The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1947
Page 4
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I PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 25, 1947 ns Seek Princess Elizabeth Visits Mother's Homeland Will Ask Allied Council to Aid in All Soviet Areas I By: JOHN B. McDIiKMOTT rll'nlled Press Staff Correoixmilent .', BERLIN, July 25. (UP)— The Jjinistcr-Presideiits of German ;$tates in the;Soviet Zone h:ive asked ' the Allied Council to establish a ] pommon level of economic activity for all foul 1 occupation zones r.mll •e't up central administrative agon- ; iles. It was learned today. ',.}' The request by tile Soviet -s|jo:i- " sored executives was in sonic' vc- j spects similar to the long standing i policy of the Americans and British that all zones should be unified ' 'economically. | '< Another Soviet-approved Quarter, • Ihe Socialist Unity Party, proposed a program looking to economic uni- I iicatlan, employing suggestions by "the Minister-Presidents. . | Some observers saw tlie develop- inents as indicr.tln? that tho Rus- j siaiis were willing to reopen 110150 i jiations IOL:.:I!£ o t:ie ccono-nit • iinificatiou of Germany. Hul the eastern and western ureas were mr ^part on how unification could b? achieved. ; '. The Soviet Zone Ministcr-Prcsl- ' Visnts put forth their plan in a pe- i tition read, to the four-power co- ' ( brdinating committee of the Allied 'Control Council yesterday. I ] The petition urged the council to agree on centralization of gov- ^rrmient and economies to keep ) Germany from becoming a pnuper i nation permanently, ' It supported the Russian viewpoint of centralized government, \ and objected to n federal pattern of individual states such as hud been "suggested for the western zones. . . The executives naked the council (o call a nationwide meeting of ; Germans to get views on the typo 'of unification they want. They suggested the setting up nt once of Central administrative agencies for finance, industry, food and agricul- . ture, export and import, trans-port. | communications and postal services. *-. They, also ashed a substantial increase in industrial production to enable Germany lo get back to a .sound economic basis, an increase in coal, iron and steel production. and a sound program for collection and distribution of foodstuffs. ' The Socialist Unity Party's plan called. for establishment ai free in- terzonal traffic and formation of ! central German administrations hi | all fields of industry. ; Attempts to separate western j Germany's economy from llvs rest i of the country must cease. Ihe parly i said. >It added that a ptaimstl ccon- j only -jror all of Gennnny nmnt he established with the aim of stepping jip farm production and equitable .'distribution of farm produce. McLaughitn To Ask For Federal Court Hearing HOT SPRINGS, Ark., July 25. (UPi •- Deposed Hot SprlDKS Mayor Ifo P. McLaiiuhlin served notice today Hint he would ask the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals o order his trial en 15 charges ol jiibcry and malfeasance into a •Vdernl Court. Federal Judge John E Miller '(•sterility refused to lake jurts- llcllon in MeLaughlln's trial. The ormcr political power had requested trau.sfer' from Sl.itc to 'ederal Court on the grounds that ic could not receive a fair trial in illy Arkansas State Co'irt. Judge ililler, however, remanded the case o Garland Circuit Court for trial. "I do not seek to avoid trial." Mclaughlin said atlci' the ruling, 'but I do want and am entitled to in unbiased and unprejudiced court ury." .ijjri He reiterated previous stiilenicnt,s hat the Special Garland County :;r.'iiiil Jury which iniliclorl him was mcked with his personal and poli- .ical enemies and that the threc- 11:111 commission that will select the •Kit jury panel to Iry him also is nadr up of his enemies The Eighth circuit Court of Ap- >rais meets In St. Paul. St. Louis md Kansas City. ce:.; Kh/:ibcth, he-ross presumptive lo the K:r,l!:;U thrune. is no! leltin" Ihe excitement of her '".i.'3r.-, nt lo 1,1. 1'hilip Mc'iniifalii'ii mt'.'iU'ic wHh lier ullii-ial dulics. One ol Hie ilems on her , OTJI it-j; it visit to l-.dmlmt ^fi. Su.llaiul. v. a s a review of tmups nt the Highland Infantry Tunning ('t-iil-:r. llci'e f;he is shown f;il;ud ' J l nt the vvilii h?i Highland liani'e at rear. left. Birthday 'Bonnet' ^'"T^'T-'v'TSTO '••>U!:V--*»#&!