The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1947 BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Living Costs Go To All-Time High Labor Unions Plan Demands to Send Prices Still Higher WASHINGTON, July 25. (UP) — A drive for s. "lliirtl round" ot u:ige increases by CIO unions loomed Uxiuy ;is the Rovcnur.cnt's cost of living index hit an all- time high. OIO Vice-President E:nil Ricvc liinted at the new "CIO drive in :i statement on President Truman's midyear economic report. "With prices still rising," Jie' Mild, "our unions fire forced to wk enough money to permit them to obtain decent levels of living for their families." Two major CIO unions Rieve's Textile Woitevs niul Uie United •Idibbcr Workers—have already re- opsncd 1947 contract negotiations for furtl'.er HTIKC Increases. The United Stoclworkcrs have uctam nc- BOtialion with u. s. Steel Corp. on a new insurance plan which .some union sources hopn will equal a I0-ccn1.-nn-.hour pay toost. Other CIO unions rcportert'y will seek hourly wage increases and more "fringe" benefits, such ns in.simu-cc plans, wlicn their present rontracts are reopened in six to eiphl jnonths. AF1, I'resiucnl William Green, cniiMiienlhrj earlier on Mr Truman's report, said AFL unions wore much concerned wilh the la" of pirehiisiiiK i»wer beliind risim; prices. A PL, sources said this meant new demands for higher wages if prices continued upward. The Labor Department reported that its preliminary figures on consumer prices lor" June showed a rise of less than one per cent over May. nut this was cnou»h to push the price index to 157 points above the 1935-30 level—an all-time peak. The previous ceiling, reached in March, was 1533 PAGE SEVEN Here It Is—The Jet-Propel led Bike McLaughlin's Trial to Stay In State Court I'OHT SMITH. Ark., July ». <l'P)-Federal Jiid«o John K'Mill- er yesterday refused to nssiaun Jurisdiction over Komr l!i eluii'ECS filed In csiivliiiul Coun'.y Clretnt Court asainsl, former M^yor Li'» P. M.'I.'uiulilin of H-Jt Springs. Mc- I/.»ngli in had rctiiifsled I lie transfer from Ktiite to 1-Vilernl Court on the grounds Unit his civil rights would be Impaired uy a (rial dn state court. Miller's decision c:wic after u brief hrarlng in Vt.n Smith yi\s- tcrdixy -tiioi'iiin^ when lie grunted the request of I'loMTiiliiin Attorney Sidney s. M.'Mulh that, (lie re mounded hack to Gar land Circuit Court. The ehargt's aj;a:nst McLnuHli lin. ninyim? from Jtntlfeasanrc in office to hribny, vina filed following a .sjiivial iiraiul jury in vestiKiillon early this Sprint;. Scoville Knox, of Di'vlmi, Ohio, st;nuis beside the world's first and only jet-propelled bicycle. What looks like a triple automobile airhorn on the rear fender i:; a ihree-lubeii jet engine. Using gasoline for furl, it pu.hcs the bike alonfi at '25 to 30 miles an hour. Kadi cn;;ii:e v.-ciyhs a pound and delivers a fuur-poimd thrust. .say \vlio. "I ran'! leimrrorr who I next tci at dinner four months let alone four years amx" Pretty Swimmer Soys Hughes' Parties Loaded With Bigwigs WAUN1NO OItI)I!li N 'i in; CHANCKKV couitr <'»U'Iv,\SA\Vll,V Dl.STIt ICT, MISSISSII'I'I COU\TV. AliKAN- re -_ No. 10,1'il ^ onnj; Defendant, defendant Kvolyn Yoinm is uanu\| to apjjeav \\it.lilii <; 'V* In tile c'dllrl named '':'l>lio[i lien-of and aiisu'er "'Plant ol the pliiinlift I/.ovd unii!. •i> thb- 10 day o( July. U)I7. HAUVIOV MORRIS, clerk ,,. Uy Hetty Smllll 1). C. i/iamie K C'.Hiper, ally, for plaintift. 