The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 17, 1933
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX—NO. 182 BEYTHEMLLE COCKIER TIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI e - Dally. Ne«s. lil>tnt:vllle court«e. Mississippi Valley Under. RlTthfyllle Herald. UI.Y'IUKVIU.K. ARKANSAS, TUKSDA.Y, OCTOIiKli 17. mil: 1 , HOME EDITION S1NGLR COPIES FIVE CENTS : LY !Annual Courier Cook in n Scli oo I! j f Mine Luxora School Also lo Ben-l^ h0 ^ dil; $100,000 to Hot' Springs Woman y|i"inr,o::. one of the na Tni-Mliiy! Jj most, inti-r- j ^ Observations, ...... in- r. it. u-j aiid valuabli- homeniakinfi , The claim has lr«aienlly been p-.iblislu-d. and ni'M 1 : 1 . :.:> fur us \ have seen, ill-nil d. tlKi', th<- pi':i'' - d: colwnM'i'd in il'.n Mi.-M<sip;ii delta :ls substantially Uniu-r lliiin II i-< : acrov, tin- rivt-:- in Arkansas, 'l'-'-^ 'year it app;-nr> thai Mi.v,i-sl)ipl ' ]!ev.'.s;:;i]M r. Thr M'hool is a week j • ui rvmts tor women, yoiini! mull : ulri. middle-flyer! or bridi-.s. for} j nuiili!':s o! K.ovn-Lip famtics. for' OSC13OI.A. Ark.. Oft. 17. «S|W-; i-vvi v •.voit::n: who cooks, v.hol \ c.ah Tile will o! R. 1! !•'•'• Wilson. | vaii'.s In IcJins to cook. -.vhi> inli'.t' •[ f, ii'l'i'd this aliei-iiMi) with ihi' dcrk j ulan meal-, foy a fmnilv of t'vo, oi-; : .... o- the p'-obnu- rout here, leaves lo'li-n. or mj:-». H is ;i week of ni:v.s t -e wllso-i school Ihe income from | lie _ i:\c-i- co'iier of ints i;rr-al OX acres ol land and from a list.; coimirv <,'. 011:7; on ',vha'. Is nev: if or .v.iairilics, including 2.01,0 shares I (..-,<*<-, v and hnmciiuikiiiH. lold ink and "tiiicinlv in a model kilirhen. | In this kitchen I lie hi'-'hlinhls ol; "\ ,\ '-" Rr-limnent Salary Half HlS cotlon urower-, : ,,-c- r.-ri-ivin", 1:011 "f tins! - ' , jo in $12 a tun moiv fo: in,'ir M-frt lay <1S Active Head Ol u,,,, !ir o Arl:.»isu.s vulion Kinder.;. M ' ;!..••„ j If there is any -Tiis-JimW- jiisu- UUllUll- I licaliun for liiis <lll!emiiial I have rrcp.clt Army is Ready For Any Eventuality I'AItIS, 0:-i. n. il))>>—Pivmli-rl F.douiird l)al:idli-r planned tinlav •:>••. parliament .i-.-vinuli'd lor us mi..-.'. | irartt-mous .v-.<.iinn In yiY.l-.s, lo mi- | noimce I'l.iiuv's hiini' in my was I pi'i'paivd Iji- any i>vfiiiualliy. | At the I „! in-, opi'ninx srii-i-,' - ] ll> p,Ulluiu>-nt tills iitUTill.iin .>•'-] ,:idli-r inli"i'!id to demand n vole I Chasi- li::'.!'j:U'l t;:ir :' vi-rKd i.jiluy u.. : i I'.LI:: inarke: inv.Miga'.ors icj In- p -;.-,•.• a <ainr;.' of ilOD.MO ti y fur lit.- to Altrr! H. vVi-;'.;ln ' l!»- tar'.k and Tl-n of stork in HIE Farmers B.n Trust company of Blylhevillf and 2.000 shares of stuck in Let Wilson and Company. ,, , The will also provided Hial lhc, told bv :i Wilson sc-hool k 10 ieceivc the i-i- utnlluii. i, come from siu-ii part or ui'-Oih'-r p -ries ol extensive list of slock.-, as is left I '••'Omciij>. alter Mr. WiSon'r, deb'.s have been paid. Luxora. School Shares Trie Liixorii high soiool, under the will, Ls to receive the income from l.MX) acres of !and. including 580 acres purchased last, spring from ihe Chicago Mill and lumber Corporation. Tr.e u-lll places in Irust for ihe Boy Scouts of America S20 acres of. pai'lly Umbered land west of Marie, known locally as "Tne Preserve." Mrs. Dora Davic-s Merrill and Mrs. Eva Elklns of Wilson arc each to receive S150 per month for life from Mr. Wilson's estate. The will provides that nln« insurance policies On M^. Wilson's life, amounting in all to $100,000. are to be used for the establishment of a trust fund for Helen May alliible. Hr ir-'..rfd a 1 , chahuiiiii \\\.