The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1949
Page 11
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TOBBPAT, W0VEMBER 1, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams r IM TRVlKkS TO , FIKlP OUT IF I'M OM".' W LAST LEGS OR AT LEAST SOM6TWW6 ABOUT MY CASE.' He MUST THINK f/M A FAT- HEAP--He Te LL5 ME MOTH IN 1 --TELLS IT ALL TO MV WIFE.' Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplel PAGE •>»tou TO MEET THE RIGHT HOMORA8LE SVJlSHlN)&TON BROOM/YOU STROLL OUT Of AT WlSUT A=> UMCOMCERKleo As TUe LAST Hoese IK) A. RACfe, AI\)D L6AM6 CHIPS AWKLe Deep.'-— \MHEN) DOES THIS UOESePLAY EGAD, MABTht*.' I'D Be OVER- JOYeDTOTlDYUR . BY We WAV, X HftVENT H6ftRO A^ EXPR6SSIOM OF DELIGHT ABOUT AW -SCULPTURING-«~ IT'S GOIrtS TO 6RIM6 REMOWSi AsJD RICHES TO HOOPL6 MAMOR. HttJ^'T GOT THE RIGHT WORD FDR IT JUST NCH-J- furiously. "What difference docs it ninke!" Private Rooms Larse front Ijctlruom, private entrance. 622 w. Main. !1|1 pit 8 2 bedrooms Adjoining path. v.Mcii only. Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer, ph. 2Gti&. 11*1 pk a Comfortable bedroom, close to town. Men only 31D w. Walnut. 10,29 pk 11J2U Sleeping room adjoining bath. Work- ins couple or 2 elrls 102 E. Kentucky. P". <"27. 1 0 ;27 pic 1113 Sleeping roomB. Intersprlng Mattress ^"J«mi. _ 10J2S pk 1113 Nice bedroom. Men only Adjoins bath. 613 Walnut Phone 2496 6,23 ck 11(28 Steam neated bedroom - adjoining batn Men only t*h 4432 Dj2l' ck ti Bedroom, prlvat* batb Ph 4043 10;S pk 11|5 Personal rmny mtnute pnnu»t>tlc seme* O'STEENS STUDIO HB-ck-tJ For Sale. Cars and Trucks Harley-Dnvldson 61~ O.H.vT~5iiecial •xe with windshield spot lights lots of extras. Like new. shclton """• c °- 11(1 pk 11|B 47 special deluxe Plymouth 4-door leaan. Low mileage. Perfect condition. a^",.L chr "'« 4-door sedan, clU'np. _l_* 6a5 - ' ,10;31 pk 11J6 1946 Ford station wagon. Will sacrifice for $575.00 in mortgage foreclosure sale. Universal C. h T. Credit Corporation, 116 N. Second. 10-29 ck 11-2 Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART <*„,,,*. ,«,, «x soviet INC. Before you buy, see these USED CARS 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low. 1941 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio &.heater. Very clean. 1*940 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 1949 Kaiser DeLuxe 4-door, only 12,000 miles, has all accessories. Big discount,! Be sure to see this car. Several older model cars at give-away prices $100 to ¥200. .Several nine! excellenl fcuy* to choose from 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ck ti PRESCRIPTIONS ' Fresh Stock uaranteed Besl Prices Dru 9 Stores THE STORVi Joxx'. ™.rrl»i* r. Ti>d lli.B,,,;, ),„. b , e . u.kHpcr lirrnuitr- or l.I» f:nnnv*r. [.Ix Jlllrd 'l4id, 'l*nd married JrMnr and MOW l.lz U Afrer To,l a K ulB. Ai Kml Ikfr* wcr« nnuucUl UlrHi-ulll«a. rb« .irrlvnl of twl»>. llalr 1^4 I'hlllp, nnd • knuHTne •Curtate*. Hul <klni|iln c rndrd wkr» l.l> Kel* 'l'r)d • |i)b ivllh a?r rittkrr'* firm Toil, • former All-American r.iutlinll pln>-er, brcomr* • lople nf ui'^^lit whi-n he u >een «»ci)rllnR l.u itlHcea. To4 InnUlk he mil*! »ee LIJB when ikey work !• ihc ...,, r uillr^. Tod hoy. • bnme «nd there I* • •UBBevrarw- Ine. .lenn> and nn« of 1'od'N old rrlendn. Rick SlurrI*. *!!• alt la look In on the twin* «*ben ther overhrnr n rnnverMAIIon Bero«« the hnll friira ike Bur»«r7. • « • XXV! "| DO (eel sorry for Tod!" It was Liz's voice, husky and low. "1 really do. Because it's my fault he married Jenny .to begin with." ."Has he made up his mind to ask her for.a divorce?" someone else said. Liz's ansv:er was not direct, but it might as well have been. "He certainly can't go on (or the rest of his life like this!" she said. There was a short silence. Jenny's knees were trembling, and the dimly lit nursery spun around her. "Don't you suppose she^ knows he's hot in love with tier?" "Of course!" Liz exclaimed. "She knew very well he wasn't in love with her when he married her, but she was always crazy about him." "I suppose now that he's really making money she'll be Hard to get