The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 6, 1937
Page 3
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SATURDAY, N'OVKMBKK 0, in;>,7 BLYTHEVILLE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS I in TO >U Child i^xnerls rianiiec Routine Upbringing For I'onions Children EDITOR'S NOTE: This is lhr> filth of a series of arlu-les ti'll- iii'i for the time what sci- <">?<! has learned ulmut the Hicimc (iiiljjliip.v-is The nrii- i-lfs arc bvil nn <-i"ntifvc paiicrs road before Canadian and" American snentisls at a .special meeting in Toronto. BY iwra; CATTON' M-.'A Service .Stall itorn-sprmclrni TORONTO. Nov. 6.—The problem or training- th e Dloiinp quintuplet' ( lias been exactly like the problem met in any home whore there is a group of small children to bring up Five little girls ,ij c fiw little <;»•!<, even if they are the most famous ones on earth. And when experts ir child training from St. Cieorge 1 ; School for Child Study, In Toronto were called in to ailvisc on tlx training of the Dionues. they simply adapted the principles that have been proven successful ii-itli other children. Tliey met some problems, o! course, and made some discoveries Among the problems: What do you do when n smal' quintuplet insists on standing uj at the foot of her bed when sin ought to be lying down and sleep ing? What happens when five quints duly ushered into the dining room indulge in a wild free-for-all dn to the fact that all five or then wniit to sit In t!i<? same chair? Suppose a quint with a mind o her own decides that she woul' rather eat her custard than he I spinnch. when spinach is what slv Yeally needs; what then? < Need Other Children Among the discoveries: Tirol the quints can feed Uvsm selves quite capably, but that the do it in a manner thnt would pu Emily Post right under the table T.l'nt a miintttgjlGl who down' want to go to sleep can devise strat agems cunning beyond her years That five youngsters of exitctl- the same age who B row up together mingling with no other children are somewhat handicapped, am that the quintuplets need lo mi: with older and younger childrcj whose backgrounds, bringing up and so on, are different than thei own. '.$ij.ti( '•;;.::»j As soon as the <Jmnts outgrew th need ;(op;^xtraprrtina'fy- precaution madc.mecessarjvby their promatiir birth, the need for exiwrt advice a to their training became apparent This advise was sought arid obtain ed from the University of Toronto' St. George's School for child Studv The results are described in "; paper by ihe school's director. Di ' W. K. Blafe and his co-workers D. A. Millichamp and A. L. Harris Atlidule of Serenity Called into consultation when tlr quints were about a year old. Di Blatz suggested that their dail' routine be based on these princi plc-s: A concept of discipline which i' educational rather than punitive Development of responsibility tr expecting children to look afte their own needs as tar as possible Arrangement of physical sur roundings so as to stimulate tli r quints' sense of initiative and ad venture. An attitude of serenity on tin part of (he adults associated will the quints, accompanied by an ariul example of rf'easurablc industry The children's sleeping routim was the first (o come up for con- sideratlon. They had been geltinr about 16 hours' of sleep daily—ar hour and a half in the mornins two hours or more in the ntter- noon. nnd approximately 12 hour.' ut night. At the age of 2 tin morning sleep was eliminated, anr' the afternoon sleep was gradualh reduced from two hours to abou'i an hour and a half. Their sleeping habits have always been remarkably regular, and it \vas not until the fall of 1036 that any problems arose. Then the quints apparently decided that the first houi after bedtime offered an unusually attractive chance for a little wholehearted romping, nnd proceeded tc act on that decision. Finally Toppled Over Maybe they were being put to bed too early? Bedtime -,vas postponed from 6:30 until 7: but this meant nothing to the quints. Put them tc bed and they wouldn't even lie down; instead they would stand at the foot, of the bed. Jabbcrine and gesturing