The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 27, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY; • NOVRMBTDR 27, 194J BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE . > Transp Truck Convoy On Vital Burma Koarl ortation Costs $100 Per Ton - Worth It To Chinese HV DAVID S. WAITE MHor, iuugapore |r r er Vress, ^SINGAPORE, Nov. 27. — iBy \ Clipper). — No one was happier i;'eout the reopening- of the Burma road than the men who drive Die hundreds of trucks carrying war •supplies into the heart' of free China. During Lhe three months the road \va.s closed the drivers overhauled their trucks. They worked on the road itself, made dangerous, points ^ comparatively safe. Now the road is in full .service tigaiu us the "life line" of free China, it is no longer a "back_ door," but the front entrance to a i vast territory still able and eager to light. While ihe road was closed munitions trickled 1 through to Chung- king by way of Soviet Russia, but the main artery for war supplies Manila Society—Personal Air. niui Ivlrs. R. T. While. Mr. und Mr,s. Albert Whilo, Mr. and Mix HurbiM't Griffin. Mr. :md Mrs. suul Mr. siwl Mrs. White. .Missionary Union rs of the W. M. I), of the- Hiiutist Church met Monday in [he basement of mwing. Mrs. decree ! *nt. presided over the mecl- •'rn^.s, "1 Need Thrc Kverv Mrs. George Morris, who has been visiting her parents. Mr. und Mrs. J. p. drain ior the past week has returned to her homo in I'varl Uivcr, Hi, Miss Oeii' Ilu<;s is visiting her Hster, Mrs. Joe Uolliiifjer, in Mid- church for their regular weekly ulolon, Tenn. She plan.s Lo stay lor several weeks. 'Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Brown and d^iujjhutr.s. Bonnie May und Vi'rna I'Juth, of Vt-rnon, Ky., an. 1 iuuv.ti: onus, Mr. ami Mrs. .A, R. BaUaru, Sho was cniled to Manila became of I lie illness of her mother. Mrs, whose conditions Is reported to be still serious. The Rev. P. M. Sweet is spending Ihf first- of this week In Marked Trfri. Dr. W, P. irutelilns Is seriously ill al his home here. Kr-rui Courier News want ads. Many Women Relieved Hour" und ""['u; So Sweet to Trust in ,h>:;ur;" were sung followed with : l!ll:; wet>k <>' Mayor and Mrs. W. k prayer by Mrs. Daniel Johnson.' MY;;. II. i*. jcniigan conducted the Mrs. Albert Heott spoilt [ Bible Study which wus, based on Friday nltjht with tlu-ir i he- II a:ul 12th chapters of Mill- !t ' !(l 1'nmlly. Mr. and Mrs. A, W. thew, These chapters were rwui j Smith, in O>n>ol:i. They returned and iii.scus.stHl by the different. j hoiwvSivturdiiy. members piv.sent. j Miss Mildred lloul o! 'I'li-kernum In the business session plans for i ' s lll « : ;.','it'M this wr-i-k uf her .sh- must, be from Burma. There Ls still a great deal of misapprehension about the road. I • •• -w« j.* j^ * »_* * wi iu*vi i ti*J vy v« i> VitQ; I \JUV4 . I /. -. . , . , L'hough right now it may be- the '• Irom lhe te " lple re stiiouse one can Convoy of trucks at Lashio, Burma, ready to start lhft t , ip lo lhe a, hLillg front ol i'ree Chmu. natives are at left. a modicum of comfort it is not to be recommended to those who like LO travel in luxury. Paoshan i.s on a broad plain surrounded by high mountains and •most important road in the world,! get ' a com &** view of the town it is still far from being a wide motor truck route. It is winding. often narrow. It climbs great mountain ranges. The first scheme for a road linking Burma and China was drawn and surrounding countryside. From Paoshan the road leads through wild country to Hsiakwan. tiie halfway house between Kun- ming and Lashio. The Chinese iirms concerned with the transportation of goods along the Burma draw-inn ol names for the Christina;; lire were discussed. Minutes ;:uli were read and an- TSie next meetiny will be Mond»y afternoon at the church when the; monthly Koyal .Service jiv<>- ynui! will be presenu'il, All members