The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1935
Page 1
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TWO _BLYTHEV1LLB.' (AKK.) COURIER ; NEWS Social Calendar ,„ THURSDAY'S EVENTS '•Mrs". J. Louis Cherry having • Mid-Week. 1 Bridge club. Mrs.. H. A. Taylor having the Thursday Bridge club. -Thursday Luncheon club meet ing with Mrs n ' P Klr=hnei -Mrs. G. G. Caudlll cmertatn- ing'iThursday Contract club. ,yarbro Women's Missionary society, meeting with Mrs'. Lowell Biiniham, 3;oo p.m. ..Yarbro-W. M. S. meeting 2 P. W.,-with Mrs. Losvcll Jjurnhn'm. Woman s auxiliary First Picsby- tyrian clunch sponsoring "Aikim- sas-ColIege Party" at church* 7:30 p. m FRIDAYS EVENTS .ElmuoQd .Cr>meteiy association- meets with Mrs: A. n. Holland at 2 30 \>m -Ladies Bible class of the First Methodist church meeting with Mrs Frank Webb, '30 p m •'•SATURDAY'S 'EVENTS ^Children of Confederacy havin? liuYeheon meeting with Mary;Jean AffiRF 1 P. M Bride-Elect: Guest Of Honor At Tea. Mrs. I. .Qi^WeslCTOok and her daughter,"/.ill's; R.-L. Dedmau of Memphis,' entertained (;5 of theii friends yesterday afternoon with n .tea to meet .Mtes.'Hallli! Hughes of Joiner, ol Mi I. b Wesl brook, Jr ' Tho suesls vure received by Mrs Westbrook Mrs, Didmati, Miss, .her' mother, Mrs. August Hughes, of Joiner, -and her sister Mrs,-. Rufus Holt.' of psceoln. Mixed flowers decorated the low. or floor of tho Westbrook home r ajii} a pink and white coloi mo U , \wvs prettily used in the dining room A lacs covei, 0101 pink dH~thc Hblo ivns the setting foi a centerpiece.of a miniature, bride nnd bildcjrcom. la. u. hejil,, v Mill stcod on B mirror .encircled will'. TO Around the wntcipleco were liny silver wedding liells, tied wilh pink ribtont which were favors Pink taoeis, in crystal hold-rs uero it each end of tho table. Mrs C. K> Lailgston of Uvi dill' and Mis. Milton Shelby, of Wll son, presided at the refreshment Uible, "a misted by Mrs Donald Fletcher, of Jolnei, daughter o Mrs Wes.tbroe!' The samo silicic were us>H In Iho aiso.tetl sand vvlches Ewed niUi cakes, lea nut coffee: . Each guest wiote >i rcilpe lu tho bride elect's novy cpok book Included iin the out of lowjv guests •>' was"^ also Miss Mildrqd Smith of 'Jontjhoro, houseguest, ol All find .Mi^f^V'/f) Bunirftt, Mrs ^Weslbnjok and Mrs' D'd man enlertaincd the out of town guests with a •uippei pa iiy an g n show before thev relumed hoim last evening Mui.ii Club lijeel- Pupite of tl,e McEov ell Mu=lc club, made up of students of MU< Minnie leo Jonc*, met with E a l>n and Josephine Shiblcy at U E home of Mr and Mrs A G Shibley Friday evening Mnont the 30 present v.erc a number ct guests. Piano •solos v eic g.vcn bj Babr Stewart, Gloria. Mae Yarbioiigli Jeanne Copcljnd nnd MqvJju Harris These made talks ' Perfection Eefoie the Petal'. Lont^ Reeves, 'Dent E-<pect the Teacher lo Do It All', Ruth Irvi'i 'The Piano nnri fts nivcritlcn BUly Schmuifc. ' How To qncome An Interesting Pupil , prlt- chard, "SJstch of the Life Checking tiie Style oj News Mostly. Personal Colorful as the Easter parade and flntlerln- to nnj flguic Is ll.l. milted frock or ciovvu