The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1933
Page 6
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7 / —•-"----• ._ BLYTHTlVrUE, (AUK.) COimiKR NfcWS SATURDAY, orf'OI!MR Memphis Tech Trims Chickasaws, Score 32 to 12 'Now Listen. You Mugs!' ' \ s Yellowiackets D i s p 1 a v Hard Driving Attack With YouiHi in Front ; Led by ihc redoubtable I.ew:s! Yostns. wlio didn't si em lo lie 1 ' bothered by a bniLvd shoulder ar.d. a weak ankle, the TtTh Vellow-! jackets ol Memphis prep ih:mis;s ol the Uluff CUy lo: 1 lu'O vv.u.s .ind a favorite lo reiira'.. marched to ,1 , 32 10 12 Triumph over the Illythi-' vilif Ohirkasaw.s in Hairy I'irh! j l)-"-<- l.ibt night. ; It was Ihe first defeat at '.lu- j .season for tlie Chicks who h;nl n Mioiifly tiour.ccd Osceolu ami! Pi-^ot and the M-cond win for tli (i ! Yellou'Jnckcts who had already' bi-aten Catholic hiyh uf Memphis j nnri Icwt lo the Jor.esmoo llurri-! cane. Despite the evident superiority of Ihe visitors, particularly at Mrnight loo'.ball, Ihc panic was Tilled with thrills due lo BlyLlieville'. 1 ; aerhil Ijoinbarilincnt which accounted indirectly for lio'.h of the Chicks' .touchdowns and held :•. cons'.ajr. threat of further scoring. Uses Three Tram< Coach Charley Jamelson of Tech put throe full lesnns on the field during the contest but the Chiefs did nboui as well against ore an another, .scoring their toucb- KEEP LIBELS S : men back, nnd a fine crop of sophomores, Purdue's l.ossn . Piirdi:o lost Eoy Ho.'ismann. : Mashing fullback, nnd Pan! Mas*. All-American end. hut the li>ilH- i iiinkrr.-i have TO many .sUus liicy j • won't even miss ib'.-v t«o :;rrrit BRUSHING III' SPORTS All Leading Contenders for Football H o n o r s Races. This Year. n Ohio Slair's ;v.o yianl tuekles tiikt sjiue Smith. Jr.. son of tho i.-ani's Ir.iwi. Tinh-'.l is i-'ml Cimrad. v.lio stnnils sis feel lour '2(jG pounds- Tin: bruivej- i:n the riijlu is .s fiom little Tucker i bi>. fellow on the nnh'/.s. and wcii;h,s Ted Itu.setniLst. rnre w:i-<; rult-il on Tech 32 yard' second, half In score rt^ntn with line irivir.i; Hie Chicks another first! hnolhcr pass accounting for the clown. Mosley followed with a touchdown. Uni;tia:n. end, went j , . ... ,:pr,vs lo Tipion tood for seven I nvi -'r Un: Kmi-r piul line down aminsL practically a W" v(mK AM[n ., Tcdl b ., ck lme| ._ ; The Kci-sci- off my: was cffcclivc- stnng hne-iio and then- M-con:l| fc!c<1 wilh , ( m ^ ,. 0[ . civcr „,„, a '|y smolhered by '.he Papooses in | wns Bivl)iev;i!i'-s bail on Tech 12 lil ? M*oml lial: Kii.Mjr making but, v aid line 1 , Deck scrambled four OIHi - us ^ down, vards ihroimli the Tecli line and, FMier WHS tin- offensive star of , , (mother line crack advanced the! 1 ' 1 '' H'yUicvill.- team while Joe "LS'!'"")! inside '['cell's live yard line' I1 " r "- s » lul »»lM\w appeared to tnoniul left, ailvnntnce of Ihe dt Tense, end for tin- chicles' first touch- 'lo'.vn. ' •' line-up and their n-con:! nealnia the Tech varsity eleven. \Viilte the locals were oulwciihed nnd lacked the trnhitnc: to ninlch the. inrci.s'on of the Tech offense they fought back gamely npoarentlv considerably perplexed, scnmnerc.l by the oower and drive Ihe Tech->' la '" '""' "^ "™ ml st"rs fioncralcd. Young, the sicnal b.irkhm full-'i ,,. . . . . ,. hack of the Jacket,, personally ac-| Chlcks Scor<> Anolhcr " counted for three touchdowns with I Young's wen* kick out from (lie Mallhc-,i-s, a hard rnnninc; hack- ''nn B cr after a IS yard i>cn- fielcl mate, anncxini; n fourth anili 111 "' li" (l set the yellow Jackets Uy GKOKUK K1UKSKY Uiiilril l'r«i.s Klatr CulTr.S|]illlltrnl I CHICAGO. iUI>> —Unlike cnum- ylons In" other sixirUs. \yjio Iw. .