at a great rate. One •youngster once remained there until she fell asleep standing up and toppled over on the bidding. There was nothing to do bill put the quints in horizontal positions by force: which was all very well, except that as soon as a nurse left one duly stictchcd-out sister to attend lo another, the first one .should bob up as blithely as ever. ' The only way out of this wns to show the quints that the adults had just a little more Cndiiran,-r than they had. 1 took a lot ol trouble, but it finally worked— after weary nlchls in which one child might have to be put back- to bed 20 or 30 times. The quints finally got the idea. Took a Sleeping Jacket It really took n trick sleeping jacket to make the victory lasting. This was a species of liv;Vt quilt with attached ariutetf, which was fastened down at. Ihe four corners In such a way that tbe quint ACCJUirirm- Muscular Co-ordination CHEESE IS PAGE THREE Truck Hailed By Dairy Farmers' Barrage V\ / T»? * n'V y •r;yr"''""'<i-3 y n- «"wr^ — ..•—— — -— ^ Cream Cheese: Is Old Smootliy In 1) (; ;i 1 i n g Willi Food Costs 1!V MttS. (iAYNOlt MADDOX M:.V Ken-Ire Stuff Writer 'Hie lerrilic rise In mcul cost has made iinuiy a lowly food on high dignity. Such simple products as collide uiul nviim cheese have now (-rent hemor hi llu hind We l«n K forgot Hint they uu rich sources ot protein, that \.n-il Ingredient In meat whlrh prices pin beyond the reach of Jtiany. Cotta»e cheese has n hi .content ami therefore perMu-, rather quickly. Huy only cnouuh lor onc or («•„ days lit a time. It i fairly low in fnt conlpnl, urn) j therefore Improved by the of cream or salad dressing. Ore-inn cheest' i.s iiko perishable but not o much so us cottage chei-sf. It is called ni s o Neulchiilcl vals nnd white cheese, aw cse mm- (his 8 rOiH .ulvivnluiie I ' ~^K*f""^ ..' ' " ^. - ....™wft««w?»fr:. ... •'•'"• !'-iMMiBKKSBK!!£ffl ' "•' ' r ---.-i--.* ••..-••••, .,.*.. ««^«i«??^|^W^;iB|u..lVJ7. .NKA'<!,.,->••.•.*, (ITS dWrk-lil. 1.W, A'KA'hYrvjor. |,,,.) I r °™ ltl ' IU ''' for >' olul lf children. ^^" '" ~K,-V,..X•.«.-•:.>:j ,1 .„-.-.,.., ,(„ ..'.;. I once you realize Hint these To teach (he quintuplet:; proper muscular co-ordinati:n. Inclined boards with little cleats are set ? llrescs ""' vlch '" Protein similar uu: r war lo force r.Tomilllun u UK Dairy i-amier.-,' Union und l^hcr prlcm for milk from 'iili'iii sHpplym;. N,.',V Yuri: Cily. A i>rmip of :;liik t i.s ubou 1 hiy down n b-irni f <l • u milk truck nt IV.lsclr.m, K. Y. . nursery routine calls for children to be allowed to do about as they please In outdoor play *rvods, and that is the plan follnvec! In the quints' nursery. At left, Ceciie chooses lo lean around tree nnd peek at the photographer: at right. Eml'ie gek- a spot of exercise out of a sawhorse /as kept warm and was under no, Since they had always had so estraint-cxccpt that she couldn't; much attention from grownups o anything but lie down. Since: they showed at first a tendency >. was introduced, the quints have: to rely too much en i-rownvins- T' P "r, .. „ ] ••" "' tl:e fs " of 193S "« reBHlar They didn t surrender witbout nursery school routine for ciiil- rying everything, though. It was clrcn of their-age was begun. • ,.ini-i n -,., .i _ ? ,._ s . u .:.- C i ''' lle children were taught how- to use their outdoor play materials '.s, tricycles. - wagons, and so on—and for half on hour lecp out of the nursery. She would 1 ,",„, in H™,, ,l,,lir,,H,, „ 1,... l. ' *""«' ie down dutifully and yes — and then wold shut her } start to each "' :ai examination showed that she vas all right did they discover hat it was just an act. ncist a night or tivo in the isola- morning they were seated into the mysteries clay, paints, and so table, low-cost, protein-itch roods. Collude (,'hucs-e Olattn 1C generous servings) Two cups cottage cheese. 'J-4 teaspoon salt. 1-8 teaspoon pnprlkn, 1-2 cup cream, i dash cuycnne pepper. 1 teaspoon Worcestershire snvice. 