The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1950
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1950 BLYTIIBVIIJ.K. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS McCleilan Hits further Power For President I WASHINGTON, May 20 (If) — Senator McClellan CD-Aik) says he s opposed lo the executive branch of the government having further control over Independent agencies "eh as the Interstate Commerce tommission, regardless of who Is 'resident. In calling Jor Senate defeat of FIRST TOBACCO HAUVESTKK- Shown above is the pilot modcT of the Southern Belle tobacco cutter which soon Is t o be manufactured by the Thomas Manufacturing Co. at (lie Blytheville Air Base. The machine waa developed by R. D. Burkett ol Mt, Pleasant, Tcnn.. and M. D. Lynn of Columbia, Term. Burkctt Is the man above the circular saw in the foreground and Lynn Is at the driver's seat. The three other men are known as tobacco "stickers." . -.--- affecting Ihe fCC. McClellan told the Senate: "It Is not to promote efficiency, t Is not to reorganize In order lo •ffecl economies, but II Is to concentrate power and more power Where? • "Under (he dircrtion of Ihe chief ixeculivc of this nation." He added lhat (lie plan would wmll the executive branch 'g'ab more and more power" President Truman, when asked about the subject at his press conference yesterday, said lust Isn't true: And lie added lhat he didn't re- J.irrt as an obstructionist anyone wtio disagreed with him on nny nrticulnr piece of legislation. McClellnn said that rcornaniza- jon plan is "permanent legisla- ion" and that he is opposed to ilacing the independent agencies uider Ihe influence of Ihe exccu- ive branch. "I'd he opposed lo it whoever Is President," he milled. As for Mr. Truman's comment the Senator said 'Til let the record stand. I said what I meant and want, what I said." Tobacco Harvester to be Made Here; U Figures to Save Money for Farmer 1J.V Cl.AUDI- E. Sl'AKKS Since the (lays of Sir Walter Raleigh, Americans have been confirmed addicts to the practice of smoking tobacco. And practically eve, since that day, man has been seeking a machine to eliminate the wor - Some 875,000 farmers of Inn-ley tobacco have * J"v-vw uu\ i. . .. — - — > -,»».t* biitti Mriv, luil tedious work of harvesting tobacco by hand been awaiting its development Such a machine now has been* perfected and is to be manfactur- eri in Blytheville by the Thomas Manufacturing Co. at the air base. Wesley Thomas has purchased all manufacturing and sales rights to the new mechanised harvester and fays it should be in production within the next six weeks. Two residents of the Tennessee tobacco section develoi>ed the machine which required two years to perfect. They are R, D. Burket. Ml. Pleasant. Term., tobacco farmer, and M. D. Lynn, Columbia, Tenn., rna- chine. e shop owner. To J pilot model was conslrucled i/"^J48 In the Lynn shop. Tip Machine a 'First' Probably the incut interesting aspect of the new tobacco harvester is the fact that this machine is the first to be put Into any tobacco field, according to Wesley Thomas, manufacturer. "This machine Is something entirely new and different." Mr. Thomas said, "and its designers have earned the praise of many tobacco farmers in addition to the stamp of approval of industrial engineers of Ford motor company. "When a tobacco crop is harvested by hand," Mr. Thomas explained, "one person walks down the tobacco row and drops a long pointed stake at every eighth tobacco stalk. v "Another harvester follows him »nd cuts the mature stalk with * long sharp knife and impales the tobacco on the stake. Bach stake will hold eight tobacco stalks when it is imbedded In the earth. "The main trouble with this," Mr. Thomas continued, "is that the walking man must step upon the bottom three tobacco leaves. This damages those leaves and they are the big pay load of Die entire stalk." Mr. Thomas said also that handling of ripe tobacco Is injurious to the product. It must be cut and . been assisting him since last May. Tlie final harvester, greatly improved and streamlined over the