-( it'r :.:. u iiirf-rio:' thn r-xecii'.lvf- i-om- C-XIXTI of naticnul tcp-1 nuitei-. nd hr-st fjf nil Ihe f-nllrc 'f],,. ,.>., ^'.iv ujnmiu. r nt tl. - lestons will be dc-mon- j j. , H1Lr , ;m ,] !'.t,-:.l"d. ho.i:ei«at.ii. r ' news will Dcj.,,^ mmiln-r ,"-|iis will he free to thr- i his community cniifil as Ef*rt cri in rhorRc Is Mrs. \.ili-J ill.- i:C'J.Gijii Wi°uin on Dcci'ir.l-er n;clion of !•'. H Eck a: tin- Mflropciiian uiiiiy never seen LIU explanation of U. It Ls .said that i-nmiy.uion :nnui:; oli mills In Mississippi make.-: ill- pilco lh':r« sunii'-.ih:il, hii/hi-r. Hi: 1 .! tin- o.ualily oi Mississippi .st-f-d is ycn- : . f'rally tH'tter than lliiit i>! Aitan- '", SKIS b-.-ed. that Arkansas Minmr.; lull : j lo pass on to li:<-ir custcmvi.-. premium'; received for hitf'.i <|iiallly seed, but even if all thi-.ii 1 tinny:, arc true it is dllncuH to sec how they can accoitnt fi.r so v.-idir a difference in price. 1 don'l pro^iosi- lu iollov: the ID ME Kutlioriiii' Parts I'Yom Mother at \lnn|»liis Slalion As Ready MKMl'lllR. '11-nn.. Oa n. (III'i K.i'.lii-i'ine Keily. queun of a shut- ti-ml u.indli KIIII.;, anil lu-r mutln-r. l n-nlnil Ilit'Sr j Opt'ii Nopoliiilions forji' 1 ^ 1 ,-.' . K . r- [ ArmiHl guards mirriod Mi:., Kr-entry in Ncav ruiiircin,,,, iinoi, K h tin- .-n-w-u m MPHI- | phis to Klu-lby county jirl.-Dii imt: (IKNKVA. Oi-t. 17 ail't-di r-1 where she btnan ;i lit'i- si-ntvn.r iur urn i.-. jiirpiuvil If. .sun: m-niillr-JKii'lk'llwllon In the iilnlin-.lon .,[ n.- Chink's K Or:.i Mrs. Kelly, \\lli Ucrinun ([iiiirUTs indi- S ii y Relalivcs Would Nol Allow Killer Pl;ic.ccl In Instilutibn TAMl'A. HA.. Oft. 11 IUP) — Vii-lor tjic-iilsi. 21, lifu'ki-il live incm- ::ei.s ill fii.s I'liinily lu ileath in I ll S l! :,st,j- •.vholf-ali 1 murder lotlny. . . . ... duwn her chwks. le!i [en- CMistin- ' Ni-Uihboiv, l-nnul the slnyer, null aboard 11 l.uiiUvlil.' unil Naih- as r, pro.s'.dcu: Llfr insur- ; gc-stion of Mi. Jol'.n M. Qnarl?.-. and i start a campa'jn about this mau , ter, bttt I am curious, as no clouht I many rc-aticrs of tnls paper arc. to rn ousands of women, from "'mil to the In the Eos', "id ihrmii:honi. the Middle Vfr.-t.. -be haj; spoken before u'nincn's •hibs and other or?an1?.ation.s. Mis. Thurn will hold hfr wfk it cookint; and homemakin^ de- .iciislratlnns nt Hie cltv hail atidl- OEium. w'ltero. of course, admission ''i'. freo In all vomen. who are in- "iti-il ns the guests of thLs news- Vauehan of Hot Springs. The Union Planters Dank and Trust com- iiank lo him and in anticipation; ,.iat he Khvjiys v.Hi u-- pj >-p-,:ri-u assist, with hL; ;!dvite." Ih.e i.xecullvr cnmmit;.:r exjir*-.-.- • ri the hope \Viggin would remain a member of the board andi the executive committee. , Wiggin was retired at half pay.; He testified h.s .salary bofon- iv-1 Element was S20C.OOO and thailr- . 1 I f A<- employes lenience lin;:osed lor As- Ilie dallv class sessions will include discussions 01 new food pio- •iT-i^ (.-bic>\ tlvr r nUer U "IU l^ 1 avall- r *ble throntrli vour own favorite norers and markets. Shi; u'Ul a pany of Memphis la trustee. Ftir the fist twelve monUis following.-.Mr/ WlUon't deatli^JK-'ert Afay Vaugluin Ls to receive $250 a month in tush from the estale. and the will also leaves lo her the property owned by Mr. Wilson near Ho! Springe, known as the Malverr Road property, consisting of a house mid about 45 acres of ground, and all furnishings. 