IUJOH It include;, a him bodies in red ind r.!L t l" U ^, b0 " d , C - neCt .!' ml a . £tn '8 llL oxfo "l Giay skirt An Asiot illtc l lccl gi 0ics of sued( , are worn o match chic Bieton bailor filth it Alice of and Jane Hester „, — -- •'- Lffo of Cactmnn Btobcth Daii- Joxk Tos i sr piay. ed a itumpet solo. Kvelyn Slilb- lej. Jeanne and Jones san£ soles Miy Schmltck «as awarded tl rnzc for practicing most in the past moil ffi ' Sandwiches, cake, and hoi chocolate vsere served, ' v; *• * « Armorcl p v T. A. Metis ~Armoiel p T A —i *lth a K program led by Mrs Ted Eisiii" A candle lighting ceremony « M m nonor of the founders M*5.' Alice Woinack,', vi™- Clulf, i i s , ma j HA teeth was gubt v} Mrs Che^tei R Bibcock when hf huci the Tiie'idu BrI1j club Jonquils riccciafcct (lip t^o small tables ariopgcd for tho Uo couisc cnu. In tho bridge isamec llngeilc went lo Mrs. J. Nick Thomw core. Have Study of Julian ,« J wMi<«ii. i^uit I,[IL> meciuios nio 23.members ot the Womir.i's and. the reuifancier. of iho „„., "Ktnmxry society of /the First Tonight C. Aubrey "tonn. d-ibscij of the becoiul anmwl Mis alssippl County B yy P X) Train 1 !nc school it (he First Biptis, chuich Mondi) uul Tuesdij nights dp-spile tlu, Inclement «c« Iher Chinches of BMhcMlle, Dell nnd Ai 11,01 cl Imu icp J P Friend prc Ideiit. is con lldent that many more from Ipwtu Hi the southern" pnrl of tiic count iilicnd ' \r ,u . ". ,-"""V VI .n.v JTil!)!; Methodist church who attended the meeting at'the church Moriitav'iif- t.ernoon heard « study'of Jnpnn 3'ven by Mrs. J.:,'w. Parker, the f?ev. w. v. Woinack. L. E Till) Mrs Elton w. Klrby and Mrs. A. O. Hudson. •- • Mrs./c. G. Smith was leader of A3 program. i-akc Slrccl M. K. iVcuun Have Meeting. " Tile Lake street Msthodist iluirch Woman's Missionary society net nl the church Monday nftcr- •»oon (nr a mission lesson v-itti Ira. w. U Urcen hi chai-go he program. . •--..,--. „. ..,,,^,^j. . ittiiiii, yi Nashville. Tcnu., will conduct th devotional at 7:4p o'clock for tlu weekly prayer meeting service. Mrs. T. H. Jordan,- D f Helena conducted test nights' devotional. The text book for " a -•-"Winning to Christ" has changed (o, "Wisdom nnd beei llii i i-Juvui iUlU COU Winning . T | lc Rcv . Alfred Car- PJiiter. licsl jiastov, Is tench in. this class. Circles nrcel. Circles ot the Woman's Missionary union of the First Baptis chiirch met Monday afternoon with B 'l o[ ti:c groups incctliiij al thi> i^I^l^E'f^J-^V^ mr -i as she W id tribute to the found- and Mi" « A " C ? Mccl * ;110 " and Misi Pnocbc A Hearst The aismbeta tau s lh» wuto' 8 **-* 1 Kathrln public, - > m , ;5ie lcac . 2lol ,' 5ec;ion Mrs. T ','h» *;'„"" ,k" C!> ' aen '. suggested that • the teachers and; p.TV A >'t«d» r 0 i tS LlS,' a ^ 1 ' ( ^^'"-' a nd ld u nm^: 10 :;^";; 1 ^.^"^ voled to s'i>oDsor The hostesses. Mines. I'ict'eiis Lyoiis and Bobbin.-' scrvcil a 'Elite ' Haic Bmgu Farlv. lie Junftr high p. T . A a bingo parly tonight,' larbc numbi.i of-prizes have loci collected Piocrcds ^m to •- ^L 10 H,rv ic -''- m ' hly '- WG : \s M ..~ tl u r nito, ^, kvid- t 1 1 j *** <!!