pilot model In the picture, will have a 1950 Ford rear end. a Ford truck transmission, steering wheel and gear assembly and is to be powered by a 10 horse power Wisconsin gasoline engine. Agriculture' Mud- Grip tires and Timkin bearings also are to he used In the cutting machine. The machine is to be named the "Southern Belle." Ifc'pil before it can safely be hand• -JR. Once it was wilted, however, it- can be lossed into a truck bed or handled In most any fashion. Saw Docs Cutting The Tennessee men's machine is a large flat-bedded affair mounted with three tobacco sticks and a circular saw. (The machine to be marketed will bo. equipped with two saws enabling the machine to cut from cither side on return swings of the tobacco rows,> Five men are required to operate il. A crew consists o: a cutter, who handles the circular saw. a driver and three ucrsons to stick the lo- Our Telcphom Number 4438 Shelton Motor Co. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Collihan IK) So Kin,iSI.. lilylhtville a day's lime.' Mr. Thomas crop bacco stalks. The cutter takes the stalks as they arc sawed off near the ground and passes them to the three "stickers." Tlie burley tobacco then is hung on the stakes and they in turn are (aid on the ground until the hot sun wilts the leaves and they can be picked up by truck. "It should gather the average farmer's entire tobacco crop In less than said. He estimated an "average to be about five acres. Should Cut I.oss It requires from foi:r to six weeks to gather an average tobacco crop by hand and all this time the farmer Is losing money due to plant injury and mildew. (A field must be completely dry for harvesting.) Inventors of the tobacco harvester and other Murray County tobacco growers have made extensive tests with the machine. Mr. Thomas said, and he himself spent much time In the tobacco fields before it was agreed to manufacture and market It. Ford Motor Co. also has been Interested in the project and has lent the services of two of Its Memphis engineers to aid Mr. Thomas nal engineering phases. They have WARNING ORDER The defendant, S. C. Alexander, Ls warned to appear in the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days nnd answer the complaint of lite plaintiff, Ethel Alcx- inrier. Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal hereof, on his 12th day of May, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clc.-lt By Ania Sykes D. C, Frank C. Douglass, atty for pltf. 5-13-20-27 6-3 Pennsylvania. West Virginia, Kentucky. Illinois. Indiana, Virginia and Alabama are leading coa) producing states. CAP to be Host To Visiting Pilots A group of Memphis CAP members and private pilots is scheduled to arrive at BIytheville's Municipal Airport Sunday to breakfast with local AGP members. Maj. W. R. Crawford, Northeast Arkansas Group supply officer of the CAP, said the Memphis contingent is lo land sometime prior to 9 a.m. He said they will be joined by Blytheville's CAP group for bleak- fast at 9 o'clock. The public is invited to attend tiie breakfast, he stated. Laborites Defeat Threat To Gasoline Rationing LONDON. May 20. fffl-The labor government toda; defeated n challenge to its gusalinc rationing policy. The vote was 187 to 141. The debate, in the House of Commons, was on a private motion of Conservative John Arbuthnot. Since It was a private motion it did not involve the fate .of the government The motion was "that this bouse deplores the continued failure of the government to make available adequate supplies of petrol at B time when large petroleum resourc- exist both outside and inside the sterling area." The U. S Bureau of Land Management took In more than $37.000,000 ."rom management of the public domain in 1949. Political Announcement The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries July 25 and August 8 Japanese Grow Bigger On Food from the U.S. TOKYO -(/P)— Japanese children are setting taller, heavier and heulthicr. The second post-war check of more than 10,000,000 school children by public health officials show that the average is one-third of an Inch