The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 24, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1947
Page 14
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_PAGE FOURTEEN^ ___ Two Teen-Age ! Negroes Die in Electric Chair WOODVILLE, Miss., July 7X. (UP) — Two u?cn-need Negro hoys who said "we're going to meet Clod" were executed In Mississippi's portable electric cliair yesterday for lulling their white employer move t):!)ii f- «ar ;mo. Fiftcen-S'eiu--olrt James Lewis -went to his death first to felvc "further punishment" to IG-year-olrt diaries Trudell who fired tlic shot that killed Harry McKcy. a fanner and sawmill operator. The crime netted tlic boys SG4. It. was Father Pat Moran. kindly Catholic chaplain who suggested that the older boy die last. Sheriff Richard Whitnker had left it to the priest to decide. Father Moran said that he "gave careful consideration to the tnies- tion of who should BO first." In sthe prison cell where the boys have Mjcen confined since the killiiiR in February 1946 Father Moran spoke to the boys: "James, you'll so first becausa Charles fired the shot that killed Mr. McKay. And as added punishment I think he should lie the last lo go." BLYTHEVJUjE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 'M, 10-17 Indonesian Commander-in-Chief Plane Sets Record I NEW ORLEANS. July 2-1. (UP> i An Eastern Airlines Constellation j today established n New York-to- ' New Orleans non-stop record for u commercial plane by flying the distance in three hours and 52 minutes. The plane landed at Moisnnt International Airport here at 10:32 a.m., CST. i Educator Victim Of Mysterious Attack on Road ~t . Ark., July :'.',, I (Ul't- Fas'cittevllU' police are in' vpsliftnlliiB today the mysterious braliUK nl a stnle ICducatlon Department employe. I The niiin is identilied ns J. c. Ituppert, who snid ho van .snpervl- 5or of Trade and Industrial Kdu- ciition In tin' suite office in Little Hock, lie l.s in n Fayt'tttvillc hospital .snirerlnij a broken hip and w- verc hc'iul injurie.s. j liupiicit said lie was nttncked ' early ye.sti-rday on his way into KriycUei'HIc' _l>y rui inildeiitlfied man who hiiilt'tl down hi:> car. Huppcit was driving from his tourist cabin into FnycUeville ye.s- Icj'day and slopped Ills car nnd got out when he was llag^cd by ati unidentified man. Tile m;m, he was (incited ns sayini;, knocked him down and t>Mt him. Ruppcrl gave no reason for the attack or description of the man. Officers wild he drove his car to tin: City Hospital and collapsed as I lie tried to enler the buikllnr;. Officers found him in the street. J-H- J^Y-~T-I—-^-S^ «-ff- CfeS Y , S- ? 't'r-- <&''<','•>$'*••'$*?• -* : '^"^y^^l^i'.vrJivTf*^' 1 . .'J : *. f^^-ui .im LI. ReiVeY:'.! Sitilirnimi, loveiaounil. nKlonosinn coininamlci'-iii-clilel, lias c!i:u•!!(•<! Him Hie Dutch nluiekert wlilwmt n (lechiralfon of win- :uwi "witlioui coiiiniuii M'liss'," nccorclitii; to Antnr.s, IiidoiH'.sinn Ncwi Asoncy. (NEA 'lVU'l)!lilt<J.t BERTH 3(itda <£ © byHildoUwr<-ncc:Di-.1ril;uti;<lbylJEASERVtCC, IMC. THH STOHVl Mr«. Sn 10rt;ilniiiL; llu- i-lili'rjy I lli-.ssy IV-tly :iiul Ml I'i'iii]. 'J'hi-y <lr»t< IiLlo I :iixl .llrs. Siittiin Icuri fir.s( [line <if lltilli .^litl XIV "\TARK fat at hid own tnble at tho Lafiiyofto and his o\vn waiter liovercd. The \vaiter knew IMark as a species o[ co() \vhose work permitted him to e;it, dres.s, and kill time like a gentleman. At the moment, the gentleman was smiling at his own thoughts, which undoubtedly had somethinf; .to do with one of ihe three ladies who were joining him for lunch. Mark was wondering \vhat a pernod would do to Bessy if he told her it was only licorice water. But when they finally arrived nnd he saw Roberta, he decided to po-slpone th. ( : pernod. Kobcrla looked ns if she conkln't cone. He embraced them all in Gallic fashion and compromised on vermoulh cassis.