The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1933
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYIHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 181 Wytlievllte-Uslly, News, muhevllle Courttc, Mississippi Valley r*»der. Blythevlll; Herald. ni,YTtlKVIU,K, AllKANSAS, MONDAY, (K'TOHKIi Hi, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BUKES I Russia Preparing for j ; War in the Far East! BIG I K^^^^r 1 . [•:i<l<-.-n dcl'i i:•.!•.-, In psi-iKiriilion l"i"- nni t nT-' V"~ M <- *•••«• •*»" j!i i i:i "' :i suv -i Kill ! Ill'"' 1 Itiiftiiun sp"l:<' -man ^ihl i'-di.v.; .,, ,-, . UnLLU!' Tli- MI'"'.'"-!":'"!, a m.mb'i- .if rljIlK' (..I'rlslx'S Arliclc Written 20 Years ago Causes Swiny lo La- Guarclia. NEW YORK, Ocl. 1C. IUPI- PirM indii-atUin (if UK- powerful i-f- li'tl of anll-Hcinilic- tluirr,-s :i'.::ii:i-. Joseph V. MfKie. indeiieno-i. 1 candidate for mayor of this city -jf 1.- KOO.OOO Jews, came Icday in 'i d'- cideii swine toward me fusion i-an didu'.e. I-'iorello i.aCiiiaidiu. i:i .. in- - j ai>°r chain .slraw vote. I Injection of the innammnble race | prejudice issue into (he biller Ihrei- .sided campaign for contrui yf ih-- richest city of tin: world c-ompb-u.-i" ii)>set polllical plans and forecast-, and Deemed destined lo chanye the entire complexion of the neisU-d foulest. The McKcc forces were panir stricken by the di'Vclopniful. Samuel Unieimeyer. no'.ed JewWi L-I, derided (he candidate's protestation ihul an article he wroie tor Ihc Catholic World 20 years aa:i was a dead issue, aJ'.d o',..i-r J'-'. 1 -- Lsh leadeis joined him in predicting the article would cost .\k-Kee upwards of -250.000 votes. KO to LaGuardia. wilh only a fe.'- v to Tammany Hall's candidate. M:iy- or Jolui P. O'Brien. The swine may benefit Tammany somev."hat, however, in preveiuiiiK the complete disinlrsrailnn of ill- city machine. Army Engineers Will Handle New Levee Job 1 Hie UilViuili :-mb:i.s:,y. ailniltli d h:,d Jnt(i: nii-il his -lovci iiini-nl thai! Chhu-si- in-.velei.s ::rri\inu here ri 1 -i ]>ui-ic-d 1)1:11 lliree Hits'.!:!!) air- | iilanv:. i Itiii-i- hijil want when Japani-s,.- :imi-:iiiriaft ' t:'.nis n]vm-d tile. I'hiiH'S 1 Air[)orl. lo I'.iirlti m r Clurksvillo •I. Ti-mi., Ori. id lil'i -'I vo fuiium-it-ml [lilt's *<-ie .dashed lo death today when th-ir !>':i!U- i-u'.lrhl lire and Cla.shi'd tn (arlh tu-ar here, 'llu:V wi-n- Willian Harlow Improved After Emergency Operation HOLLYWOOD. O:l. 1C iUP> — Ji-an MiirXw. wliu -.M-m under llu! siirin'on'* knife inr ai>]ji-ii;lli-ili.-, Just us sue was prepaiiiij< '.o leave on a honeymoon, was n-ix'ited jinpuivcd Tj:r blonil M-IY. n -.,i:ir was yet- tiiil' alimi' cxi'dli-iuh 2\ hours nf- Ir-r s!u- was iir lied In Ihe lor mi I'liir-rvi-niy uperulicm. KJji- was s'.rh-kvn winie prepar-: nin in s<-i «i.i fui lluno,inn \sifj! her new i'.U'ib.'uul, Elurolil Ho.s-ion.i movie ciimt-ram.iii. -.v:ih whom .shu \ e:0]HTl to Yumu. An* . t-.evera! wi-ek:i | :\K'j. She h:u! Jus', limshid ;\ |)lc- ' LIIJV :uid A'as ^nuili-d a luu v.i-eks j Heads Catholic Women Council vo. '[In- nirim-ii wen- <-:i loute "^rflll Tn TRdn W.y IMilKir nirixirl 111-1,1- Mm I H IHllP lrl-.ll ( i.-,i. Tlirii- pl:,ne ^i-vi-lDpell fH Ht .-iiKin- ii-on'Jli- shorlly afu-r inkniK; ' " . ' u I IIIII Rrown .Will ;it O'iccola Re for - t P. M. Barton. off tin- field here and bursi \ ir.ti> tlaui'-s ni an aliilude of Will fi-K. Murray made an efluit in HM- paniehute bill ii faih-d lo op.