The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1950
Page 8
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FACT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1 Nna« pwr line • tint* ptr Lint *#t dfcj l»e • tlmM p*r Hn* per rJ»r ** • tin** IMF lln« p«r »i*r 1° !• Mmt* p*r Un* per U*y *c Moclh p« Itn. *0o Count fl?e »Ter»M wordi to th» line Mo*p* befori eiplra"on wltl b* cli«rg- •4 r&r »h» number of ilm«* Hi* »d ftpp«*T«4 and adjustment of bill made All Clarified A<i»miilnii copjr «ub- •tilted t>j person* reildlnj; nmiirJe ol »h« city mini be accompAnled by e»»h •«t*« m»y nu*11r f>« compute fro» t»» Ubl* order (or rr(tiil«r Inier- on* Urn* t«bt* n for n of Tfrix Moni ukf« it™ on* Urn* t«bt* We rraponflbllltT wilt h« tftfcen *«r* than nnf Incorrect ln»erllnn r propel p« The »o e<i!t Cnrcl Of Tiunks We wish to our sincere thflnks and appreciation to the cliy firemen, neighbors, «nd friends who worked to save our home Sunday mornlntr. B. M- And Bessie P, Ivy. 112 1220 pk 21 Apartment for Rent New furnished 2 hpdroom house Couple only. Call 3427. 12JI9 pk 22 2-1 room nnfur. ants. Call fiflSt Rtlor fl p m. 12 19 ck. 25 3 room furnished apartment, [trl- »atf, bath and entrance. Ph. 2072. 12;19 pk 27 3 room unf. duplex, complete hath, electric hot water heater, kitchen rab- Ineta nnri sink. Iclpal location Call C*r»r Alexander, 2321 or .1470 n/!*r » o'clock. 12J19 pk 22 SmairFiir. efficiency. Close Iti Mrs Hurry Lewis. Phone 34B7. 12JI8 cV tf 2 room furnished apartment Phone i9B. I2|ia tf S room unlnr. mil. Gas heal. 100 W Kentucky Ph 6798 12|7 tf 2 room fur. apt. Call 4634. 801 N. runklln. 12J15 pk 22 2 room furnisher) apartment with rlffldalrc. oil heal. UUlUlex furnished «* West Ash. 12115 pX 22 1 room lint, apt: Call 2660 or 35HB, 12118 ck If J room Unfur upt Call 26M or MM. tf, 12112 ck If 3. room fur. npl. 526 Lumemte. rhona. 3968. ' 20 -pk 27 Furnished upstairs apartment. Prl- fate, butru Utilities furnished. Apply *14Ot W. A»h. 12120 p* "" 3-room furnished Apartment, private fcath. -'electric refi1t:erntnr, automatic hoi w»ler tank, elertrlc K\QTK Lo- ••t*d 50fl W CMckasawbn. Ph 3900 L- l . Il|33 ck It Onfur. J room apart tion* 5«5 or 3595 nk Close In 11121 tf 3 room unf apt., prlrat* bath. Rood »r>C*tloc. Ph. 33JS pk 12;27 Furnished 4 room apt. Butane heat ««ll «0t. 12J19 pk 22 ap* 4-rooma Ji bath »!•«. r*frLgera»or 114 m$ *. Blmon , - ruj«Uh«d ftp* 1 room* &nd bath ••• •qulpmen*. •iectrle refrlKeraloi »«»• furnltuT* rh 337S 6;23 ek <! I UB*\ loomi and bath Ckll 4912 i **V1»« unftir Auto Supplies Services AUTO *HD rURNJTURE LOANS Prompt PerannRl Servlca ««»«ra] Contract PLirch«»» Corp JM 80111 h 5th Fhrm* Bfl03 - »:S ck If Don't •ndanger your mmllj with fetm; tlr«—BCJi i.KI TIRmS C»APWAX SBHVICB &TATIOK Mill * DlTlaSon Phon« 'J5*3 njii ck tf ol) slora k ^ palr ricsned %h(t racuum wa r IQ yPRr ., eTper , ence All work msranleed Ph Harry Mrern e:i " 11[22 pk 12:22 If jour atore needR clpnnlnc; nr repairing. Call 339*, ci a y or n'lcrht. I2 : lf pk 22 For F^ftt, I>ep«ndaM4i Television & Radio Service, Tall CARL LO\ T <1 - BLVTHRVILLB TKJ-EVISION & RADIO SKRVICR 11JV4 W. Main Ph. 37*36 Watch and Jewelry Repair ichrs and c I nek a Guaranteed vnrk don* 07 tJpm rcpAlrm&n Lowen PAT O' BRYANT Main A. Second TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ill * WHnul Plenty of Parking Space For Salt, Misc. - { ________ Fresh Country Eggs, Christmas Trees, Fireworks, Fresh Fruits niul Candies. F.aKim's Sotre. Dogwood Ridge. 