- • After the first drink, he said: "What are you concealing so imperfectly, Roberta?" "Nothing," she answered. "Can't you forget your work for nn hour?", "Not when you look ]ikc this. What happened between the lime you talked lo me this morning nnd now?" . "The girl at the soap counter isn't there," Bessy said. "Her name is Miller, and there's something nasty about il," Boiilnh added. "Miller." Mark closed his eyes for an instant. "Miller. Wait. . . . Is thai the girl who jumped from n window?" There was silence before Roberta said, "I don't know ... Is that what she did?" Mark snid, "If her first name was Ruth, it is." * t * '"THEM she fold him all she knew, A Urioring the food he had or- dcri-'.; until Uculah put a fork in hand nnd Bessy buttered i (if bread. Kulh Miller wasn't anybody, shu told them; jus! a pale, <iuiet gii-l with a gentle sort of way. She'd been happy about moving to a Kids' club, or somelhini: like that, because there was pleiUy ot hot water and what she called l>rivih'i;rs. The privilege or doim; your own laundry was one and food thnt you didn't cook yourself was another. That was all. . . . ".Maiic, did you say— window?" "1 can be wrong," he snid. "I dimly remember readin;; .something or other. I always read those IhitiRs. yon never ran tell, you knov,-. but this one looked .^trai^ht enough. Tool- health, maybe insomnia, and there was another conlributiit!.; factor, let me think. Oh MHV;, they were having n party arid some ot the peopk; there said she s:eL i mc<l depre.-si'd." '(Depressed? 1 don't believe il. It 'was probably the first parly she'd hail in years. All right about lie poor health nnd insomnia, but I wc-n't go the reKt of the way, I wor.'t believe the rest of it. M> Miss Millet- was preparing lo live, lot die." Bessy returned a balf-calen inacaroon lo the tray 01 .sweets '•Shop girls," ;;ho explained. ''Turpitude. \Vhcn I \v;is yinim; it \va; nurses." She selected a ineiyngne "I hope thai oxplodL'.< in yoln fnce," llculah snid. "Si-e? Kervea you right." "Listen Mark." It was Robert- again. "Couldn't she have fallen'. You know, ovcrhraicd. opened llu window— You heal' ;iboul thosi things all the time." "Are you going to mope abou this?" "Certainly nnl! T rimply li!:i tilings straight, that's ati. And don't feel n;i i£_l don't believi this one is!" "Neither tin I," F.ruUih sak "On general principliv." "Listen, you," Jicul: raid to For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldq. 124W. Ash St. -»~-I-X E,\ :rnv::c. ax. T. M. RF.R. u;s, PAT. orf. CaUlL- .spiaycd with \vater-dis-' untreated stock during 'mktsuiu- p!'f.a';:'e 13 DT gained an average hr.or year \vhcn Hies: wore must ol 50 pounds per atunml over» prevalent. Club 61 Biythevlile. Arkansas — - Highway 61 Noreh Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red* Blckcrstaff and George Pord For Reservations Telephone G44 GATEWOOD GROCERY "Yes, most of the men arc married, the higher salaried ones anyway—but a couple of the others are about to bo promoted!" RECKLES fc HIS FRIENDS By MERR1U, RLOSSER Raucous Reunion c LI tah. "This is a big city. H is a pol i cc force. When so t ne-- idy 'dies violctilly they fake tl>2 lace apart, And if they s;iy sm- ide. Hint's what it is. This isn't I YesKvood, this is Ne\v York." "New York," Benlnh repented. Isn't Ihnl the place where they tint ;i m;in to Sing Sinj.; bcrnusc > looked like somebody clso? j| There \vafi no Hiiswcr lo thnt, lis neck had been out and Beu- Eih's aim was Jegcnchuy. * v :> T.TERE you nve," the lihvnry nl- • lendant said. "Just turned Mark carried the newspapers nick to one of the long tables and nnd what he wruilcd. tin • KT Hi ill* 'MIC |»fll|-M- U.. thv illNrovrrjr • •L.lirird tin- i,,,!!,-,-. 'I In- ilfffHMrd ivua E:il>T I.Unllfhtl .-is, Un Hi ^1 tlli-r, ri-\t ill-ill tit u t'lnb nil- J:K-f-ril |t> ilu- t rrynrit. Ai-~ <'irrillib^ to I In- inillrr, slie jlnit|M-i1 from II AvlTHtmv 4)11 tlic s«-\-cni1i floor. She wns kiiLttvn 11 lold him exactly nothing. He ipened n second pnper. KulEi Hlltvr. Htii- ^0, MIIS ln- nfiuilEy 1.111,•<] liisi n!;;h( wlu-ii >],L- f^ll from :i Ni^fiilh-fliior ^villllo1V In :i uil<llinvix lion 1. 