The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1935
Page 4
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(Continued From Page I) , tratloii's so-called "wing to the Bright," which meant giving a relatively trpe rein to bankers, Industrialists, and business men to bring about recovery with rio'r'nbio than co-operation from tho government. An example of this iiol- tev was appointment of Clay Wil- lliuns,: a cigaret "manufacturer whoso firm makes enormous profits, but who fought to preserve, low .wage:,, to be chairman of the Nalfonn! industrial Recovers' ^m (1 LAHOIt CAINS L1TTIX DoliPld Rlchberi; and nnyinohd' Mojey became White itouse am- bnssdiioi-s to industry. But bank- ei^ itnd Industrialists llius fa] liave Inrecly dlsanpcinlcd the' admliils- • (ration and there is ample evidence llml Roosevelt Is Viol tying his wn<ron to their star. Lal'or bulked large In the year's" history, but gained "ttlo by Its at-- temntcd , demonstrations of • economic uower. The ul? textile strike «f S»DU>nilx°r achieved n largo, nalkmit and n face-saving 'set- Tlie, admiiilstiation's Inck of svmoathy foi the low [trade A' P Of t, li-adwchin vuls demonstrated' - ^^^•^^••••^ Fleet Drops in to See How Frisco Bridge Is Rising «j >- •• r • w; lust the lead director nwixsnry to detent a gnme contract, With a j(oo<l Ions 'tnshor suit ana n balanced hand, a plnycr will sen- erally open with three no tfiirhp. It hi; contract Is doubled nml ho tblnks lie may siiHer a severe penalty, the long siia of the minor may noir be bid. An original bfrt or one no trump menus tioihliifc. THURSDAY, FEBRfJAHY !!R iflSfi ' Hamlin « s, f •plant 1 carrier «'«, »« ttUte neet in .„*„,* In, ir (ho ' fhncllvo: players ai-c vul- ornWe, a ndjj-viilncrablc player may gamble with an overbid because, even though ho mils to make contract,, lie- 'will, hot low his to a vnlncrnblo- player. After become fnirtlftar with the (bidding Hi Tpwlc; (hi- 'tactics anrt strategy employed m the R niTO IJiose of contract b'rltW nor example, this strategic" move Is often employed: ; A and n arc vulnerable, A '1ms bid; and C has overcaled. n iiow-'doubles C's hid even though r hc. reel's sure the cou- linct can be : made.' ifo'vioes lhi.i hoping thereby •' 'to' dlscom-fi™ A from bidding roK'ghtnc' '' : Krerv though •Qinafes- w s <I OM . •^ T?" m° . """ .'^O'lies; vulnerable, B still ntisjv chance-. While ir A bids for gjuiie"dnd' makes It the rubber,. 'is over, . ' . ' . the 1 ' bidding, \m .., . .. ., le arc' : th 0; battleships .Tcxa.'i, Kcw York ,an<l Oklniiomn. 1 upwer. ,and: many .other items • Roosevelt's effort,, to play: a'nildi. • and. left' OrJcr at Towie Tills'L« (he lajif'bt'Mlirci! articles In which William E. McKemify, ,. Courier-News brldjte authority, «)n plains the new game ot Towlr "RIGHT" I 1 W-',,-.!., : , •• i 1 ^ or K amc -- ; Otherwise, the band .—. I Mom.-lhnn a, third of tnd tola! I*.retail as a.' ^goulash.". '•- V'oniw them }<v«evelt's oidci '" 'n In tG win, uropori locate, very for drouth •i . - .1° ,• Iri benefit- came from livestock. payihenUn of N RA . em- and ha'ria . i., the 'hands | nto > suits arc stacked ' one upon the other In the dor to ( The cards' are cut and the deal ^orniflimnt, fnosn torles A federal ic 'Hovs of cmplovnicnl. Tederal law for nilioad fnanv f«ctorics benefited E ,™ UJ .. i Tlie most unfortunalc thing that Happened to tbc farmer cottori 'exports fell . year since the war. CREDIT IS UNHURT ' ' had cards. ' The' ..dummy , hiiiid'"should then be shuffled and six cards turned up. . . . •Tiie bidding now proceeds in regular order:and ngaln, if a game contract. Is 'not. reached, nnotlier goulash is- dealt. , . . Opening bids of one nrc rare. Today's Contract Problem If you found yourself sitting No, Hi jind jilaylne the contract at tlx diamonds, doublod and Last opened tlio Mnf of hearts in response to bis paitners bid, could you lio. coniract? , ¥753 * * A. 1.3A + J 9 8 f. 2 contract,;. Bids of three in a suit nre made on ; hands that you Hope may be passed ; ou't, or, if yon arc doubled you have a fair gamble to make the contract." Most o'peiiluj bids are three no trumy, even though the hand may contain a;,'long suit, 'it j., fa ,- iwtier to .make, a game and win m all tile players than it i* t« double another playe ,., 3 cm ^ n though iou may gam T heavy al the other A J 8 1 4 3 ' f »A *K10SB i, + AK I Soluttoa In next issue. of cases it will,be the opening bi;| - Is deficits .and found that impair three no Interest Into Game Although no hands Also. Intiodiicllnn nf .Opening 'bids. of. two hi a suit are made ,!o show a good defensive suit against a -now trump contract For example If you hold ... ~— w ..,«v n ju u jitmi nothing but ilie diamonds to the A V f two diamonds there is no making ex en though 1011 poratlon Aupomiment of Republiton, nnd^>game showing of radical- Even " mcl as a goolnsh - Differ -i pennlty b«t this bid of,two cthmohd«i may be as sona vi Sf : its bid out diamond, -iMrf^dhmond NIGHT— lOc - WE WAWA CAPTURE THIS G/SL WITH AS LITTLE FUSS AS POSSIBLE ' Conn. (UP) _ wl16 stole " anttl llmrd "Iron Cow" Produce! Milk for U. S. Experts tory class where as an exhibit left a note Tn —landing 2-> cents ransom to be placed in n nmtth bo The cli«s chipped In to re :t«rn the '" nou The red squirrel is equipped mlh set of sensitive, nene bn tie-, which help guide its step Some ire on the, forefeet some on the stom icli and some on the cheeks fer balanced budett and relief cut Decision to fi!w>all emplojabJcs fobs—of some kind Cunent Roosevelt troubles nre of varying Importance. Millions of wage and salary earners aie reslless In the face of mounting prices and IHIng costs If t$elr< earnings are no higher "wn.a tear a<?o, they're worse off TN?[A P of l, ^s the average weekly wage increased 67 per cent last year while the price of food ™"B> 113 per cent and that of clothing and house furnishings 151 per cent Industrial profits increased 50 per cent or more while leal »agcs u°rr d"cifnin-r about 2 per cent. - c n"°s H Conoie<-« nsoeclally the fmtf are fretting Roosevelt, ""•ev are important chiefly as they rcm«5«nt n clnnge in popii- •"• enthusiasm '.;: The work relief bill has aroused fears in many quarteis Confusion -s been caused by Roosevelt's f"H"r« to t»ke adUce.from NIRB, "•v tonal Labor Relations Board, Federal, Aviation Commission so- cia' security evperts, and others. The fire on Jim Farley, Roose- 'f't\ nolltiral boss, grous hotter. Small scandals cron up and Senate munitions revelations Indicate Ihc White House and Its persou- '! e . I .. h ?\ e , " ol Kepl frce of contact with lobbjists for battleship builders , ^ "PURGE" IRKS LIBERALS Liberals are incensed because of .he AAA "purge" Roosevelt's at- labor, failme to back t lp i J -? : A fon ' ) " A ' thc Ickes-Moses incident. Farley's continuance in NF\T KooscUK's nrst iyi Jfflrs as a wholr And where (hex nave carried us Clean Out TL , Kidney Poisons T fcSS^ 25c Wtik Oil T« 15 HilM rf UM, T<W. If kidneys don't pass I pints a day •no uet rid ol more than I pounds of WMt«matter, the IS rnltes or kldnoy tubes and filters may become clogged •with poisonous waste and tho danger ot ajld polEoningr is greatly incretBeil. Bladder passiges are difficult, which ollen smart and btirn like scatdinc water and cduso discomfort. This acid condition, brought about danger ° MAT.~2:00 - lOc & 25c NITE—G:45 - Ifle & 35c swollen feet »na,«, pains and dizziness, whfeh' pcopl ° w »' c l> tlitlr towela lines but neglect the kidneys which lese' (ubca 'or flitera be- kBOCk y6u out ind lay you up for 2!5? ^"i-?^".'' run any.rist m » niter*. It your dragtlst. tor DOAN'S r—ir 1 ' •> oM prescription, which ha» bten os«i«acc«6fully by millions or kMney EUftenrn' for over 40 ~" '.ru. <D.