an- ur>M-<! to b<> present, ,_„_ , . up in'i860 and a caravan route j road havo their main office here has long existed between the two j and there is a resthouse in the countries. But it was not until the j town that'most travelers describe outbreak of the present Sino-Jap- ias the best on the road auese hostilities in 1937 that the j ^^ Hsiakwan, the' town of Chinese government took the proj- j Tsouhsiung is the next night stop, ect seriously and allocated money J It Is Just about H0 mlles from M 1 ' ™ Construction work.; Hsiakwan but at least a full day's Up U> 1937 practically the only <h . ive in aut omobile or truck along work already done was that carried : lhe rather erratic main road out by the Yunnan provincial authorities for local communications, but once the Sino-Japanese war The rest of the journey into Kunming is over one of the best ;PHIUPPINE IS. / FRENCH \ -CHINA-: Club • Sixiwn me.mbc-r.s of the Birthday Club me i Wednesday. Nov. 20 at the lioine' u! Mrs. Dean Fierce honoring Mrs. E. c. Fleouuvn on her ler, Mr:;. R. j. McKinwm and Mr. Mi-Kinnun in Manila. Mr. and Mrs. Mike '['lu-mie of Kosedale, Miss., were weekend guv.sts o! ,). M. Mutton and other re.hi- Jives in Munilu. Tliey returned to their home Monday. William l.uwluirn, who has been in Alexandria, Ui.. lor several duy.s, has returned lo Munilu. Kidiiird i-'ox WHS n visitor in Newport .Sunday. Mrs. Claud Grain, Mrs. (:,. Mi he Jr.. Mrs. Vincent Lay have till biu.-n ill tliis week. Mrs. Luv and birthday. A hir^e birthday civke Mrs ' Mik(> 1U ' (1 recovering nicely, wan the center of uUhtction on the Uirat' I able at which places were laid lor 16 members and one visitor, Miss Midred Hout of Tucker' man. The culb presented Mrs. Pk'<>- j man with a gift. had begun in earnest no time was !' ;ections / )f , the road an jj some driv | crs embark on a little cautious ''speeding' 'on selected stretches. To arrive in Kunming is definitely "to arrive" in China, although one is still far away from Chungking. lost in undertaking the road as a national task. COMFORTS OF HOME ARE LACKING It may be said that the road was built in 1938 and early 1939 and the work of improving it, widening it and shortening it has gone on unceasingly ever "since. At one time there were -nearly one million laborers engaged on the road, and the • Yunnan-Burma Highway Bureau still employs jspme A VS.OOO^niec for ' repair, maintenance . aJid..-^-rei, construction duties. • :-^ v In making the journey from I 1 . T. A. The Manila P. T. A. will meet Tuesday. Dec. 3. for the first meeting ol this term of school according to the president. Mrs. E. E. Byrd, Miss Carolyn Haley will lend the program for the afternoon. All parents are asked to attend. w. s. c. s. The Woman's Society of Christian Service will meet Friday ut i I lie home of Mrs. II. Poo. Mrs. , Fred Needhnm will give n program ( on Spiritual Life at thnt time. From Lashio to Kunming on the mountainous Burma Road i.s a • Mrs - H - M- Flecrimn. president, is officers and mem- effort to attend six day journey of 725 miles. On U. S. highways, the same distance ; f^. ing ll j nt n11 'o f f lcei ' s 'y ul mem- Chicago to near Kansas City via Dubuque—is an 18-hour jaunt. miles.. Jt is not recorded what the Kunming is, however, in the heart t speed-record for the complete jour- of Free China and the center of ] ney from Lashio to Kunming • is. the business and financial life of j but several have completed the the nation, even now that the journey inside three days. French Indo-China railway no longer .brings war supplies from Haiphong 25 M.P.II/ j the backing of the experts Islome 7oo"miles -from China \ cl ™J& ff transporting munitions actual frontier post being at 5?1. °* e _ r _ ^ ent ! Ql , SUp E lies .. l ° Rangoon to Kunming (Yunnan) one can travel by rail for 560 miles from the Burma capital to Lashio. This takes a couple of days. Lashio