1 tablespoon clear gelatin, 1-2 cup cold water. Add the gelntln to the cold water and plnce over hot wnter to dissolve. Combine nil the other Ingredients and beat until smooth. Then add the cool gelatin. Pout this mixture Into a rliiu mold that has been dipped In cold water, chill until linn. Unmol:! on u bed ot lettuce nnd nil with n fresh veijo- tnble salad. With cninberikj now In season, collage cheese sauce Is nn ideal dessert for children, nnd in tucl for all protein find vitamin-hungry members ot the family, u'Is mnde by forcing cottage cheese llircusb n tine sieve and adding enough cream to make It about the consistency or applesauce. Add sugnr or vanllln, if desired, and surlnkl? will' n little cinnamon, serve very cold with slewed cranberries. It's no Job at all to give youngsters their protein In the form ot sweet cookies. C'rcani Cliee« Cookies • Four tablespoons butter. 4 tablespoons cream cheese. 4 tablespoons raw brown sugar. 2 latalespoons ; coarsely chopped |»iuuita. 1-2 teaspoon sail, 7-8 cup Hour. Crenm butter and crcviin cheese together. Add sugar, salt nnd nuts. Christian Character and Pence removed from the Blytheville hos- pltal today to her home on the Gosneil road. Mrs. Preston Alley and baby Mlx thoroughly, then silt In enough ivere removed from the Blylhc- " otlr 'o knead. Roll thin and cut moder- imlil ville hospital to their home today w ' l ' J cookie cutter. Bake tu in n Cobb ambulance. ate oven (350 degrees P.) Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Wylle look j Willy brown. • their two year old daughter, Heard, of modeling Care was j taken to avoid giving them too j much supervision', for the most! part n quint plays with whatever toys or materials she wishes, the! to Memphis yesterday where she wa.n in the Methodist hospital over night for observation. Russell Dyer Is a patient in the i Memphis Methodist hospital. Walter Ray, of Leachville, is ir W. L. Hughes is In the Baptist lospilai in Memphis. Mrs. E. P. Poster, of Hayli, has Woman. Itn, I'l^ks Cotton WATER VALLEY. Miss. (UP) — Frances Shaw, 107-year-old 'Negro woman, near here, picks 100 J pounds of cotton dally, reads without glasses, hears well nnd boasts: that her teeth iiri- in good condt- iiY WM. )•:. c.n.iti)v. i). j). lillllor of Allvillire There Is no subject about which he world Is more concerned today limn thnt of ponce. Even at hour when war with nil Its mechanized terrorism and Us limitless poiver of destruction Is ul work In Kpnin. In china, nnd ol,w- A'heiv. It is obvious tl'nt llrj nations, ivtllvmiyh they are arnii'd to '•lie Iteth. really feiiv wiir ::nd "flint to iivold it. A hundred things imve hup- •>cncd during the last [cw yeiivs 'lint prlnr lo the World Will 1 .vould linvp <|ii|ckly brought de.c- lurallons of war nml put ivnlli»i.s 'n dondly conlllcls. Tlvn World vVnr revealed in some measure .vl:nt modern warfnre means, and 10 nntlcn welcomes II. piirUonlnr- y If It Involves attack or defense MJfttnxl it formidable foe. Uut our lesson enforces Insls- '.ent an.1 perclstcnl qiipsllons, Can intions llmt think war, Unit talk .viir, nnd the! are nrmed to the pc-lli, secure nnd innlntivln peace? ^nn mnnklnd be frcn from slrlte unoiif! nnllons if there be strife md warfare among Individuals? Is world pence a dcslruUlc con- Jltlcn of"- blesscmveif that comes I lliraitKh talking r.bout It, through ; the machinery of trenlles nnd | World Courts nnd Leagues of Nn| lions, or Is world pence .WHifthinc thnt depends rundamc.ntally on mi'ii ot pracc nnd goiid wlllV It i.'i not (iidlciilt to answer these questions. In fuel, they are ini'i- werwl In the history of the world nnd in the course ut daily life. If >i'c would ntcnhi any real pence, It must como throng!! eller reln- tlon.ship:i amonn men nnd ihvuu|<h the civ-sting out from livimntv life of the things that make for war. What are ihew lliiiijjs? They nrc tl'.Liujs that ari 1 assoctute<l with evil in general: covflousnos/,, nnd K-orldly ambition for wciilth and | posvci-. arced !iiv,-| sclflsliiipss. dls- refiiird of the rlnlils and liberties of others, ivngry and passionate tempers. Ihe spirit ol midlce. bvck of forbfarnnce nnd consideration lor; these lire tiiltms thnt who ehnmploncd It to suiter or die for It. We should no n long step lo- wnrd endina war If wo took from It the tinsel nnd the Blory, ni\;l