-1»3«, .Foner-MUbuni Co. Matinee — Friday, Saturday ; -ind Sunda> Onl\ liasl Time Todav MAYBE LOVE GLORIA STUART ROSS AIEXANOEB. News Comc(ly_"The World's Fair Friday & Saturday WASHING TON (UP)-An cow • produces milk at the '„„*„ ...on Sanitarium It was installed rcccnthby Dr H O Miller mcdl- 1 mlsslonnry t j SojWnns, nrc ftd 1 into the cow 0 T ^ Rrade A milk Is produced inch according to the DcpaH ncnt of AgrlctiHurc, is good foi hildren and stomach ulceis The lion cow vvoil- on the 'nine principle . uspl by Chinese oensinls Soybeans'me loiKcd „, 'vatei and crushed to a pulp The iccipe calls foi one pom d of bevn to three quails of water Thnti mlnulcs of boiling removes the "nn flavor and milk • is the orod- The "manurncturcd milk" docs •iot contain enough' nlcium 'or at hosvevci and the Washington alntarium idds cocoanut oil Positive Relief 4 For Itchy Skin Cooling ->ncl soothing Dine Star Ojjiliiiciil uiclt^cm the sl,m, icuciln ' tMled.mfdiuncs dctplj mto pores where it <|iucklj Inlls itch tetter i-ish. ewcrna, foot attli, ringworm Uc Money tack If lirsl jar fails FREE SHOW TICKETS Oncn Jree hio tickels to any ••how u the Ritz 01 ROA> with the purchase or one ton of X-CEL or 1 ticket with the, purchase of.'i u>n of X-CEL, the World's' Best Goal We gi\c these tickets ;ln order to introduce X-CEL more . quickly, see ad ovc: comics on; the Want AU page Superior Coal & Mining Co. Phone who to f i nd their h • o e n I Planters Production Credit Ass'n, t is prepaicd to finance • crop loans in any amount at very cheap late of interest. Interest is payable ,'only for actual time you'use the money. Quick- action on all loans. It will s(ive ydu j, loney lo see us. Gordon Evrard Blythcvillc, Ark. Located at Teiry-^'orthiMglon Title Co., OITice UJELtVEflGflinlf A ROUBEN MAMOULIAN |-!JB? riODUCIION " THEYRE SAFE-IN AN ALL-STEEL BODY -a feature of the big, rugged New-Value Dodge . Starting New Serial And Showing 2 liijr Episodes "Return of Chantiu" No. 1 "Return of Crtandu" No 2 With Ikla Lugosi ' T HEfi ,', sl Dod R< ! «r ever built had — «ri ili-5!6ii bojy. It wunVchnnce • • •.'»««" l "climbing on a bandwagon ' Chat led Dodge to.the sifeiy of.theall-snel body. It waspro^res- aiveei)iinrerin5,thcurgetop!0ne«r to lc*d and not follow in vital, fin. ponant auiomobile iroprovem.nls. '&( T h 's« D '? [1 Se bwlieshavcbeen tesl«l »ndproved byowncisf 0 rover20years everywhere, in consunt daily use! DodK«not only pbne cf «| the all-sice] body but has conslamly petfected it over the yeais. _ So, loo, with hydraulic brakes. First introduced by Dodgt m ,ny y» ars OKO Dodgehasconsiamlydeveloped ihem! Today,- Dodge gii-ea you hydraulic brake. (hat*re long ^5, lhl , , ^ ... menul tti(e. For in Dodge you e«t perfected, duQl-cylindeVhydraulic btakes-safer, more dependable, more economkil than other lypos. DODGE G4 Now Doilge pioneers again the "Ai: fflidt Rid«", in which you spec smoothly along wiih new comfor skimming over bumps without j tternor or jar, taking the curves safely without sldesway. Another new con tributiontorriotoiingcaseis"Synchro- matit Control", which mokes driving unbelievably ».sy and effortless. Yonll recognize this Dodge as a prize beauty the minute you see it. But you must drive it to sec how far ahead of others it is in power and spe'ed, comfort and economy, safety and ptrfoimancc. CHRYSLER MOTORS DODGE DIVISION TMs«d«rU«mtnlcndorstJbylhtDer.«rl- mini o( Enitneetlot—Chrj-iltr Motor, JfElV-VALt/E t>ODCK:iHS Ic f7fO •All trim f. o b. littery. Detroit, »nt>rt 1o Chtttg9 wtlhaut notice. Special tquin- mcnt **trt. Tint /i.lymcnfs t o ff F.O.B. FACTORY DETROIT for X BABNETT AUTO SALES.. 117-119 Main St. I here are spring suils and spring suits . . . ^~ ! • • « 'j t / f -~-~^. • « / iN •'• I i' itcM'-J'l'/ --But Tliesc New MANSFIELD Arc ALL WOOli • - ''v { ,. -;; .*OC Zo /^j Style .'... Coniing or Going in MANSFIELD sroinnxOTiiEsi Mead Clothing Co.

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