Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 31, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1891
Page 5
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JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars! Best Cigar in the City. . RAILROAD RUMBffiGS. from U»e. Note-Book of OH ilmi}' Reporter—point* Pcr- Mouul uud Otherwise. SOMETHING NEW! "- THE COUNTER SALE. Now Being Held at The Grand Bazaar, : so?, Sot]) in, if only to FREE KEADINGROOM, ;..; Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. , Welcome to All. MONEY TO LOAN, a any «nm at the LOWEST rates. Private twill only. Money slwoye IB hand. No red tape or do- ay. Intoreel and principal payable In iosaru. Port. Special arrangements M to payment ol principal and Interest, made to gnit the wishes ol borrower. For further particulars apply to Fred W. Mimson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth . . . street, opposite Cornt House. MONEY, Seneral Insurance and Loane. All klnlo or ID- 'oronoeplooodln urstclasn companies. Kndotr- ment policies imrchmsed, Bonds oL suretye,., written for parties holdlnj? poHttleim of trn*i vhere a bond IB required. 319 FEABJL ST. S. M. C loss on , MONEY TO LOAN! Ana Notes Bougbt in any sum over $25 at lowest cates. Large amounts o percent GEO.B.FORGY. AVJicre are Tlu'y IVoiv. Some few moons since the Journal called attention to the fact that the Logansport Business Hens' Association had utterly failed in the object of its organization and had apparently passed into a condition of inocuous desuetude. The article had the desired effect and the secretary of the association called a meeting of the B. M. A. This meeting was attended by the secretary and one other, since which time not a peep ha.s been heard from the B. M. A, It is-a query in the minds . of many Of our citizens why this association was organized as it has not succeeded, BO far, ingoing anything- to better the condition of the city, nor is it likely, in the existing- condition of affairs, to do anything in the future^ One of the first steps taken by the' association was to have printed at large expense an illustrated book descriptive of the town and its natural advantages. The distribution of these books was placed in the hands of the secretary, who pleading that the association .bad no money to pay for the postage on . the things, allowed the books to waste, n a dark closet, the valuable information ' which an nterested a.nd eager outside public vas panting to absorb and by which aid public would hare greatly profit- d. Those books are still accumulat- ng dust in an out of the way nook of ie secretary's sanctum. A similar hough even more ignoble fate met a, irge bundle of New York World's con- aining a write up of Logansport for hich the association paid $300. hese papers laid around in the -sec- etary's way .until finally they were undled up with a lot of old paper nd consigned to the lag man's pack. So far as has -been publicly given out this is about the extent of the ' operations of the Loo-ansport Business Men's Association, and the profits on either of .these brilliant strokes of enterprise are not yet apparent. Now, where is the LB. M. A. by this time and who of its active _ members remain ? and what effort is being made by the association as a body to do any thing to advance the interests of the city? John F. Milier, general superintendent of the Pennsylvania lines'in the Southwestern system, and several of the ; division superintendents have been in Pittsburg for two or three days in conference over employes' grievances. The Lake Shore people have a large force of graders at work on the cut-off just east of LaPorte, Ind. By con- itructing this cut-off they get rid of some heavy grades, sharp curves, and shorten the distance one-half mile. The length of the new line is eig-h miles. The impi-ovemi-at will cos the company §500,000, but this is no more, it is claimed, than it would have cost to straighten the old line and cut down its grades. Indianapolis Journal: Georgt W Stevens, General Superintendent o the Chesapeake' & Ohio lines, spent yesterday in the city, aud in the evening went with his family to Peru. Mr. Stevens states that the business of the main line is limited only by its equipments. The management supposed that with the large number of new engines.and cars purchased last year they would be able to handle the business