<•[ i II1IVI n' in; and Mis. w. L. styles,• were! „,. om lh « business sexton luonp.'the 15 present ' loe devotional in circle •> \fr* \t v m.., r . . ' yivnil u -- *' - ' Mrs./.y,-B. o lake cha roik. The elding prayer Jy Mrs. Orwn. i!> present. ""> ""ononai in circle 2 va 1 B. Clwlfanl war. elected. *$$ g Xlrs - c - E- Parks aller Mrs large of the children's I „ 'K°Sers hart led the busines' 1 SeSSlOll. Mrc 1IJ ir ,.-- olfcrcd , tlcds O'mccrs. ?rra. j.'. c.'Ell'is wns "re of I*"!* 01 ; IUu W01M11 ' S "" of ttorujl Christian church for o»: 'church year, other offt- .wers":. ji r s, l ;johii c-Mc- prcsidcnl ? Mrs" • w w shaver, secretary ;ui(l lre:isur-r 'I ilivgroup has, had :i Mv ics o( Dus,utss.ineetlnss Hits month which "re concluded with brief talks bv the pallor, the Ksv. v. E. Uuttcr- worm. He used as his themes "The " lvs-ve meetings have Iwcu held at homes of Mrs. W. W. shaver, ar<l aiul Mvs - Mc " Club. and Raitert Jr.. Joel.Chandler i'ctenfcamp 115 she Matrons K iiv^l,,,, "«.' """ •"'" > " u "USUIBSS session. Mrs. \v. M. Crowe gave the lesson for the H present, 1 here were is members and ol ,c '"'" .t Uir. ineetJugof.clrclea e M».,H.u Chamrs presided .- The devotional was g| v "%. J , lrs ' oils Shepherd and the oson by Mrs. R. L. Rceder. H ^ Cod6r ^ Losan led Ihe dc'» eU-clc .1 which was °l ness meeting. . lesson was giv. Hiiffniiin mid Mrs Ison conducted the bust. ffif/hiower News Mrs. Minnie Barnes and dmigh- tr .spent last week with M r v ames molhcr and father ' Urcivrter, wlio lino teen critically 111 at Iho Booncvlllc, Ark., sanitarium, Is now slightly better. Members of the family are still with him. Mr. and Mrs. O. I>. Moss have as their guest for several . weeks, Mr. WOES' -ulster, Ml&s Ruth Moss, of Philadelphia, Pa. ' William R. Robinson." of St. Louis, who has been employed iLt Slkeston, Mo., for the past year has arrived here to IK; . connected with the E. O. Robinson Lumber Co. He is a grand son'of E.. C. Koblnsmi. He Is making his home with Mr. and Mrs. j. a Elk ins. Mrs. j. A. Leech and Mrs. A. Conway spent Monday In Memphis, William Lang attended to bus! i« in Little Rock yesterday Mr. und Mrs. Louis Wilson ar moving to Memphis where. : wil eon ivill be.,connected with th carver Griffith Co.. brokers. Mi Wilson, who Is; widely known h this territory over which lie ha l raveled for n. number of years a n salesman, will .go down m O i ils of next week but Mrs. Wilson and jiiughter, Anna Lou, will no leave until April l. Their house Is to be.occupied by Mr. and "Mrs Tied Snndcfur. Both Mr. nnd Mrs Wilson have lived, in this city fo imny years where they Imvo bcci ctlvely Identllied with social am church affairs. Mrs. N. F. Knight,; who recently Mrs. 13. i. Allen's Sunday school class met at' the Baptist church Friday evening with about forty present. Games and contests of various kinds were played during the evening with prizes going 10 dilTerenl ones. Mr. and Mrs. Wood row Entlerson of Gates, Tenn., spent the w<j»k- -ntl here visiting thct r parents Mr. und Mrs. G, Enncison WEDNESDAY. 'FSBRUARY- 27,. -- - --.