The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1935
Page 3
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PA HE SI* Debl-Riclclen,.'' Last-Place Red Birds Shocstrin^cd! Inlo Viisl Organisation, nv HAUiU' nrtAYSON SpoH-i Kdltor, NTA Service The smartest man in hnseball? No question about (hat. It Is lii.incli Rickey, who shocstrlnseil Ihc debt-ridden and hopelessly last Hi. Louis Cardinals into Lhe blfj- I..C.^T and uio^t powerful oivaniKn- tit.n in lii'fball. Hlckcy b«u the milliomUre own- 111-3 wtlh Ills fnnri Kystc-m. tie lias been jw/uly i-rlllcl/cd by miiny v.lio contend that outside owner- shin has hurt the smiillei- fry by lulling civic pride, jot there Is no fiHting .away from the fact, that Ihc St. Louis Niilioniil League club (mill a* number of uiicerlain minor Ir-ii^ue franehlsc-s into a $1,500,000 .When Judge Koncsiiw Moiiliiatu Landis. high i-ommissions'r of ba.-e- li.ill, objected lo ihe ouerailons /jf (lie SL l.ouls club. Rickey ndvjsivi him to qtiit holding court nnd to suRgost somclhhiR constructive for a - change. The St. Louis executive hur, dc- Vfiic-d his' life la toisclKil), nnd always has been nrsl, t« (jc-l behind any. move calculated lo further the permanent projection of the Siime at lMf;e. l-'iix'cl for flcfusln^ To Play on Sumiay Rickey originated ' numerous indices that have 'been helpful, He has conducted large schools for .\ming pliers. He fathers the Knothole Gang tor boys, members I ,!™- v of which arc admitted free to 11 1 ,"" 1 '" pportsmnivs Park five days a week when the- Cardinals are at home. A siiii- alhlele In college, Rickey coflchcd college baseball and foot- bull teams. He played football professionally, and held every position in connection with a baseball club—from- player to president. Rickey once- was released by Joe Kclley, manager of 'Jie Cincinnati Reds, lierauje lie refused 'lo piny Iwsoball on Sundxy. He does not -.literal teiseball sanies on Sunday lo'lilts day. ' : The sandy-haired boss of (he Cfii-dlnals, <i-hoje looks belie his 63 years, Is the father ol six children. .-• •.'.''•'. .Rickey, a lawyer, lylcl-i four university degrees. He is n 'memberI of llic' board of trustees of his Deceiving Athletics Go South llounil fov Fnrt My?rs, )'l;i., and Irnlnliip, Alldellc pllchem nre shown us ibc-y tntraiiiril in Pliirailclplila. Left is Snrnmy I'OXK, lirnllier of Jimmy, unpack- Sufi his grip. The recruit sliav- •nil! Rlelrlcli U Joe Kotil. man. Joe Cfls-carella. peruses % story nboiit crvoiura In bis u«rlli in reformed Ills nnry hind quickly Ihey forjjetT '" subsequent KS«£= ™ »s l^Hrrs-S played club. by the bniin behind the crown; Jock McAvoy, of By Harry Grayson alma mater, Ohio 'Weslcyan University, nnd of the board of directors of John BuiToiighs School, of iu- New York, where o linlf dozen liitiivi-ollegiatc double-benders have "'" many other and :Next to baseball llib Cardlhnl genius-Is..most Interested in education. .:-.,..' HIekey Is the Demosthenes of the diamond, and Ills fame as an ; io Kunsus City hud something of a., monopoly on the big show tin- Ill fills year, wlieii'it will'be" held in Denver. Pi££ly-Wl?Rly learn, the Eiif-lnud; and UH|W|R Indinn's Taclics Result Disqunlificnlion; Defeats Miller. l>l«|on of jiemvy flMt oswd victory in the ln,i of Don til. ill! In Torres, reputed Spanish wi-dller. in th c , ntt j,, PWIll American Legion wrestling ciid at tho armory lost nl-jjit. The <mil!fst crowd lir.