of the line for the next two "or three years, but they find that present-equipment falls short of handling the business now offered, and they .will goon he in the market for more locomotives and cars. Their coal traffic has shown the most remarkable increase. Ca*s County Medical Society. ^ The society met in Dr. Bell's office Thursday afternoon with a good attendance. Dr. Powell read a paper on the uses of the uterine curette witlrthe report of a case. , Dr. Bell reported a case where he had used a curette. Dr. Cady reported a case of retained placenta. Dr. Busjahn reported a case of trans- r erse. colon. •;,'• . All of the cases provoked a spirited discussion which lasted until a late hour in. the afternoon. ' Drs., Thomas, Bell and Busjahn were appointed to introduce topics for iscusskm on the next meeting. Adjourned to meet Thursday Feb 27th, 1891. J. Z. POWELL, M. D,, Sec'y. » Merit Win*. We desire to say to our citizens, that for years we have been selling- Dr. King's, Mew Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucklen's Arnica Salve andElectric Bitters, and have never handled remedies that sell as well, or that have given sucn universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price, if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely n their merits. B. F. Keesling-Drug- Electric Street Car Line. J. T. McNary returned last evening from a business trip East, He visited Mr and Mrs. Chas. Watts at Sewickly, Pa., and went on to New York where he negotiated for the proposed new electric street car line for Logansport. He received assurances while there that the proposed plan could be successfully operated and the matter is now taking a .definite tend. The present management of the Street car line urged by Mr. McNary have had the matter under consideration for some time, aud if the plan is carried out and the electric system adopted important additions will be made to the city's street car service, it being proposed to extend the line to the asylum; to the cemetery and, several radiating- lines in the city. The .double trolley Jsys- tem is the one accepted as preferable to any as it could be operated very, easily here. If this matter developed as it promises to the tintinna'blua- tion of the mule car bells will be a forgotten sound in Logansport. - LEAVE YOUR ORDER. Suits made to order, $15 ux>. AH-wool Pants $3. . " Spring Overcoats to order, 1 Melton and black Thibet, $15. j Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. No extra charge for long and slim men,, Short and stout men. all can be Fitted. No advance u-oon ready Made garments. Custom made Or ready made, ALL ONE PBIOE Spring styles now on exhibition. INTo advance payment required and If arpods ordered are not perfectly Satisfactory you are not required to Take them. OTTO KRAUS, Of Course. CJi an tau ([ii u n w, The Circle meets at the home of >,ev. A. B. McMackin, 303 Wheatland treet on the evening; of Feb. 10 1891 t7:30. Following is the' program: Roll Call—Answered by facts from he life of Pope. Question Table—Conducted by Mi«s OraCox. 1 World of to-day, Japan. 2. English phrase and fable.' Regular lessons—First two weeks of outline in Feb. Chautauquan. A paper from volume of Spectator —Mrs. Al Douglass. Lost, a pug pup, answering- to the name "Queen;" one broken rib on right side. . Finder will leave at H. C. PurcellJs drug-store 'and reeieve reward. ^ ^ jan31d3t Use J. B. L. Blood and Liver Tonic, eod&w declSdiweiE Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING JAN. SI. A Saa Death at Craivfordisvllle. One of the saddest affairs in the history of Cravrfordsville' occurred yesterday morning, about 3 o'clock, in '.which. Walter McClure, a bright and --. popular young society man, and the son of D. P. MeClure, a dry-goods merchant, was fatally shot. 