The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, OCTOBER _10,_1D3_3 FAOB MVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per ihc ln«rllonf: for consccu- lo a line) d'ivc average words One time per line »»* 7\vo times per line per day .. 03c •Inrec times per linn per dny .. OSc bl:< times ]>cr line per day — 05c Month rate pev line 60c Minimum charge 60c Ads -ordered for three -or six times and stopped before cspira- tion v.lll be charger, for (he iium- ter of times trc ad appeared and adjustment ot bill made. All Classified Advertising copy sur-mltted by persons residing oul- ctd'j of the city must be iiccom- 1 allied by cull. Rates may be easily computed from above table No mponsi'ollity ivlll be takci for more than one incorrect in- scilion of anv classincd ad, Advertising crdered for irrcgu lar instrlions take Uie one linr rate. Phone 306 orJ07_ ""iJUSINESS DIRECTORY AUTO tJLASS INSTALLKB We install glass In your car while you wall. Call us for bcllcr service. Phone ij33. Sliouse-tltllc Chevrolet Co. lOekll-10 Day & Night Service Station Complete Line Shell I'ruduus Repair Work ut, Any Time Plioue t»a Milton Si«rnborij Huts Clcnncd. repaired, inspected- Woik guaranUtd. \V. \V. llook- klO-13 Gateway <iarase Good Mceliinlie-Work Guaranteed Triers Kbjht lOp klO-lS) Call 100. Up k 11-13 "l.KGM, NOT1CKS "tOHMIHSIONKR'S SAI.K Piirsuaut dcciee o( ihn Autg Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. ;rjc kll-10 WKKCKER SEIIVICK Cull us when you need n wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 633. Shouse-Llttle Crevrolet Co. lOckll-10 Chancery Court, rendered In the case of Federal intermediate Credit Bank of St. Louis vs. Mrs. S. S. Slembcrg, cl-ai. Ihc undersigned, within luwlul hours on Oi 1 - lobcr 31. 1033, will sell, al Ihe fronl door of Ihc court house at Blytheville. Arkansas, lo the highest, bidder, upon & crcdll of three months, Ihc following properly to-wil: I^ls Nine: <9>. Ten (10). Eleven ill), and Twelve <lii>, in Block Two i2), of the Ruddle Grove Addition lo Ihe cily of BlylhevlHe, Arkansas. The purchaser will lie required COMMISSIONERS KALE Pursuant to a decicc ol IHe Cliancciy Court, rendered In Ihc case of Union Savings Bulldlns & Loan Assoclallon vs. Laveinu May Hill, cl-al, Ihe iwdcrc'imcd. within lawful hours on October 31, 1933, will sell, at the fronl door of Hie court house at Ulylhcvltlr, Arkansas, to the highest bidder, upon a crcdll of three mouths, lh« following properly, to-wit: Lot Five (5), in lllock "H," of Ihe Morris Addition lo the city of BlylhevlHe, Arkansas. The purchaser will lie required to give bond with ipprovcd secur- lly lo secure payment ol his bid, and 11 lien will also be retained upon Ihe pru|>erly Ihercfor. Dated this Illi day of October, 1933. U. L. GAINES. Commissioner in Chancery. fl NSWERS IH'VS In Ihc courlr named in Uic WAKNIM' (Htl)KK <Uiys In Hit: court named In the caption lU'H'Of mid answer the] IN Tllii UHANCl'KY COURT Ol' (Uinplnlnl o( Hit plulnlllf. Ill"; OmcKAHAWliA DISTRUST. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. All- KANSAS. I'ak'ral (.and of SU LiV.ils. a AUTOMOIHLKS, TRUCKS IHiV NOW USKD CARS HIGHUK $250.00 5225.00 $210.00 New and Used Furniture Bought and Sold Stoves repaired—Any make A'.vm Hardy lUoO Chevrolet Sedan t'JUO Chevrolet Coupe 1030 Ford Tudor 1931 1'ord Tudor 1931 Ponliic Cuupc 1931 Ford Sport Coupe 1929 Chrysler 65 Coupe .. 