The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1933
Page 3
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TUESDAY. ocTOi:r:u, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Rock of Losl Hope" For U. S. Desperadoes No p.scanf .Ever Recorded From Alcatrax. Island in San Francisco Bay. PAGE THRRE Ily NKA Servii-i- Alcalra? orison the r,f us bulldiii'-'s rislnf. tcrc rock jutini? up ir. !'.< fro:n a 12- froin San. .,„ hav (-Liters a new era fcrlui hislorv. Roon. instead „, .. military prison, il will he the nl;ice of confinement for Am- • nca's most dainseroiis Ranirslirs, V.idn:ii:(-i-s and racketeers. Foiilficd in IS54 as the American military luff on ih» 1M- r-ifk coa^t It became an army disciplinary ten-racks in 1868. Over the long |«-riud to tin 1 present day. military prisoners haw looked across'the hay ivlth longing hoiX'le.t.s eyes, knowing that there vos no chance of escape. TI1IKS VRI'STKATE ESCAPE In its IOIIK history, no Inmate I>s.s evt-r made Ills' -wav 10 doin Swift lido." stream p: ia-juid slopes on all .sides. Tiiroiuih these even an exceptional swimmer would have no btticr lhan one chance in a hundred W win his way to .shore. :i mile distant. Many have tried . ' rt . t! " s ' ils Some have v.ill hi island. within .sight i!L San Francisco but out of reach, for "vicious mid irredeemable" des|R-riu!oes to sliovn hbovB. No prisoner e\t-r. rwa|Hd Horn Ak-airn/. for v.ult cum-nts on sliore.s. Wilson Society Personal Tbompson-Colt. Miss Klc'nnor Constance Cole. dauxhter of Mis. A. J. Cole, and Mr. Wallace Thomson uvii 1 I'.iJclly mauled Saturday m-nlnx -.1 Hie M Hindis cluiich. Till 1 ceremony win; said liy Ihe .UT ,M. l.ev.K p.islur of They v> • ' allcmlc Mr. and Mis. "mil Albeis ul City. hi,' IjMdr won- mi allinctiU' liiV ol blue v.ilh mntdiliij'. o: li •• Mr.i Thump'Oii iil'.iT.ili'd Hi. rt,,n--.- Aiitdeint at Memphis ami. & iili ul collide. Conwuy. Mi., 'Ihumpsim. v,ho loimevly llu-d at N. U. Is i-iii)<Juyi'd m lilt llllilT «f Illl 1 I.eL' WilMMI llllll- \h-i' mill. I'Oilunlni; a shml honevisiwm ill Memphis 111' v v 111 I)' 1 :>! hoi:;; ilii :!n- IjridiS mother. Tin 1 llaiiliM Missionary mi-! ul Hi.' cilinch with i'Jpii'11 urmbvi.i pii'sr'H Mr.-;, £d U<a!l Wliv I Hi-kins 10 u MisMoimrv So- cli iv." l-'unnie l>dham apriil the nd whh hei- uncle, f'n-otfc IMI • mid Mrs. l-Vr.iiisoti 1 Muiiuii. Ark. | Carl li Ma.-nvell ol was lh u niti-sl Sunday Emma Clulri: lliilr.siril. v as the Riirst M. Morris. Marvin llird Fi-lslay of Mrs. D, of Rarlo wns llm of his brother. Carl MLS. nircl. Worthy l)(M'lar u. mider way we sincerely hope Unit those mosl deeply Interested will bend every effort to ;msh il to a siicw-Bsful conclusion. Ttieiv many reasons why an :uli-(|ti:ile library r.lionld \K maintained and I believe one of [he outstanding rensonn Is for the betipfll of yoiniK, Imm-esslonablo toy.s. I Hoys apprmcl.InK Hie asc and in | i'.ji- agi 1 u adoleufiico are ai the Tlini' ore litiiT.i by local men i L»..'II:.II.X UK- Illyilicvlllr lll:raiy and iirrliii: i,np]iurl 1'ir n.e iiiMiinlion are published to- Mi-.. (.' W. Alllii-k. library in i-ily is 11:011- i' I-, "a iu-i'cs--ily. H ih.n LIU- rdiir-.iiiiinul , LK-Md< s II Ls M> 1111- rhlldri'ii n.s r. M uo! 1 .