The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 1, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1949 Electric Co-Op Plans Expansion Construction Starts On New Generating Plant in Missouri POPLAR BLUFF, Mo., NOV. 1— Ground-breaking ceremonies for a new 10,000-kilowatt generating Plant to be built by the M. & Ar Electric Power Cooperative were held at Green Forest, four miles west of Poplar Bluff, last week. The event marked the beginning of construction work on the power plant which will be a part of the co-op's $2.000,000 building program. Carl Roberts, president of the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce, headed a delegation of local officials and business men who joined the co-op's board of dlrect- *• ftS™ a n<! manager In celebrating the r^ccasion. The first shovelful of dirt wa; turned by Olenn Eaker, Haytl. M. * A. president. James W. Owens, Jr., manager of the M. & A. Electric Power Cooperative, presided. Tlie power plant which will, house four 3300 horse-power, 16 cylinder diesel engines, driving 2351-kilowatt renerators, will furnish pnwer for three southeast Missouri rural electric distribution cooperatives. Tlie yare the Ozark Border Electric Cooperative. Poplar Bluff, the Scott-New t Madrid-Mississippi Cooperative at Sikeston. and the Lntesville-Marble Hill load center of the Black River Electric Cooperative which has its offices at Iroliton. A contract for the plant building was awarded to the James H. Bright Contracting and Building Co., St.. Louis, on their low bid of 5259.524. Excavations for the plant are now under way. The engines are being built by Ihe Cooper-Bessemer Corporation. Mt. Vcrnnr., Ohio, at a cost of S9S7.080. Wells to supply water for the plant are being drilled by the Schneider-Griffin Co.. Cape Glrar- dean. Electrical •equipment for use in the plant will be furnished and Installed by the Bocse-Hilburn Electric Co., Konsas city, Mo. A cortract for the construction of 144 miles of transmission lines was awarded the Delta Construction Co.. for the sum of $671,353.60. •I Headed by lenn Eaker, M. & A. 'president, the Co-op's officers are: H. C. Knappenberger, Blytheville, Ark., vice president. Ansel I. Moore. Poplar Bluff, secretary, Gerald Fcrrell, Corning. Ark., treasurer, and directors: R. Earl Walden, . J ineshorr Ark.. Joe n. Hinds. West Plains and K. M. Zaricor, Sikeston. Arkansas Clubwoman Dies in Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. Nov. 1. HP) —A leading Arkansas clubwoman, Mrs. Scott Wood, lifelong resident of Hot Springs, died at a hospital here yesterday. She was 5*. The funeral will be here at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Mrs. Wood was chairman of the Arkansas Council on Children and Youth, a member of the Red Cross' national resolutions committee and a member of the National Parent- Teachers Association's executive board, she formerl;- was president o_" the Arkansas Council of Parents COURAGEOUS SCOUT-Scoul Don Lee, 18, who has had no legs since he was nine months old, beams with pride as his foster motner p ms an Eag i e Scout badge on his chest. The Salt Lake ,OnLT°n .'> who Io5t bolh |OBS '" an ""idem 17 years ago, eorn- » 14 mM i?? tOU8h P h y sical requiremems tor Iho badge, including a n-miie hike. Don is saving his money for the trip to the next Scout jamboree at Valley Forge, Pa. Former Blytheville Boy Wins Honors As Newspaper Carrier in California A former Blytheville schoolboy*, has been named "Newspaperboy of the Year" in Oakland, Calif., relatives here reported yesterday. He is Gene Conb, 15-year-old son of Mrs. Rose Bclzcal and the "late Newbern Cobb. The "Newspaperboy of the Year'' with the California Ncwspjperboy Foundation's annual Business Achievement Award. The foundation each year awards a trophy to the carrier chosen from a sing'le nomination made by eacli newspaper in the California. Judging is done on the basis of leadership, co-operation, initiative, salesmanship ability, service, handling of money, dependability and courtesy. Gene has been a carrier for the Oakland Post-Enquirer for the past year. He had 90 customers when he began and now has 124. He plans to become a dentist and also sends a portion of his route profits ench month to his brother who buys calves and raises them for Gene. Gene is the nephew of Oscar Alexander and Mrs. Roy Gaines, both of Bljthevilie. Mrs. Belzcal Is Mr. Alexander's sister and Mrs. Gaines a sister of the late Mr. Cobb. • Gene wa,s born and reared in Blytheville. He and his mother left •Blytheville for California about five years ago. and Teachers. Her husband Is a former circuit judge. Other survivors include two daughters, a brother and four sisters. George Washington had no middle name. Mother's Heroism Fails To Save Her Invalid Son FAYETTEVILLE. Ark., Nov. l._ sncccssful. J Bedridden Jessie Lcc Keller. 