«ami> tJm-> .sat in on thrs .show. Inclement wiilh-r uppiirmlly culling (| own Mfm \. ance : preliminary maldi Oov,<l:oy j J cl- I'mdin tlcfcutwl WxltPi- Mi!-' lei- In a rough affulr ' i Uo youths,'Charles Tucker nnd C tinles .Drake, weighing about jnr, i-oumls. mixed in. a iuateli (hat skill. Tim ljoV"pii't" n on liood malch nnd Ihe referee r '<! it a <lrav.'. Holt look (ho first fall from "'," • S ' 1 '?.!! 1 "" 1 '" " minutes with what Innekesper Vlrell c I < c.scrllMd ns -i "Japitnese clrin ;li-ust mo Don cams b at:k In - sntb thn second fall !„ o minnie; . with an airplane spin, Uoll start- ''<l rough tactics on (he ihirc fnll that rosnlted in rtiso.iialiflca- l«|n,.apparently for ,, yc sou ,. il)B . Miller took the first full i,, u,<; l' f «l"n I" 24 minutes. i>,,r,|| n came back to E et [he second ttiin- Wfl in r, with a rowing split. The thti-d fall wm 8 Cooler's Girls-"!.Play hi .Regional Cage; Ton rnamen I COOTER, Mo.—Cooler's Pcmtscot county champion (.h-ls Ic-am left lo- tiay for Diclstadt where tliey vill participate tonlghl In tho oiKiiinr round of the Region NO. 7 B lrLs tournnincnt, whlrh includes Ihe l(i teams of southeast MIs- ,,, r . r . nf ~ ° - J -- L "I,, wuw IIJKIIV ana will n •<n Go innny due to Nazi trouble the Gideon-Van Cooler .will take on Delia.'Mo, in the first round 'of the (ournev to- and will meet the winner of 1'aavo Niirnil lias found a country where he still may run as an amateur Builders now and the Hooterv Russia has iv\i^-iiu uas mvllctl the F]yii, B pj nn; ,, ulos Ln II has. been estimated Hint, tho averaue speed of automobiles on Uic open road Is'^i.a miles an hour. . second round, if victorious In Making (he Irip were conch II ' Piirdln tn 7 tailor clutch. ^SURPRISING DISCOVERY! B'IUMKY,THEM OPNFCY UTTLE S_ I'D SUES GIVE A Lor T'KNOW HOW THEY GOT ftWAY/ OK, WELL -WE'LL F.NP AGAIM, SOONER OR I.ATEP..' CMOM, 16'SGITGOIM YOLI 6UOW - FOOTED EG& HEAP&.'Aig ; efes opeH/ KKV, GENERAL -I JUS'CAUGHr A ^-V FLASH OF 5UMPIN MOVIW 7~^~^\. OVE R THERE ' / XvJE'LLGp^- ' / SEE.'C'MOIJ, I MEN-EASY V NOW V/EU.,fWIST MY EAP..' THIS IS LUC/,.' TUATSTiVGlBLWHO WAS ElOiN'ON TH' DINOSAUR. ALONG \ WITH THAT BIG \ MOOVIAM "\ OUTLAW / No. 11, Winners No /s. Unurnnnienls should -imvo seen .Pasllmors Play Hootery; Ten-y Meets r .feff Roland's Uoolcry rminlct and Fred Saliba'.s rcjiivcnale'd ftisllmo • aggregation clash in the Queuing ei)mo of tonight's City League CUBE stwion nt (lie armory I" the second name the Bast Arkansas Builders will oppose Terry's Service station ' Winners No. C; No. 12. Winners No. 1 vs. Winners No. II. Friday Night No. 1:1, Winiieiv; No. fl vs Winners No. io : No. 14, winners No. 11 vs. Winners No. 12. Saturday Nlslit No. if,, i/isors No. 13 vs. i/rors No. H; No. 16 (championship) Winners No. 13 vs. winners NI>. On The Outside - • Looking In By "DUKE" Vork City's unemployment relief costs $17,000,000 n month; Its population, arc on relict: 1 rolls 1,600.000 persons, or 23 per cent of Here's Towie! New Bridge Game Eliminates Kibitzer Problem oralor Is no'l confinnd 16 (lie bnse- bdl! set. There are many cbaulcrs in lhc life of Klekey. (lie poor Olilo farm boy who msde pood the hard way. but the most ubsorbing one htis to do with Ihe rise of the Cardinals since the war. It's-a vastly now than thc _ nres»i)ted .Itself to Major Brancli Rickey' upon his return | Tcwie, a n ew kind !Qr Ilre ° f '»"« •"» A "Smooth" Tourney - .