-. in tl;i'. J. :r:.. C. W. Alllll-k. ns-idi'iit Libnuy A. >rar Mrs. AUIn-k:-- YV.>UT<!ay I lirard a ymltli: IlKi: I:IL voting ladv tiom iiixh M-IHKJ Lit | i^i-i-lL'.'.iny tin 1 i::uis (Jl the Illy ! il'i'iilli- litirr.iy. Thvy tuld a un Memphis | •-•: men ut 111;- Rival number ol ul ML 1 .-; 1 lyi'iks used ilurlnx n yi-iiL 1 , ol Uu uoiHli'ii'ul uiitk bclnu done hi only m-ud (he c-.nvful «nltlance W" i.ldcr ]>eopli! bill .si'.Mild !;(.• r>n- t:l]nl in c'jii.-.'i'iit companionship u! Kood Ixwi:.: proiierly chU'X-n. l/.sl year ihr Conili-r News made L'!rnH l iit« \villi Mrs. tifiiith for ciry lairlrr boy to linva access lu Ihc libiury :'iid lliroush Ihi.s iiunn.i (hi-:.; 1 tK', 1 "- ha\e fomul tt m\v aiid divslrcu fjleasnre. It 'shall !-ivi..ys he oiii v.h:!i lo conlluuo •nrli tncinlji'r.-itilp ici an ellort lo help these *.oys in tlieir ffituie LU-'.S WOL'X. TmstinK ytiiiL' ilrlvn will l>o mosv L-t-.'-.^j'til ami a^min;i yuti or our .nlluui-d .^itpr,.:ri \v? bi's to re- Ti:r C:oi;ii('i- N'ow liv II. W. Htilne.v Co., ihowric-d. Mosl of Ihem have , picked up. exhausted, by hsr- bor craft, and rc'.isrned lo iheir! ceils Then- will he no sudden break, no Sf.-lfl dash across country in automobile. 1 ;, guns toarinir, for the S an«si*rs fain it will be to (.-liter the prison on tills bleak rock. The government, has found the imftWtr 10 Us of an i-scapc- 7'roof penitentiary. DARK" TALES RECALLED II is a forbidiiii'.'.-' place, this hut;e prijon bulk, despite Ihe white buildings lhat gleam in Ihc sunlight. Dark tales have come out of it—tales of brutal 'discipline," of torture in iron jackets, of Shtsily days spent in its "blade hole." Alcatrnz priion housed many • offer-dire affjr the World War. '1'hen it was that a storm ol protest arose over alleged mls- trtalmem of prisoner. News ot Blytheville Schools Soldiers from the American forces tent to Russia late in the war. who violated military vuks in the frozen nurth. wc-ri; transported to Alca- U a?., 'llu-re. loo. went conscientious objectors. Stories were broadcast lhat thc> were subjected to inhuman treatment. Severe punishment was ad milted by the commandant, but he brought • -forward convinelns en dtuc-e that il wa.s i'.istifled. Ar r> T U I reppers lOld 01 Orwani7alinn'^ HistOFV urganizauons IIIMUIJ Tnc Red Pepi>ers met Wednesday nfternoon in the library with Annn ,lae Jones presiding. Mits Martha Chambers gave a very interesting alk on "Organization of Red Peppers." Miss lyjrna Wilson, who was ;rad\iated from the high school in 1M1, told of the activities of the 3 eppers of that yesr. The program was concluded by Miss Sara Jo Little di-scussliiB the plans for 1933 club. j Boyelle, 2nd. Cat—Marguerite Anderson. 1st; Freddie Ralcliff, 2nd; i Naoma J. Bcrryman, 3rd. I Mother Cal •- June Workman. . I Chickens—Augusta 1st: | ' Jack McCuisilon. 