The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 6, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT gI,YTHEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWB Blytheville NOVEMBER' G, 1937 The Tackier On Sidelines Decisive Defeat, 27-0 'Pntjht-lexs" Visitors) , Thoroughly Outnlayecl, On Offfnse anc! Defense 1 The Blylhcville ciiiskasaws, flash!' ' '(ay- ! i,v offense ana a vicious defense, swept to a 27 to (i vtvtwj over the Bright-loss Hope- Bob;Hi . :U llalcy Field last night hefon i crowd of several thousand. Rated lo give the imdefenK 1 Chlekas.iH-.s- probably their most severe test of the season Hope ivi )i its crippled star, vnsco Bright, in the game-only for a few minims early in the second half, was no match for the Maroon and White .Undoubtedly the Bobcats 501-1!) missed their ace but it seenis improbable that even with Bright in the game the Bobcats could have dons more than make the game more Interesting. fc-en the score fails to reveal clearly tlie decisiveness with which the Chickasaws outplayed their Big Fifteen conference rivals. Scoring n touchdown in each quarter Bly- thcville rolled up a lolal of n nrst downs to two for Hope, tlie nob- eats getting both of theirs in the second half. Roberts Scores Three Times Bab Roberts, chickasaw left end, stood out offensively with three runs for touchdowns on the -cud n round play worked so successful!) scouls the Bobcats by Blytheville this season. He raced 31 yards for the chicks' first score on a play so perfectly fnkert llmt Hope was almost completely baffled He raced 15 yards on the same play for the third touchdown and Jiilloped 35 yards for the flnnl touchdown while his co-\vinemtin. Dan Warrlngloii, ivho has carried the ball so ably on the end nrotind from his right end position, watched from the sidelines, held Iherc liv Injuries. LoRoy Brown, fullback, ripped four yards for, the second .Chick score and converted three place kicks for extra points and gave a smashing exhibition ol offensive and defensive play. But Roberts was no' th" on'" Chick" to make Jouz runs, Uiissell MOsley, triple tl<rc!it Inlfb-j-i;. iMi-n- - - • •—. uuu^v L ed Iri a sparklln? 71 varcl v»tuvn cncl ' slipped as he boi-e down nf a HOIK l-l'-kiff to the Bobcats' - - - - 14 yard line. Following rwlit h-lihd the Roberts SI yard dash for the Chicks' first touchdown i' accelerated the, swift pace of the game. Homer Beslmrse sprinted 45 yards •In tile third quarter. Inking the ba fi[flI5CHflPFE[ Cliick-'Bobcai. -* Statistics Creator of Operas HV J. I'. Fill UNO Klckoffs—Hope 2; fi!ylhevllli> 4 Yards of kickotis — Hone 04- Blylhcville no. Averse of kicko/Is-Hope 42; Kickoifs — mini' 40- PlvtliWlllp BO. , • • j <- " I'linls—Hope 12; lilythi'vllli. 8 CAHUTHERRVIUJ..', Mu ., Nov. 8. ! UMh'S °ff< """^ " """ -C., uthmvllle's Tigers ,-an,,., fro,,, A "J <?< ' ,„,„, „ Mil.icl to defeat Clu.ffee. 1:1 to 0, ! UM, , vj | . V, ' " ) """ Dim: yesterday and continue as the • YJ ,\,I ,, , ,, favorite lo win southern division i ^"w. "'"'""' ~'" >|lf ' 0; f •rrs Come From Behind lo Win al Caruthcrs- d!c, 13-6 401- honors in the Southeast Missouri i ,>, Athletic conference. I,, '; The game cost the Tigers the! iL services of Ihel race triple tlirrnt !,,,„„ fullback. Clint Murphy, bower, i y. Murphy sustained a broken collar- i >> 1( ,.'. hone on the fourth play of tin- game \ awl is likely out for the remainder ! of the season. ,,...„ , >Uwii|it,:d r ,V.' ' Jack Lion Ictplnr his eve pr>, ltd fo, Ihe Citadel ptiiMis. who had,, t tin mnoust Uunc him from scoring, was romping conlUtently toward a touchdown v.-hcn :• .spectator, seen cronchln^ ,m Ihe n t *r"™Lcmenrtf m ite ^"c-^^l'^'^ """ ^ """ ""^ """ '" "" ^ W ilbl.