The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1933
Page 4
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r PAGB BLYTHKVILLK, (AUK.) COURIER NKWS' MONDAY, OCTCmUH 10, 193:5 TIJE BLYTHEVlLLE COURIER NEWB IfcE'COUftAR NBWB CO., PUBLISHERS 0. B. BABCOCK, EdJtor •H. W. HAINES, Adwrtlslnj Manager Sole National Advertising lUprestnUtivB: • ArkutEffi Dailies; Inc, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Bl. Louts, Dallas, Kansas City, LlUlo Rock.' Published Evm AHcrnoon Except Sunday. 4J|^ Entered ns wcontl class matter »V tlio licet office il Blytlicvillf, Arkansas, under act of Congress Oc- r.£* tober 9, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBaCrt'lPTION nATrC By carrier in the City of ilythcvlllc, 15c per week or tt-GG P" y$« 'n »<lvance. By mall within a Vadliu o! BO miles, W.W pw year, 51.50 for six months, Me for thr« months; by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 16.50 per year, in zones fevcii nnd eight, 110.00 per year, payable In advance.' A Meddler Squelched I'Yiuices Perkins acted with intelligent promptness in siiuekhiiiR I' 10 ovcr-/.e;tlous federal agent who figured that part of liis job in enfordiiK Hie NRA was to tell nuwspaper editor?) what they could or could not print. This chap went to an AliiLmniii town to settle a i:oai strike, and while I here, lie seems tu have informed ;i bail newspaper editor that art ides the editor was printing on labor unions were in violation of the Nil A stud might make him liable to prosecution. "You havu no right," -Miss Perkins promptly informed lliis man and his brother agents, "to ttl! any odiUir what he may or may no! print in his news or editorial columns. There is nothing in DID NKA or any other federal statute which gives you such right/' It was a well-lnerited rebuke lo a peculiarly oiVcnsive form pf officious meddling. of hi! residents of tli« city who are able to contribute. The library, circulating thousands-of volumes each year among the people o!' the community, performs its .service at a cost lower in proportion to the bcnelUs It confers than any other public or somi-imblk' institution that comes to mind. The simill amount of inoney required lo keep it functioning is one of the best investments the people of liiythcvillc m:d<c. And in this connection it Is well to emphasize that more generous support »f the library, involving a very small additional investment on the pan of individual contributors, would add tremendously to the benefits which I In: library brings the people of Ihis city. The iilylheville library is truly a coni'hluhily institution. Ivicli of us, at slnall cost, can have a i>:ii'l in making it llioro vidunblc. Modernizing Palestine , It is more than a lilllo interesting to read that an American manufacturer now is. building the largest autu- n\obile bus in the world, for use in desert travel between the uicienl cities ; of Damascus and liagdad. • Til is bus, iiiKulaled against Hie desert heat and uiinipped to flounder through deep sand, will make in 2'1 hours a trip that formerly