The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1935
Page 2
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NsUoo.l Advertising RoJreieflUUvee Artahsg* Dailies, inc., New York, OWw«o Detroit, st Louis. Dallas, kacsaa city, M*ujpnl» Published yvery Afltrnpba Except, f Entered »s second i)\ia knitter »t (lie post office at ?ijth*vlll5, Arkansas, uudei ad ot * Congress, Oc* tobcr 9, 1911 "served by ^he United. SUBSCRIPTION RAT*6 By earner In the OHj> Of Bryt>>etU!», l5o per week, or ttJO per year, hi tdvurt* By mail, wllhln a r»ojus of 86 mltei, |30d pet yeaf, f 1 60 for six feontiu 6Sc fair tbrffc months] bj mtll In postal »nej IRQ to six, Inclusive, •«.» per ywr, in met sewn ted ei*M, per jesr, payable In advance. (7. 5, Insurance Funds Present a Problerri liefoie uo get through with the \e>5ing ji^suej of unemployment and social bctuutj iiibuinnce, we aic hke- Iv to find that oui education on the subject of inoiiej and the \\a\ it works has been considciablv extended [f the iiibiuaiicc and secuuty mea- auies pending in Congress should be Adopted in then picscnt form, they would e\entnall\ ioll up an enormous fedeial fund qlnch would Have some of the chaiactenstics of a bit of radium i ' , That is, it would be Continuously .idiu>, and unless iiu>ii|,ited pietty Laiefuli\ it might ha\c eflcctf, not counted on by its posbc^-son Congiebsmcn Kobeit L Doijgjilon and Gail Vmson, of the hoiihc w «jj> and means committee, e.stimatc^i 10- contlj that bv 1980 the bcciinty pUn would ha^c built up a icbcno fund of not lebb than ?50,000,000,000 * * «• 'llus, to begin with, \\ould provide a fimd \\ith ^ \\hah thp Kovdi«ine«t; could bw its'own bect^ntics', thereby pajmg mteiebt to ifeelf'aiid mixing up the oidmary debtor-creditor Idea in a wai to make a man diziy. In addition, lljc surplus ! cou)d bu ubud foi imcUmcnt in olliei tjpus of btuuiheb, tlitbt bccunties (o be .sg|d when the montj \\ab needed But at this point a new complication ajibes ' * Ditvid Cubhuuui Cojle poiiitb out, m an .Uticlc in the Maith ibbue of Scrib ner's Maga/inc, that to Ji.mdlc «nj big bccunty fund in tlu b wa> will be to accentuate tho s»mgs of the buiinebi '/cle which a bccmjtv fund is bup- pobcd to giuul ajranjbt One gieat cause of depicbbion, Mi Cojle icniaiks, is over imestm^pi dui- ing boom penodb if the govcminentS becuntj fund ib to be put into bccui- itieb, this tendcncj will bt, tiemepd- oiiblj accckiated * « * Noi is that ail Whim the uabh conns, things arc made «oibc, ix;c.a'ube iccuntv holdut, habt'en to unload foi what they can get It Mould be i iff hi at buch momeiitb that the govetnmuit, needing cabh mone\ for its iecuijtj payments, would be obliged to bell the bccunttcb it had bought Thus, sa.\s Mi Cojlc, the fund ta a nteciis of i agguf«tlitt tho ihitibillty of lHiaift*6# with on* while with the It 13 fund in Ihft t« relUvc the Coyle's idea that such a be limply ho«rd«d-»k«pt , ^6 to ipcik, drivUng fi6 t, v invested In nothing This May ,4cm to defy qll punclpjcb ol sound Unancc, yet money, and the way H work* in huihan sticicty, aic mystcrloui aitci bomOttmcs illogiud things. If We are to get away from these dmBtioiM fewings of the businebs cjclc, we Way have to follow soiiifc such scem- inffJy unsdund cOUfse as Mi Coj le has outlined. — lifucc Cation. llepiesentatlvc ttyion B Hnilrin of Ohio has totfrodue&l A bill which \vould t cabinet membeif. In