-• «, tjiiuvicjun and Mr. and Mre. o. M. Marshall. Mr. and Mrs. Endcrson, former! .esklents llcre, nre now inanaslng .1 service station at Gales. i Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Gilbert and laughters, June and Peggy end Mrs. Gilbert's mother,' Mrs, j. w Wilson, and daughter; "Prudence •I St. Louis, motored !o Parnrn -unday afternoon and visited rel- By Helen WolshlmeV AM nol hurl IkTuuse. you put away ( My Jove ... in Inilli i'v« come lo understand lltiil when you sought new con<|utsl yesterday. On foreign fields as oflcn you had ptohned, The love which 1 liad fasljioined as a cloak, Wilh llioiiHlil lo keep you' siile' from cold and damp,' Had k-i'ii a burden lhat \froulcl check the slrokc Of sword upraised aKahitjl a hostile camp. ^ HUNXHU must be free to mow .it-will, Nol lellem) by the weight of widened clollics. .My lo\v, pi'K'liiiwi', h;id dipped you on a hill. Jlul it Hie years lh;it follow should disclose The need tor wirmlli lhat sometimes comes lo men, Come back, my deal', anddoiilhe cloak aguinl ' Mr. and Mrs. L, C. Averill and i. N. Brasher 'returned home the niter 'purf of i aJ5 t wcek from Jaytoim Beacli, ria., where they l iimlenvciil a major operation nt f Memphis hcspitul, returned lioint oinutay. Mr. Knight went dowi for her, Her condition is oxccllc/n Mrs, w. H. stoviill has returnee (ipiii u visit with relatives In Cape Olranleau, Mo. n Bllly Chiunblin, who ' has been Infection, Mra. Paul Clrecnwell is 111 from rlil.k" 5 l !' nlC " t al h(!r homc o" ontckasawbti avenue. Mrs. J. j. Daly '« ,„ . H( , home on >Ch!ckasawba avenue. nnti son, Joe, Mrs, Marcus Evrard and Mrs. Joe ... . •, r- 1 ">.v. "ii.i. due niesohmaii were in Memphis yesterday where- joe .coiwulOil hi' pmslctan. Mr. and' Mrs. 'Joe Wakon arc leaving tomorrow. •/; for Newport.. Ark-,-, .where they will make .their ionic. Mr. Watson, who llas : besn "" ij will, ,. Millcr-crcnsha" pent two wsctai. They "were iic- iompanled to Florida by Mrs. Ailu L -eltcr who reimilncU for a longer visit with relatives. • Sanlinlc nidgeway left Sunday ifternoon for Los Angeles. Cal.. (lifre he 'wllj be employeil by an 11(0 supply company. Mrs. Eve Walker, of St. Louis irrived Sunday ..afternoon, for rtslt with ;I« and iiunt, Hike and Mfes Zell Hcnshaw. Ellis Kohn .Is now In H ul springs, Ark., vacationing. He has Men suffering with the rheunia- Um. ' Cecil Franks spent .veek m Hardy, Ark.,-where he was Called lo Ihe bedside of his sis- •er, Miss Ruth Franks, who was 11 with pneumonia. Mrs. Hugh Dovris and brother, (nlph Iliiuh Duncan, aceompanlcc Jy Aubrey Burress. sp;nt tlis .veek-end in-Memphis visiting with elutlve.s. . -Mrs. J. w. Wilson and ilaugli- .er. Miss Prudence, left Tuesday morning fo,- [| W | V home ln Bt Louis, aftsr a visit here with help daughter and sister.'Mrs n. L. Gilbert. , • Miss Hattic Feni Lutes, who has been here for the past week vis't- :nj; her incther, Mrs. c p Wells left for St. Louis, where s |, 0 will resume Her duties , ls instructor n the Molar beauty school Mrs. Bush Ethridse and daugh- •"• y° un ' motored to Blylhevill: I be headquartered at •'joiiel- )la r nt*' nCe "' C C ' OS '" S °' Ilw - ioc 4 1 Mr. and Mre. .T om Martin' an! •irs Rupert Crartou were In Mcmi •Ms Monday vvtierc, Mrs, Murtiii iaa (h! cast rpjiiovetl from IHT iioken arm at.