took 2<1 days. II Vi-ill liuve to ford the Tigris and Euphrates rivers en route, and the builder- is having to lake Unit amphibian role into consideration. There is somehow a rather eerie iplnlity lo this little bit of news. What bave Bagdad and Damascus to do with ulti'ii-modern motor buses? Since when are the Tigris and i"ti- phratcA lo be forded by aulompbiles from America? All of the strange romance of modern business is concentrated in this job, which blends Ihe very new with the extremely old. Support the Library Friends of the . ISIylhcvillc library started today Ihuir annual drive for funds for Hie imiinlmianiv and operation of the institution, k is ;i worl.liy cause and one that deserves the sup- Buy Now For Prosperity Thai the NKA "buy now" campaign is one of thosi: lliings to be grouped under the heading, "Worthy Causes," goes without Buying. I'h sheer 'sclf-lnlerest, the consumer has a powerful incentive to make his purchases now before prices go higher. That they .will go higher, and that in the near Tiflure, seems about a., certain as anything can he iu an uncei- tain worl(|. To buy what you iicc-i 1 now instead of pulling it till' until midwinter is ilothing but plain cominoii sense. liut there is iiuollier angk: to Hi even more iiiiiwrtanl. Lmsiiujss is beginning lo pick up. If the pick-up is lo continue, it inutfl be sustained by steadily increasing consumption. By spending your money now, you uol only do something for yourself; you do .your part toward restoring prosperity. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark help daduins with old had brid BLYTHEVlLLE 10 YEARS AGO From Ihe (lies of the Kljlhtrtlle Daily Cuurlrr - THIS CURIOUS WORLD Tuesday, Oct. IU. 192:1. 'Hie oily motor police lure a new fancied carry-two mclor. where can- cop Mli in a basket soil of eon- Irai.'lion. with his hund.-, folded, while hu pal holds It, in the road. C. A. L'lfrank ncnl lo Memphis Sunday and drove home a Gardner Ilioiighjin. ivliirli is lUlrnctini; much, attention. Mr. Elrjert 1'iv.slvy u[ tile HI. Francis driiu stoic was l:osl lo a number tit his Irier.ds at a lliri- U-i party Friday nislr.. On ar- livlnn a I (he IhcuV.T llll-y IVOR' lold there was sliuiditii; 100:11 unly, bill tne party was undaunted, rt number of Coca Cola tx).\i-s were ft-curcd and Ihe parly was turned into 11 -box" iiarly. After U'e show the pany reported tu tin- home ul Miss Nell Little on Chk'kasawb i iivcnrc lor refiv.ilimenls. 'I'iiu:* 1 fiijoyiiiij (he lio.spU:iliiy of Mr. 1'ix-sley and Miss I,il'.!f Ivcn- Misses Zclla SlL-warl. ciilliu Weljb nnd Jessie- Mnnlcy ami Marvin Chappelle. Uuy Hanes mid lloilney Banister. My work nl the iirl liutUUte 'liiivc nip lliu desire to c.xiircss In my danclni; un aiiiirecu- llon or line, color and harmony. —Sally idinU, fun tiuncer. * * • With 11 bolter iindeistaiichln; of Hie laws of life and heredity. Ilic reprui'metlon o( MIL- nnlH- will IK reduced, and .is a'ciumu? theve will emerge tile beginnings o[ a snin-iloi- rncc. —Dr. Ceo'rgc W. Crllc ol ClevcliuKl. + t •> It Is ecrtnlu