appeal 4 y on tlio floor of liousc'and senate {o aiwu'i iiucalioiis jibonl jiend- ing legislatidn Sucli arrangement would dia\v us n step" closer to the English parhairtcii- tiu> bjstem, umlci vshidi cabinet members «fe ctoriulv Involved in (he legislative process IV is not clear, of course, tliat v>e shuiild'go all the vky in copjing tlifi good points 1 of thin system, but to sub jut federal^ department heads to con jfieaSionul quiring at regular intervals might be an exceedingly \vholeaome rt- loun , Ujidor keprcsciiUtiyc Il.u'lan's plan, a ipbihct t member would wppeai on the' beiiate, flooi each ( Tiu sday and on HID hoiise flooi each Tlmi'sday Ho \\oititt bo entitled to ii.utieipatu in the d«bu(e4, mid lie would be required to ans\\ti auch questions as the members might put to him A3 a m,eaiib of keeping the leglsla- tivc^ branch in closp r tolnh with the plan 1 * and nctjops of the executive, thcie is ni'.ch to iceoniniend this pio popal ' OUTODRWAY Heavy Snows Welcome Judging by neut, dispatches fiom \auous paits of the country, tin. Unit «<1 States .is a \\iiolu it, suircting a niuch moio scvoic flintoi Ihnn il Jiad .1 }cm< ago And viliilcj tins isn't LblKLidllj p!tas.inl, foi tint laigu majority vvhitli likos its sno« in modoi- ate doaes, it inaj lie <i prcttj good hafbingfci foi tho lomnij? timmiei Tho dosti uitivc diouth of last sum- nioi \s. ( s not simply ,i nwttcj of dtlit- icjil stimmei iaiiif,ill, dchuent \\intci biiovi, alijo had a pail in it The mountain iu,er\oils foi out .slre.(nib, ^cixjiuhng oti heavy blankets of melljng b»o\\, \uix nol \)ioperly filled during the cold months Walev lc\elb tvci\whort \\cic lowcted ,u, a ICbUlt The'heavy snows that aic icpoited all ovei tho United btateb light no\\ at least i cliche us, of that dil- thib By William i~A, 3rls WATCHIN A BUG —'i TJoisiT i'Y MO.' It's VM~5 SEE MOW SUCH ' ' SEVOMD A CLUMSY LOOkIN' THING klN) DO DOES AN 1 GIT AWAY WITH IT. , A large rep oil foi the confusion now attending the execution ot llic Rooscvnt program ib Hip fact tint m J'.uiij ciscs things have not been timught through We Have seen rlit fcrcnt schemes working at, LIOSS |)Uri)p«s-llie. AAA iiiut ,tlic NRA ,. r _ „..„ 1U1H . „,,„.. CC1UCJ l for example We have seen, in tlic fahnhar ' l ' rlU l " 3t '"™*r who fcUJVCES gy C»)rte Clark b' 1 - vfi'Ltsi* ' "<M ff™i MARCH 1. 1935 The Right Hand and the Left the ht IvuLs Posl-ftisnatch; ib uuloh botli his hoin c nnd his job The farmer,'moreover, is not a soli- twj woikei the working unit with him Ii> the fimily When the city worker moves frini one plant lo an- ottici or dvcn from ohc induct icnlci to another he | 5 it ill done of co-ordinated — to it llicic h-us been very llt- .11., rather, there lias been a sories of unrelated nieuiinxs LachtiesiiJB- ccl lo nice i biKciflc situation And sonic of llicin hue nude two prol) ieni!, |,ro\\ wiierc one arew before Tuts failure (o tium, u,i ngi through is illustrated tu the croii reduction program of the AAA A clear .statement-of;the fundamental weakness of ttik plan \\as coulain- ed in i aceiil Hddrtsi bcfoio the Boiton Clmnibci of Commerce by Dr.