The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 9, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY. MARCH <), 1931 m.YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Asks More Time • for Purchase of Molor Licenses COO'lER, Mo.—The-.- wh.- li-"' hot procured Ihcir IS'JI :>»M Is- I censes will l>e given until M ••—'•! 15, according to Prosecuting AUor- • ney Robert W. Hawkins, who tm : - ! that he will withhold proscf.ubn 1 that date. Othe- tnuiiy •:- | fichls have anjiealed lo the ollie" ; !o secretary of .stale for an cxt:n- £ion of lime ruliriK. plcad'.nj itnt. business conditions and scarcllv <jf I money here are working a dhtiint j hardship and ttiat citizen'; vi--ii' be nllo'.vc-d r.s lime as p-.j-i- We In which to ct'.asn th,>iv :;• j censes. I On strength of tills recommends- i lien H is staled Hint the soerev.-yv j office suggested M-irch 20 as a I':;.;- j It and in this Attorney Ha.vk/r] stales that he has connu/ed. liuts ! allowing two weeks for the i.-ov,!?! lo procure tteii- llcc-ns?i. The li v is a bit hai.y en tbe s'.ibj"C', ;:-.-.: vidlus that license plat;-; e.itrn- l>e dlspsii^cd before Fcb:nary 1. !);-: not making any provision r.~= t: r | time limit in which they Dh->li >:obtained. i'. S3 n ni-i-f: ' ! be decided by locM autlicri'.I 1 '- i j Ihe various counties and c'l^- thc'.igli in a general -.vr.y ii IK KH- ; I ' derstood lhat a mcnth is tis? •;:- | riod of prace allo'.ved. i He Sloops to Conquer Otceota Soricly—Personal other new and different In the n vestce arrangement, a scarf or way ol from closing, a new collar, something. A Two-ln-Onr Muilfl Take this off and you have a stieei or-.-piitts r.ult thai can command iv.-- L stct ;md admiration liny \vnrnmh iluy. 'I'lie coal ol this •::'it is r.o' t-> be lilted and Ihe fklrt liuic:! i.nd the whole thins "dressmaker" in frrllng. Under Ihc coat Hid 1 ? will be u blouse of iome novel malerk'.l. Add a hat and si-.iif and an extra blouse anil you can b; -• howl yuu can travel far In one <c->limic! t.» especially chic four-piece •uit is ::.a<Ie tf -.'. ic\"!y dark blue ;lw:ed in n liesh. de'.lglitful weave ! ihu'. is lljht fnouf.h lo bo gay, ir>. cncuvih 10 b? priictlea!. 'Ill: ivat is full-length, seini- ' '.',U:jd, h'i:; raglan shouidcr^ nn:l '• f.r.rin- cufi-i and n trii-V.y of ! ('.cub:!- notched collar that i:; very j malt. j 'ihe skirt and coat under it Is i j-rucelul as can be, filled and I Dated, with ihe two-button coat J cutaway In rounding front clos- • Inij. and white buttons used on It. |'the blouse Is of white knitted ma! lei In] ;n a lacy weavs and has a | finely worked mououiam In tho Mist's bin- on 1C. Add a plaid scarf In the-.suit's' color ami one ; wore slip.cli- ol blue cv red. a plain I blue liiii of fell and you are ready ! to set sail with thitl pi-ace of mind 1 th-.-.t come-:; only when you know 1 you look your b:si and need not I v.orry. Takes Time Off from Autos .SCHOOL FOIt CHINESE I Cast of Senior Play at Cardwell Selected CARDWKU,, Mo.