that U a new yvnv should cuinc it, tv'uuld end only In a viclory of barl;niism over clvllizallon. — Premier Edouanl Dalutlicr of Fiance. * » » Spain Is finl-ilied \vil,li -o>ully for nood. 1' nai not sorry tor It liixniisn I inn hii|ii>ii-r as n iirlvalc citizen. — Ex-Kiili; Alfonso of Spain. » » * The llnlluu iicoplc- lire till- nsosl .sccnn- ol all peoples in Ihc world. They also LIST the and the bcit disciplined. —Premier If MI- wen- lo dike Ji'sui. H-rl< «hnl uonld hnpix?n lo Ibis ihi>ii5lfr--»nr? Kveiy- lliin^ ft. 1; .'-oclnted Tith war — fer'r;,. halnd. 1 ,, .su:s- plclonv, urred. j^scudo-patrlpllMii, nnirtir-i I--, alien to the Kingdom of Clod. -Itvv. .1. K. Mocr.-. biooiniiision. Ind. Proper Care o! the Eyes Lessens Danger oi Caluruet 11V III!. MOltllls r!Slll!i:iN. ; ;, t-.) lire calar.ul. In i:thcr instances tlitur, .lounial <rf UK- Anu-iir:t^i : ttii-n- uuiy II.UL' bfon contilHii-tl Medical Association, and- tit Hy- cyeslniin over Ion-.; iisriatls ol Rcia, the- Health MaRa/Inc time'. If yon happen lo be iroulilecl \villi | In an «i:licr cir.y, the iicrscn cd cysllds, defective vision, uncx- ' with a cataract w l-ich was formed 'tamable liciHlaches w-iiieli develoii and miUinc and ripe iiad tiltle hop? nrlni; the day. or drowsiness from ; fu: sviny his vision. Nuw siirgcry C'lidiin; or ilulnrj close -work, con- • !us dEvi'lnpL-d t o!l-r point wht-iv uK a i>liyiic-ian who has spei-ial- tin- ojicralion fur cataract is relaxed in diseases of the c>'c. as soon lively sltnp'i- am! so fully safe- is possible. : Kiiardwl v,~. to ollci- Ihe possibility Such unnatural eye cor.ditlon:;.' oi riipitl i-ccc.-.'ciy ;md b:-Uei' vision, vhcn not couvctcd iiuincilialcly. 't'c.u oiv.'ratioii <lo;-s not injure may cause Ilic format Ion- u I i-iila- ihe front of Hit- L-ye in any way. rads in later years. ' Tlit pupil of the ey- 1 i-j ]>rc5ervcd. A cataract is a cloudy 'him that covers Ihi- eye of a pcrsosi- for Ihc bl jiarl as lie readies tuivAncud rs, n]lhini[;h 11 (K.-i:m-3'^ec-.3sl:)n- ally In ln:li\ r idunls ot •$! tn 1 ~>'l jcavs ol ,mc. Tla-vi: a(e ;i [(-.•. a!. : o. of so-calti-d- juvcmlj calm nets, found Iu children. IJad tcclli. infected tonsils, dfe 1 .-,- ttve disliirbuncr. 1 :. und ottu-i- L-CII- stitntional cl'sorclevs also, mav IK- a.ssoclatcd nitli lormation ot cula- racts. If tbcs-j conditions :i r c- brought, early nmlcr control. l"j',v- evor. (licre Is some cliaiicc uf preventing the cataruct. Claims Ohlcsl ,loi-kc>- Tillc LA CROSSE. Kan. c'ui') — I.evi Hm-linsanie, 83. elnhns tlie title of I the "oldusl jockey In tbc- world."- WclKliliiK 00 iwimds and a con- ! slant rider of liorscs lor the |>asl! GO years. BnrliiiBnnic recently! complclcd in the horse race at a fair near here. NORTH OF ITS PRESENT LOCATION/ THE A^AL£ SALMON OfVE-LOPS A DORIMG THE SEASON WHEN HE IB 6ATTLIN6 POR A /AATE / OAK TR€€5 ARE -£ L1A6LE ~TO BE STRUCK BY LIGHTNING THAN ARK OTHER TREES/.