The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1933
Page 2
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NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER l(j, 1933 Refusal to Trump Losing Trick Saved This Con tract tended a aiceting Thursday even- Were it not for Homer, the ins at Die home of Mrs. 'Andrew I Greclt P°",' . " le 501:let !' nc dc ' Barker. RefreshmcnUi were served I »rlbcs would have vanished Irom following the business session. This human knowledge. _ Old folks, Social Calendar •L'UJZSOAY'S KVENTH O. E. S. meeting. 7:30 V- m. l| ! Young Matrons Bridge club, Mrs. Rilcy B. Jones, hostess. Lanee P. T. A. 3 p. m. U. D. C. Bcncfil bridge and rook party, Mrs. G. S. Barnes' home, 2:30 p. m. Young Matrons Bridge Supper club, Mrs. Crawford Greene hostess. WEDNESDAYS EVENTS Luncheon meeting, executive board Mi'sslssippi County Federation of Women's clubs, at Woman's club. U. D. C. Benefit bridge and rook IIIIIB parly at home of Mrs. G. S Barnes, 2-.30 p. m. Elmwood Cemetery assoclatloi meeting, 2:30 p. in. Central Ward P. T. A , 3 p. m Delphian Fine Arts club meel ing al Hole) Noble 10:30 a. m., fol lowed by president's luncheon. Elmwood cemetery associalion meets with Mrs. U. W. MulllOi at 2:30 o'clock. THURSDAYS EVENTS Thuisday .Luncheon club, Mrs. Ross D. Hughes hostess. Mrs. B. A. Lynch entertaining Mld-Week Bridge club. Thursday Contract club, Mrs. O E. Keck hostess. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Music department of Woman's club, at home of Mrs. R. I'. Pad dison on Kentucky avc., 2:30 p m. Fidelis Sunday school class. First Baptist church. Mrs. Russell Fart- hostess, 7:30 p. in. Mrs. A. J. Thornton. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. and Miss Mary Hrtnu Gallin. of Moi-ganllcld, Ky., "IT guests of Mr. iinrl Mrs. C. J. Ev- Mr. and Mrs. George While have returned lo their home » Tampa, Fla., after a visit with Mr While's parcnls, Mr. and ' Mrs Jerry While, at Promised Land. Mrs. Idn Crawford has returned from Memphis where she attended to business 'for several days. Oseeola Society — Personal The O.sceola High School Parent i'eucher Association will undertake its prime objective this year he purchase of books for the lib- ary adequate and suitable lor Hie varied interests of Die sevcra grades. Benefit programs to EC cure the necessary funds are plan ncd throughout the year.. begin the annual Hnllowe'e party Al the regular meeting last wee Supt. Cleo. Deer made a brief la) emphasizing Die Importance o good books: in both home an school and s'.aled Hint Mibscrlr lions had been made to 27 inonl! ly magazines for sludenl readln 11 was voted Hint the prlir one dollar which It has been tl ustom in award Die grade havh he largest mother attendance, ised by Die winning grade lo b library book, mid hat sepain K be offered lo the grade xhool and lo Ihe lilsh school. The second and twelfth urudes won prizes at lust week's niceilni!. The program Included a lalk by Miss Alene Word, Osccolu attorney. ee president. Uichard Gcume-, ce prc">tdcnl. Marlon Wright; erelniy-lrrasuiTf. Hussell Chiles; porter, l.uvellc Rogers; cheer adcr, I'erry Medley. Sophomore president, Allan Sctiravcs; president, Marion Cromer; ecvctiuy - treasurer, 'Clementine nwcii; reporter, Mary Elizabeth ulloiie i a nk Freshman class president, Butler: vice president I •cr:,Hy of Arkansas. Mrs. Shlppen .'iis actompanlcd by her small son.. BJIHe, and Mr. and Mrs. Clias. were also members of the i pin ly. | Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Coleman i and their .small daughter licttlc Jean wen; week-end visitors In Lit-1 >iiina Rae Driver; sccrelary-lrcfis- rer, Nona Snelson. Eighth gade resident, Until Edrlngton; vice ircsldcnl. Carl Walker; Mcrclary- rcasurer, tiely Jo Tiehreiis; rc- lorler,' Virginia Cromer. (Seventh iiiule president, Charles Green; •lee presiilent, Jcrrcl Leslie: .sec- eUo 1 , Ralph Wilson; .scrgcunl-at- arms, Pleas Iluckabay; •carle