-n E OPCKO1.A. Aik.. Oe'.. in-Grim-1 :•! i-GMVi'iirxl here Lllis rnor- j ti ii sp'.-i-iul venire o! fjfl [ n-.en sur-,r:-.'i:Kd troin which it jury will b" (ira'.vn for the trial of Arthur Kro-.vr,. l.itlle River fi'rmer. ••hail!!-:! srh a^aull tn kill P. M. Ballon. OoMei! Lake plainer. .)<:(!•'- f',. E. Keck of lilvlhi-vii'.c is I'.rnv. n shot Barton four tim'.s '.'-ith a piMol following an ai-uu- menl over o-.'.T.'-rship ol :i ll:iv :,rcs.'--. 'Hi*- '.ho.oiijif Cf-cin'ied in '.ion', of Brown's home in the .summer of IT32. T. W. YOHI:I!. fnrni- cj. who came bs-lween the two hi ::ii r-ffori 10 en:! the trouble. was n:iniiU 1:U<T Io hiMant di-aih Thi. inline v:a:. i!i innlislud. Wardcll Ymith ally Wouiiflecl by lliinliiijj Coinpanion. ' Nohoily There W h c n : Threalened Contractor) ; Coed io 'Pay QIC Scene ; OKLAHOMA CITY. Ocl. IG (UPl --Charles S. Beekman, s'.a'.e road [•oi-.'.iacior and political leader, weni i Natloii:il Ciuim-ll of Catholic u:ici"r ilueau of death lo Ihe scene | NV.mieii will l:i> li,-aded for llio 'of a i-npiested £10.000 pay olf today i wsl Hirer; years liy Miss- Anne, bin I'.xuirlKmlsis who made Lie Uc-! H- Hooley. aljuve. ( ,f Kansas Clly. ! mand Jailed lo appe'ar. • J!i " Hooley WHS elected presl- Terrorlzed lor days by ilireatsn- I dcut nl Illl! R! ' 1>iU " ""vcntton inv; telephone L-alls. the -,veall : '.y cuntriiutor drove lu ihe i>lace designated while ofiicers with ma-jhina guns and rifles la:d a ir.ip and First to Lose Blue Eagle Ollfc lo RccOliVIMK 1 Odohcr 26. WILSON. Ark., Oi:l. Hi-.: C<iy. 18. of Wm(!ell. wns In Iciil conilllliiii In llaplht hospli:il today, suffei'inii from blood leviltiiiK li-uin an u( etdi-ntal KIIII- ,sho: Intlicli-d by Ills i-inv-ln, a Iniy McCuy. wlio lives on Hi- plan- haiion i,f V. K. Ihirrlson, wns ;<|inr- > n-l hmuliiii In ihe compuny «f mull loiisln when Ihe ncL-ldi-nt IK-- | •iirri'il. He vjns shot In Ihe Ihliih. He was brougln lo Wilson whcin he wa.s ueiilcd by Ors. N. D. Kl Is, Jmiu-s Mcl-'all, und R. I.. .John son; "I Hu.s.-ii:U. Dr. Johnsun m- i'iimp:in:e<l him to Memphis. Continue Through o u t Ihc Week. The sun. Of "S183.50 was donn>d j Eeekman, in several lelepiione The United States army engineers will--do levee-work near CnnUli 1 ersville. Mo., and Armorcl. Ark., in- volviny 1.828.000 yards of eartr.. it was revealed «-ith the aniiouncc- ment Si:ntiay that the bid of '.he Brooks-Galloway company of Ai- lanta, at first announced as lo-,v. had been rejected. The bids of six construction companies 'On k-vee projects were rejected by the war department. The bids were all oil a contingent basis and ll:e department fouuj it conic save approximately SIOO.OOO b\ avvniding the work clse'.vhere. Actual awards were made to eigh private firms and the army engineers. Work k; scheduled lo slari by November 10. Among ll'.e awards were: C30.00S yards near Long Lake. Ark., ai $113.400. and 2.213.100 yards near O!d Town. Ark., at 517.842. io Driver Coiistniclion Co.-. 