The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1947
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 25, 19-17 BLYTHEVHiLE! Smokehouse Nine Drops Gome To Phillips Motor men, 6-5; Electricians Down Druggists Tlii! Phillips iMoloi'meii ami C'hnHio's Kli'clrii-i;in; nriy not be iiiTlifled with jionnant fever Ijut t'w-y sei-m l<> Imvi- tile propi'i' pri'si-riplion i'or the tojims dial aiv Top ilu-y humbled two of the City Softball l.oa.n'iie's top Utiiiyis last 'light. The Ivlcclrichms downed Owens' I"H'iit>-Kisls 7 Ui :! in the first name and the Motormcii upset the Ie,iicu''-K>a(l- iiiK Sniokel'.onse nine (i |o 5 in the oi|*ht inning ni<>al(.-;t]i. The IKJ ur.sels lasi nin)it nm-.- . 1 . prove lo be a very decisive point'^^ in Hi? 'r^ue staudini'S, for once f* ~-11 ^_ iL. _. C j. asain fir* and .-croud placcs_ i" \, Oil QFtUfl ,>)6f,S Too Hot ^ Pace For Hubhaid the standings are el] l.'ed up. The by the Johns nine them I hit') a .two-way lie with [lie VVIiole.ya!er.s for first place mid Owens' less threw them into a second piare tie with lay Eieh. In the first cr.ntest the Ele;;- tricians teak advantage ol Dru-j- Sisls' nn:s?ucs to produce Ihe necessary .rims. Three hits, a wall! nnd tliree Owens' errors netted Hie E'ectricians f-'ix lallie:; in the third inning aff-r Ted Pi-U?r. Owen.;' hnrler. had held -llicm hitles; for two frame;. They added cheir fi- nnl tally in t-lie sixth canio on two singles and an error. Gel aid Hancock, an Owens' cjisc- o'ff. puccrt the Electrician:; at the plate with (wo similes in four trios. Hil'V Del.ona paced the Dnr,'Kists with three singles- in fi;i:r trip-.. Bill Hawkins Iiurled Icr liie E!e:- tricians and allowed only five bits while the Electricians were col'er"- ine six off Fisher. I Timely hitting aided ];y four Smokchcuse K'rrors in cne inning was one-jell fcr the Philips MJ- lermcn to overecme a three run iead and cieieal tile llish-fh it;i; Sirai .johrs' nir.e. The one bis inning cost the Smokeii aise (ttin;: n very important bail fame and possibly i he pennant. The Ifohns' nine tcik an ear'v lead in Hie came p,v secrin-,' tliree runs in the first thr-e inniii<r.s bir, Iho Motormen bounced b-<rk in [he fourth with ;encu«h tallies to no in front bv two runs, alter the .?-roke|ieu:;e infield had practically kicked the .SEU-.C away. j But the Smokchcuse novs. who are noted far their ability" to set runs when nbcy are needed most. 1 lied the score in the seventh on I n walk and two .limely hits. They retired -the Mctor>i:.?n in order in the last of Ihe <=evcn!h lo force' the same into an extra inning. I The Joints nine went in or-1 cier in their lialf of the el-jlilh and it :ookcd for awhile as if Hie pumo miehl uo on all nk'ht. but Harold Ward, Die Smokehouse pitcher, hit a streak of wilduess and walked two men aUei for:-Jns one man to po;.' out. to the infield. The front runner advanced lo (.bird on an cutfieid fly and Prllx. West .-ilnirlcd sharply to center field to score him and end the came. West paced the r/fcicrmen at the bat with three singes io four trips, and L"on Ashby led the Sinokehouse |Bays y.ith a (lonble .-nuP a'sfii'jle in feiir' trihi: Wen^•11 Eaten hurlf-n for the victors xllcwiiu; frair tinsles while he and Dr. Jhn C.:'!