taller and one lo t pounds heivicr than on the first survey two years ago. It also shows a 20 per cent dis ease in tooth decay and a 10 pel cent decrease in near-sightedness The hcall). ministry cred- II--) the improved food supply for which the American taxpayer is responsible through imports by the occupation. NOTICE OF RET) CKOSS ANNUAL MEETING Notice is hereby given lhat the Annual Meeting or the Chickasawba District Chapter of the American Red Cross will be held in the Courtroom of the Chicka.sawba District Courthouse in Blytheville, Arkansas, on Wednesday, May 31, 1550 at 7:30 p.m. The purpose of that meeting Is to make an annual report of activities carried on during the past year and to elect Officers and Board Members to direct the operation of the said Chapter for the year beginning July 1, 10.M and ending June 30. 1951. Every person in the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County who has contributed one dollar or more in the past twelve months is member of the Chapter and each member is urged to attend. H. NOBLE GIM. CHAPTER CHAIRMAN By Julia L. Haralson Mrs. Floyd L. Haral.<on Executive Secretary 5-13-20 Here's Our New I'honc Numlicr CITY DRUG CO. and tention locally ™n » .,1,1 „— «L*t.-»v vi -L..L...U lui.uiy \vmic bimms nna LJ. one of President, Truman's reoiRmi- V. Clrmmons, uu occupant of Slmins' /allOll niYIMrt«rt l« {tffar-Hn,-r t K~ Tl-*r~i nr... „.„„_ <„ i_ _ . , „ ' . . _ Selected Census Figures Okayed WASHINGTON. May 20. (,!•) _ With the 1950 population count more lhan 95 percent complete, the Census Bureau has decided io hnve the tentative figures announced locally |or cities of 1,000 or more. The announcement will be made this monlli niul into June. Original plans had called for loc- al announcements only lor counties and for cities having more than 10.001 population. The bureau p/ins no announcement at all now for towns with less than ;,000 population. It will be mid-July before the tentative state population figures ocein to be made available here. The tentative nntionat figure Is not eipccted lo be ready at bureau headquarters until September. fierei the mower for every lawn/ LJWB Mower Blyfheville Machine Shop 211 So. 2nd. i'hnne 2828 Portageville News By Mrs. Raymond Toombs Phone 22« Three Iiijureil Three persons were injured Sunday when n cur driven by William Simius collided with n car driven by Fred Wlllbanks of Haytl near the Liberty Cnfe on Highway 01 south PorlaKCVillp. \Villbanks was cut aljoiit Die hchd face and received medical nt- Slmms and L. wcrc taken lo Ihe Delia Soin- nunily Hosullnl In Sikeston. J1YF Inslullatiun Miss Mary Dell Hohvorlh of Hayward was Installed ns president of the New Madrid Sub-District of MVP Monday evening at the Melli- icllsl Church in Sikestmi The Uev. M. a. Joyce was In *ar(-e of the ceremonies and Into stalled officers for Cape District and sub-districts ami Cape, Mississippi Scott mill New Mudrlcl counties. -.. . .. , Dr - J ohn L. Taylor presided tlmt that over Injitnllntlnn. Other olficers Installed Included Audrey Jiiinrcss, Mnrlin hrown and Martha Miller, all of liny ward. Miss Rulh Nolnnd of Pnrlngcvlllc was elected Cane District secretary WS(!S News The Wiuncii'.s Saelfly of Christian Service met Monday in Iho following homes: Circle One: Mrs. A. H. Ilanini with ten members present Circle Two: Mrs. |.-y c< i Unter- Ktrstii'r with 12 members present. Circle Three: Mrs. Melvin Mydland ivllli 11 members present Circle Four: Mrs, Orcll Harris with ten members present. A Joint meeting will bo held Ihe church June 5. l''u cully Members Kiilcriulnci] Members of (he public school fnc- ulty nnd their husbands and wives and several school hoard members were entertained with n dinner Friday night :it Rcelfoot Luke, Tcnn. Snriitl Notes Mrs. Sadie Richardson entertained wilh n dinner Sunday in honor of her mother. Mrs. M. E. Hawkins Miss Ellen DcUslc attended nn nhunni banquet breakfast In si Louis Saturday for graduates of Fombonne College. Mrs. Jess Mar cnlerlnincd mein- s of her bridge club Thursday when honors went lo Mrs. Guy DeLisle anil Mrs. John Killian Mrs. Moddy Rlchnrdsoii enler- lalncrt members ol Uie Vlctnri/ bridge chib Tuesday. Miss Ellen Dc- [.iste and Mrs. Buddy King won Gene Rone entertained with a fish supper nt his river cabin Monday In honor of Chief Petty Officer find Mrs. Jim Newsomo of California. Mrs. Mary Powell, visiting her daughter. Mrs. K| mo r Poster was Biicst of Honor Tuesday afternoon when Miss N( .