The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1935
Page 3
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PAGE SIX COURifen NEWS Face Hurricane Iii *s" PEEK HT SIS TjvJUnSpAT, 'FEBRUARY 28, VM 3 BY ART KRENZ A iw. i :-un<i nC UK' executive com- iiilllne or D]st:ict Pom's athk'lie as- so^iilloi; '<(<. I Hi itt«iiioon nl. TYn- inann iirabably will Ilier 1>1- BHlh'ulle V.-1S1 mr/a Hay Or Jortcsbor:i in UK; first round of the district (outiia- mont cumin? at Tnmmim fon!-jht. niylliflville is scheduled in nu't' Bay in the first round of 'play tomorrow tnonihiy but :i dispute lhat' orow as ti result of the C railhead .county tourney, yet unsettled, may finally 'cause the (lokien Hurricnm, coiiQiic-s-or.; of the Chicks in pre- lourn?y play, to far? the nlythevlVtc (in'.in. BayVsehr.ol lias been closed for about a month because ot financial difficulties ' and Jonasboro, tliird plane winner in Hie cratghcad toinity Iourii2y, has protested B;iy',s M.C.OIIC! ji'acj uoslt'm, as'iclni; tlmt B ty be Mm u Ucd mil Joucsboro idvint"l to '"cond place winner.. ' If: Jonssboro wins HA point t!i5 Hurricane will oiipsse lilt! Chicks in- tile first rouml of play in a uairte probably, starting about 3 o'clock tomorrow morning, Sl-oii'l I'lth 1 piiriig be made It would bring together Uvn of the tommy favorites in tlic opening lounu loji 'ban conraijror.s of I'ine Bhiff, 1334 slate champions, finished third In their own comity louiiip font decisively defeated the Ohirls in -i pirns it Jrmesboro. The. Chick ui s wen. far from peak form, hinvsvtr, injuries nml illness ! wpliig two stars out ol lire i;nme Silica tlrn c^ieeh'iy In (li» ixl'ent (oinitj touinc) il.Oscsdlii, the Chicks have shown to umisnai ad- ^anlav lanesbiro probably wil 'JLI. ai n s! jilt frnorlls it paired JtUmt Bljthcul 1 in Uic llr.4 1 :rotuiJ; however Welner is tei siallj considered the tenmrto bent In thr district meet flic Wur>er milpl lias ten •tront! liu^ .xnsin after cnntnrlng Isit jen-s title m' the d'ocuiliv 5,'artie with Hie Chicknsawa. ^ Th3 (]1 t.ict tournament was tc "' lia\c opened tomoriow but by sud <len decision oRlriM<; hnvc amiounr 0 ( ll'at (\v (.sum y will be moved lhrou«h rr chy -m I Saturday. Cpacii Carney Laslln and liis Mli- sissippl coimtj champions will likr- )y loaio li£ r iliu, 'arteriionn' (or Trnmnmi. As Sladcnl Coacli He Vis-! ions Major Cltili of Col-; ijc Boys i • • j (TMs is out- of u series of ;trtH'U v i I inn llif Siuiiilcul Mini in Isasc.liall — ! J'.i.illc li Kli'kcy. (he !jr;im lil-lllllll r/i] r-li:iniiilnn SI. l.ouis Oar- nrnneli Rickey, center, !>.•> b.isiball con:li nl Die Uiiivcrslly elf Miclii'jan, mid t\vo ol his pupil 'otir.ny Uavan, lelt, and Ocorgc S:E!OI\ rl;/hl, as Ilisy npp.'arcd wlii-ii they followed their mentor lo Hie St. Ijouls 13ro\vn.s. , Papoosesy Hot Springs •Meet Friday Lucky All Around By- Harvv Cray son ' / j ' Tiluebird V reaches 100 miles an hour in* an instant. Sir Malcolm Camptelt doesn't, even set ready lo shift into high until his seven-ton projectile hits SCO m, p. h. .Campbell hopes 'to attain 300 in. p. h.-rMmys! nl the incredible land .sjMcd of a mile in 12 seconds, when the tit-n' irons.out anrt bakes'-thc silica sand at Daytona' Beach. Sr Malcolm shot the record up to 272.108 m. p. h. 'in a two-way trhl on tl^ ll-mlle Florida trip iwo years 030. Thais more than twice ns fnst as Gene Sira«n drives is golf ball more than three times as fast as Walter Johnson Uirw a baseball ns tests have proven, ami almosl Coach "Ace" I'uckell's Qlylheville junior high quintet will meet Hoi Springs In the first rcn.nd of the suite junior high .school meet nt Jonesboro Friday afternoon. Pnckell's boys, winners of second place in the District Four tournament nt Jonesboro last week-end, will probably leave for Jonesboro about 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Their mentor expressed high hopes today Dint his atsRrcRation "Tut boys gained a lot of confidence iu last week's tonrnsuheiit, they're bis. nud experience is all thn.v liicl:," Piiokelt said. "I'll Iw lilsiipyioiiilr-j If llisy don't show up iw.h." In Hot Springs the Papooses will meet, one or llio uutslniiillng Ic.nn.i In HID stale and will be hard put, I In ..survive the opening round. At Jnucsboro. Hot Hprinss is looked on •K mK of Itie favorites (n meet the lonesboro Whirlwinds In I lie finals, others are Little Hock and In.