The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 1, 1935
Page 1
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TWO jjgTHEVILLE. (ABE.) COUIUBR NBW8 crcletu rU '^•^•••^•••••^•^••iZSSSISSS!^^^^^????^^***™^""^"""l . ^K^—^^^ Social Calendar bATURUAY'S EVENTS , Children of Confederacy having luncheon meeting wlth-Mury Jean Affllclc, ) J', M. Miss Hallie Hughes, Announces Wedding Parly Miss .Hnflle Hugtes, of Joiner, whoic marriage to Mr. I. o, Westbrook jr.. of Blythcville and Joiner, will be solemnised Sunday uftcr- iicoii- nt the Joiner Methodist church, hns announced [he personnel of her- wedding, lho Re i' J J Walker, pustor of 'he 3ast End Christian cnurch of Memphis, will perform the ring service .it 530 oclock After the ceremony thcic will bo a laccplion at Hie iionAB economics cottage ol Itie. Shawnco school. Miss Hugnes nns chosen Mrs. rt. U, Dsdman of Memphis, sister ol Mr, .Westbi'ook, for her matron ol honor and Miss Uivada liuycp, pi Memphis, is to be her nuild ol honor/ Mr. jack iiuntlcy, oj Memphis, •will tie-best man. nnd Mr. Frank Uictett," of Memphis und Blythc- Aille, groomsman Mi Russell Hughes, of Wilson, and Mr. Howard Uowcn, of LU\OIII, will be ushr Barren, u adjoins the school grounds 0)1 l|lg)iway 0). At the next mcetlns; each incni; will lake a '' shrub, bulb "or iliint W beautify the kitchen and £c)iool grounds, Work will be started BOOH on a milt lo be sold. ' 0|) March, ft. Mines. O, V. nenibcrs agreed io contribute to add to tlie club fund. Mis. Fuughl, yi\r< ,. v — .„, 0 ,o the allar dre to be opened by Jean Dedmim of. Memphis, of Ihc bridegroom, and Uufus Holt, jr., of os- ccpla,.nephew of-the bride. Preceding the exchanging of Iho vmnrliige vous a progiam of iniisic will be ismlercd bv Mi<> T. J. A> Icii of filemriliis, pinn^sl, Donald Fletcher of joiner, soloist, .md'MI.'is Peggy Mitchell of Memphis, vloltn- "I Loic You Truly,' 'At Dawning" and Oh. Promise Me " " ' Ihc daffodil motic will ba earned out with je"ow ihc prevailing lojoj in the decorations .111 j frocks. Ihe bride, who Is the daughter o! Mr and' Mii August Hughes' of Joinci, hds been complimented will! a numba of interesting.affairs |u Memphis, JoiiiM, Wilson and Bly- Ir^ei'lJle iinco liei engagement was announced. \ " Mr Wcstbiook, v,ho Is ihtf son of MIA I O Wcs^brook of this city; received his |nt« education at Iho Unlioislty of ArKuneas, Faycttovllle', vlieie i;e ksunic j uieinber of the W IJappa Alpha fiaternltj , (o illcrl llctc ApproslmatcK 130 joimg people W Die JlJiilsJpj)! coieiity Unton of the Afetho^lst Dp\\or(h 1,'ugues aic cxpBcted to attcmj ,, meeting at the First IVielhotllsl cnurcii of this city Tues,la> evening At this time the \nrious eronps will be graded on llic new coals re- tcjitlv fixed to inmiMuc each' chap-. tc| ihc jjisslsslppi coiuily Union, "^'nn «JI1 te awuided lo Hie eraun iccEWing the highest Blade. It h i o^s in the ixiiicssUm of the Munlin organ ballon. "..' . Delcsates fiom ijmrchcs of BK-- tlicvillc, L;ailivlllc, Manila. Pro'm- acd Land Ostcoia Yaibio, Armaral Wilson and Dell .ir e expectccl to attend Miss Nora Pnc" o^ccoln is , )r csi- icnl or tlic union, and Miss Dorol hy Ooodrlch, Di y u, CV i Uc l5 ^ •Jui.ior <JI,jbi Of Jull Qo»t>cl Church Meets The Junior Sunrtiij school class of the Full Gospel church met Sunday w|tli 21 present ' " These officers wcic elected- Pailine Ulm, president, ' Virginia Henrj, secretary anil treasurer. We extend a cordial invitation to uirls and bojs Irom lo I 0 15 Kais a age lo Qllcncl Ihls Sim- day tchool on Lily strict " faotlelj Has