100 Acres for Servant To Rufus Lawrence, r.egro. who had been Mr. Wilson's personal servant, for many years, was left 100 acres of Mississippi county land. To each of his three children Mr. Wilson's will left S10 In cash. Tli children had previously shared liberally In Mr. Wilson's estate t!;r' ".he trust which he set up for their bpnerll a number of years ago. J. H. Grain and W. F. Wilson were designated exrcutors. with the request that they be permitted to serve without bend. sault Upon American a \VcCK Ceni Advances lo Farmers on Cotton. No sjjcclal agents v;lll l>e ointed bv Hie i>nviT»iiiptii in ••iv— HIM nrniinwtl 10-Cent l on cotton, but tanks, facinrs i.-,! r.'nvtl unijl after ihe Cii-riium .-.i-c • I.on uii November 12, uhen tl.e iiiiinliy will be iis-ked Lo lack t:ic'i nun in'.-, '.vitluha^iil. l.i:.i;in' i>llici:ih Ihuuglil II piob- ih.- iH-lolier 'JO uii't'lhiK ul [.'lli. dlsurmi.inenl cnnferetu-r \vr.iud I'djourn at once unlit lifter the election to ix-imn more lime tor lhallvllie tialn at 7.51) a.m. lo .si'ive !'ii(.'\n lo have been insane but - him salt!. in a \vhon- liunlly n'fiisi-il to placi In • I "''" i nljii- similar seiHi-in-i- (or I-UIIS|I:I-.IL, In "' " !1 insilUill™. ulllcfi--; tlie crime. mltiily unoklny u c-lvarell. v Mother and (laiiulucr pli'dgcd to ':'™d-:.]),itti're(l rcom. rach otiier lo be model pyismi-r; I '"'' <1>l ' '>"fl"-i'- '« <'"'l' v-i-re his The llock Island (ruin which I laronts, Mlkf and Rosalii- I,!cal«, mercbnntv nnd warehousemen vill ue auihorix.ed lo arrange the C. o. Smith has bi""i nd- bv Oicar Johnslon. dlrectnv >"ee fir Hii> /Vi'-l'-itlUiral Adjustment Atlininlslrallon. "Anv npiton deslrine lo do so ir.nv make the loins in accord- f.ncf wilh the rcinilntlons and re- •funt Ihem with the Connnod- .^^^^.^i-r-r^/^r^: neuiitiations. Hi'l'orl. 1 . nf (lenmin re;id!ne.s:; to ni filial" followed u United 1'rcs" i-fi.-orl Horn Home thill the Cic-r- ini.n, lirlllsh French amhnssa- dcr.s iilrciidy had started informal ion\ei.->atiijii.s wl.ose lenor wns nut, H' the disiii'iiiaineiit conference I adjourned until uflcr Noveinbur 12 1 in mumejil ])l:.n; of IIP discuss new wares for the din- •'nt< room table, new Wens for serving. ciilorUlnlue. olnnning menus »'i sneclnl occasions. .The JecLuves and discussions .tire tdv ?f sin'il! i)tn : l""nf Hie cotnpre- planned for encli BERLIN. Oct. 17. HJPi— Tsvo 1? who attacked Roland Vclz. an American, a week ago. were sen- -..,-. Mnnv dishes will be cooked 1 ^SB 1 ' 1 '' conlr, "'ohf on Ihe nlnlform In ihr ntofl- -1 kllchc-n set tin for Mrs. Th"rn. i? ec i,.r.v for i.innv mhf- new dish•>s will be oiven awav f"ee al each va ?r.ion and o'.her dishes will b? olace in I' 1 " liome infuu discussed. All Ar f Invited Mrs. Thurn In planning the ':col:ln? School svltli the editors or in some previous of the bank, haa received bonuses. As the hearing rec-Jised Iur lunch Ferdinand 1'ecorn pu; into •Jit record a statement that fro:u January 1. 192U to July 1. 1M3. lie bank sel up a fund of S212,- 233.o94 for IOSSL-:;. This wns great- iy In ;->:rcsr. of '.lie bank's total tencK i [oday to six' tuonlhs 1m-' eair.mgs ot SliC.