£ Army Chaplain Will Be Guest Minister Here Committee Asks Congress Pass , Bridge Bill CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., July 25. -The .Bridge Committee of (he I Chamber of Commerce has sent npprols to ncpi'cseiUtttkcs in Con- Brrss asking that liiey support a bill recent'y introduced which permits bridge bonds to be financed for thirty years instead ol twenty. it was announced here yesterday by J. iF. 'Pattoreoij, secretary of Ihe Clu'imher of Commerce. "The passage or this bill." Mr. P.-ilterscm said, "is ol utmost benefit to the'ille bridije acrors Hie Mississippi project, 'llio General Bridge Act 01" 1916 limited incini! of bnidac bonds to 20 vcars. Unrt.i the new proposal, il passe;! and made a law, it wi'l be possible for l,i\c local picket to f-c!l an additional one :md one- half million do'ars worth of bonrls before seeking additional finnncinl , aid." I Mr. iPaltersin said tliat several bonding companies have shown in (ho fina^cins phase of the local proje-t. and it is the opinion cf the Bridge Committee that this item will be reaiti'.y handled :<s progrc&i of the jirojccl ooes lorwai'd. GETTING UP MGHTS GETTiNG YOU DOWN? * Here's Rood news for you folks who liavo to got up nl lajjlil to |>;«s i j \vrUer, liava Linckaclu 1 . too, bccuusu of minor functional kidtic-y <ii*iTders. Tli 'ee £c;:.crj'.jcms a^Oj A famous doctor rJevfJoptrJ 3 iin-iJ.'cJne for \\i\a vciy'lroublr, Now million-. Stave uv/J it, often with Linazing'y fast, cffyciivo results, Tlie mcdi- cino is I3r. Kilmer's Siva*np-Ro'j|, in;ula of 10 hrrbs, roots, vt%;i:tablc^, nnd ba!- saiu? — truly naluie's own \\:ty to relief. Jnstuiitly you lake- il, Jt starts to work flushing out kidneys . . , increases the i'o\v of urine, helping to relievo execs* ncidily . . . so irritated bladder Et-'ta a good Hushing out, ion. Caution; Take at dirccleJ. You'll say it's marvelous. For freo lri:il supply, \viite Ut-pt. E, Kilmer & Co., Inf., Kox 1255, Stamford, Conn. Or - ^ L -l full-si/".-,! boltlo of Swamp- Rout today at your (irugstoro, I Bojne-:) and A'i.-i""l!a roil the .world's hardest, dir.monds. r*,'^^. :.....;j^"j As ^Ki-iiiO! 1 .^ Ihror.^holU the country cflcbrate tlic HiCtJi anniversary ol tlic-lr church, Ilic w&rUl-fsiimccl-Mormon Tabi'inacle in Suit ha'.io Cily, blcc^iMS out with u sliining new •".^IrviiOay l:'jnnet.' Tin,' now root, plttrrod above, ccnsists of almost f/J.lWO :;(|ii»rc H'ct ot pr«-!o;rnc<l .•ilMiiiinimi fliret. covcrlnf; Ilic great iiuljiv lla-lik ir.casiiiTS 250 by 150 feet. ova! cloatu \vlneli Cify Radio -Service- Dial 2407 ;; 32* EMI Main St Felix A. Carney date has IJ?PM However 1 . Ilvcu 1 , ed for lht> nuiri . son. Stay of Execution GJven Little Rock Negro by Lcmey TUCKER I'RISON FARM. Alk., July SB. (UP) — CulHR Lee Jnhn- soa. biltlc iWck Mesro who wjs T i u«Hi.c;l to die in , \rkunsas 1 elcc- ...; ill10l i - m trie caair at dawn Ihi.s morning, ycnis iieo will live at least two more vieeks. 1"- "_ _ s"l for Sci)t. IB. \vho uas .sentenc- fi o) Frank Simp- to lilc an aupetil C»|)l:iiii Neivrll S. Taylor, fit S.n Antonio. Texas, chaplain attach' to the Fourth Army Headquarter, ill Port Sain Houston, Texas, wll l>e Kiiesl minister at three ehnrche here Sunday. Teeh. Sert;t. olli' Oiishani of the Illythcvillc Recruit ins- Station said today. Captain Taylor will arrive her late today JUKI following a' rnclit talk at II :i in. tomorrow will ncl dress Ihe UlA'tlicvllle Life Under writers Association at its mecl- in;; in Ilic ilotcl NnlJlo at 12:30. yund^y inorninR, Capt Taylor will speak to the adult department nl the First Baptist Church at 9::iO. He will deliver the sermon during morning services at the Pirsl Christian Church. He will also speak at the evening service at' the Calvary Baptist Church. Orrtnined in lfl-12 after attending Southern Baptist. Theological Seminary in Louisville. Ky.. C'apt- Taylor entered the Anny in FconiaiT, I lf!!-l. lie served a total of a I months in the Enronenn theater. The chaplain held IiastoraU's in Kentucky and Indiana prior to entering the Army. Arkansas' Htitchcry Productions Off In Juno I ITTI.K ROCK. Ark.. July 25. 'UP) — Arhnnsn.s lintchrrfcs aD- duced 2CO.COO chicks in June, a decrease of 20 per mil from June. 10-Hi. anil less than one-fourth (he June 11)41-45 averace. The hatch brought total production for the year, January through June, to 5.061,000 as compared with '(.3M.OOO for the same period last, year. Slow demand for baby chick.