10 was alone in the house when the fire was started by an overheated stove in his room. His mother, Mrs. Dee Keller, was attracted by flames and smoke while visiting a neighbor. She cnte--'d the house in a futile try to save the youth and suffered severe burns The son died. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS 111 Nov. I. «>,—<USDA>—Hr,gs ll.SOO:' trading active: generally 10 to as losvcr than Monday's average 1 giod and choice 170-270 Ibs harrows and gilt-s 17.00-25; considerably more at 17.00 and few lots ranged down to 16.75; odd lois 2VO-3IO Ibs 165017.00: 140-160 Ibs 15.75-16.75; few 'O 17.00; 100--1.JO Ib pigs 13.75-15.75; few 16.00; good and choice sows 400 Ibs down 15.50-16.50; few 1675- heavier sows 14.50-15.50; few 14 25 : slaps 12.00-14.00. Cattie 5,200; calves 1,500; trading slow 011 btecrs and heifers although small killers taking few heifers and mixed yearlings about steady; open- in? sales about steady on cows but a weak trend apparent; bulls fully steady; venlcrs steady to 1.00 higher, medium and good bulls 17.0018.50; cutter and common bulls 13.50-16.50; good and choice vcalers 27,00-35.00; common and medium Lerg* Open 8oll» —Affords Easter, cleanar picking Heavier Production —Means more monty per acre The Best Money Making Cotton Seed You Can Plant .... Afier yeats of painstaking research and improvement, the Stoncville Pedigreed Seed Company offers lo cotton groweri everywhere an exceptionally well-balanced seed .... famoul STONEVILLE 2-B. STONEVILI.E 2-B registered breeder 1 ! seeds have been grown, tested and proven in every cotton producing state in the Union, is well aj in many foreign countries. Seed of (his perfect, balanced cotton ire sought after by more and more growers each year. Bitter Quality Linl —Increases demand by merchant and spinner Higher Oil Content Seed -—Brings top price at the STONEVILLE PEDIGREED SEED CO. STONIVIU.I, MISSISSIPPI BUY YOUR 1950 SEED ONLY IN THE REGISTERED BREEDERS BAGS STONr.VIT.LE rEnlORF.F.n SEED COMPANT STONT.VILLE. MISSISSIPPI Pteue ipnd m« your faraoui Stor>lvillt 3-B e Buiri Kt 19.75 p«r IW Ib. but (f.o.b. Tonl »t IISS p*r ton. (f.o.b. SMnevil TOTAL AMOUNT OF ORDER • I BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS farmer Amputates Own Hand Held Fast in Corn Picking Machine NEW CASTLE, Ind., Nov. 1 or,— Charles Rothrock, 65-year-old far mer, amputated his owr right hand with a pocket knife after it became caueht in a corn picking machine yesterday. Rothrock's wife lost both her legs In the same corn picker In Rothrock, after freeinr himself ran a quarter of a mile to the home of a brother and was taken to i liospital. His condition was reported Rolhrock's wife, Clara, was pulled into the machine seven years aRO when her slacks caught i n Its blades. Both hci legs were amputated Afte iher husband had been taken fo the hospital, Mrs. Rothrock said" Lots of people have worse luck man we do." NO 1 ICE OK SALE OF SCHOOL BONUS Blytheville School District No 5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas hereby gjyes notice that It will sell at public sale for cash to the hish- e-st bidder its proposed issue of M50.000 in negotiable coupon school bonds dated January 1, 1950 bear- i"S interest payable semi-annually °n July 1 and January 1 of each .vent. The District Is offering two .schedules of maturities. In boih Instances the bonds are dated January 1, 1050, and mature on January 1 of each year. The first is a 30-year schedule as follows: •510000 in 1051, 1952 and 1953 11.000 in 1954 and 1955 12.0CO ill 1956, 1957 and 1958 13.000 in 1959, I960 and 1961 H.ODO an 1962, 1963 and 1964 15.000 ill 1965, 1966 and 1967 16.COO in 1068, 10C9 and 1970 11,OW in 1971 18.000 ill 1972, 1973 and 191* 19,000 ill 1976, 1976 and 1977 20.000 in 1978, 1979 and 1980 The second Is a 25-year schedule as follows: *!2.0M in 1951 and 1953 13.000 in 1953 and 1954 H.COO In 1955 and 1956 15,000 ill 1957 and 1958 1C.OCO in 1959 and 1960 17.000 in 1901 and 1962 18.COO in 1963 10.0CO In 1964 and 1965 20,000 in 1066 and 1967 21.0CO ill 1968 and 1969 22,0?0 in 1970 and 1971 23.000 in 1972 and 1973 24,000 in 1974 and 1975 This bond Ls.suc and a seven mill continuing annual building fund tux to pay It were approved at the annual school election September 27, 1949, by a vote of 827 to 25. The present population of the school district is approximately 20,500, Its area is aproximately 50,560 acres, and it comprises. In addition to the City of Blytheville, some ol the richest farming land In the Mississippi delta. The present assessed valuation of the taxable property In the District is SS.737,140, and the actual value ol the property In the District is estimated to be »57,371,400. In addition to this issue, tlie District has outstanding a balance of $339,874 of an issue dated April 1, 1948. for which it has voted a six mill continuing building fund balance. The bonds are direct obligations of the District anrl will be secured by a pledge of ihe following Tunas: 1. The revenues derived from the seven mill building fund continuing annual tax until the bonds are paid, NEXT BEST THING-An unidentified ex-Nazi glider pilot prepares to launch his model airplane In a contest in the rrenrh sector ot Berlin. Since all flying activities are prohibited to Germans, many ex-airmen ioin the youngsters in model plane competition. . —_^^^^^_^______^_^^^_ conditioned that the surplus In the building fund in each ycnr, alter liaylng the bonds and Interest ma- .urlng that year, maybe used to call jonds for payment prior to maturity or for other school purposes. 