The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1931
Page 4
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: PAGE FOUR _:!"•' BLYTHBVILLE. (AUK.)" COURIER NEWS .THE BLYTHEVJLLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PDBUBKKB8 0. K. DABCOOK, idltor U. W. HAWKS, Aflveriaffij Cole National Advertising Representatives: Tlie 'Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, PhlUddphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Sou Antoulo, Sail ?r>nclsco, Chicago. St. LouU. Published EVCJ7 A!t?rnoon Except Sunday. Entered a: second fliss matter at (tie post office at Blyihevllle. Arkansas, undsr act ol Congress October 9, 1P17. Etrvcd by tnc United Press SUBSCKIPTION KATES By carrier IB the cliy or lliy-nevllle, lie per seek or $8.60 per year in advance. By mall within a radius of K mUes, J3.M per year. J1.50 for Elx montlts, S5c lor three months; oy mall In pcstiil zones two to six, inclusive, M.SO per year, in zones seven t^d clgbi, 110.00 per year, payable In Ills up ?J Mr. Alexander Fmlay, February 27, the price of gasoline went up one cent. The boost was necessary to cover the increase in the .state (gasoline tax from iivc cents to six cents per gallon. The extra tux '„ was voted by the JrgMaltiro to pro'. vide money for farm to market roiitl*, ~ and provision w;ia maiiu for apporliim- mcnt of the proceeds among tlie ccnin- • ties of Arkansas on what appeared to ; be an cquitabl; bnsis. Everyone who buys ga.solinc in Arkansas must pay the extra tax, and -• that of course includes tlie automobile ' and truck owners of Blythevilla and '. the northern district of Mississippi '. county. ]}tosl of th:< automobile own"... crs of Arkansas will derive a direct Ijcn- -c efit from the tax, irj that the money -.'..jtliey pay will be used for the improve--' nient of roads in tlie comimuuths in >;• wliicli they live. But there is a .joker ." in the law which, if not corrected, will - /'leave the automobile owners of Bly',' thevilhi and the northern, district of " Mississippi comity in the uncomfortable - position of paying tho extra tax with. -. no prospect of any benefit. ; The law provides for distribution of ' the extra gas tax proceeds and certain .•• other stats highway money among the counties of the state on an equitable basis. It also provides, however, that - of each county's .share of the money •.. sufficient must be withheld by tlu state - treasurer to pay 75 per cent of interest - and maturing principal on highwajyim- -:•• .prbvement ctistrict bonds sold in that - county since 1927. That is the joker. I The only county in which any great T amount of such bonds ara outstanding : is Mississippi county. Rond improve'_ ment districts in tlie Osceola district of ;. this county have sold bonds to the : amount of ?l,i!ll,000 since 1927. Un- dor the law as it now stand; a large - paii, perhaps all, of this county's share .-' of; tho jextra gasoline tax and other state turn-back money must go to help pay interest and principal on '., these bonds. In other words the automobile and truck owners of Bly- 7 theville, Manila, Leachvillc and all of ". tho rest of tlvr, Chickasawki district ! are being taxed to pay for roads in ;. the Osceola district, most of them in ' the relatively small part of the county lying between Osceola nnd Ihe-Crilteii- den county line. ' A bill to cor-oct this obvious injustice l).v pi'oviui!in air an cqtiilr.ble division of the turn-back money between the two judicial districts of the county was introduced in the rttate senate; iiist week by Senator H. A. Xelson. It passed un.iiiiiiMOU.--ly and was sent to the house, where its fate rrsts with IS. 15. Alexander, wiio obtained it from the clerk last Wednc.-day nnd has h:>.d it in his pocket ever .since. This bill i- of only to Mississippi county. No one in the hoiiEt 1 of . representatives i.s jjoiiu? to oppose its passage if Mr. Alexander ask-.: fur its adoption, just as it met no opposition in the senate when Mr. Nelson proposed it. It is distinctly up to Mr. Alexan:lt,T whether flu. people of norllinri! Mississippi county arc going to be l;>xeil to pay for roads in the south end of thq county, or whether tho money iliey jiny is to be used to build road.