* The opossum is a "iivinq sit," being a huli-.' srendanl of animals that live Uic dinosaur age. fos- d lu .10 I* O13SEHVATIONS made in numeroiis nibtnnccs navL .vliown llial Ilic oak is very frerinontly struck by h-,-htnir,u. Beacli. birch, ami mapl;- seem lo IM- much more Immune-. In a lar.'e wnuclrd area ol Oennnny. a ll';IUnin S census wa.s taken, and oaks wore .struck scvcn lim " ns olte " as ;U1 >' 0!lltr "*'• ; ' lth( " l = l1 lllfl >' ™'"P'^ed only iu:(iiN 111:111: IOIIAY llOli VVKSTON. mnn i,r n rall- llm.ulrr. MIS 111 line "III, JOAN U'AltlNK. n [.iclt. Urn,I'M. K irl. mx-llnn \\ith u nr" u-x.lle plum uxiinl I.T hi* tnlhrr. I1AKIMUA <;ru-|tTXi:Y. nuclei? rrlrl. In ni-tieilttnjT tn \\'tn him n\inr llrirlinr*, In nrilrr ici thiiir .lonn nt n ill!<!iL]Yniil:i£i., Invl.ra her (n '.i htiiiji.. pnrlj- nl uTiU-h Hub la al- khl CHURCH EXCUSES Uy Cicn. \\. Bnrham tin. 1 yon ly, almost MithouL bc-oiiip; the j.iiiyotio at fivst. Hut lights of cars that Hashed |msl or | Amusing Smnself ^{ liearlng IJic familiar creaks nndi tight!" srnans al tlio four-year-old car. j I'ni's f:i<-o wcni scarlet. Ik-i It ivasn't fair to bave ticun I cyr.s in.-r Juan's unhappily. caught like- that when she wtis j "Joan. Hill'-, niakur; n mo looking licr woi^t, tirct!, wearing i tain out ol noliiini;. Sunie of Jora wintry .frock, her hair slipping ry's friends llirow n party an:: I carelessly out from under the UKI!: a tlrinl;—Jn:H a li'.lle ony dark heret. II wa:m'i tnir for-—[" Barbara to have litc.'i with lioli.! Dill huuln-il inir:lil>.-.-.-.|y. "I .-l p"ictnvo of siiriliK freshness am! | :,-i:eso il 11-1:5 a litlli; OKI.: 'I'-.-.-n r,r wearing his llowi.-rs. Evidently i three liltlc- strung 01103 th;it ilW in Jtlir-y were yoins lo Ihe Carlton > knock'til yoii mil .old: 1 ' Ill^vthn i ^ nr dinner. A fiimily affair—noh.j "iiill 1 :; riprtit." Jojii snitl. "Jt r- '. and Barbara ami his father'. ry isn't any suUl." nn «orrt | Joan \vas on the fiimiliiir olil "I'lcaiC-. Jnnn: 1 r.on't bir.s -it!'"iiiir- . iilrect now. grunn diar llircjuyli \ i.-\ LI yl.oily ini, i d 11:1:4 in my ui- i':ir.i jind nn nlili-r mnn. j lo]t;; associalioi?. A moment later fairs. Thcne's Jerry now." Al tlio .vow co <>.\ WITH Tilt: STOKI j s hc was out o[ the. car ami Hying; .ioor slie linns hack, "Darn — 1 CHAPTER XVI I mi the walk. Onci inside Ilic. never saw sncli a family:" [gloomy hall, she leaned aeainst j "I'd like Hi spank her." Iiill . Jnnn K 111 n tunny sirnnpcrd. Itt ar* rrM hrr, "i l |nil* TN**"i ' ' " J OAN tumbled blitnlly wllh tin; slooiny hall, fhe leaned aeainst "I'd like to spank her." Liill llhn door, flelillni: tears, getting said. lock of Die car, fri B IUencil by I comni . 111(1 o( | lorsc |[ teforc t- mcr . -| | il|( , w . |.,,, j, u -on!,l,,'l ,ln aiiv Von net you are c! icveloj) a ciitnraL-l. nodical attention, . ilKlil can he saved.'Ilic- lens of tin- .-ye i^ a cn>;;' lino .substance alisdi iicrmils li.-' Ui enter. Us [KiriKisc 1; '.:; I-.i 1 L on li'o tis:,:!! 1 called ilie r.'ln: back in (lie .-so. 'I'll..- retina is : later! lo the nrrvotis .system in .-'.11 May Ihnl it yiv.-:; \-isiosi. 'I'lii.s lens, uhicii nuim;i"y clear like hccoiiH-s cl'im; and grayish-while ulu-]i a cul'i!; torms. This graylshi'.e.