The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1935
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLM. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ,- J: CrC 'C '*.. Social Calendar "*' FRIDAY'S EVENTS ISilnttt'ood Cemetery association m«*ts tfTilf!)^ Mrs, A. D. Holland irt'2:30 lun- u , l 'Jiidles Bible class of the First MSthodlst'. church meeting with Mrs. Frank Webb," 7:30 p.m. W. M. Williams and Mrs.' K &-\Vobdson having luncheon meet- Miss Jane Hollipelcr \V«|s Mr. 'Warren -Wright Announcement was nwlc today ol the marriage "of Mips Jane ralH- rxitcT, daughter of MC, and Mr.?, nush uolllpcler, lo Mr. Calvin Wur- )'cn Wrlglil, son ot Mr. and Mrs. William Justice Oscar Al- ': of executive board ot W. M..U, of j First Baptist' church", 1,'al Williams' home. '' exander performed tho ceremony : EVENTS ..... . Confederacy having luncheon*'rncctrriB \vllh Mary Jean Miss JaJ'ne Barnes' Weds' r Mr,I William Ciihfield February fl(tn. liio bride, who is u member of prominent, Mississippi county families. Is tlic (jrauddaiightcr of Mr. and Mrs. W. >y>T;,Ilot!lpetcr of this Mr. Wright, who 'h:is made his home here for Uirco years, is a for- mar tifiniiy sheriff of the county. Before coming here lie was In aviation service, having established tire W. M. » ' ot the home of the Hev Pratt, pastor of the McUiodlsl icfiiirch, who performed the ring Venice ' biidc v.oie a «mble ofbcigo twccd with toueh- ' I', (i, 0. Compliments School Or! Graduates- Girls of tho gi'adiiutbVela.vs 6t the city nigh school, tWIr mothers, (ind -members of. .the faculty JJs'of brown tn !t TIci 'ncccisoflos Sere In brown. '"Hei ,onlv attendant vsus. ««,7^ ^'ffirTS J SSr | ^'Ue'r^ived by I j'wcro Buesls at a lea given liy the .„ 'local P. E. O. ineihbcrs Wednesi • attcrnoon at' the, home of M as been In Hot .Springs foi the post. sl\ weeks nnd ,§}i5s Koirii, Mi. falinmons nnd Mr. iCrjhfleld motored to. Memphis • for >fcor"lift evening;. ""Mr. ana Mrs., Crihflelil are now [3J. 1 home with Ihc bridegroom's I iiiinily for tlip freMiit. ' RiMrs. Crlhncjci, daucli- ^'r 'of-'Mis. Oo.ih 8. Uarnes and i flic lato;M)'. •Barpcu/altended Ar- jfadla Consent al Arcadlu, Mo., •Webster College at v/ebslcr Grove, W ' 0( lht ' 60 pink, lavender, arc«n and yel- colort on them. In the center , tied With tulle bow, in Iiolders made to rcwm- ole flowers. Chiffon endicUi. in Ihctc t.ame four ihaxics, tied |o (lie lalJIes, mate pretty (avoVs and the players found their plnws by im'lciilns the colors of the sachets ana table covers, • The three course menu empha- Iwl the rainbow shades with If.e dessert, Imllvldual cakes, iced In the four shades, which were llllvd with Etnuvberi'lcs. • In' the bridge games Mis.