- lilbcrt fi-om^icjielri.j'iny was ruled a South Camlini, 'la'uclidcwn. Vl,e° Onmuwks won, 21-C. Icy punted out of bounds weakly on Hope's 33 yard line. But no sooner had the Bobcats eol the ball Ihan Musters right into the hands of Godwin. Chick center, the ball iidng intended for Ramsey. Godwin was downed on the Hope 35 yard line. Brown picket! up four yards, setting the stage for the first touchdown play Drilled carefully ngnlnst tlie Chicks' end around play 'by thdr icme. town fans to their feet when Winston Crawford, substitute buck Intercepted a chaffee pass and ran (J3 yards for a touchdown. Bill Ross plunged over for the second loucli- down mid a pass made one extra tO Slop po |,i(, goo< l Carnthersvllle has a clean record in southern division confereiice play. The Tigers meet Dexter and Ken-' netl in remaining games. important Points cauyht IlalfooU'd when nobcrts, chick left end. took 11,e ball from Mosley a,K raced out around right end 'while Brown sprinted off Die left side of ih L . line in a nfcl hike. nobi>rl.s went over standing up nn;l Brown added the extra point, booting the ball between the cross burs, Kelunis Klckoff 71 Ynrils Hardly had the spectators settled back into their seats until thay were jerked up again when Mosley look stone's kickoff on his 15 yar-l line and raced 71 yards to Hope's 14 yard line. Recce. Bobcat right _ .._ — to- war<| Mosley and the- ClU:k halfback took. Immediate tulvuntnge of the situation, sprinting (or the cim sideline. As he reached Ihe niylhe- ville 40 yard stripe a mute ciit in front of u Bobcat who appeared to have him |rapped and blocked him »>j uit IMJJU tjuiiiLi-r. iaKlll<? me uall ""» nun uujjpet, ana 010 from Mosley. in a fake kick forma- j "cally from the play. At mitllleld lion. •, he momentarily juggled the ball. Masters, able Houe miirlerlncM i slowing up his stride and probably bore the brunt of the Bohcni s - ^r- ••"<•"•••- '••- - • tensive efforts and more-than n-c? his timely tackles in the . position avoided or delayed Blytlic- ville scoring. Eason, stone an-1 Ramsey punted fairly well, particularly stone. The latter. Hone's all- state tackle, turned in a fair defensive game although he was l>»- wiidered more (him one? by fasl breaking chick plays that swept by him. Bright gav c indication that he was the tonic Hope needed when he opened the second half nt halfback for the visitors. Crippled but game Bright, favoring his injured ankle, started throwing passes after he ran back the second half kickolf for 14 yards. His nrst pass, to Rcec?. was good for )6 yards and Hope's initial first down. After that his Moating heaves failed to register against an alert Chickasaw defeus;. Soon afterivards the Chicks moved swiftly to their third touchdown costing- him a touchdown. His in- lerferers opened ni< a lime buck across Ihe: field and Mosley look it, barely being overhauled when Masters, with a desperate dive from behind, made him stumble, enabling him to be overtaken. , But the Chicks couldn't capitalize j Immediately on the long jaunt Hope repulsed the scoring threat holding fho Chicks for a one yard loss In lour downs. Ramsey punted out nicely lo mid-tie];! and a moment Inter tlie Bobcats upset a Chick drive with Masters Intercept- uig a pass on his own 2-1 yard line. Ramsey again punted well to Bly- thcvillc's 30 anc! Mosley lushed il back 1C yards. Afovlng from their own W yard line the Chicks again uerc off on a touchdown drive, this time on n suslalned drive. Brown ripped for The Iwo points that Bill Mil!;r. Yale end, scores for his team In this play in the Yale Bowl nt Ni-n- iinv™. Conn., looked mighty small until the lust seventeen seconds of On- i;am,> gainst r>«rtmouiti. lint atid.'d to Hi-ssbersji drnnnillc lonclitlou-n and 'fmiivrsion. (hey nv.ul.- prs.-lljle the !!-!! lie. Miller is socn nx he downs William HiKchtiuon of Dartmouth behind u>e i, or ,| i|,, ( , r,,,. ,, -...m-iv. . four. Mosley faked a pass and slithered through center for four. Browii slashed for five yards. Be circled nround. taking Ihe bull as Mosley lakcd a kick and racing 4S yards before he was brought down and he left the game. He appeared ) sharse was held for no gain but! S> ' f 5 CrS ' to have aggravated his ankle injury I Mosley went through center tor 10 I Bcs nnrscs _run sot, tho scoring uhll" ntinfjno sun „•«,>* +.