• —nsiderablc credit, is due George I led for the league j Deere. Oseeola high school sup- I crintcndent and his aides, for imaging probably Hie "smoolliesl" j county bnsket'ci.'ill iournument I some time. Everything went through wlth- int a hitch and everybody seemed plriwptl afcOKlliig lo rciMrts received here. Sixteen Crack _ ol Missouri Teams Compete at Portageyille. PORTAOEV1LLE. Mo.-Th? Rc- I'w. is. HICK™ by many to prevail, latest - in social'eirHi-^- In Its_ lineup Includes Bou Oruc- America. llrrr 'is thr- first nf Pl<(. C-foot 8-lnch ccnlor. formerly fhr« ,,(| C | IE "by William K jfc! with the Rosenberg army of Chi in • tract: Fnur trump honors in ri,.'....,,...,, , one hand. 100; nvc trump honors l w,. ™'rnament will set un- In one hand, 150, and nt no trump ,,.,,, J , c Wednesday nftcrnoon four nces In one liaiici; ISO. „;.„__ ."'I 1 . 5 -, fonresenling the pick c I "i"i us niiicii or JOUlfieasl tiling else to do cess of ihe incet. Deere secured one of the best basketball officials In the country when Harold Davis of Memphis .„„„, „,„_,„., nc nercwl to .handle lhc whistle. Bioii No. 7 senior high school boys' : . "*A' bl ;, cv . e ° Decr ? <loesn'l know! ' different picture, 'disinal one thtnv in Southeast Mis and makes a game, Play will, continue through Wcil- France early in 1919. He had re- " mZ for, w .T^"'^ S0 " le ° f fe-'sf •*??«*'« *• s ^-t m s/ 0 S ftl ;iie°^f f ^ Louts club a year before to serve; A Q with the A. E. F. in the Chemical Warfare Service. The Cardinals were S115.000 in debt, and had only three players of nnv real worth—Roacrs Hoiiis- by, Bill Doik, and Jack Smllh. ••- hoop 8ame's""lOD 'fiith?'sinep' !m * fOUtlh " Blld lo " lnke "!' " <- ihe'Uir,^ the%^,,f ^,nfo? ^™ g ^ JSt'TlcS tract bridge called "Towie" has come lo rescue you from these difficulties. Towie really is n Ihrcc-hnnclcd bridge game, one nt- which every player .pays for his own mistakes and is all for himself, so far as Anil when thc Kansas Oils- arid the Lowe Campbells and Cook's Pointers, also of Kansas City; the Tlillliirds, of Joseph; Ihe Wichita Hcnrvs- Tulsa Oilers. St. and • The Plttsbiirg (Kan.) Teachers FUc N at,onar-£eaVu7 plants burn ^\hf°nn 1 ™!? ff \^ S ' 1 - nd three world championships In "as (he ,. i.(,° , i of ""' bidding Is concerned „. I'.e becomes declarer and makes his contract, lie receives nil thc profit. Muteness, in corrnllng ihe bcslh l\oi"v» available, developing It, and Jocke>m» thc market. Cardinal EUbsldlsrles rtre as successful as tho mo! The St. Louis club slarls the season owning 10 minor clubs outright. The Cardi inals control two comolete four- club ' Class D leagues, the Arkansas Slate ond Nebraska. They have tho pick of at least seven other... , clubs They control more plnyers I Eleanora "leirialc flc Will McCarthy Ruth Illl It O lh.U he will pwforrr nc 1s able, baseball ci, ns onder n<m — .. tjame for the timid player. It Is an offensive Ramc nnd only plnyers willing lo bid nnd gamble can hope to win. Towie WHS Introduced by J. Leonard ffeploslc. The besl'book on Towie today is entitled "To\vlc" by William J. Huskc. It costs SI. Slam, not vulnerable, 500 points; vulnerable, 