The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1950
Page 9
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BATURDAT, MAT W, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS Our Boording House with Moj. Hoopl iDU RE MAKIK) A SLAVE OP rAV ,. -., MIND-- JJ3 w» /ft Mi WEAVIN' DREAMS VI Of -lOU-Oo-HOo III' Oo-HOo-KOO — OWoo/ I CAM'T STAND THAT LOST CA.LF VOICE•BUT THAT APPEALS!' LOMGIW LOOK IS GREAT.' VOU'LL BB A HIT ON TELEVISION; NO, NO,' RADIO, BVALL MEANS.' I CAW'T S1AMD TH 1 SICK CALF LOOK, BUT Boy-- WHUT APPEAL AM' KJ THAT VOICE/ 0KA.Y, /MAJOR.' BLJT THAT ESKIMO OF JAKE'S 15 A'S- STROMG AS TK6 HIM6ES ON! FORT KttoX/• APPROACH He HASKl'T BLOCKED WOULD BE A FAST TAP WlTU A PIPE LAST MATCH 8eF0Re MEETING 6URKE/-««-6OME •SULTAM OR. OTHER HE'S VMRESTLlUG LET'S TRY TO DETECT 60M6 FLAVAl IM KUKULIK'S AR^OR FOR 6LJRke TO ATTACK.' uucr y*\ BE AM /ft (MTERE6TIWS PROBLEM= BY HERMINA BUCK FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE1 Booml WMCT Television on Saturday 10:00 a.m.—Armcil Forces Parade ('til conclusion) 1:15 p.m.—ISnspbnll Koumlup I:3(J—Rrnivns-Scnators 3:00—The I'rcaluiess 3:30—Baseball Scoreboard 4:45—Nature of Thing* 5:00—Young America 5:30—On the Farm 5:55— Commercial Appeal ^ Preview 6:00—Saturday Revue £3:00—Fd Wynn H|:30—Saturday Revue 8:00— Ranger 8:30—Buck Rogers 9:00—Wrestling 10:0fl—News Summary We offer complete Television service.. .supplying and installing General Electric, Motorola, and Capehart models. fOR FREE ESTIMATES TELE VISION & RADIO SALES AND SERVICE 38E MXAINST BIYTHEVIUE, ARK. Rent A Car... Drive It Yourself j* Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhere Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones 49-18 - 937 NEX SUVICf. INC ' KIDS Pony Rides Are Fun I Open Daily 3-9 P.M. ^Shetland Ranch Just South of Starvue Drive-In South Hiway 61 TIIF. STOItVi PillInK In !«»« hnil Ijoru From Clemmr) K'» * lhuuKbr» ^ttfrn *hr look lirr y<J*< n* uurserj Kuvtmoi. In • ln»l h*r hcnrl la l*lrr> A M b<r]ry. (Mvner of the fconr «•< brolber- In- nw »| Syrlc *n,l,rrley. wh* nnu rn^nxed Clemency fur hrr Hrr huhliniiil Jon and In luv* with hfnr* ihp nfiTK iftjM clrmruer mm Pier, nrr cnoerd. Liter Clrm- ency nod* • Burccrj wlnduv* uprn cfoih| IJ " bn • I * 1?B|1 ** "rllliOBr hr4 Irnrn. ihni .l,in b>« W'.'^.irH.c int child and ihr B<KI rvrnlai; when Jon cnmf. to the f»«r«rry to • et hi* child. «lir- lcll» him Mhnvt I.;.™.',""' ".''". h " a . "«'" drlnkln. XX VH ; 'JJO you think I'd do anything to hurt the child?" Jon demanded, still reeking of liquor. 'I'm the only one who cares about her. What'll happen to her. now that Piers is going to give up playing godfather to us all?" "You have no right to talk about Piers like that." said Clemency "I've a right to talk about him any way 1 like." Jon retorted. "And he's goi no right |o ask a nice, decent girl Like you to marry him." - Some undertone In Jon Amberley's words—which were unpleasant enough by themselves— stung Clemency to anger. It was no use arguing wi(h him when he wa« like this. Although her Indignation was mounting she was able to realize this much. "Will you please go away?" she said. "And we will not discuss Fici-s."Wont we?" He rose, looking down it her. "1 don't know. I like you, Clemency, and 1 think you ought to Know. Do you Know the only man my wile ever loved —if she's capable of loving? Too funny—it's Piers." "Are