<BenjumliiM. Anderson,'a former Ifnrvird profe'Jtor who is nott tile economist of tlic Clmsc Nation- ill Bunk. Dr. Aiitler'son—a Missouri* traimd scliolur ls tt Imppcns-lus frcnuuillj boon called before coil giesslonnl commlttcci us an ixpert ativher on economic nicasiubs ape-iking iit Boston of llic crop reduction jiian lie said , 'Grnnlcd Its • success,•• oninteU the rcliremeiii of.the land, gritutcd the reduction of Hit trap to what we can consume, in this country, llierc still remiiitis the nppilllng'problcm of the [arm population'of the United Stsitei what \\U1 tin, jilna do wiUi llic surplus pcopli' Crop uir tallnlcnl doe^ not invol\c tncrclj the, abandonment oi Iind Crop curtailment Involves nlso'thc aban- doiitiient of fiir-m •':labor; mid the shifting ol population from Hie tRrui—where?' If .we abandon the export mart el if we ccabc to produce ngrluiltnral producls in accustomed lolume what arc we lo do with Ihc |>eop]c? Hit, Cdbj rcplj . is tiial we can >hltl tlicm into munulacturing mil as'Di'. Anderton poihls oul,-tl)ls £s ii tusk beset, with dltdculllc.s. When llic farmer leaves: his job. he leaves •ilbo his home fartiiuig is i \iay of [hlng jb «cll at, a way of miUig i living The problem ol the factory worker when he sliltls iroiu one joi> to another is not 'nearly so gr.wc .is tint or the firmer compelled to the mto particularly to the pioblem ^™ed by the cotton reduction program Above nil (he asks) what are we <« do with tin- Negro Ubbr in tlic coWon-growiiig south il we take "way it 1 , ocumalion? \Vherr nn it 80? Whit Ifortherii slate mnls it? What labor group In «. nuinufio- luriiig center .will,'w*l{bmc its competition? wriy shoulcfwe create an limnense social and -'political problem' by disturbing and uprooting these people?" Iheto Is iHiollur ominoiii aspect of the col on situation—the dlmin- lihttig export market foi Amcricin groftii cotton In the cottoii iiiilb, of tilt outside world lhe« ^s growing siibitiniiioii of fbrei^ri grown cot* toit mil sjnlhetlo fibers for cotton produced in the United States. Dr. Anderson slates tlic p-ilpaWc coh elusion that if we continue to cut dowii bur lotion output ind nu,e tlic Iwicc or cotton arliflchiJj in ^tcud of sccHlig to restore the world nifirkct the^ tendencies vill be ac- clcrated What has alre <dj happened Is slioiVn by the figures: Cotton c\i>orts of only 2 3a3 o«0 bales during,the period Aug. 1, I034. to Deo 28, 1034 as against. 4003 (XX) bales for ttie same period In 1933 Ever? months Uclaj In restoring the export market njs rjr A/idcfson means n more aciitc problem with icip"cl b6lh to the liber In Suuth* crn «>Uo:i fields and to the tcnden« cj to lind subslitutci, for American cotton it ill tomes dowli to tills, ihe slop gap mcasurti, o[ tlic admhns- Irulioli hxmc\cr uschil some of ilicni liny have been In meeting emergencies »rc not part-, of iny consilient pillcrn 'loo oitcn Micj rtw* out OIIP uiotiitr To this lack of co ordination !;> due much of the con fusion that we arc now seeing reflected i»-Congress. The; country needs a clearer sense ol direction at Wtibh'ngtai Keep Weight Down After 30 lo Saieguard Your Health UY UK. MOKKIS 1 Wilur. Journil-of Ihc Amerlc»ii .Mtdlc*t:' Aispciilion, ami of IjyfrFla,- IhC'He'uith mas;ulnc Mofl of, us •cslimutc our vcighL accurtljng to- the; : usua! heijjlit, weight, and •. age tables Usuctl by varloifs -organlzatloiis. These u- bles .arc/calculaUid" for persons ol average .build. ' . Uiifprtuiiiitcly,' 1 . .there arc nov ipaiiy.'