-.s Is ii-]l -. ccl in the |>u|)ll 'if tin- cyi-, nn-.l > |i[r.-o:i \tlth a calnract .si:cs cvr: lliina dimly and with a cl::n;i onllhic. 'I'hc exact can.-i-;. ol caia:.i<i • di-sLdrhnnccs. Pcoplt- -A ho Ir, .«' tropics ^i"i catariicN u '• nlii-r than do tliow in ['KL- ; Somr-limr.s a caialai! :.'••:;: i- asMioiitlrd \vilh nili(L:i::i hr-ix- in Ihe b-jciy. Hvm-lm: •vnis lo Ito accomii.iNi. J ij> nibance.s ot 11.e ciri-iihiiiin •' I'.ml 111 [he liv»nr ol Ihc i-v:-. ic-nllies in niitrilinn. :-iii-|i u: ninonni ol llu ilns. tiny IH- a^>o:iatcii ',\ith nation of cataract. ft intibt be Iwrni- in nv.i:rl. vx-r. thai lion:- ol . las been c\-lablis!.«l a-. :-. 'ceivcil your 1-jLU-r. Also. iO'u 1 ; I jii.--i don'i .see liov time !o <b all the tiling' yon d'\ r = |)CL-i-.iiiy. so much bnking. jMi-hilxtld ,su\. ; lie \'/::n'd \vnik 1 more tl:an ,i milo [ui inn- o[ your i o;i:- ie.s. You (in >o tiiui'li fcr us ami Cisifcially Junior, and we do hop:: some day '.n IK- able to :lo a lo'. ha.l of nice things |r: yon. The little | suit yen madi- I'-r Jiini-jr ib av. hilly nice and ;l;e iiaiit.. jnv. lit him line only we ran't (ircidc which is front aiul which i:; mir as all the [jocfcc'i-s arc on lo the pants. I should think tl'.osc ;ii'j|ile wcnld be n.stiam'-ci to even Miyi;est lha; y.-n leave G:.uu3[];Lp :U lintnc. Hf has as mi:i-:-. rmlit in Um chnrcii as the tiiiniill of lier emotions. A voice called, "Here, Jonn me!" " . I one time he nlmc-M kcp: the L|III:I!I :i . goinu. and «.- Hint you .sluini;! i?]| .--them i[ |-.i; !f..-ls he wanr, n ,l|biin- ,i ]iillu«- ui I lakinr. a :-!'.>ri ,. I wl.nt Ih-y ,-,,•.[ ; , i Irl t: cm Mv :r . !'i I :.ll|i:n. '• '•] •.-.'.. Wh-n Ill-s-' ;,:,- :, , _ i if I \UTO y::n i: ' ! mr \.-ry ninrl: (ins the living room. |;;<io.l. I'at fti-lstroun mi. 1 s.:":M ^ The door oiicnr.-d ami ^il5. E-hL-'ll li:ue In lind out lliiiiss l ri r Waring caiiic into t'no liall. . iieifflf." Slic tunic,! quickly an.l faced I",' 10 "",' ' } ™ r ' ';' l!l1 " -™ 1I? '' -\flcnvi,nl tl,,,,- words were to 1 thomrlit I lit-aril suin:onc conic cnli:e li.ui: tn Joan. IJoli. Ifc her inlo tho car, | ,„_..-, |cr ]la|llls nlorei , nvi;r the , .. Y(11 ,. vo |,,. c:i ,,,. inl:ill; .." ,.. lt then stood by Ihe slill open door, j wall. Tile liylit swiicli clkkeil. [told .Ic-rry ;-,s l-c- a^.»i:ncil lier h;;o Joan wislicd unhappily that she "Joan, is anyUiliic; wrong?" : the car. "Tim mnnli." littened to hor motlior's' " 1>l!1 iasl a '' Uk ' l " ei1 - >In!1 '" : .,.ij.^!?j, ."'I'bni!'""!^^' -''""" tuning, "liclter chanye Inlo j cr -., Y|j]| K]tl>lM , cl tl . iv( . B01IF n'in^^cn^'r'iort^.'" •'» 'V-; cornclliing clso hefoic yon to. : ( ] owll t ,, w , L V n:i drive yoiiraclf ' luivj- s-.i nplc:. stay ai liotnc ivi-.ii Yn'i might meet some of yunr; an. Joan. Uracions. your ha:ui.s Ihom." friends." are like ice! ft is tiirniu^ cohier.' '• ' ' "Jlavcu't time." Joan had »»-''s' 1 ' 1 il - l>J'il"S. coir.o in to iho '' 5>' VT ili'l n-t reply, trying In swcrctl. '"A'houi Vould 1 meet. '. firo. I've just, built it mi. Did | j_" l.rccv.ins n r o u r. .1 -Jcparlmcnt j''"" sco n " ; '°" c J ' ou k " owr ' drcssin;; to yo out rcali^iny inrjiri ;:m] • ry w.