The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 25, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 25, I0-i7 Prince Admits He Aided Hitler Plot Kaiser's Grandson Would Have Restored German Monarchy By MKNNO l>l!i:i!KSi:N ll'niletl Press StutT (.'orrcsjtoiiili'iiU BAD KISSINGEN. July 25. <UI>> —Prince Louis PcrrtiiKiiul Iluhen- /ollern snkl lathiy he Intel u in the ljuinb plot which came within n hsiir's hrracltli at killing Adolf Hitler in July, 1011. It tho German uiKleiHiinmii':, plot, had sntxTccleil tills unt nelson of Kaiser Wilheliii of the first World Wnr might himself h:\ve heoume Kui.ser of a restored Mionnrchy, the Prince declared. The Prince, noxl In line of succession to the German throne. \VMS interviewed in the niodrr.t apartment here in this Viilley resort luwn on the Snule, where he lives with Ill's family. Surrounded hy his wife, the former Russian Princess Kira, their -six children and a cocker spaniel named Whisky, he is writing his memoirs. The dog. he said, was named in a nostalgic moment "because \ve never (iot to see whisky anymore." Now HE), the Prince otiee worked about a year and a half as a mechanic on the assembly line at the Ford v'fnl in l)L-.;-o:t. ami he learned lo lly in Hollywood. He said he was selected to ploy a part in the plot against Hitler his wide acquaintance anil position as head of the House of Hohciuollern made him a logical choice a.s liaison between various potential resistance groups. He was in Ihc more or less pointed disfavor.of the Navcis throughout the war. the Prince said. He was left in no doubt of how he stood after he was called into the Luftwaffe in 1939 to train Oerman airmen in blind flyiiu;. On his honeymoon tour in 1938, he .said. Mr. Roosevelt asked him to act lib secret emissary to try to ar- . railBe n Hireling of Hitler. Genitn I Mussolini. Edonard Daladier and others witli Mr. Roosevelt in the Azores or on .some other neutral ground,. "Roosevelt thoiiKht he could avoid war if he could sit clown with these people face to face and talk over their problems. But every time I tried to bring the suggestion to Hitler's attention it was bluntly rejected. Kiwanians Hear Joslyn CAUUTHERSVILLE. Mo, July 25. — Dan Joslyn. Charleston, Mo", and Stale Senator from Ihc 25th District, which includes this county, was the guest speaker this week at the Kiwanis Club's 'anehcon . .speaking en "World Pence." BLYTHEVTLLB (ARlL) COURIER NEWS Some of the finest electric f nuce i allow .stoo^ used today arc inacin : 100 per cent from scrap iron imd steel. D REIF US • Has Our -slvp. innnly moiintLtlL:. Other Mrtsoiiin Rlnys from 1705 Smartly styled m o u n t I n p with tloep cnrvocl K oC c ' Elks emblem In a scttfnp; of rich, modern style. DREIFLS Donald Doesn't Know SJfcWWft.,. , •- >'*>$££ CaruthersYille PC A Shows Growth In 1947 S, Mo. July 25 -.. Th,. Curulhorsi'lllo PrmhU'- (loii Credit Assoclutlon In Its report for ihe ilrsl six monlhs of op- oiallou (or 1947. showed n loin) uf 35!) loans rcprescnllne M84, 3-1800. AtTordiiii; | O u c. Brewer, sorre- lary-livasiirci. (his was an incrcnso In volume of ;« ix'rceiil of lourts. mid of 4i\n per cent In dollars cd. Two fuctorj entered Into the Increase. Mr. llrewcr sdited one be- Inir the InerciisL'd costs every Item he fiirmi-r nei'ds In production of Hvt'Mock and crops mid n substantial liicrotisi- In the nmouiif of slock which furiners own hi (ho assocblimi, There art! Ui)5 member stockholders In I'emlscot and Unnk- lln counties In the nssocluMon ownliiR SdU.M5.oo cinillHl .slock ol the association. Hoseives nimmnlrul to S-tJUOTOO. nncl carniiiRs for the fust