is not actually on the border though it is commonly regarded as the frontier town. It the actual frontier post Wangtang. where the traveler must undergo passport and customs routine for himself, his car and his baggage. Lashio is. of course, the important center for the through traffic and any day now one can encounter in that town a cosmopolitan crowd of Burmese, Chinese. Indians, and a few Americans and Englishmen. The journey up to . the frontier | is not without its excitements, but the hardships of. the trip really} : _ .. begin once Lhe traveler is across 1 imrcl ua >'the border. A night spent at Paoshan, the first "town" on the China section of the road from Burma, is not FAIR SPEED Those "'WHO" know the" Burma- China road well reckon that 20 to 25 m.p.h. is a very fair average speed for through traffic. Tn good weather it is possible to "speed" at 30 m.pJi. in certain sections, but Chinese point out that if the read .; can be made good enough ; there Us ho reason why the journey 'should not be done within a day. '[ It v rmast. .be .remembered,, that Ra ngpbn ' iS : two 'or th ree d ay Jj ;f Vorn Lashio. so it is probably wise' toi allow, a fortnight for the transit cf goods, from the, time they arrive in Burma to the' time" they reach Kunming ready for distribution to this is advisable only on the Kun- which ever part of Free China may ming side. One estimate, which has China along the road, is that the entire trip can be made comfortably in six days by truck and in three days by private automobile if there are no breakdowns and at least two people to take turns at require them. It will "be seen v that the Burma- China' road still presents many difficulties, not least - ; of which is the high cost of transport. Apart from "the heavy wear and tear on the trucks using the road, there is the;- cost of fuel for the vehicles and it has been estimated that of every 100 drums of gasoline taken easily forgotten. The only "hotel" is a resthoxise run by the China Travel Service. It is situated in a former temple and while it provides the driving wheel. Here is ' the! into Chinn ' at least 20 to 25 mus ' schedule for a truck: ! First Day: Lashio to Wangling,! 117. miles; Wangting- to Mangshih. 58 miles. Second Day: Mangshih to Pao- . 130 miles. j Paoshan to Yung-1 ping. 85 miles. . j Fourth. Day: "Yungping to Ksia- | kwan. 75 miles. j Fifth Day: Hsiakwan to Esouh- j be consumed on the way. Transportation costs from Rangoon to Kunming often work out at something like- S10Q (U. S. ! currency) per ton. Ice Cutting and Storage Simplified With Freeze "SLEEPY EYE. Minn. (UP)—J. A. Loffclmacher attained public prominence in Sleepy Eye with the announcement of his plan .simplifying ice cutting and storage. "No sense in ^all thcl fuss," Lof- felmacher said. "Too much trouble scraping the snow off river ice, sawing it up and carting it off co the ice house. Be simpler to pump river water into the ice house and let it freeze there. When you wanted ice. you could saw off just how much you wanted without waste motion." Sleepy. Eye residents unanimously approved the plan. bers make an tiiis meeting. Attend Crain i.s re-ported to bo improving slowly. M. M, Bonds und family were the- weekend quests of his sister, Mrs, Will Wright and family of Mimllu. Mi 1 . Boml'.s home i.s la I.UUUK City, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Mutton uvul children have returned from :» visit with relatives In Louisville. Miss. Dr. 11. D. Robinson left Mondny for a visit with relatives in Ludlow, Miss. Mrs. Kenneth LIIMC left Monday r or her home in Detroit, Mich., after several weeks visit with he.- par- nervousness, cnunp- like pain, and other periodic distress ^ of women may be due to functional itysnicnorrhea from malnutrition. 