Cartwrlghl. Principal aclivlly of Ihe senior class this year Is Ihe cdiltni; of Iliu Semlnola I'mv Wow. u monthly school news .sheet with Kallicritic Me Rock, attending the Arkansas-, liaylor giime and vLsillng Mr. i Column's parents, Mr. and Mrs.' Chas. T. C'oleman. Doctois Geo. Con'e, M.' B, Nlckol and l.on/o Howlon, Osccola denl- itls, altendcd (he meeting o( the Tri-Klale LYntal Association In Memphis last 'week, Today's Contrud Problem Tlie following'uiiiil ]iret:eats 4 Komi example of a new u-caiioti in rontratl lirlilge. study tin' band i-arcfully. Tlicn dcddu what arlloii -yo'.i wijiild- take, if you were Weal, vllfll SOUlll O|iclllcd UlU COD' liarilnt; .Jones as editor: Melvin Lapldcs assistant cdilor; Marian M. Klioads club reporter and Frank Chiles sporls rc)»rler. ' • • * The return of Fleet No. 'I of (be U. S. Army Engineers, a concrete casting plant, l» Osceola. where It will lie quartered for some lime, brings back a number of families who became e.slabllshed In the so- lal activities of the town during a icbldence of nliuosl two years Mr and Mis. A. W. Young went I lo Joucsboro. Thursday lo atlcnil (he funeral of C. C. Walson. roponcr.j . MIWJ Dorothy Jones of Mountain View. Mo., Joined her brother Donald I.eroy Jones, here a few clays ago to remain till his recovery fiom Injuries he rqcclvcd when he drove hLs automobile Into Die roiu-iiMe approach lo' n highway bridge .south of Orceola while trying lo pass a Irock about a week ugii. Mr. Jones, who Is an "inployec of the Lillle Ilock bl- icc ol the Public National Life nsmance Co., of Joplin. Mo., sus- nlneil a head Injury nud a finc- urcil pelvis In the m:el('.ent and vill be confined to his bed for six veek.v Miss .'Jones is slaying with >er brother at Ihe W. L. Moore Lccion Auxiliary Has National Uffeiuc Pro A program on national defense, which Is an annual event hi the American Legion Auxiliary, was given Friday afternoon nl the home on "The Old and Ihe New School System." n song by pupils of Ihe second grade, a dance by Pcarlc CarUvrighl find rending of the president's message by Mrs. W. E. Hunt. H wus announced Mini Mrs. Gco. Deer will cotiducl a study In "Child Training." wilh group meetings held al 2:M o'clock In the afteinuoii earli second Wednesday of ihe calendar month proceeding ri'fiular P. '". A. meellims Sixty molheis ntlcmlhiK last week's meeting included twenty- eight new members. Sludenl orguul/allons ol Ihe O.s- ceola High School, recently per- fecled, include a Latin Club, Booster Club. Ciimiiicrcial Uiub, Current Event Club. U.IC. Club, H-l Y Club. Girls' Kcscrvo organization, Hobby Club. G. O. 15. Club, which is n secret organization, mid when the fleet was stationed here before Us removal in July of last year lo Cairo. III. Included in the numbers art Mr. ami Mrs. Win. IV House. Miami Mrs. W. II. Kulley. Mr. am Mrs. J. li. titilckliiiK. Mr. and Mrs D. 11. J-lilt/. the A. T. Pale family the C. t,. Sciidvold*. .Iliumlc I'ra fliers. Uan Perkins, Dill Fislier mid fl. L. Shannons. Mrs. si rick ling will be lemenibered as Hi 'oniicr Miss Lillian Florida of O.s- rraln. Mr.s. ICelley is at picscnl In Little Rock but will ioin Mr. Kelley here this fall. Mr. and Mr.v Undfrey White ,pciil the week-end in Little Hock where llii'y iillcndeil the Avkaiisas- llaylnr fonlball game. They were John i'. Thomas, to be hostess, < sands of them say they prefer queen of club.s nus relumed and I November 'J. \ Thedford's v.licn Eusl pul on the king. Soulh! A lartsc number attended the box. ii-i'iinvjci with ihe nine of hearts. . M1 npci- Friday evening. Hie pro-] BLACK-DRAUGHT No-*-, instead ol lulling u dia-u-mls ol v.hich will be used for _.v,pn thev need a niond, ll:e declarer led Die ten of Hie piano fund. Mrs. Ira Kooncc w " c " ""^ triinip and won in dummy iiilh the won the prize, u quill. Mrs. Gerry It does lU WOfK SO well. king. He nex played the jack of clubs and discarded the ciglu of diamonds'. West won with ihe ace and cashed hLs