The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1968 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 29, 1968
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' PM» Tiw » Blythevllli (Art.) Courier Ne*>-JrtMty. Mirch M, tin» ^ ^ Daily Record Weather "'•''V. S. Weather Bureau — Agricultural Service •- Kelscr, Ark. ; General Weather Features — Under Hie control of a high pressure system, warm spring weather will continue over Hie slate. This high pressure system is centered off the South Carolina coast and southerly winds moving up the back side 6f Ihe, high will bring the above- normal temperatures. At the same time, they will be moving moisture in and causing an increase in the cloud coverage over the stale. At present no triggering mechanism is 'threatening our area and no raja is expected through the weekend. Weather Effects on Agriculture — Abundant soil moisture and temperatures above normal combine to give good growth to winter grains in many areas. Some farmers are also applying the last of the fertilizer to winter grain by aerial spraying. Early morning and late afternoon is the best time lor this activity. Daytime winds will be running eight to 16 miles per hour today. Good daytime dry- infe conditions continue to dry out fields to permit machine operations in more areas. Heavier soils and poorly drained fields are still on the wet side. However, it now appears thai this dry spell will last into the early part of next week. five-Day Forecast — Saturday through Wednesday — Temperatures will average 10 lo 15 degrees above normal with minor day-to-day changes. Normal highs 63 to 71. Normal lows 42 to_49. Rainfall will total Irom near one-half inch in the southwest part of the slate to less than one-quarter inch or less elsewhere, occurring as occasional periods of rains early next week. Yesterday'* high — W Overnight low — 50 Precipitation previous 24 hours (to T a.m. today) — none Precipitation Jnn. 1 to dftte — 8.67 Sunset today — 6:19 Sunrise tomorrow — 5:52 This Date «' Year Asa Yesterday's high — 76 Overnight low — S6 Precipitation Jen. 1 to date — 7.34 Markets Open High Low Last Chicago Wheat May . 148ft 148% 148V« July . 1511's 151-T« 151% 16U4 Sept . 155 155% 154- 1 ,! 55>,ii Chicago Soybeans ! May . 273*« 273-^ 273'/ 4 273li July . 276 s s F/M* 276% 27614 Aug . 27G',i 276-tt 273-Vs 27G : !s New York Stocks Texas GS ................ 120 Chrysler ................. 58 RCA ..... ................ 46?. AT & T .................. 49*s Dow ..................... 80 Xerox ..................... 242 Vz GM ... ................... "",4 Pan Americ .............. Wi Ford ..................... 48% W'house .................. 64 US Steel ................. 38 5 ,s Curtis Pub ............... 9','. Comsat .................. •i9 7 /i Amer. Motors ............ 11% Sears ................... 61 V4 Parke Davis ............. 263s Gen. Elect ............... 85% Beth. Steel ............... 28'A Reynolds Tob ............ 41% Standard NJ ............. 70 Holiday Inn .............. 43',4 Ark-La ..... - ............. 35-S4 Ark-Mo (BID) ............ 10-)i Divco-Wayne ............. 49Vs P re-registration Is Underway Pre-regislralion of students planning to enroll in the first grade in Osceola School District One for the 1968-1968 fall semester is underway and will run until April 22. Parents should bring w i t h students a birth certificate and a certificate from a physician stating that the child has been immunized from poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, red measles and smallpox. Also needed is the result of the pupil's tuberculin skin test. Lillie Bizzell Mrs. Lillie Bizzell. 