|, A ,, ams cnterlBln( , d _ I lie l-ucsdny Bridge Club met at he home of Mrs. MarRuret DeLlsle this week. Honors went to Mrs F,"ler r " M ' ISlC """ Mrs ' Oscnr Mr nnd Mrs. Burl Jeelcr cnter- liilncd Tuesday with a dinner In honor of Mrs. Lorenc Reynolds who Is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Clcll Workman. Mrs. Sam Avery, Mrs. Jack Barnett and Mrs. cloud Foster won honors Tuesday when Mrs, w w Hnivm-d ciilerliilncd her club The Thursday nl i; ht hrlclijc club met last week with Mrs. Mary Turner. I'rlnes went to LIU Murr'and Mrs. R. L, Fisher. I'iU Patterson and the Rov. J. W Ilrowcrs of Caurlhersvlllc were sjic- clnl Biii'sts when PortnircvlUc's tfo- tary Club met Tuesday at Mne's Cafe. at You'll Love Our Flowers! BL,YT!IEV1U,E FLOWER MART Memphis Hiw.Lj Vhant «002 For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cases investigated in several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney function wal improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced aftei Ihe use ol Mountain Valley Walcr. If your doctor has diagnosed your condilion as functional Kidney impairment this natural, un- Ireated rr.ineral waler may be very beneficial. Try il fo; a few weeks. It is delicious, pure-lasting, and may be consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main & Division Water TOR couvrv JUDGE Roland Gieen FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE U H Autry Re-election Post No I John .1. cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 E. O. "Gene" Flceman (For re-election Post No. W. p. Wells for State Senator W R Nicholson J- Lee Bearden <) Are Termites Ruining Your Property? Government statistics say (hat Termite damage was second only lo fire in the United Stales. We will make an inspection and give you an estimate, if needed, without cost. Our work is licensed by Ihe Arkansas State I'lant Hoard— we have 12 years of experience to guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPECTION • SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Blankenshlp 309 Rast Kentucky j, j Phone 2350 or 3579 FI By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT By Advertising In The Classified Columns When You Wani to Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. Will APPEAR SAME DAY Ail Classified Advertising Payable in Advance PHONE 4461 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEKS Death Threats Back Communist Opinions SINGAPORE -«V- The pro- Kuomlnlnng "Cluing Shlnjf Jli Jiao" hsis received ten warning letters, some of the in containing ntli warnings," against publishing anil-Communist news. Tan Kok Chor, H director, said. Then someone to.wcd a liand grenade In the newspaper's office, but H /ailed to explode, Singapore police are stm looking [or the grenade-thrower. Comsgaied Metal Culverts Our Telephone Numlicr 4438 Shelton Motor Co. I Sl'/es up to 81 In. Automatic Flood Gales Concrete Culvert Tile Sis-i's up to 30 In. CoiKTOle Septic Tanks iMctnl Septic Tanks Sewer Tile ntsl Prices VVC Deliver A.H.WEBB Highway til at Slate Line rlionc 711 Fresh Slock Guaranteed Uesl I'ricea Kirby Drug Stores CORNER LOT IBM ^fl^k ^^k ^» M • «_ B^*»^» ^ A fl "^ r*I IB/ \ M 8 l« IV/IV *JALC Located at 1600 West Wo/not Street one o^ the best residential sections in Blytheville. Good elevation, well drained. , For Sale at S 2750 Cash or Termi Hny 2271 RAY F. PRICE Telephone Niglif 2733 AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT '26750 1,000-Gallon Storage Tanks with sill hose an<i fittings $497.50 '297.50 Barksdaie South Broadway Phone 2911 GASOLINE — TRACTOR KUKI. — KEROSKNE riFEl, OIL - D1KSEL KUia OIL & CKKASB G. O. 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