• i been tumbled right' and left, this j year, the foo'.ball leaOurs of Wt ; promise to make strung bids lo retain their- linn-els ilils season. Last year's champions and ou:- stai'.dim; icain.s foliow: Kast: Coljilr und rltlsburfh ISilf 'IVn: Michigan .Miawest: Notre Dame ' SuiiUi: Ttnnessec and Auburn ScuilliMfsl: Tcxa.s Christian | lilj; Six: Nebraska | Mls-ourl Valley: Oklahoma A. A SI. Rik'ky Mnunuin region: Utah I'. l-'ar West: Southern CalifurnLi. 1931 Prospers Mos; of these teams will be strong again this season, with more than I half of the eleven .leaders.likely i lo rcl'jin their laurels. 1/ookliig over the praspeck;- teams seem to hold the balunce of power in theiv sccilqns: ritlsburgh, CoJuatr, New- York I!., Fordham Mlduest: Notre Dame, .Michigan and Purdue I Hit Ten) Soulli: Tennessee, Alabama, Duke. n.iuic lias one of I •st .sf|iiads In history, with flock ol sophomores ii:;ikin;' vet-j elans play ;H lop .six-cd lo • oltl llieir jobs. The Irihli lost Ali-AmiT- 'I'li- Arkansas I'^rk'T.s jiiiii;). 1 ;! to j ihr lure in Ih.e SJiilliwi^t race by' delcatliig las', year's clmmpbni. 'IVxns Christian. Tin- Roorbacks to have a (-real team. 'l'eii:iew,ee lost its gie.u <-nd. Van Iliyhiirn. still ii :u> u^iiiij,. i.v a ili- . c•:••:. one of ilie connirv's btst hai-1-::. : .!ii:l plenty of material. )'i:isljuri;h promlsr^ to l« even ; .slron^cr than lasl year, wi'.'i a ercal line- featiulnu the vv.i ran I e:uls. D.illty and SMadanv. Louisiana .Slate and Auburn Soul h west: Arkansas University, Texas I), and Texas Acties Klg Six: Nebraska. llccky Mountain reirion: Utah I).. Denver U., C."olorailu II. anil Colo- Sugg, lineman, fallinif on a block od punt behind the Ulythevillr goal line for the other Tech counter. Two extra points v.'crc convcrled out of five Ivies. Nfrwly. Chick qnnrler. made bolli Blytlievlllc touchdowns on end runs after passes had put the ball in scoring position. Gels 1G First Downs The Tech machine rolled through the defense.'; of the Chickasaws for 1G first downs, eiclit in (he first half and eight In the .second, niylheville counted five first downs in the first half, four of llicrn in n sustained passing attack thai resulted in the first Chick touchdown, and Ihrcc' In Ihe second half. The nir wns literally filled with passes Blythcvillc backs hurling a total of 39 passes. 12 being com- their 10 yard line gave the thicks a chance lo score anain anil hey capitalized'(Mr opportunity. Youne's kick went out of umindr. on Tech';; H vard Hue. The Jackets shovrd the Chicks sleadily back and it leaked like the Bly- thcville Ihreal would not iniilerlal- Ize when Mosley heaved a lonsj.i de.socrate rass toward the Tech I fioal line. Wilson. Innk Chick end whose sensational ealchcs \verc a feature of Ihe PigDoll trame. leaped In Ihc nlr with three Tech plnycrs and flimlly fell to Hie cruund with [In- bull on Tcch'.s E1E, HO Us l-'ar West: Southern California, St. Mary's, Santa. C'lara. Stanford The Leaders Out of this group of leaders, Notre D.itne, Michigan. Purdue. Sou'.h- Ciilifornla. Tennessee and | Pitttstmrgh look like the .strongest ms at Has stage, despite the un- SLIDES V RILL BRfJUCHEZ I'li/ile in lluil.lint; i Now thin Primo Camera has j been thrown up us a