. perioiis;' of ,'uvcra'sc build. There ; urc; far .more ol uimsilal butlU.' ;..'";'•..,' [Idwever, doctors r.wlio «iv c |wr- Upulur.. alUlitlqn'.'tq' lhc;i- (rnvsi lions• of.wcljlil realize llml a »K son >is usually ;a (itllc tnlcr trPui the nplnt of'view 61 hi'iiitli ll'he Is-sillily oVenv;U6l,l .,iji,| t . r i\ K BgC, Of-" 30,; Slid 'flightly lmu .,,.i weight;'after tlmt. .age. \lf 'you<VT;aHy"aie : o v cr»cight and past," iMIddle age, (here are eoo'd reasons wliy you .should tld tmiii;'to,bring down juui- Every, pound of cyr4 tissue extra; ( rork for the heart '•• ' -i t. ,« ' • .is" csecss ' the en- It, Moreover, M jjeopie. titr. more likely to; gel gallbhddcr dt<ca-.e aiid diabtics than arc thin peojili. • A vfry'MiiSIl irtrertilagc of peO« pic; arc ^ definitely over weight be- caiiso • of some po&ilfa'f action 6 f their., glands. TliCst lio»e\«, fcprwwlil llic .vmallotl SFfctiil«Of : :TIif;gialHi usually involved Is flic"lhXrt>id glnnd, ot which the sccrefftjil ,1s .closely, atiotiatM Witli the 'rule al which thi. body buriii u)>. food . to jiroducp energy • Emcfeiicx ot llic tli>T6W gland is .j tttknnliicO by m usurthE lilt al, nit abofiaii. if a .j,,^,, i, ml lo liavo a lliiToid gland tliat Is; act|n«. •dcllclenilj cxlri lliyrold mBttrlul Can-Uc gUtn .Tliere, are lwv,,» t , f «(Juc. lilg.vVelslil. One is (o InCMaie • Ihe amount/ of energy used uj) aiid the- other, tu reduce Hie amount of fuel. ' , ,. ;: .TIie'ce-EtE; varluiis «ass of ui- ' —i '.'.:__- .0 •, , Exerpls^ Is ous wa\ ' I* .''-' '-'• ' * . • . Onforlunulely, it Ii, lia;C to gel Fcupl« : to lake ejiough - kiw 7«»M IB Parts. • l»c* l> tkt Milt VICK* . TH»*C it . >*>lr»t« mrtmm. -, tit nllk GiM >M IsT ttrttm* a -mitt. 0*1*, iE« lt up much \lurs- <«•* «rc . VTni«w Crt«l fmt Omit MKU tt«M NOW 06 Oil #ITH THE BTOBT OHApTEit saxyiil. IfiCKY THATCHEfi. «o8«d to* * door behind her. She stood there for en instant—a picture In the frock of flame color against Ike Ivory door. , Slie eafd to the young mia fc'fllcfflff, -"Are'500 fttii^rfs^ii to ;«ee/nie?" • : '.••,.:•' •! "Way; ye*, r»thef >*, Brian .told he?. .'"!'. thought your. • father wanted to use me. They told me tlicre was a n^eiisiige—^ •Vicky'crossed the room. "The incsasBu said Father, wanted to BCO you here,'? MM informed him. VI know all ibdut' it. . J- ongttt to—-Liccauso I sent H. H : • "You Kent the message! Bat why—?" '.-.,'... "Dccauso twanui to Va sure jqn'd come," Vltfcy went on. "It'« beau. eue)i : a long time' since .you've beoil here, Brian. -Almost ages. AUU you're never at the club nay more." •- "I'vo been btity." "HcitliyY" "Wffll—ye*. And. that crowd at tue club sort of' geta 64 toy iiorves." . ....'•' "Let's sit down," .Vicky said. She cut a band on his:'ann ami led bim to the davenport, "Now then—cigaret!" • : ' There waa a bowl of frezlaa 6n the table across the • room and the fragrance of the iloWefs i-aflie to them/ -Vicky ; held tho sllter box toward Brian and be todi a cigaret. .She beljed ; herself,- Wueu tho two clftirtta aero felowj ins she Mtti-QuUU/y'r&iHt'rJuii as I thought. 1 '- ' ;'•';','•. . . . • :' "WHat-do yon mean?" ';' "i ineaniBOfflethiag'a:botbefing you," she Intormed bfm. '"1 was •ffaia . that •*«» !it, i ioped it was •omiihini; : I. 'could help . amilfid. 