The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1952
Page 11
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FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1952 OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU BLYTHICVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS E6AD, MARTHA.' MEET -— M < HOW'6 HE GOIM8 TO WATCM VJITH THOSE PORTIERES DOW4 OVER HE LOOK6 LlK& HE'S MAS 6Oie TO THE: COOMTRV FOR Trte WEEKEND ME to CARE fOK HIM.' 6AM60N 16 A PEDIGREED ,ArJO HAS PROVED HI6 METTLE ASA =LWATCH- StAxJE OFF KlSOB. MORTIS/ Political Announcements •vfejtct to Preferential Electio July 29, 1952 For County Jndge GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk OERALDINE LISTON 4> For State Senator BEN. LEE BEARDEN For Stata Rep. KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No. 2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oats, Alfalfa, Lespedeza, CloTers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. S«« us before you buy. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone M56 - 18M Wot Main PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores FARM LOANS You Can Pay ANYAMOUNT at ANYTIME from farm in com* without penalty Thit Famous FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE it written info your note when you har« a Joan from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds Notice to Farmers: 1 represent the ROBERT L. DORTCH SEED FARMS, of Scott Arkansas, in this territory. At present 1 have a boat 300 bushels of DORTCH SOY No. 2 BREEDERS BEANS. Abo a few of the NEW 67 VARIETY. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN - -Day Phone 6218 ; Night Phone 8061 Located 300 yds. So. of city limits, Hiway 61 PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WitHami FRECKLES AND HiS FRIENDS "When are you bankers going to catch up to the times? If the government runs on a deficit, why can't I be overdrawn?" Ruler to Visit KUALA LUMPUR, Malaya M>|— The first Malay ruler in this country ever to become n "haji" will be the Sultan ot Selnhgor state, in centra] Malaya, after he visits Mecca on a pilgrimage in July. All Moslems automatically become "hajls" on visiting Mecca. Thereafter they devote themselves to prayer. felevision- fonite, Tomorrow VMCT. Memphis. Channel 4 FRIDAY NIGHT, MAV 1 State Certified Blue Tag D&PL 15 COTTON SEED 80% Germination. Delinted & Treated DELL, ARK. Glen Cook PHONE 2442 HE KNOWS YOUR CAR If yon want to entrust your car to a mechanic who will do his best to fix It properly — at a minimum cost lo you — come to T. I. S«ay Motor Co. Try as n«zt time. T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymonth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 212Z CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sau< >p to 36 in. Corrugated Metal Culverts 6lM up lo 84 In. A. H. WEBB Altonalle Flood Gatej Conereta i Metal Septic Tank* Sewer Tito But Frteet We Deliver Hl[kway II at State Line Phone 714 Alias Basil Willing IT H.I., McCloy 3 J«« (Kutk 2»« 3th <I« Jfcr . T»» rrine S *pp»r f«r the , !