^ +1,™ .;,!„ i vnrHc rir«\,i,,, c\». f \ i.i.. . - *__ i spark otf again and there was little •^ ..*..*. «,t i ^>«^.u ui.> anjue injury i "i^.^j \\cin, mruugii center lor 19 I white punting and went to the side- [ yards. Brown slashed his way for | *| b'r.ej. geltin? a nice ovation from 15. being stopped by Masters in the . tlle •• the crowd. He did not rim with the safety position. Meredith picke-l up inspire Ills Bobcats nude,- the hoi, fn-on **-; .... . .. \ #-.... ,.. x circumstances. picked Bright could do ball from s:rimma»e while in the' flv e yards, Eam " i , i t - I Brown was held to a yard but '. t,-,, '""TT" 1 " Four ris50s Mosley passed lo Roberts' for rive ' Bill Godwin, natural ball hawk yards. Meredith failed (•> B1 i,i on ami probably the fastest developing a quarterback sneak. Mer«lith lost comLe^h r ChtCka r;' «W'«d.;»«. yards. Brown shsh,,! „ '," J| ^ Sncf- b T W , ^ T r " ' f ° r f °- llr yartls BU(1 a l«wl«lo«-« on "i" T!nS«f y intercepting four , fourth down. His kick for point i ^rn lw b^d Moll> " " s "" er - i blockerf b >' sto " p - ! Hope completed two p^ses for i rtforv'TJr''^ remlindefo" ™,'i'L g ,l lnsJ ?"? n ! ne wre in'om-! first half, as it did practi 'he five inlcr- throughout the entire oame -1, j . :° llnee t<'<l with , . Bright Enters Game s. had two intercepted and } Ihe scoring threat, stone punted out well but the Bobcats were deep In a«atn when Mosley punted back down Held for 45 yards, the ball being grounded on HOIK'S five yard line. M'slt-y returned Slone's kick out to the Hope 40 and the touchdown parade was on a^ain. The apparently unstoppable end > ,, »' ned off tackle c's 10 yard lim • more, j around play was pulled from Ihi: for IS bag again and Roberts sprinted 40 "'Is for Ihe Una! touchdown of 10 incomplete. Bright, entering the came as the t line to the 29 yard line Br.rt, « ' or ' 6 "^ ** «°I'=" S «"yard line y its best exhibition of Ihe "ticularly on defense, i veteran Hope line i a first down .-.-of the outstanding for-] Two passes nurien oy Bri»M fell walls m the state. Both teams incomplete. Bright went out"on left end as Ramsey went back in kick formation. Instead of kicking Ramsey passed straight down field to- were rushing passers. Eason. Ramsey and Mosley beiiig trapped on at least one occasion well behind the line and being forced to get their heaves off In a hum- most of the time. Blythevllle's first touchdown came several minutes after the opening kickoff. \iosley had returned stone's kickoff from the Blytheville 19 to the 39 yard line, out of bounds and from that point neither side could 'lo niuch damage exchanging punts until Hope got a break when Mos- ward Reece on a play apparently intended to_end in a lateral to Bright, pass was incom- but the forward plete. Ramsey's punt sn - .--,.-.. *v j...,. ,,,,,_. ,ni.-cti >niii^ iur tnr iinai o threw Drown for a live yard loss the game. Browii kicked the extra but on the next plnv Roberts went ] point n touchdown ,,u llin „„ , hc w . rown-s k k or'^m', " ""' ,"' ^^ lo thcm.selres. i,, ",, e row us KICK toi iwmt was good. I Ataroon ami While line-up Hop,Hope couldnt gam ntler the next mnde its second first doivn on -i ktckoff and Bright aggravated his line 16 yard pass from Eason to ankle injury punting and went out | Ramsey soon after the n-xt kick- of the game Recce recovered Be- ; off. But Godwin made his third i slinrsoB. timible for Hope on Bly-; im-rccptio'n (o stoo the Bobcats j cold again in inldfield. 