—Tho cast Of ' the play to be produced by the senior class of Canlwell hUh school has b'.'i'n selected. The play Is com' edy In Itirec acts and Is u linker royally play. II beais Ihe highly j appropriate title of "You'd He Sur| prlwd." J. K. .Summit isi director. jThe cast has bci-n selected as fallows: Jnnet Cirayson (yomm wife!. In;z McCoy; Juck Orayson (her hu.s- bandl, Willie WhlUon; Gnrgon (prohibition oltH-er), Ogle North; Belly We'don (n neighbor), Kdiih Ladcl; Horace Wi-Uhm (Hetty's husband), Joseph Rutherford: Mil title visited his son, Mr. Even-It Felly, Mr. Raymond Calclwcll and family have 1 inov.i'd to Lowdcn. Mr. Ralph Simpson made n business trip to Boonevlllo, Ark., last ttovk. Mr. Frank Peters of llljjhtower vi:lr.'d Ills daughter. Mrs. Everett PiUy. last week MI-SSI'S. Charley l.osvery i\nd Lu Ilirr Gulled were (U n l.i:.t week. visitors on Low- els, prepared from many kinds of wood, In the United Stales forevfc' . products laboratory here, have bc<4>» ' -;I scilt on Journeys through the Unft-.y ' ed States, to end here In Noyem- **r ber for use In the national Grartjs ' convention. Officers of the Rock- WnlwortU Pomona Grange expeol signatures of slate and subordinate. Grange masters ami other men,of national note, on the givels. ' SANVA I'K, N, M. lUP)—WtlOO- pcv murrliiges are banned under u bill Introduced In the house of Now V.'sxlro's legislature. Tlic bill de clin'es iijj-iinsi ihc jx-rformanco ol mmilages between ihe hours ot Daby's Colds |^ jff Best treated without Orayson initld). Aniin Martin; Mrs. mlilnlijht and 0 a. m., and provides 1'lunkc-U ipioilurer of p' M;i-i ih.U nullly pcrsun.s may l» line:! " de Arnold; I'l-jsy I'limkutl Uv.'rjfiom S« to 4100. The bill ;u\l*.. ., >.. ... j) u .,. M [ c( , ],:tinixiii; jiii;. h mu , v( .|. nun suc |, marriages shall li» valid and binding for all pur- . Mulonv (1'liiiuiotl rhnulfciin, i lick liianmim; I'om Pom U-jgue (an ucticss), Edrn Tiximb-; AltJrt Sanders lyouug inventor), J;imrs Fil?BCriild. IXJSl'S. TO U lo Ilcur Signatures I tUl't—Two gav- ' The play will to presented piob- ^"'"u.v j ably the latter putt of April. : Tho play lo be presented by Hi? I Junior cbss will be presented ]>cr- ImiM the lulter part cf March or IlitriffMT FitlalO early In April. H is a 3-act Dennl- rlirUrNl I AjfjN son fmw nr.d is entlllKl "The Wild ' klU * U " ' ' " IHU I Oats IJoy," and Is under HID direction ol Miss Elbnticlli Johnson. IN BUYING Now step out in (he simllglu, e...thank you. sir..And here's I NEW ORLEANS. La. (UP)—New i UK- ijlcajnnt. phot of Eclsel B. Ford ! Orleans now has its first Chinese | which a cameraman took at Miami ] language school for the children of \ Beach, .Fla., the other day. The its 400 Chinese colonists. Simple 1 characters of the 3,000-word Call- itl Mis. A. W. Bowen was boater to Ihc two table bridge club t. which she belongs Friday after- neon, cu'.ert'jinlng also an «:Ur;. table of guests. High score club prize was won by Mrs. Charles Coleman and Mr=. Charles Rosj cut consolation. Mi-:. James Driver wen high score prae among the guests, the number including also Mrs. U D. Massey, Mrs. D. S. Lancy. Mrs. Homer Qninn, Mrs. C. B. Driver and Mrs. W. R. Dycss. .Delicious ri'fla- ments were served following tin game. Mis. Ed L. Quinn was hostess tc- the four ti'.ble bridge club lo which she belongs entertaining Thuri-.l?.v afternoon at her home en Broid- way. Out of town guests v.-crc Mis. L. I,. Var.dervoert and Mrs. Kejl; Bowen, both of Chicago, who are visiting J,frs. Hale Jackson in Os- cecla.