92. widow j of James Henry Bizzeli, died Thursday in Milan, Tenn. Formerly a resident of Blytheville and Caruthersville, she has been a resident of Humboldt, Tenn., for the past four years. Survivors include two sons, Junius Bizzell of Memphis and Albert Bizzell of Caruthersville; One daughter, Mrs. Elbert Brown of Humboldt; Fourteen grandchildren and 44 great-grandchildren. Graveside services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday In Mount Zion Cemetery, near Steele. Gerald Cowan will officiate with Cobb Funeral Home in charge. Mrs. Votes Pallbearers at the services for Mrs. Essye Mitchell Yates today were Roland Rounsaville, ! Charles Smith, Arthur Weaver, j Jimmie Sanders, Leland Riddell and Joe Davis. Burial was in Elmwood Cemetery, Cobb Funeral Home in : charge. i She leaves a daughter, Mrs. | Ernest Hawkins o( Memphis; A son, Mike Vales of Blytheville ; A brother, George Mitchell of Memphis; And two grandchildren. Breakfast Is At Dell School Dell Kiwanis Club will hold a pancake breakfast tomorrow from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the high school cafetorium. Proceeds will be used for Ihe club's youth work, a c 1 u b spokesman said. Revival At Number Nine Rev. Marvin Sifford, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in , Blytheville, be evangelist for a revival at Number Nine Baptist Church, April 1-7. VIETNAM (Continued from page one) 2,046, compared with 76 Americans killed and 631 wounded.' While attention was focused on the Fill, U.S. pilots flew a total ol 114 missions over North Vietnam Thursday, (lie largest number since March 20 when 119 strikes took place. Key missions included * raid by Air Force F4 Phantoms on Phuc Vcj airfield, 18 miles northwest ol Hanoi. It is North Vietnam's major M1G base and has a 9,200-foot runway. Pilots reported that surface- lo-air missiles were fired at them and that they spotted two airborne MIGs, but the enemy jets did not tangle with them. A spokesman said the MIGs may have taken off from Phuc Yen just before the strike to avoid being caught on the ground. Because of overcast skies, there was no damage assessment. Navy all-weather A6 Intruders from the nuclear-powered carrier Enterprise pounded the Cat 'Bi airfield four miles southeast of Haiphong and the Hoi Doi military barracks 22 miles south-southwest of Haiphong. Other Navy warplanes raked • a total of 115 southbound enemy] trucks in the panhandle. ! In ground action, Viet Cong, troops ambushed two cmpanies of South Vietnamese rangers on patrol deep in the Mekong Delta 130 miles south of Saigon. The rangers suffered 22 dead and 18 wounded, unofficial field reports said. South Vietnamese headquarters said 30 enemy were killed. Jn Vientiane. Laos, three North Vietnamese sailors, captured by the U.S. Navy in the Tonkin Gulf in 19C6, were set free and turned over to Hanoi authorities. A U.S. spokesman said the release of the senior lieutenant and two corporals was in response to North Vietnam's releasing three American pilots last month. He expressed the hope that this would lead to (he release of more prisoners by both sides. TO SPEAK — Louis Katz, a senior at Blytheville High School, w i 11. represent the First Baptist Church and the Mississippi County Baptist Association in the Better Speakers' Tournament at the District Training Union Convention in Leachville on April 2. Wade Reeves Pallbearers at the services of Wade 0. Reeves today were Mike Dodd, Bud Sweat, Frank Wagner, George Ingram, Billy Gilbow, Carl Wallace, Wesley Stallings and Pat Chitmon. Cobb Funeral Home was in charge. Saw it on TV CANTON, 111. (AP) - An intruder in a Canton store was pursued and stunned Wednesday night with a well-aimed karate chop by a store employe who said he only did what they do on television. "I've been watching The Avengers on television and 1 just tried to do what they do," said Billie R. Vaughan, 27, an employe at the auto supply store. "And it worked," he said. The karate victim was being j The karate victim was being! held for questioning by police. Time Not Right For Bourguiba TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) - President Habib Bourguiba sent a letter Thursday to king Hussein of Jordan saying the time was not ripe for an Arab summit- meeting. Bourguiba has expressed the same opinion on several occasions, and has not attended recent