->han, of K;<ele. L\C|- vriiiceil l-j the finals of the Blvti'c- vil!e Cf.uutry Club's rnctr^erslii-. tcnrnament yesterday afternoon bv ('^feutiiiK (leieiidiiv; .-ham Dion ("ieor;;e Hn:L"'..:d Jr.. one-i':i in 2 holes of their s?mi-finsl match. Cnlltiinn. wiio wns ruled at t!ie ; ?ealnniii!' of the tounmmeiit as cue cf few )-'...sstble darl: 'lor..;-;--:, sank a 25 f n ol pi--t (u ib hole fcr a birdie to deliai bard who :ris';;'ti a !r-;r-lou i-.i.s birdie. O:-'l;:!ian win :'land Bi'hop -\i: the in-ils chnmpionship I'liehi Ruiul. -terncon. 'Hv.b'onrd te.ri'.'. a one slvo 1 , .'jt the end of t!'e fit.',- r.-ne : l v> in a TWO under ,,;ir :r> to' C.l!!ahr,n's 30. but fie Missouri'! n 1 turner] in a S'.-orchii": five-iind»r, 32 for Ihe sr-or,(i iiiu,> , •) Mlt v .)-| bird's M lo lcr:-e tV.e :r'Mch iniri 1 extra ho'c.s. ! O.i the IDtli hole b:il!i CaP:>ha:'.! and Hr;.".ml slial a birciie ;n re-r niain tied, and L;I tlie r":li li.-j!;-.! Ullbbard dubbed a foiir-Inoi v.-lH! and Ca'laJian bin L-;"t-fo -:\rr \ to-: victory. Remi-fiual matrhes in the fii and scL-oncl ili p :hl wili be plai todav ciud t'jinorrrr.v;;, iln; finals .in all flights to be plnvert •f-.ind.iy. Butts Reported Seeking '.Use of Crump Stadium I ATLANTA, On.. July 3.1. I UP I -. Wally nulls. Geor«in Kulldous' foot- iball coach was reported today ne- I gotiatins; for Crump stadium al. Memphis, Tcrni.. lo play either Hie Georgia-Arkansas or the Geotuia- Mississippi Stale foDtl»ll ;..ame liiis fall. There was no immediate confirmation of the rcnorl. NEWS PAGE 8EVW* Boston's Bobble Lets Cubs Win Cardinals Move Into Third Place As They Nudge Giants 3 to 2 be lo ':nt;-h rolled p,,^ S|K ,,, S W rlt«-r 'NTW YC'JIC, July 25 IIPPI_. IM.IPIJ: ami I .|i 1 .liiiiu win (he hend- hnes. .:m Hie 'iioston Braves were findim; i,,,( lly ,,,.„ it ,,, kw more tlmu Unit ti> win Ihe ball yatncs. You have in and U-IC.'.M Die Ilnston S'.IH i s in second place In the Naiioiuil 1,-uijiif. but ste'id- ily « rccidiii... ( lom n w llyinn Urocklyn lvd fi er.s, and from 'the icar is comlii t! Die Ihunder of Hie HI I. ins (MnliuaK. now in oli- cut imrsiii! ,,f Hie Diid^ers. Tlie Urave pitehin-. sti'l Is nmonj; ihe best in ihe leaisire. with John Srdn. Wiitren V':a]ui, nil] Volselle and Hed ri:irrett taklr.s reijtiliir turns, and lif'.i l-'iliuti. Jcihnnv Ilopj) Tommy Holme, ,,,,d Kar \ Tor^e- son are hill mi; W e]i -But I'lie lii-nve II errors ir. JK and .Boston has defense h:is imnle lust i.i-itn nwriu-s lost five of l!'e Whil<- Sox first baseman Hitdv York and American League pire Bill MKiniviii] really bare llu-ir heads u-, lln-'y stiuul I'a at iillcnliun during BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTUKHN IJiAGUE W. I.. Pet AMERICAN LKAGTJE W. 1.. f! 30 47 :-'.fl <;': -in 4-1 Vi ?,;> ^:) S3 47 :iii si 32 51 .fill .an .515 .no:) AT2 A'.m .3-!9 Pet.. .t;;.') ..