583.000 yards nenr Butler. Ark. at S114.851. t: ^falhe\vs Brothers Construction Co. Erie. III., aivt 1.310.000 yards nea: Old Town. Ark., to J. T. Pollard Wilson. Ark. killed bv h'.OHs from Brown's E;i'-n. flauglilcr and later pardoned. He i : Howard Seriously \ ! Wounclecl by Discharge j ! oi Mis Own Gun. i i Cecil Howard, 22, head ol a local I j inuchlnc shop, was In a serious con-; dilion at the Blytheville hospital : tcday. ihe victim ot a (juiishol i ivoiind sustained M-hlle on a Sun! tiny hunting trip. The accident oc- ' curred about six miles north of Shonyo In the Big Lake .section. I 'Hie accidental discharge of- Howard's sholRim almost lore olf lib left arm. nece.ssHalinu amputation been al liberty under hoi-.d .x-ndin? trial on the assault, to kill ::hare;e. Also on the iiockei. but not likely in be heard al (his term wos Warned to The largest donnlions tcclay were keep the IhreiCLs secret. He took 10 each. i:iven by Ihr- farmers officials into his conAdcncc, how- S10 Bunk and Trust company, B. A. l.vneh. and Mrs. C. W. Afflick. i.. Others were: .1. C. Penney store, husband Ihe pislol wilh which the!' er kern 5 - each shnmins wa.s done. j on Cn Chesi The Browns are represented by '•- "• M' w -e-. •\. F. Barhnm of Osceola and Wils : r ii\-is. Memphis attorney. J. of Oscetilfi hus been News, each S5: Siernberj Cot- ,(er R. Babcock. Dr. Mon.-e. each S4i Harry W. Hnine::. i.f: Tom Little. Je^se T Taylor. Mrs. R. L. Loggins. Loy ... i Welch J .1. McGce. Mrs. Edgar jp, . .^... _ ^ The extortionist told him (o park at a certain street corner .on Ihe edge of town with the cash in a bundle in his car. Heavily armed officers took iiosilioiis before dawn in buildings al the Intersection. Legion Meets Tonight The Dud Cn.'on post, of (lie Am- W Wilev 50 Is Believ- ! lKlcnv thc f ^ m '- Pavl ° r Uic lowl W, VVliey, JU. IS uul yv ,^ f blrds ii 0i , en tcrc4 below the chin ed to Have Tak(j|i CKvn Life. BRINKLEY. Ark.. Oct. 1C (UP) ^ _ w .^.. . the rUhlsWc ot i\«',tace. 11 wns first feared thai he would suF- fcr the loss of his right eye but later examination indicated that the eye was nol seriously Injured. Pos—The body of L. W, Wiley, 50, dis- slble Infection was believed [o be flKNKVA. Oct. Hi ilJl'l - The i•i-mnihsiim f.-l Hie wui-lil nun:, i-ojilrience adloiuneit Icduy ;ill-r amu-iiMiw :i ' blulH HOle lo Cii-rin:iiiy i-harai-u-i l/.li-,ij h'-r ex- uiM-s lor 'iiiltiiiii' ihe conference :u-i "ijualid" und votim; to reeon- vi-ni- on tJctiihi'i- VII. i By I'lilli'il I'ress "he world d1s;irmtimeiil ronfei 1 - I'IM-C, n-iinnvciiiiiB at Geneva today, jilanni'il a on- to tw ( i weeks uii- j jiiiirnnient lo makn a dcspalrln'.: •-tfori KI biins Ciermany back inlo (lie League ol Nallons. and Ihe in nr. confereiire fiom which she wl(]idi(-w Suiurday. i 'liiouijh Ihc lirr.i excited talk lit | KurniXMin i apllals of nu immcdl- ] ale arms race und an early wur "'"'' iMibslded, there wns black pcsslni- - 1 " 1 '' I Ism tliroughoul the conilnnni. 1 (Jeimans awaited anxiously ovcr- . lures from oilier powers thai mtyht ; i:ivc her lui|K' of rerntering Inlcr- I national councils on an equal basis. I Her um;ry ivllhdi-av.'a! was because ; she fell she wn:; being trealcd ar, lii iecoud cliLW nailon. Then- were hlnti; at (1eiir.'V:i that Norman II. Davis, ehiel United Slntcs dlsarnuimeiiL tteiei; t \te. inlvihi be asked lo lake Hie lead in seeking agreement with Germany. Premier Mussolini of Italy hoped le might take ihe lead under h!.s four nation pence 1 treaty which provides for ronfeicnrcs in limes Administration Hopes to "ut Prance, opposing • said Hie ,L . rvii-" r\ n • ! treaty was dead and her parha- Makc .bllllOfl Uollar_S. incn^lhBl_was to i. n ,f .11. nt'ii licssliiii beyhuilns tomori'ow. never would do so now. Cucnt Britain was ansry with Qermany and unwilling lo maki> :in advatii'c, particularly i localise ;L|I MIA 1-lnli: * II.,1 III::. 