meetings of Arab chiefs of state. The Tunisian president said, however, that he favored consultations at lower levels, such as between foreign ministers. FULBRiGHT (Continued tram f«i« One) Kennedy of New York, both of whom are critical of Johnson's Vietnam policy. Fulbright said, however, that he would abide by the decision of the Arkansas convention delegate and that he would sup-port the nominee chosen by the convention. ... , , . . . ., ,. do not plan to bolt the party, he said. Fulbright said he hoped the| President would seek a negotiated peace. "He isn't going to succeed in getting a coonskm home on the wall," Fulbright said. Fulbright, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Com- w««k that h* was nrtmisly em-] D««th Sentence sklering running < (gainst Ful-| MBy |, Commuted bright. Fulbright said Secretary of State Dean Rusk is "utterly incapable of entertaining any idea of a change of policy." Fulbright was asked •|Moy, MATAMOROS, Mexico (AP) — Dykes Askew Simmons Jr., an American held in an Mexican prison under a death sen- wanted Rusk removed from office and replied by saying that he did not want to engage in if he'uace for alrrost nine years is not "in a particularly bad situation," U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Fulton Freeman said Thurs- personality conflicts. {day. The senator paid his $2,500 i Simmons, 38, has been jailed filing fee in $100 bills, which he in Mexico since 1959 when he ..- „ said came from some very trugtl noWe cUJzens in(erest . ed in , he wdfare of our coun . try ., Fu ib r i g ht also signed his p art y j 0 y a it y pledge. Fulbright said he hoped that Mc Math would not oppose him. .< It iijn , t necessary," Ful- br jg ht jjy. "if all yop are looking (or is an alternative, they a i reac (y have that " the United States had faced with the possible exception of, the Civil War. He said he had getter La Ft Than . . . been trying to persuade the| •_ President to alter his policy. * * * The senator, who filed for reelection to a fifth term Thursday, told a news conference that the "Wall Street people" are turning against the war because K is ruining the economy. ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) With unseasonable temperatures in the 80s, a Christmas thank you note arrived in Annapolis from 9-year-old Timmy Gearhart of Donegal, Pa. To Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bobby ~K. Hayes of Calico! Thompson, his Aunt and Uncle, ock has already filed to op- 1 he w 016 -' " ! S ot y° ur Present Rock pose Fulbright in the Democratic party primary this summer. There has been speculation that former Gov. Sid McMath would also oppose Ful- and opened it. I looked at it in surprise. I needed a watch very bad. I had one but I lost it." The thank-you, which arrived Thursday, was dated Dec. 27, bright in the primary. 1967. A handritten postscript Republican Charles T, Ber- noted: "I thought the letter was nard of. Earle said earlier this mailed but it wasn't." was arrested in connection with the slayings of three members of a Monterrey, Mexico, physician's family. Freeman said there is no possibility that Simmons will be executed. He said he believes the death sentence will be commuted soon. Plunge Kills Man NEW YORK (AP) - A parking garage attendant was killed Thursday^ police said, when he drove'an automobile into an elevator shaft and plunged six stories onto the empty elevator on the ground floor. Police said Robert Gbnzales, 30, of Brooklyn, apparently believed the elevator was at the sixth-floor level. Secret Service The U. S. Secret Service, a bureau of the Treasury Department was originally established to detect and arrest counterfeiters of the currency. Its agents were assigned to other executive departments for specialized duties-and it was a logical choice to protect"the nation's president. TO AR8, CMARDENERS NEW DELHI (AP) - City gardeners went on strike in pressing a demand that they be provided with swords. The s rike was called after 25 gardeners were