2nd. | Baby chicks—LoulM 1 Ane-i-rson. | Birds—Alice Jo McFall. Rabbin j Marie Dooley. . I Pumpkins — Freddy Perry Doroihy Wortliy, 2nd. Hand mane vase—Uiclle Russell. Wild Flowers — Louise Anderson, June White, 1st; Jack McCuiElion. 2nd. Zlnias-Billy Chopman. Mix- ] td IXHHiiifcts—Bob Goodoiau. : Peanuts—Mii^arf-tle Scotl. I Elliot', Williams and ; her sranil- j daughter. Peggy Sillerman. were j Memphis visitors Saturday, j Mr. and Mis. I,. L. McDf-armrui I ! wt-re '. the giiesls of ' relatives in j Halls. Tcnn.. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Dogan and their guest. Mrs. Carolyn Suonen- barger, were (lue^ls uf the Eastern j Star chapter- at Huriman P/iday. evening. J*rfCt. v .HnjJ tilts meeting J they were Biiesls of Mr;. | Mabel Neal at Armorel. Mrs. Spoil- i tinbarger was complimented by the ! past matrons oi the Eastern Star: Menton News Mi.-., llurriell Olasuow of Jtinrs-1 Mrs. i luro :s visiting her <lnu»lner. Mr.v! Cliarle-.', Lain' anil Mr. L,aui'. Mr. and Mrs 1'aul AllK-rls ol il-'orrcst Cily were the wcok-rnd Mrs J E Barley dli'il Friday of i r.uc.s!.s of Mrs. Alberts' parents, uibrrculftsLs of OIL- Ihrfxil. Funeral i Mi. and Mrs. Robetl Clayton, -.-i-vices were held Saturday at the T. Elmer McNcal or Coleman cemetery with Dn' Gr-r- inuii UndprtakliiB company in H. A. Buiilli almost without H'liSLitiou 'iT;tl of liuw .she has wnind and i\-bound i)n- old books Clear Lake Singing School to End Friday 'I lie siiitiiiv; schwl at Clear ' l..iki. «!i!ih h;>.> l>-i:ii In progress .or ten ilajs. will elosc P'riday .-.iLjhl. Molly O. MOM. of Booue- vllle. Mhs., has ]t:eii In charge. Six \lsitlns .".rhiKtd bands and .[uailets will be featured In the ine i-ontrrt which will follow a J. E. dijlil v HarK-y spi-nl Siilurdiiy ith Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Raymond Slayton was the week end BiK'St of noyal Lifter of Hol- lst '. j chaptfr of Blylhevlllc with a hmcn- ;,,""j.- arns m -n: eon al the Hotel Noble Saturday. Chicks Pictured in Victory Over Tech Ti> program In assembly Friday morning consisted ol LI spirited pep meeting, and a short program concerning the cily library. The Red RaTZOos presented a short sketch portraying tl'.e Chici- asaws overcoming the. Yellow',[ Jackets. Mr. Ararciis Evrard. a vestigaiion followetl and soon, wllh some changes in mclhod oj op- e.-allon, the normal routine was ivsutncd. \O\V "MODEL PRISON" Since llial lime. Alcalraz has been publiciz.ed as a model prison. His.hundred inmates can bo lodged there in separate cells, and ihe 'place is strikingly clsan. The cell block has large windows on all four sides, admitting llghl clean breezes from the bay. The nieseiiL. main building w:is erecl- ccl aboul 23 years ago. In ihe uuiliihiEs arc furniture, woodwork i i re. slioemafciiif.. uphol- slcrinf!. tailoring, printing ami other manufacturim; eqninmenl at v-liich prisoners work. There is an extensive library anil prisoners are allowed a large yard for exercis- IIIK. EM) TO RIOTS SEEN III the opinion of Attorney General Homer Cummincs. who announced transfer of authority over tin' ni-Uon fiom the War Deparl- ricnl to ihe Department of Justice, segregalion of Ihc more iu- trac'abl^ :ind