-. Ij. II. Moore ivoji a /oontool, In rainbow snadcs, tor hlgli sconi and second high went, to Mrs, j. if. Elklns \vlio rcc«lv«l ii lafleta pillow. * • • Girl Scouts Have Supper, The Otri scout Iroop number 0, sponsored by Mts. selmi Lents Morrison, gave n supper party Monday 1__ Jn j lono j., of ittctt mojfurs nt the home of Miss Frances Holland. Later the girls took their mothers lo ace the show, "Little Colonel," Country Club fu II»vc Sunday Supper 101, She Akks qhlo Tension MADISON, O. <UP)-Mrs. Ell za - :elh KrauUr, 101, han applied to he stale for mi old nee pension. County commissioner!; approved her oppllciitlon unit fonwirdcrt it o Columbus for final approval.' SMITH CENTER, Kan. (UP)— fn JON liraiifc Wucstcr puld JI25 for a span of two-year-old rnulcs On Peb. 12, 103B, he sold the 23}cur-old team for 4150. thesrColds Don't let them get .. „„ hold. Plijht thcinquickly.''crcbmUl- sion combines 7 helps in one. Powerful but .harmless. Pleasant to lake. No nai-collcfj. Your o»'« dnig- glst ts uuthorlzca to' refund your money on Iho spot If your cough or cold Is not relieved by Creo- ! inulslon. —Adv, Members -of the Country ivll] have n''SimcU.y~nlghL P«r(y tills ivcek. 1'ollowliig supper there will varied amusements for the members. . ' ' nescryatlons must be made by Friday evening. club nlghL supper be There arc iilxmt, 12,340 building and loan associations In this country. SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE PEPT. Walker H. Baker, guard; Mrs. W. \V.- rlolllpBtcr, chaplain. . i •yo'i: an Informal program Mrs. ' W. M.'AVIIllams and Mrs. llouch- 1 ji pi-erentijd a. playlet which dealt ' wa F.$*sss«£is? t* I^MU. ii^^n,^^ . pl wltl( '.policy college, Nevada, Mo,, 1 •» ivjiool wlilcli Is aswclakd s-ith thts organl-wUon. Triiy . were as- slslecl by v; MlsB Alta Mac Qarllng- ' ,'jfgc of Kliksvlllc. Mo She Is membn of the joungor • «l m this Uly W hero d» : fora numbei of swrs. rjuri The brldegrocrn 1, too *£ of m Mr and Mrs Edgar H Crlhneld. .. Tiplon, who s'iing ns Mrs, Q, s.' «o is u gnitlinte of the .to!, bchool of umi » i, l ho became a member ot whore i Sigma I. jyoiiMcttd unth Doll'B Pharmacy. !>. ... •'«IU5ic Club Ids Public [Jjchool 9Iu;ic Profram , , •n'The inmlo dopanmont of tlic \vo- 'nun's cjiih hart public School Mu- ^JSic kr jlc ^R^JSl/hl fl meeting iJVranesday afiofifron Jt the Junior «3ilgh school auditorium Miss Md•Ty Emma Hood was leader. *• ""-' the musk dcparlment Is 111 nmslcjl aclhltlcs of •s. Tlpton >unE. A pink and yellow motif WHS prat Illy cari'icd out in inn dining room where uindN"iche^, cookies, soiled nuts, tea and-co.ffee wcro served, ^frs. Baker arid'Mrs.'Bab- cook-presided nt Hie lable dacorat- .cdj.wlth an Hallaii out work cover u ,;ccnterplecc of ycJlow and flanked with yellow lari- Yellow . rwes. a»d .snapdragon wefc" tilwi tised In'tlic'olh^ enter- lalnliif rooms, ' \arlous school-, \\iis, brought, out. scouts Arniorlc Girl ,, cfL , - _, -.'•-, — Kdna Nios addressed a n\eet- .^•i Iho fifth grade In thu Central j^g O r y ic .\ r; ..» r ,i Qj r [ EV OU ( S ••bchool Ihero \.