'lil-\c I I:;"." 1 i'liii" Illil IC.illlli-i, IW ln-fiiii: Hi" U.-uy ailvi-.ii lailnl lo :iii|n-iir Hi-, t -l:iui'.-i! lluil h'- vinlal-il I ami iv:tp; lv>'Vl:j'lns i'l H": lam.nil iml'i:. llaliuli-* ill- llu, i' I-!I:IH'-H when Ci'ii 11 Ji.lin.-...n withilluw hi Ihe Irlct manager of Texas company, (he- biggest source of danger, was found floating in Bayou DC Howard luul been 1 View, 8 miles northwest of here, > O n t ], c Shonyo road Available lo Depositors. The government todav came to the aid of depositors In closed nallrmal this morning. Mr. Wiley had been missing! hud crosted the road, He apparenl- from his home here since Wednes-1 ]y llu( | st arled to rise when his gun bank:: vvitli annniinrement by!,),,, wiihilren- ' afv-r leariilnC of Hmviiffl ha/l iv>en ivlnir lii n ear I ''"•jciclpnl Honvevi'li of creallou of. n r i t] ,i n v, llc -, v ei(;lil-yenr dlsarinn-' Howard had been Ijlng^ in cnrj a ^^.^ ^^ Uqiilriallon board ,-, HMU F ,| :l!1 v .nich was outlined at •to free one billion dollars quickly, i cicneva Saturday. The boar<l. comiioscd of rauXini; i companions sought a squirrel ihnt firral officials, will concentrate on I Monroe county authorities are In- veslignling the possibility that, he was slnin. The body was sighted on the surface r.f Ihe waler. swollen by last night's rnln. by a bread sales- Concrete Revetment Fleets Back at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark.. Oc:. IG.~ Tlie re- ir.rn tc O.ireola Saturday of I'leel No. 7. a concrete casting plant largest of the several outfit.- en- Cloting Stock Prices picker. I'hysirian Accuse,! Dr. Bio 1 .™ is chr.njed wilh the; 'inn-dor of Win. W. Woidlow. 23! year o'.d lenanl farmer, whom !'.e hot in Dr. Brown's barn about i .0. Sims. Oscn. . ! Bell's Sliidio. Mrs. H. U Reynolds. ' W. J. Wur.derllch. R. I-. Banister Fred Warren, each S2; J. E- msson. Apji'.eba'.im. Ellioit Johns. O. Lilies. Sam Mftvmtl.| Aaron. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel . Chrysler Cities Service ... Coca Cola General American Tank 28 1-2 General Electric IB 1-4 CetiE-ral Motors 2G 1-8 International Harvester 34 1-R 11C 7-8 12 3-8 29 3-4 :« 1-4 . 2 3-8 91 1-2 mnn en route Collon Plant. Officers were Brinkiey to called and found Jmticli as possible for the depositors I'rinee In llely on Anns ^PIS Oet 1G tUPJ — Fiiince, , brinks , |os , [ , | - .^ ; d , lormlllcd loihiy wa _ sll ivn E ln«r in , o nlnk , n o concession to Germany , stimulating Ihe dlslribiuion of the I Hint would lead lo an increase In day morning. . | s || 11[le(i olll O f the ear. ihe trigger | r o^;;'"nL«Ls"of" AllhoijBli evidence leads them to 1 t ,. ikin ngll [ lu . t U:( . ,- im nin K board ' "* ,„,.,?:„ i • believe Wiley ended hte own life, an( , ul * cll * rg , [1B ti , e wcnpo ^ slllce ' Irulullrv l ' Emll Daiiicn. one of Howai'd'sj lo bnWcr purchasing power. her aimamciits or to a weakeninu companions, heard the shot and re- .. Tnc gra(!ri> | mteiition," a While „', Fl . cllcll de[ (imilng lo the cor in a few mln- House announcement said. "Is loj viewing williout alarm the pos- v.les found Howard. He fashioned nl!1 |{ C innns on the assets of closed j k . jlll(x co i lnl) <;p o f |),.