Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1896
Page 8
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1 • • . • *' ••'•''..'• '" ' '• • ' The Triumph of Low (Prices And Truly Marvelous Value Giving, makes this the busiest store lii town, It has made us the leading Dry Goods Furnishers for economical buyers in Logansport. This week will be long remembered io Economical Pay Day Buyers lor will offer special Bargains in Wool and Wash Dress Goods, Parasols and Umbrellas.* Table Linens and Toweling, Duck Suits, Shirtwaists, Domestics of all Sorts. and in many otherglines. Price Wonders never cease heare we don' tjlet them. '••[ Just givejis i look and you will be convinced that this is the place to buy? " ." THE GOLDEN RULE. DRAWING TO A CLOSE. Last; Day* of the April Term of * Court'-Commissioners Court. MORTON OR REED .-.(j will not aacept second.'place, | Same way with our shoe.?. They are first in tverjt-hing— Style, Fit, Durability and Price?. We don't want to curry over aiiy tana and will let 'em go at these ' give away" prices. Ladies' tan walking shoes f 1 to $1 50 Men's tan ffom $1,00 to $3.43 See our lite just received of Ladies button and lace boots fine as human bands can make them. A5TOR AND DISASTER. ; Astrologer Calls 'Ninety-Six a Year of Misfortunes. E. M. Walden & Co. 315 Fourth Street. Straws That [Show Which Way the Wind Blows Show that It must have blown a tremendous gale towards Fisher's, i!or they have straws of aU the new shapes and sizes, straws ia straw: color and any other color you wish piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last straw" in the newest stj-Ie bought at Ftehar's by every pleased resident of Logansport Light Derby's, light nobby straw hats and jaunty handsome bicycle caps are wihat we have a big.rnn on now. 1 ' flORRIS FISHER THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. PULLED HAIR AND SCREAMED Two Women Wrangle and Make Exciting Scene. MCMCMJS _ rc/ffr, ITS NAME ItS Though he punctured his tire twice, 3. IJ. Broadbent brought down the Australian 100 mile road record to 3j35:00, breaking the Australian reccrd afetcJoen inlautes.- Tlie American .'re- son! Is 4:40:00, held by A. B. McDoh- .ael, ot Toledo, World's record Is 4:2l:-13 JieW' by A. E. Walters of England. Pocket Kodaks at the Burgraan Kfr tonclcm runs hard'with- one's best 3frl on the front seat. v ? The Ficotwing for ladies. There arc 3K»re of these wheels used In this city •tfian all other makes of wheels. Love and toll-gate keepers dlffij ooaiewhat. Love never asks for pay I advance. 1 Have your bicycle insured ag.-Uns theft. Burgmnn Cycle Co., will do I. Walden & Co. offer tan slices at. cost CMce country l.ird 4 pounds for 2 ' -Trout. _ "•<> Our tun shoos will KO at cost— yon aw benefit-. Otto's Ki-eat senti-aimuiil ¥2.08 'fines jlicie .s;iJe is on. I am milking a special di'iveon frame •ilils week. C. M. Manna, 42-1 Fifth atrcct. Oeorge Elarrison handles Landreth'f class garden, flower and 8eW Miss Alice BrinUcrtiofC entertained a rty of her fi-Eornds last evening in Jion- hen- guest, sr«. ^'cana McSfnlian 1 of There, are seventeen ontrius In 'the fiivorsido C.vc-lo club's race next Tiies- .'Jiiy, in xvJiic-h Ben Mrtrtln, the Jeweler, offcwa gold medal as a prize. .Mrs. Anna Johnson -luis offocted a with -her attorneys In hoc C nguLnst the Cinriinnati Euauii-- ' She received half the Judgment' . Hie exception oc about ?3D, 'Tjylilt-h suaoitm's to something over l?2,lod. Tlio attention of passers-by was calloi l.o the third-story fi'ont windows above Taoguy's diy goods store on Broadwa} yestei-d-.iy eveujn.g by Wie loud screams oC a woman, who yelled murder hi tonc-s that tlm'llod (lire w.liole neigh bor.liood. Tliu lady's 'hadr wns disarranged, her face was distorted wit\h I>a'in, fiiiiil it se'emecl s'he Jwd good reason to scream, 'for ano'tllier woman ,.was pounding, pulling and punching her '.tth vigor a,nd decision. A crowd rushed up the shvirway to ild tlie victi'iu of the assault, and met the vk'for comaiiig clown. TJie trouble >eciUTCd in tlio rooms of Jrrs. Cad.wal- iider, tlio dressmaker, and it was she who called for lielp. Her opponent in ,'liu battle was Mrs. Jota P. Fogle- K. The cause of flic quarrol Is not cnaw,n. Th(.