six months were Sfl.nilB.OO. Ofiirfi-s ol the association, In addition to Mr, HI-CWCI-. . lire: T. R. Cole. Pasrolu, president; o A Knight. PorliiKrvlllc lioulc 2. v l"c- Prcsidciil ; mid directors, c, U Davis Holeonib. H. K . Swindle. Kenan, "'id John u, McClniinlinn. cani- thcrsville .:. . Mrs. Hunt wrote mid she snld >hnl In some plnces In the vIllaRe, lava mill volcanic ashes had covered some of the s ti'C«ts lo n depth of seven luchc.i. PAGE THEE*. Bernstein Furniture Store Changes Hands with cuetl sister ildliood's aina/.ina courage, 7-year-old Donald DiinUip smiles cheerfully, allhough lying burned in Deaconess Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. lie's happy in the thought of fioing lishlnrj ; clad soon. But Donald doesn't know that his dad is dend—of burns sulVercd when he res- •• boy from their burnim; home in Balem, Mo. He doesn't know, either, (hut his three younger •ore !>uiir_>d to tk>;illi. The trafjccly hnppeneil, police say. when Donald's mother Ihrcw gnso- lino on the sleeDin:: familv and lit it. Mom Bears Down ty CourthoiLse. Jle was c. r i. Mr. Wise leiive.s his wlf-. 1 . Mrs. Julia Wise of Memphis, a broth- H. M. WLsc of Jontxstown, Miss._ and ti tlaughU'r, Mrs Garlette' Wise Stockott of Memphis formerly of Hlytheville. Mr. Wise visited Mrs. Stockelt mmeroiis limes when she lived licrc and is well' known in Bly- .i\evi\lc. Kimeral services will oc as 11 o'clock tomorrow inoinin';. with N'lilional Funeral Home in chur;',e.' Mrs. R. D. Hughes, Mrs. Mtihiml Bell mid MIS. Harry Kiiby are in! Memphis today io be with Mrs ' Stockett. Sternly siinervisint! Junior's swimming lersons, Sultan JI, Mil - \vaukec, \Vi-s., 7.00 polar bear, keeps a watchful eye on her sou after shooing him into pool in their deu. Martha Hunt Flies Over Spouting Volcano OAHUT!IBI1SVII,I.K. Mo.. .Inly ,2. r > Mis. Mmtha McKlvnhi Hum. , (liiUKhliT of Mrs. aerliiidc McKI- . vnln or this c-lty, stationed wllh lh-> 1 Amerleiin ijc-d Cross at nil armv :it lluluon. lu the. Cnnul Zone, wrote her mother here this week dial cm line of her recent, Irlji.s hy plane. Ihe nii-e.rafl passed over a live vnleaiio in On her first nil: .south Ihe voleano \ Inactive o n July u. s )ie stated, but on the retiin, trip July Ifl, It was lu'llve Hiiiiln [or Ihe first time In 27 years. Residents of n town at the huso ol the volcano were l>eln|; removed. lienr<l mi address on "Supervised 1 Play" by Jim- Henry, basketball coach ul Osceoln High School and director of Hie Summer Voiith pro- Hi'iiin here, iH their regular meeting last night. Mr. Henry tuM (he Klwaulaus In ilelull the cumplcte plans of the Summer |)lay proKi'nm mid how It CAlUmiElusviIAK, MO, July %'oMo'vVnV''ivlr. Henry's Ulk, nn *•> — Ihe sale of one of the oldest Invliiitlon to u ilsh fry nnd burbe- luinitiire stores lu Cnnilhcrsvlllc cue ul Horseshoe Lake Wcdnes<liiy was annoimeed today, wllh Wrl K ht wns extended u. nil memhsrs of the lonio ninilshhiB Co mill Oallher's elub by K. 11. Duller. The members mrnltuic mid Appliance Co., Ink- voted lo aecept the Invllallon hue over the stock, fixtures and nc- ' - co."sh,cc r ii,c c dc"th of'jnkc'Hcn™ Rites Held Yesterday stein early Ihls year Mrs. Hern- For Lvdia Ann Wright stein had operuted Ihc business bill wiif iiegollnllni: for the sule. The building wa.s leased lo To- nl. Inc., a oorporntloii of ten lornl Ml '- lieople, of which Tony Ferris, Is president mul ueiieral manner, and Ivorson Miehle Is secretnry-'.ie'i- surer. This firm will open u de- iniitmenl sl<ne iibout the middle or Kcptemlier 111 (hi! Hernsleln uulld- IIIB. Jim Henry Talks To Oscco/o Kiwanians OSCJKOI.A, July an. Illin- -Members of u,,. oseeola Klwnnls Club and tlie Rev, : Mr, Sturch officiating. Burial'w«s,'it Oak Ridge Cemetery In K«nn*U. . Among BlytheVllle people- who attended service* were ».