^ disarmamenl lounii((iiet lo slop the How oMi );1 nks for the benefit of deposilois I' co ,,f(, rf , llr ' P officials" declared .(he blbod from Howard's nun ami drove ; up to a maximum of r>0 |Ki- c:eut. rcccnl f ou ',. jxiwcr peace trenty lo hurriedly al>out IG miles lo l!-.e hos- of llicir dcposils, inclusive of tils- ljo ( | en( | n]H | wtw p rc j, ni - c d if nec- pital here. tributions heretofore mnde. "This . CESa ,. v lo r( .]y n; 10 n arms alone to off the highway near the water \Vilry liuil placed some of his clothes in the car and locked It. No note wns found. Investigators laid. The body is being held al a funeral home here pending completion ol plans for burial at Ox- Private Charity Still Montgomery- Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio largest oi u:c several oimiu- en- -not in ur. urowns ,i.,u, -^"n; vhj Mrs L nerp er. Aaron. Radio gaged in icvelmenl work on Ihr | miilnisht one inohl last Ann!. Re-- ' h ,' G Cl C ai:dill. Mrs. W' Simmons Beds Mississippi river in this licUl area rorlin? the sl'.oolmcr shortly after-, « u - ^ [ s ,. o . i.ansky.! S t. Louis-San Pranrlst brings back ID this trade icrriiory ward to John Rowland, nearby,"- ™.' U ° Standard of X. J .. an industry employing around 12CO farmer. Dr. Brown said \Vardlo\v.'" •• | Texas CO. men. \vlio will be staiioned here until further orders. The flret. which was rt'iartercd here for nearly Uvo years until ils removal to Cairo. III.. !as[. July, is in charge of w. B. House. The boats are tied up al Butler, a few miles south of here. Grading Parties No. II) and N'o. 12 also arrived last week. No. 10 in charge of H. L. Cheshire doing work on nullerlon Bar and N'o. 12 in charge of H. C. Moore, working on bland 34. Party No. is works two graders and employs around 200 men. Party No. 10 uses a hundred men. The aggregate monthly roll of the Ihree fleets, together with the lay-up fleel. wjiich has been quartered hove oil ih« runs around S85.00D. The grading parties will move on as scon as their work is completed and will be followed by the sinking Plant, ivhich moved into Keyes Point, just south of T.u.xor.-i. hs: week. nssaulied him when he entered the j >wn auri he shot him in self de- JJCClOIS Will Meet at shot and killed Tom Dolen vour.B Keiser nilin7 station. Harrisbur? Wednesday } cn'rraicr." !as( May. foliowine: an ; . OSCEOLA. Ark, Oct. IG.—Physi- areument over tlie outcome of a | C ;aiB from Clay, crnighead. Crit- scliool election. McCuvry is alien- tcnd?n. Greene, Lr.vr-.-nre. Mrssis- lo have hit Jim Sliwleton. nnj.c-.ippj. poinsell and Hamlolph conn- ^ f older farmer, a deadly Wow withi l | ( , s w j[| s( .. i o mrrisburE Wcrtnes-1 J(ln ' collon scale beam following j^- r 0r liie mcetiti!; of Ihe North-j Mar 17 5-8 31 5-8 3 1-2 14 G 3-4 18 ,CO 3 30 1-2 CO 23 1-8 U. S. Sicel 79 1-4 New York Cotton ford. Miss. Wiley is survived hy i and a his wife daughter, of Brinkley. and Needed Says Roosevelt. WASHINGTON. Oct, 10 The governments intentio (UI'l— | to pre- docs not, of course, mean that. In ; n bank whose remaining a.vsels are worthless that the dcposilors will get 50 per cenl. They will get in such a case only (heir share In. ithe remaining assets." The ncconslriiclion Fi meet any Orrman n»r<sslon. Government leaders were calm. Austria Closes Universities VIENNA. Oct. IG (UP) — The curvl i«P>» the "' me yuvL-riiuiL'iiuj uutjmiuii io i»i^- ~u nn ,,.