The Oshkosh Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on April 24, 1961 · Page 21
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The Oshkosh Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin · Page 21

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Monday, April 24, 1961
Page 21
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End of Bull Market Discussed by Bobson By ROGER BABSON ing, you should not be too anxious Babson Park, Mass. - After j to get out at the top. When demy fifty years of study of thelciding to sell enter an order to itoek market, I tender a list of signs for the culmination of a bull market, and offer an important final conclusion, Watfh Wall Street Statistics 1. I like to notice the number of shareholders of the larger cor- sell "at a fair market," rather than at a fixed price. Remember that the large brokerage houses always balance the relative number of orders to buy or sell and the prices at which the orders are to be executed. As these porations. When the number of brokers compare notes, when snarenomers Degins to decline, it j they go out to lunch, the game means to me that we are nearingjis stacked against those who are the end of the bull market . . . depending on "fixed" selling or- mai me insiders are selling out. 2. I watch the level of brokers' loans and the degree of market activity. There is a steady rise ders. Conclusion: In the long run, we must not forget Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Action and Reaction" in both of these preceding the pronounced in 1R87 and translated culmination of a bull market, j into English in 1729. Since the be- 3. I like to watch the published ginning of time, every period of percentage ot total borrowing by ; prosperity has gone too far and members of the New ork Stock; has been followed by a period of fcxcnange. When It is 6 per cent or more, the stock market is in a vulnerable position. Stock Pricei And Money Rates 4. A prolonged period of tight money with low bond prices and large stock transactions usually points to the termination of a bull market. Of course now, with President Kennedy attempting to control the money market, this situation Is not so significant. 5. Although the Dow Jones Averages may continue to go up for some time before the bull market culminates, this does not mean that the stocks you hold will go up any further. Therefore the table of New Lows which appear in the daily newspapers should be watched and compared with the general averages. Bond Prices VS. Stock Prices 6. ond Prices VS. Stock Prices . 6. Never wait until the move- reaction. When we were on the gold basis, the investor could fore cast this change; but now we are on a political basis instead. Presi- dent Kennedy, the Federal Re serve, and Congress can extend the present bull market but they are simply delaying the final evil day by so doing. "Finally, always be prepared for some unexpected event. Such an event usually marks the immediate culmination of a bull market." Things Look Brighter For Max Castillo Oshkosh Northwestern 21 Mon., April 24, 1961 PREMATURE McKEESPORT, Pa. (LTD Police Sgt. Walter Myers had the pleasure of writing "happy ending" to a very personal police .story. Myers, whose job it is to write out reports on stolen cars, reported his own car stolen the other day. "The car was found abandoned during the weekend and he made a joyous entry in the books. "Happy ending" may be a trifle premature, however. Authorities were considering making My- yers pay charges for towing the vehicle back home. Move Families After Explosive Gas Cars Derail MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Five