'Together 'with JHal-EnszniDger and A. V. Randall, the. latter of Shelbyville, and a • •; student of Wabash college,' they were returning from a dance and were walking along the street, McClure being about half a'-block behind the other tiro. Suddenly Ensminger and Ean- dall hoard ~a cry, and upon looking around they saw their companion reeling- 'toward them, saying . that he was shot. A surgeon was summoned, who pronouced his wound a fatal- one the ball having penetrated near the heart. ' The police" shadowed . the,house from which the bullet came arid toward morning- arrested Charles Coombs, a well digger, who, with his family, occupy the premises. Coombs gave himself up without .trouble, and said that some one had disturbed his sick wife several times during the night, so he took . his target-gun and fired out into the darkness, without aiming at any one. He expressed no regret over the affair,, however, aud as he has never borne the best of reputations it will likely go hard'with him. .Ensmingor and Randall deny that there was any particular disturb- anee, and. Me Jlure. in his ance-mortem statement, .says that the only thing-he ; did was to strike the fence with a loose picket. A Boon to Wives. Having- useu • 'Mother's Friend" I would not be without it. It is a boon o wives who know , they must pass h rough the painful ordeal of child^ birth. MES. C. MELBOUSNE, Iowa! -. '.'sand" to sell muslins at the prices he | Write The Bradfield Regulator Co., flu.pted, as many of^the ladies will j for further particulars. Sold by Ben testify. —Sch'mitt & Heffiey. | Fisher. , to31 imitators did not have the Ail IiKiiarm Boy'* Long Sleep. Last March, Jesse Streit. aged twelve, son of Adam Streit, • .of Seymore, fell from a.building, receiving spinal injuries which confined him to his room for several weeks. Eventually he recovered hit. usual health. Last May his father left for Illinois to engage in work, and the lad was much' distressed over his departure, and on the night of the 28th- of that month he would not go to sleep until his mother promised to wake him .up when.his father came. From that hour until late in June he continued to sleep, and during the interim he swallowed but a few spoonfuls of food. Then he aroused himself, and bis first inquiry was for his father. . Several times during the period he was • supposed to ' be dead but. ... when confined in a coffin he would move and attract the attention of the family. After recovering consciousness he told his people that ha had been to heaven, and that he had look'ed upon his father, at work in Illinois, and he described exactly what his .father did. there and in many other ways surprised, his attendants by the accuracy of his information. After this he continued in fairly good health until last Friday, when he began to suffer from smothering spells, followed by heavy and almost lifeless slumber. 'Frequently his breath is hardly observable, and there ,are indications of death. His parents fear that he will again fall into a long sleep. The case is attracting a great deal of attention from the medical fraternity. A Model Establishment. Yesterday Will Kraut opened for the unshorn, the unshaven and the unwashed public his magnificent new tonsorial parlor and bath rooms on Market street, two doors from Fourth. This is a model establishment in its Hue being one of the most handsomely appointed barber shops in ' the State and reflects great credit on the enterprise of its owner. Mr. Kraut's building is about completed, the second and third floors having some work to'be done yet, and is one of. the finest .business blocks in the city. Mr. Kraut's energy and enterprise are highly commendable and the Journal •wishes him the increased patronage he so richly deserves. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Slaughtered and Cured by W. C. ROUTH, Logansport £ndj For Sale bv Leading Dealers. w; j. HUGHES & SONS oa Purify you blood, Build up your nerves. Restore your strength, Renew your appetite, Cure scrofula,,salt rheum. Dyspepsia, sick headache, Catarrh, -rheumatism or malaria^— Take Hoods Sarsaparilla, 100 doses one dollar. 7 The funeral of the late William Hurst was conducted at the German Lutheran church yesterday afternoon and was very largely attended. Sermons in both English and German were preached by Rev. Jox. The floral tributes were numerous and handsome and a large concourse of- friends followed, the deceased to th last resting place on the hill. . A Good Company. One of .'the.finest operatic burlesque of the age is the original satire, v 'o Goethe's immortal poem of "Faust which, appears at Dolan's on hex Thursday evening. The Reeves' English Operatic Burlesque Company produce the satire and they are th recipients of the most - flattering pres notices everywhere. Co/i firmed. The favorable impression produced on the .first appearance of the agreea ble liquid fruil .remedy Syrup of Figs a few years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience of all who have used it, and the success of the proprietors and manufacturers, the California Fig Syrup Company. Supreme Coiu-t Ueel.sion, • . Yesterday in the Supreme court in the case of- Eliza Abbott et al., vs. Union Mutual Life Insurance company from the Cass circuit court, appelauts motion to modify a mandate, etc., was overruled at their cost. Both tfae method and results Syrdp of Figs is taken; it is pleasait and refreshing to the taste, and acid gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tl* only remedy of its kind ever pro duced, pleasing to the taste asd acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and 31. bottles by all leading drug- gusts. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one -who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. • CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO SAN FRANCISCO, CAL , LOU1SV1US. KY. NEWYOHK.N.? For sale by B. F. Keesll-^'ind all druggists,! TVHOJWCSALK DOORS, SASH, LUMBER. N. W. Cor. Fcrarteentri aim Maple LOUSVILLE; KY. Sis-.i TAXES FOR 1890. ;r Wi"~""' "" v ', i < ii "- "*. tu~v<vbivii uu e tiua one hundred dollars -wo u, la the several townships In Cass county, lnd.,for the year 1880; taxes (or W30 are now of propertjCJ ' Rate of Taxation on Each $100 Valuation. Boone Royal Hiirrii Betbh .Tellers Noble. Clay... ArtdTOi Miami Logan Eel Clinton Wasliln Tiptop. Walton Deer Cr Jackson Kale on Each !PoU 50 Townships. e Cen;er son. . ebem ,. , SOB s i isport n.. ......!.. ngton n -. ............... Seek m 1 State Tax / 12 1 Q l' 1.2 12 12 I" n 12 i 9 IS 12 | 72 i 12 State School Tux. j 16 IB 16 Ifi 16 1C 16 IG Ifi 111 IG 1« 1C 10 18 Kiidowment Tux. i/o k V> Vs V3 County Tax -701/J 7W> 701,4 ~'(fi "81« 791.5 "Ml/" 70l£ 701,:; i 31 o 10 1 IS 18 1 10 10 10 1(1 10 10 Township Tax. .. .'*. 15 08 CIS 10 111 01 10 12" in j Spec'] School Tax 8530 30 12 10 10. GO 40 18 3o 5<t Tuition Tax .•• 20 21 'IS 17 15 25 10 17 25 20 | Road Tax.... , l -^ — ; .20 i> » S SO 30 20 20 25 30 Axi'nl Road Tax.. 10 3010 07 10 U!i 30 is' 10 05 Total on JloOYal. 208 IfiO 1 89 212 181 1 79 1 94 1 29 I 60 1 77 1 88 2-01 1 50 211 2 19 | State Poll;; 50 50 W) tiU 50 50 50 50 W 50 60 ix> 60 50 CO 50 Stats School Poll. 60. 50 bO bl) t-0 50 50 50 U » M 5U 50 50 5(1 50 Coutifj-Pol!;..,.^, 100 100 1 00 1 00 100 1,00 100 100 1 00 f. 1 00 1 00 . 1 09 .. 1 00 .. 100 . 1 00 , 100 Big- bargains now in remnants to clean up after the sale; 642 pieces of muslin and ginghams sold yesterday at the Trade Palace. If YOU WISH Advertise Anything- Any time Call on the Journal. TO AT EXTRACT FROM THE STATUTES OF IKDLiNA: That each person or tax-pnypr elxireed with taxes on a tax duplicate In the liiuuis a COB treasurer may pay ttie full amount of such fixes on- or before- the third Monrtdj in AptU or * lilsoutlon, pay one-hall, thereof on or brforesald third Monday In -April aS™ the n6t!S "" whole mrbome d etoque "««' to tte ^rd^onday to April, tte , The treasurer is not responsible for the penalty and charges on delliiitelr on ^w : delinitely rh ft ? erso , as o wln g del . ln , ( i«2 nttl ^s should piij-them at once. The late law Is of such acha that there Is no option left the treasurer but to enforce the collection of delluaueot tiies hovi much Jjejnuy regretto collect the same by sale o! property ""uiuuwiv uu.es, aov The owner, of property on the flrst day of April In any year shall be llailefortbotaxesol't day r -Sec 103 urehaser ° r WWerW °" ^e first day o£ April shall bo considered i the OT^W' Egi-TUe treasurer Is compelled by Jaw to charge the penalty on taxes allowed to 20 Tax-payers are pal-Ocularly notified that all the ro.td to Isffie aidViable with the fl& Road reclepts will not be received In payment of second Installment of lues County not be cashed to any one owing dellnqent taxes, and all persons, are -waxnwl against pure „ T.he annual sale of detlnauent lands and lots .will tolcapiace on the w=ond Monday In t ioylt lit 10 iL. IH. . .- . ; . PARTICULAR ATTENTION. Tax buyers should examine their receipts and change before leavlnc i*e Tieasnrer'a see that they are correct. Thoss who have lands or other property In more than one town -••- -'i.'ir.they have a receipt for each townshlo. If ™nrro«>lnf«rtnr>nt mnnMnn n<.r 0 ^oi, &ta st iogansport, Hid;, Jan. 1. 1891. CHARGES L. __ Treasurer Cass County, J

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