™ filuff. The srheilnln nrrnngciiient indicates cniiiu'.irativcly easy slr r .l;Uiiu 'or Hie Whirlwinds until Mie finish. Lllllc Rock, I'inc filnff and llol Sprin>;s lire in otic bracket and Jonesboro in another, Jonesbnrci':; tlvoiigcsl opposition before Uic fln- nls wilt probably be Harrison. fOMT times fnstcr than a nerve way and ihal. We hit a bump. 'i"he tachometer needle vibrates wildly. Tliat means terrific wheetspln. Iloiv I wrcstla to keep her dead slralghl! "We shoot into the lower end of th2 measured mile. 1 ihusl sncitk a look at the revolution indicator. By Gad! It shows just over 31)0 miles an hour- How much am I losing in wheel slip? That worries Easing Font OfT Gas '' Moment "There the end o[ (lie mil?. Impulse. Bluebird V covcrea 400' test n-blle .the perfect British sportsman's brain flashed 'a mes- 4?3 C 'o his steering hands. How ooss it fcol to drive n land mlb in a shade more than 13 seconds? CainplKli describes his ro- actlons vividly in'writing liis impressions to: ,th? Book of Spaed. , M th- signnl 'beach, clear,' l ., „ , •>haut contact' TWO .mechanics'] my foot on the gas p;dat. What a sjirm» to the gas starter. Putts of relief when (he throttle fmallv is pour from the -"" """ Atiotbcr quick glance nt the revolution indicator reveals the equivalent of 320 miles p3r hour. • "Now comes the licklisli moment as ever -so gradually I start casing Lucky Azuear. winner of the Slt'5,030 Santa Aniin Hnn'dlcnp. Is jli I'.ere receiving a yarlnnd of llowors from Mrs. Anltn Baldwin, danyht; of Hie late "Lucky" Bnlclwin, on whose property the Santa- Anit Irnck was built. Jockey Oeorgic Woolf. who pulled down Sio.OOO for ricllns Ihe Irish horse to victory/was lucky, too. black smoke Iiaust pipes, followed by tonsnes of fin me as Ihe 3500 horse power Rolls-Royce motor springs lo life. roir deafening from my monster Hear End Swinging \yrctciica Sensation * l l engage lo\v gear. 1 stic>: licr in second piar and the togs lining the straightaway flatten out to sol d streal.s of color. My engine 'revolution counter indicates )80 miles an hoiir. •I ne^cr feel happy until I en- high gear Now I can settle if in the cockpit r.nd concen- tralc on Sferin^ a buHVeya course, ' I> weflKC mjseH in with'my left loot, using all my force in so doing to Insure keeping'the accelerator flown hard with, my rlsht foot. 1 A quick glance at the lachom- cttr shows 2SOO.revolutions per minute, or about 245 miles an hour. I must, do better. Oh. why won't she pick up speed. quicker? Nsvet mind—the entrance to the meas- mlle;. is' still out of sight. shut! still we si>ceri on nnct" on. I feel at the mercy of the car- Will she never slow down? u would be fatal \o apply the brakes at such M»e3. I must just sit horj until the old liluctiird decides to behave. ! "At last the speed slackens and 1 glimpss the. motor lorries of my 1 mechanics fur R!i<?ad. Now J press the brake a bit, ovcrslioot my gang, and stop. Thoy lift me from the cockpit, My arms and wrists ache like nothing on " County Junior Cage Tourney Open? at Oceola Friday "A motorcycle courier dronss . He hands me a slip reading '273.8 miles per hour.' wrrat, a disappointment- i had honed fo T 300 at leist. The basketball tournament for Mississippi county junior lilgli schools will be IwW In Oscwto, Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2, it