7ill-18-23-B 1 WAIININU OKDKIt IN Tin: < ii,\NCi:itv <:OUHT nnntA'SAWUA IHSTK I,<:T, MISSISKIITI COIINTV, AltKAN- SAS. Carl tiiinilbrru: I'luliitlff. v:-. No. iO.Hl 'I'ne defend if Margaret Satullici'i; it-d to apju-nr \vltlilu Che ennrt. n:um\l in 'reo r and !ins\vcr (-he ttie pl'.ilntllf Carl iiiiKiueru. Dated IhU 10 day of July. I!M7 IfAHVKY MOiOlIS. Clerk lly rielty tiHiim, 1). C Claude !•'. Coupcr , . ally, (or 1'l.ilntlif Til IU-23 B-l EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting and Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 HY 1'ATIIICIA CI.AltY Si' (Unlli-d 1'ress Staff (,'»ri-o.siTnn<lenl) "a HCLLYWOGD, July 23. lUP)— i cers." A pretty .s'.vitr.nicr wlic) cnLenain-j Shi cd at Howard Hughes' parties foi- flight •Ami;', govei'tunent nntl aircraft Co. c bigu'iys said N eliterday she "n:il-| -j ators and Hcpi'pscnln lives iin lot of liigh-ninkiiif; Army offi si' id she was sometimes by paid $100 a Huylies Tool didn't henr nuicli discussed," she said, "hut I iher lobbying noiin; 0:1. ' it V ;c»Ul be fcm\y natural for" Mr. Congrc-aioi'i?! t omiiiitteo \vith!lhi»hes to iry to combine husineni Bus Accident Fatal for Two Tenncsseeans WAVE3LY. Tenn.. July C5 (UPI —Two pel-soils were killed veslcfclav ""ruing when a charlcrcii Ijiisloaii of Baptist youDg people on their way ^0 North Carolina p'»»l'ed over an ciiibank:ncnl near here £he dead are Mrs. Wiliiam Wai€.1. -^ MECHANICS The/e h o big demand foi trained w«J. on let. Ecrningi U p to j(2 5 per wee ^ Spetiol. if iraining m automobile mo ton, bod^ Approved for^Gj" Lnin^o? E^l'hlu'io^ mail <aupon at one*. the SR.IKC as-suir.p'.ioii h,>.s .suhpc;- I licr nntl ir, lr:i:;' u one otlier Ilolly\voofi glun^oiiv i;ir] lr> If^l! nil Hiigiic.s' fabulous vvartimc i:artic.s. Tlie ooininiUrt 1 hinted that the parties exposed Air Coip.> i:roc".;vi'- mcnt officers to oqual pai'tiop.s of movie stars iincl luvji-prt'ssiiro \vctr con trading and netted I hi- handsome p!ayljrjy ul;oul STO.COS.ICO ill aviation eoni-iai'is. •Half that- was Tor a ir.-'jsi.stci 1 ply \vocd plane tlint. .si ill hasn't \\Q\\~l\. Judy Cook, \vho s'.vishcd throimn i Hughes' .s\v>n"]ii; JJRO! : " " ' L " U! [flesh-colurccl lv.ithiirj suit, that when she came up for air at- the [parties .she spotted Julius f Kru-3, tlu-n WRV Production Cin with plna.suic. Evei'3*body* clfio in -HfiUywotxl docs." l At one parly, .she rccaV.cci. she nr?l Gal. E. W. •Rnwlins-s, Kru^'.s- AAF roprpscntf\livc oti the WFB. iurplunc cotwmiltcc. M. H. WilncrJ •ihr» dopiiLy chief of WPB's Air- 1 rrall Division, and Capt. J. O., Small, K rug's executive Fissi.stiuil. Hut -she, couldn't romcinhnr whc- thpr it was at ..Giro's, the Mo- rainbo, Rctnaiioff's, Barclay's KiL- c:h(;n, the Hughes hcnic or Palm Springs. Miss Cook's nnnie \vi\s listed Under "expenses" on the income'tax in a tiyliL| statement of OUR of Hughes''aides. Jack Five, then president of Hughes' TWA Airline, stvern 1 . U. S- John Meyei\ Meyer now is in South America. Model Martha GoltUhwnito, 1 cnhnm-mvl for tllC AUI?. 4 -1"*: ter Warmotli, about Jack:sn, Tenn. M t5s 13 e I ty 'C risp. r minister, 1 4. Tl \K wife of | .said she wouldn't .understand why she too was on the list, "T never got, a cent," she sakl flp.tly. Her only connection, she dates i, Itna. . . of the bus was -the only other of the ;i(3 persons aboard who seriously injured. said, was -'four or .five'' -,".!'''