1 i Willis Ford intercepted a despor- ; ate Bobcat pass deep in Hope leiri- tory but the Cliicks drew ;i 15 yavtl Trailing (j to 0 as they entered Ihe second half the Tigers brought Hie Musses intercepted Number Blythci/llii- '2. Hope 1C; Hly. Hope :(2; lily- Hope 2; U) V - Itlf-s -Hops o; yards or penalties ... n 0 p,. „ Blytheville 20. Yards aaIncd hv rnslilng—nopi llcavy\s r eighis W resiling Card For Monday Nighl Four heavyweights will hefealured on Monday nlglifs westlinsf card i ( tl>- i.n«lcn nreim. Najceb Rnb- ban. the Kurd, will oppose Sid Marcus, the New Yorker who last week put the skids under the ponderous frame of Charles Sinkey. Rubbim ami Marcus ar c both known as Ihe "clean" type of wrestlers. Both are wise to the tricks of the trade and Ihe result should lie n fast and interesting match. In the preliminary bout Sinkey Hie porpelual villain, the exponent of the strangle hold and body kick will engage the Italian performer' Pletro tfossi. Th e latter is no ftrniifcr to the rouah stuff, however, and will probably be able to meet the big fellow from Corinth on his own grounds. Both matches are do«n for the 80 minute time limit, the best two out of three falls, ivill serve as referee. Yards lost by rusiiiiiB—Hope 24; First downs--Hope i; Blvl!ii>- ville 14. ' INDIVIDUAL KKCOKDS No. Yards Yards Ave. Trios Gain'd Lost Gail, Roberts (B) Murdin fB) Mosley IB) Browii (B) Harbert (B) Hughes <B> L. Bearden (H) Aslln (H) Meredith (B) Eason »'n> Thompson (Bi Bright (Hi Tiirnei- IHI Masters (H) Stone (H) Browii kicked HORIZONTAL Answer to Previous Puzzle 1-Wrilcr ot if,e "Ring of the Nibelung." 12 Flightless bird 13 Lions' homes. H Epochs 1C Public 17 Utmost extent 18 Mathematical 1 form. 19 Maintained. '•H Having left :i will. 23 Sim yod. '<M To decrease '28 Doughy mixture. 32 Local position 33 To peruso 34 Wigwam. 38 52 weeks. 'iSMusicut note. <0 Ministers. 4fi Calendar book 50 Biller herb. 51 Oleoresin. T>3 Apple center, 5.4 Pedal digit. 55 Indian gateway. 56 Be/ore. 57 lie ranks among the woi-lU's Ereat 58 Ife was by birlh. VERTICAL 1 To vex. a Heathen nod. 3 Dove's home. 4 Cenus of auks 8 Sudden: invasion. 6 Not blight. 7 Scripture. 8 Star-slioped flower. 5 Bird's home. 10.Silk worm. 11 To declaim 12 He was (he originator of music- . 15 Sowed. 20 Driving command. 22 Tree fluid. 25 Morsel. 26 Devoured. 27 X. 29 Form ot "be." 30 Ocean. 31 Sailor. 35 Also. :1C Sweet potato, 37 Mineral sprinj 38 To hurl. 39 Frozen wafer. 41 .Singing voice. 42 Chamber. 43 To percolate, 4-1 Tennis fencea « Black haw. 46 Wine vessel. 47Mapl« trefc . 48 Pattern. 49 Region. 52 To iin. three times for an average of n yards; Hughes 1 for 40 yards; Stone 2 for 42. Mosley punted seven times far a •!6 average; Ramsey 9 for 29 yards- Bright 1 for 30; Stone 3 for 35. Godwin intercepted lour passes. Ford one. (Wasters 2. Mosley completed two passes in U. one to Bunch for 1 who later- eled to Godwin, one to Roberts for o, two intercepted. Besharse completed his only attempt to Mosley for 15 yards. Harbert passed lo Thompson for t 14, his only try. out of three "falls. Mike Meroucy i Bl '8lH threw (hree, completing (only one, 1 0 Reece for l« yards. ..ui-Jters tlirew three with none I completed two being intercepted; — _nd il was intercepted; Eason threw 7. completed one to Rnm.sey fur 16 ynrds, and To start a freight locomotive and [ Hainsey one and bring it (o running speed, a Ion of coal is required. half _.. | had two Intercepted. yard line on (he P11( | around play as Hie game ended. Miss Winifred Crawfrrd was nv,wne-i footbnll nu-en of Blytheville high school before th e game. A play-by-play account of lh» game \vns .sent to the Hope city hall direct by telegraph from Ihi- Vlale-,- T"ield press box. The Hiieuns: CCC^ Jubs Co Ueggine | AMARtLLO, Tex. (UPl-Wo,k- jing conditions and employment in tills city have improved to such .... extent that request for CCV -nrollees brought only 16 recruits There were openings for SO according to Capt. R W. Maxwell Football Results College Arkansas Tech 21, Arkansas A and M. 14. High School Little Hock 40. Jonesboro 0 Pine Bluff 14. North Little Hock 0 Camden 33, Hot Springs S3. Helena 12, Mnrlnmia 0. Tcxarkana 33. Magnolia ti. Muskogoe (Okla.) 27. Fort Smith S. Newport 45, Heber Springs 0. Rogers 7, Payetteville 0. Russellville 28, 13. Benton 43. Comvay 0. Dumas 21, Jfontlcello 12. El Dorado 27, Fordycc 13. Blytheville 27. Hope 0. Read Courier News Want Ads. Hupp tiii Lamsey Quliniiy Keith <!