I !;r;-: yi.-'i. '..;,..-b. "Cr.i you;- < : . Joa.u—-ran inl'j s'jlii'- Ii II J'.V. L . —" ,-,. I'm lakii,^ you 1 "Let's Mall now a'Hl i;'.:inrci "I'll fi-,1. .Ir-r.-y." "Cuccj wf-'d b'ili.:." .Til". - I-,''. ijlliLkly. "We'll la;:u a I.IM-" lint .loan liirln't nuatr'.l. S:v: rat in nnc corner :il Jim. slumped in th" o':li'r J"Ie. i-Miliiiiii.'il. KLu'.viir- vulnlil-; inrl'-r Ihe iiivlluw infliiuiii-o of l:-!l- d ji'llii:-.- " I'aL rca'-i:-.! f"r he: I'-jat. Jerry P'.^d-; im innvr: [o a: sir', cad lln-y lift l!r.- room. lIu'.Flfif lie :.v.'iii'.'; tin: < •:• aroa'id, •-,-.»:•<•.,:. "ll-f.v and b-'iavc! the varicose veins liave la' 1 --; i| " u is eniin ly po.^ib:.-." he says. ,'>iie Iboiiylil the Fcene was like .\| m .,. , mc ^.HHV- i, c ]i.n] .-.,-o f"!!''*' «'"' b''iaic: V.'il. 1 1.1 iii! tune, tl'.i-s fluid lends I.D ii:,,-.-- i "^hei; lie-.v. broad, banked roads- Colored liaht-i under [ .j, ' , ::,,,' T] ,;:.. Irll1 :1 ',...,-. il.i-"ii-:b: lla-.'a't any lime [or i Ihe tKsucs. and tl'.c icmo',.i: ..: toads the new rar would call lor mil,.. -h,:c= winiii'L-a on Ibo 1"or| l() '.".j)j[ llk w i,'ii,. ••(- may \V1,.. • : :"' i! "I"" 1 --- N'vc-r liad!" bv allccted ve.wls '.vill n.y. : . ! —aie built. :i driver could p:ct inlo ;:ir.aincil softly in oontrafl. wilb j fc [ v .. . ,, ,. ,;,,.', \. .,„!]',]';!,..,, •;. IVI :':-.i.l i.-i'i.::.". 'r:n- '-oil eu- the comlition. i his n'ltomohilc and i:n lo sleep in u,, ,iri.-:.:.cs of K'jrKConsly Kown'.d . ','...,...'..•"."' 'i. ; \-,| .ir : n • i-.- l;i - ;]:! - :lir '' ' '•' '*' "' fl- • !l " ! 'i | >" SncialisLs- thrri'fr.rf.. i-c.-mi-.m. • .! ' Chicago and v-ake up in SI. l.O'.iis. ..i.i. iinrilina in llic .11 ins o! men I. .',.:". ' "' ' ' " " ' ' " .i^ain-!. IP r In.:. la< ,-. Kin: iva., l>- SpcialisUs. thcri'fcre. n-.-mi-.m.: .1 'Chicnuu and v-ake up in he wcarln s of suppiris in I. e :<.:•:, , s! ' 1! O11 tlu ' lral1 -" f iiiihl clastic bandrvTr\ re rasilv available through va; iru^ storo.s and M^ppiy tii:n.c.- I H is not dillirnl', to ,-;;ri. ., ! :a:idrigc nil ihe tmi". ; -.r.:l m i r j •onr.H 1 of several wik« ir.n-: i! 1 he Ihirkcniiv.: of the 'Il'.crc arr Irc.iimenls (or \.iii!.--.,- '" IMOMS l IiKli;iii.-: Mic vrcl th;it n sr:il|M-,] I tnnu rnnlr) i;i-,vr rtilrr liir Hn;niy Hutilinu CI round 1 , (In- rrtl n::iu',s hrnvrii: l>y Sfnlinnt; ;ill lu> \u-".m:; br ai-Mirrd IninscH th;it (he M- corlhly. mewl"., uould not b'i',!:cr hnu i;i't*r nil. V Ii' :iiU!ii: •; tn liliiiK i-l.;.,;-ly. WoM. • it t l,i:i, b; Liiroi:-.!:! Wh'i r.trcH? Si.-: u,. , :• i.i ; -I'.-rrv in n n*.-w fF-^: '* : - ; .K"!P. • ii",yysy;; Kvir.fff.%-. "-' -.'-•--- .. ' !Ai'»>nen on llach I'.i;rl October 1958-Law passed.. penwttin6 shoot Who cjiilliia in llic amis ol men I ii. iiifnriunl oveiiing all ire. Wail-' cr? ii\ h rig lit cents moved swift-! ly abniit Uic lablM. Tlic room; >y ir iinit Hal'iJi: t -A-m.:,l to L... bwimmins >» culur. • ';; ' /;^ ;;.,.. (lil -;, ruiL li-' 1 -'- ™-. «' •/. M--H-''. >'"'•'" U ^asthi/^lnB. Slamorc-us. l!/.^,,!!!:: ^-^ unr ,-.-.-'• il »- ."'• ''\ v "=- ! l ^^ u ^ i il.a'. ro 1 )"'.' ii -.Lint- •: fj K'> i:"iu :? .I'l'r- ;-.;:: : Ili.-t '. A.- Iii". ." Hi; '*.u iirf--- ..vil on Tl 1 ' eia - llait!".:. ,, ; ,:-,- l-;.;.-d do" n :•!•; i. »!..•, in./, B ..... u . uu .. harronmliiK-. ^lipiuiy uur ir-y. ," .'im, leaning across tbe table, lis | 1!imc( ] y,-t. mrioiic. !=be l'jol:"l '' '.'.•. '' uid. 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