^i ^ctliii:; lh': alnrcs nnd hrowslns tironml li- hr.iri^a'.'" Sisu was \vc-arlng a plain, dark dress that had seen ' i '- 1 . 1 '"- -^ ' *""i"-""" '- •""• -> •.-•,.,- iis bos', day j. The dart bcrct had ' callc ' 1 f " r llcr liut Ehc iuii ciiiatorr atsi'.mle. S!i-: liati-d hcr- F'.-'. mod snilahlc (ili alic lc[t the McH the oflice." sum my chinrli. :ii him. U is i-.oiio iii-.d as to linn in-'iliar noise, m-.-. .'..(•.• U ttii-y 'i.inL :••>• -.Ml! snuf t'.-i] . o:<i as lie- :-, and | ll'.rv lonii\! vutii j I --'in)>ly hmisr on her round of liilorinp.: Mrs. \Ynri!i:: her,', tg the fire. :;<_•][ for Hint. : "You've c!i ;,;iot:.i-;- Uiiii; in that <'onvirts '.ll.i.lino Sc^s ;'",",! i i-:\viHiJUi((.;. i'.i. -IJIM-'A i.>ui >1- " Iti.MSf.iMs of i In- inmate.-, ui ihc ;|' No: tiir;otern I-Ydrinl i^jrr.tcl'.li.iiy '^"ifDi-;, \ear.-A;n:l for lh.-sll[j- '•' : ".I ply was rc(.in:]y .iv.irdid on a ! bhi of W 3-4 cents a cloa-n. 1 UKOKON I!AY. \Vi... iUI'"-- ai-.dji;,! Hu !r . ii!| : i- Matjyn uir.-rator .[ii'dtlc cause of ia';i:.u;. "'it |;n,-. ni.ulr ;i flv Mvnt'.T with II •atlicr lliat ail wo;:; m i,,- i.-l.i'a d ! ,..„;* v.drlh i.i'linc :<tri:l wire K| jrBrs :r:o ::n;i .-.till Us ively. cllec- IrMEOJ[SSiS vvia world series fro\ti N.v (TianU ..,,..,.,., day hail uirhcd brl £ hl. !> " n '" | S il ' vl11 ' '"" " ll1 " r «sand Biiniiv with thccnpricioiisiicss! 1 '" 1 ^- With lm '"- ="' l-nek . ^i-l ;:i n 1-w .u of FiirhiB wcallier, and the sun \^:>iml tho cushioned cbinr. eyes ihc saiv.r.'. J-rry. 1 hi-.rt hr.niEht warnuli. Tho drirk rri-ii^ luirl HPi^aio.1 li'iL arul bf?avy hrfii.-p s!io ha'l rearhrd llic Imsi- III.P-- i-cclion. ItM.iir,), J voii c runiblin:: ' warml 1 ; nr tin. li; ., ,...[. Now she was aci:le]y coi^cluus llial Kho w a a 'inhrcoaiingty dr^-^cd, tlial shc Inokcd hot nurl lireil. Hi.c v as nujrc at the saniG lini" of Hull':* careful Kroomin.:. nu-aro too Ilial jnsl in MIL- h;ick- ^vinind was TIarliara. as i.-xiiiisiic- ly tresh in her si>rim; suit as Ibe . . , a * '' ' ini " r: -" „ ; fiwors sins was wearing. Aflpr all tliosc weeks nf n^ hero was Hnb Et.iiidir.s close "Nor l-.nppy?" J;i;nr:-. nyc.', flvAV I'-i. ".Vhy, Moili<:r, I l:Trl;rt In .-idc h';r ami Joari wishins; M-lhl- j ' K ' li ' '"'•" ly tint Ihc earth wunld nncn snd- I "Jinn, it'^ Ih- .n iiarli-.; F!II: d'ctily nnd swallow her. U"-.. lo with Jerry. TI-.-TL':; — "How have yuii liccii. Joan?" I ,| r i-,•<;.,..• •• "l-'inr. How have you liccii?" [ .','!.','," "All riphl. llusy. I'll 1)5 busier I i:-.-.I :n :i,:n : i]n. 1' 111 - -1 :')'; i, in:; [-1 .--piii! ;i-i par;y. yn::''i h^urr ;•;!>• nt boi'n." Ihroimb her dcnicliineiil. "I'm j "iion'i I'- silly." .!ni-:::ly. "\.-:i wnrri.-[] ahn.n rai." i:cr moi hnr i 1 n.,-.v I'm :i :;uini i-pnrt." \Vi-ll, I'ai lMi,ii::V. s-he he n Mnlkiir: Ii'K<: Hill arul .loan, it 0-cau- yn-i r-.r-ii-iii so |]1||s , , |;lvr . irl . il:|Kl ; ,,;„.. ytinrscif, dear. lint I'.il's I .