-« 1 i0.384. reported priscmment." :o stockholder, for that perloti. All. Tv e official announcement of iml the la.n seven- months of the ^ n tcnce described the sttackers" lime the Chn:;, 1 tank was under mere iy by their fh-st names and | last Initials as "Paul E." and "Frederick W." American Ambassador William E. Dodd conferred with chancellor Adolf Hitler at noon Just after the public announcement of the sentences. Dodd. at the request of Secretary of State cordell Hull, made strong first or nest July." Mr. Johnston j • vrotc Hla Seller follows In full: , u wns n-ponul hei-c that tiur- "ne your trl«Krnm of the lilth ] many would not notify the instant, no authorization hftr. been or Naliuiis of Ih itiven to >\nv ocrson ov i>ersons to|i.tElon uii'.ll lif'.ei act as Government aoenls in con- which ill? poopb iwcllon with the urnmsed 10 cent ;upr,oi! the jjovevniueni. i>,_T(.- 0 NH- loan. No accnts will lie nopoli»"ili ov selected. Banks, faclors, brok- withdrawal du- the e!r-cilnn in be r.sV.c-d 10 them lime (ruin Oklilonui Cliy tirrlral m fi:48 am. Quietly Mrs. Kelly nnd Mrs. Khannon. wit.i their four pimrds, siep(>cd from I'nc vestibule of Ihe Pullman and ;•«>braced while nn itiilomoblli: w.illi'd lo Iusrry the mother in t:if- priutn larm. il. und his 1'Jiilip, 17 nnd Provl- , v , , j.^j. nr , n Worth SZD.UUUr 000 Ordered Seized by Government _ '_ HAVANA. Cuba, Ocl. 17, (U!>i- Former Prcsldenl Cerordo The victims weie I'.neked and heiilcn iilmosv beyond lecnjnlttoii. Tin- Miiylin; Of.t-iirrod soint- time i.i-iu-ern midnijiht and early morn- init. When nelghlior.s failed lo sec uny iLi-mlXTS of tli; family up until T.r.-on lixlay Ihey notified r.ollce. OliiciTf. and neli{tibois loi.nd til', 1 nvi- ik'fitt pi-i.i.jn;, In their bed:; '\hili- Ihe shiycr wii in a cornt-r. Authorities taitl Lhcy liedsved the :-laj In^s occtmed In n fit ot insane tit-n/y. They said Victor i'.ad boon known lo have been In- .sain 1 but. his family v.ould not psrtnlt him lo be placed In an 'lh.' only oli'.or nirmb^i- of the /ntnlly to survive is Anthony, a stiiflent at tlir- University at Flov- . representations against the attack ..^ur..,.^ .^.luu. .Mm mi: CUILWI-S 111 -^ ^ .. Ion Velz, latest of a long series ol flic Courier N'cvs. ln>: tirt-M !!>->• i Dakot?. (jflVPniOl' HopCS attacks by Nazis on Americans wlio in invitation be extended broadly /- i \v; i ' failed lo s!:ow whnl the Nnvls 10 Lompc! Wnshington ciiougln sumclent reverence lo Help Farmers. ~ i ll!0lr ^ m ^ M ers. merchanl.-;. warehousemen, will be authorized under nnnronrlnte rseulalimis lo arrange the loans for producers. No special appointment will be pli-en. Anv ftf. t-ii"s<; agencies mav netrollate the loans and rediscount ll'.em wltti ihe Com- Crff'lt C'M-pornHnii in n<-~ ; with Ihe re?ulalit)ns. In rf Commodity Credit Corponillon nl any time that they see. fit be- lm"on nn" 1 n'ld the fl-st i do. two of his principal cabinet I officers, and 24 of his aides were I proclaimed outlaws today, then faced formal charges of murder and malfeasance. Property valued at J25.000.000." b.:- by the government to be held in Cuba by Ihr :!7 dclrndiinis. seized bond for tannmoum $88 More Obtained in Library Campaign The second day's drive ot • the Blylhrvllle library brousht.^tBSM ,iilo Ihe treafiiiry for n tohil--of CffiM. 'Hits iininiinl is far-be- inn- Ihr soul and workers plan lo presldeni ol ri'::.ln several hundred tlollars more. unless they returned to face t.-ar^-' lislitil yesterday (hese contributed cs. j today: .1. A. Lecrh. 510: Mrs. A. Announcement or the charges I cnim-ay. <">• n - Hnlilurd. 0. W. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T ill I--I Anaconda Copper 127-8 Uc-lhJchein Steel :iO 3-3 Chrysler 41 3-8 Cities Service 23-8- Cocn Cola K 1-2 Geiifjrnl American Tank 30 General Electric 183-4 General Motors 27 1-4 International Harvester 3-1 5-8 Montgomery Word 183-4 N'ew York Central 33 1-2 Packard 33-8 Phillips Petroleum 14 Ririic 7 1-8 Simmons Beds 18 1-a St. Louis-San I-Yancisco 1 3-4 Standard of N. J 40 7-3 Texas Co 24 5-8 U. s. Steel 41 5-8 iroadly 'o every woman in IhLs commun- 't-V. Her work in tlie pasl years i *i?s nhov.-n her the iniLJorlnnco ofi "concmicfil mirketin^ anr] crnkcvv,j -.! i-niofiil plani'liw ;ind delllwrale BI3MARK. N. n.. Oct. 17. iIJPi •Hiving nol only of foods bus. in —Oov. William Langc-r. North Ua- home furnishings as well. These kota's two fisted executive, loiay —hi»cts ns well as new Ideas in clamped down entertaining will or important embargo inipsiiditii; the state's UO.- oaris. of the daily programs. ICOTiilo buiiieis ol y'ra&t within Hi We could do no belter than to borders In a dramalic elfort to force •iip.-p '.n.- I'-hi-^r pfini. ri'«t Immediate federal [iclion to help r>f tlie first Indy of the land—Mrs.: I. e fanner. j R0050veil." said Mrs. Thurn. "Slm-i As groin prices crashed down-1 ule meals, carcfullv planned and ward in fear cf Uurope'b rising svar' cooked are the fare at the talk, Lange-i .called upon his lellDwl White House. Why not make ihem executives of agricultural s!ot?.; oi the iiile In our own homes Not tile wr-Rt in enact similar I'mbnr- f :nlv because such meals nre more goes and force the govern-1 ••cnnomical. eatier to plan and ment to act. | Dry .; have an excellent char.:;'sufficient to cover -ook nnd serve, but because sim-: Tnr sjoienior had no hope that O f winnlii" one of ti'.e :-lx :.tal?s chnrscs. Including inteifsl. pro- nle cookery is the best for all of. by -'.laltlna giMln shipmsius nut o'. n, a t will rote on wohllKtton i.-pfi! vidcd this does not exceed 4r. us: :mtl Incidentally smarter this N - ortn u^,,,, ho W0 ,, 1(1 immediate- November ^ and "may win u seo-' tents per bale per month." (slgnedi "Oscar .Johnston" "Director of Finance." i-; nn '.ne authorized to hiindle such mall. "It is our liooc thai local banks, faclors and others may wont to carry thesf loans w IOIIK as Ihey know they can be- discounted nt j:mv Urn" up lo July 31, 1B3-I. The loan value will be Increased '15 . v( ,. in cents a bale « month lo cow Repeal Next lYIonlh KC-: cnrrylni! clmncs PO ihnt If n hank p • ' or ether ucison makes a loan In certain. October of 10 cents )ier i»und nnd .carries II imlil June, he will be Hy United Vmat - alili- to d! It at a flsure 1 all carrying Board, will was made nfler they had Ix'en tlii'ih Anik-Jr. '.<irLy Dm;,; Company and Machailo is! Ulytln-vllli' Laundry, each SS: Mead lor director from Ihe third Mis--in Montreal and lliu olhers arc re-1 C'lolhing Company, W. Leon Smith, sitslppl county district in the levee fiigces. NevcrthelcBs a formal or-1 Hubbarcl Hnril-.'/nrc Company, each bc.ird rlertlon lo lit' held No- (U-r was Issued refusing Ihem lwll.