-i''7 AM .4Tli -m .423! .1*72 prc-isaaiu ccru:nony. ! Semi-Finalists Meet In Junior Net Tourney I SOUTH BEND. Ind., .Inly 25. lUl') — Herbert (Biuldyi lleh- rens. national interseholaslic cham- l>ion I mm Ft. Laiulcrdnlo. Fla., remained a heavy fiivorite lo ctirry off two titles as play in all divisions of the Western Junior il'd Boys' tennis tournament entered the semi-t'inai round here today. Uehrenes, lop-seeded in the junior singles event, was .sctiedidc'l to meet lifth-scedrd Tony Trabert in one semi-fina! match. Mean.xliile, second-ranked Dick Moulcdoiis. New Orleans slar, \\-as to Laurie wltll Alex Hel/eck, Ilamtramack. Mich. The Bravrs made one error) ycsierclay ami j t tost n,,.,,. „ ,.,m :.s th< Olii,:e ( o Cubs tviumphd!. G lo 4. Kiiiiiii botbled Andy Pafko's I'l'OMlHler in the third und Phil (•-.U'.irettn ftil'nwi.d wllh :l triple. Hcokle dill Aicrson hit two trl- nlrs and bailed m three runs as the Cubs !:uni|Hd Psiilnrior his fifth lo«s n-:ains( 1:1 victories H'ul iieldini; was, just us cost! Ciiieiiiniiii. where ri-;hl fielder Frank l):u:-iiholu misplnyed two bal s an,| bunded the Doducrs three nnis on a t; ,„ , Hrooklvu vlctorv. The Cardinals took third place Irani Ne,v York by beatin.; llv Owiits in in iiminss. :i (o 2. Hcti X'licon^enst n.iid 'J/jrry Moore Mtmlcit off Moulin IC'.'iinedv In the ,,id' ^!, "",'{''•''• "" n wiltl p " 01 '' and .Stun Musial singled Ihe win! 1 " 1 . 1t ':"" J." : ""'- Whitev Knrowski in.(I id! Ris-uev each homered. i'nl-sjm;;b. in last pla.-" sinc-e June 14. turned the cellnr over I,, he Plullirs i,, heath,., (hem twice, " '" (• i 3 n. 2. A seven-run Nirst in n.e first inning .settled the first B amc, uitli Clyde Klntt^-7 ••ii-aim Imuicr ., hlnlilivhl. Al T.nkeman and ,1,,!,,, w.vrostck hit homers. The .Phils had a his teammates were en safeties off Wan!. The filaiKlnirr, W. NATIONAL YeslercJav's I.KA l;CK W. I SO 4S 48 45 42 4! . M 37 OU'I'IIEKN I.EAOtlE date. AniF.RICAN Clevrland n, Pl-Gadelphia 1. Ne.v York 14. St. Louis S. "rsion R. Chicago 2. V/:ishiir;ton 3. Detroit n. NATIONAT, I.KAG1IE i3iTi'-I:hn C. C'incinn:!'! 1. Lcuis 3. -New y<u-k 2. Chieavo 11. TJ.'Klon 4. 3-3. Philadelphia Semi-Finals Underway In Public Links Meet MINNEAPOLIS, July 25. (UP) — Semi-finalists in the scrap for the National "Public links KOlf championship took to Ihe tou^h Meadowbrook course loiiay with tlo pressure heavy on evcrs- shot. Medalist Wilfred Crossley, the taciturn Atlanta, fin., .stylist, was paired v.ilii Avory Beck. Ualela:), N. C- and SllBht nondoslert. Pnitl. Minn. w:»s pitted aft: Ben Hiiuhe.s of Portbnui. Ore. Mnrio Louise I'alanchon of , Paris lands a Vfi-potind Inr- pon ill 'M minute:; !•> become the flrsl inU-innliunat eonles- lant in Sarasnlji cnntily, l-M:i , KHnhainenl. Mmlanie 'I'.ihni- clion is visilinj; her danuhler, UK- wife of mi cx-CI. Klshini; .was never like Jhis on Itie Hiyei- Sciiu.'. "'; Phi hance to In St. l's Noblesi- STRAIGHF BOURBON WHISKV This vrhlsVy is 5 yeati or more old — 86 proof Today's Games SOUTHERN- LEA C UK at Little Ro;-!;. AMERICAN I.EAOUE c.iKO at New York. Httroil. at Philadelphia, tih'bi. Cleveland at Washington. ni;in St. L-.UIS at. fission .nit'iit. Xe-.v NATIONAT, J.EAGUK Y;.-k al C':!c:r:3. '' Go: ion at HI. D-:'.:- DIST'UERY COMPANY, looisville, Kentucfty Forced Prariul. rarmili;; ri:is cf the l>oll wrevi'. •iny- h'sret rrc.'ur';n of cr.:ton ITOW- els. '. ; •: ::d r.'-amtts to bf'r:n:H- : ir.,-i.i-r iriji of tile south. Grower: turned from hazardous cotton frnps ;., hi:-raii\-e peanuts. Kntrr- f-iM'. -Ala.. Itrt.s a monument :aU in-p*:. ereff.rd in honor o! the b'.ii; tlni !,-.)