750 |»lnts. Grand Slum, not vulnerable, 1000 points; vulnerable, 1500 points. In playing Towie for money, one should greatly reduce the stakes played for at contract. The reduction should be about' three to one, because in Towie when you lose you pay every other player. Unlike rubber bridge wliere only llnee pel-sons nre nctive al the table, in Towie a table may be made up of from three to five players or even six players. When there are six players, it Is lo Score To, ric is: Major winning matches, 53, broke up the — ° Vcrlrick ' ^gartllcss of (he tenal that Rickey has become the biagcst broker In the annals of the business. Other mnjor lea?ue clubs are now rebuilt with players developed bv the Cardinals and peddled nt fancy, prices. But only a man of Rickey's perseverance would have tackled the .lob he faced. In 1910. Only a man of .his lalenls would have made a v.o of 11, . * rtebutniit crs for a swim, i rough 38-rtcgrcc break- points: and not doubled, vulnerable. jfarrj' Kip- predicts, ihnl after two ur cc campaigns of overemphasis wide open phy." football will 10 the "old-fashioned" •slyjp. . . . '!*/[(< Mfalit- ?an mralor an ( t some others had --------- . . points: iinclmiblcd, vulnerable points. nra!n Behind Cards Makes All Managers Successful B R,, as he Is addressed by intimate and associates In the vast Cardinal chain, says he never wanted to be a manager. He made his bow as such with the St Louis , Browns nt the re ojiest of the late owner, nobert L-ee Hedpes He assumed tho field'sit leadership of the Cardinals as a' inot'cr of economy. The idea persists thai Rickey theorized the Bro«iis and Cai-d- Itinls out o[ a pennant or two in the good old dsys, but he long since has demonstrated that the I 1 , ing a doubled contract. It i points, not vulnerable, and points-, vulnerable. Undertrk'k penalties are . Nfartbcl Y. champion, calls -. 15-year-old Mun- inaedchcn, the world's fore- u.osl woman exhibition skater Vlnson, U. s. Mnxie Herber, aer sonla Henlc. has been so rcgsird- tor several years, and has Ink. . . . MISS Herber makes her Am- of the bonus is ,-ilso given for fulfill- lows: Isl (rick 2nd nick 3rd trick •nil trick 5th I rick 1st trick 2nd trick 3rd trick 5th 50 ino fol- N'ol Vulnerable Undoublcd Doubled 50 SO 50 60 50 Vulnerable Undoublcd 100 :co 200 200 200 100 100 200 200 400 Doubled 200 •100 •100 •100 400 suggested that a second (able be formed. * * 4 Advantage in Ilrallng Let us assume thai five persons desire to ploy. Each draws a •ard. Thc person draw-In; the highest ranking card becomes dealer for the first hand. The player drawing the second iehcst card may select any one of he three vacant seats. Generally player will selecl a'scat to thc eft or ihe dealer, as there is quite an advantage tn dealing, ruirt this seat gives htm second dent The player setting the ' third Ishcst. card lias the choice of the wo remaining seals. It f 0 |, r or five players form Ihe tnble (he 'layers nol winning scats will enler (he same as players are forced to' withdraw by tiic rules These players, however are ac' lually betting ngalnst Ihe declarer They, profit, when the declarer los»s ^..W,.'*' 11 .^."^."^"''.