2 mi. S. Gl. 12-12 |)k 24 Phone 2010 to plnco jour order Joi olLdny gnortlps -tinmrmftrle dlTlnlty futile. pLnpflppte np<1rte down cnkfr^ 11121 pk 122; CHRISTMAS HAMSTERS Ideal pM« you'll ei]oy m\\ the yeni Hun ton ',i Ml S On Hy 01 ll}29 pk 12 2H O A Child's larne plftno. Urge r hotne. P>ione 41-10. 12JI8 21 3 unetl coinninw In ji^^d condition 1 1947 -«ep 1 UArd Ollvei 2 row IrACtor-CuHlTator Priced rlfjht Thin equLprrent nil rendy to (to tn wnrk dlln Hnnlson Implenienk Co •• lUf If CLtj* Orlll Cftfe, r.eschvllle. Ark. II,500.00 . I2]14 pk I|H 18' house trallrr, complete. $2AO. 5 horse out-hoard motor $55. 22 «uln- matlc Wlncrirsier. Jftck Hunt, IX>SL Bf>y ConrU. Apl. 3. 12]14 pk 21 On MO 4 mo. old.rh, 59?. nte A John Dcer« Tractor, 1 '' row ciLlll- vator. 2 hotton K" Breaker. McCormlck Disk, rhBln hnrrow. sprlnR tooth hur- row, John IJeere trailer. McCormlcJc DeerlnR irallcr. nirlal «rflln trixllrr All In pfirlent condition Rep Pnnl nitrh next to Ctrar lJ\Ve Church, 1 pk I!I3 12,8 pk ];3 Rp^l^lsrEcl ncaulf- pup*. MaVe Rood pets and excellent' hunting cfog.s. W- H Baldwin. Box 789. Jonciboro. Arlc. 12il9 pV 22 . Harris' Grocery Including stock te MX Hires. Immediate possession. Good bti.sliiMS location. ,^07 S. Franklin, ph 4938. J2i5 pk 31 2 room house, 3 years old. : block north new high school Maybell nub- dtrlfiton. Price 51500. Write G A. HlcV- man, Lenchrllle, Ark. 12JI5 pk 22 Colonial type wnlmil bookcase «nd table. MtB. Mitchell 6,189. 12J15 pk 1|2 ELECTROI.UX CLEANERS—Sales— Serrlcfr, Supplies Call lor. free demonstration Vonr old clpnner Inspect pd Irtt ,1 R. Him Is. ph 6691 101 ChLcfc- MnawbR I2J11 pk l|ll Run of tn« mill rough lumber dr- llvered at Blythcvllle $70 thousand Charles RrLphL Phone 2566 128 pk 22 NPW safes on easy terms, no F Mnln, ph. 2072. 12.19 pk 1[19 TURKEYS Home, prow n. Young and fuL Any ze On foot or dressed Phone 6662 i E Hessl- 12, la pk 27 Typewriter, girl's bicycle. Ph. 2R91. I2!|5 pk 27 EI.KCTRGhUX When \hlnklng of hov:5e cleaning, (Link ot, ElocUohix Vftciium Cleaner and Floor Polisher, then e.ill E. C, Thompson, ph B6I7 You'll b« glad you dirt. I2jl8 pk: as Pure br«i cocker pup?, red whit*. Mts. N. G. Jciome. ph. 3101. 35 A John Drere Tractor. 48 Model, Alhs Chrtlmrrs, -1ft raodrl. AH eanlp- inciiL. W. O. Caunamore. Cotton wood Point. 12,19 pk. 25 EVEN A BABY Can See These Are Bargains in USED CARS! Here Are Just A Few: 1936 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan.. .only ?fl.i! 1936 I'onliac Covipe. only $135! 1916 Huick in sharp condition. . .only $895! 19-16 De Solo 1-door Sedan.. .yes, it's only JS!)5t 1919 Nash 2-rioor Sedan...just drive it..'.$395. • '51 Pontioc Now on Display I Noble Gill Ponfiac, Inc. USED CAR LOT Across lite Street from Ihc City Hall BT.YTHKVTLUC, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECRMBRR W, YOU GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY AT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 195(1 KorH Custom l>«hip« Krtrdor, black finish, hu overdrive, radio, heat*r »nH min»h«H«. . .