|n vent starving this winter rests on ! yorporniion win . t . i nuci an UIUUH-UN m «.«, ^,,^.,. the assumption that private chor- ; for , thc lmns CM tlie ckwtl ta ' ll% ! liotinq and Ihe explosion of bombs ,-., „„ government ordered the closing of f ''"""'. every universiiy in -Austria today ,,'.''.' nltei an outbreak of Nazi student iiy will be kept up lo the levels of former years. President Iloose- vctl declared last night in nn address to the nation opening a four week campaign of the 1933 moblli- /.alion for human need.';. According relief work an Im- NE\V YORK. Oct. 1C. (UPl — Cotlon closed barely steady. other relatives In Arkansas. Fined for Assault and Disturbing the Peace Frank Bishop was fined $50 tor aggravated assaull and S10 for dls- lurbing tlie p?ace by Municipal j Judge C A. Ciinninahnm Salurdny. . Emmit Cole ps fined five dol-, - he |p of relief lars for aggravated assault and bat-1 hjs ^^ h( , U(!cbrC(1 assets. in the MS ion's le.idlup instllu- 111: fact recovery ccssful if Seek Negro Porter for Drug Store Burglary , . . A negro porter, employed at a place In his rehabilllation' barber shop adjoining Kirby drug ! I inns. ' Ombi-eaks occurred simulwne- ously al Ihc University of Vienna, a! Innsbniek, Oruz. and ll'.e Loeb- i-ii minim; college. Police believed Ihc dcmons'.ralioi::; were earefully plo nncd. (lag wns hoisted at lam. the president slrcssed "thci jiorc. Main and Second streets, was! The swastika flag wns hoisted at ict that the Tine lenmwork in the sought today as the burglar who' Vienna while the rioting stuuenct icovery program cannot be sue- entered the drug store sometime hurled smoke bombs and stood off an important horse is lying buck In the traces." A great many people will still ' " agencies trouble bnlween wives of Ihe t«-o: cast Arkansas Medical society and| M;lv ' men. who lived in Ihc ;am» house] p irst connciloi- Dlstricl. Dr. C. M-jj,]'];, at Barsell. Olsen cut the throat of; jj.^^! of osc^ob is president and § is president and R'.U.-.cville. sec- the society. . Cleveland L. Long. Tyroiwn farm- , Dr p _ n smilh er. at a public dance al Whitlon. 1 ^ teray-treasnrer re.'.ultiiig in Long's dcalth n ' cw ' which meets s hours later. Oswell is rharwd with: T | le p ro ^ rclm iurii'.dcs a paper on Ihe fatal slinottr.s ot an older i .. -farmer by Ihe name of Kliirid^ej emia. Diagnofis o: Pernicious -An- Refeience lo on ' Golden Lake plnnlalicn. after; A 'i^,| c! ,j Fflv ms." liv Dr. Conley trouble between the two which is ga - ntord o[ Memphis: a paper on ai. and its Prac- said 10 have arown out of a wills- . .. key transaction. i tic .,,i Apnlicaticn in t.:e Practice The slate will ako ask an indict- ! of j^in^p- by Dr. Win. Chancy nienl. nsainsl Paul E. Lieeetl of' of Meim) hi5- n ' 6i<«iss:e:i of "Til- West Plains. Mo, former manager ' ' open . 892 . 003 . 907 . 920 . 938 . 