-; for their own use. Mr. Alexander has sonic powerful political friend: 1 , in th? Oscoola district, men whn are very anxiou.-; in have .someljody else; pay for roads they have built, men who are interestctl in having the bonds sold to pay for those roads retired. These political friends have asked Mr. Alexander to block the Nelson bill which would prevent the use of Chickasawba district money to pay Osccoln district bonds. Residents of the Chickasawba district may not b= in as good a position to ask favors of Mr. Alexander as are his friends who want this turn-back money to pay their bonds. But the Chickasawba district is not asking a favor of Mr. Alexander. All the people of thl.i end of the county want is .simple justice—a fair apportionm;nt of the money they are taxed to raise. Whether or not they gel that justice is up to Mr. Alexander. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark MONIDAY, MARCH 9, 1931 MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP >v!'i GRANT'S COMMAND On March 9. 1864, General Ulysses S. Grant was appointed com- inanrter-ln-chlef of tlie entire Union armies. His appointment came after his CJCcess against the south In the I battles of Shlloli, Vicksburg, Fort I Donelson. and Chattanooga. Grant's first move as commander was to forefnke his original plan ol trying to load hi!) western army to Atlanta and the sea. Instead, he assumed personal charge of the army of tho Potomac. At this time the federal forces. united to make itr memorable march against the south. The appointment of Grail to s>u- piemc command of the federal armies crowned the military career of a man who entered West Point against his will, and who admitted In his writings that military life was dis'tatscful to him. FOKD BUVS MAIL WAGON BEI.LEFONTAINE. Ohio. (UP) — An antiquated mail wagon that was used before the advent ol the automobile for rural deliveries has been purchased by Henry Ford from Amos Reed, of North Lewisburg, near here. The wagon has a high box, set on lour wheels. "We're just out for the air, Jamc-sJ But remember, this is the town car, so be careful to stay within the city limits." WASHINGTON LETTER Students From Whole World CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (UP)—Every state In the country and foreign 'countries, or United States' possessions, are represented this year in the Harvard University student body. Among the foreign countries China is second only to Canada In the number of students registered. FOKTH WHILE THE MOTHEft. ISSEAIEO i>f>lt\ VltNTEfZ. OEM, IH A PARTIAL &TOP01Z. SHE 00£ 7HC CUBS ARE ACiE TO FOLLOW. rr is eAsy TO SEE UV KODNKV NBA Service Writer WASHINGTON.—Two of the very CARD OF THANKS We want to express our sincere gratitude ami appreciation for the many kind and thoii3httiu\ nets during the ilness ami death of our dear mother, daughter and sister. CHURCH EXCUSES — By George W. Barliam= Copyrighted by a. W. Enrham, she would hardly know how to act. Blythevilie, Arkansas. So I thought 1 might as well Jim—thal's my husband—came have it over and T told her ho\v in Iroin work last night- rather I glad I would be it they would—and late, and as it war, ijettinj close. before I got all the words on', of i.i.iii itjuttiui, UUUXIUCI nlLU OlMAl, heavily Republican, administration-1 Mrs. Ethel M. Wilson. Especially! to !he ! = 3t of tl!e ' vcek I thought. my mouth she said, 'Oh! how controlled "lame duck:' House.I do we thank the voiuntcore and 11 hacl bettc -' b -8' n the subject of; sweet of you. We'll te there They contend that a spjcial session youngest senators, Bab liaPollvtiv was prevented by Rcpubllcan-bem- of Wisconsin nnd Brcnsun Cut'.::;; ucratic co-D|ieral:on because of fear A back answer, says (he ofiice snje, is ii.vjr-.l- !y taltl ovor a eoid shoulder. An optimist is a fellow who purchases a cosnb with a br,tlle of restorer. Women arc thinking about r,]iriiv; Int styles. Men nre nba Ihlnkini; about caps—lor bKr bottles. The only ones who seem to have achieve:! perfection arc (he perfect fools ;ind perfect nuisance.