1930 Willys-Knight Sedan . 1933 Chevrolet Truck $393,00 S2M.OO 517 W- Asb 1'J31 Ciievrolct Truck 20p tlO-20 ?S50.00 to give hour! wllh approved secur ity to secure poyiiieiit of his bill, ind a lien will also be relalned a\MU Ihc properly Ihercfor. Dated this 1th day of October, 1933. K. L, GAINES. Commissioner In Chancery. Itcld. Evrard & Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. 10-3- 1C COMMISSIONER'S SAI.K Pursuant, to a decree of the Chancery Court., rendered • in Die case of Arkansas Grocer i Company, cl-al vs. V. H. Harrington, ct-al. the umlersigpcd, within law- lul hours on October 31. 1933, will sell, al the fronl door of the Reid, Evrard &. Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. 10-0-16 COMMISSIONER'S SALE ruraianl lo a decree of the Chancery Court, rendered In Ihe case of St. Ixjuls Union Trust Company vs. 11. E. L. Bearden, cl- al. the undersigned, within lawful hours on October 31, 1933, wl|: tell, at Uie fronl door of the court house at Blytheville. Arkansas, .to he highset bidder. ii)X>n a credit of three months, tlie followlnt properly, lo-wil: "Happy days arc here again." Dtink BUDWEISKR, kins of bottled beer. 20c k Water-Proof Tarpaulins i>9 $2.75; BxlO *-3.20; 0x12 ! 0x15 S6.00; other sizes and weights Tuenly uther good used cars to sc- leit from. Never better values than now. Come in, inspect these cars. Open at night until 10 o'clock SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET COMl'ANY V. Walnut St. riionc 033. LOS' C1IANKY WKS a fsnieil cliainrtcr scltii; Tlicrc Uie 15H Ibs. lo « Ixivrel n( I'LOUll. CHItlSTlANS iniikn up oilf- Ililrd of tin' VOi'UUATlQN ot tho KAIIT1' 'miH'. Dated tills Stn ilny of Ocl., ID'W. !i. L. OAINEP. Clerk, Uy Mlzabcth lllyllic, I). C. I corporation. Plalnlllf, Ncill Reed, Ally. Ad Lilcm. Ilcutl Courier News WHIR Ads. vs. No. 55lil Hairy Taylor, ul. nl, IMcmlanls. The (Ipfendaius Andrew llarrlna- lon nnd Mrs. Andrew Harrington, ure mimed to appear wllhln Ihlrty hereof onU answer lhe cumpliilnl of ll:c nhlntllf Federal L:nut Bank of SI. Louis. D.Hed ihls 15 (lay at Oclotjci 1 ,19M. R. I,. GAINES, Clerk. (Xcar !-'endler, Ally. Ad-IJtem. 10-16-23-30-0 Scrnii Iron lias become a billion i'o:lar business. OUK BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem EXPERT Tjpjwrlllng and Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blan- kcnshlp.'lie E. Rose. Call 165-J. JlC K FOK SALE CAFE. i;ootl business. Selling be- ...„ ..l-SpenMt Corstllerc Mrs. J. J. U»vlc Phone 4il 20c ! ot other Couiier. . Address 16ck23 HOME PLACE on East Main, reasonable lerms. Frank E. Thrash- -?55srTurE "• i '"°' ic w- ;;'" New and Used , J The BEER whc arc, drinklnft BUD•a i Dod^on 301 L. i»"ani n.t-ict--ir t-i-r. ,,r hniti^H n^tr -- klO-26! court house in Blytheville. Arkansas, -lo Ihc highest bidder, upon a credit, of Uircc months, Ihe following property, to-wlt: Lot Eiijlilcen (18). in Block •nventy-four <24), of the Blylhc Secoml Addition to Ihc cily of Dlylheville, Arkansas. Tile purchaser will lie ' required to give bond with approved sccur- lly to Eeciuc payment of Ills bid. and a lien will also he retained upon the properly therefor. Dated Uils llh day o! Oclobcr. 