> women are sisturs-ln-hiAv. I,! 1 *. Fogloso.ng, who was tihc visitor •ud (he sujiposcd wtoncr ot tlio in.i-teii, was badly mutii.ited by «he nails of her relative, a.nd lost cousklerable hair during the encounter, but was fulJ o-£ light from start to fiulsih. A strong effort was made to prevent tthe pa]>ws from mentioning the disgraceful occurrence, but ns the evening pa pore failed to keep'alleged promises of sHcflce, The Journal, belleve-i that lu justice to other occupants oC the build- i,ng who are already involved by gossiping rivmor in,the'scandal, the facts should be made public. According to Asitui', the world-f;uw?d itrologci 1 , tlliore an; wj-mc miigh places ahvad tor the human I'am-ily to cross, before thi; li..i»li\va.v of life shall again riiv.sen,t smooiih teiveltog. Mr, As tor. who reads the slurs a.s easily' as a child does Ms primer, wfl'lies .as 'follows, to tliu S"e\i' York Journal: "The year IS'JO'wi.1I he purhnps the !iiuos.t menioiii ble year of 1,'he 'century in Its Critfliit-ful njcord o-C shocking ''dis- astera, a.wfnil cailvns:,roi>hcs on land and .ti^i ami wlrolusiile cri'inc.' ' '•T)w unil'oii'hinate conjunct ion of tlio planiets, Saituini a.ml Herschyl, t'orulells with iiiicni-fiiig uiicc'riiriuity Hie sad mis- I'ortvunba^ of tihe present y«i,r. Not since •the I'legbiMil'tng oC tiho ccjvtiirj- luw -lihcre bouii such a pl.-inotary coiublnaiiun.- "irrom coiuuttoss agos. it has been fore- Hold tihait tilite. would be a y.Oiir of battles miitliflliMkcs, storms, great accidents l>y iivnd iiiiul ison, iitvs ;i.ud general disaster l,o :.lic human race, "Tliesc oven-Is nnisi, above nil, bo at- 'trihirti'd t,o illic fa<tt'that .the baleful plaiiuts. Saitiniii- n.nd I-Ierscrhel. . arc posl'i.i'd j'u the iiuyciliic sign 'of Scorpio. in w'luch boil) of tJieni have added poux-r. Hersclml onlercd ' :Sc-o.rpio on December 30,. 1SOO, a.nd the present troublous condtliiioitc have to some ex- twnt lu-ovaiiled siiiucc 1SS7, but arc-now imclitag an acuilc t'oiuu.... The. evil ki- Ihiences a,re gaining in force every; da.y ; '•Ttoiwcthtl eoniliiinuo* in ScoriJlb" 1 until Xovouiber, 1S07 ami, we shall Ceel his evil influence unr.i.1 fully the end of the eairtiiry. • ; "Saitui'ii is a cold, nvois-t pliiiDet'nvitli- oii't Hi'c. and since the beginning of Iwi- m.-iu history hits been recognized as oceixMlng a. jnaliyin, ttifluonco upon the earth'. Huitschel te a recently discovered planet, abowt wlram Jess is known l>nt it is ce.vta.-hi ijhiiit bo aporaitia to pro duco distnrbsi'iKjes ,iiu our sphere. Her schul fe above jil-1 rospoDSiMc for sud- Itin diiisastei's, snrii ns earthquakes and toiiiKi-docs, wtlritli caji by no human be prevenitieii. .Terrible are the ctni-soqucuccs of the caujuiictio'n oC heso two pl.-wiote ,in flic «ign Scorpio, vhich ditscl'f .is always the source of ii.-laniiDliiifts to the eaitli and Its iuhabi- . The business at the April term of tlie Ci'rcuir.oourt is 1 growing smaller, as the closingdays of the reran-draw near. The suit of E. D. Closson vs. Charles Hornburg,-sheriff, which was tried before ..fudge V..Z. Wiley, lias been decided, •.the -ruling-, of tne court having been handed down yesterday. The lindlng wasrwhat. is known as-a 'special (hiding ot fact's and conclusions of Jaw thereon, and is in favor of the phitatill. T-ho case 'i'^a. peculiar one in some rospectK. Mr. Hamburg, when sheriff, levied on tlm pei~sau.il property of Hiram l-Iarvty ttudur a,u execution, to satisfy judg- uioj'rivs iii-'.favor of R. A: Edwards and 13.' O. Closson'," "He secured a large aim'oimt'of live stock on tho levy and wu.i conipcillurl to'keep the stock at hia own'expense-'for some time. When be bixed-iho costs i,u the two suite, in; tax.ed flie wlioJe-amount Ln ouch case arid whcai Ulio judgment of >fr. Kd