The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 2, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THi NATION TODAY— Left-Wingers in the CIO Unions Now Feeling Brunt of Murray's Purge Move Started Back in '46 By J«mw Marlow WASHINGTON, Nov. 2. (/P^-The left-wingers are getting a mauling at the CIO convention In Cleveland. But three years ago they opened the door (or what's happening to them now. The time *as Nov. 18, 194G. The place: Atlantic City, N. J. The CIO was holding its conventions there at that time. It was a couple of weeks after the* ; 194« election In which the Republl- • cans had won control oi Congress unlo "s. headed by President. Mur- from the Democrats. la n ?' nd tlle executive board made This was the first time since 1932 that the Democrats, who had befriended organized labor, had to play second-fiddle to the Republicans. The CIO didn't know what lay ahead and wanted to keep as much strength as It could. Further, it needed strength because it was getting set to demand wage increases in 1047. By November, 1946, strong anti- Communist feeling had begun to build .up in this country. .The CIO particularly had been singled out for criticism because of the activity of Communists in some of its unions. Murry Builds a Fire. .The criticism.of CIO had grown sp strong that the non-Communist leaders in the CIO decided they had to do .something. . . At the same time, they didn't want to split.the OIO wide open by a left-right light. Not at that time, anyway. So Philip Murray, president of the CIO; set up a special committee of six CIO union presidents. Three,of them were anti-Communists. ••. Three were so-called left- vingers,'.including Ben Gold, •• head of the. Furriers TJntony arid an ad. milted Communist. The six-man committee drew up a resolution which" said merely that the "delegates were opposed to Corh- munlst "Interference" In the CIO. Muray .indicated he wanted a quick vote, and no talk, b> saying Jie expected a "unanimous rising vote.".That's what'h^ got, a unanimous vote, joined in ,by' Communists 1 arid anti-Communists. But how could Gold, one of the top Communists In this,'country, take part in drawing up such a resolution .and .voting for It? ' I Rot linn off the convention floor and asked.him. t * Gold answered: "To, maintain the unity of the CIO and resist attacks of employers and. the reactionary Republican machine.!If the employers thought the CIO was going to engage'*!!) a purge or witch-hunting, they, must be disappointed." Gofd,;though, WM»only_repeatlng, almostt»onl for word^ wha^"at thaj time^was the Communist party/Itne^ The "Daily Worker, <the Communist paper, said in July, 1946 "Everything must be done to reinforce »nd cement .the unity and strength of the CIO." iStronlter Than It Seemed I 'thought at the time that the resolution passed by the 1946 convention -was weak as milk-and-water,'Or. so it seemed. Maybe that's why Oold and the other Communists could vote for it, looking on it as harmless. , Actually, that resolution opene.d the door for what followed. After that '1946 convention antl-Commu- nist.Teelirig in this country and In the CIO continued to grow. (And, the Taft-Hartley law, passed in-1947 by the Republican-controlled Congress, prevents a union whose officers admit being Communists from getting Hie law's protection.) Gradually, Murray and aptl-Com- munist 'leaders In the CIO have moved since 1946 to a position of throwing out the Communist leaders and even leftist-led unions. At its Cleveland convention ycs- terda y'the CIO voted to keep Communists off Its executive board. (The CIO is made up of about 40 up of union heads.) That vote yesterday—with Gold loudly protesting—In effect knocks Cold off the eexcutivc board. But Ootd was one of the Communists who helped start the CIO tide against them in 1946. Apartment Fire Takes Six Lives Flames in Hallways Trap Victims; One Leaps from Window CINCINNATI, Nov. 2. (/f)~ Six persons died early today In a fire which swept through hallways.of a three-story apartment building at the edge of 'the downtown district and left them trapped In Ihelr rooms. Seven others were burned or hurt In leaps Irom second arid third story windows. Four others persons who lived In the apartment In the 1200 block on Elm street apparently escaped without Injury. - . Five of the dead were reported I to have died of bums while a sixth I died in a leap-from a window. Ironically, the blaze was extinguished In short order by firemen and Fire Marshal Harry McNay es- tlmatel the damage at only about One of