1033. R. I,. GAINES. Commissioner in Chancery. Reid, Evrard & Henderson. Attorneys for Plaintiff. The Wesl Half of Ihe Northeast Quarter, and a strip 15 te«t wide off of the South side of (lie Southeast, Quarter ol the Northeast Quarter of Section Twenty-eight (28). ill Township Kixlccn (16) Norlli, Ranye Eight (6) Easl. Tile purchaser will he required lo give bond with approved security to secure payment of his bid. land -A lien will 'also be re upon the properly llierefor. Company is. j. M. Jontz. et-al, he imitci.'.lsncd, wUhln lawful hours, on October 31. 1033. will sell, at (he front door ot Ihe court. IIOIM al Mytlnivllle, Arkansas, to the highest bidder, upon a crcdll of three monies, Ihe fol- lovlng proncrlv. lo-wil: Lois One in anil Two and Ihc Soulh Unit of Ihc Norlhcasl Quarter of Bcclion •llilrly-six (36i; and Lot One (I), In Sccllon Twenty-live (25); all In Township Sixteen (10) North, RUIIBC Eleven (11) East. The purcliiiscr will Uu icnulred lo give bond wllh approved secur ity to secure payment of ills bid anil 11 lien will also he rctulue upon the property therefor. Dated this 7lh day of Odouc 1033. 11. L. GAINES. Commissioner In Chanccr Itrid. Evrard ,V Hcndersoji, IS 1933. TWO JUMPS 'AvHEfcD OF A, SQUIRREL^. I OVER- A C5UY V^f^EOSNL!. ABOUT $SOO THCT TW WEISLB, king of boltlcd Beer. I,. G. Blsthevllle's Cut Kale Undcttaker 10p-kll-10 BOOTS AND HliR "CLEANERS, TAILORS For Quality cleaning Phone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners 1MU1-12 i FOK SALE—1932 Chevrolet. Sedan Good condition. X, Courier News Idh tl HoLstcin Heifers,' heavy springers, fresh soon, from heavy milkers. Stanton A. Topper, Huffman, Ark. lip k!8 Hals Blocked Ixio!; "Like New ?tonc 171 Uniriuc Cleaning Service 1 558fi Cubk-N'clson player plane, ?2W; 1 $155 1-3 H. P. Dayton Eicclric Sansa-p Mill S50: 1 $3 Tenor Banjo $8. 001 S. Lilly SI 13p klB DRESSMAKING 'biWING, Alurnutions, Veiy Kca- ?oirab!c. Miss Louise Crane, PlioiiP Baltcry & Itudialor Service We guarantee you belter battery ur radiator work for money. Any make radiator repaired or re- cored. Get our prices on new and rebuilt balteries. Call 633. Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. lOckll-10 ~~~rur rrumpl Battery Service. I'hunc 8 '^n Clune Nci- Ford Bfllleries Ena-cr- TIRE & L'ATTERY SI' AT ION DOGS, I'K'I'S For Hrallliy Dojs frnl Miller's Iliilion A <luiik I.unch IIUUIiARI) HARDWARE CO. llckll-11 Vnti will fii»l " <"">r l '' tr linr uf NKW MOIIKI. BK:VI:I.KS ;>t llulibaril llanlwarr Cympuny- lCckll-16 AlAlKRIAL WALL "PA~I'KR Single VMIIII lols Sl.OO •LOW rolls old patU'ins ;il Gc J'j'-l MAYPLOWER line l(h: t" -«c U. C. IlOtHNSOS LUMBER UO '.Me kit COAL & WOOD Before you buy Coal—You can s.ivc money. Phone 170, Corner Railroad and Ash Kl;.. Coal Yard. We arc exclusive asents for iirig- iiv-il <irnuinc Monlrvallo Ccal and Sirisy. Arkansas Anlliracilc and Ihonr 177 Kentucky Coals. THREE KEYS I-'nimoi> Ha O'.uicr may have Wnmltr City Coal Cumpany go kll-U I!. V. Fry to Courier and paying for ad. VHONK 107 BUCHANAN "Ci;n- is Bl;ick Hut We Treat You While." AUTOMOTIVE ~ (all 301—ncrt'.s ri,iiT 118K. I'ur Aulo I'ithiling B«dy and Fender Service Vutmtrly wllh Sliou&c-I.illle Co. ffic klO-ffil LAHfi^T S'lWK L'SEI) PAWTS Bclwccn Memphis and St. Ixiuls Alia Auto