wards was sctrlwl, E. B. McConuel pui-cli;iisliug,tlie judgment and pay lug al eosv.s, M'r. Closson. the-jilaiiiUu" in, th oi'hcr sirlf, Chen brought suit lo nvoii payment ot' the costs tjixwl in liLs mont, claiming tliat the foes won doubled, ami that as they had alreadj been pa p id in ;hc Edwards case, ht should not be required Co pay. . ID re- Mr. Homburg was not asking thnl the -feo.s ba paid, MS ho -had already received what he was justly entitled to. but (liiesti'on.s nf law presented themselves wlilch tlio attorneys on each side wanted decided. Two divorces were' gi-iuited by Mie court yesterday, and on« new case was Illud. Miny K. Frushour was given an alKolut.o divorce, from-. Michael inrasliour, \riiih ffWO alimony ,iud a rcstoraitlon of her mai-den name of Mary E. Abbott.. Attorney .I.C.Newor filed the coluplainit of Sarah Btagaiman \-s. Wil- liium A. Blnga-man. Plain tifC alleges cruel and inhuman treatment a.nd tlie h/irbitiial tise of vlJe language by do- fuudant toward phiintlff. She asks thu custody of their eld-Id, a girl of nine ycai-j. & . , •Tn tlio suit of Philip Ray, by his noxt frlcn-d, Andrew Ray. against t.lie Logaiwpon: Railway, platntill was granted leave to a-uieud his complaint and snlwiiMrte the name of D. D. KJcJile, receiver of said railway, as di;- fcudaiiit in the suit. The suit is the outcome of. tho awa'deut which PliiJip R;iy. wlio Is a minor, suffered some weeks since in falling or being thrust from a stTcet car. It is claimed by tht plaiutdtlC that an employe of the con pauy thiix'w 1,1:0 lad from a street ca wlillo. r.lie.sfrc-fr railway employes sa he fell off. In t.-liu case of Lizzie Herbert vs. lieu ry M. Shr.ck. tli-c moflooi of plalutilf fo aniew r.rial was overruled :iud judgiiion was rendered 'by rlw court on the ver diet of the; jury for the dcfendaut. ~y^~ iii ^^ "^^^^^••••••••••••••^••••••••^^^^^^ and Matchless Will Be Our PRICES THIS WEEK. Tremendous Reductions and ^Great Bargains Guaranteed to^Everybody. This sale is not an ordinary happening—not a reduction in a few leading articles—but an_ein- phatic bid to close out our entire stock. It is an undisputed fact that times are harder and money scarcer than has been known for years 1 , therefore our remarkable low prices must be a blessing these hard times to buy. $2. Worth of Goods For $1. Cash! To sell $20,000 in a few weeks demands Immense Sacrifices, but the Big Store of HARRY FRANK is equal to the emergency and can do wonders when it must. Will you all share in this public pudding. Respectfully, HARRY FRANK Fourth Street. THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL. Walks the Most of the Distance Between Log-ansport and Wabash. "lllii. 1 present astrological conditions av<: not prevailed since the begimijnig f Uic century. In rhc year 1S11 Saturn ivl Hcrsc'h'el wei'e in tliolr present po- Jblon, aiud •(•tat no-xioubt wns also a of 'lirou-blc, 'On August 1C the warlike planet Mars caiitcsrs Gemini, the ruling sign-of tih-o U'uiiltod State. This wall produce-a violent warlike -feui-i-rig -among the Auierica.n people. • • '•Tiic disasters whilch'luive already Jmppencd are iiothllug to •tho.se which wifl (follow. Wo flliajl suffer more-.terribly -in the fall than at any other time, because tai the mouths of October and- November the majority of the planets will -be centered lu Scon-plo!" COMMENDABLE ENTERPRISE. The A merit-in Boll Telephone 'Co.. groat enterprise when it secured dfa-ect .telephone connection wit!) the St. Louis' convention. The Logans people n.i'o indebted to -them foi the accurate ami lato reports wliicb. arc •eeoivod during the progress of the c-o-ii- •f'.ltiOJl. / Financially -tic company w.ill receive 10 benefit ft-ora it. Any one wishing o hoar the latest reports received ca.n lo so by asking central office who will e glad to answer 'all question free of ' ' , SUCCESSFUL ROBBERY. Victims Think They Were Chloroformed--Watch Taken. There was a successful burglary on Helm street Tuesday night . The resi-' donee ott' Mis. AfnsehJor