railroad tank cars loaded with highly explosive gas derailed here Sunday, causing evacuation of about 100 families. Only one minor injury was reporteda Frisco Railroad crewman's toe was broken by a loose rail. The tank cars containing 57,378 gallons of propane, and propane mixed with butane were in the center of a 95-car freight bound from Tulsa, Okla., to Frisco's Tennessee yards near Capleville. BLONDIE AND DAGWOOD 1 1 1 1 1 BL.ON Dl E-VOU'VE W I'LL TALK TO YOU LATER, W WELLTHERES H I'LL HAVE TO ) 'iWllif iVS TOO HOtI" 1 V BEENONTHATV V PEGGY" DAGWOOD WANTS 1 THE PHONE"( WAIT A FEW ' V TO DlAl I ( PHONE FOR TWO N . THE PHONE . J WHY DON'T J MOMENTS ) w u.u. , , HOURS -I'VE GOT . - V. J VOUUSEIT? V. (an important SVj. ftjfcfjT -m ir-- U , V. fV. ? - . STEVE CANYON I 1 IT V..... K1 tT .. 1 1 .... . 7 V l 1 we shall be t you cove pep your yi r aw superiors wished f every p-eal failure I Now v I VOUIZ. CHAUFFEUE?, TRACKS WELL.' EVERY-J ME To BUEY YOU IN THE HAVE HAP IN MY CAREER K-ISS Vw 4. r"f COL.CANyoNi ONE WILL-THINK DU SNOW, BUT I OWE MY- RELATES TO VOU... I WANT I MEVW V 24 &TEV PEETENDS j V r .VWEgE LOST IN SPACE SELF SOME SPORT.' YOU TO KNOW HOW I FELT J wl v TO LEAVE BY PLANE 1 tfsrA -ATTEMPTING TO EM- p1 7 AT THOSE TIMES... fO'T' I HOPING TO PEACH ff cCjjLATE OUR SOVIET , KSfi Wt - i I " I SNWFLOWEKIN SJL& T- TAN IN ORBIT ,A BMrAtt U TVJK i THE HILLS BY A r-J-- kjVl ; jj M pp SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) The house where little Max Cas tillo lives with five brothers and sisters, their sightless mother and linnrYWlnvol f-itl-mi. Vi'ac I-nnninrt ... . ., i water and enough food on the ta- ! u.e L, Ui UUI, Ud!;ble for the first time in months ncwbpdpw. iue newspapers cuy Some of tne cnidren have ew editor determines when the mar- U0(,s and r!nthps A1I ,hfi rastiiios ket news should appear on the have a brighter outlook on life- ironc page, u is always wea to thanks to the eenerositv of news be acquainted with that man andpaper readers in 14 states and the iind out how he stands with his. District of Columbia. holdings. Letters, many containing cash, 7. The relation between stocks began arriving a few days after and bonds is worth watching. As'papers over the nation carried an a rule, bonds Degin to decline Associated Press story about the first. As long as the bond yields'troubles of Max- a 9 year-oId shoe-are falling, there need be little shine by- fear of the bull market's culminat- Max sPent Easter Slftlday P0'" jng ishing shoes for five cents per 8. ' All the talk about mergers, sh,oe h.ave tw0 ,bier bs consolidations, etc., should betalfe hiS days receipts-about a read. Naturally, the directors of TSy didn't get the money with-a company are m the best posi- fj ,d tion to get earnings news. As long Lconard Salas. one as the company is earning goodljn the rjver first .. money and its prospects are good,! Salas colected some change directors are not interested in con-ifrom fellow otficergi but Max'S solvations or mergers Hence, ;deight was mild compared to sohdations may be good signals tnat wnen ietters started arriving that a bull market is culminating. jfrom as far away as New York In the case of the death of a 'and Washington, large stockholder, this is usually A childless couple in Montgom-a signal that the stock will sell!ery, Ala., sent $5, a picture of off. j themselves and a letter express- When you make up your mind j ing hope for the boy's future, that the -bull market is culminat- In three weeks, the Castillos NEW YORK STOCK QUOTATIONS Oshkosh, Wis., ot 12:30 P. M. New York Time) (Furnished by Robert W. Baird & Co., First National Bank Building, had received $39. most