ace of diamonds. lie led another diamond which declarer won with tl'.c i|i:een. His cnly chance lo make the contract was lo find ihe hearts divided so he swung Hie ace and droned the queen and seven. Now all 1-c had'to'do was to play Ihe ace of spades, lead a small spade to dummy's king and discard the iwo losing spadcj on the gccd clulis. '' If lie-liad hfied lo riilf a diamond, he could no! have made ti'.c hand. iCopyright, 1933, NBA Service. Inc.l Solution to Previous Contract Problem lourlsf hotel. IIV W.M. i;. McKKNNKV Secretary, American llritlKC I.t While, it generally pays lo mil icn-'hrj cards, there are times when this play must !»• avoided. 1 be- lre\e Die following hand, which was piaycd In the recent Pennsylvania State Championship Toiuna- Bits oj Netts Mostly Personal of Mrs. F. P. Jacobs at Grider. Mis. Jacobs, second vice president n nallonnl defense chairman, had arranged a series of talks on lids ll-.emc which followed her discussion ol "Building a New Navy." Mrs. C. E. Crlgger's subject, was •T Am All Ahieficarif-Mrs. Cicoige Hamilton spoke on "To Be a Go3d Citizen" and a pamphlet on "Tlie Flag Speaks' 1 was given by Mis. A. Ji. Washburn. Mrs. John W. Edriugton of Oi- ceola sang "A Bowl of Roses" by Henley, "Smllin 1 ThroiiBli" and "The Little Silver Ring." One ot the outstanding matter: of Die business session was ire report by Mrs. Jacobs of u peppy b:i .having been planlcd in the Gridc-i Memorial park. The group decided lo plant an evergreen there ir, memory of the Ulte Major O. L Bodsnhamcr. Mrs. A. M. Washburn was appointed chairman ot tills project. As the next meeting falls on tile day before Armistice Day il was decided lo have a special projraai j and to invite the stale president. I Mrs. T. P. Glacomini. and Die | southern vice president of the- na-. tional division, Mrs. Charles IL Miller, of Little Rock, to-attend. Tile 12 members present !:cavd reports of the recent benefit party by Mrs. C. J. Little when $31.75 was nclted and Mrs. Neill Reed, treasurer, reported that blanks would br distributed when each member would be asked lo b= rcsponsibl: for securing one head stone tcr ar unmarked grave of a world wa: veteran In MiJisisslppi ccunly. It was voted to order 400 flaf buttons for sale on Armistice Day with Mrs. E. B. Wcodion. Mrs. lay \ Welch. Mrs. Russell Farr. Mrs. Ed- I fiftr Bomm and Mrs. A. M. Was-- ] burn to assist In the sale. In a talk by Mrs. Howard Proc-1 tor she announced Ihc subject ^l the Fidac essay would Ire "Poaci With Security" and th" Fi dac conference would lr.- lir-lc! in London, Eng.. this year. Ti;c unit vctcd lo coopcra'.r wifii | other local org.ini/ations in cb wrving National Education week all which time all members are t-i vis:' | a school. Mrs. C. G. Redman was appointed chairman ol Junior ar- livities. Tn urging all members In cnlisl new members, Mrs. Howard Proctor, president, gave a rcporl ol the autumn cjnfe'rcncc she as- tended at. Little. Reel; hit .week when it was announced t'l'al r. "torch light" pin will be given in honor of Major Bodenhnmer to each member who obtains ten new members. A salad course was tcrveil. O. E. t>. lo Have Special Meeting Mrs. L. M. nurnrir. vorlliy ii'.i- Uon of Die local chanter of the liaslern Star, plans lo have ;\ .succial program al the mcclini; Tuesday evening. 7:30 p. m. three music clubs. Junior and senior lilgli school class urKiuiiwilious have l;cen per 'ectcd mill Die rollowliiii officers Reeled: Senior clius president Malc,olm T,\yUir: vice president Rebecca Nichols; wiTCtiiry-lrnimr- er. '-XJa'ry 'Stewart Duller. Junior class- • president, Rlchnvd (Jromer guest of their sister, Mrs. Gco. Ad;uns and Mr. Adams. Mr. lind Mrs. C. n. Driver. Mr. ROXY Last Time Today MAT. ;im1 MTK—llh- - Zn KK!C I.INDKN ami MKMCN Md\KI,l,AR in "fflK PAST OF MARY HOLMES' Spirit and Mrs. .lames Driver and Mrs. Heb'e-rl Shippcn went lo Litllc rjnck Saturday for Die Arkimsis- Uaylor fuolbitli Biiinc, inci'linj; their bruther. Jeltie Driver who came over for the name fiom Fa>;olte- vllle, where he atleiids the ' IJtil.