-;. "More Sheep In U. S. Than Ever Before." Hrf.dlinc. Including, of course, a rjcodly imin- Lcr of the Muck variety. Spring must be i tally here. Detroit officers, in n raid the other day. seized u cargo of bock beer. donors of blood for transfusions given in the hope of saving her May God blesj each of you on the part of "bis business" that abundantly with oil things good is Chicago is to hold its lair in IMS. It it will El 1 '- rid 01 all Ms undesirable citizens by that time, that will l;c fair cnousli. President Hoover recently iwscci lor n \Kr- trnll. Will it be s.iid thai ihis is the time during his administration lie wa::,silling prellyV OUT OUR WAY ! the new Conei-eis would favor trie our prayer. I progressive type of l2gislation. . i I'rcuicfb- Better taws j "We should be able," says one of ! I he senators principally concerned, "to get more gcod legislation in th: next two years than we have had :in tlie last 20 years. What we want now is ft sounii, constructive legis- j lative .program which can be sup: ported by men and wcmen of bsch i panics. We wanted lo develop such 'a program with the aid of leading I economists and other experts who ;v:ould come here nnd exchanje i ideas. \ "The conlsrcnce also serves as a t sounding board from which we can •|;ei tiie situation and our prospcs- Itlve progmm ip the country. We telieve the country is disgusted with the leadership of both parties i and that tile time U ripe for 1111 ex- j piessicn cl progressive sentimen 1 I from the- people of this country— j one of unprecedented proportions. • Public support, of course, is a -vital ! factor in obtaining legislation t~ j which the powers that be are hostile." Misery in industrial centers and on the farms has demonstrated more clearly than ever that the 2C- I cncniic fader is dominant in Amer- of New Mi'\!co, arc largely rospon- ' lean life, the projressive3 poii'.t out. siblc lor the unprecedented iii-par-' Wclman Aids Movement The family. Announcements The Courier News lias been authorized to make tlie following announcements, subject to the \vili of the people at (he municipal election to be held April 1: eoins to Church Sunday; as Jun-- promptly at twelve". Since I think lor nnd Sister had stayed home for | of it that is just the time Church so 10113 I I'll we could not afford! is out or at least that's my reco!- to keep them out longer. So when' Iccticii. and if I plan for the cvcn- I told him ho\v I felt he'had me I ins ssrvicso that v.-Hl keep Jim to make all the plans, anci said) and the children up so late,-and he would du whatever I said. I too, there are some fine Radio Wow, that's just like a nlan _ Programs in- the" early evening leave everything for his wife. Wel!.[ : vl there was. nothing left lo <lo but lee him have his ua; For iVLiyor A. II. KA1I1FIELD NEILL REED tne-Elccticu, 2nd Term) For City Treasurer ROSS BEAVERS (re-election, 2nd term) ! to miss. And too, I believe I heard ien tu uu uu'j So I be~in ! lllm Ea - v !l " woulti ^ out a " aftcr- thinkins about, how 1 would man- i llccn - so hc wiu yobibly come in t-e my Sunday schedule, as I hadi ! ai? fan V l ' rc , d ![ .f, mentlon ^~ Ecme plans and arrangements al-1 in = io ehurch he will, bo cross. not call"ofl ^"-c^all-^ome fr?"'ids I SUFFERERS GIVEN - CAR- MEAT were to be with us for dinnrr. V,'ell| CLAREVDOV Ark tUF)—W"cn not exactly friuids. but some foiksj otllers in thu ' Kt:lian ot tlle s i atc v 1 really felt under obligations to' v , cre , isked to contr i buti , to lw fg» as they h£d entertained us several j drollghl sua - crevs . J CES Webster, a " mes - ' j farmer, gave GO.OOO pounds of gar \Vl;en I met this ivoman last' meat. During January he caught week she said that they had no-,. ii.4Kl alligator gar. his records kern invited cut in so long that • showed. Senator Cutting WO-MO •- 1 \.\jA c i ' - Ti-l'T \,MOM6M UDTTA £O Sv.ik.lPM Tv-lE^-/ utiC. ~T' Of) OFFERED T" Teat- oP A "T" "SEE VMHO CiOCS 00 1 6.>T Mv-f E.CX HEAl-\ - 1 A._MO-ST (TTor A -5N.!ACv<! .^. ,.^ ''Ci^-l 1 Ftfi tCuAL ontt\t<i. - OH MO' NICE V-vue POiS JOViS i\BEev_CTt f y,\ : hw /<<•'•'A :0<J TAv -^' MCl /| 'ii^ ./.;-. : ."