of it in $1 contributions. The largest was $10 from a minister. Mrs. Miguel Castillo, blind for 30 of her 40-odd years, used the money to pay a $12.98 water bill overdue so long that the city had suspended service last January. Other funds went for food "Just things like bread and sal ami," said Mrs. Castillo, and Am shoes and clothing. Gas and electric service also were suspended in January because of unpaid service charges. The family does without electricity. Mrs. Castillo prepares their simple meals on a neighbor's stove. She pays $40 per month and $7 for insurance from the $67 state allowance for blindness. Of the : case balance, she said, "If I buy shoes, Jr I can't buy anything to eat, so cent & sw Corp I buy bread." i fl.0hl Max gives her 75 cents to $3'Chi & nw per day which he earns shining j h7s'erP. Abbott, L Acme Steel Alcoa Allied Chem Allied Strs Allis Chal Alum Ltd Am Airlinei Am Can Am Cyan Am Elec Pan Amer Motors Am Natl Gas Am Stand t Am Smelt A T fc.T Amer Viscost Ana Co Armco Stl Armour Arms Cork Atchison Bendix AV Bethl Stl Bliss & Laugh Borden Borg Warn Briggs & Stratton Bucyrus Erie Campbell Soup Can Pac Cities Service Colgate Palm Colum Gas shoes after school and on Saturday and Sunday. His older broth ers do the same. Sister Gloria Com Ed parns hpr lunrh hv washine dish- Con Edis n thp l u"5 " " ln Ule , Consum Pw i Container es and mopping floors srhnol cafeteria. -,.. :n 4o;t- km Cnt Can Corn Prnd emnloved most of the time since i Curtis wr he was shocked severely in 1946 !u''ei,Tnmer while operating cleaning equipment in a mill. The family received $96 per mnnth frnm thp St.itp Welfare Dp- ..... t t..i u iEI Paso Nat Gas paiuiiom uiiiu ium uui wiicii a Fireitone doctor certified that Castillo was able to work. Mrs. Castillo said her husband, who speaks little English, has been unable to find a job. gfljjUg!gi53 - lor liittinn MiMMmH---'' Deere & Co Doug Aire Dow Chem Du Pont Eatm Kod El Auto Lite Ford Motor Gen Dynam 6' j 20 74' j S1H 55 25H 37' 21' 2 39' iS 67V'! 19' 90'j 13' 66 122' 81' ' 71" 471, 58' j 2H 64-14 47'- 26' 4 66 40 57' 22 97" i 23' i ll'j 33 33ss 40 62'i 14' 155 m, 52J-B 34' ! 24', 7"4 79'4 57i 69, 25' i 39 -H 195', 651 7V. 207 113t 63 27 36' j 81 38 'i Gen Elect Gen Motors Gen Teli Goodyear Gran City steel Great A & P Greyhound Hooker Elec Chem I B M III Power Inland Stl Insplr Cop Int Harv Int Nick Int Paper Johns Man Kennecott Kimb CI Lib O F Lib Mc N Liggett & Myers Lone Star Cem Lib Mc N Merck & Co Liggett & Myers Lone Star Cem Mrck & Co Middle So Utll Mont Ward Nat Bisc Nat Dairy Nat Distill Natl Lead Nat Steel NY Central Niag M'h'k Pow No Am Aviat Nor Pac Nor Sla Pw Out Marine Owens III Gl Parke Davis Penney Penn R Pepsi Cola Phelps Dod Philip Mor Phillips Pet PiUsDury Mills Proc & Gam Pullman Pure Oil Radio Rep Stl Rockwell Stand Royal Dutch St. Regis Paper Safeway Stores Sears Roeb Shell Oil Simmons Sinclair Oil Smith (A. 0.) 62' 45H 2? 35"i 45'! 495, 24", 36' 699 73 43'-' 50' j 51 71 31 64'i 87' J 86'4 son 13 vm 24 13 8 90H 24 89 34H 29' 4 80' i 66 26li 89'4 8434 1B'4 43?', 45'. 43 32' J2?i 98 38' 4 38 14 53 59", 92 57" 47' i 84 36' j 36J 58'4 61'4 32', 40ii 35' 4 444 58'. 43 51''? 43'4 34J' 44? 56 32" 54 35"j 60'-, 41'-. 55H 54H 47'i 86"j j Stocks Down Socony Mobil Southern Co Sperry Rand Spiegel Square D Std Brands Std Koilsman Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Sterl Drug Studebaker-Packard Swift 8. Co Tenn Gas Trans Texas Co Thompson Prod Trane Trl Contl Un Carbide Union Elec Ma Un Oil Cal Un Pac Unit Air Lin Unit Aire Unit Fruit US Rubber US Steel Warner Lambert West Un West Elec Wis Elec Pw Woolworth Wis Pub Serv Zenith Radio AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE El Bond & Sh 31'. i Globe Union ns Hecla Mln 1H'2 Kaiser Indus 13' Napco 7 MUTUAL FUND Boston Fund 19.35-21.15 Can Gen Fd Chem Fund Eat S. How Fidelity Fd Inc Inv M I T One Wm. St. UNLISTED Unlisted Bk of Amer Gid & Lewis 1st Nat City Nekoosa Ed Oshk B'Gosh Pabst Roy Dch NY NEW YORK (UPD-Stocks retreated on a broad front early today under moderate!?