- ill/) LAST TIME TODAY Mr. and Mrs. nruce Ivy have us i their uiscsls for a few days Mi-s. Ivy's brother, Robert .Murphy, and Lieut. Churles Warren Monroe : of | Raiulolph Field, Texas, who me en route to Chicago where they will attend the Worlds Fair. Mr. and Mra. J. L. Ward> j panied by their daughters, Mrs. | F. A. While and Mrs. K. II'. Smilh jr.. liavi: gone lo Mena lor a visit 1 with Mr. ami Mrs. Louis Gwall-1 ney. Mii. Ward will slay for-two > weeks' and other member, 1 ;, of tin.-1 parly will return Tuesday. | Mr. and Mr.s. Ira Wright me i the parenls of an infaul son born Monday. Oclober n, at their home- here. Tlic baby has been named James Richard. Mrs.- Wrislit was before her mavrkige, .Miss Lita Clark of Gifinvllle./Tcxos. Mrs. E, A. Miller ', ot Waehiijg- lon, D. .0., Ls- herei-for.'a visit wilh lire slsli'r, Mi's. John^R. Miller unit lr. Miller. ment, to be a very good example of tills play. * KIM V K S • t f. Q J 10 n 6 1 'i Q 1 0 0 S A K J ;i A A 7 J \V K A K S 5 * A i:: •' y A.I I" :i f> 4 (J HI S .'. * X"1IG '1'he United Clules consumes an sUiiiatcd lolxl of.30.000,(X)0 loiis o! crap .iron : ,annually. Hie Kidding South and Wesl pciffed. Norlli ojienin-; the cor.tracl wilhoneclub Soulh bid one hcarl. West bid two diamonds. Ncrtli |:asscil, Ji'Ait pissed and South bid two. spades Wesl [nissed ami Norlh bid Ihrce rlufe. Soulh bid lliree hearts auc Norlh wcnr lo four hearts. The. I'l.-iy The opening Ic.ul was the k 'if diamonds. West nexl led Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Cox and Mr. Mrs. L. B. Ilaynes spenl ycs- leidny in ^5clllpllis wlK'ic Ihey attended the funeral of Dr. U. K. Sauls, a brother-in-law of Mr. Cox. Mrs. Ted Madcris has relumed to her home in Jackson. Tenn., after i visil with her sisier, Mrs. Hva Poc. • J. E. Whilworlh, who has been ill at his home on Walnut street since Friday, Ls .slightly -better lo- dny. . C.-A. Hovcy, Dr. Krina >Nies and Mrs. Stephen H. Urou'cs spent yesterday in Memphis W'ilh Mrs. Hovcy who is ill at ibc Uaptisl lospital, Mrs. Louis Wilsiun and daughter. Anna Lou, and Mr.s. l-'icd gjnndc- fur, spent Kalurday in Memphis. Mrs. Eula Hullcdsc and .son, Raymond, moved today to Die library apartment. Mis. Christine Purvis is .Micnd- ing today in Memphis. i Mr. and Mrs. David Barton, ol Wilson, spent Ihe. weekend with. Mrs. Barton's parenls, Mr. and L Mrs. W. M. Burns. Mrs. Barton's! sister. Mrs. LcRoy Wood, .nccom-1 l>anied ihcin home for u week's slay. ' " : Doffwood Items j Officers and teachers of the rc- 'mull heart- which was won in | ccntly organized Sunday school at- Hie duinmy will-, the ciehl. . The; Paine won a box of candy. NuWa Cleaners PHONE 180 ISulanc gas has ht-cn found tn be one of the most efficient fuels ever uieri in locomolives; it was lonp considered on unimporlant byproduct of the pcUolcum indnstiy. .ENDS a Cold .Sooner PROVID BY 2 GENERATIONS LUCKY SMOKERS JAN10T (iAYNOK mill WAHNKU HAXTEK ii\ 'PADDY' I'uraiiiiiunt News Our (tuny Cuiiu'ily Tuesday - Weds. THE SCREEN'S MAN OF THUNDER WRAPPED IN THE ARMS OF THE SCREEN'S 'WOMAN OF FIRE! Tucs,-Wed.-Thurs. MAT. & NITE—lOc - A Grcint: i-!o»ol' or. v;!ieol; . . . .-a.,,ing good entertain- ,j , me:)t," says T Motion Picture Dally. V/'il'n RSTHER RAL^IOSJ COMRAD V«IDT Jt.fn9.vry, Hriy Hl'th, Ciorrion H-rrder, CcJnc M.-:d»kVc. Uifcetcd by Walhr fa;<le. A Gsurror.l Ficl-irt ic- luj«d by UNIVERSAL. Ptc- by Col Moran & Mack Comed . News - ALWAVS the finest tobaccos ALWAYS ihcjinc&t workmanship'S Luchics please! It's noi by accident-that Luckies-draw so easily, burn so evenly. For each-and every Lucky is : fully packed—filial to the brim with sweet, ripe,.mellow Turkish and Domestic, tobaccos. Round, firm— -no loose cuds. That's why Luckies are so.smooth. "ils toasted " TOR TlIRO.Vr PROTECTION-TOR BE'lTEK TASTE •1!"

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