CiiaSii — J'hunc CG JACKSON* AUTO I'AKIS I'O. 2c kll-'J FOR*I2LKST ^^J" YOU &W Tl-0 OLD OKK LOADED BOO SCORNS < HA*— wwa\ rv\E KNOCK Av, T307.EN TUOSE TURKtVSi CALUSiG VAtR&TO SEE VUM,fcRt KFTER A TiOUCH j OR TO COLLECT TH" MA30R IS GONG (N "FOR r/x^VviUK facji,\3t-HY\t TYMT, 'i • \N\TH VA\G "PET SHOP — } WEV\_,I HAVE WE 'DOE.'bNl WAWT J VAlrA ONTH HOB . ,.,,-,_. HOOPV-tTO e,ET HtR) "FOR 7*^-—-AN' ] NOSE ON TH' SCENT OF / Ht LL PAX , OP4 . Attorneys for I'liiuulff. DaleU this 7th dny of October, WAKMNti OKDCK 'HIE CHANCERY COUIt CHICKAS AW B A D I S T K III MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, A KANSAS. Ida Crane. I'luliillfl, . . . Commissioner In Chancery. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Pursuant to a decree ol the Chancery Court, rendered in_J-he George Crane, Defendant. The defendant, George. Crane Uliancery ^ourt. rcimrrcu «i vuu. *«^ UMV..M«.*>. ^ case of St. Louis Uiilon Trust I warned lo appcnr SOMEONB IS WRONG! TWEE. - AGO J . COt-Yt B^Oi \rtUtV FISHING TR1IM WASH TUI5BS P HEH, WE Dft'j W&S'H"60ES FISHING. ' THE SITS i\»o ne sirs, SHWERIUG AMD GRUMBUWG, THAT 6OIMO FlSHlUG IS10 86 ONE OF HtllzbUE CdNSOLftTtON 1H6 BI66KT, THE i-UCKIBST,THIMGS SPEMO SEVERAU HEARTEPLY.'VW&SH, ERSV, Ol&GIMG ftROOMDACtS V IMMI nMA«mrgr iicmous p".or U ACE5 SEEKS AS.SOUR*; £VEt?y J-TV- -. ~, BUT WITHOUT AVW (-^K LIGHT-HEADED SALESMAN SAM PLP.CE IS LCX5IOM' Mice HY BLOSSEI jfycl^SUTHERlAND FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS KEEP COOING, BOTCH ...,1'tV ^ SURPRISE ! TvJE THAT VMS EXPECTED Tb MILFORP SHAPYSIDE is A MILPORP BOV HAS. .nisjictcivctbctwo: If a <W<r.-;« rr.jn Wl <)o»n ami in TARES THC LEAD THE FIRSf . t. lb»e>ci. irictlfri-? JKliori by TCniainins cm Ik OP PLAV'.' THE 5TAMDS 60 rvl jnj jllcmrJim; I" p-ofi'l fe i«mn k ( p«>; r«w I!K »» to: » P» V wi^w THE FIELD BEHIND 6000 REAL ESTATE Cumc ir, list your real cstilc Sec what MC have to sell E. M. Terry. Licensed Dealer, Terry-Worthinfiton Title Co. Uhthcvillc Phone Oil 23c KOK KENT I'UINJSHED iicdroom. Call afler 4 o'clock. \!rs. Ed Hnrdin, lOl'i 21c klO-21 Mvdcni 3 res'-.] furnished or unfurnished apartments, newly dec- • rated, over K'lby Drug Co. Also buildim? adjoinin;; Rosy ineatrc. P. Simon. 120 W. Unvus. C;IF! 761. " n " '"*" " 1'RON'T Apartment, good location, clcje to school. 914 llearn St. HpklO. JCOOM & BOARD 1031 MAIN ST. Rnom. Meals and Jaraqc, 56.00 IXT week. Mrs dcri. Phone W3-J. M HEM' WANTED or -1 ruom furnisiicd apnitmen down stairs. Call Johnson at 633 16ck2 Man uanted. Supply ciistnrncrs will [iiinou.s Walkins ProJucls in lily thcviUc. nusine-ss c.itablist.eil. cnrn Ings avtrngc $-'i weekly, pay start immediately. Write J. R. Watkir Cimipaiiy, 7U-OU W. leva Avr cinpliis. Tcnn. M-n :md Won.™ lu .solicit co Hrcl'r^. Apply TJai'lnick', 1 ! Coi Yd.. I!iiil:oii!l & Ash Bl. Phone IT 0]> kl Drink the best for the same pric HUmVEISKK "•'— -' «--"•leer. ONI'! 13I1OWN "ill. wight 80H Huisc Mule. 7 . . Ibs. Left H. J. Cole's place Oct. 8th. REWARD. H. J. Cole, Luxora, H. F. U. 1. Dux 158. lip k!8 LOST — Jersey bull yearling. liorncil. vvc-ishl "iVl ur 1W) Ibs. Upward. A. b. Luvclai'c. lloulo 2. llipklD. I'EKSONAL \Viir~ai-c~iof UiHmci]- bv the day <;i hour. I'himc 713-J. l*<ina WII- '

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