imtions. nnd ninong the notions, In n world that has Increiislnnly Srrcmn one commiinlly. If tile pence ot Christ ruled in the I'.cnrls of men, these things could not In- so, If the word of j Christ dwell In us nil, we could not live upon n pUnu- of violence, * •> •> Uiil some one will siiy. "Have i not Christian nulions been nmunt: Ihe worst nnvmlurs! Do not Christian preachers nnd tcnclii'rs siiiK-llon nnd bless wnrs in which their romitry hnppcns In lit en- I gniicd?" j Vi'S, tills Is true. Satlly nno must j contess it; nor cnn we here dls- I cuts the i-ltl/cn's practical duly; when his nation Is attacked or Is 1 ul war. Sltinitlrnii nrl5e Hint nre I complex nnd dlir.cult. but one! I 1 .:Ing Is certnln: the :,phll of j Christian tcitchlnt; Is o'i|io.sed lo tin.' spirit of wur nnd violence. We must KM:, too, that we :lo net sanction such things In tin; imini! of Christ, rr there hnve been ,<i)-i'jil!e;i "lioly wars", U 'wiis not wivr lluvt was holy, but the im- wltlsh ili'votlon to some hlxh (cause nnd |l:c wililiujness of Ihiise If we blessing of lite church. Even could concclvi! of war to tc under certain clrcinnstiinccs un- nvqldutilc, it \vonld make « great illllei'ence If we regarded It (is n mutter o[ stern nnd terrible necessity rather than nnyllilnf inherently rli>ht or noble, or in ' any sense holy. Areordlii. { to csUitmtcs, nlltjntor.i arc only two feel long when l.hey tire IT) years old, Rfiul Cuiirier News wunt Arts SPECIAL Merchants (Mate HOTEL NOBLE "IVlK'I'C JfOSplhllily TS n Ucality," n-" •-•• IVIi.v Itiiy it l'lic>tn-(;mi|iiui from Itinerant crews tvliitn T11K S01ITHWOUTH STUDIO irlli IMIIC you one AHSOMITEM' KIIKH, BlvliiB you ItK'I'TKIl I'IIOT()(5H\I'[1S, OV1ICKER SKIt- VK'K AND Dlil.lVKItV anil nil nbscnci! of lIKlll-l'ltl'.SSllIlK In liirrraKc your orilcr. I'ATJIONI/K VOllll IIOMi: I\ST1TUTIONS i\]i,kcr Of 1'lnc rliQtogmphs. :ion room and saw the , i - . . , , Mane Cllly nl | e bei|lg ( , ]al E)le musl pu( , been admitted to the Memphis ' one away before she gets out an-! Methodist hospital. error of; ot | lci . one from are being K charms. 111 At One Table As soon as the children could it up. they were fed in higjt hairs. Two nurses would go into iction. each taking care of two liunts at n time. This meant rouble, for one o.uint always had o wait for the second table, didn't Ike it. nnrt expressed her dislike •nmlstakably. So the chairs were 'rraiigcd in a semicircle and ail he quints were fed at once. By the fall of 1930 the quints oitld drink well, so small tables vere installed, with two quints at m> and three at the other nnd a iiirr.c. at. each to supervise. Now hey all cat at one table, with an dull eating with them. Ky contrast with tt:e traditional -it tie Willir. who liate.s to wash, he quints took to their washroom '.online avidly. Each quint goes lint get;, l:cr washcloth, tooth- Jiush. comb, and towe!. washes "icr hnnds and face, takr.s a sonie- 'vbat ineffective swipe at her hair -.vith ti:n c«mb and a vigorous bvit -atbor inrfficient whirl at her 'cc.tlv with the toothbrush, and •beii hangs things up in their proper places. They do this just nit as well as the average 3- vear-old in the nursery school. Nt:t M«rh Supervision Th? quiiiLs are, al:-o wlllini; Enou»h about learning to dress themselves, although a good many teps In the process are naturally Seyond them so far. They can usually manage their stocking!; and shoes am! their outdoor clothes. Definite routines ''avc been set up for the quints' play periods. At the Hospitals Billy Lyn Holbrook, one month i old son of Mr. and Jfrs. C. W.' Holbrook. .was admitted lo Ihe Blytheville hospital today for treatment. ' : Mrs. S. W. Price, of Manila, has j been admitted lo the Blytheville hospital for treatment. i Mike Minireth. of Leachville.! was admitted to the Blytheville! hospital today for treatment, Vernou Rogers, who was admit-' led to the Blytheville hospital Thursday for treatment for poison f ivy. was dismissed today. j Velma Lee Ford, five, who was: badly burned ten days ago, was' Humming birds cannot use their' legs for walking purposes. 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