vicious convicts on /Meulira will go tar toward solving tlw problem of adverting riots. bloodshed, and prison deliveries at other federal penal institutions. Doubt is expressed that Al Ca- lione will be one of the convicts fent to the fnr west institution. Capone has been well behaved al Allanla and likely will remain there. But Harvey Bailey, desperado and kidnaper, and others of his si ripe doubtless will be sent to It was indicated that opposition of civic leaders in San Francisco slid other California cities will so unheeded and the transfers will l:i made speedily. JueriteC eiioln shrdlu cmfwyp cm j Tilt following pupils in Miss Armstrong's third grade at Sud- • bury received p^Tfec-L attendance i slips for the month nf St-ptember: i Emma Jane Webster. I^onard Holt, Lola Pay Booker. Jakie Trotter, I.. M. Carney. Billy Cullison, Dorothy Franks, Elizabeth Davis, Hayti Society — Personal Ciamlell. Miss., lias accepted n ixi'lliun in the grocery department oi '.he I l.u- Wilson sfjn-. Mis. T. 1;. llarmoti ill Kixslikan-j etiy. Mo, anl her niece, Mi-.s Mary U'e Clmjiln of I'liilns, 1 Me., have n-liiiiu.'d to Iheir lioiiirs i.fter several 'iays visit wiih Mr. iipul Mrs. .Mnriun Click. Audrey Co'.vcll and P-.IIU- J Charle.; Kelli'r spent the wi rk- KLICKI.S Satunlay .did with Ilk parenls. Mr. anil of Miss Mildred Horlon. kr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson Coote:' were the guests Sunday of | Mrs. Shelby Coppedi;e of Mughrs, Mr. and Mis. OdLs Burger. Lille Oolchi Dunn .-.pent mil with her aunt. Tockel. L ml obu'.lncit a isumbcr of ne\s loundation. 1 l:eliev»- we nil reul- !:e the xrfiit value of the libnu-y i.nd ol Ihe iil^oluu- necessity oi fontlnuln sUs work. 1 think every ('.tl.'.en should do his part and i \'ll] lh' in huor ol th- city o. liljiiii'villi' lieV'Ini; HIM ;>-•. ;x»i. a il !s abl.s Li(|Uid. Tablets. Salve. Nose Drops' . Checks Malaria lu 3 days. Colds, irst ilay, Hcail.-iches nr Nr-uralgU : in II) minutes. i'inK liiixiitivu and Tonic Most Spu-ily IMmcdln Known ', Mrs. C. H. KrlU-r of 1'oplnr Itliili, Hetir Mi^i. "fiMo. No«' 11" Cieil Shane, Mayoi Mrs. C. \V lllvllsevlll' 1 Allllck, I'lesldi'iU. l.lhri'iv lloaid, . A K:. Allhek:— llnil your drive Wfek Stuirtny oi Wreun. Slate lo Extend Fire Watch H AllKJ SBU U. O. Pa. iUl'1 — ist forrsl iire obi with 122 steel on tlic hicV.esl the stale, will i lowers located Charles Stnith. Billy Wilson. Jun- Mr. and Mrs. Seth Compere cn-i 1 lerlained Ihe Senior 11. V. P. 7 J. :^ t of the Baptist church with a social Friday evening. Among llicsc , • • - ,-;;;,,,„ ,1.1. f »ii ...nil >" VHU- who attended were Misses. Hollle | be extended furthr-r III Is fall i HI , ,„.,. Blackard, Hazel Mitchell, Claudia j constiuction.of s, X »ew ^jjoc.1. | _, „ Marshall. Mildred Hndplns, i ^iit., was the | Miss SaUlir Hortotl. Mr. anil Mr. 1 : irudM>n 1 ML-..VS Ocln Ncrman ur.d Je'.iii- I i:lta !'iiit]l)K visited In Memphis I Tilt Rev. .lohn Cnugliley of ! r.'eiuphi.; dcllveiTil the mornliit; ;.iid [-veniii!; .vei-iiniiis al the i-xijj- i list i-hinch f-JutK!ay. Miss Heliiin Salllja