•( ed '.he sou:h to ;no\v Field oi 104 Tecs Oft tn Cilumbus Coif Meet COLUMBUS. O.. July 25. (UP) — The nation's top Kolfers, fonnliifi a field of 10-1 termed the "toughos'. since the Aususta jinastcrs," teed off here today in pursuit of the S'-'.SOO prize posted f<jr the winner of tin- second ann'unl Columbus invitational lourniiinent. The list of prize winners for ig-n lo date revcaloi! the 7^-hole grind here as a three-way brittle among Fii-n lloiian of Hershcy. Pa, Bobby l_<icke. o; 'domh Africa, and Jimmy Dcimircl of Ojai. Cal . for the lead in the casli and carry derby. 'euiiiii .seventh place I lie nighicnp. but bad fieldiiv. h them clown. TWO unearned' n 'he ei|;l»ili Inni Pirates 111 made bv Aiaiv Se-minlck. whnsi- Ijave the Phiis Jack Taylor, held I'enuey sloie run'; Taylor iiltcnds guve. the. Missouri. Two errors were —by Andy " two-run homer Ihoir runs. fn Hie Amorlcnn League Ihr Yankees wulloped the St Brown-s. M u, s. ,, s j,,),,,' nnd Tom .Henrleh led a 20-hll «(.- tnck with home run.s. ,leff Hwth hit;j two -Brownie homers sinL-ieil nncc and wnlkcd twice, mid Wa't JiKlnici, hit a two-run four-ba^er teller, workini; behind" n Wins Army Honors CAiiuTiiEnsvu.u-:. MO, .inly 24. — Cadet Ilnl n. Taylor, sou of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Taylor <>' Deer- Inn, who Is nUciidliiK the Fort Kiloy, Kiiusus. UO'I'C cinnp. tie,I first place In Ihe hluh jnmii of Ihe Irnck and fluid meet of the enmp, a mcs.sllKO ye.-;terd:iy lo his pnrenls disclosed. Mr. Tnylor l.s superintendent ol .schools at Deer | hit!, nnd a brother of Cpl Tayloi Kiwanians To Don Skirts For Game Tonight Members of Ihe Klwanl.-i Clubs from Blylhevlllc mid Osceoln will (M up their lined and creaking joinls today for a benefit Softball (jninu tonlijhl ut Walker Park. Iloth tennis will he uniformed in Indies nltlrc. The Illythevllle shivers swnmped Ihe Hmilh Mississippi Ooiinlliins 0 to 1 In n previous meeting on Ilic Osccoia diamond lust month and Die pie-name dopeslers pick them as u '> to I shot lo repeat their victory louiKhl. Doc "The C'ul" Dean, ace screw- biiller i Hint, either applies ellher way) for tlie Blylhevllle Klwnn- lans. will loe (he slab Hjialnst Iho Oseeola chili mid ,ilm "(Speedy" timothcrmnn Is slated lo net as backstop Tommy "Junior" l.ltlle will serve us pintail. It wns reported today lliat ninn- Htiers of (hi- Osei-oln club would not niiiiuviiu'u Ihelr llm-np vinlll stnrthiK time liecnnse Ihey are plannlUM lo run In several "ringers" ii|(itlnsl the: Illytlieville club. However, usually' im-rellnbli' sources state Hint tho Rev. i,. T. "Slniai"" Lawrence will hurl for Osi-cola. Mike Meroney Is mummer of Hie Hlylhcvllle lenm. Illyibcvllle's lineup: ,Ioe "Mnulc Kye" I<'it/palrlck, II) Jimmy "Monslc" Sanders, 2b Hob "Hiirn 'Mm (j[)" Humes, ss .loe "Illlnd Tom" Whlllcy.: :ib Ornham -nuximcr Cilrl" Sud- iiny, If Percy "Hnbbit" Wrl|;hl. cf Uoxco "Crnlty" Crafton, rf T. ] ; '. "Doc" Demi, p ,11m "Speedy" Kmolhermon, e. Following Hi" Kiwuuls iwivte the •'it/.piitrtrk Jewelry Store ulrls team vlll play (hi 1 lc.ns.svll Trnctor Co.. earn from West Memphis, l.ltlle I;; •iiiown iiuunl. Hie record itf the West Memphis lenm but .1. D. Lnn.sford, ninmner of the Fiti-.palrlck team, I>i'titl0n from Hie visitors. H'tillon fro ml he visitors. Russian Rhythm 111:111111:1-1 of .1. C n I his c-lly. Cpl the Univrrslly Louis Merritf Speaks On Aims of VFW In Arkansas Ninn Dumbndzc reportedly threw the/ discus 50 meters, fid centimeters, which would he a now world record for women. The Kussinn champion will be n competitor if tho USSlt enlers Ilic London Olympic Gmiic-s next siunmcr. SCREEN DOORS NOW AT E.C. LUMBER CO. iis. usslslnitre to the Nntloiml (inn i (I. enlistinenl of new members, improved lendcr.shlp lor the general welfare. peiieeMnie .service and broader horlvons of .-iervice. fiend Com [cr Ncw.> Want Ads. Local A I,o nr DbUne* Uom|iotont H«l)) ktiil (lUKloly IiiRliretl Contract Hfto fetlll MlBC. SolVlCQB, Hone Seirlco A StorftK* >a. t'tionfl U801 PINE IJLJJFP. Ark-.. .Inly M. Illl'i — The Arkansas Deparlment. of ... ~-i- -...IKHUI. Veterans of Porcitrn Wars stood K , ,, "'. c]]er ' workini: behind a plr-dced lo<lny to „ board pi-ocrum <-<tI \l i " d llltllck - s=<>rcd his of activities lo preserve the Insli- ihe -PI-i' 5 ',' ,",'', lo ' <ic " is iou over Inllons or freedom found [,, Ihe ttic Philadelphia Athletics. Joe "bnslc law of our land " uoroon .-.ol n : |,om e rim \ stale Commander Jim Merrill of Sox clcfcnled the McCichco miide hl.s flrsl public iip- oox. fl to 2. Ted. nenranco since his Heel Inn here I'nsl home nm to tin nt|;ht. He listed a 10-polnl. pnn-nim l!1 - | lhal he Intends lo put Into pruc- 3 to 0. lice this year. "The Arkansas Deparlincilt of Ihe VFW," he snid. "Is broadenin,.; ils horizon by lannchinn a proKraii'i lo strengthen. preserve, extend and l>erpetuati- our Institutions of fn / • dom us found In the basic law ol our land." 'Pile ID-point program: posl li^ie ovuicr.ship, assistance In the l.aon-s Auxiliary, cooperation wllh other Boston's Oliicaso White Wi'llKins list n Heath BS League leader nt Wnylviwtori beat Detroit, £;',,'' " n - slcrso » 8"ve np four 'I'i C ' Scnnlo ''s scored I heir second,l ff lil sluilon', over Hie ric-crs. w h 0 „„,, 0 ,,| <mc urn In Ihe tlirec games a A device for measurini ""-• sensitivity In .skin areas whose '•<>"• o supply i, as bcfn ( . m *J!!" )1 " > j tllries or '-'tcidenls lias recently been patented. service urnnps. service to Hie vel- eran. his widow and dependents: of more Posts In Ark- Plumber • Permanent Position • Good Working Conditions • Top Wages to Qualified Man Contact CRANE-LANEY LUMBER CO. Osceola, Ark. Etch Softballers Defeat West Memphians fj----^,* -\7>'t^ ,^" ' -• 4 . The I-'jy Rich roltiiall leum defeated the Upton Insurance Company team of West Memphis 8 to C on the West Memphis cliamimi Wednesday ni»ht. Tommy ard Harvey Dorris worked on the mound for the Eichers ;tiid held the Wi-sl Memphis team to -.ix hits. The Kiclu-rs d-jfi-ated the West Memphis nine in a prc- vioii-, mceiiim here last month. The Palisade.-, of the Hudson. c:olr:nnar roc!-: strwlnrcs alon^ the banks of ,tlie Hudson river, were formr.-d bv volcanoes. Ti-.e ake i-ock of a giraffe head and nr annnr one-sixth of tho '.* total weight. OKA.V- VCUR. OG.IVURS \_lCtNCE- BUT I'D STILL LlUt TO/XSK. ONE tAQKE QUESTION IT S> ."=> SONNNTURM RJGUT OR utFT OC FLIP TH' A.SH6'=> 1: CJG-ACliL-TTE OTS HA.T IN .—' Plymouth SECOND STREET i* ticks PHONE 4-22 a a si m — Stays Fresh Longer!

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