was announced this week. Thirteen lenms will compete, and will bring to Ojccola, 150 players have outstanding girls teams. Ar- morcl's girls defeated. BlytiwvilKi senior girls twice and look one camo from Osccola's seniors. Tlicss Ihr?: 1 teams stnnd out as favorites in this division. Burdctte and Yarbro iinve from the county's smaller schools.' outfits in'Hie boys division. Armo- in addition to fails. Osceola was selected for the tour rcl lias a fast team, mid Whiilor will proo.ibly. play In the chain- It felt like it. but that nament at a meeting of the junior pionshlp game. The other teams in high .school principals and co.iclies! the mc2t have nol played cnousli al Rlythevillc. February 1C. This islin this section of Ihe comity for the first year Oseeol.i has ever b?on j Ihfir .strength to tc known. Somo the tonrnamcul. it Iwvinstor them will come to Ihe tournt-v slip cut down'our speed. "In 10 minutes the tires disnged. I must set on with awful u-heel hecn held formrly In the National | fresh from dirt, court', and wilt play I Guard Armory in lllytheville. j a rugged game of arc; Play will start n! 3 p.m. Friday] The schedule follows: and will conlimie through Satur-, Friday afternoon. Yarbro return journey—since It Is n Iwo- j day night. \vllVi holli ooys" anil pirls imor.'l' (boys): Gosiull way trial run. i ache all ovev and I learns fighting tor the wish i could just lie banking in Ihe I ship trophy. Teams will represent the follow- sun." vs. Arinoi-el ehampiou-1 (Rlrls). Friday ntght. Yavbr vs !|r,l- chcr (girls); Oosnell vs. l.ittb U,v- Who wouldn't? Old Things Best KfHKSVrtLE, Mo.(UP) — James B. Bowcock, tried using | Ing schools: Yarbro, BurrJettc, J BlMXwntw, Armorcl. TJttle niver, j dosnell, Hatcher and Whitlon. All of these schools will have a rural mail carrier, boys teAm nnd. the following wil ». <j ,™_ - - - -- • ~ * motorcycle for a have two girls.teams in the meet: hold The rear end starts swinging uhlle, but he didn't like it. Now, Whltton. Cosiie), Armorel Yarbro —'wretched setisatl6n! Now comes he's back (o the method he used | and Hatcher. a» awful flght. She snakes this for 50 years-horse and Annorel, Yarbro and. Whltton er (boys); Hnleher vs. Whitton (boys). , Saturday mornin<r the f.oni:-fin»!s will be played on \vilh thp conso- lat'.on games running Saltu-day af- .tcrnoon. The finals <vi! Ibe p'.ayod Saturday night. HV UiUUtV Siinrts IMiloi-, X|iA Service tvicl| Branch nlei:cy it always | was a <|iiK>t!on of mojrjy—was uu-1 til totniiai'allvely recent ycar.i, i Alter deciding lo chuck bns3ln)l j for law following the season ol 1(1113. due' to failing health and th: insc- (Mi'ily of his future, Rickey encountered an even ^reatei- obstacle) a .shortage of, how.svar.! I'laying baseball all summer and j football In the full, teaching nnd foiililii' and )>tu:lyliig nights were j loo nmch even for a youn^ f?tlo-,v with a fai-m-toiighcned physiqut-. Kick > s health frilled cornplolely. Ills el,- it dropped from ]75 to H5. Ho was forced to 116 on his l):ii;k for mouths at Snranac L:i/:e. liall players' salaries were not what they are lo:lay during us bu^f earcer as a conil Tile man who ciiltivatcd the extensive farm system of the St. l/mls C nd nnk married June ,\ hi s \celhrart (if grammar 'ill s in lOOli. Kvcn though He lr;!'.S Hie side job.or nllitellc director and lojto ill ctiiieii nijd particip.iavl in I ofe snnal football, nflei- iiii siagaj of sickness, ho wxs none loo fixed financially [or Direc nonrc-v- enue years-as i\ law student. So despite: his precarious state qf .cullh. the ambitious Rickey rc- flivcd to com)ili;ti; a three-year itt the UnH-crsity of Michi- in two, antl to make both ends iiect by coaching the baseball team 'cached Sii-ler and Lavan When "spring rolled around, niclr- y applied for the coaehing pMi- lon. Phi! Bjirtleme, now IJ. H.'s chief aid In St. Louis, was dircc- or of athletics at-Ann Arbor. Bart-' eiue ditl not recoquize Rickey as a j former major, league player, andj demanded testimoniaLs. , "How I hustled for that job." beams Rickey. "I wrolc Ihe Jste Garry Herrmann, .Clark Griffith and--Jimmy McAlccr,who man-' ,ij;cd the lltu'.vns. unU everybody j of any standing in the game. ^ s wpil as lawyers, judges, doctors and even a 'bishop. I timed tlirac ,vn Uic replies would How inlo nari.