of Illyllu- IhLs week of lor fund BI.ACK-DEAUOnT nade ol Ihe dried, ground-up leaves mil roots of plants that act on the towels when llicy art- shiR&i.lsli or :onsllpnled. Refreshing relief. Take this dependable, purely vegetable medicine when you need a laxative. ueniber of the cily library bo.ud. .poke briefly urging the students o assist in the drive lor member- iNancv ship that is now beinLj conducted aldine the library association. T::e next Jew mlnuies were spent, in giving yells. Mr. Kramer oiilllned the colidilioni for the game. new Ppn i towers, according lo George lor Anderson. Roland Davis. Roy " L Tle""coi'npeier"savilia Gill! Vir-jWirt, nhicf forest fire warden. Brown. Edward Tliompson, James gj,,^ McDonald and Johnnie; firffi 1 , Edgar Bnrress and Ivan Al- Adiims. Betsy Bee Buchanan. i George Workman. Royline Fennel. i ail anl i Ml ._ aiu ] j,[,- Sj compere. • Hii'.hes, Jean Biixler, Ger-] Mrs u Q. Harmon and dnugii- Bishop. Jack Clark. Vivian j !cr Miss oraan Mai. attended to Brock. EUna Hooi»r. ' > Rend Courier News Want Ails. u and W. P. Wilson 1-avt; leunni'd from Hoi Springs . here they spi-nt several days on Mrs. Je.-^e t'lascoL' of Osceola G.G. Caudill (irm-ral Insur.incc Uli', N. llniadttay I'hone 7!)' n t i- c i • n lyccrelarv. Man' Louise Stanflll. rubhc Speaking Class ; Presents Fire Program Tlw Public Speaking class presented a program on Fire Prevention Monday morning of last week Lit the assembly period. Sarah Jo Little acted as chairman. The meeting was opened wit':- Ihc song. "America." by the entire ! business in Memphis Saturday tif-j i ternoon. 1 A Slory Hour club hns been or- ; R^ipij Hickens of Cai>e Gir.irdeau \ Igflmheri in 2B grade with these [ arrived Friday for a visit with iel- i officers: pre-iident, Bernice'Adnms-. j a ii ves and friends. Louis Shainberg of Sikeston attended to business here Saturday evening. Miss Laverne Foster, wlio has been ill ts able to be up now. Miss Mildred Alahan of Ri'Ctor. Ark., spent Monthly with Mrs. group. Then Governor proclamation, providing for the observance of the week as Fire Prevention week was read bv- N. B. w cliildri'ii of 2B grnde were j perfect in attendance duritig the nrst mouth of school: Kenneth 1 Mnrr. Elmo Richards, Harry Snt- ton, Edwin Weedman. Bcrnice Ariiims. Jo Evelyn Disinter. Nellie Miss Olahan who is Hugh Don-is. Huili .Iftcksoii. Edna Ruth Jerni- 'bookkeeper for the Ark-Mo Tower ssan. Mary Lou Lovelace. Mary- c 0 n t Rector attended a nn'eiinn Louise Stanfiil. Ruth Ulm. m, Canithersville Monday evening. Enzyme Control Poplar Corner Misses Helen and Evelyn Toiu- ;m?o;i shopped in Blyllif.illr !-•>'- These rhildrcn in 1A grade were perfecl in attendance during the firsl month of school: Roy Calvin. Russell Dynr. Fulton Ellis. Philip Menard. N. F. Moore spoke brief- I Graves. Ross Dillon Hughes. Jesse : nrday. ly on fire hazards and their elim- | Lncv. Jerry Mick. Jack Ncetlham.' Mr. and Mrs. Hugh ination. listing and explaining six | Ardeii Trotter. Buddy Wright, «."m Cinlis. Mr. and chief fire hn/.ircls. wilh c.irebss- | Francos Anderson. Imogenc Dim- Farley ami children, ness at Ihc head of the hsl. Scan. Velnia Dyar. Helen Dclk. Wll- ! Opr.'