1* ••• list tin- ili-iUli :n uulihle. Murk suppressed a snort. No dor tor? No background? No native oC .such-nnfl-such, clmightcr of so-ntul-so? He opened a third ;inpcr. Nothing. A foiivlh. Jt looked belter. Tim Ixuly i>C HulTi Miller, 11 roliUitl of llnni- llonsi-. \YJIM itls.-ovrml in llu- ]mii-l vnnrl- T,jir f | sliuidj Jil'lcr mlLlnlK'ii lust nl(ili( In ;i ^II)IL;III %viilkhi^ ln-r ilnp. 'I'Jir iinstllou mill i-iiiLi!irii»ti uf tin- linily iniMi-ntril Itinl Mltx >lill<.rl,:,,! Jump,-,! 1,. hrr dtnlh i-ar]U>r in llu- fvi-niti.ET ivhon I he re \viis xtlll cin>s[<lrraI>U^ r:iln. ,\i-«-orniii^: In l>r. Jl. I-. »r :un \\\->t -Sir^n. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 2043 1044 Chicknsawh* Ark.-Mo. State Line • on the left at the Arch Phone 975! M PI. rt. stii 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 *.l! Calvert 1.35 2.65 4. Schenley 1.35 2.65 4. Cream of Kentucky 1.35 2.65 4. Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 4. Hill & Hill 1.40 2.75 4. Old Taylor 4.35 6 Four Roses 2.85 4. 57" Beer GAS, reg per Case $3 17.9c; Etfiyl 19 15 15 15 15 40 90 SO 35 .9e ill 11 r. I'j If It's INSURANCE V dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health JAlIBrandsCigarets^tn^l.SSi CHamblin Sales Co., Inc. Sales Stuclebaker Service First by Far With a Postwar Cor Modern time-saving tools are provided for our train- tnochanicK. They their skill and th<_- correct Idols to give you better service. We repair all makos •j( cai-s and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars I'ord Sillier 2-tlaor Kill Plymouth 2-i)ot>r Plymouth 4-door 1H40 I'ontiac 1S46 Chevrolet ».-. (on Pickup 1946 CMC ',:• ton Pickup 1915 Doclgc'/t Ton Pickup IflU Chevrolet '.'-. ton I-iekiiji MAh .^ / > ^^ <4\ i tzm. \^ : \ L.S^,lf^Bgfiff^ Lots of Others to Select From CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Sftidebaker Denier "First by Far With a Postwar Car" Kill Chamblin —UR & Ash St., Phone Z195-- Lex Charabl'n Our Boarding House with MGJ. HoopSe Out Our Way BY L.E3UV: i'llKN IO An T^ly Sliot BUT BEFORt' WE GET C:> OW- STORM, FOLKS, IET V ; KEJVR. E(.MMEN1 HOKSBOOClOiS. \\t& TO SKI P^BOUT KBIMGtES m- M1HM1& HOTCWPOTT! ... THE 5TOB.H THAT ASKS THE (3U65IIOM: 'NEEP RO.'AANCE 8E FOE. THIS. GIRL OF 65. JUST BECRUSE HEC EO 1 ) FP1ENP SLMEP FOB. f THE HOT SEW-? ....CC'^ai!DC5 THE °i& OHiWV SOOL!...CfvM'T p (0 '(A E'/'iX'i'.^S-TiiS ''~'^c SOT W LISTEN TO •.M ViOSC i~: IZK-SK'.'-'-JiiFtT CCNFOUMDED K? T'JKEP ISI FOP "4.; KBitJG'.E PRIUEL 1 2 -. HEWJEMSi....SOU CAU5HT , MR.KOONT£!..I lEftHED TOO FAR. OUT IAH WINDOW.. OUT TH'CLOTHES • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety l)0iid Aviation oinD|>)T SOU FftLUEN OUT ftT SOWS OTHER TIME, ! ^yS^ , i «J| . i/ CM" SEE-MO 4 \ I / ruu ^ou UP. i', 'V.utr W: : OWCLS...E'JT Insurance Agency h-t<U-. copied names and no;, ix'lurned the pLI [UTS and left the (To lie Continued) 108 N. 2nd s o. nittnor AY. M. inill .SRE.-S A Lot or CR055 GRA^if LEFT TOWN SO WITH A FEUEK NVNEP LASK KF.Y 1 OU^H^ A R-WCH 3E '.Si JA':<_— H.5 STGRYI3 XWiS": -AT 4S SC'-D r',5 t ByJ. R. V/illioms \\R5.HOOPLE. NO HE IDEM ro01< FOI2. A BOX.ER TRAIM1M O LET'S U£EP trie SCRIPT ^TxAiC-H 1'MfiOT ST UP TO i'.\>' cLeo^ss TILL s',1,1 \\; \i THE: NOT 6OING TOTKA;^ oO'iT CM <SROCERl=S — "L'l.L SSG Th\-VT'Ll- DE\ T £LOP YOOH FLlr^SCi-t A~. j VMELL AS FJC3IMC Tn' FODV ,"' 1 .ff. .MM T THERE I- ?OPV iM THAT LU661NG WROOGH AF& TACkS OP TWE POT- HOLDERS T COULD r A TEAM OF fif-^ By V. T. HAMLIN Knclinj; tin 1 Ar t ALWAYS -FlS&SReD SHARKS C30OD . BUT UNTIL NOW, i KNEW \VHXT.' r .wsa'.u^^!ii" By KKK1) IIAKMAN h AM" Hh,l< HUUDH-iS FtooW. Olio TO PL\T UP , BWV VJftftT P. V>UV.\P'. - 3 " CHALK TllATUPTOYOUR ACCOUNT FLINT. MR. MOSUL, YOUR TROUBLE 15 THAT VOO VE L£T THE BRIEF GET YOU DOWN V.I Til 11'5 81 AC MAIl THREATS. THERE'S O1JLY OK£ V. ! .',Y VOU C. 1 .' GET OUT fROM UtlDER MIS 7IIUMS--6O T ftL Uvery cop learns the

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