•> Beimlen Parsons lone Reecc Miislers Aslh, I'lirner Kason Summary Roberts 8 yards!. Brown L. E. !.. T. 1,. O. C. K. Cl. R. T. R. E. Q. n. I,. II. U II. P. B. Scoring ireverses Ulythcville i2v Roberts Wise tinych DUNCAN. citizens stave when Carries Railju Okla. (DPI—Duncan William Mos- bicycle. In ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE ,. , as 011 * ucyce. In ort i i ad!lltl0 " to » iieadllglit which dims | Jii- Bunch Meredith ici Mosley Uesharsc Brosvn touchdowns 31. 15. 35 i i l alul nn l ' lectl ' lc « »i buut a cora l>'<'tc e blfycle WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdalc Mfg. Co. . boy has radio onto tht> PHONE 19 Shoes Are More Comfort- When Repaired !il Smith Shoe Shop - 115 So. 2nd. SAVE MONEY n USKD TIRES ami HATTKHIRS K. M. LARK1N I'hone lu.'i Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson STEWART-ROBINSON Succeeds City Dru e Store We Specialize In PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal Wine & Liquors 2014 W. Main Pllqol , 0erS2 o Read The courier News want "ads (plungei. Extra pcinls— Browii 3 (Place Kicks) Substitutions i Mope) Colcman Jewell. Fulkerson. L. Bearden' Bright, tmythevlltei Hughes Stnf-'i ford, Harbert. Hardin. Cniig. Hcod. ' O. Moody, Thompson. Ford i Cnicinls-Bill Brasher tOuachila! olICBci, referee: Garland Beavers i I University of Arknnsnsi Umpire- Bill Meriwealher Head I iieMnnii; Heiwhel) Bobo 1 Mt s A & Ml Held judge. I Pecans Wanted WK WH.I, PAY YOU Highest Market Prices ANY QUANTITY Goldstein Hide & Fur Co. Rear 4oe Isaacs' Store Phone 265 Blytheyille, Ark. del Our Prices Before Stlllng tlievillc's 14 yard line but an intercepted pass by Godwin again sty mied the Bobcats. Before the third quarter ended wli ulli i,, c VHUKS »rcw a is yarn the Chicks had again barged deep ; penalty for clipping. Hardin reserve into Hope territory, a 27 yard run "> end. swept 15 yards to Hone's 10 by Mosley nucl n 15 yard pass. Be- ; ' *jy mu.lLCJ ULltl u 1^ yiUU paNS. liC- i . . K sharsc to Mosley, moving the bill j Ladies' & Men's Tailoril to Hone's n yard line as the miar-' K " ln s ldllonl ter ended. Kill' Cojit Alterations That End Aronuil Aeain Laiiios' Custom Tailoroil the Chicks well back In their own territory for once, on their 25 yard line where Rcece grounded the ball. Brown picked up 7 yards, Besharse failed to gain. Then Mosley stepped back in punt formation and Besharse Blylhcvllle reserves took over the bigger part of the Chicks' lask In the fourth quarler. Moxley's pass to Stafford was intercepted by Mas., ters on Ilk !fl yard line to bre:ik it]) Suits Altmilions of all Phone y.'} HUDSON'S |V|)P.J Soybeans - WANTED - Soybeans We Pay Highest Market Prices For All Varieties MAIDEN GRAIN CO. \V. O, Reeves, Agent So ft, R. SI, \c\ Ito Magnolia riant—Blythevllle ,Uk n,\v PHONE 5ss N , r ,, fT We Arc in Hie .Market 'for ;xll Kinds nf SOYBEANS & CORN IN ANY QUANTITIES Get Our Prices Hefore Selling L J. BROWNE GIN CO, (il Highway Norlh I'hone IS:? * WRESTLING Monday Night, 8:15 NAJEEB RABBAN SID MARCUS CHAS. SINKEY PIETRcT' ROSSI American Legion Arena « ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of an.v mortgage loan company doing business in these slates. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities* OSCEOLA, ARK. DRIVE TO MARTIN'S SflBE THE D1FFEBEHCE GAS 9c Less Than Arkansas 51ajor Companies Hi-Test Re?. Gas 12ic (Tax Paid) Anti-Knock Gas 13ic (Tax Paid) All POPULAR BRANDS of I'UI UljAK UKAINJJS Ot Jt ^ CIGARETTES §JC 2000 MII.K Pennsylvania Motor Oil (35c val.) NOW 20c FREE PREMIUMS MARTIN OIL CO. STEELE, MO. Pkg. Wllh Each 50c Turchase of or OIL

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