-AM r li;l'! l-i'-n." J-rry's ri:M li:irit] rov,:u-'i hers for a miniil-.'. "Tiirit'.i my Klrl!" Tliev w-rf 1 ''-avint: rh° ciiy l-,i- hiii'l. Ill'- ,:ir nifivin; s-. 1 '.i"!:y no 1 .? lil-nii: a rlnr'rf iii^f.-.i.iv. "\Mi-n: .ire wo K-.ln:;?" I'.U wn , ... 1; . il]( . .,, ,,,.,„., " Il " ! " r<; hocan-'!' y., , r 1;ll ' : tnck . - iiuiv that Dad Is luirc." Ko Ihudis-j tail. ." Joan rii'l s-1'i-.vly. "i n; siiroj,,, :l |,., 13I| ,|,.i... t . v . a;-. chlcrly man r:a« hia I'ai will al»;iy.i ii-: ten :;l;'u." Ir.n-li rid'.- by irrc--.!ii;!i m-.'r-; "It's tiici- for yu'.i to have your ] On, r v.hil.j 'yon w.-r- i:w ; >y slic i in Ihe darknc.-. 1h" •: i'l o{ fsllirr w-illi ycnt." | lind tn tlay av.,iy tr;i:n v.-ni k. Ob. :•:•! -ic i-ain" f-iinliy. ---o-Jli !!:•! "Vco. H'a I'nt lie's a was torrihln!" : H:i-!.'::i::s ti^lilii m-:rr,':-: m'o .-s Inr.l la-ikniiE'.cr. Uoliciw. In: r. u L^^ |, cr h c a,l-drinki!,;: : I|U '" "' r ' llor - kci-pingcvorlastinslyat ll.» Vlicn. - n,„,-!,•< bli th:-t >v.r, r.nihl:ili- irrelcx.inlly. "There's smut 0:1 (,,,,„. .,„,„ ( ], 0 ,,,:|,. n-,,,i ,|-,., : . : ,,, t >""'• H ''- = h - J° iltl - h...- n talk wi;!i rat. Joan brotiplil nnt Iicr v.iiiily t ^ ^ . c.u-c and caicfnlly wipud oft the : '.';" , Ie , ,"..!.'"^.'. i, '.',', litllf dark smiidsc. mltlin^ an ex- : I I I "'-KCI!L-.I nrr . . p.. ... .-i I.L. ir.i touch ol powder to her nose. ; i !"'^-. VOKC5 ' } :^- [ ..I) was Einilins ^ li'-tlc. '' <h'n b,-Irn Cliin high, unhappy eye: tn;nctl . l> ' h lc from him, Jonn's Ellai. lanuccl ; haii'l n:ove:] toward tlic scar,'. "(luodby. <Had ' sa '- v you." "(loorihy. Hoi)." He closed the car door. It was t! lo!- Tl'., TUClll- = furlou = ami (.aw l';,t. hr-r tnc- •1 ali.r.c- the tri:"ii drc.!. us a 'illl'j lilic a lluwer n;; iinrlrr a rougb nlml. i-j fnlni li!irr-of S'jnnu. M'lanll^ <::.^. • [ildltnie.:. Iho whin'; o! violr:t. T'-Q , M-M i-lIti li'il' ^ "f .1 pi.Hio. 1 ".\ p.uly?" i' a t 'in r:':-l. i Jcriy 'li'l nil r.-]ily. I "Ii-jn'l h^ absurd! It'.-. .'. »ciid "1 «on't E o In." I'.v ".Ml rulil. !'• Ml "Yon C.ITI Him:-! mo »H >'°" | l-.ivc y.ri and .-.i- like a period. concUidins il'ic'Itko. lllll. I'll do .,-, 1 ; ,k, 1; c na-.l : -Yn',, «i.:iM:i'i: brief conversation. • Micro's nothing you ciin <la aliom -r-n-iinly l . « • • i II!" ! Inn- for :( |v.-:i.|i-;*)AN li.lcVijil Ih? slinbljy nld r-ir | "l\it[" plc^'lr'l .T" + n. mm Ihc strccl. conscious of. "Don'i yon st-iri. .ion. I'm u ••\riy raltlc-. and turned UB nofo jcbiid. I'm 1~ jcirr- "H 1 ." tr>'.\arrt L'niiip, Elsil In becorat ft "1 know. I'.il^-" I'ari ,>[ iiiovlnc traffic, ^he «s=' "l-;igh|o?n!" sli'l lo mi'. OULIPCC helw^sn bsr "I'm c!c!i ai;J (ir--l "f .Isri ' .'.ii''. i^« r!ic? lliil b^J ^ n.ctii«d i! orrt ; !ci. "I'M alone." Q wis beg:::- f : mi;?: l-i r-.irti ilir *' Tai. ft iih .1 link si In; fr" i^'?. =.i!'l Einwly. "AM rlgi'.l. I'" : :<• in." I "AiiO tmnil. yon lirhavr." .I«rrv tier hntniiliUou. ' oils droi'6 bliacl- 1 na.- (o--!;i1 as i Cio lie Continued)

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