. Wilson John Holland, coach of the Pa- [KXites. expressed himself as beim: pleased with his prolejjes. even in ] f j defeat. He said his boys did wel! I to hold the Whirlwinds to a ". l~ I The 3B grade ovyani/eil a Rvad- ma Hamilton. Eva Lorine Mick. : ruests Vivian Nelson. Dork Pipkin and Farley -nrlyiie Pruill. 0 score, and felt confident th_score would be reversed en October 27. when the Papooses play the Whirlwinds a return game here. Club on' Wednesday. Ihe fol- | lowing officers were elf curt: |>n-s- Udent. Delorus Byrd: secn-lary. irel- j en Maugnim: rfrgeani, Aaron Periy ami Mrs. J'.hu DlKl MlSb Dell were 111 1 . 1 ] of Mr. ::nd Mrs. ociirL-e • Sunday •.-veniiiB. : There Mill be a box .-iip|s-i ul j ,lie .--chco) hoivw here Fiiday! :iiiht. Ocloter JC. i Mr. and Mrs. Pi-te Rice v: .lli-d , llu tormcr's p^r'-n'.s. Mr. and Mr;., j Couonnixul i'"int WHAT IS IT? Co'nmbus Day Program presented in assembly on Thitrs- ].,rarhvillc Society — Personal day morning. The "Star-Span s le;l j ^-'cVeo Swearns. Betty Rodgers. Banner' and "Colr.mbia. the Gem; phnlo Rwd BoW)y Maxwell. Am- the Ocean" were sung by the' ,| a s a ,| bn ' B my Cross. Gale Har- ire g-.-oup. A told, "The Spirit ol ,, ell Rulh ' p a ,, m .!i. Jean MoiTis. Columbus" was given by Sain'" J" 1 1 George Muiv. little after which the iioem ".;ail • ° '_ • On" was read by Byron Morse. Mr.; acted as chairman. ' Mil. A. A. Anderson left Sunday fnr a visil with her daughter, Mrs. Don C'noale, al Humboldt. Tenn Mis. Troy Dortch of Detroit arrived Sunday lo be the guest of her mother. "Mrs. Mattie Knight. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Hyvrley vis- I'.u! in BlvtlK'ville •Llniretby. MLS. Roinli Gibbiiib jr.. Mrs HoiiLild Dimond, and Mrs. Ted !'od''-!riv spent Frldny In Uly thevilie. r ohn Rolibs of SU1I rollcge *as the wivk rnd giirst o his uncle. Dr. A. E. Robinson. Miss Mmnle Annis Robbs of riiruKauld .sjient the week cn<l as the "ilt-sl of Miss Dorothy Rob- In Miss Matthew.;' 2B group the Presented in Assembly !follo«-ir.e children have ma<le per- 3 ; feel scores in spelling for Ihe past ,'week. Rayfotd Philips. Herbert program v.-as ; Sweamlgo r. Bert Denley. J. D. Mc- Jake lUce. at Sunday. Mrs. Farmer urcn. Myrtle K Virginia Bryal A Columbus Day Dermolt. li. C. Stiles. Janice Stew- Officers Elected Lnxora Society -- Persona! Jackson and rlnl- i i!i^ and dauflrer. I if bi-ll visilcd iheir ; , mid fiMiiripaienfi. Mr. and • ':.;rs. J. P.. Kinis. over the ui-.'k- ird. EitdiL- f loll v as in Blythcville; Salurday. I ' Wiley Ilutlon and family of; lAIanihi visited in this community i • Sunday. : • Mrs. llcyd Tvimliti on a:ul ihil- oitn accompanied Mr. Tomlnison, • ;o Lmi C::ne. whri:' li? is em-' ' ployed. Sunday. j ; Mr. and Mr.-- I.vereli Uiown: I ;:nd acn iii'it- Ihe yw.<ls Suniiaj | [Of Mr.:. lirnnn's |..