'Tb'at'i awfully . decent .bf you. .Vicky, but 'tlicro'a hOtBInjS tho roBttcr." "Oh, biitta«Te iai There's ao lisc tfyiat to pretehU with fte. Uflan. btcauBe I kdow. I could tell the SSjnute I aaw yoit. Something's ' bapjicned ' that's hurt you." ~~ , ' . ' . "E»«rybp'dy gcla burl LOS «nd then, don't Uiey'/" . .. «ft» •'> ' "Tod'r* » aweet kid. Vl«kj»- h« Midi ; "ton wouldn't let • fellow 4oira, would Jroul ^WMt flo y<m muni . •WMKias. iotkltt at I think ydtt'rt one of «h» eet, iweetMt; girts ; iri the worin. I think yia're great and I'ri glad you Uked ne to coni* over lo- itl«ht» You're Hjbt «bou< It— IVt b««a rtayioi too mu«tt by mjUlt Moking. From sow on It'i tolBg to be different, ton (ind I are going 16 hare fiia tch fotha'fi" , .•••• ,•*'*' WO fadsrt liter Vicky knttct'ed oh ti»;aoof 61 her father's bedrooa. ftobert Thatcher Called "C6Me IB!" Vieky pushed tie dcor open Bha WofiS « dresstttg gown of *oitf satin with a froth of lace abuut the neck. Her sahdale wero-notb- Ing more than jeweled: straps Vicky eihie; itito the;room. tfai(. Ing the loot dreliing gown behind ly;r. •Hor father lodj[«a. up from the bobk;he was f«adlng ; He said. "Home, early, arsn't-you!" •'i'.Te been home all' c«n)ng; Brian. -was here.". "Oh-^Brlanl',' Thatcher looked pleased. He pnt the book aside, smiled up at bis daughter/ VlfKy went on,' "Fm driving orer to Hauiiifoft with klm to iiinej' tott6r»# e>»li!a(f. And. Satard«y, wo're going to the EldreflgBS 1 daiiceV Sntiday we're Eolng to look up some friends of his In Brooktteid.'' "Well, that's flue." Vicky lingered. Slio said, "Your birthday Js next njontb, sn't it? i was "thinking about K birthday present for you i '*nd wopderihg how ybii'd like it" "No*, Vicky, you know I don't care touch aboit pres'euti There Ira't anything I waiiL" ': "But this is « soft of Special ffcseut," 6hft psrilsted. Btaiilng faintly. ''Something ybu're never had. i was , wontteflng' 'bow you'd like Id' h'aire "aHa 'aon-iii; law." • • • • , . . • ' •.••'-.. ' . . "You njcaii-^Brlan?'' : Vicky . nodded; 'fnerft- waB a light la her ey<& that -wa's eager ana at the eata« time! assured^ 'I.m-sure he'ii' propose by that time," she went bn softly! ; "Me nilghf hate tonlghtj only 1 W6urdft't let mm. t (toa't wast to h'urry things <oo muth. .It's better to let him worry a ijuie." .ThatcliBr waa beaming^ "Sfnart grrl!" he dald; "Vicky, there 1 * nothing In the world that wourd bleasc me wore. It's the iuaf- tiaee. I've hoped you'U make: it you ;tnar>y Bflaa : I'll give you the finest tfoUasSa'U inb'iiey can bay. I'll give you .abhhin^ jou ivant lor. a wed'jing':urcseut. Any" •'--• ' •' . Vicky iao>ed towifd the'door "Oo»'t forget," eba aiid ; softly. ' Ani you'd hett*r be pfewred ti Keep If , ??" . ' • »'»...•• _^'_; and Joile GridJey sat on th* «p*6h In the women's eloik Worn. It was noon and most of the mill employes were in the cafeteria, but Gale and Jb»Je bad fcrtugit liinches from •oin». They had anl»hed their BahdwIcUei and now sat waitiVc for the bell to ring, . . " Josie said, "But you can't koct JJarjr and those two children. WU^Phll out of work you cinit "tiityll st4 7 the rest of tho week. After that they're going fo Mary s cousin. I don't know hbw l on *T; ah *' c*n Keep them. (t> 9 dreadful. Isn't it--not e»en bav lug a root over your head." ;. ' "It's Pishcr'a fault!" Joile eaid veliemently, "He cosld have iiept^^J liary OB if he'd wanted to." •. • T "I certainly wish he'd gite he'r her Job back." ; _ "Well, he won't! You know * at » 8 **« as i do. firing more »1I the tltte : = r taafa what they're «inff Insteaa of taking anyone n( 'i.i D °,* bu 6now '"''at i ILinkT ;think they pdt Bfary out 6f. her house to scare thft rest pit us. a noilce this morb- Ing; did you know that?.