953 high low 899 658 010 E7G nn 933 948 9 GO 883 900 close OSS 877 883 900 913 9-27 tery. Trial of Garbnd Mocdy on , lin|> lu , charge of reckless driving was con- 1 F tinued followe acqua o msllj . "It'is true that because of a arge of reckless driving was con- 1 growln|F rcemploymenl of t ued until WcdncKlay. His arrest cmp i oycd man} . rmiilllrs llowed acquittal of his father °n| msllj . individuals have been a charge of driving while intoxi- tcated in which n defense was successfully offered that young Moody was the driver ot the car. A brother of young Moody was fatally injured In nn accident which oc- New Orleans Cotton ^ .VS 1 ^'"' m " °' Two men were fined for piiihe , steadily the im- and taken Spots elored easy at 89S. oil off , he TClM roUS] .. ,„, Sunday night and carried off a i batallions of police off sent to quell quantity of cigarettes and watches i them. as well as a small amount of cash. Many arrests ami injuries were the situation lu hnnd. NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 1C. tUI 1 ' Cotton closed barely steady. drunken new. Oct. open I'.igh lew cases, by s Injured When Car Turns Over LUXOBA. Ark.- Mrs \v ,1 Fur- ret le anrl Mrs. c. W. Furrelle, who live Juu souili of Lu.vora. were severely injured when their cor. driven by Mrs. C. W. Kurrette, limiimy ™ Jan , Mar May July 897 905 925 <HO 040 908 914 930 945 r»,>2 870 877 891 <KW CS5!) 871 Hpot 5 closed steady ot 858, off 42. .with the systematic ihelt of small j sums over a p-rinO of iwo years; ! during which "he was manager for the Wilson company- His lo'.al Is said to amount to S3,- h turned over on Highway 61 near here. Mrs. Fun-ele lost control of her car when she attempted to pass a car which was parked on WEATHER ARKANSAS — Generally fair. cooler, probably f:ost in northwest portion tonight. Tuesday fair. Chicano Wheat CHICAGO. Ocl IG. IUP1—W.-ea dropped a cents on the board o trade Icday. ll'.e limit under pres- Wilson Negro Woman Kills Man With Razor WILSON, Ark.—Sara Thompson. MO, negro, was arrested early Sun- ( _ ^ iday by Deputy Sherifl Jess Greer, <ha ^ inlQ (om1 fr0]n )lis , lom( , on '.after sl-.e had cui the throal on n fnrm \ n the Clear Lake neigh- '5 WUI1 U-> il ollliUl Htiiumiv Ul \.nj"- i - ...... _• •-• ------ ----- - . _ , Access lo ir.c store was gainsU by reported in the ensuing nslit Bat cutting a hole through n thin Ii—-' the government apparently hau pa i.iion separating a rear storeroom of the drug store from ti:: barber shop. The porter was uiLssiug when t! e operator of Ihc shop, who hid «lv-jn him his key. f ciinj il necessary ta force n way Into his own shop tills morning. Ncgrn. Surrenders Alter Killing Another Negro Tommle fohn Will YVlH n . j • Willie Davis, negro, with a ra?.or. Kowlano '. Davis died almosi hu'.anliy. T.-e Ahmad cuttln e occurred in mill lown. Da" u vis was helping another negro push Tlie Hot Springs Sentinel l'-l!s o!, r!m ,, p and 5 i,, s e deparl\;re of John Elt"n Row-, hat j previously the .. land, son of D.-, and Mrs. John r. Rowland of that city, for N'ew York | fl bout a mile to resume his studies in the new, tt . a ,. School of Pin? and Applied Arts., New York university. After the firs! ivas helping ,,a car when the Thompson woman ip and slashed his throat. T.-ey previously quarreled over a of whUky. She was caught ot town and j n the Osceola Jail. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and CAMBHIDOir. Mass. ' UPl—A!