frightened by a five-foot' snake while they were cleaning a public park. They claimed-if they had been furnished the long curving swords used here to cut grass the snake, PIlVIlEoeS AUTHORIZED tl SECOND CLAW MAIL BlythcvllleCourier Mem BLYTHEVILLE. ARK. ZIP - ;MIS Birr; W. Bilnei, Publliku 3rd « W»lnut It. Bljthevllle. Ark. Published dull; except Sunttay Second class postage paid at Bly* therille, Ark. In Bl.vthevHle *nd towns )a tlu Bljtbtvllle trade terrltorj. ROME DELIVERY RATES , Pally 35c per week UV MAIL • PAYABLE IN ADVANCE Witnln 50 miles of BlytheTllle 5».0t> per year Morn than 50 miles Irom Blythevillt 118 00 per year • Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Services By COBB FUKERAL HOME INTEGRITY MBS. ESSYE MITCHELL YATES — Services at 1:31 p.m. Friday In Cobb ChapeL ' WADE O. REEVES — Services at 3:30 p.m. Friday in Cobb ChapeL 'SEE JSMMIE FIRST PRICES SMASHED _— On — GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES BIG DAYS FRIDAY, SATURDAY And MONDAY BUY 'EM WHOLESALE FLOOR SAMPLES-SOME SCRATCHED-CLOSEOUTS SOME COLORED-ONE OF A KIND-TERRIFIC SAVINGS Spuds for Vodka? PRESQUE ISLE. Maine (AP) — Republican State Chairman Cyril M. Joly Jr. has a suggestion on how to get rid of Maine's Services begin nightly at 7:30! potato surplus. Joly told a GOP IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA D1S- TRIC OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS AMANDA MILLER, PLAINTIFF VS. NO. 17560 BARBARA MILLER AND UNKNOWN HEIRS OF Eb'GEiS'E MILLER, DECEASED, IF ANY DEFENDANTS NOTICE Notice is hereby given that there has been filed in the office of the Clerk of the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Ar- i kansas, a Petition for partition I of Lot Six (6), Block "C", Far-! ron and Lilly Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. All persons claiming any interest therein are hereby notified and warned to appear in said Court with thirty (30) days from the date of publication of this Notice and show what interest, if any, the said persons, including the unknown heirs of I Eugene Miller, deceased, if any, ( have in said property. i WITNESS my hand as Uerk' shd the Seal of said Court on tiiis the 13th day of March, 1968. ,",' Geraldine Listen, ;•"• ' Chancery Court Clerk Graham Sudbury, Attorney at Law IIS N. Second Street Srylheville, Arkansas Attorney for Plaintiff MS, 8, 29, 4-5 according to the church pastor, platform | Rev. Bill Cardwell. The Hancock Family will be | of spuds might well be made in charge of music. I into vodka. i piauurm committee meetin; Thursday Ihat the state's excess i—ONLY 18 DAYS LEFT— HOW TO TAME YOUR N ^i I/) UJ LU INCOME TAX TAW IT TO ItOCW T(iV» •xptrti at whipping up • FEDERAL (ait, Kcvral* M« return AND (dot «BV« r»« *••• *»"y- STATE ond efof. iftoiwy, teal Drop by yww Mora* HOCK cffk« today. ____________ W< (u«f«nl« o«vral< pr«pof«tion •( «'«iy t«< rilutn. If •« nuk« ««r «"»" ">•' <•>* )*" •"» P«"iV •' Inllttlt, wt »ill My III* Mn»lt> »r lnl»nlt. __ America's Ltigttt Tax S«rvic» with Qv»r 2000 OKicw 419 WEST MAIN STREET HOURS: Week!)*?* » <o 5; Sit. t in t Phone PO 1-S4M No Appointment Neceuary PORTABLE DISHWASHER Front loader, soft food waste disposer, thoro-wash, power arm, power tower, power shower, big capacity, easy loading, cutting board top, only one, smashed price $ 172,70 FOOD FREEZER 17.8 Cu. Ft. net volume, no defrosting ever, other models to choose from but only one at this Smashed price $ 324.22 w., Etec. 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Red Tag Special. Buy as many as you need. Smashed price ., '229.95 w. COLOR T.V. Save $70.00, 1st come - 1st served! Only one at this Smashed Price 198.98 Black & Wh. PORT. _TY Many . portables, table models and console models to choose from but only one for this Smashed Price ,• 77.77 FREE SHOPPING BAGS - FREE DELIVERY JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNI1URE-CARPE1S- APPLIANCES PHONE PO. 2-2487 "SEE JIMMIE m m m

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