|$y.50: Cliarles Perry. Jeff rtoland, u-inber U. | LJ. K. Branson. Roy Walton, C. M.. :.. u. llyerley of u-nclnille husj ||]nnnn niflt/rn , Hud:. Imivov Mcrris, iiul B. Harr.:on. C. d. Rc-dnian. Max B. ! FM:l. Man UK Kvrard. Doyie Hrn- 'UL-I:JJII. N'uU'ii Cltaners. MorgorrL Henuty Snoppe. Emma Jo Hess. Mrs. A. B. Fail-Held. New' Economy Shop. Dr H. A. Taylor, Miss Minnie Matthews, Mrs. J. W. li.uler. Frod Rutherford, each romnlled with. We hopr- to (,'el ljt ' ""I 105 " 1 by Charles K. Cok-man with Judge Cnsllllo. these rceulatlons comulelrd thk . we^k and will nmil out copies all ios-er ihe country. Tl Is nol nwes- | "nrv rc"-!0tis lo write In now • for cn'ilos o' UIPM legulaiions ns j UK- Commodity Credit Corporation : l-'i:: i"i| been completely organlz- of tx-jiclnille liusj i.lril us i> cnndld.ile for director, fiom Hi? lirsl OLslrlcl. Ix'int the tlrst lo announce lor Itii- bD.ird; n ihe dLslrict «esf of Hlj Ijil: Mr. Co!cman v:ii. named Monday: by Governor Fill re! rl the board to I as a till n memetT rieated by the deulli ot R. Ii. L.I Wilson, Thr i-ntlri- board be- 1 , romcs'subject to election Kovem-| making, of np-J lud^e G. E. Keck Oncn Criminal VV/;|] ' S2; G. G. Cauddi, Joe Applcbaum. " l "]Mrs. W. T. Overs'., each $1; H. Here.October 30. . . . Court Reidman. Mrs. Harry Weisburd. I Jiiiimle O'Brien, cash. cnsh. each 150 cents. L-tr C. n legislntlvc act directorr. i-lective instead jx)iniive. Other candidate:; who have un-[ 1 —. , >__ iiiiuiKed so far nre C. C. Lnng-j Tile fall term of circuit crimlnnl! on. District Two. including Uly- court will open hero Odob;r 30 Lccal Physicians Will G. E. Keel: of Ulythc- j thevllle; Charles Lowrnnce, Jr.. wtl'.i New York Cotton NEW YORK.. Oct. 17. (UP)—Cotton clcsod very steady. |>' enr '" ly raise the price of wheat, ile on( i n United Press survey of ser.- The Courier News agrees whh launched the move in hop;' lie could ,i m en; in -hi- six states shoivctl u:- M:s. Thurn that no sounder prln- 5pllr [edcnl au!! , 01 - U;e s to aci' <jav ciples of liomemaking can be tol- qu i cklv to re | !ovc r v e economic tl!s- Tlie repealist-s. however. sren'CiJ lowed titan those she will discuss trcss ^ thc fnrm , r . \ £ r( J „ . , ,„, and demonstrate next week m OiJ The govenlor [ook his> ^ ltl st , p . ^ ct « °' 1m ; n!l , 1 , 1 llu , L 1KU anleIK ,. its ihoul on a da V that saw praii: prices ion- me nt from the constltut'un. Thir- f . ' ,. "line the fall ivliieh started !jr- • (y-three states have voted so fur. iv nf f«P Umi. "nnvL «epk tn'at vvc<>k and lvas hr>U=d °" thfv G:l '' All have favored repeal, end nvorv ession as our Quests c ^° bot!rd °> lrade ™* b > - th? au ' i The six states voting December Ik 'ree no rtck"t< no°c\m» of lomatlc ncUon of fte ^"^ mi "-' 7 are " orth »» d South Caro;!nri ' , n kl d'a.%nv --essron i " num P' icM established after last; Utah, Kentucky., itnd .niv klndjit any .ession. (July's <lls, break.-. -Ohio. Manila NRA Compliance j F.-< nP reT(MUr^Holland Driver, DLstric'. Four and John vllle presiding. 11. Pi-etui Poinl. Uistiict: A list of Rrand nnd pc'-it jurors wl:o will serve at Ihe term wns Attend District Meet i'lci.!li;ii. Ocl. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July op:n . 867 . 890 . 000 . 319 . 93fl 9-1' high 908 928 933 949 Dfi3 977 low 867 890 900 913 930 547 close 907 9W . 832 941 9 S3 977 TDP 51HTE Monrlnv Wionaay j Expect I for S'jnlh Cjro'.ina is ll:o slronjer-t ,• stale of the six. Dry semi- Is Amour; the number of local pliy- Cat:di(:nU-s for the toard may released today al the.' office of Slier- -jcians v.ho plnn to attend the file with lhc county election com- 1(1 clarence Wilson. ] r.reling ol the Northeast. Arkan- ir.ission i.ntil 10 thus prior to Orand Jurors are: D. C. Moore, -as Medical Society nnd First J. P. Miller. Clear Lake; Jc?. councilor Distri'-t at Pnragould to. Isaacs. John Walker. John Ronrv. | rnurrow are F. L. Husbnncl. A. M. v ir • .Edgar Bonun. Henry Young. .1. F.