^ wla?. (Copyright, 1935, NBA Service. luo'i Ross Musi Defend Title Rcfore McLarnln Matcli oiympie, Inj Each addilionafdonbled xmder- 1 trick, whether or not the player Is I vulnerable, Is scored at -100 points (Only lionois and penalties I scored above thc line. arc liampfonshlp. The comiiiillee in charge of Ihe Portngevllle. tournament is comp M - cd of Siipl. L. 0. Wilson or Porta B CTllls, Supl. H. E. Mastersou of M^den"" 1 Sl '" L A ' °' M »" ° ! The schedule follows: Wednesday Afternoon No. l, cai-dwell vs. carutliers- »lle; No. 2. Marston vs. Clarkton; t>o. 3, Gideon vs. Rlsco. Wednesday Night r No. I, Parina vs. Portugeville- No j, Lllbourn vs. Doerliigf; No. S, Jfnvli •'«. Matthews. Thursiiay Aflornoon No. 7, Holconib vs, Senath; No 8, Afalden vs. Arbyrd; No Q win- new No. ] vs. winners No. 2 Thursday Night No. 10, winners No. 4 vs. Winners , it but Davis turned down nn offer to referee au I,, s. u.'-Tiitoiio cage game which would have meant $50 more to him because had already promised to officiate in the .Mississippi county loiirncy. Davis has ofFiciatcd in games for every member of the Southeastern conference. Ho is considered one of Ihe top-notch s.ooris officials in (he south. '.lip .'reputation of being quite basketball center. The Cajie Girardenu SouOicnst tfissourian's sports editor throuEh his column "Trailing World sport Events" has the followimr lo 'say about Cooler: "Perhaps, so for ns finances nre concerned, one of lhc regional FREE SHOW TICKETS Olvcn free. Uo tickets to any show at the Rltz or Rosy with the purchase of one ton of X-CEL or 1 (ickcl 'with the purchase of 14 ton of X-CEL, . the World's Best, Coal. We givr these lickela in order to imrwluce K-CEL more quickly. See sd over comics on llu< Want Ad page. Superior Coal & Mining Co. Plicine lo ! .scored ns in' con- Burke Hardware Blylhcv Compelenl Officiating Competent officiating probably ad ns iiiucli or more (lian nny- ' the ' suc- iho little lown of Cootcr. A: lotal of SS30.50 wns taken in at,' the PemlEcot County tournament held |here last week-end There was a crtiwd of 800 at tho first night session." C1TZ Tuesday - Weds. MAT. & KITE—lOc - 35c -Man IMS f,- om | 0 (0 more brain capacity than lie uses, according to Dr. Hrdllckafl famed S>mHliEonian scientist, ROXY Matinee — Friday, Saturday nnd Sunday Only Tues.-Wed.-lliurs. MAT. & NIGHT—lOc - 25c The Sweet- • heart of "Here Conies the Navy" ontJ the .Top Cadet of FlirtationWalk' teamed to bring you I .a new romantic thrilif ] And Why Not Next Copter, Mo., lm s always . Imd ^ EDWIN DROOD CA*l lAEMMtf PRESENTS ' '* UNIVSRSAt PICTURCTWITH CLAUDE RAINS DOUG1ASS MONTGOMERY HUTHEXAKGa-DAVID MANNERS RUNCn LJUIUVAK. Vliail KOKON DIRiCTED 8V STUART WAIKER PRODUCEDBYCARtlAfMMlE.JR. Paramount News Coni'cdy—"What Thib Country Needs" & $%' '•W M $. MAYBE GLORIA STUART ROSS ALEXANDER News Coniedy— ' : 'T], e .World's Fair" The Same Service to Both . . . bolh the largest and smallest customer we are privileged to serve receive the same grade of water service. • - . both receive the same prompt addition from our office. . . . both receive the same courteous treatment to wliicli they are entitled, in all transactions with the company. In short, efficient and complete water supply at lh c lowest possibe rates courteously rendered to all customers alike is a fundamental policy, BLTOffiVILLE WATER CO. P/JOne 80 113 S. Broadway Courteous, Personal Attention to Eoery Customer

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