was entered by G-o'ou goods, late styles-ami low prices, ousistent'With, quality, always, prevail t Dciwciter, ithe-hatfer. and .furuishc'r. a -.AyiuflOiW, toe .screen being removed bj- Hie robber, and a gold'watch.ami chain were-taken from a chair at the bead.of the bed occupied jiy a part of .the family. A cheap watch that had boon lyjug on a diresser, was found by •till* itliiof aoifl. placed i-a the position occupied by the gold (ticker, and nothing was fenawu of the 'robbery until. Hie nextmorning. . Members at' tihe household are:of the opujfca that',they, were draped, with chilOTOt'orm, as .Husk eyes pained-them an awaking, TJjjerfe fa no clue, to the robber, who.made off without causing CO.VMISSIO.VE.RS' COURT. Tin; county commissioners yesterdaj voted lo appropriate ?1,000 tor the erec- tJon of a G. A. E. cottage at the Nation al -.Soldiers' Home at Lafayette, provided, the comimisslonors and a committee liroJii Logansport Post No. 14, G. A, E., arc allowed to select the site for the cottage. The bid of J. M. Forgusoii for the repair of the bridge over the Wabash river at I.cwisburg. was 'accepted and tlie contract was let to •him. Two ne-w voting precincts were cre- ited by the Board yesterday. The fifth iuct was created in tlio First ward, parts oC the first, second and third precincts being taken. lx> form the new one. J'lie boundaries are as follows: Begin- ilng at the Third street bridge on F.rowt street, West along the- North •bauk of Eel riven- to Plum street, Xortb on I'luiu. street to Bates stroet, thence North to the Eel Elver railroad, East to Sycamore street,, South on, Sycamore street to the place of beginning. The voting place is at the Trustees' olfice on Front street. In the Fdfth wa.rd Uio new sixth precinct is nude up from the third and fourth precincts. Its boundaries are as follows: Commencing at the corner of Broadway and Seventeenth street, East to Nineteenth street, South to Market Wabash riaindealor: Dollie Tucker is tlit 1 name o£ a thirteen-year-old girl who on last Saturday put herself under the proteclicug eairo of Mrs. A. F. Eb- bJnsrhou.se, treasurer of the orphans' home. Tito girl's Ii.isto.ry is sad indeed. She U the daughter of one John Tucker. Two yea re ago her mother died !u Rich Valley. The family, which consisted o the fai-her and seven or eight chlldrei were ueaitfy do.sdi.tuw. Some timt) after the death of Mrs Tucker the family moved to Wabash and li.vt-d in- an old rickety house on east Maple street While there two 01 three dilldron were admitted into Uie Cyclone Will Arrive Monday Morniug. orphans' home. Dollie and her sister kcHipjaiK -house. Four momihs ago Tucker moved his wretched family 10 Logansport. whSTTe a month since he married again, his wife refusing to live with him, so Dollio says, unless he compelled the children to leave home. The poor girl Jeft LogariNport wiblnout a cca-t of money, wj-th no clotliiiUK except what wlie had on, and t-hoy scarcely concealed her uakodncsf. No-Uiiiiig davmtixl stou boarded a Wa- biish train one day die Grst o£ I.ist week for this city. The conductor carried ner to Cass where she was made to get olt'. Tiie brave giVI felt sure if sfte eoiiid reach. Wa-burfi S'hc would be all is-h't. aiml niftor lagging a few mouth- to eat S'lic walked to Peru. Here ho again gat aboard a. Wabash -torn ud was allowed to ride to Rich Valley, remained all ui,g.ht a:t Rich Valley nxl walked into Wabash Friday. Mis. Ebbinghouse became interested in.the poor girl and received Jier admission 'in nhc home, whore she will bo well taken care of until she can secure a home in some good family! .Tune 15th, and Will Destroy Tlie Prices on Men's and Women's Tan Shoes— Filling's Slioe House. [ Choice of men's tan shoes, auy shoe in the house, including our $G and $7. goods, reduced to $3.4$. Choice of men's and women's tans, worth 53 tc 93.50, reduced to ?2.4S. A big reduc- .tion will be made on all spring and summer s'hoes. Men's, women's and children's— everything- goes. Don't miss