IMccling. Eight members and one visitor attended the meeting of the MI'S- fitemrj Society of Ihc Dell Mcth- odu,t dnirch at the home of MIS. V M Moody d, Dave Craw- iugton bicthd'av motif wltn Mrt Eail Muscixl hehl ' ' . TIIE Homo Beiiioiblrutiuj, Mrs r VU ? a ^ ICl dl llc "°'»= Mrs r. F Scraps Wednesday Eacli of Ihc 24 praei. [ price or a dozen Vgg fc ulil bs u-cii lo stnu a Uitu f(, Dcflmte plans v,crc ma Iho canning u tchcll the lor Ini- lo le rented fioiii [oo k lilcl, f(,r, t | de Ure , vn i for UuUdine Allen • o-'-i J-MJII iiiq/iivtyd chaliinan, (old of the need "illy planning, pf Ihi; yards. ..— hoslcsscs „,„ „„„„ Mines. Ulcdsae, Perkins «nd p ,,nd can by , , . *,,„,,.„ n tivl *-»ll^*4L in ficrvlug sandwiches, cuke and hot rhocolnlc. The' club will meet in Ihe now kitchen March n. Jr. Ambassadors i\lcct. The Junior Christ Ambassadors jet his week when ihc Ruv. N. h. miodcs,was n guest, lic'gi " sirmoiictte. Wfe'i ''0|ivi: Hin-iis pinVcd the BUltiii' un,j ucrt Luowuy; 'ih e V | 0 , AH children from & lo- IS years >f ago are Invited ID ulleiid these service.s v\t U-AS p. M. Meets. Ekron The -ISkroii.."ijumc 'penioiii[ril([u/i • iitu met- fiiutiicluy uftt'VUQQi] *whcii rc|:o!'ls"w,cre made' of the ho'm'c mprovcment projects. Three new •Vi.shinsr muchlncs, live new' rugs -ircc rockers one living rooii!, flyo radios, two new Drives ->»(; dttvenpoil, one bedroom miite and uno dresser i«ve i )C mi pur, elided, 'iti^c 91 ^ nuiHIng 1 u numir' °' "OW" 5 '•' Ws'com"- munlt.v inoru iiltractlve. ' lias. Club Party Clay, sprins; Howcre were ' iho l °m ly f< "' Ncw Or cenlerpicce of (h,, ,iir, ,,, will all<;iid Mi ( rdl *bli>"Vcslwlw « Ion Trr 88 'i™T :fe U ^ Jl - ' H. U Guliic*. who |\us. bceii quite l|l from lunucn?a imd com- pllcallons, b Hindi beltcf totluy: MV». O. W. McCutchcn is convalescing at her honic following q' tolflllcptpipy clgfH daj's ago (it the Memphis. Uupiist ho.spltnl. Mrs. Gcoruc II. Calhomi returned . Wednesday lo her ,homc In NijshvlHc, ToilVi aflcr a visit wilh her duughtcr, Mrs. Flussell fhll- jfps, and family. Mvs. motored her io Mcniohls. Mines. A. Cpnway, Max U. Mil lid J. A. Baptist Sohooj AVill Hold Final Cross-Ruffing Achieves Sjam Despite Adverse Trump Suit Solution to Previous Contract Problem I1Y )V»J. E. jIcKENNJiV Secretary, American Biiilje League The flmil C' •' rtt '•'.". ' w " 5 'discussing''" whist i> OCSS1OI1- Ifmiilht Gcov p,P elth Ibe, other flay, ""b • I asked him If ho thought w f >p >i Bll%'UVs: I S! u . day r 1 ! 1 * p!axors ' Y. I'. U. Tmlnlng school, to be ,,.,:'"", ...... ° •— "vv». i u uc , n ' 1PCl ° Ck ' (lLlhe wh!stl bllt ' H , ' s noim V sl!V ' !ral •"""<"•«' '""re or lea (han a pure gamb* Tlie HKV. r r. |[ or the First Baptist church 'of Helena, will conduct (he consecration service following u' review of the lessons and examinations flic consecration service will begin at 8:30 o'clock. the and Or. If. A. Taylor were In Jonesljoro yc.slcrday for the meeting of the Northeast Arkansas Dental a*oclallon of which Dr. Child Is secretary. U. lllijhllll attended to business In /vfeniphls yesterday. Mrs. W. D. Clmm'blin and Mrs. M, A. Isaacs are In .Memphis tu- I'crcy Wami. of Forlagcvllle, Mo., attended [o business here to- Hciiry liiiniplirey went Ui nrowiisvlHc, Tcnn., ' today to sec }ils father : wlio "Is (jultc 111 at a hosplliil there.' Miss Lpulse Simon hns returned trow; Momplih wjiero she vi.vlt- cd friends. In which there was a lolal of HOO The Wlllielm union ol tile eluirch hcrc.wpii llic cfflciwicy banner and Uic'aUewluncc uwartl went to Liijioni, C. Aubi'cy Hearn, of. Nasliville, Tenn., was thc 'principal speaker following .