-- Arid there a lota of others wliosa rent Is back. I think they're trying to scare us all, hut [t.isn't .working tbat way. OB, there inW' be Some who fall for it—tut you know about the meeting tonight don't you!" .-•.',:' Gald nbdded. "tea." .."• '.-. : . "Aro ydii gftlii gi" ' . '. • : "Yes," dale saiiJ, "I'.a'fli. :1 didn't think this bfgan'Ua'tlon ' ' meant much until i'safr n-hat bapijenej to Mary ; yesterday. Phil's talked about it a lot but ^well. thero r doesn't Beerri .I'o bo any oilier way now. We've got '.o stand tip for each bttier. The bosBDE do treat us like slaves and they ihtrVk *e hai-en't any rletita. rib' tired of having my pay cut fir being late w*ien I haven't been. And I'm tired of forking twice as hard as we used'to lor -niob&y. H . •Good for you I' 1 josie's faco ».shining, euacr. "I'm gelling fybftyy I caii (b go. it's:a protest uieetiiig. you Isiiow; ''abqul these' eVlctiouB^- 1 ' .'There was,a sound iwrosa the :•• '' ^ iinjn; niia,a sauna across tiie roofii::•• Jo'|le'» words died on aer -y !lrt«' nnA hnih r f^rt e , ^™i ™fc.,_j JL . , A (iliitswd took caine iptb. the girl's face. "Anylblbg," 'sue re- jeaied. "Is that :»•; pfoinlsfe?''. . room: josie^B words died on aer IJtlS' and boib girls sal. m6tloii'^ less'., Tue sound was, repeated ._ tileu a bead aiiueared'from bill ind-or row of lockefn. A'tieai) that.. wa.3"°llgbt' browu^ set ia jjdssf vraves. . A. momentvaiore afiii a ligure emerged, it was jfiotiV Boiler!. . : ; ••• Laota tula, atniiing. ."lleilq." Jdale. auBwc'red, "iielioj Lepia," ind sot lo bcr (eet. Slie.-.Wlil, 'Com* on. (iale. - It's ttee we yerc going—" - ' ;' •Outside the door liie two eirja fiic'cd;ea'cb .other. tJotli aaked tits ""ia question: '. '". .V 'bo yoii think slie beard?" '.' •: . ; ('Io lit Cojjtijjued) ' ' ovtf, we arc £i>-co!istili!tc<l Unit sllglU amount.'; of .exercise increase our. appelltcs anil .cause us to catr-niorc than v.'e •. .voulil ordinarily. - ' : •••!; .;-' . " •. ' There arc certain driigK wlilcli tnuy -.teviakcn to .speed - up Hie Consiilnplloli of • fucl./Fof. example; exlfacts of the .tiiyi'olci eianU mid dihllrophcriol. All' 1 tlicsc are Uan- gerptis and should;• never be .taken rXecpi .umlcr careful • siijicfvision of a ' doCloi'. ^ ' • Hie .best' »-ay to - icciuce is lo cut down oa tltc.dlaL'--tn doing this. fads -of nil kinds should be n voided. . . -> .^>. :..:.;,'"'"'. I Suth dietary , nqllon.s :atr'i)ie •lamb clioji : and < pin'iinpiilc : diets, tile tomato and cottage "chcCEC diets, and the' llNay ;;dict arc jjef- nlcloiLS."They.'will-haiii'e ii reduction In weight ,if iitllicrcd 1 10,' lull few people lol low kl 10 m for very long. . '. Moreover,-.'it'is difficult iin niost such restricted dicls' to jgct"'the necessary clcinciils for health. .". Courier News Want Ads 1'ays , Traded With Canada • .: Increased in 1934 -.,: Oal:/ ,(UP>— Caudp's tnidi wliii jiiio" tJnitcrt Kla.^5 in- crcawd • by • •approKluiaiciy ••jiso]- QUH B04RDHNG HOUSE Canadian imrK>rts from the united Statci'ircro ; valued at 5283,779,813,. an hicreaeq of 576,488,310 l0 vcr l,033a and pxi'iorls to the u - s amounted lo fe544,OW. an In- OT-y of pw—WHILE 1 THINK W-S>\N .THPCT "BOX CWDE.I •» r t NTfRt^t IU ft, A,Nt) y,\ \ ASKED YOU WOUL-DN IN STS It QVfG EGYPTIAN ON TAPYRUS S WNATING TH£rv\ TO

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