The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1940
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1940 BLYTHBVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE'FIVE vital To German, Important To Britain, Means Maneuvering For U. S. BY G. K. CPENCER NEA Service Special correspondent If all crop forecasts come true, the year 1940 will be marked by the greatest abundance of potatoes in world history. For the Germans this will mean not, only a great supply of a food winch they heavily consume even Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels with herfa lnativt,c«mbined with syrup pepcin to make it agreMbta and easy to take When constipation brings on acid indigestion, bloating, dizzy spells, gas, coated tongxie, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative Senna to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels, combined with good old Syrup Pepsin to make your laxative more agreeable and easier to take. For years many Doctors have used pepsin compounds, as agreeable carriers to make other medicines more palatable when your "taster" feels easily upset. 'So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr. Caldwell's "Laxative Senna, combined with Syrup Pepsin. See how wonderfully its herb Laxative Senna wakes up Jazy nerves and muscles in your intestines, to bring welcome relief from constipation. And see how its Syrup Pepsin makes Dr. Cald well's medicine so smooth and agreeable to a touchy gullet. Even finicky children love the taste of this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. Caldwell'.s Laxative Senna at your druggist's today. Try one laxative that won't bring on violent distaste, even when you take it after a full meal. , in peace times, but also an opportunity, through chemical processes, to make starches. ' For Britain the record crop will mean a big saving in importation of food. For Uncle Sam the crop means some quick adjustments will have to be made to obtain fullest economic advantage of the great spud year. The usual export market is largely cut off by the war and America finds itself with a crop of about 393,931,999 bushels, according to the November estimate of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. This compares with 364,016,000 for 1939 and 366,949,000 for the 1929-1938 average. The U. S. Surplus Marketing Administration has already taken advantage of this surplus by not only buying potatoes for direct relief distribution to the-needy, but also by listing potatoes as one of the surplus crops which can be purchased under the food stamp plans. GOVERNMENT BATTLES SURPLUS I A great many potatoes probably will _ be absorbed in the making oi' vegetable starches, seme of which America formerly largely imported. The newly organized system of regional research laboratories has included potatoes on its study list. Two of the four research laboratories of the U, S. Bureau of Agri- qHtural Chemistry and Engineering are giving attention to the industrial utilization of white potatoes. They are Western Regional Research Laboratory under Dr. T. L. Swenson in Albany. Calif., and the Eastern Regional Research Laboratory under Dr. P. A. Wells in Philadelphia. The Southern Research Laboratory in New Orleans is investigating possible industrial ; utilization of the sweep potato, j A program of the U. S. Surplus , Marketing Administration for cii- I verting supplies of potatoes into | starch and dextrine is now in oper- ! ation in a number of suites. Under i this program, the rate of federal ! payment will be 14.5 cents per 60- pound bushel for Irish potatoes of U. S. No. 2 grade. This means that Rookie Must Leani lo Take Care Of His $87.08 Worth of Clothes By MILTON BRONNER NBA Sorvlco Staff Cortespoiidiiut WASHINGTON, Nov. 27. — John Q. Citizen will learn early In hLs career as a private that hLs uniform is a mighty important thing. His non-commissioned officers, us well ns regular officers, will carefully inspect the condition of his uniform and his rifle. When clothing supplies arc issued to the draftee, he will be carefully measured and the sizes will be recorded, so that replacements for worn-out articles eim easily be supplied. The draftee Ls given clothes valued by the government at $87.08. The articles are two wmist belts made of webbing, one leather belt, one olive drab field cap, two olive drab serge coau, one corded hat, seven pairs ol drawers, one pair of woolen jiloves, six white cotton handkerchiefs, one denim work hat, two denim work jumpers, two pairs of canvas leggings, two cotton khaki neckties, one raincoat, one oltvc drab wool overcoat, two wool and two cotton shirks, one