• fo «* i tin. II willing." II. .11, CfclAlrJi»t. hnd jcli-m hAn<-« to explain, hur died before fcr cnn!4 >FXt morvtnf Mini fc«w, • Mind viotn«». entlr tfld mt.lnkr.M taker »< Tlr. Xlmmer-B »AIM« to <menllo» tlrlnv- d OT>.m>n'. irphrTT. ..1 fcrr »ecretjiry, rhnrlnffe Dtxn, TThft were »t nr. ZImmeT 1 * dinner IX jJ^OYTjE sighed. "Somehow we must establish the relationship between Duggan and Miss Shaw. Who attended to her correspondence after she went blind?" "I wrote personal letters at her Dictation and read her letters re- m«ived. Her lawyer attended to business matters. He had power of attorney." "I'm afraid I'll have to ask permission to go through her papers." "You'll have to ask her nephew, Brinsley, who is also her heir. I'll call him." Whefh Charlotte had left the room, Foyle looked at Basil quizzically.'"One of those cases where iwe i.iay never find any evidence. l . "Autopsy?" "What will we find? Codeine. !Ro what? She could have taken il •herself. She could have saved up spills for an overdose." Basil walked over lo the win- kiow and stood looking out at the sunny street. "Duggan's murder seems to have been an aftcr- .thought—a clumsy improvisation tinder stress. Miss Shaw's murder was cnrefully planned—if it was i murder '. . ." • * • JTJUINSLEY SHAW was thin and lightly boned with a boxer's dancing step. The hair brushed so close to the smatt erect head wa • smooth and shining silver Briefly, the inspector repealed what be bad told Charlotte "You really think there may be some reference to thi« Detective Jack Duggan in Aunt Kay's cor- •espondence?" Brinsley asked. "There's a possibility." . Brinsley pursed his lips. "You'll have to see her lawyer about her ^afe-deposH box, but Miss Dean can show you the papers in her desk." * • • PHARLOTTE took them to the desk. In the drawers were sundles of letlers, tied with violet ribbon, and a checkbook. I'll look at that first," said Foyle. "Surclj I should remember i[ I made out a check to Jack Dug- Jan!" Would you?" Foyle paused at a page where three stubs were all dated March 21. The Brst payee was described as "florist"; the second, as "Brinsley Shaw"; the third as "J. D." The florist had received $21.50; Brinsley, $500 00• "J. D." $400.00. "How did you sign checks?" "Kariierine Shaw per C. D, That was arranged with the bank when Miss Shaw went blind." "Now your memory haj been jogged, do you recall anything aboul this particular check to J. D.?" "Yes, 7 do." Her lone was faintly defiant. "Last nonth Miss Shaw did ask me lo draw a check and put only the initials of the payee on Ihe stub. I had quite forgotten that the initials were J. D." "To whom did you make out this check?" "I honeslly don't remember. 1 haven't thought of it since." Foyle looked at Charlotte specu- lalively. "It I wrote a check for $400, I'd remember who it was made out to, even if th< money wasn't mine." Charlotte colored, but held her head high. "Misi Sh»w frequently drew J400." "Now, really, this Is rather silly!" put in Brinsley. "We ca: get the payee's uam« tzooi OM /) he canceled checks that came 'ith Aunt Kay's March statement from the bank." Charlotte'! hands were shaking -J she took a manila envelope rom the desk and gave it to Foyle. le riffled through the packet ol checks, then^ glanced at the statement Itself. "No withdrawal of MOO in the debit column, and no canceled aheck made out to any name with initials 'J. D.' " "Then it hasn't been cashed or deposited yet," said Charlotte aintly. "It will come with Ih April statement." "Or it may never be cashed, added Foyle. "Then where is it?" gasped :harlotte. Foyle frowned. "It's not in Dugg«n's apartment. His murderer seems to have taken some trouble o destroy evidence proving thai Miss Shaw employed Duggan." A half-smile lifted one corner o Srinsley Shaw's mouth. "I didn 1 enow the old girl had it in her Hiring a