| Wiuhuiirn. C. F. Wilson and F. lOling Victim 'Livingston, BlythcviDe: M. E. Craw-1 o. Sml'h. Ur. Smll'i 1= socretary- B Q « -I J AUJ. »V»' fo '' c1 ' AlbcrL I '- (lbc ' Ucr - Oo-.n:ll: A. ircnsn-:r cf Ihe society which iveported AOaUCtlOn U Beavers. Huflmnn; Simon Sm3-1 mreis .srml-nnnually. thcnnan, Armorel; H. w. Cowan. CHICAGO. Oct. 17 i UP) — I)o- Manila; W. W. Cox. Boynton: W. ;inrtmcnt of Justice events qucf-.H. Easley, Yarbro: Otto Bradlwr- j l.oned William Walton Hall. weul-|ry. Dell." Alteniate (!™«d Jurors seven day |»riod emliiu last Fri^ . ' mem mere is siriint! ana piumu.- day put Blythevills in the iCnu LonventlOn' tionists have staged"" an cxtenriv? among Arkansas compress pDlms In Receipt of 15.807 baler- in (hot thy young law -tudcm. icday. con- arc: B. B. Hodge. Lone Oak: Spots closed steady nt 945. up SO. - f)rtf>fjne rnftnn'l'J>r d =>rk davs of Mar < iSllLUflb t/ " lt ""|. v t s -q,-[.nt l»»l'lat!on of M \NILA Ai*--vn NRAl • campaign while the wets have mitii' cotton ifcelpts for the curti-nt > -ailv wns held here Monday even-i The unnua! Pemiscot county j little effort beyond -Ulempls to B "i son. p--.. 'mi'in the Fi"t Methodist "church --liislng convention will be held at out tt-.c vol=. Every county nnd To(al receipt., for t he stale last •"' ITII- L-rinciml 'peaker was Max Hollnr.d. Mo.. sunria.y when 3.CCO, town has its dry organization. wcek welc 104.493 bales, compared ' "" - •'--- - -• J •-" '-"• Ulah also has considerable dry (o g()654 [w (]1C sflmc u . crk I RS; year. So fir l':is seasm 3-15.363 ml. bales have been received at Arkan- T-o'.ir v'|:!;n qi'.:iti:to; frotii f a jj M n , n Veniremon sas comprcsc-es, compared lo 443.531 up to the same date last season. p-ld Blyllicvlllo allorney and|'-e cxiwcled to attend. Last fall: Utah : -haiiman "of lhr> Dlvlhevllle- N. R. I ""Ore Ilian lllls number were pres- strength. aimed forced County P T. A. Meets Friday at Whitton The County Council of Parent- Teacher Associations will hold ils him are: Wiley Ball, Jerry White. Clear first meeting of the year Friday at They Lake: Monte Isaacs. Herman Cros». ihe Whitton school, near Joiner, <ernlng his reported abduction Blair, Tomato; Joo Homer. Manila: "'day night and his release afler P. M. Nelson, Lcachvlllc; Jobn Leing held Ihree day.v f . .. Metzjcr, Hickman: J. E. Johnson, Hall said he was entering hi', Flat Lake, [•julomobllc on. .1 loop street when| Members of tr.e pent Jury panel Several oilier lonil physicians mny also mak? Hi? trip. to enter their automobile. b Ind-folded him. he said, and look Frank Webb. Addlson Smith. Ches- hnn to some j-lace \\hcre he was.tcr Caldwell. Blytheville; George under the direction of the president. Mrs. A. H. Blii'kett of Bas- —Cotton closed steady. open high low close :\ organization He outlined the hnck°round of ihis mnvemcnt from ' March 4, ihe ttp spsc- vt.rq al Tennessee r.r.d Arkansas will fca- r- the a'.l dav program boln? ar- NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 17. <UPi | u i m inistrative DTcncles' which are consresslom' session, and thel ranged by R. E. L. Smith, prcsl- Oct D« Jnn Mar May July 880 885 899 905 925 941 907 924 931 940 950 972 880 833 895 905 925 941 905 919 931 9-U 9o8 9S9 Spots closed steady at 9M, up 48. Wh'eat open high lew close ()7 1-2 74 7-8 Dec. May 76 1-2 TB 7-8 1-2 78 7-8 clcsr-ly allied lo the N. R. A. Alter the conclrslon of Ihis ad- Srer-. chairman D. B. Smith of Manila call:d for the nomination ?nri elect.'on of members tor a I'aal