$1545. 1919 Chevrolet Deluxe Kleeiline Coach In (in« condi- lion, has good heater anci tires. . .$1375. HMS Fnrrf Super Deluxe Tudor, black color, both radio & heater.. .$945. 1!)IS Ford Custom Club Coupe, maroon, radio A he«t- tr. | Ford «-N 7 Yr. Old \ 4 Pieces Equipment. 1917 riymoulh Special Deluxe Fordo' '• radio and bealer. . .$895. l!)50 Kurd I'ickup driven only 11,0(11' dark blue color, lias good tires and heaier. ..$1 19(7 Chevrolet Pickup, radio and heater ..$845. 19-18 Ford Pickup, a very clean truck .. .$795. 131fi Ford Pickup wilh slock rack, has bolh radio and healer. . . ?H95. 1915 Ford Pickup. .. bargain-priced at just. ..$645. ' \ Jack Robinson Implement Co. Blyfheville ., Phone 2371 Also Your Ferguson Dealer in Osceola 1 iiontpanij Slh. A Walnut Phon* Olrl'a Blcs- hone 6222. 8lr« 2O, Good shupe. 12,19 uk 32 For Sale, Real litate My erjulty In O.I. Houstr. Will con slder Koort cur In Usde A2H R Vf Park »«J Drive. Phone «S9. btiwein 9 A Real Estate Farms—City Projserty LOANS Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil E«rl§ — Jlencoe Blcfg. Ph. •-mnna BOH§« » «»rt Can 3«74 mis* I WOO 911 ck tf Home, 7 rooms. J hnthii, Choice l^cn- 11 on. Surrlflee, In formation, write Box c-l Courier New* Co. 1220 pk 23 BLTTHEVIM.* REALTY HOLIDAY <3PECIAI.fl — HOMKS >l.SOO UP TO BUT OR SELL. PHONE 2394 12,9 pk 23 432 ncrr-Ji tlnn colton, corn Rfirt hnnn nnd Oravpl mud Ihiough the (Rrni. ntl well drnlnrd SltiiRted In tb« 5011- ;hcrn - purl of Mississippi Cnunly TIMI Wilson. Plenty of houses with no wnst^ luncl Thin farm contain* net vi ally 152 acres hut will ritetl nn \M Thp price In 165.000 which U le.s.i thnn I1WI pre icre Purchaser lo pny 125,000 cnsh. BR- 111 me »v 4% longtime lonn of 12fi.(MK) with oalnnc* to be rarr led by owner E>r>£.se&.<;ton Jnn ..I,- 1951 Till* Cairn K belnx offprfd at a reduced price and rertnlnly Is a. gmixd In vestment .uid will en in pn re [,\TOrahly. from & standpoint or production, with any $250 to ClOO lunrf I2;t Rcrts. very fine type of .-will. eiuiiiriil lorftttnn, on Highway South wo nice 160 acre farms In SoiUhc 1C or »Jl W M Burn*, w. ar. BURNS Realtor 32 1* rli 22 Lovely 3 bedroom, IVa balli, home .willi attached garai on Pecan Avenue. Spacious living and dining room combination. Nice size kitchen any woman would like. Large screened back porch. Lot 70 x I HO. Large FHA loan. Price $17.000. Well located 3 - bedroom home, 904 Hfarn Master bedroom 1G x 18, large living room, nice size dining: room and kitchen, screened back- norch, garage, 2 outdoor storerooms, bemilifully landscaped and fenced vard. This house is in extra good condition. $3,000 cash will handle, balance FHA. Properly is vacant. Pric« *11,000. JOHNNY MARR Ph. 4111 Res. Ph. 2596 11-28 ck t'f Three 40 acre U*CIK. conrt house nd barn. Jf.QOO One 40—half cleared H.MO. 4;I2 Rcre5, 2i i nillfs :rnm Wltson. nil in cultivation JI50 per ncre, J2J.OOO All In MlMlASlppl County tfW) acres norlhfRM ot Eirtnle Sandy lonm land. 6-room lionse and 4-room house 1125 per *cer «nrt worth lh« monry 80 acres. 