-.K-nls. Mr. and I Mrs. W. I.. Lloyd. UNDER-QRAO ."Prop" Suit Tiio Sniuilcsl we know of __ The P. T. A. met Wednesday al- [Take Lydia E. Piukham's Tlie folloiving have been elected j officers in Mr. Hunt's home room I' for t':-.e senior group: home room! chairman. James Tidwell: vice chairman, Claude Whilworth; sec- ternoon at Ihe high school andi relary. Dorothy Kruty; treasurer, lorium wilh Mrs. Richard Revler Benlley Crawford: reiwrler. Jamie I presiding. Tnc subject for group Nichols. Mia :\f-.ii Morris was elect- sludv was "Child Development." ed hostess. j M~ rs Elbabclh Sillerman and __ __ . i Mlss carrye Mae Hires shop;«d in Innrnalitlc M^cf Memphis Wednesday. journalists meet . ^ y T Frtn Ml Fri ,, ay moi . n . | ! ins for iropKliibville. Ky.. for an expended visit. Mrs. Charli-s Mil- HELP FOR TIRED WIVESi The Journalism club met today' Rllev with the sponsor. Mr. Himl. ond n 'j d Mf | van Mifrlln ••-- -•" irhols and Carl I j^Vd her to MemphLs. ! Mr. and Mrs. E. U. Bosan r6- T ' turned rtldny afternoon after a ScnOOl ' week's visit in Mt.'Venion. 111.. St. The 50 groin) held a fair In their !"»"*• »"d Chlc.go Trey wen- ac- cotnpinled by Mrs. Carolyn Spon- Vegetable Compound t«t tlrrf Jurlna lh«« li«d : llmw. Tlwjr «t« Ihp <mn who niu»t b«r burdmi ol th* family. When tn« «ndcome« bonte wllh le»* money In . u U thc»il> "no TQIMC inugilc "«toni an4 mak* ibe «*l thlnf t. ir you «te tiled . . . wotn t o» l • • • cerraiu, trr LjrdUK. Hnkkim^ ^'fonli lh«t «Hljlfe you the itienjth to c*m It out ol tierr tM women who cr<>rt to ut «ay th«t they a(e Iwnefitctl by ihli medklne. Buy a bcl'lo (rom rour U(i>g- illt toilAy , • . anil watch the. ifiun*. A sensational developiueut liy SCIIL1TZ that takes the guesswork out of brewing. It is the modern,up-to-the minute way. Enzymes arc mysterious substances in nil liviug cclla. They break up nnil ferment the yeast, malt anil hops into solution. Unless Ihc ciizymalic activities arc skillfully controlled, the enzymes yield a rank, indigestible beer. But,witli SCHLTTZ enzyme control.tbereault is wholesome, healthful, delicious SCHLITZ. {Sow you know why you like SCHLITii so veil. It >s a finished product, made accord- inn to the latest scientific process. It's smart to drink SCHLITZ. Ask your Dealer. Mrs. Sanford Hyde of Llltle Reck is the xucst of her parents. Mr. ] home room Wednesday, Ribbons . --- . ami Mrs. Robert Stuart. were given for the first, second enbarger of Arkansas ouy. wha w,'. Little Man- Aim Parks celebrat-1 ir i timd places, as follows: cd her 5lh birthday Sunday with party for her little pl»ymnlcs. licail Cnurler News Want Ails. thflr guest until Saturday evenu- Puppy—Ptggy Jones, lit; Vir- Mr. and Mrs Alvln Wunde-lich » : nla Hayiifs, 2nd: Dorothy Wor- were in Memphis Snuilaj- aft^r- tlw 3rd I h 0 ^ 1 - ' Dog-Rose Enorti, 1st: Ocor?» P. Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Wllklns, Mrs. r r r 15r BORUM'S Waller Boothe Shot.'.s Ail llio New Fall Styles S 3 ; and J Mallcu-v Hats in I In; Now Onrk Brown nncl Hlne Stylos. $$50 UNDtR-QRADS ru> DISTlUMiTOU: 1 Miller-("rnishaw (loinpuny In Brown Bottles I'hone CIS l.lylli v l> .i ltlRIl! <H' The Beer That Made Milwaukee famous

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