• High score •. prize was awarded Mrs. H. L. Driver ond Mrs. J. W. Edrington cut consoljtion favor. A delicious salad course was serve;; ^ following the game. Mrs, Braxton Bragg entertained at bridge at her home hsre Thursday evening ccmpiimea'-in:; M. : . Re'ba navidron; cl Uuicrstovvn. Al?.. who is visiting her daughter. Mrs. j Charles Ix)-.vrance jr., and Mrs. L. L. Vandervoort, of Chicago, who fc the giiest of lier daughter. Mr; , Hale Jackson. Twelve guests enjoyed t-he evs- • ning at contract, and liigh sc'or? prize was awarded JMrs. Hale Jack- sun. Lov/ score favor went to Mrs. J. L. Ward. Tiie honovaes svor3 each presented a dainty iuvov air delicious refrrsiim?nls ein])loyin_ St. Patrick motifs and colors were served. Miss Agnes Ward, who is ntlend- ing Jcnesbcro A. i: M. coll.'ge. \va' at home for the week-end with h: parents. Mr. and .'.Srs. J. L. Wtel Slie bad as her guest Miss towe; RatclifT of Corning. Ark., \vlio is i classmate a; ;;ie Jomsboro collej- Mrs. L. t,. Vandervoort, formerly of Kansas City, Mo., who has be?n visiting her daughter. Mrs. Haic Jackson, and Mr. Jackson in Osce- o!a. left Friday morning for Chi- cage, where she \cill make her fu ture hem:. She was accompanied b. Mr. Vandervoort. wrio al-o .\p::i e;i route from Gr^'c. Ml" wi'.ei? he has bc^n i: businc.-s. *' Judge Zal B. Harrison of B!y tiieville was a business viEltcr i: Osceela Friday. F. A. White nnd Miss Mnr Catherine Ward spent the we:-:end in Comv.iv, Ari.. where the;, were guests of Kc. White's mo'-hor ^frs. Waller White. MJS. A. Co:iv:?.y cf Blythcvili s;:cnl several days las: week in Ov cecln. the s;uest of her niece. Mr. r Ocdfrey White and Mr. White. Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Sheddai vere Xfempiiis vkltors Thursday evening. Mrs. A. W. Bowen. Mrs. o. E .Massing!!]. ?.lirs Mary Cathcrint Ward. Miss Evelyn Ward and P. A Whit'2 were among the Oscsobr,- who saw the cotton carnival 'parad' in Memphis Thnr.vjoy cv:n:n? They '.vere accom|)anled by" Fletcher of Wilson. Misses Elizabeth Doyle nnrl Ev? lyn Emerson, who are nttendiii!; t fi M. college at Jonr?boro. sirn the week-end with their reapectiv families fn Osceola. Dr. and J.frs. L. D. Mws-y an Mr. and ifrs. D. S. Laney ,-irnve I Memphis Thursday evening' to st the cotton carnival parade. ^^rs. George Geyer Adams, for me-rly Miss R&so WiiiEe, announcr nient of whose marriage was nn-1 a few days ago. returned Salurdr to Little Rock where she will makr her future liome. after a visit o' several davs with 1-er inolher. Mrs i John C. White, in Os:sob. She wa- 7 accompanied by Mr. Adams' sistot Mrs. John Hicks cf Lil'.lc Ror!< v.ho had been her c'icsl durinj he slay here. easy I lonesc dialect are being taught to nny »"« youngsters, and It is hopicl to I make them good scholars of their automobile magnate, son of Henry was a vacation visitor 11 ic balmy resort. at inj picture:; probabiv rea-nle<! ll-al snu'-ck But it's e o set th- icita wnliout unv sound accompaniment: John „,.,,.. • r XVciinuller. sn. mining star, and Pcbb: Arnst. mnslcnl to:np<!y '^- ! native tongue in time. Chinese Con- i The United States Unll As^cin- ! n, Dell Iress. are rn'jch :n love. They became Mr. and Mrs. WeismuHcr thclsiil Lee Is one of the sponsors of lion was ornanl/ed in 1891. clirr day ai'ter a whirlwind cci:rt c hip, i'.n;i here they are sltown at;t^e school, which Is being under- Mii'ini Pla.. in their nrs! photo together since their surprise i 'aken under Christian auspices. wedding Little Wilson News Miss Evon McKnlght was « guest of Mrs. Enrl Mies, Sunday. Mrs. I\-lc Workman has