well-con- UruUed heavyweight, champion, Mndlson Square Garden propast-s lo build a new threat, against him. Thin rather obviously seems u> I be the Intention, since Head Mail John Reed Kilpatrlck of Madison Square Garden aveis there will be "no comsJromise und no sacrifice" with Jack Dempsey, acting in. be- liulf of a brawl for Max Daer. ^Irtt Effort Fails If the recent Perroni-McCorkindale activity was meant as' a foundation for the carrj'insf out of the intention of building a contender for the Ponderous Pisun. the lads had better lea:- down and .Hart on a new basis. Neilhcr of those will .slinul up. HtX? YARDS 7 PUNfe WrMNST UNWERsif? Of CAUfoftflA THIS, NEAR- ALL of "BE WT OF BOUNDS GOLDEH BEARS' 13-YARP STfilPE ONE KlNf NK'EtC 59 ^,P.OS h Lasl N Period Touchdown ,Gives. Bulldogs Win Over iiu'le : . Team. '. '' •X[»t-ed Irish lie with Kansas. Jan aitlomobile, does not seem quite I'erroni. n promisinc young fight- i . T ^ lc Garden may nol compromise ]• before an accident, sent him L hurtling through Ihe windshield of who sooner or later, will be found N'ov. 17. If that is lo bo labeled-<l'e la in 5C some place under the arena hum- an efflrt to create u contender for st-u'ic-c ing for Ihe ropes. Camera, for gosh sake. 1 ;, al: v.hillitr are we drifting? Another Sharkcy- Camera of continuous Such Sacrifice; Please, my nerves! [out- yard line afler the bnll been balled several times. had On fourth down when it t-UIl looked like Tech would hold iUoslpy pulled his lefi end run mjiiin for n touchdown, .sustained drive from Tech's Dieted or ruled completed. 20 fail- (30 yard line with Younp .furnishing. and one bcinii intercepted Tech tried nine passes, completing two. having -one intercepted nnd fix tailing. Tech scored its first touchdown shortly afler working out of its own territory by rccoverim; a niy- Ihcville fumble in midlield. Tech had been shoved deep into Us own Ing the spnrk for Hie olfcnse carried the Yeltovvjnckets to llieir fourth touchdown, reeling off live first downs on the way Young went- over the goal line in one eight yard- smash. rapnlatlng through Ihe Chick defense as tenitorj- when caught ilatfooted by j again quick kick on first down by | pass shot out of n Blytheville Sun. threnlencd when Locke intercepted an Tech's IS van! line but Mosley. Chick quarter that was good for 50 yards. Tlie touchdown the locals lacked the scoring punch. drive didn't start from the him- Mental Lapse Costly blc but it did open up a minute j A mental lapse by. Mosley. Chick -later after Blythevillc hnd kicked! quarter, gave Tech its big chance WILSON. rk\ — 'Hie Wilson Bnlldous defeated Earle'C' to 0 toe yesterday scoring u louch'down in the last period. Tlie game was hard fought, throughout with Ihe ball changing hands mostly on fumbles. In (lie curly part n'f the name Wilson completed a triple pass for about 2. r > yards but was .slopped on a fumble Earls completed several passes to the Wilson five, yard line but was held for downs, as close as Ihe one foot line. The half ended in n scoreless tic and the Ihlrd quarter was fought on even terms. At the opening of the fourth quarter Claude Lynch. Wilson fullbtick. Intercepted n pass nnd ran 25 yards to make the only score of the name. Earlc cnine back and carried the ball lo the Wilson ten yard line. Charles Wiilden of the Wilson team halted -the threat by intercepting a pars and running; to Earl's 25 yard line. Wilson was considerably outweighed by the