-! ast month was given as one rc'i- son for the clecreasc'fl production. Producers received S12 50 per Jnmdred fcr strnipiH-riui liravy lirceds, S12.00 for straiKht-rnn liRlit breeds nnd $U.OO for straight-run eioss breeds. Fnshion dictates longer sliirts this yen r—foul, forhmntely, tilings like this ;iro happening. Eighteen-year-old Jios.-ilie Copping, Altron, O., girl \vhose nioflelinfl career dales from winning a Kent Stale University contest, models a "photogenic" blouse in New York. CARPENTER SERVICE Minor Repairing, Screen Work Painting. Replacing Windows Steps, and other wort. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. Telephone 2801 New Theater Manila's Finest Shows KVKKY NIUHT M^tinre Salurdaj & Similar Boi Opens Week l)i.y» 7:00 p.m. at.-SoD. I p.m. Coat Bhowlnt Saturday Night 9 'til 1 Air Conditioned Mirror Room willi ttie Arkansas Supreme Court. •Sne'n af:ti(m \voiiki a delay his execution c!-.tle. , :. : - a ia to l " inure lluin Suitably cut jn<te posrossr.s the property of emitting a olmr nuisi- cal tone when struck ami of maintaining tile vibrations for a comjwrativcly IOHK time. Head Courier Ncw.5 Wnni Ads. FOR-SALE 6-foot Koch Mcar Display Case. Completely rebuilt. Like nev.'. Equipped with new 1-3 HP Frigidaire Compressor. DELL SCOTT REFRIGERATION CO. 1211 W. Main St. The extension of the convicted ' . murderer's life eanie about at midnight last night whrn Gov. Hen Uir.?y 'rvaiilccl a two-weeks stay of execution. j W. p. Ball. stn'.c im-ole officer. : said t:ic governor jn-aiUeil tlic re-, prirve after sayhift tlmt "it has tome to my attention ilml lurtlier investigation is Ixnnic made of oth- ! er parties." Joiiiison was eonvieU-d in ] > nlaski ' Circuit Court ot Ihe niunU'r of Henry Williams, a night ivalc-limau ,at Monan-'.i Mill and Lumber C | i- Ipnny in Ml!!e nock. Meaiuvhilc. iwo other Art::msns rtsklcnt:; sh;ir(' the cleath-luMi^ here with Joliiifon. Willie IXDC Dul:c.s. l-'orrest Cil;.- Nenro. is rciie- il«ii! ilie A;K. 1 Un the biulal vapl--s!:iying . of Mrs 111 hoi f.llis B<iyci. a Korrest Cily taxi driver. J:nnes Ilavold Hyilc's execution Adm. 60c Incl. Tax Open at 7:00 p.m.; Starts 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday 'The Desert Horseman' with Chas. Starred untl Smiley Btirnedc Serial: "Lost City iif the Jungle" Also Sliorls Saturday Midnilc Siiow Starts :il 10:15 p.m. "Dangerous Money" willi Kidney Tuler as Charlie Chan Gloria Warner Also Shorts Sunday end Monday M-G-M's Uiiroarious Musical Hit 'NO LEAVE, NO LOVE' Van .Inlmson 1'aramount with and KMji News irirt n Wj'n Shorts Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners Soles end Service Plionc 541—Room 317 R.-L KIRK ^Bring Your Guests Here •'It's natural to want the best for your ;;ucs(s ;,:^..' and it's natural lhat you fiixl \vlial you "want at Uic Delia. You'll never cxpericnco a disappointing cvemnjr if >ou ma k c nl:r ^luan, aii- cooled. restuiant your licudquartcrs for good food I So. Highway 61 Phone 3685 Immediate Delivery A Gould's Automatic Water System Gives you the most for your dollar Farmers Terms Part this Fall-Part Next Fall ARE CO I nc If-f^MOUS BffAMDS. ' COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day forever with ;jcr/cct/y wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home ... by appointment onfv • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE 461 •• ASK FOR MRS. OENNING Fridny 'Luckiest Guy in the World" A M-G-.M I'idiirc Sclccteil Sliorts Saturday 'SPORT OF KINGS' a Culuinhfa I'irturc willi Selected Shorts Oivl S "Escope in the a Warner I'.ms. I'ictnrc Also Shorts Sunday md Mondmr 'My Brother Talks to Horses" uilh lllilrh .lenknis :utd IVIor I,;i«-(ord Selected Shorls COSII,V<i KOON! David O. Sclniirk's DUEL IN THE SUN GrcROry I'eck ami Jennifer Jones RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday and Saturday "Saddle Serenade" willi .lirniiiv Wnkcly rartdtin and !Hli (ihaptrr iM.uiliiiiit on Mj-slcry I.<il»rill" Saltirdny Owl Show "1 Cover tlic Town' I'liillip Itorcl, Hillary Hroohe Also Shurls Stniday and ISIunclay Tuesday ROMANCE UNLIMITED in Jimmy's JtlUirf ti SS3 tiii tamt. te. Eeulah Bondi.\Vard Bond • funk Faylen Gloria Gfa^ame»Produced and Oi«cled ty fRANX C^FEi • Snn r:n h KIMB ««*« UtUI VACJill . TMMtCU it SKNK: • rnair.xi .1 pHiW.ywiott 1!KO News ami Slinrl

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