-as a chorus l)y the| yesterday nt the schoolwhen olli- Jfcw-nm awl elphlh grade-.igirlfi'.cr. 8 |,-|s of u w school were .Chorus, Kalherme La,\crty gave w of-the Iroop "demonstrated talk, ustU cd by ; Mur- |Jtha Nell Kyle, Eva Bergci, '-Molly ,^Vuard, Amy Ruth Morris ,uid Alice Wane.Hester. M!BS Alma Peters di- •jeUed the nflh'grado pupils ot- the ' school lii two vocal nutn- ..bers, and Miss Winnie Virgil 'Ilini- '•«r, county supervisor, sixikc on ':Thc ;7mporlBnco of Public School Music H in Ojr Schools" She ipoV.c on ;ind riisl ,\ "Personal Hy. Has Kainliow Party. ; Mrs.'C. If. Wlll'ey cnlcrlflineil EUcsls.wiUi an attractive -bridge luncheon Wednesday, a l her home on south Tenth sired. .The rainbow color detail. scheme «us Mr, Jon Watson Mn> Joe Wat-son, who left/to- Rtlltvcs Ni S' 11 or day, when you first bc- Bin to feel slugBisb, and need soraelhing , lo slraigntCn ,oul yom •day for Newport where slic is to bowels (to relieve constipation)— T^ildc, was guest of honor at a take u.doso of reliable Thcdiord's vOMldgo parly given last e\e«lnj by Blnck-Draught. • her sUtcr, Miss Minnie Matthews. "We take Black-Draught lor bllt- The St Pstiick motif was nt-' oiisness, consll|ration'and any bad tractnely earned out m\thc dec-, feeling that comes from Ihcso.con- oratloii!,. thn idlad plate and tlic dillons," writes Mrs. Liivcna favors or Shamrocks > ; /-- Owens, of Springer, oklii. "Ulack- , Mrs Rlvci Allen "won a salad Ui'aught, ctains the system and .plat« for high score, Mrs. 'Bob muftcs me feel much better nflcr ;rjumcg rtcci\cd n miinlrnrc set. Inking, it." ,Jor sccon^ high nnd a compact rreslicn up by taking this jiurc- avcul In 'Mrs' Pnl OH»Hnt for 'V:vci<6lablc luxalivc, If you have '•41io low ^scorc Mrs WaUon \vns ll tendency tu constipation ur w -""'-' 1 a flower bowl ' •-'••—••••- llr Thcic were 20 •- Mrs Paul lluckuis ]r , played IJards with members of tho Wcrt- ,:ie£day Bridge clul> this «cck'whcu •Mrs Famj«orlh Blatk v,as liOsl- .cw v $},< .-A Up", course menu served sniaiunchcon table* dccomted l!l,ACK-UKi\UCHT T,, 1 " « rc 4?rMf<! uauiCA Mrs. W. J. ;Wnndsr1l6fi \\bii Iho pvta;, ;i flow-.' WOOU-WOOD-WOOU GOOD AND DRY ".My foul Is Wiick UuL I Treat Vou While" PHONE 107 JOHN BUCHANAN \VOOD.WOOD-WOOD Now Open Tlic Modeiiic the btn-tics of the most tteroii|1i fl''rs- "anil Ulcst beatify fre-itineul*. '"Veit'll llko.our ^Bhoue 249 [Mabel Hiltliias ~ Ulllic: Hursl The'Hcdernc Beauty Shoppe ;| Hoicl, Gltncoejj BWf, 119 S Stconil St. IN TUNE WITH SPRING new VITAL IT V shoes ...reveal the scason's-smartcst ! new styles for street, sport, ;ind afternoon wcar'at prices that ','•.. mark-ail outstanding value. ' SuSan" \Jarid\J~ SIZES ! lo U WIDTHS AAAA lo EE' •- •- Vtinitj'Maid and Johiibon, Stephens and Shinklc Lines I'uhipy. Strap s .•aiiiK-Tlcs. libcks,- H r.o w n, Na vy, :; licigc ;ind liroHii Combli< ouiv . widths AAAA lo 0, 8hcS 3 lo !). ; Our $:"• Line 5 Sheer Cbiffon Yimcttc Hosiery—All Shades 79c to IlEIOE and BROWN' in Coats, Suits, Dresses, 1 Or Ofhcr Si A|)p<'ircl THE UliST COLOR IS NAVY! See our Ijcanlifn! selection -o( Couls. Suils aii(J .Drcssw in' Nayy. ' Smart selection of .Millinery. Rough ami .'Plain Slrrtivs, Urinus and Off-the-Fiicc slylcs .,'in Nayyi • .' (rlovcs, Purses, Handkerchiefs-aud Hose lo intilch your uultil in Navy. Economy Shop Ingram lildg. ; , '. HURSDAY, NRA BANANAS JSUUAK. COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES NRA CASH 6R©€E!