private detective and nQ elling anyone about it—not even tr* invaluable Miss Dean. Or di< she tell you?" The sudden look h :«nt upon Charlotte was shrewi and penetrating. "No, Mr. Shaw. She did nol." Charlotte was angry. DYI.E laid the checkbook aside "When you call in a privatf detective there has lo be some reft son for your not calling the rcg ular police. Cut I doubt if a worn an like Miss Shaw would hire a private detective to invcstigali someone she loved whom she sus peeled of scandal or petty crime. "That's whal I've been telling you all along!" exploded Rrinslcy. ''None Ihe less these check stubs convince me lhat she did hire a private detective." Foyle went on impoptiirbably. "! can UiinV: ol only one reason why such a woman would do so." Brinsley eyed Ihe injector uneasily. "And that is?" "Murder. An attempt to kill you can change the habits of a lifetime. Even then she preferred a private defective to the regular police." (T. Be Continued) 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:45 9:00 D:30 0:00 0:30 0:40 1:10 1:15 Dennis Day We The People Big Slory Aldrlch Family Cavalcade of Sports Bill Day Return of Van Sickle Drama Program Charlie Wild News Lights Out News Sign Off ye*/AUT/*«*•- m FUWMY TELLIM IT, PERKY— HAVE TO SEE IT TO GET A KICK. OUT THRU A TOOK LAUSH1N' ALWAV* MAKES ME NOStf BUT BOSSES LAUGHIW IWA POOR.WAY (v4AK6 )[ ME, ME MAP/ J \ TOO' 7K/CMS. GOOO fSATUfC ' THEY'RE ou> LWC or Hooey OlTHese AND YOUR FORTUNE WELL, CAM YOU 1 Boy. THIMK OP SOW6-I 1 THINS- I SURE BETTER? IT CAN' I'D DEStSU A MACHINt THAT WOULD QNE WU PHONE NUMBERS WSTWo' THE BLOCKADE , „..._. ~_.»I*.,L . . ..- Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads $*THE SUPPLY ROCKET LOSES, MWWENTS LKTEK,Ctlf!l$ TMb •SHADOW OF THE SPACE PLATFOE*! WHILE •MULTOO FAR MI&JITBEEAKA LE6! (-ON6 A* IVE 60T THE VE - LCXITYOFTHE PLATFORM, ICANTMLL. DOE'SN'T THAT MAKE YOU THINK OF SOMETHING LOOK, LESTER; THE ROBINS ARE BIU.IN6 AND COOING! WOMEN SURE ARE HARD TO UNDERSTAND" OUT THE OLD SATURDAY, MAY I FLEB.SKS THE I-OSPITAL. KAIL Goes TO AVAfza^ TOPSO'S HOUSE. LOTHES, MONEV, JITCAS&...1MS LL SET. NO\\ 3 GO (7OIVN- TMIK, (SET TH6 EOT OP THE OKTHMOSE EVVEL5, AMP IT'S A LOM& SHOT, OP COURSE: ")' BUTTMEPE'5 JUST A CHANCE U THAT KAIL HAS CO-VvS HERE TO TOKSO'S HOUSE p^f=OKE L&AVIN& TOWN.' WH'V THOUeHT I HE-AKP A f/O/SE AT THE KEEP THE CHANGE WH/VT y I FORCED HMVTO DKIvE TO OUR STMIOH HM>PEN€P IM THE EVEEGLlXDES. TONIGHT MY MEN TO TU8S5 VWILI. PISTOSE Of HIM WHERE HIS BODY 5E M PKWIUG VO|J FROM THE SWELL! EOT I WONDER WHO JUDGE HEMH SNN L1WPIMG FKONV THE WRECKftCE? YOU CKOOKe ] DOM'T WiRKE ME IAUQH! MAX TALO» WOWT GET By ( \s no FOOL,,, WITH THIS! I'LLXyjlTHOUTATRACE! BESIDES, NO COI Ci\N TRWL A MI\W VMHEE6 WFRJ TAKIMG VOU TONIGHT' TO THAT ACCIDENT; COPS WILL THINK. H£S H1WNS FROM THEM; WHEN HE DOES NT TURNUP Ctmcrele eirrerth, 12 Inch to « Inch, plain or reenforced. Alvo Canrrele BMildiHg Blocks cheaper than limber for barns, chicken hoKsci. prnmn houses, tenant hoHscs, tool sheds. We deliver. Call ul for free fralimale. BE MISSED B/ NOW...COPS'LL OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. IF OOP LICKS THIS BCsBE, VEP...AN 1 HE'LL/ THE6E (AFTAMW^KYHER, /MINERS WILL SEE TO HEY, NOW, GEE... TELL ME WHY, FOR SOCH AS / THAT THIS. THEY'D/THEY HAMG A / WOULD SUY.' l\ I THEY'RE SO TIRED OF MARION, MARION, UP OH YOUR FEET/ BY A PUNK LIKE HIM, ; V-\ V'WANTA GET 15E AT? 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