rid of." "He'll have to pay her off, naturally. She never did have anything be/ore she married him. You know where she came from, grew up down there in the ratty end of town. Fler family didn't amount to anything." Jenny couldn't bear any more. She brushed past Rick, out Into the hall and fled down the back stairs, her whole body hot and trembling. Rick caught up with her at the toot ol the stairs. "For heaven's sake Jenny, don'l Icl a couple of cats upset you." t "Oh Rick, 1 don'l know whal to do or whal to think." One thing was certain. She couldn't rejoin Ihe party. She couldn't race thai barrage of smug, cynical races. "Why don't we go for a ride," Rick said. She turned lo look at him, saw Ihe compassion in his eyes. He was the only real iriend she had in Ihe world. She nodded. EVERYTHING added up., she had been pretty stupid all along. Something had cautione'd her, even before she had married him. Her heart had told her that her own tove wouldn't be enongh. But she hadn't listened to any of those Inner warnings. Tod didn't love her. never had. Rick said anxiously at last. "Jenny darling, just because Liz Conover says a Ihing. is no sign it's the gospel Iruth." "1 know what the truth Is. Rick." Jenny replied dully. "Things are ncit right, and never have been, between Tod and me. And it's— just like she said, it—it can't go on." ."Oh Jenny, come on now." Rick protested. 'I'd like to go back. Tod'll wonder where we disappeared to." Be turned the car around. Jenny felt the clean fresh'spring air blowing on her (act. \ All the cars were gone from the drive when they returned. Tod, his face flushed, opened the front door for them. "Well, where on earth have you two been?" he said thickly. "Sure looked fine, your being gone so long." Jenny walked past him, a cold flood ol resentment rising in her. "You could at least have stuck around to say goodbj to four guests It looked a bit odd the way you and Rick disappeared." Jenny whirled and faced him 'What difference? It makes a sreal deal of difference. This parly wasn't strictly for social reasons, you know. There were sevcr.-il people licrc that Liz thought could do a lot for me." "Liz!" Jenny flung the name at him. "Always Liz!" "Oh. so ihnt was it. Jealousy." "No, that wasn't it!" Jenny said. She would have liked to pick up something and hll him with it. The rage lhat sprang through her was frightening. "I'm not jealous of Liz! I'm just disgusted and sickened all the way through by the mess we've made. I've known all along that our marriage was a failure, but it took tonight to make me face it." "Jenny!" Toil exclaimed. The words were full of' shocked disbelief. "What's come over you?" "Just this, Tod. I want you to give me a divorce." "A divorce?" He siared at her stupidly, as though he couldn't quite believe he had heard her say it "Yes, a- divorce!" A vague son of relief replaced her anger npw- II was as though o long period ot hidden tension were somehow ended. Bui Tod's next words shattered the relief as suddenly as it had come. ' • "So you can marry Rick?" "No!" Jenny cried. "So thnt you can marry your precious Liz" • • • ' r rOD turned away and fumbled in a small white porcelain box on a table !or a cigaret. He lit it carefully. ' ; "I . don't understand what brought this on' Jenny." Ills -voice had losl its thickness now. "Something must have Happened tonight that I don't know about." "Something did. Tod. I realized tonight that you've never been in love with me. You've never gotten over Liz." ' . Tod still stood with his back to her. smoking, his big shoulders hunched. He didn't turn 01 reply immediately The silence was tense while Jenny waned vainly for him to deny her words. (To Bf Conlimicd) Accidents cause 42 times as many deaths among US. children as does infantile paralysis. Soybean Sacks new'10 oz. 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'•' WEE rMIVE.'l IU SW HE PIDN'T. *N' THAT Mf$Sw JW^I'^ HE 5P°? -- '^ NOTHIN' BUT SOUP "V. •J J ^!^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 'IVas Kvcr Thus BY EDGAR MARTIN

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