&S SPEND -YOUU SCUll' HEUE - - . , Customers Scales in Our Storc-^ mi 'ant e e ( ll60 uil ces to the Pound iday, Saturday and Monday "" 1'iirc tanc. 1'jiiier isug 1U founds Florida. Sweet and Juicy Kico bir.e. Dozen GKAPE FRUIT B Florida. SO's Hitch Bxlni Fancy Winesap. Box Fruit. 3c i** IGUSRPEAS CE[ FRY llVcsh Ciili Fresh Pound Iceberg's Kadi 4c TOiATOES__ MIS _j GREEN BEANS Sf;uu(;ird No. ;> Can Size Dozen Biytheville No. 2 Can 8c CATSUP Ruby u 14-Oz. Bottlt! CHERRIES lied Sour . No. 2 Can CARROTS_ PAKSNJPS KRAUT ic Large. Bunch Kadi Fresh Pound € Bestesf' F-iii-ge 31/1 din C SOAP !'. & G. 5 .Gianl b - Sack - - *** 2.1-Lb. Sack - - 87c Sunny Brook " LOOSE 'Navy, Lb. -.;.'... C!. NorHiurti, Ll>. - - Itiiljy l,iniii, Lb. - - - biaclt ' Eyed Peas, Lb. He i;..' Fresh. Mustard or Turnip I Uunch 1 VauUla' S-Oz. Boitlv iMLVEGETAELES. 0p ?S .Sic IT. KIDNEY BEAN: Small Size - - . - 2J L - ; Large Size . . - - ,)3c Phillips 3 Ciin-s GRAPE NUTS "IT SURE IS GOOD COFFEE COFFEE Lb. Can L >l»orly Special. Croiiiut M'liilc Yon Wait. Pound 13c ___ TOMATO JUICE *«*'»*g^ s c ill. While 71C Lb. i 2 s(iUAsir r ^____ DEL MONTE SPECIALS GROUND BUT' I'uund lOc (iuuii K. C. Beef Pound lOc LARD Snow 'White Compound « yjfi• _ _^___^_ Pound **Va'C Swift's Oriole. Sliced Pound 29c 15c V End Ctiis. Real Lean *>*} _ I'o mi (I A4LC Fine lo Fry Pound KRAUT Large School Girl Size. Dill _ 2 for MlFlLKFED Silver Thread. Bulk , Pound 5c RIVER CAT - SPANISH MACKEREL BUFFALO - TENDERLOIN TROUT LIVER FANCY CHOPS, Pound - , FRONT QUARTER, Pound Mi: Fancy Baby Beef Pound lOc POTATOES SAUSAGE^ 30c lie White Cobblers Pound Clovcrbloom Process Pound 35c Small Can Medium Can You Sleep Small Nights 3tc Tie Lihby's. Queen •'.-"• •'. . ' 22-Oz. Bottle 21c 'Libby's; Sour or Dill ; -."• Quart MFK ' ' Vmi Caw l' ITliLIi •'-"..-3 Tnll-or.e Sir Small Cans rrFIV Hul 'E'KakctJ-Iirc;i(!. BeUtr Known- 1 A-. mJl . < .H' : .as BUTEREG; Loaf JLUC SAW!^ Maxwell House Coffee VITA ;FKfcSH "GOOD TO THE LAST DROP SPAGHETTI , Or 3 Boxes lOc No 2 , /2 can I0t . [>j nt 2'/i Can •TOMATOSAUCES5 0 LIMA l5EAN ^::-f^l5 c SARDINES in Oval Can Lgc. a'/i Can z. Can IS TIPS Liirg«9^C Green. Can MJ1TSALAD InT COFFEE M - HOMINY Sin. Can - - - -ic Lj^c. 2Vt Cati - 7o. BELL PEPPERS^ Iff OLEO ^ Lb. 1 9C KRAUT r ro TOMATOES ^Sn 10 CALUMET Biik il 'SlnJO 0 sia'xi.-u-<i . ou: No. »' Can 0'2 BEECHNUT VALUES CATSUP Larsc ]i S19 c MACARONI tMi. 15 , ^ ^ RADISHES 6 Green Onions Bunch LIBBYS SPECIALS SPAGHETTI N Can PORK *. BEANS .«*. 5^ KRAUT JUKE N c a lll c Mlr^I ~ CUM PEACHES L " ! f"c,,,18 PINEAPPLE K ° [ Country Genltemuii IOC i •• Np, 2 Can 16' pF/ 1 lfIpC .SHCutui- Sw. JjjJJyLaO Mixed. Jar A

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