3 ,oi»eA And bArn. All In ultlvatlon. ISO per ncrt, 40 acres, 1 houses »ncl bain, on «riiT«l »,000. 1 hftv* Rny §)?« fArm from M Acres lo 1.000 Acres AUo hA^a A ome culOTer land lor $25 per sore small down payments anrl lon^ iertn» on b«l«nce See me U you are Interested In farm* ol *ny *lz» or kind R M HKCK H«/p Wonted, *rp» Chain concern ha* opening f o r tnunee* to become Departmen Hentl!i iind Malingers W* wanl nzgre/i »lv« and rr.s|Kinslble men IntrrrMed In opporumHy «nd who are willing t< work to achieve success. ARC 28 lo 35 -l lem high -ichoo) erincatloii, anrt SillftrJ n or C |50 dr u. n RIe Pflm * requlsU * K randldaten - iculd h* p.rnln K over *KK per month In M. year's time with op portimlty to go ;«r hej-ond thin n "ply. please giin R g e . education, rum ""eAVriyi. *i n<1 '"" detllltjl nf P«flon PERSONNEL MANAGER I* O. BOX 23F1R "KSOTO STATION MEMPHIS. TENH 12J14 ck J Notic* H»re your'J- shoes preserred In vprlnstlnR bronze Ph Bea0 REAL ESTATE If interested in » hnm* 01 farm, see us. We have «ny tiling from » vac»nt lot to i plantation. Also city and farm loans. CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 115 S. 3rd. St. Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 2751 9-1! ck t Roomi Ronmu, ol] heat B'vllle Hntrl llr'JB pk U2 NK\V GI.KNCOK HOT Special rates monthly „,„ weekly Ph. 4.16'!. 12-1 ck t 'Kl. anr Uedrorm lllomrser Ph Hedroom cnntenl^nt to hath 81 nr»» fill W MMn. ph ^?.i Ni?7 [it 13 2 Tractors Ftrguion Model 48 It'* Rfady to'Go.'. . $985 Good Rubber, 2 Pieces Equipment |^y^F J 1 John D*«r« 0 Mod»l $ Matiey-Harrii Modfl 30 5 Piece* Equlpmmnt 1250 1650 S«« These and Other Values Today! Lovely Brick Home On Country Club Drive OPEN SUNDAY —2 ro 5 p.m. Week Day*, by appointment 3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths . . . $28,000 This lovply Brlrk Home Is (jualily throughout. Hrauflrul K1T- O1IKN, lifetime (ienrva Cabinets wllh »ll Ihe accessories, BHKAK- FAST NOOK, nicely proportioned DINING KOOjM, spacioui LIVING ROOM with lUllai, Marble fireplace. The three BKD- ROO.MS have larje cedar lined walk-In closets. Both BATHS have colored Axtvre* and w* wall hraterti. Storage-plus In Imrjre floored ATTIC. CAR POKT. Marble r'laiislone TERRACE. You • III like -the upaclooi 8Z i ZM ft. ihady LANDSCAPE!} LOT. Choice neighbors. Han't fall to Investigate the sturdlntM and choice material used In construction of thin home. JOHNNY MARR Realtor Bedroom atljnlnlnc bath Ph 7.1TS 11 31 p> u'ai Help Wanted WANTED-SMr/i prr.i<m with p» n ,, truck or stntlon wjRon to rontKct R'hotpsRtp Ir^de ror * nfitlimallr ttnnwn l' r " d "^' Box 18 Tuna. 111. U ]!> pk J 2 The avmse hoiisewlre »-al!;s about, eight aurt one-halt mllni i day. . fh ST5 OiCMlA 12,15 pk Are You Relaxed? nneJ rtint'n m>w w* Ilk* |o sre rou KI tnxt in tht comfort yovn home \Vc tntimU for yox flppni-nl nut <etecilon nf Used Cur Reconrtliirmefl >M* mortal carw ^it * 51) '50 miftniTite* on part* ivn lAonr KucVfrt »• »rw»js bj a rfputMlon rot fmr <tfAUn)c fa prlcf,^ ERBJ term* Com* In TODAY l ilHit f*t>rrt Cii^Lnm rorrtoor eertun 1949 N'a^h Club Covip* J 194» Kniser Oelunc'i wllh *n « •nd min.v more, *ll r«l«e« fKlnrt 1 The 61 Motor Co. Yow Kaittr-Fraztr North 6th St. Phon« 2142 * Rer* FOMORROW v> Up Wb;l W« «»j ntf D» TODAY r Office Phone 4111 Rea. Phone 2596 Business Opportunities t'oi 4ftj« dj owner—comDInntlon pool room «\,.d domino t iKi!o[ In Osceol* Rqillpmrnt like new Good [ncatlnn and * four million dollar teHlli plant iinR with big piij roll 8et> 01 write r Blrter. 