>, Campbell's clinic. Hie arm, which Is not vet 'fully lealed, vvns placed In V splint •ml will be put in a 'brace Mon- I'ioyd While'was among Ihe local ctizcns in Little Rock yesterday In the interest ot the anti- ales (ax movement Mis - E. M. Mcon'll Jias returned •om Drcwryvllle, va., where she Bttended lh c funeral of hor Miss Mnrlha winburn > . , D I; VC ' p- Stevens, who | WS been Bill Godwin, who has been (mite 1 from lomihtis, l s no better. ' Dell Infant Dies r The infant son of Mr. and Mrs rhco Cohea died al 12 o'clock ooii tho iamily iiom<i Funeral services were held this "Wiling at Mounds cemetery, near Dell, where Interment was maoe 'he Cobb.' Undertaking company '«s In charge of funeral umiitsc- icnls. 3he' Is i;itf|erii)g froiij i., !!,„ --, w ,- c . lr Mrs ifonday tu . ----..-...„ tu t»lyl Moi|riay afternoon. They n ^ K iceompanlcd homo' by M r5 . gth- 'Idgc's sister-in-law, jjrs 'j E Ethridge of Batesville, Ark., 'who vas visiting here. daugiiter,, M.JSS':, M lln ;, ^mltofo o Cape Glrardeau Sunday \liss Pike entered the -' hospital. - - • • • Pike returned hem Mr. Pike remained on for a i KV , 'J- L. Wright attctidKl to business in Bust Prairie .Tuesday Abe Segal of I'ortngevllle. v "ere Tuesday visiting v ., ith n •Ivcs and transacting buslne.'.s J. b. McClanahan, spent t «"eek-end in St. Louis visit n f yela Ivcs. He j s „ mombci . of th ' 0 ocol high school faculty. Sandj/Jtidge , Mr. and Mrs. C. W j SWIK r'^Uls n-scntd.) HKADKKK' SKRVICK UUIIKAU, Itooin i!(l.->, -Kit KiKllth Avc., New y«i'k, N. Y. UnduseJ find ...... cents in coin for which "pleaso send me ....... coiilcs of "Cuuillollglit," thu new booklet or poems by lleteii Welshlmcr, al 10 tents a; copy. Street .;..... ^^ . ........... ................... , ....... ,, ....... sttito ....... » Name ot Paper sister and family Mr imi Mrs. Walter story, of » ^ r r """ Suutl:l y "ighl IK daughter; Mr-, and Mrs. m blnipson. pf .pen, Arh.,\und S,%?ond^ : ' lriP to ™^' entertained . BiUle Peter. Lloyd, novrt and Lucille Fondren, and Vo \* ^ M ,de cook attended a dance at rlightowcr Friday night, Ekron News Notes - "A." Pills' fe j n 'ending to al- Break* Shoulder in Fail Mrs. Arthur Rushing brok" her right shoulder when'she fell on tin'-e yesterday afternoon wh™ r ". iniliijf home'from town. She is rtsllng very well :tl iwr home on Chlckasawlii wr 'Jtnp won prues. handkerchiefs ^inc hostesses served a sil- fel"*'™. JS»S. X utTi- Tr.iinjng: School Has Nightly Classes. tl'Bii 100 ri(t«iidcd Boy Dies of Pneumonia 3TEELE. Mo.-Denzie Ci-ester, 1-year-old son x -br Mr. and Mrs Henry WaliOi,, ,|icd al. their homf rtho a»n!ord cohmiunlly Monduv f(er a lengthy illness of ,„,"„ jonla Funeral services were held t Ihe home Monday altcriioon bv ic Itev. H. J. Dormi. awiMcd bv "'• t,.. s. ..Thurmond. JnlenjienV as made in the 1 North Sawba ccm- lery, near Blylhevlllc. avenue. Keiser News Notes Ullio ", Sunday .school ' , f thc . "t ;.thc First rc * in u body Mr. - ..