-v B-^c v\ TO /}, w^i^K^ * J& „ _ ^f^r^ .'-%^^i^^^ li?.ni fcnforence ol p.o.:ir. iiv:s svhicii was callotl with thr h?;:e fa p;itlii:f economics into p-iliiiri. It wns th:ir idea and tliey sci';;l it to the older men v.-itJu>vr. -,v|io33 heh) there 1 COU!L| have b:cn 111 suc'n I.aFollettc is o;iiy 35 and CuKiti; is 42 ami l~l ! : an fearless voting men v:ho v.n: be- ccino inci-oasinrtly impo:".a:il national li'-:iiri's if M:e r:c?:v;sivj .lent bscins to ni.iV.i- prj;- Mtit!:cr of them ha-l sr.v idea ;hat ii wn - 11,1 to them o r: Ue a ti'.irtl pi;-ry movotnrnt cr :'.n i* advi>.»>:!« for t'iciii lo tiy they ftH that tlu-rc appeared lo b^ n3 iiiiii* i'Dr prusiossivcs in Ih.-- t>rrs-i r:it l?:H!eiri!ilp citl:rr of the i:?.iub- j ':K?.:I cr Demcriatic party, ivi.-.ev?r. • and agreed that both til? p.^ilical j I ll::it iherD w::s a real c:r.:r-: for: ivcjir^-i'.-e lc^;:.-latinn on t'.i? ii*a-! .i.':: 1 problems snb?:quor.Tv sub-; r.'.ittcd as l!ic agenda fcv t'::.- con-' Icroace. : Sdccl Five Subject-: i'lics.' livo ;i;bj?ri-- v,c-:r rv.^m-• ti-:;. ii!:biic u!i!:::o;. a~i ici.Uure. j 111-.- t-iril! ami rrlurn to reyr.-srnla- Thrv i-.-.d lit;!™ iro:n!r '.'.: pfr- c.i. :hc- Sr:i.-\:r\s lc.-.:!i:i: inde- ni:: «rr.s?v--kc: !-:.iw.\iv-i l>. ,^;>i rr O::CI-AU^. ;::• l:-l:' nnl tiaiuy ;.iriii?r iariff c—•V!ii«--:::ijr. j I or w;-.c,-'..-i i-.; Mn-.H3:i.'.. «':•..•> rmj I fr.r vice 1 pr-'^-'i-n'' <-n I.iFo;:^i5's j ItU'kc! in \K1 1.1 join 1:10:11 ir. call-! I'jW il-o i(Fi|i:rjn.'. Iii:!i \V;-.^rbr Ihr.r :!:r r-c.-v.: iao;i-s :.f th:U- p.\r : «:il a:'c!:n:t n co;x- vith t'.-.i- in-' ('.i.-lihl si-.iialUii. K-.c:;,.•:-.,- LCi-Tiau.l ir:irv;- Hi il : !'. ' ;..;-u :i.- j::..ii,^ :•-. uatii; C .- :.: •••'•>'•• •••- •'• ('..: ::.-,p:.T-;!.-:i:c-d!yi ;r-.-:.-;:: '.:•:•:-.: • cr pnvc:- vv!ii.-l! they aio --LI:. :•• ;;••:,• tc!v.o.-n !:io tv,o ii:r.i.;:- v-n-;;- 1 ;. • 1.::- i .••-.;o.-^-.-,.\ v f,-il!ci> l-c^!i7.--d 'In: <:<-ip;'.o t'-.c ;:':.-••, ,\\ •ona'rT.ry ol : t!'.o '.-.-• s.iy;h;r,t i-ould .be .-.:o-::!:p'.L-.i::-d ;r.-::i :;:: ;:;-.-. s rcs- f:ve p-?;::' of v-cv bcc3'.;:c e' tho Of (he five round-taKes at th? confcr.-nce, leadership cf the most important one iv?.5 8iven to a non- Eenalor. Or. Leo Wolman, omploy- inciit expert of the National nu- rrau of Economics, v.-ps chosen to WILLYS MUSICAL MEMORY ilOUl? Station WI.\V ("GO Kc.) MONDAY EVENINGS, 11 p.m. E.S.T. than ALL othe Scnalcr UiFcIIottc the imp-ana'.-.; set-lion on unemployment anri industrial stabili- sation. Wolman served on FIcrbcrt Hoovor's inieinp!r.y:!-.c:it co:nmiU:e 10 years ago and Hoover recruited him as a .stati;;;ci:a; asai:i diirlng the present tlrprcs-sio:!. C::iigan. \\hcs: c;i(s;)Dkc:i inde- prr.dtucn as ;. Domccrntlc tariff' cc.mrnissiuiLi- i.i Hi,-. Cocli-!ge administration \\<}\ alv.ais V^ rc- incmbcKd he:-r. v picked to'head Ihe rcur.u-t.ib:.. on the tanfT. Norri". or cc-.irso. v,.i s given the iabb oa ;>!-b'.!c utilities. Cutting, whnic v.,-s ;o c'.carly sliown when h^ (it'.ivercd c;i the Senate flocr a aul)-.i:i:r .-mack ajainsl Rob- ori v. L;:cas ar.d liis campaign tactics against N'crris in Nebraska. . IOOK ever tne socilcn o:-. • re'.inn to tepresentatlvc;.' 1 0 'llm new Willys Six 13 the speediest car ii its price class ... It also excels in pick-up, Iiill climbing ami long life ... Yon must drive tin: Willys Six to appreciate fully the spe^J and jiover capabilities of snrli a low-priced ear . ,. All the new Willys cars aro notable for bril- liance ofnctioi^econouiy ofr r pcration ...They luring you comfort and safely . . . IVicc-s arc lower; sonic models arc $700 less tbau last year's similar types . . . The new six-cylinder trucks bring Lillys dependability ar)|l econ- omy to the field of commercial transportation. A B3f> SIX, 5»rirnl SlUe n tour A powKRi'J.'i, E«;HT • • • A t!HII.f.IAXTKXS«HT . . 2 MKW WfiUXS TUl'CKS . . ami ii;>, /. o. b. Toledo, O. Willy, Pi, . . fi95lo?SoO \Villys K; 3 Iit . 59.3 lo ItW.i \Villys-Kiiiglil. 1093 lo 1193 Willys li-lon chassis . 39.) Willys lli'lon chassis . 595 SAFETY GLASS IN All, WfNDOWS AT .Sl.KUlT KXTKA. COST M ille, Ark.

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