•[he .classes laughl by Mrs. Jordan, thc-Kcv. Alfred Carpenter, host, piistgr, Mr. Hearn and ,\frs.' J. L. Newsdin. Mrs. -l,,ula HlulibK Is In u . vvlv Rock for- "several day^- slay. Sl'ia PlRiis lo return tomorrow. pr. and Mrs. M.' o; Usrcy and '"Ehler, Mtss Mary Spain, Icfl today lor New Orleans whore' they Gras and visit P. T. A. News The summer rmmd-up cliairmon parlor to the old-time expert, as r "' " ' mucU its the old-timer hales Io if the three uicmentnry „, arc working wllh Ilir; "fKHA tr, taking a ccjisus o] all chilriret who will be six years old aiiw I March 10. ' There, will the lifsl, of May when tests clinic was li, trie y Luncheon club and o Mrs. Floyd' While. A mniui WHS served An lufnnnal supper utib to ncol each ," '-•-- •• >U|ijicr, to ij Mrs. G.-B.'Kcck and - <lauBhler, ,I\Iiss Margaret, uro in Mempliis °. today wjiere Miss Keck is consulting her .dentists. She has been huinu from Umtcinvood collego at HI-. Clmrlos, Mu.,"since lat.1 Sum tl?y becai]se of Infeutcd wisdom teeiii: She hopes to_ vcliirn lo hrol Uy noxl, Alonday. Uaymoiid Schnmpk, who becanir •Ln^nll,- Ill i n ,.* ,.,^,., . . :'• for physlcnl defects will be made These leals are made so that ilc- lEols muy : ba cleared up Iwfor; c.(|l)drcii ftijii (q school hi September. Miss -Wiil'ni:: Vii'gi) leader •. of,' lljc . study ri^Tig^opfex« B, has bl,, r™K t? . «. Ml :i!n'!*,«apt|st a.iosplliil.' ' ' liils llridjc'Tca " "' ?• &ll ^t Hassoii won 'the . silver candle sticks was -hostess ' Kill. 'las Gucils '.Mrs. qharles Wyljc Is v'M(\ug her mother h, Arkndcln'hln, Ark for several clays. Mrs. O.larcnce Orlsham, of Ncw- ^'"i Tcim,, will arrivg' today to spend the weekend with her slsler Miss. Wlunic Virgil Turner. Miss I'linci; wilj inutgr-hcr home Sun- flay. Q. G. Caudlll plans to return Sunday or Monday. Irom AtlniUu Ci»., vhcrc.ho is allendiivg a ; inuet- !»« ol the Prudential Life "in- iunttJcc company. Mr. nnd Mrs.'Russell Farr have relumed from several days stay "l St. Loftls ni\ri Astoria, 111. They were itcconipnnled home by Mr furr's inoUier, Mrs. 'Ella p-arr, who Is here foi' an extended slay. ' Mr. anil Mrs. Charles Crowdpr, Miss Imogens Orowder mid Mr -turf Mrs. 'Jcriy Holiy, of Holland' Mo., returned yoslcrdny from Booncvlllc, Ark., wlioru they hiivo been ivlih Wuitci- Crowder who is critically ill at the sanitarium. The cap screws that fasten (lie radiator to [ho frame shoiiltl lie Ugltared frequently, as ihey tend Ho loosen with time. I Turner was. course Iiisf • n'^f'^" -"F?*-"'Q• ""• f-t-!ij$>h fit'hoo' library. Tlje tiibjccl, ; for (hi •Drogram w'a> "What "should tlv ScUcpl;Do?" Mfes. Alia'. Mao Gar- hiigloii:, spoke tin "Dpmlnalion" /shewing ljo\v it could be used foi eooil or evil. Miss Francos Miller .-gave n talk on ^Education' taKhig l|er malcrlul from u bior eraphy uf H.-;G'. Well's. The p '"..- A'.'s of higlrsclipol, junior hW Mhooj, Central' Ward nnd "Lang; schools are taking jiari in sillily course. liicsduy night March 'Ith. Mia Rosa Hardy wil" to in charge of the program , to fce held ut the high schob] librarj at 7 o'clock. "' •••-•• held ' The Junior higli [>. T. A |i bingo parly Wednesday cvii trcccccjs ffpin this win j^ -, o meet monthly bills' Mich telephone bills aiul incidental cx- lienscs. The group win i,|,v c nll . etiicr such party in two weck-s. Tlvj Bonior high .whool I 1 . •[' A ^""IMSontlio.iJhyjVci! Evcd s=usau" which win be used" "to "y tuition of needy sltidciils and lo ternary the school ground.? Courier News Waul Ads. AND DRY "Sly Coal l> l!lu ( k Hut I Treat You IVbite' 1 I'HQNK 107 JOHN BUCHANAN WOOU-WOOD-WOOD: . uon binnmom d TI wii lev an,! ohesler Oaldwc)! ' . Jean,,,, Hm Talisman 1 .