- heavy selling pressure. Not a single major group moved forward and very few special situations were able to show a plus sign by the noon hour. However, e3the ticker tape was able to keep 233; i aoreasi 01 me seiiou aner me loo' nrst hour. 83 I Despite a brightening business ,33!; picture in both industries, steels 3':and motors in ceneral were off sizable fractions. 56', 33 is. Oils reflected reports of climb-M1 ing crude inventories as losses of gl over a point showed in Socony-75' 2 j Mobil, Amerada, Richfield and 6J I others in the group. Jersey Stand- 43'. 68 H 23 135V, 16 48-18.01 Wis Pw & L CHICAGO 1 I 1l4,'mJ 1 l Jiuu 1 FREE ELIMINATE DRAFTS CUT FUEL BILLS it NEW 1961 MODELS APRIL SPECIAL! Each Up to Giant 34x76 Inches MINIMUM OF FOUR WINDOWS INSTALLATION MEASURING DELIVERY Only Weathemaster Often Ail These Advantages: NO MONEY DOWN! NO PAYMENTS 'TIL OCTOBER 1st UP TO 60 MONTHS FHA FINANCING All Three Inserts Cleaned From Inside Your Home Save Up to SO on Fuel t No Painting Required Fully Extruded Triple Insert Eliminate Changeover No Cold Zone Fingertip Control 2 Glasi and 1 Screen' Warp-Free and Guaranteed Rustproof 7 WINDOWS PLUS 1 DOOR 7 rnple insert aluminum combination window ptui 1 deluxe aluminum combination door, OC complete with all hardware. Special price! P 3 FREE INSTALLATION, MEASURING, DELIVERY Call Anytime Between 8 A. M. ond 9 P. M. WEATHERMASTER ALUMINUM, INC. . Route 4 Box 831 Oshkoth, Wit. CALL NOW, BE 1-3100 rprr Home Demonstration If You Call or IaEC Surprise Gift Mail Coupon Now Immediate Affenffoa te Oat-eMowa Inquiries WEATHERMASTER ALUMINUM, INC. 0-424 Rt. 4, Box 831 Oshkosh, Wis. I mi tnlnnlre la rear ant. brtt 3 linfrt 1111111111111 tomhlnatlna window. Hive fmt bonrtfd mrrwntatlvr rail to makr lurrn and flw me frt wtlmala wllhf il obllollon. I am Intrratrd la liutilllitf (Number X window.) NAME , ADDRESS Phone CITY STATE. CHICAGO (UPD-Produce: Live poultry White Rock fryers 18-19: special fed fryers 19-19V3; roasters 22-24. 1 Cheese single daisies 41-43' j; longhorns 41-43; processed loaf 39-41; Swiss Grade A 53-55, 8 51-53, C unquoted. Butter steady; 93 score 60; 92 score 60; 90 score 573; 89 score 57. Eggs about steady; white large extras 33H; mixed large extras 33H; mediums 32' 2; standards 33. CHICAGO (UPD Livestock: Hogs 1-2-3 190-230 lb 16.75-17.25; 133 head mostly No. 1 around 210 lb 17.40; mixed No. 1-2-3 230-260 lb 16.40-16.85; mixed No. 2-3 and 3 260-300 lb 16 00-16.50; load mostly No. 3 330 lb 16.00. Cattle 18,000, calves 100; slaughter steers and heifers steady to 50 lower; other classes steady; loadlots prime and mixed choice and prime 1050-1450 lb steers 25.50-27.75; two loads 27.75; choice 900-1400 lb 23.75-25.50; good 21.75-23 50; few high choice and mixed choice and prime heifers 24.00-24.35; choice 23.00-24 00; good 21.00-22.50; good and choice vealers 25.00-30.00. Sheep 2,000; slaughter lambs steady to 50 lower; few lots good and choice native wooled lambs 15.00-16.50; load choice 119 lb shorn No. 1 pelfs 15,500; three decks choice 105 lb 15.50; two loads good and i choice 112 lb No. 1-2 pelts 14 00; load mostly choice 154 lb wooled 12.50. MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE (AP)-Produce: Potatoes: Idaho russets 6 0-4 25; Bakers, 10 01. and