returned home from nooncvllle. Ark., where she has been on account of poor i health. I Mrs. Fielder Perry spent last . week nt Helena, Ark., as the gucil I of her flslrr, Mrs. dins. Drown. ! MY. Howe Adams s|K'iit Monday Dell. Mr. W: B. Petty of Stcele, Mo., If you nro vim-down,nervous, or suffer every month, talie Card nl, n iiiL-JIclno used by wo m on for over fifty years. As your lieallh iriiijrovos, you will share llio enthusiasm ot tlioui:aii(lH of otlieru who liavo praised Cardul for tho lieu- cflt3 they have foil after tokliij: U. Ks. pcrtcuco of Kcvornl iieneratlotifi tostl- flea llial r».i CARDUI i Helps Woman to Health POWDER You Jave in uilng • KC.UuLESStluxoi-" high priced br*nd>. -•• FOR OVER YEAS* IT'S OOUILI ACTIHO MHLIOMS OF POUNDS USED BY OUR GOVERNMENT -, The Road lo Chic Bora says Chesterfield - ve seen .»' '^>- l -,*i.^?. »-.\M*J\N.'{ iCr , what yen will—has gene i;rice-! Jn! th:3 yrnr. Nona of HIOEC boxv SAVOY St:A Sen-ire Writer if yon have it In min.l to rail o:it thinjs ai::.t made jcu look ;n.u.iroi u !he sea of chi: ar.s! event-: nnd feel ila--!ireled. They make] 'al':y lar.d in Paris, Vienna. Mo3- a point of t~s-.g sloped in a bi;! ow. you mi;ht plan your spring al (he wahliine. rtare below, have! :thes with a view to travel. First a:id fcrempsl. take a icok .it the iic-.v fo-.:r-piece suits of soft f weed Cliat all of the sm?.rt3st •hops show. Here is beauty plus utility phis that possibility 0 [ hamclicn change that is so ad- .anU'gecus in (rr.vel. The leii^ top-coat, sports coat, .ravel coat or great coat—rail it lovely shouMcr.i ami .=ometh:nj or! O.NK CKNT A DAY PAYS UP TO SI 00 A MONTH The Postal Life <t Casualty In- '' Co.. 2066 Dierks* Building, "nnsa: C;tv. Mo., is offcrinj a newer idcnt policy that p.-ws up to $1CO month frr 24 months for rilsa- •tiity and Sl.COO.0-3 for deaths—cosls ?:s than 1C r. day—53.50 a year. >vr CD.O-M already have this pro- ec'.irn. Men. ivomcn and children, r;e.- 10 to 70. eligible. Send no nciuy. Simrilv sen! mine, address. IHC. t:<-n-;~.ciary's name and vela- :o:-.;!,ip and they will send this •cvcy r,n 10 day.-,' FREE inspe:- .on. No Examination Is required.j Mils ofler is l.miicd, so wrlle thcm| .oday. . —Adv.' Kiilncy Disorders Are Too Serious lo Ignore. When bladder irritations, getting up at night and constant backachekccpyo-j miserable, don't lake chances! Help your kidneys at th: first sign of disorder. Use Conn's Pills. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed by hundreds of thousands of grateful u;c:s. ISold by dealers everywhere. JDoatfs t A m/fff- fVR y&l you take me shopping with, you every day The great Paris designer has turned out another creation. A model of good taste! But good taste is no less desirable in a cigarette. What you taste in Chesterfield is milder and better lo^uros— nothing else—in a blend and "cross-blend" that cannot be copied! Just as there is only one Paris..-.there is only one Chesterfield. L'OR NINETEEN years, our Research Deportment his iept intimate touch with every new jL-vclopmcnt ofScicnce •jiut couU be applied to the rur.iifxtnrc of cigirciws. During this pctioj dicrc lias bun nu ikycloprr.m: of tcsrcd value or importance to the str.okcr which v.c hive noc incorponrcj into the making ol ClicstcrfielJ cigarettes. Tcb.iao Co. They Satisfy -that's Why!.

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