«! n,,,i "• ». Mcnard fur u lc rlub" n»- t ir^.waf'i^rHr^V,.'' ' > 1'cs. ange l(J ,!>!«<l Hill, Mrawbtrri " .... ..... — __ u hus.bcen estimated that than 75.pM,wo (el^^n-r ••"^.-fe^ - JC • •MOKE? GOOD ..'CUPS .. -Of. Corrte-ur tS : cri- ' .. Pu CONSOLATION When your loved ones have been laid, to rest in dignity and beauty, the" saUsfac- tlon . pi buying done your par I to' make ihpiii i.-ei-iiiaiiently tccurc from."all external agciiDtcs ct change will ta yours If they lave ten burled In Metallic. Catkett insuring hioteclloii agatiist' water '«hd all ioreign elements these "Mctullics offer a certain comfort In' the minds o'f UIOSD Vho remain lehliid. ' .......... ; ' ' >Ve have iicitctl Ihcsi' BIctallir.' Cliskels within L (I, (ISS with ami players played their conls"»s >> \rell iWel|, I never or tllree played much W the first as to what suit to lead or what card lo play; but contract, bidding has forced players lo learn how lo play their 'cards well." I quite with him that, the , -.rca-nt-dny card player Is fur VQJ10 0 8 6 Z Void + Q107 KQ105 • Q 7 C 3 : #53 +~K 1085 + AK4 Duplicate-—E. and W. yul. South West. North Knst 1 * 2 »' . 3 * ' i 4 Pa?? •( * , 4 V Double 4 4 6 ^ Pass I'aas Opening lead— V K. pass I 1>ass i Double) Doublo! l ., 11. Hcrc'jj n jical. cxiiiup|c of crois .•tifflng and proper liming -that would be ralhcr dimcult" lo handle at whist, but at contract It "bc- :omes an e'veryrday problem. The bidding, I iiHist iidniit., was finite ipliitcd ujir! optlmlsllc, liiit. Jet nfc Jhov,- you how^ one of the yoinig cpnffact players handled the play -' "- •--'"-•" ""•' the The Play rriic, a (|lajnent! lead woulfl have defeated his contract, but his opponent made a natural oprn- l|iS of (lie king of heiiiis. The trick was won in dummy with tlu; nee. A spade was led and icon trill) " the ace, a club •relumed and won with the king. A small lour of dUmoijdv' won in •. - T7-v "rtt i»» M^j*(jity Wlin Ihe 'ace, am} a cpatje; '"^turned ^^..^/^^ith "(Wm rk.-'nvo Uxora attending Arkansas state n' r' p W) thp - Jl0|Wl " 4 '°" fW first semester. Miss Mildred Majors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, J. M. Majors, a senior, is jrtsclallz- i n I'Venclraiid |s active in '- Ci'qlp cf diamonds. Now a heart, was'ruffed'hj dilin- my.wltli the five pf'diamonds ' ' spade was returned and' r With "Mm Itftl, «F /U _.* .. ( . 4»ugl)tjr of Mr, arid TJuveatt, a settlor, principal work in • , , -.-- - •-•-"." VM aim- f unyu with me jack of dlamrmds.-'ahd we now find East down lo 'five rumps, but the declarer has the hand BO timed lhat'he still-will make his contract,. The seven of hearts was played and East had (p trump; dummy overtrumped, with Ijis ijght O j diamonds and returned HhV 'jack ol ejiades. which was ruffed, with the ace of diamond*, EaU' being fOl'fYpfl (A utirlnv ,...'rr .{.[(U »\ • forrjed to uiirter-nirr three of diamonds. A club was led, but Easl, had o trump Ihls trick, and now had to lead from his quccn-sevencS diamonds Into dummy's Is'iivg-icii" (Copyright, 1935, NBA Servicefinc.)' Open New Beauty Shop in Glencoe Hotel Building The Moderne Boauly Shoppe, located at 119 South Second streefin he Glencoe building, was ope-nS [ OI . ^ S , MSS S^terday by Mrs' Mabel WiUiams and Mlss'Billie Hurst . New nxtures and:cquipmbnt i)av. : bean installed and the location 'has been remodeled and redecorated making it one of ll, c » lost ati ,.