larger, 6.85-7.10; Wisconsin red, 3.00-3.15; chips 3.00-3.25; Minnesota-North Dakota U.S. No. 1 sije, A red, 3.75-90; Maine 3.15-25; Florida No. 1-A, 50s, 2.60-75. Cabbage: Crate new southern home grown 2.50-3.00. Onions: Steady; Texas white mediums 2 25-50; yellow 2.25-30; jumbo 22.5-50; Wisconsin yellow medium 75. Poulutry: Steady; heavy hens, 5 lbs and up, 18; light hens, 5 lbs. and under, 14; heavy leghorn hens, 5 lbs. and up 12; under S lbs. 10; fryers, 16; cocks, NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY International Company with over 200 offices that furnish temporary office, industrial and technical workers has an established office available in Oshkosh. We offer a Franchise program that may or may not be operated in conjunction with en established business. This is not a "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme but a long range program. Your local promotional efforts are backed up by national advertising, direct mail, sales leads from Home Office and other offices. We supply complete know-how, comprehensive Home Office training and continual monthly direction. Local visitations made by our field personnel. Your growth it based on repeat business. We wilhexpect the same complete investigation to be made that we will make of you. Personal inspection of any of our offices will be arranged. Medium investment required. Write giving complete details of your present business or occupation to: Mr. R. G. Krauthoefer Vice President Expansion MANPOWER, INC. 820 N. Plankinton Avenue Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin . 10; young torn turkeys, 50; young hen turkeys, 25; pigeons, 1.50 a doien; rabbits, 24. Eggs: Firm; A large, 34; medium, 32; B large, 30; ungraded, 30. MILWAUKEE (AP)-Livestock: Estimated hog receipts 1,400; Friday's market steady; bulk of butchers 190-220 lbs. 17.00-17.50; bulk of sows 400 lbs and down 15 50-16.50 ; 425 lbs. and up 14.75-15.25; boars 10.00-12.00. Cattle: Estimated receipts 1,400; Friday's co wmsrket steady; canners and cutters 1350-16.50; utilities 16.50-17.50; dairy bred -heifers u.fility to commercial 16.50-18.50; bulls steady; commercials 20.50-21.50; canners to utilities 17.50-20.25; fed cattle steady; good to choice steers 20 00-24.00; good to choice heifers 19 50-23.50. Calves: Estimated receipts 1.600; Frl days market strong; prime 30.00-32.00; good to choice 24 00-30 00; standards 19.00-23.00; cull to utilities 14.0-18.. Sheep, lambs: Estimated receipts 200; prime 15 50-16 50; good to choice 13 00-1500: utity to good 10.00-13.00; culls 6.00-10.00; ewes 5.00-6,00. State Man Trades With Saucer Crew EAGLE RIVE", Wis. (LTD Joe Simonton is waiting today for word from Washington on his "flying saucer cake," which he received from the crew of a flying saucer that landed in his yard. Simonton, who lives about four miles outside this northern Wisconsin resort town, says he filled a water jug for three silent occupants of the saucer, and received the three cakes in return. He described the cakes as about three inches in diameter and perforated with little holes. He gave them to Vilas County Judge Frank Carter, known as a saucer enthusiast, and Carter sent them to the National Committee for the Investigation of Aerial Phenomena in Washington. Simonton said he was flooded by telephone calls when the news got out. Simonton described the saucer as about 12 feet from top to bottom and about 30 feet in diameter. He said it was made from gleam ing silver, 'brighter than Ichrome," and equipped with ex haust pipes six or seven inches in diameter along one edge. He said the saucer landed Tues day, but he kept quiet about it because he was afraid of