215 W Ty Arr BljTh«- (-, Ark Ph 4113 II[9 pk l[d ROGERY STORKS AT INVOICE OTHEK BUSINESS OPENINGS BLT- THEVILLB RRALTT, PH 2^G4 12,9 pk 3i ATTENTION CREDIT GRANTORS: rh» CtedU Surenu of BlythevllJe Inc Karmer.i BiinX Hlrtg. has orer 10,001) IndlTlrittR) files, and olfem jou cnmplett credit *er>lc«-lnT«:lj[(iilonR. repor.s. *nri -ollcctlnn." M ember nf AAnoclRl«d CretlU hTireaus of A merle* l 'J06H-2UC5 Mrs Vernnn Bnyd. m»n- r. Mr* L,\icl»n GAlnex. A.sislntKnt. na^nr tl 21 pk I2J21 /nswrancc Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Bollard Agency Planned Protection IH W t>k .11 OI.HNCOI BOTH BUILDIMO «!> <* M to Buy Right on the corner, right )ii the price. Dyer's grocery. 125 Lilly, corner Lilly & Ash. Highest prices paid for poultry and eggs. Ph .1970. See us before you sell 12-7 pk 1-7 For font 1-room fun oil heat, hoi C. electric Kitchen. prlTMe bath. 226 II.U pk It Modrrn Cn-blnx Ac ApM |1,50 lip Wreklj rMtn Lost Roy Court* Hre- proof bulldtng 30i80 0 fl Bn^gett, ph P51 117 ck "~ 4 rm. ho line «nrt b«th, fur. J4.% per nonih, w«ter Iiirnlshed. 30.^ S. Broatl- .ay Call 4057. 32 13 pk H room*, down atnlrx. Screcntd porch, «nd Insldf lollet. Liijhu nnrt wat^r rurnl.ihert. 13 per werfc. 19IS W. Vlnr. 1219 px Grortry More rtolnp good business. w 4-room house, electric light*, • to school, on city bus route. Ph. 11 19 pit 27 Bldg. 30X40 on Hwy 40, 11 ml. wtct «>( Osrroln, Ark . *L STSdwKr Sto Tdfsl plac^ (or blacksmith shop » KAtane. For Information tncpiire Mldwuy Stor«, Rl. 3, OsceoU. U W pit 27 .1 room furnished home, electr :ltchen. Adult* only. Ph. 2072 12 n py : room* locftt ed 503 K. F1 ft h St.. ronnecllnp bnlh, clnsf In lnq\Ltte ol people llvLns In hoiia*. or phone T, E Parkhurst. No. H176. 12 19 c * tf Modern + room apt. nnrt hath on w. Hearn. Fur. or unfur, Venetian tlllnd?. Attic f«n. Call fi!47 or ^22J. 1220 pic 23 For So/*, Cars and Trucks iO Btilck BpecUl for, hy ow., c , •* month* to pay phnn« 4349 lifter 6 CARL PAUL a th« m*n to ae« II jon'r* [ooklntc fo i ne» OLDSMOBILE. . new GMP ruci. or » C-OOD USID OAR He'll B lie ;ou th» ben trade In town I Tou'l ma mm nt Horner-VVilson Motor Co. 317 KM Main Night 44M Loif Lost: Brown leather Key Ring In t1«[« -H. K. w. Hanclmsilf. Oal] 7611 Pakistan Gets River Craft KARACHI. Pakistan —(,Ti— Tli first of a flotilla ol river craft pur chased by the East Pakistan gov ernment from ttie Philippines t now In operation in the Chittagoll; urea of this province. The >entire flotilla will consist o 41 barges, nine tugs, three pushers a 30-ton floating crane, it fully equipped floating workshop and few other mlsce^aneous rijspatchini ooats. It Is being manned by Pakls San nationals but officered by Amer ic«n«, Filipinos ind Danes. Small Rodents Starve SMALL RODENTS STARVE— II . DAVIS, Calif. (AP>—Small dents, such as mice, can sUrve t death quickly in cold weather. s»y» Walter E. Howard ol the Univcrslt ot California. When it is cold th little animals must eat .severa times M much food a.i when it i warm. ' They do not swm lo be able t break down stored fat in thei bodies fast enough to prevent star vation when It Is cold. Koweve through use of warm ne.sts an huddling Ihey can kfep war enough to prevent the quick .slarva tion, Howard says. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL Dial .4091 or 740 Shirley Hipp rOOR FRIENDLY' iAGNOLIA DEALER t em. unf. hon»« nnd huth on paved i. Close In. Children Accepted Phone 137. la 30 pk 23 4 roam iinfvir. house. Phone 3301. 1270 ck 3.1 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock G»nnteed ffest Price* Kirby Druq Stores Concrete Culrcrt TiU •lM« *f t* 3* In. Corrugated Mttal Culverts mf A.tamntU Concrete Seplic T«nki M*UI S*plk T S«w«r Tilt A. H. WEBB 1M LlM HOLIDAY SPECIALS 19.18 CADILLAC "82" -i-door Sedan, beautiful black finish, equipped with deluxe radio, white sidewall Urea, delux« heat«r and defroster. Your whole family will b« proud of this car, . .only f 1795. 1919 I'ackard .l-door Sedan, radio, healer, extra good tires, one-owner far, . .only J995. 1918 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, healer and defrosler... 1795, 1917 Chevrolet Fleet master .(-door Sedan, seat covers, underseat heaters and defroster., only $995. 1937 Ford 2-door Sedan. . .a good cheap car... $95. 1918 Chevrolet 3/.J-Ton Pickup Truck, new red painj, large hot water healer. . .only $895. 1918 Chevrolet i/i-Ton Pickup Truck, radio, healer and seal covers, beautiful red finish. . .$795. 19IS Dodge Vt-Tnn Pickup, radio and healer only $795. ' / 1<)!7 International .'l/l-Ton I'ickup Truck, heater... 1911 Chevrolet 1/,-Tnn I'ickup Truck, rims $195. 19lfi Sliidehaker I '/ 2 -Ton Truck with 12-ff. body, 700 x 20 front fires, 750 x 20 rear -almost new. . .$395. Many More to Choose From. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you con alwoyi get a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Ml WM< INKKRNO AT SEA_p]ames and smoke billow skyward from lhl» damaged Navy attack bomber afler crash landing aboard carrier Philippine Sea. Plane wa.s hit by anti-aircran fire over Norlluvesl Korea, but managed to reach Us currier. Pilot escaped with only minor Ourn». (U. S. Nury Photo via AP Wlrephoto). NO-WE AIN'T SANTA CLAUS But we are overstocked mi K(H)( |. t | can \i set i (- ars anrf Trucks. . .ard we're selling them al prices you can't afford In overlook! HERE ARE A FEW CHRISTMAS SPECIALS Two 1019 GMC Vz-Ton Pickups. . .tmlh clean as can b« is green—the other, black. On« 19.19 Chevrolet Suburban in A-l condilion. On* 1919 Kord '/i-Ton Pickup.. .it's a honey, has radio hmler and whit* tires. '50 OLDSMOBILE noon A "Hwkft «»- flub Coup* with H.vrlramatlc anrf ^11 the arr<-.- sorlrn. A mlshtjr nice Chrislmu prcsrnl Al \ moiic-v-v<vinr price! • j • f And (his ain't all. We have 40 more to choose from.. . • 1) makts *nd si/.es. , HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 Ectt Main 2056 I

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