^. p the beauty shops ,;„ ihis'aeet'io'ri'.'" Both Mrs. Williams and " MI« Mlll-et ^,- , atlu 1\1]6!> nuist aic cxpevicnccd operators Mrs. Williams formerly operated ^ops here and at I^achvijle and '.s \voll known in this vicinity Miss Hin'st has been connected with" the Klargurct Deen Bcaiity Shop for the past year and a ] la if. ' • • *'" H °" ors * Cp|Uge s.- M|ss .. doing her n Englisiv, and Journalism. She is 0,1 <i, e stafr of the Ai'lssnsas state College Herald. It. A. Nelson jr., of BlytlwvUlo.'n Wsr at_ Arknnlas , State college, as also ben placed on the honor !<>H for the first semester. Mr. Nelu Is majoring In biological sci- ,WJ» :,Mary :Cumin!ng S| daughler of Ot o Cununlngs, -formerly of Bly- lc,,. has been: the recipient of honors at; the college, she is a, sttjdent assistant I n the department pf ' education, a member of the international-, Relations clufi a pledge -to Phi Theta Kappa,' hatwr- ary ; scholastic fraternity,' and a oflhe staff of the Arkan^ Slatc college - Jjcrald.' In ad<ll- n"il? '^" g " pa - rt "' a11 lhesc tlvites she found tl mo to make the college honor roll j as t semester ° FHIDAY, MARgH 1, li)35 Barboro Company Will ^ DistributeJ)rr,eg« Flout' The H. C. Cole Milling comrmu. of Qhwler, 111., manufwT,n' Omega flour, has annoiinced u,', appointment of A. S/Baruoro and' company as dfatrlbulors of ihcw product'lii this territory, ; ;fl has been estimate^ that (lie Ms ajalixst a pjrsoii |n ih'e t-;in- ;crafc zone being struck by lighi- im? are l,2po.OOO to 1. . , will receive her A. B.,d'cgrec in May. Gee Company Receives Car of Refrigerators The E. B. Gee Sales company, local distributors for Frigiclaire Rroducts, today received a solid car .(pad of electric refrigerators. This is the first, time a car load has ever been sent "to this cily Since 1024. the German government l, ns bunt Ir7s , p(i85 »• merits und single dwellings, (lc . signed especially to house poorer • " Last Time Today frtshcaslhcmoulh > the throat VICKS COUGH DROP Fine, Pliable New Pedaline BraiosJ u r e A t P|S.hiqrj h.?? oytrjone hctjelf („ i|,|s slun . iiing 'J^nnj/ Art/ collection! "Sb allow crowns, "Ijuje-lwi" effecis! Simple 'pen .'4<M«J « • ?«i//J.' Me.w iab straws- MAT.—2:00 NJ'('K—U:.I5 iUc & 2au lOc & lif.c A ROUBEN MAMQULIAN fRODUCtipN- - '•'.:••• 8«lco»ed thru UNITED 4RT1STS Novelty Reel Cum I'd v Saturday Only MAT. & : -N'l«HT—I0i-. T'J Serial-- Carloon Sunday - Monday MAT. & Nl'i'K— -Idc. - ;(5c HIS SWORE) im*r- CQNQUEREO ' ^Hl lpv« with Ihe pic."J.fSSS^ lv? of o girl he Pafambijnt Ne\vs Musical Coiucdy "Show Kids With Coughs t-fr-v let (hem get a strangle hold. Fight them quickly. Crcomul- sion combines, 7 helps in one. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant lo take. No narcotics. Your own drug- Sist Is authorized to refund yo.u- money on Die si'M if your cough' or cold is not relieved by Creo- mulsion. _ Adv 8 FREE SHOW TICKETS Given free, two tickets to any show at the Rltz or Ro.xy with the purchase of one ton' of X-CEL or 1 'ticket with" the purchase of ':. ton of X-CEL. (lie World's Brat Coal. We give Uiesc llckcls in order to introduce X-CBL more quickly. See ad over comics on the Want Ad page. Superior Coal & Mining Co. Plions 100 ROXY & vSaturday iVIA'1'. & NIGHT—lOc - Starting New Serial And Showing: 2 JJijf Episodes "Return of Chandu" No. 1 "Return of Chandu" No. 2 •; Wi(h Beja Lugosj Sunday - Monday WAT. POCKET CAN fNLOVE!" - -She with themanwHo catches her . -And both, with an angel of a baby!

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