«. V nvr. 4^11 been called (o Osccola ieath of u niece, Doss and District Federation Hoard , Hears Judge Camille'Kelfcy uiM 1 . 5 ; & w " llale ' ° c Mompliis and idenl; Mrs. W. G. plmiiii" Hel- Whitcmven, was tho guest'apcakar .enai federation director; Mrs Herit a luncheon meeting of tlu; ex-'bevt Proctor. Wynne, vice presi- eculive boaid of the St. Francis dent; ; Mrs. R. B. McCullough Ma Djtnct. Federation of Women's i-lanna, -second vice pres'ldetiV clubs in Memphis today. She dls-.Mlss 'Jeanette Blount, :Matianria' cussed the important phases of the recording secretary Mrs ,w is' nccling of the -National Fcleratimi Hunt, Osceo'lci,' corfesp'ohdlng "sec"'" vvcmai-.sKclubs, hold in Wasli- retary; Mrs. -Charles Overholt ngton last .month,, - j Brink-ley, treasurer; Mrs. w- L. Mincers -of v.yilal >.• Importance in i Rogers, Earlc, parliamentarian- ISBislaUyp inflairs were taken up Mrs - G.-A. Warren, Black Rock' at this- meeting by Mi's. John w. j"Udjtor; Mrs.'S. L. Gladish, Os- Edringlon, -of- Osccola. prwldent. ce ola, chatrman American ' cili- An wnieutftnent, endorsed by U;e z PHs)»lp; MITS. H. R. Dudley, Jones- group,- to • the adoption law bill, 1]or<> . 'aw observance'; .Mrs. Albert which is intended lo safeguard Iho Ho ' 11C1 '. Wynne," American home- adoption of children better than Mlss Airna Puttrall, Mnrianim ed- the. present law provides, has been llcu ti°»: Mrs. David McDonald Introduced In the state legislature. Ma rvclt, library extension; Mrs \1 A bill, compiled by Mrs. Minnie U ' c - Cal °' Birfleye. Illiteracy; Mrs' •Fuller.- of Magazine, legislation F - p - Jacobs, Grider, fine arts- chairman, wliich dsals with the five- Mre ' Smicl! Johnson, Mariun, art-' day marriase law In cooperation Mr5 - Ij ' !ra Brown, Piggott, literal with the Tennessee law, is now in tm ' e; Mlss Maruaret, Merritt Bly-i the hands of the president of the 'I'cvIUc, music; Mrs. n. E. Robert-' Eeiiflte, Ueut. aov. Lee Cazort. The i>ublic welfare bill, Intended to furnish after care for adopted children and to coordinate the . . . . o son. Jonesboro, interhafloiial relations; Mrs. W: L. "Rogers" Earlc legislation; Mrs. E. ,A. East,, Tyronza, public welfare; Mrs.- Z. H. Ke'v. F. Crosley Morgan I 1 Will Speak at Presby- | terian Church V- Plans are being completed for £/. (he Bible conference at the First ' Presbyterian church beginning ; Sunday ami conliniiing through March 8 with Ihe Rev, P. Crosley • :' Morgan, D D., inlernalionally f a . • incus speaker, in charge. ;. The general Iheme of tile even- '• ing' services will bs "Christ hi the !' Presence of Human Needs". OD Monday he wiil discuss "Moral •'•'< and Physical Dereliction", "Peii- Itcnllal Faith and Love" will b» ' the Biibjecfc of his talk Tucsdav Wednesday he will speak on "Intellectual Perplexity". Thursday on ' I "Hostility and C'rlme" and his t closing message Friday will be -en '•'•' •Thirst for Life". i £,< In the morning sessions he will |^ ise "Haggal, a Prophet of cor- • &. rcctMn a-ji Cclifort" for the & jcncral theme. In these discu.5- !