-' colder (onifl'.t and Tuesday, most anyv.hcre else 32 incurs beer.! The maximum temperature here the highway. Mrs. w. ,i. Furretie'ibut a! Massachusetts Tnstllule cf| yesterday wns "i. minimum 55. sustained R severe injury to her I Technology il Is a mining cngin- uloudv with 1 83 inches of rainfall, lefi knee. Mrs. c. W. Purrette re-lecting co'mse in -Advanced rclvcti cuts nbout )irr tare. Dressing." trading restrielloiiF open high low c'.ose Dec. 72 3-4 7G 1-2 69 7-8 69 1-8| May 77 3-4 80 1-2 73 7-8 ot the year he will go to Paris to study until the laller p-irt of next summer. From Paris lie will go to i;aly to compile a course ,in "Tn- j tcVior Architecture." He was award- a scholarship ai t!'c Ilalinn 7.<il school for hi? work at New I university last year, i Mr, Rowland's mother. Mrs J r I P. Rowland, is a Dell Infant Dies borhood yesterday afternoon after Ernest Williams, and siirrenderfc) to police. Seeks Funds Here tor Home lor Wayward fiirls Major L. A. Oclom. field secretary of Ihe American Savins Aid. of Vine Bluff, is ill Blythc-vlt!; today, in the huerfst of a statewide rescue work, which lies been established some two decades, op- e-itnd in (he lnler"st of waywavd girls ar.d their uabics. X:r.;or Oiloni states that he tU5 devoted some Ihlrlyfive ycare to i linquency has shitted from the •- and shooting wo.- a sequel to a! t^ntie^to the early teens, iv nizhl crap came whir'.i "'at ''• : . c : a ..."?..._;:_. •,-",,.!, Siliirdav nizhl crap gi led to dlfricullies iKtv.-een the iwo negroes. Sunday afternoon Williams came to his house, and ro- crease in the number of cases. Many tsbies sre torn In tlw Pine Bluff Institution which sinned Tta%wmenrM,dlii" told jbc he!.l Tor ^option ovclng to the officers. He said he warned Wll-1 hiflbmty of their mothers so ktep llams Bway bui the latter refi—d ] and raise t l.em ito go and followed him inlo the | The people of B.uheui.e nu Valco Hurdle Brownlee. thrcc- montlis-o:d son of Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Brownlee. died at the family home near Dell at 1:40 o'clock Sunday morftir.?. His death was attributed to colitis. Funeral services were held Sun'•"'day afternoon and Interment was house, striking at him !behi5 askfil to co-operate with uuuai, ^LIIIVIUB ,'. .,..,, •'.... -- - ^ .. knife, forcing him to shoot in self-1 Sav ns Aid m rl»f«ne^ WOrk. ing to the detensc. fruntnlnnry cXHniJnntion will held for Madison this alierr.oon.] He Is accused of manslaughter. . Asked to Spare Nccklled D?cr I CORVALLTS. Mont. (UP) I Hunters In the regicu cast of Cor- ROSEBURQ, Ore. tUP)-Ump- : vallls are asted not to shoo; a •is w-v-e i'i l:rnvy, deer wearln; a red. necstie thl. open hl?h low bivjaecordins to Samuel F. Xorrls, of-lDcc. 38 1-2 40 1-1 37 1 I ficlal weather observer, | May 46 47 44 I Chicago Corn rlo>e |0la and has prop-riv u i.uen. I'ne uooo unaeriaKing com- .inuu.iuwn a aozen emjs HI n iw»» -"K ™ " ••"•••" —'• •"". V." ".>.", -2 37 3-1 this county which bring members i pany was in charge of funeral ar- j grocery store Every one of the It the necxUc was a.iaciini in i.. t -8 -14 l-l|or the family here occasionally, Jianjemcnls. | dozen had a double yolk. |dcets tnroai. DrlveT'fnmliy of "iusora Wl<J OVX* made at Wllkerson cemetery, near production, Dr. B. R. Shoemaker: year Tr.e antmat is a pet telong- ola. and has nrop.m- u -,. ..Dell. The Cobb Undertaking com- . t , u ^.. a > ftt a down eggs al a local ing to a ranch famtls. To

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