N. n A Compliance boirl; j The follow Ins citizens were chos'n: Oscar ferdlcr, lawyer, and temporary chanmto; Dlyth: Chll- i!e:s, merchant employer: U. A. Johiifon. merchonl omiJlovej; Mrs. rloj'd Grimes, consymer: Joe Mas- 'cv. industrial innr.loy?r: Wllllai;, Ciub. Industrial rmi:lovcc. A basket ritn:>«r will be served. CaU More Veniremen fnv lor I Cassidy. R. H. Green. Huffman; J.', sett. An iiueresting program has The men. Hall said, demanded T. Crawford. Gcsncll; C. E. Crlt-1 been arranged for the day, includ- last week and for the \ 'casing him, ho season «1 a number of lesdln? Ar-| 0 ,it O f all ntitomobile near a tav- for his relea-^e. Last night ger Jr., Earl W. Eades. Armorel; ird Into re- Bert Ashabranner. John Austin, A He was put H. Bollard. Manila; Arthur Gor- OSCEOLA. Ark.—Circuit court kansas and M!?sourl points (ollr.v: <.,-„ owned by a law school class- adjourned early Monday afternoon por the For Iheit when the special venire of fifty Wcal( season ner, J. a. Mlddleton. Boynton: Charles Nccdham, Yarbro; E. M. Woodard, Deli; An3y Hars.:inan Hall and members of his family Tomato; P. H. Cutler. Promised Ing a school of Instruction tor the officers and committee chairmen. Each unit will receive credit of ten points on Its standard for the year for each officer and chairman present up to a certain number. It Is planned to have two spcak- Memphis to assist in the N'umbrr t- cf u i-:i»- ings Nine f:hoci':l'.0'.i.;e. The .riot ,!:ch'iy mr«-j Uepresentative Driver Goes to Washington en v. i!l ccnlir.Me nd the| for !woi Forrest City Neu-port ™' n.t:iovcc. 11:1;.VOCKS or jonc 1 :'. j Helena i heard will n-.c=; Wednesday even-] Tr.e subject if tonight's K-rmon OSCEOLA. Ark. — congrciim.v.'. Jonesboro .. Corn open high low close Dec. 38 1-2 41 1-8 37 5-8 41 "-P May U 1-4 <3 M M ;|« M to select .' seventh membei-jv;;i >« "&ckloVs Boneyard." W. J. Driver wen: to Was.-lns'.'-.i tx;achvll!e to act as pcrmnnenl e!;ahman. I Thuisinv irlsin Miss Minnie Lee Monday morning fov a week's c'::i- Marked Tree ... About A hundred at- .;O:;ES, piniikl. and the Riley fercnces having to do with the ,sr. - Caruthersvllle .. tended lhc mefting. nnd showedIqu.iiii.lU will :ipp:ar on tiie pro- eral public works pro)?cts In pro:,- llaytl great Inlorest in the movement, i^rnm. 3.953 3.789 35K) 3.283 3.034 1,185 1.605 O.M7 4,933 A Ford car driven by Russell son ' Hlckman; J. E. McBride. Ht:ff- ohooii of Holland and a Day and man : E - D - McKlnnin, Armore.. 12.150 7.79(1 11.988 Night Service Station wrecker" were i 9.716 Involved in an accident Just south' 11.792 of Yarbro Sunday night. Cohoon, 4.736 It ts said, drove Into the wrecker, Speed Record Holder Dead MIJ3KEGC-S. Mien tbn rlrr.?r H. Doillr-:r. .•> in'-':' ARKANSAS— tonight. Wednesday partly cloudy, colder In i:nr;l!w'-:it portion. Mfinpiiis and Vicinity—Fair and tc:::i".iii"t cooler loniglil and Wed- pm (or Ihls section of ihe stale. Maiden 1,638 3.073 which \ves on the left sldo of Ihe 1 v o:d"r <^r "•" *••—' ' '" ..., ™-vo™ T"-: highway trying to pull a car out ftcain railways, died here recent- The maximum tempe.atur* here IS.""!! of the dl'.c'h. Tlie wrecker. It was !v at the a. o. ... ,-.jstsiiliy was 7o, mla.mum 64. 10628 reported, was without lights. No.fO miles per hour on a run brtwccm partly cloudy, according to Samuoi 3 697. one was seriously hurt. 1 Elkharl. Ind., and Toledo, Ohio, j F. NorrU, official weather ooservtr.

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