Karle team. Southern California, 'rated national ehnnipions in most, quarters, lost- only Ray Sparling, a treat end and theic two (jianl tackles. Rr- nic Smith and Tay Brown. The Trojans Imve a plentiful supply of replace tucnls. Michigan. Big leavy enough for the groundwork, le lost a disputed decision lo Mc- Coikindale. and Ihe loss of even i disputed decision lo a British icavywcight never will get by tlie building inspectors. Ten champions and voted the national title under the Dickinson system, are minus only Harry Newman. All-Amerlcnn riuarterbcick, and Capt. Williamson, end. The Wolverines have 10 letter- with Promoter Dempsey, for whom .' Baer is signed to fight, but, there i _ . is no certainty that the oihcr part Engineer Drove of Kirkpatrlck'.s drclariition, "no sacrifice." will .stand up. The Garden certainly did sacrifice financially on Ihc Pemmi-McCorkinilalc bout [ Now Jimmy Johnston insisls on McCorkiiulale is. after all, Mrs.! a further experiment, by matching Hemingway, a British heavyweight McCorkindnlc with Jack Slmrkey run from New Orleans to I.afay- tenary. Engine 2 Million Miles NEW ORLEANS (UP)—Locomo-. live engineer W. J. -Dad" Furlong has retired alter driving loco-, motives 2.7G4.0GO miles over the' Sickness has kept Flit-long off the job only Ihrte hours and r.oi I'ven one minor accident has oc- i:iir:--:d when he va.s at the throttle. The veteran still has the travel urge and wants to ride h!s old train, th" Golden West, to California. One of the oldest trades unions in Great Britain is the National Cljar and Tobacco Workers' Union which recer.lly celebrated its cen- i back to mldfield on an exchnnse ] for n llflh touchdown and Ihe of punts. Three successive first] Jackets made eocd. Moslcy downs carried the ball lo the [ some reason. fnil«l to kick Chicks 12 yard line and from i either third or fourth down in there Matthews, fast rnnninc mid-field nnd the Yellowjackets Teeh back, scnmpcrcd around left look the ball over. A 20 yard puss end for the first touchdown. and Tech was at Blytlievillc's 20 Heavy Line Crashing I yard line. Three fim downs were Tech's second touchdown drive marked up in the drive that cnd- begiin from deep in Tech territory. | rd with YOIIHB goinji over for Ihc Hongkonk is one of the for '-i^ipalCM trans-shipment on! world's The Yellowjackets got the ball on their own 41 yard line on an exchange of punts but sustained a la yard penalty that set them back to their 32 yard line. A long pass. Youn? lo Wells, good for 30 yards, put the Jackets on Blytlievillc's 38 yard line. Some heavy line crash- Ing by Young and his males and final touchdown. The Chicks filled Ihc nlr wllh assim in the closing minutes of the game but most of thorn were wild nnd desperntr nnrt were cltli- cr knocked down or missed iholr marks. A good crowd \vatchcd Uic pnmc and Included in tl;e watchers were ROXY Sunday - Monday and N1TK—1(V Sunday - Monday MAT. and N1TK—10c-35c THE tongue in all Ireland ... but the one lie she couldn't make herself believe was that she didn't love this charmins stranger from the other .side of the world. Tinkling bells, and the clink of silver the Jackets had gained -niylhc- mcm bcrs of the Shawnce conso'.i- vilkis six yard line on three first d!ltcd wnco i , enm !rom Joilln . wl downs. Youne smashed over from | „,„,. ,, lc cblcl;s , H , xt FrW . u . Thcv the four yard line a moment later SIM ,1,,, Ioc!1 i 5 bsl yc! , r . ' for the second touchdown. . Cap[ ., hl - UM 51!lr tacku . o( ,„, Tech was blasUns; away at thnrcch team, witnessed the "ame Blvtheville goal airain in ouick trom ,„,, sutpij,,,,. injuries "prc- order but the Chicks finally stop- vpmcd ,. is „ <n , t , Y , ueo the nsllors' within their own | ; pv .i nc );,,t s HH(.