•'•' ,ions he will take up the first, \M message, the historical interlude,/ JS« -he second message, the third mcs- £'., -age snd the fourth mcssag* s;i; For the lirst day, Sunday'-lie vlll speak on "Christ's Charge to His Church" and that evening on sh \ „ e " lls of Christian Dlsclple- •ough Ihe week ihc morning — -,". 1 ? are to-be al 10 o'clock and the evening at 1:30 o'clock. Elderly Holland Man Victim of Pneumonia Dixie Walthall, ue died a t 'I o'clock yesterday afternoon ui u ls iionic at Holland. Mo. His death '•as attributed to pneumonia. Mr. WaltJiall had lived in the community for a number of years He never married. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at Number Eight cemetery. The Cobfa Undertaking company was in charge of funeral arrangements. Mr. Walthall is survived bv two brothers, Ed Waltliall. of Holland and . M, Walthall, of North Saw- bo. • London Cleans Up Cabarets LONDON (UP) - London-cabarets are undergoing an unofficial 'cleaning up." Questionable songs are risque Jokes, which have recently become more frequent have not met with the puritanic Eng- iiEhmans' approval and are belli" canned by 'the'.'management." . r S.;,S; : Normanttie- Trials Set ' / "•ST. NAZAIJJE 1 '" (UP)-T)i'e' : iliifr A Normandie will start Us Irial trips April 30, 'after which it will be Rationed, at'Havre between May 8 snd lo to prepare for the maia»n voyage to New York on May 20 f :lj n. ^,..iMtv.i aim iu cuoinuiate tiic 1J/ - (I ' i'i"J"u wenarc', Mr.s z H work of all of the institutions to i Holk ' Cherry Valley,' child wel- give way for the governor's pub-| fi1 ™; Mrs. J. w. ,. Eltirr, ,"Harris- He welfare bill is endorsed by the|° ur 8> health"; Mrs.' ,pojph 'Smith Si'oiip. |Cra«'fonlsville, juniors:' Miss Cora The district federation is alsoi 1 ^ Colcma ». Blythcvilte, iiu- a i hoping for the passage : of the if°P crat 'on: ' Mrs. , W, , L. Blann, Lake bill, which undertakes to '' ion ' hisl ° r t a »: • Mrs. ; H.. M : repealed run- " 1 ! ellbllsh ' Osceola. program;-Mrs. t * iui ,J/tJt|I 7 friiicm tr«-^-,.i r~,:i ' '• ' tlon h;is for- IU abii dcmectic relations or. 10" adoption law , fK ' J ' °' * Mcti! ' Harrisburg, .mn- scs.-'Uhc 'feilcra- il on !"«««»: Mre. H, D. price, alin'-ti court ol' fyr<ma ' ra «'o: Mr*. S. M. Hodges, or. a : "familv Osccola ' dllb institute; Mrs. D. M. - •-• .. .*« 1 ""J' Dlnr.t- n<-n'>if AU," ilft.^t. i.._ .: courl" lo hitnrile : ".ju'venito',court B ' 8S5 ' P™etpr," "Club 'woman" : 'cir.-' iMr. and Mrs. Owen Doss ciile'r- a '" cd ,»..»""ibcr of young, people »» dl duy. night. '•'Mines;' •William Payne. Clntide r -* • . -. - .^.jiti. M11U10- lenl's P " Ja " 1;ls lo ij isomiiia pa- "^AinrTiFTHAxKs We want to flunk our mr.ny friend^ for their kimlnmcs n d sympathy extended ( 0 us duri s ;ho illness und death or 0 ,,r ,ri ?• " . and for SUts. We . Ijeantiliil iln-i.i j. v" „ l n, L J " . Rev. Barnhart fc, li talk during our grcviolls .Mr ami Mr.,. E(l Tn | m . m and Family. followed. .Mrs: Buddy Waisoii «- as to the Woman's Socletv ^ascs aerta'. all, the' factors' that °h c y . ilU ° •4 > ' c ' {ata "y 'relailons vhlclr, toiicli-' s |h(;- child. A consti- utional ftmcnament Is. iieccied to obtain this-:iu"Atkaiis:i5 since 1 the county -court;' has ;charge ; 'of etc- l]rnr]pnl. i tiiirr. 