skepti cal reactions. The trio' manning the craft, he said, were short men about 5 feet tall and weighing 125 poundswho wore black uniforms and looked Italian. Simonton said the ship stayed about five minutes, accomplished the swap of water for cakes, and flew off at a 45 degree angle with a swoosh that bowed near-by pine trees. ard, involved in a multi-million-dollar damage suit by two Italian firms, dropped around 6. Du Pont lost 3 and Eastman Kodak, Allied, and Olin Mathieson more than a point in the chemicals where even Union Carbide, picked as stock of the month by an influential advisory service, 15.33-16.75 1 lost 134. "-'rn j The noon Dow Jones stock aver-17 58-19 01 a eps were: Industrials fi?8.79 off 8.72-9.45! i,nn, rr a. ...:l:i: 14.79-16.16 : rails im.ii, un u.o; ummes 111.54, off 0.62; stocks 226.31, off 1.73. 'Rifleman' Hurt Sliding Into Home DURANGO, Mexico (AP) Chuck Connors, star of television's "The Rifleman," has had eight stitches taken in his left knee. He gashed the knee sliding home Sunday in a charity baseball game for Durango orphans. 54'i 57' 69'. 72"e 21 23 84 87 il' 2 233' j 16 17 18 64 71 ' 75'i 78' a 37 39 101 legal Notices "no Ti ceTo fT6 n! noTT e a r i n qT To Whom It May Concern: The Zoning Committee and Board of Adlustments of Winnebago County will hold a Public Hearing In the lounge room of the Winnebago County Courthouse, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on May 17, 1961 at 8 o'clock p.m. to consider a petition for amendment of the Winnebago County Ordinance and Zoning Map In the following respects: The adoption of zoning maps In the respective townships wherein the Winnebago County Zoning Ordinance is In effect has created problems in respect to the location of automobile wrecking yards and public dumping grounds as the same are now regulated by the Zoning Ordinance, and the committee feels that the provisions applicable to such yards should be re-examined In the light of present existing conditions. All interested persons wishing to be heard are Invited to be present. Winnebago County Zoning Committee and Board of Adjustments, Warren Miracle, Chairman. Pub. April 24, May 1, 8, 1961. -""NOTICE "OF ZONING HEARING To Whom It May Concern: The Zoning Committee and Board of Adiustments of Winnebago County will hold a Public Hearing In the lounge room of the Winnebago County Courthouse, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on May 17, 1961 at 8 o'clock p.m. to censider a petition for amendment of the Winnebago County Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map In the following respects: parcel No. 1 (John M. Olson Property) Lot 10 and the Southwest Va of vacated street adjacent thereto in Block 4, Grove Subdivision In the Town of Menasha. Prom Residential "A" District to Commercial "A" District. Parcel No. 1 (Lester C. Laedlke Property) That part of the Southwest of Section Twenty (20) Township Twenty (20) North of Range Sixteen (16) East, in the Town of Clayton, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, described as follows: Commencing at a point on the East and West Quarter line of said Section Twenty 120), that is Two Hundred Thirteen and Ninety-Five Hundredths (213.95) feet East of the West ' corner of said Section Twenty (20), thence South Seventy-one (71) degrees East Two Hundred Forty-two and Two-tenths (242 21 feet, thence South Seventy-two (72) degrees Fifty-eight (58) minutes East along the Center Line of a road Two Hundred Fifty-four and Three-tenths (254.3) feet to the place of beginning, thence South Seven (7) degrees Twenty-five (25) minutes West Two Hundred Eighty-eight and Twenty-five Hundredths (288.251 