- UII "I'fi. 5 l rd 'J™- holclln B , for downs Scntt'Allc". who had ilartcd at' with the aid of a penally ngams'. guarrt in , hc firs , , , „, Tech. Hope of Chicks fans for Ihe „.„ Sl . ason ,,... BlylhMil!( ,. ;vns uot avoidance of anolhcr Tech score I in unift , n!1 liu , t Mi ht Hc »- as Mld | was shortlived, however, llnwju, hm tMcA lo c , ear s< . holil!!lic ' Tech linemen crashing through to block Mosley's kick from behind 1 the Blythevillc goal line nnd Siigs. Tech guard, fallim: on the ball for the third touchdown. Chicks Cft Coins Tlie Yellowjackels had been substituting freely as the close of the half neared. Suddenly almost without warning the Chicks began their touchdown drive from their own 38 yard line The locals, who had so far failed to register a first down, annexed their initial oncl The Blythevillc Junior high when Mosley followed an eight i school Paiwoscs scored their first yard run with a short pass to | victory of tlie season when they BEACH gives screen hi« .greatest story. "The Goose Woman," a romance to entrance you ...a drama to thrill! In a Chinese fairy slovy one reads about the ILmperor's "ar where rare and colorful plants from all over .llie world slantly flowering. were con- carriers. Kciser Is Beaten By Papooses defeated Ihc Kciser high school team. 12 to 6 at Keiscr yestcrdas afternoon. Brogdon that netted the first down. Another pass netted six yards, another three yards. JJoslcy to Tipton and a fourlh two yards The fiitl Pajxxisc louchdown lo give Ihe Chicks a first down on Jennie in the first half on a pass Tech's 48 yard line. . I with Johnson eoing over for the ! The fans began to feel that the counter. Keiser countered by SCOT- i WiA me UMMN, KtadDUAI, JUN MTHU R IKMMD "MHm" OAL- lAOHIt, Di*atd fcj HA In" TTioi.fim. DctH O. M.-i>kk, *wcwrt-e trcjtfc-rr - RADIO ricTur t| nf the Campus Scric Tech" II was the duty of the honorable head,gardener to walch (or the most beautiful of the blooms and tie lo the stem of each a little silver bell. As the flowers swayed in the breeze, .the bells link- led with sweet music. Thus the couriers and the distinguished visitors, strolling along the paths, were sure to see the finest specimens. lecals were touchdown bound and were pleading for a counter. Another v •-.«;' followed nnri interfer- ing a touchdown In the first hslf. tying the score. The Papooses ranie hack in the Corned v GAYNOR 10m net. BAXTER PAD DY THE NEXT B^T THING WALTER CONNOUY MABY McC OEMIC Difcclerf by Hiny ••MBRK Paramount News Our Gang Comedy This was the Emperor s way o( saying "I have something extra fine that you should see: look this way anil you'll be repaid." In the advertising columns of this paper are similar messages addressed to YOU. Read them and you will hear the clink of silver. Our merchants arc saying "We have some, extra values. We have some especially seasonable articles that you should see. Come to our stores and you will he repaid." Yen have nothing to lose when you accept ihis invitation. In fact, when you fail to do so, you're missing .some of the very news for which you bought this paper! 11 m m «1 i I ./>

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