you mad?" she demanded. "No. dear Only a little drunk. And drunken men tell the truth. You'd better Know Did no one ever tell you that Syrie and Piers were once engaged?" Clemency stared at him. wide- eyed. Syric and Piers! Her lips formed the names but no sound came. Ue nodded. "Sure. He was crazy about her," "Well—what of it? That must have been a long time ago." "Yes, (t was. She married me. And then." a vicious note like the upward stab ol a knife came Into his voice "Poor fool—me! 1 didn't know And then he took her Daclt. What ito you think he brought us here for? Because he loved my wife—because he meant to nave her back and he got her back." "It's a lie!" She faced him. while and shaken. "You Know why he brought you Here—to help you —to light (or you." " To —" he laughed. "No, I won't use ugly words 10 you. I believed that. And then J lound out. 1 asked her and she told me. (t had always ocen Piers. Drink, do 1? Any reason why 1 shouldn't? Think it over, little sister!" "Get out!" commanded Clemency breathlessly. "You drunken beast—after all he has done lor you—* • • * SOMETHING In her face sobered hnn. Somewhere in him there was a suot which was not quite dead to all decency, and even while be told himself it was time he got back to Pier; that something in him. seeing the stark horror and misery in Clemency's face, (elt tike a murderer. "Forget iC' he said. "Maybe It's all over." 'Get out." She turned and left him. leeliug she could not breathe the same air. Going through the night nursery swiilly she stood In the darkness ol her own room, her hands clenched al her sides. She felt numbed—as LI someone had struck ner a stunning blow. And Lhcn suddenly sanity seemed to Dow back to her Maybe it WM tnie that Syrie and Piers had once been engaged. Even that Syrie still c.ircd Wr.F tha' »hv she had :ncd to Keep iway from him? She could not have him, bill she lid not menu anyone else to. That would be like Syrie. Cut Piers—his brother's wife? Never! Never! All her fierce love and loyaltj •ose un in her. And then a wave jf lury agninsl Jon. Piers musl he told of what he was accused. Jon should not stay under this rool another moment. She called Justine to watch Baba and then Clemency forced herself to walk steadily downstairs. She met Ahmed in the hall Is Colonel Ambcrley In his study? 1 ' "Yes.* 1 the man told her. She tapped on Piers' door. Receiving no answer, she opened the door and went into the room- The desk lamp was burning, his fountain pen lay on the blotter There was a half-finished cup ol codee— oil the signs that he would be back any moment. She drew » deep breath. Naturally she was upseu but as lor believing a word Jon had said- Piers must be told, though: this kind of calumny could not stay just here. LOG fire had been tighter! in the fireplace and as she moved across to it she saw his silver ciga- rel case on a low table. That case which he had cared for enough always to carry, seemed pan ol him. She picked it up instinctively, holding it In Uie curve of her hand. She would smoke while ihe waited. «he decided. It would soothe her and she would be able to tell Piers more calmly what she had come to say. Firsi she must get one thing clear if be Qao been engaged to Syrie, that was over long ago. Why. Piers obviously didn't like Syrtel Clemency opened the cigaref case It was empty and the engraved insmpuon which she