feet, thence South Eighty-six (86) degrees Fifty-five (55) minutes East Three Hundred Ninaty-seven (397.0) feet to the center line of a big drainage ditch, thence Northerly along the centerline of said ditch Two Hundred Fifty-two and Three-tenths (252.3) feet to the Center Line of the aforementioned road, thence North Seventy-five (75) degrees Fitty-eight (58) minutes West along the Center Line of said road Four Hundred Two and Five-tenths (402.5) feet to the place of beginning. Containing Two and Forty-eight Hundredths (2.48) acres, In the Town of Clayton. From Residential "A" and Agricultural District to Commercial "A" District. All interested persons wishing to be heard are invited to be present. Winnebago County Zoning Committee and Board of Adiustments, Warren Miracle, Chairman. Pub. April 24, May U t 1961. 'Classifies! Advertising DIAL BE 5-7700 LOCAL CASH RATES Words Lines I Day 4 Days 8 Days 15 3 75c I 1.86 20 75c I 2.48 4.00 85c 3 10 I 5 00 Additional Information on National and Open Rates on Request CLOSING HOURS: Classified ads must be In the office by 5 p m day previous to publication, except ads for Monday must be In by Saturday noon. Errors, not the fault of the advertiser which clearly lessen the value ot the advertisement should Be corrected the first day, when one extra corrected Insertion will be made without charge. The Dally Northwestern assumes no responsibility for error after the first Insertion. ADVERTISEMENTS SENT IN BY MAIL must be accompanied with rash In full payment Count the words carefully and remit In accordance with the above rates. itoot:..t.w:-kw:?-wjr:.w:w.v.jw himicconne et-:geA:-XCTjwKy!jMvjiiaiwaf FOR REAL ESTATE OR INSURANCE SERVICE IN WINNECONNE, Call JAMES P. COUGHLIN. Phone JU 2-4420 Lodge Notices Omro wmmmxmmmmiimmimmwmi-m FOR AUCTION. Real Estate or Insurance service call John L. Freund, Auctioneer and Realtor, MU 5-2460 LOWER APARTMENT FOR RENT Available May 1. Homey and comfortable, convenient location. Garage available. Call MU 5-5503. KOLBUS AGENCY 3 AND 3 BEDROOM homes at Relqh-' moor. Call ut for prices and other Information. SEVERAL GOOD year around homes and cottages on Lake Poygan. Prices range from J8.000 to $17,500. FIVE ACRES with good house and other good buildings lust right to retire on. Suitable for berry farming. $5,600. THREE BEDROOM home at Reign-moor priced at $7000. Terms to the right party. WE HAVE an excellent selection of cottages and permanent homes on Lake Poygan, Lake Butte des Morts and Lake Winneconne. VERY GOOD BUSINESS property, desirable location. Has rentals and is priced to sell. Land contract to right party. For these and other good buys call THE KOLBUS AGENCY Omro, Wii. REALTORS Phone Omro, MU 5-2281 Residence, MU 5-2224 Announcements eK:-:-w-:-:-K-:-:-3fcKKvOTa-?s-sa Personals Call the Art Studio BE 1-3728, Drawinqs, Lettering, Show Window Backgrounds, etc. DIAL A PRAYER BE 1-0990 COURTESY OF OSHKOSH NATIONAL BANK MR&. MRS. JACK MALONE, 857 Wisconsin St., are entitled to have a suit and dress cleaned free of charge. 30-day time limit. Will they please contact Sunshine Launderers 8, Cleaners, BE 5-6560. Special Notices WANTED TRASH OR RUBBISH TO HAUL In Oshkosh and vicinity. Reasonable Call Sonny Schneider, BE rates 1-1724. Lodge Notices OSHKOSH LODGE NO. 27 FS.A.M. Stated communication second and fourth f uesaayi ot eacn montn. tf'VJ Visiting members al- ,S ways wcitumc. opecldl communication Saturday April 22, 1961, 1:30 p.m. conferring F.C. degree. Stated communication Tuesday, April 25, 1961, 7:30 p.m. conferring E.A. degree. Russell L. Witt, W. M. James E. Botz, secretary. CENT EN nTaTT6 DG EN 6 205 F & A M Stated communication