2. That part of the state nppor- iloiiment going to the operating fund of the District. 3. All other revenues which the District may now or hereafter legally pledge, except the millnge voted for operation and maintenance and the'payment of other outstanding bonded indebtedness. The bonds will also be secured by NEW Boi Opens Week Days 1:0(1 p.m Matinee Saturday & Sundays MaL-Snn- 1 p.m Cont Shottlnc Manila, Ark. Show] EVEK* NIGH I Tuesday 'ILLEGAL ENTRY' with Howard Duff Also Shorts Wednesday & Thursday "HOUSE OF STRANGERS" with Jennifer .Tones «nd Edward G. Robinson PAGE FIVE a mortgage on all the District's real and personal property, subject to a prior mortgage securing the outstanding bonds. Uidilcrs are asked to submit sealed written bids upon the following propositions: 1. A bid for the 30-year Issue upon a uasis of 2.15% per annum Interest. 2 A bid for (he 25-year Issue upon a busts of 2,15% per annum Inter- eat. 3. A bid upon an Interest rate, or Interest rates, to be fixed' by the bidder, but, not to consist of more than three separate rates of Interest, upon the 30-year schedule. •1 A like bid upon the 25-year schedule. The buyer will not be allowed the privilege of conversion to a' lower interest rule, and all bids must not be less than liar and accrued interest for the bonds at the interest rale upon which the bid Is submitted. The bonds will be callable for payment prior to maturity In Inverse numerical order, in all cases wllh accrued Interest, as follows: If cnliccl for payment with surplus fiimlf. from the seven mil) building fund ta\, nt par on any Interest paying dale; If called for ' payment with funds from any other source, at the following prices: on any interest paving date on and after July 1, 1057, to and Including January 1, 19(iO, ut 102 cents; on any Interest paying date from July 1. 10<il. to and Including January 1, I96(j. at 101 cents; nnd thereafter on any Interest paying dnte at par. The buyer may name the trustee and place of payment.. The bonds W'itl Ijc sold uixin the approving opinion of Town.scnd and Townsetid, attorneys of Little Rock, Arkansas, and (he District will pay the expenses of the Issue and will furnish to the buyer free of cost the printed coupon bonds, with the approving opinion of said attorneys. The bonds will be ready for delivery ap- RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. I.nsl Time Today TOP O' THE MORNING with Dinjr' Crosby, Iliirry FKzncrald Warner News & Cnmcily Tuesday Laic Show, 8:30 "UN DIA^CON EL DIABLO" A Mexican Feature .Wednesday Si Thursday , "WHEN MY BABY SMILES AT ME" (In Technicolor) will] Holly Orulile ' am! Dun Dallcy Ncws i Short proxlmalcly on December 15, 1949. Tlie sale will bo held upon sealed bids, to be received until 2:00 o'clock r. M. on the 22nd day of November, 1349. ill the olfico of the Superintendent of Schools in the City of Hlytlicvlllc. Arkansas at which time all bids will be publicly opened and read. The District will award the snlc of the bonds to that proposal which offers the lowest Interest cost, but the District reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Bach bid must be accompanied by a certified check payable to the District In Hie sum of 59000, upon a bank that Is a member of the PDIC. The District will return the checks of un.Hiiccc.sful bidders promptly, and "o interest will be allowed on the checks while on deposit with the District. The check of the successful blilrtcr will be kept lo be held as liquidated damages In the event thiil he fails lo complete the purchase of the bonds. For further in. Painting Interior & Kxlerior * Expert Paper Hanging Ksliiniilcs Gladly (liven Russell Price I'lionc l)5(i(l formation address the undersigned. GIVEN mis 1st day of Novem- her, 1949. BLYTOEVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5 or MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS By Max B. Reid, President and W. L. Homer, Secretary 11U-8-15 WOODS Drug Store Experienced i Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store "Showing Kain or Shine' , Open 6:30 •:Last Day • Kirsl lliylhcville Showing Weil.-Thurs. 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