! witii Meyer .four years i\£Q. ' "Only twice do-I- rcanembe.r. sce- About 500 Tons in Stock Ready For Delivery Now!' —Aiso- Pfates - Sheets - Bars (cold finished) Reinforcing Stee! - Steel Window Sash. Nice Stock of Electric Motors Roller Chains & Sprockets and General Mill Supplies CLEVIDENCi MACHINE WORKS 3rd St. Higfwcy 84 Caruthcrsvillc, Mo. an;,' i;ovevnirient party when I went Joiuinv." shq siiid. -2 n i n the out with "I'd hale to, Try A Taste-Thrill Chickens-Basket! 01X11 V I AB L Highway 61 North at Holland, Concrete Culvert-tile Sl/rs 10" »o 3«" (Itrlnforml or Nim-RfInforctd) Cliniprr a i H| (.oujcr I.rtSChu lliiiii any ulhcr llrlilije MaUrlul. <'«iHTi'tc unilH fur StinlUry 1'rlcy—Cunrruli' Scpllu Tallin. A. H. Webb liny, (ii N. : ,i si:Ki- Line I'lioni! lUythcvllle Tit >«?REPAIR Co.- Sims on I lie Mimic: family's shoe 11 •osts (hrmi^ti llii- yrur—by kcrp-i IIR thrni lit Kiiotl repair with niir* tine workmanship mill lou^h* iii;illty tiiiili-il.ils. \Vhili'-yi)u-» and dp replacement^ For Electric Work Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance, installation 500 N. Fifth St. Klythcville, ,Ark. Good Used Furniture Is Found at UAITCD'C : JIMMIE EDWARDS nAL I tK j : FURNITURE co. • Quality Shoo Shop * 313 K. MU ^•••••••^•••••^••••v :!>'!*! >: >»;>;>,»:>;>; >•>;>; >; ^;x>;:»; »;;»;>,;*; >:•*;>; '.*'. >!>!>:;»; >; >: >^o;>; :^xxx; Pride & Usrey GENERAL CONTRACTORS Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition $ _•) «*1"*"*-.*"*^*'.*'•*"•*-'*"*"*! i*!XXX!*'!*!^^^^ BEN WHITE & SONS i.GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE—-iNQRTH TENTH Phone 3151. ^.^^^f^fc-.r^. -_- iMv. A Stimulating Challenge—? 101 " «'«> CGME BACHL b You're young . . . you're looking for ci life their can take all you've got to give it, that will return to you emotional and financial dividends and will better the lot of your fellow man. Perhaps you've lived on u farm, perhaps you haven't . . . You don't mind hard work if you get something for it ... The modern farmer is a scientist—an experimenter— working among the grass roots of life, finding out what makes it tick . . . The modern farmer is a provider, buying wifh the sv^cat of his brow the welfare of his family and the world . . . The modern farmer experiences the important joys of living, the joy of discovery, the joy of nn essential job well done. So, accept Ih challenge of the land ... It may be just the thing for you. FIRST the Only National Bank In Mississippi Counlu FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquellq Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Clwnc <;<>1 %T' If blue Monday plagues you on Sunday/call 474-475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Day Phono 3371 Night Phone 2527 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 Ho. Second Kt. Ulythcvillc, Ark. Ksfimales Gladly Given i FOK KCAl Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer I'lione ,'M7!» lilythcville Ark. 112 Walnut St. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 ie Old Reli G. O. POETZ "The Old Reliable" SMTM •( PETROLEUM ort<» Btk*nd.l,l. tort*. PRODUCTS E* •! Cb«n

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