- lemo. one by one over ft period vif nbout r two weeks." Rickey finished liis inw course in two years, but continued as ba>e- "bnll 'coach of Ihe Wolverinos for two - more. ' .Tivo of his pupils urre the im- iii'orlfil Gcoi-gn Iliirold aLslcr anj Johnny Lavati, splendid shortstop .and now a physician in St. | Louis, both of whom later played I villv the nrowns vmdi-r Rickey. I While liickev liad not the! :ligh(est inloiiliol! of ri-ti:rinns o hisebnll at the time, 1'is first peek at Sisler navo him a big idea. The.liijht iV.uviipd on Connie Mack about the same Wliitc there wore a few college men m professional baseball — Christy Mathewson. Eddie Plank, Jack Ccqmbs among them—the campuses' had been sorely neglected l>y scouts. Prom sisler and Lavan to young Burgess Whitchond, the University of North Carolina boy who is bo- ms groomed lo replace the aging Frankie Priseh nt second base tor .l^e world champions, the rosters of the Browns and Cardinals show- how well i Rickey lias capitalized on Ihe'.'Idea 1 ' that struck Him the first afternoon that he saw- Ihe graceful Sisler hit. run, throw and flrld. Rickey, educated in Ihe old rough and ready baseball school, [dreamed o fan entire club of college men—athletes who would listen and who would ue capable of carrying ont his theories. Idaho Gets Ynnng l-iwycr Rickey was graduated from Mich- igan'Wilh Ihe degree of Doclor o! Jurisprudence in toil, and decided lo keep his health and makfl liis fortune in the west. He..hung his shingle nt Boise.j • and Idaho might have had another bi s potato like Hill Borah in th; United. Slates Senate had not the stale 6r health (hat drove Rickey out of baseball driven him back Inlo it, physicians said Rickey w a s well, but U he continued to practice taw It was doubtful thai l»; would remain no. KO hart bden throwing himself into work with such energy that lu> was spciulin^ too much time indoors, n he followed sti occtipatlmi that k?pl him .outdoors a pood deal, he would be well Indefinitely. So Rickey gave up ' law nnel jflln turned to professional baseball, which lie liked, in which he HEAU s A6UA CAUENTe J -AiuiuriJ Ot-l I GOLFERS.. was proficient, ana wiiich ofl a dcfenl living. Branch Rickey rcMitned the reer that was to "firing such e.s ishing rssuits by isiurning to St.]oped by French scientists has Louis as se:retnrv of the Browns. flcmonstrnted that a swallow flies -—^——- ' three times us fast as thc^spcedi- t\ n\ovin'C .jiicturc camera .(level- . - Jt was Lincoln, wasn't it, who gave us that E ... : ,'..; '• '.-' : : . ; ii / M - . about fooling some of the people all of the;fcime.-,and all of the people some of the time? Times-have changed. Some people, today, can' fooled at ail, ,'.' '.'.. They are the ones who buy thoughtfully and.-spend'-' wisely. They are guided, by the most up-to-the-minute news about products, prices and values. They read the advertisements in the daily paper. :'-"- r \Vhttt-feaUiercrt chickens known as silkies have black skin. Whether you're marketing for tonight's dinner, for. a refrigerator or for a home —• the most reliable guides are printed right here in this paper for you. Make it a habit to shop at home, by newspaper, before you set out. It saves time . . . saves tiresome searching-. . . and it saves real money. Phone 644 Bay or NUht Taxi Service

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