1 ..iln^.>-«,;....> - ... ,,-, ucudenl. . l. . cliildrcii. • v ,..- .-"•• ..vv*,(, 4 [ lvt ii. • ciiuurcii. the Chancery vcoiiyt" Has charge of the/.family ^property fan t | the circuit court . has .' jurisdiction over any.-cases Involving "crime" wen in. yuiitli. • , - • , : ;/JlJO: St. KriiKcl's disfvict';'h4 -1'J clubs aim ,its : .tiiembcrs. artVrepre- sented -in. -these 'monthly >iiicctlnss I'L'hiB held each month in Memphis, because of I(s central location This is the first time in the history of the federation that monthly •meetings have Ijct'ii held by the board. Members of the executive board arc: Mrs.,- EXIrlnglon. prcs- ^RUNDOWN, WEAK? JV/I A N 7 V women ' of middle age vvlio are passing thru the "change of life" need ,'i dependable tonic. ,T|ien there arc I hose women wlio suffer fro m «caktnin« ilraiiis. All such wonu-ir need tire •\, J 1 T ' l'ic<cc\ l-':i'."tilc Prc- .,,. r Mrs. I. C, Cariuii of ISjfV A','-. K.. lluiiilon. lex..., jjj,; "Aiwa] Hlicv xrats wed I MJS ID ., runil'jwn vvn'lilioi* ill'll SMlklCll fllllH IOCKIll^rir>, rumps ^,,.J Irtijuenl>. I j, K .l l) r . llcn-c') l'i. \ontc I'lMk-ntiluii ami icgjincj my slrciiBlh and lijJ l» more lr«ble of any liitd." V(W sljc, labltls !0 dj.. liould si.OD. Utsc tirr. Itibs. 01 i.)u:J. Sl.ij. All ilmniiitf. V.riL^; I>r. Tier•;'s t |,-^; Ci 5 "IniinlM" Tooth Sliver BAItNESVILLE, O. (UP) —Four operations were necessary to remove n sliver of tooth Inhaled into her lung by Mrs. FrauK Miller during an extraction. filiation manager. Overcame Her Nervousness "A few yeai-s ago," v.Tites Mrs Charles Slvil, of HarUhornc Okla •I wos weak and run-down, .ft seemed that nervousness was abosil °,H 8et the ,. be5t of me. My mother told-me about-Cardui and that is what t decided to take. Affr r i began taking Cardui, my appetite was better, (gained strengih and h»rt , f 5 mrvous - By'the lime 1 had taken two bottles, I felt fine " ^Flrst, better appetite, and then ™ r . c . f re "S'" arid a feeling' of «e l-being! Thousands of women testify.'Cardui' benefited them: If it does not 'benefit YOU, consult a physician. " -Adv.acr • WC»OI)-WbOD-WOOD ! GOOD AND DRY L.,', ."S'y'-'Coal'.'Js Black C.qt,i,Treat you White'' •"PHONE 107 BUCHANAN WOOU-WOOD-WOOD To-Night'sMilk " ^| delivered it)h'le it's ^ lonit; Athlete's Foot U your toes .ilch you aro-prqbabiy suflerir.g -v/llh. ATHLETE'a,.;FpOT. Th|s disease, is a form of''.RING- :\VORM' that ;isideeply Imbedded : 'lii ti;c.;'iiiiier layers of the skin. BUV.- cfc5'.-form. ..that caus? spreading BROWN'S LOTION Will slop" the Honing JiisUiitly; It is highly onli- eeptlc- nut!, will heal any cose • 01 ATHLCTE'S.. .FOOT In fourteen days or, your v .moucy ;will be rc- f(iiHlcd.. .Don 1 1 ."use inessy salves and bandagcji.' t 60c and .51.00 bottles for sule .by/Kirby'Drug Btores •"r.::...-...;,'..--.- • :'•-. '-Actv. Bucto ti Sei'viwj Sta. AKK. JIO. Sl'.VTU LINK Supqi" Shcl! Gat' at Missouri Prices rranees Sandwich' Shoij FRESH I ""• i'""t ; - ; M m time for your |f Breakfast f| CRAIG'S DAIRY | Phone 74 FARMERS BA & TRUST ^

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