&. and Mrs. Bill Von pinkie, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnle Fulgham, Mrs. irtell Blackard, Mlis Charisne Wright, Mr. mid Mrs. Will Seymour and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. White. Astronomers expect the 200-Inch Ml. P.ilomar telescope' will, pene-' Irate space 6,OCO,C03,CGS,IXM,COO.- 000,000 miles. frhe federal government .started stomping its property with the Itt- Itals "U. S." back in Ihe war of 812. . l.ydlix cnc-hiiK uiul un Wrluhl, four mm ye-.Lr ol<l daiiKhter of Hi's. Waller Wrlglit of Kemieit. formerl.v of I'.erc, died o[ lelauus Tuesday iiiornlni; In Prcsnell Il'isp-.lul at Kennett. The WrlKht It '•. ,ly resiae<l here seven yean: aito. Uesliies liei- parents, sl)e Is survived by a twin sister. Palrlcla Ann, two brothers, Don Kdward and Krniik. four other slslevs, h'anmiye Jean. l,rolii, Nelle nnd Jo Carolyn, mil Hirer; Imlf-lnollii'i: an(i slfiters. I'tiiicrnl services, were hell! ye;t- lei'dny lit llu; list Chup'M In Ken- ni'l.l with the .Rev. Owon Slierll HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS \ze W.MAIN ST. PHONE 515 Jeep • Tho-Jeep"pull, plows,K«Jefi ... and ocher farm implements; tows 5,500 his., Inuls 800 Ibt. You no • • crosi town or paiture in the Jeep." A power c.ike-ig to tua your equipment. Corut...ieeha<r widely the "Jeep" «picidj iu cost ." SEf !T NOW AT POOLE MOTOR CO. St«|p, Mo. Phone RUele 49 Too Late to Classify for Salt Kllierta Ha by chicks. Ordtti- ynuv coal now, I ton or n truck load. Lewis Poultry, .11!) E. Main, phone 9J!>. 7 25 ck S 1 Notice Missco On Honor Roll at State UraiversiJ'y W. D. Wise Suffers Heart Attack Yesterday Hi Hoys and Girls Moving plcliircr. will be taken o: boys nml Clrl.i nt the Hlylhi -SwIinniliiH pool from 1:30 lo Siliiilay [ifiornooii. I'lcturi'.'. wt] Klmwti nL the- Hit/, Thciilcr "Home 'Town Mavic:," noon. 7125-llk- W. D. tBart) Wise of died there yesterday as n heart attack as he Three Blytheville students and' the corridor of the or.c OFceolean earned phicos on' the University of Arkansas Col- 1( c of ! Admiiiistratiun honor roll for the spring seines-1 ti Dean Paul \V. Mihini an-! nounccd ye?lertlay. They arc Herbert N. S\vcarciiBCii Jr.. Jack^ Pobertso]!, aucrilarry Ca.iter [-"utr, of Blythcville, and Richard EiKviu Prevvut ci Csccoia. Suenrnifjen and Prevvi't. are jtmiors. Robertson is a sophomore ant! Fan-, n frcKhman. Others included on the honor roll arc Thomas A. McCord of Ilcbcr Springs. David Allen Nixon of Pine liluff, Joe Bartholomew ami Bert F. Spencer, botti of Hot E;.rin;:s. Frederick Albeit Tayiar of Hop:-. Hoy AII'Ti j r . nnf | Slinr- Ihie Whccier, both of Canidcii, William C. Moll or SiuttKart. Dnvid Kancloliili James nnd Roller!, E. BifAvn. both of ?! coraslo, Saily Ann Rnnd of Roclgcrs, Thomas E. Faust of West Helena, Tini; Chen Hsu of Shanghai. China, nncl Walter Jan Yoim;. of Little Rock TERMS TO SUIT'TOU I Rrncl Courier News Want Ads Better Aid to Housekeeping Rent Our New FLOOR POLISHER Mississippi Co. Lumber Co. Phone 4445 BAKERY SPECIALS COCOANUT CAKE Thick 2-layer coke covered in Fresh Tender, Shredded Coeoonur. On Sale Saturday Only! 69c Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY YOUR PICK SACKS NOW! 120z.,9Ff. - - - - - - $3.19 80z.9Ft. $2.98 STEEL ROOFING, Aluminum Painted \ In. Corrugated Now in Stock IRON WHEEL FARM WAGON Reduced From SI 08.95 $99.95

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