first and third flfA. weonesaays ot eacn JSY month Visiting mem- y Next Stated Communi cation Wednesday, May 3, 7:30 p m. John Snell, W.M., Herbert E. Koch, Secretary. ORlENTAl CHAPTER NO 16 Order of the Eastern Star. vvJ7 Stated meetings at Ma- r&K sonic lempla second and fourth Thursday ot each month Visitors always welcome Next meeting Thursday, April 27, 7:30 p.m. Business meeting; program: "Around the World." May Reno, W.M.; Karla Schloerb, Sec. BETHEL SHRINE NO t S j Stat ed business meeting at Masonic Temple the first Thursday ot each month Visiting members aiwavs welcome. Social meeting Thursday, April 20, 7:30 p.m. Refreshments. Rosa Reiter, W.H.Pj Rhea Hoeft, Wi. f' KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Council 614. Meeting 1 and 3 Tuesday of every month. Fish frys on Friday nights. Next business meeting May 2. Next dinner meeting May 16. Grand Knight Dr. E. T. Sonnleitner; Fin. Sec. Elmer McDonald. Lost and Found LOST Pair lady's glasses Friday afternoon, vicinity of Michigan and Ohio between 7th and 12th Ave. JE 1-8605. LOST Lady's brown wallet containing sum of money. Reward. BS 1-6725. J 3 "CALL AN & EXPERT", The Daily Northwestern SERVICE DIRECTORY Appliance Repair 9 HOOVE R -MA Y TACTAP P Afi Parts and Service Kossel's, 1120 Oregon, BE 1-0940 Automobile Repair 10 AlTfOMOT V E SE R V I C E - From' tune-ups to complete overhaul. Expert automatic transmission repair & service. Satisfaction guaranteedl J. M. KAUl 8, SON (Formerly Jerry's Motor Service) Hwy. 45 across from Country Club COMPLETE A UTOMOTI VE SE RV-ICE Motor overhaul, tune-up, Ignition and brake service, wheel balancing, lubrication. Headlight testing. CENTRAL GARAGE, Herbert C. Yaqers. Diamond T 136 Jackson St.-White. WRECKED CAR? Dented fenders? Rusty spots? For "Like New" body rebuilding and painting see Don & Norm's, Inc. Garage and Body Shop 35 W. 7th Ave, Oshkosh Building Contractors 11 CONCR E TE 71 SSONR YC A R PEN TRY Residential and Commercial Free Estimates VALLEY CONSTRUCTION CO. Dial BEJ-7500 ROYCE MOWER Y BUILDERS, IN(T. Builder ot Great Lakes Homes Box 243, Winneconne, Dial JU 2-7291 12 Carpet-Floor Service DURACLEANED rugs and upholstery stay clean longer. Pile unmats. Colors revive. Cleaned In your home. Usa again same day. Inexpensive, world-wide service. DURACLEAN BY SIELOFF DIAL MU 5-5677 SPRING TIME Is clean-up time! To have all your furniture and rugs v as fresh and new looking as spring call the experts at Anderson Floor Service. BE 1-8060. 14 Concrete Work CEMENT WORK Sidewalks and driveways. Free estimates. Call after 5 p.m., BE 1-2952 or BE 1-1944. Electricol Service 15 ELECTRIC SHAVERS. Parts and repair service. MUELLER-POTTER Drug Stores, Oshkosh, Wis. ' Excavating-Landscop. 16 CLMS Lawn Rolling and Roto Tilling PhoneBE 5-6695 EXCAVATING GRADING - FILL BLACK DIRT EX-ALUME CO. Call Ed Riley - BE 1-3W3 Lawnmower Repair' 19 RAY'S LAWN MOWER REPAIR SERVICE Lawn mowers sharpened. 442 W 5th Ave.. Oshkosh, Wti. BE 5-1619 Miscellaneous Service 20 S U MP PUMP S Rogers Best ls"besf. Compare our quality and price and service. Parts for all pumps Also used pumps Rogers Pump Co. J003 Wright St Pointing-Papering 22 " EIThTR EH B ElN Painting, decorating, paper harqlng. 1405 Bowen St Phone BE 1-5 41 "HUGO RIESE & SONS" Painters and Decorators BE 5-4500 1130 Mt, Vernon St. Plumbing-Heating 23 CESSPOOLS and septic tanks cleared Oshkosh Sanitary Service Phone- BE 1-7J ROOT CUT tl NryGuarnted"ufS conditionally for full vr at no tr co-t. SPARTAN SEWSH SERVICE, BE 14?0. SEPTIC tanks and cesspools tierd. Reasonable ratas. yVinnehj4 iptK Tank Svvluk Pben fti 'M.

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