pair of garrison and two pairs of service shoes, eight cotton or wool socks, three pairs of cotton trousers, two pairs of wool • trousers, two pairs of denim work trousers and nine cotton or woolen undershirts. He also draws a safety razor with five blades, tooth brush, shaving brush, comb and three towels. Wyoming Official,72, Signs Up For Draft JACKSON, Wyo. CUP)—William L. Simpson, 72, state, game and fish commissioner and father of Mllwnrd Simpson, Republican sen-.. »ionai candidate, was too old to serve in the World War but he registered here under ' 'the - eon;. scriptlon law. • v •. ,. ,t Said Simpson: ''I could' find nothing in ihe law to prevent me' from j signing' up and I'm sure/I could serve my country in some capacity during the present emergency." Read Courier News want ads. • SPECIAL Roast Turkey Hen, Dressing, Cranberry Sauce t Fried Spring Chicken, a la Maryland 4 Course Dinner 50c Lunch 35c Special Order Size Catfish and K. C. Steaks most Americans will be eating U. S. No. 1 grade. There are at present 26 starch factories in Maine, one in Dalbo, Minn., and a new one in Klamath Falls, Ore. There 'is also one at Glendale. Calif., not now operating. Of the estimated 1940 crop of 393,931,000 bushels Maine alone will } produce 45,135.000 bushels, an in- Kidneys Tired Often Sleepless Nights Doctors say ynur kidneys contain 15 miles of tiny tubes or filters which help to purify the blood and keep you healthy. When they get tired and don;t work right in the daytime, many people have to get up nights. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong •with your kidneys or bladder. Don't neglect this condition and lose valuable, restful sleep. . When disorder o£ kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may also caiise nagging backache, rheumatic pains, leg pajna, loss of pep and energy. i swellinj*. jnrfnness under the eyes, headaches j and dizziness. •' . .. v t ;,, j 'Don't wait! Ask your driiEsnst for Doan's Pills, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. They sive happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poison- crease over 1939 of 6,885.000 bushels., Under the present program, : of the Surplus Marketing Administration, the potato farmers can store their high quality potatoes to be sold at good prices, while taking smaller cash payments for thb : low grades delivered to starch : factories. They thus save charges' for storage, regrading and insurance, and losses through shrinkage. POTATOES TO PLANTS? The Germans are rumored to have found a way to make plastics out of potatoes and -are supposed to be utilizing these in the manufacture of parts for airplanes. Formerly they made automobile fuel alcohol out of potatoes 1,./The latest reports are that they. ..have dropped, this, and potatoes for food mainly and- by the Tact that California has recently joined the ranks of big commercial potato-producing states. Ranking them in order, the chief U. S. Producers now are; Aroostook County, Me.; Southern Idaho; "Red River Valley, Minn.; Long Island, N. Y.; and Kern County. Calif. Albert Ridings Now At Muskogee Air Field Albert Ridings, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Ridings, has been stationed at Spartan Field at Mus- 'cogce, Okla., for his preliminary training as a flying cadet in the regular army. Ridings, who had he returned would have been a senior in the .ichcol cf engineering at the University of Arkansas at FnyettevlUe this year, was the. first to solo at the University under the Civil Aeronautics Authority project. A second lieutenant in the Reserve Officers Training Corps, he took his examination Aug. 20 at Belleville and left here a few clays ago for Muskogee. STORIES IN STAMPS ing alcohol almost entirely , from' wood. In America there; is;»bite Crnlury-Old Cross Found SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UP) — A plant, at Idaho Falls, Iclalip,'a'ttlVe>;j : tentury r old cross. Intricately .carvec ly producing alcohol from 'potatoes'.-with minute designs — including 'Beast' Terrorizing Missourians Is Owl CASSVILLE. Mo., Nov. 27. — A weird nightly screech chilled residents of the Oak Ridge community. Hunting parties beat the hills Some hunters claimed they saw a huge beast — possibly n panther Mothers kept children indoors at night and men carried guns. They found the screecher—an unusually large owl. Further research may. develop more chemical uses for, potatoes— already/-the .world's 'numfiei-j'^bne crop in? "tonnage. . ' };,'*>'./ ';.' That potatoes will continue to one of the most important 'crops 003 waste from your blood. Get Doan's ruis. of the United States is evidenced Ocean Channel Saved Australia's Kangaroos contributes nn- other unusual animal to the philatelic zoo in the kangaroo, pictured on the stamp above. Thl: marsupial and mnny of its. smaller cousins arc found only in Australia and nearby islands. A narrow, deep ocean chonne between Bali and Lombolt saved the kangaroo from extinction before the advent of man. Thi barrier protected Australia's unusual animals from the highe type, placental mammals that dominate Europe and Asia. At one time, kangaroos were plentiful; today, their numbers are rapidly decreasing, as arc their relatives, the tree kangaroo.']