the dend was a boy about | eight years old. Attaches at general hospital reported none of the Injured appeared lo be .critical. Charles Dean, a taxi driver, who was one of those who turned In the first alarm, said he was attracted to the scene by streams 0 [ wo men. "I could see the fire." he said, 'and see people at windows and all at once fire nas blazing out of the second and third floor windows. It was awful I saw two people Jump and I saw another 1 man get to another building by walking around > ledge on an upper floor window. ,.' Someone, probably saved his life because "(%*} shouted to him not to Jmnp ' McNay expressed belief the fire was stalled by someone smoking In bed . - . So quickly did the flames race through the brick building In/the densely populated area that within two hours firemen were through with their work. High School Trio Gives > Program at Lions Club The Blythevllle High School Trio presented a musical program for the Blylheville Lions Club at a luncheon meeting in the Hotel Noble yesterday. The trio is composes ' of Vivian Taylor, Mary Margaret Auten, and Mary jo Eaton, and Mrs. Join Caudill is the accompanies!. During the business session the Lions Club's solicitation captains for the Blythevllle Commimitj Chest were..presented Red Fcathc oscars. for lending other teams in the general solicitation pase of'the campaign. The presentation wa made by Dr. J. c. Guard, chairman of the general sotlcltatloi division of the Red Feather campaign. Guests of the club Included the Pictures You Will Like We specialize in commercial and home portraits .pictures ivliich yuu will enjaj' ihraughuut the years. Call tor appointments. Phone 6011 DEVELOPED PRINTED ENLARGED FAUGHT'S STUDIO U2Sou1hlst. (Night Phone 6321) SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom wurk for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soulh Broadway p hotw , 2S5 , KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 BOY RESCUED FROM WKI.L-Bobby Oow, 3, Is being lifted from well where he was trapped for three hours at Austin, Tex. Bobby Is In the arms of policeman Otto Ludwlg (bareheaded). Fireman M. R. Miller ll.rsl man to reach trapped boy,-is figure in cap facing well-pipe which Is shown In left center braced by timber. <AP Wire-photo). Arkansas F t HA Director Quits; Successor Named WASHINGTON. NOV. i. (a*>— -hie Immediate retirement of Clay E Smith as Arkansas director of the Federal Housing Administration was nmiouiiccd by Commissioner Franklin D. Richards yesterday. Richards snld Assistant Director Free! B. Mitchell will succeed Smith. Mitchell previously had been with tr-e Public Housing Administration and the Home Owners Loan Corporation here. Smith previously had sa|d at Little Rock he RBS retiring. Czech School Traffic Aids Police Department PRAGUE <A!>) — Cccthoslovak pedestrians and drivers <vho disregard traffic regulations have been ordered lo attend special Sunday courses In .safety rulcw. The order wns issued after a 'Traffic Safety Week" during which police, assisted by members of the youth front, taught people how to walk or drive over crossings in the cities .The first three day's.were devoted to warnings but the latter half of the week brought lines to Rev. Roy I. Bagley of Blytheville. and Eugene Fl&:man, a member of the Manila Lions club. traffic trespassers. -' ;• Henceforth a violator gets a ticket ordering .him to school. About 85 per cent of the surface of Greenland Is covered with Ice. FOR SALE Concrete culverts It Inch u> 4* Inch plain or reenforceil Aho Conrrete Handing Hldrks chrap er than lumhn fni turns chi.'krn huiises pump luiufcu. truant houses tool shrill W> drll?ei Call us for free estimate I'hone 601 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO Hunter Kills Rabbit, Wounds Brother With Single Shotgun Blast INDIANA, Pa., Nov. t. (IP)— William Olawson, 26, fired at a rabbit and bagged (lie animal with one shot. Tiic .same charge wounded Ms brother, Merle, 25. Some of the.pellets from Clawson's 12-gauge shotgun bounced off a rock and hit Merle In both legs. The freak accident happened ye*- terday as the small game ceafton opened In Pennsylvania, •More In War , The "queen Elizabeth," ai t luxury liner, can accomodate 2260 passengers aind 1290 crew. As a. troop transport, during World .W«r ' II, she often carried 15,000 soldler» on a single crossing. NOT HALF-SAFE MIAMI, FLA. 1949-Lcona Fredericks of Miami s:iys: "A hall-safe girl is only half-alive-she missea all the fun. 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