11 condition often helped by CAlinui, Muin way it helps is by incroiisiny appetite und How of tiastrk- juice; thus aiding digestion. building resistance to periodic distress. The other way CARDUI may help you: Take it u few days before und during "the i.imn." Ui-ed und popular for more than 50 years. YOUR DOLLARS ONLY 2* PER HOUR POWER OPERATING COST WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY 4 TUBE TABLE RADIOS •4-K-5I5 HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. ,1. \V. Aduins, Mgr'. ZOC W. Main I'lione Convention Several persons from Manila attended the St. Francis Singing Convention in Leachvillc Sunday. Among those who attended were the Rev. and Mrs. H. P. Jernigan and family and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Davenport of Brinkley; Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly be--' cause it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel' germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal;raw, tender, in-; flamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist .to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the un-: derstanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough 'or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Suite Of Offices For Rent We now have available a five-room suite of offices located over the First National Bank. suitable for physicians, lawyers or other prot'es- .,, sionul UHCH. Those offices would also be particularly 'well adapted Lo the needs of a'company 'or ;• corporation requiring 8 p a c i o ti s.' well-liglittict' quarters'. These of/ices are newly decorated and in excellent condition.- Tor complete information, write or apply to : the First National Bank 3&w "Z$i siung, 140 miles. Sixth Day: Tsouhsiung to Kun- j ming, 120 miles. | This makes a total of about 725 ; 'vf&J%& TETTER • Clearing-up help and | ^ healing aid helped by antisepsis of Black and White Ointment soothes ; out burn, itch. First try does it or j your money back. £T Vital in cleans- ; ing is good soap, get Black and White Skin Soap—at all de'alers. UAPPY UOUR GRO.& "MOT. PUB DBUVE&T W. Mala 84, Phone IS v«K# f^fj 1 ! ™%% v *^sfe> ' f l£LD $TAXs We have a demonstrator MASSEY-HARRIS TRIPPER COMBINE AT A BARGAIN PRICE Either Power-Shaft Driven or with new motor assembly at bargain prices WE HAVE NEW MOTOR ASSEMBLIES FOR 1939 MODEL TRIPPER COMBINES AT MONEY-SAVING PRICES £220 F. 0. B. Wilson, Ark. WE HAVE UP-TO-DATE REPAIR STOCK FOR TRIPPER COMBINES WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS LEE WILSON & CO. WILSON, ARK. < \ V 1&\ % ' '*•?* * x -v, v ^---V \ V \. 4*S ss N ^ ^ / ^5 wpy - \r % BETTE DAVIS starred irj Warner Bros, current hit /"THE LETTER" Every itep in the making of Chesterfield Cigarettes ii supervised by skilled inspecters: One is here shown examining a "hand" of tobacco before it goes lo Iho stemmery whore every part of the stem is removed. (Aj seen in fne new fifm " TOfiACCOLANO, U. S. A. "J t*s mr ^^ f *•**£?' TA5T * a "iofr e/ . s/ . s55*ti^ Co ">P/ereTv /10C/S ' ""*e O ^ ^^te' ::;#-^ts?sf ^J^V^Zt^ajg^ ""'"WA^*. ^I^Vxs i, ^^^^BKse ¥^mj^^^a W/#tff/>ii KiK «* *fe*« %/Wk >'^; Belte ^ !y & •*••+*. m MAKE YOUR NfXT PACK _ lesterfi leia Licerrr 4 MT*I* TOIACCO C« Come in and drive a CMC, See how Ball-Bearing Steering, as developed by CMC, saves steering effort and makes CMC Trucks "as easy to drive as an automobile." It's the greatest truck comfort and safety development since the first pneumatic tire. Even Jo*" szes Ball-Bearing Steering was introduced two years ago in medium and heavy CMC Trucks. It has been proved in millions of miles of service. Now all GMCs have it. STILL PRICED WITH THE LOWEST.. Even with all their outstanding driver-comfort and safety features, CMC Trucks cost little or rio more to buy. Time payment; fhrouch our own YMAC Plan ot loweit ovoiloble rcles LEE MOTOR SALES, luc. 3C5 E. Main Phone 329 —THE TRUCK OF VALUE- CMC TRUCKS GASOUNt - OfES EI

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