haa noticed that night ta the car ana had Deen unable to decipher seemed to leap up at her In the strong light ol the desk lamp: "PIERS FROM SYE1E. TOUJOURS" Be Allguest. through December Ls the most active shrimping season In the United States. Vou'll Love Our Flowers! BLVTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphis Hi way fhuot 6002 LOANS CARS, TRUCKS Estate K FHA United Insurance Agency 1st & Main— Rear CIlj Drug Blythevllle, Ark. The State Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Before you have an accident, call 33G1 for automobile Insurance protection. For small premium, we in- « ide $10,000 Personal Li- ility. W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency SHOE REPAIRING SAVES MONEY! Prompt Service Expert Workmanship H-flLT€RS IURLITY SHOC SHO 121 W. M « 1 N ST ANHYDROUS AMMONIA I>on'l take less than the best! We can supply (he fcrl) ,| Mt and applj It the waj the Jou should be done, tor prompt service call $584 or 438». Lowest Aiiplioaling Prices Available. SCRAPE & WEIDMAN Agriculrurol Service HoDlh RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (All TJJKS Except Caoeerl CUnlc 514 Main. BlylheTllle, Ark. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up (o 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Firoad Stississippi LUMBER $OA Per oU M Pt . Builders Supply So. Hiway 61 FOR SALE C'«nere(« cnlreru, 12 Inch to ™ inch, plain 01 reenforced AIM, Concrete Building Ktock» cheaper th»n 1-nibri fat barm chicken hoBses. pomp houses, tenant houses tnol sheds We dellrer Call » far free ntlmate. OSCEOLA TILE & CUtVERT CO. Fhnnr Ml A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 NU-WA Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your friendly Sfudebafctr Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 .•; Ye WERE OQT/ \ I WAS . Y6f?.TMe LAO TMAF 61 ME SA' MUCH OF YCR. LIP AT THE BA' GAME I OOMPIREO/, D'YE KENTHOr, MOM? FERGUS.' LAftO/ OH, COT*. I9M B¥ tiEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. BEG. U, S. PAT. On "How do you census takers count all the people in the country who are never home, but forever visiting relatives?" I'UISCIU.A'S COP As Illiislniled HV Al. VERMEEH WHEN YOU'RE MARRIED A"5 LONG AS I AM, YOU'LL KNOW HOW TO HANDLE WOMEN! you've GOT TO SHOW \ THEM WHO'S BOSS ! ' SHOW THEM YOU'RE STRONGER THAN THEY ARE! THAT'S THE SECRET. NUTCHELL! YOU'VE HOW FORTUNATE! I NEED STRONG MAN TO MOVE GOT TO BE STRONG TO Bt STRONG/ JKE ME.!! y REFRIGERATOR! ^ /fe»'«ar com ,«. nit???,-,,.,,, ^ 5- A Piece of Clotli J!Y AUCHAK1, 0'MAU.EY and HALPH LANB YOU/ME4N 1W SHOT WASN'T \'HE"OR^HE V PUNN1N6TOMISS, k VIC? AUC. WHEN HE DID H: SCRAMMED A HURRY ^MEANING 1IWTCYAJTHIA BAKER CAMHANDIt ARIFIE AS WELL AS ANY MAN THIS SEEMS TO BE JUST WHAT THE OOCrOR ORDERED. LOOK, A PIECE OF CLOTH CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER BLAZES. .AFKftIP I'LL MEYEE CATCH •no OUT on IH' RANGE! HMD THM" SHEEP- HEEDER'S GETTIMS FOR HOURS EASV LOOKS fOK THE MEKDEK.OU fPOT, WIIHCH1T * t ANV DlfcECTIOU... ). - ^""'V OBOV. (UATER 1 . • BUGS IttJlV'NY You Have (o Co-operate THIS CHISEL WORKS SWELL ON COLLARS' A SCREW-DRIVER OPENS UP BUTTON HOLES IN NO TIME ' Old Man o' Ihe Mounfiiin BY V. T. HAMI.IN BELONGS TO YOU AND J'D SVCWMUS.' you' BETTER SEE i DOESN'T HAPPEN: I50OTS AND HRR That fJal Again I5Y EDGAR MAKTIN

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