. •There are 60 types of kangaroos. The kangaroo, at birth Is. less than two inches long, makes its way unassisted to the rnother's pouch, where it remains for several months. The adult kangaroo is characterized by long, powerful hind legs, short forearms and broad, heavy tall. Full grown animals reach a height of four to ftve feet, weigh 200 pounds. * DANCE * WEDNESDAY NIGHT AFTER THE FOOTBALL GAME BLUE ROOM, HOTEL NOBLE THANKSGIVING PROGRAM I T L Wednesday & Thursday CONTINUOUS SHOW THURSDAY "One Night in the Tropics" With ALLAN .JONES & NANCY KELLY ABBOTT & COSTELLO & ROBERT CUMMINGS ALSO PARAMOUNT NEWS & COMEDY three dies and a pair of pliers—ha; been placed -in a .shrine here. I p was discovered, recently in Laredo',' l/hcmdacb Tex., and is believed ' to have beed | ^^ L _^ ct ^ carved by Mexican Indians. Next time you have Read Courier News want ads. r i i i i i More Power to Thrift more Thrift from Power M AYBE you wonder what a big car like Buick is doing talking about economy. All right, we'll tell you. Most people would be willing to spend a Uttie extra for what Buick has to offer— style, size, room, steadiness, durability— if part oi that extra could be paid back through lower operating costs. ' Especially they would like really satisfying performance — quick takc-oflV easy hill- climbing, sure power, fast response — if they could have it in a car that's stingy with gasoline. That's what we've given them— through the extra power in this 1941 Buick. The added wallop of FIREBALL engine design and Compound Carburet?on lets us use more thrifty gear ratios, saving money without complicating extra gears or mechanisms. And the tremendous reserve-power in these Buick engines—at 40, for instance, you have as much as 85% of your power "on call" —still permits the flashing getaway, the swooping hill-climb, the sure lift out of pinches you once had to buy with heavy gasoline consumption. So we say—more power to thrift—it helps put Buick thrill and comfort within easy reach. And the reason is—more thrift from power —from abler engines. It all adds up to the sensation of the year— the car you ought to sec first—the brilliant, able beauty your Buick dealer has waiting for you. BUICK PRICES BEGIN AT for the . Business Coupe delivered, at Flint t Mkk. State lax, optional equipment and accessories — extra. Prices subject to change notice. EXEMPLAR OF GENERAL MOTORS VALUE LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Phone-1W4-5; \ValniH and Broadway BJylheviUe •. WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM relief .with Cnp_u- becniise il'a liijuiri. Soothe.*' upict nerve*. Uacd' over 40 year*. Follow direction* on label. lOc. UOc. ami COc bottles. Liquid CAPUDINE THURSDAY & FRIDAY MATINEE THURSDAY 2:00 P.M. "SAINT'S DOUBLE TROUBLE 11 with GEORGE SAUNDERS & HELENE WHITNEY & BELA LUGOSl ALSO SELECTED SHORTS TUES^-WED..'-THURS.&FRl ' ARE BARGAIN NIGHTS—lOc & 20c AT THE ROXY m OIL HEATER THAT GIVES FORCED HEATING LIKE A FURNACE! OUR DUO-THERM DRIVES HEAT THROUGH EVERY ROOM—WARMS THE WHOLE HOUSE QUICKLY 1 . AND ITS POWER-AIR MEANS GOOD, WARM FlQORS-Al MUCH less FUEL COST! \ m > il <$$? *&'' Jtf* ~ - 4 o-**Ar\\ '" -J<* : '<ntX- A Duo-Therm with POWER-AIR saves up to 25% in Fuel Costs! Actual tests show you get more heat per dollar with a Duo-Therm ... 3 times better distribution of heat from floor to ceiling than h*s bfen possible with an oil heater before! The Power-Air blower— 'found only on Duo-Therm— drives heat down to floors—to far corners—"gives you the same positive circulation of heat through the house that expensive furnaces give I Most efficient burner ever mac/e — the Duo-Therm gives any degree of heating you want at the turn of a handy dial. Special Waste-Stopper keeps-heat from going up the chimney. . * • Radiant i/por—gives quick, direct heat that warms you through iri a ji for 1 to,6 rooms. See America's finest heater—today! 39 SMALL .EASY TERM 5 Hardaway Appliance Go. 206 W. Main St J. W.Adams, Manager Plwrie

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