Filling's special sale of summer goods. You know when PUling advertises a special sale that it Is DO humbug. He has proved this fact in the past. Pilling want^ your trade and has made a bid for the same. This sale is strictly cash. Any goods that are charged will be sold at regular price; no reduction; the cash buyers receive the benefit Filling's shoe house, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. To The Ladies CANDIDATE FOR CONGRESS. Harvey Ratliff Defeats J. B.Stan- ley in Prohi. Convention. anj-'aishirbaace. Bed, , THic police were, noti- street, 'East to the city limits, thence South along Clio city J traits' line to Smea-d street, West to Eighteenth street; South to WrjgJit, West to Sixteenth, North to Market, East to Sev- eii'tcenth, North to- the place of bes-ln- ning. TJie .voting place Is at the home of Rudolph Beuudt. The voting place of the third precinct is still at the power -house, and of the fourth la Woodlawn addition. The changes In the pre clncts and the addition of two more wore 'made necessary under the law. A S. Tousley inaide affidavit which com polled the action, of the board in the Fifth ward, and A. D,. JVuisler in the First ward!' . . "Buck'' Stanley of fin's city w.is a candidate before t.lie congressional con veiiUkMi of tlie PivAiibhaoiiisis for tha uomliEiition. The convention was helt at Marion, a«d a Grtuit county a)an Ha:rvey Ka-tKff was put on. the ticke This is the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary work of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little A» ponds on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly dono-opcurtalnispoil the effect of a well-furnished Lome quicker than anything else. We have experienced help In this class of work who do nothing else and we Know we can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being the only,firm In the «lty using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. for Congressional 'honors. He doieatet jtlie Cass county man by a vote of 23 •to 8. There were three delegates lu at tendance .from tills county,, six from Howard, thirteen from Grant, and one each from WabasJ), Mjaiwl and Huut- fngton. ,Tlie eouv.enliou a voided "a split on tihe money Question by ueglecliug to adopt a platform or resolution. CALLS US SUCKERS. Delphi TSimes: Every town in this vi- cinify—Lafayette, Fraakfort, Logaos- poiit,. ,jronticeao—will celebrate the 4th of July. Will Delphi merchants sleep on the -4tli while our neighbors 011 tJie •four sides of us gnck-ilie trade from tlie •county? .-.''• • ' : , • WARRANTS FOR CONTRACTORS. Carparis «.t Jlartar, coutractors, wlw have undertaken the.task of Wasting out the huge limestone .''bluff for the Big Eour raihtxad in Wab.ush, have aroused the wraith of the citizens In that city. The iwk fc very hard and it is necessary to use eiiorjuous charges of powder. The reports 1 are, de;ifeniug NiigJit and day there is a perpetual Kourth of July cetobmiiou, and George Courtier, a' householder, : has taken o'lt warrants for 1ihe arrest of Messrs. Cas- pai-ls and Marter anil seven foremen. FIRST NATIONAL BANK • ' -OF- LOGANSPORT, . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $2dO,OOO. A. J. Murdook, Prcs. W. W. Roas. Cash. J. F. Brootaneyer, Awit. Cash. DLBECTOBS: «• 8- Bice, w. H, innghorst, i. J, MortocK, Dennis fhl? F. Yantis, F. M. Harwood, W. I. WUson. .inkinp In aK Its Departments promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stockholders nought for. Strong Reserve Fund maintained. Red and blackberries,—Rotherimel. NOTICE TO. JEWISH J,ADIES. " You are most cordially invited to the Knights of Honor hall Friday; evening, June 19, ait 7 o'clock, to meet the Vice 'resident of Indiaaia and organize a Branch of the Xaittouail Council of Jewish Women. • ' Stevensoai <fc Klinslck are offering Inducements hi' shoos. , Union amd all otilier ki-uds of uudcr- wear in all Aveights and sizes .at De- wcniter, the hatior and furnisher.

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