The Richmond Item from Richmond, Indiana on October 26, 1934 · Page 22
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The Richmond Item from Richmond, Indiana · Page 22

Richmond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1934
Page 22
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?AGE SIX THE RICHMOND JTEM, RICHMOND, INDIANA Friday, October 26, 1934 Hagerstown News Reporter Esther Smith Phone 131 Kitchen Witchery Transforms Halloween Menus LUNCHEON-BRIDGE HAGERSTOWN, Ind., Oct. 25. A lovely appointed 1 o'clock luncheon- bridge party was given at tne nan-ley Hills Country Club, Thursday, by Mrs. Ray Small. The table decorations were in keeping with the Halloween season. Bridge was enjoyed. The invited guests were: Mrs. Charles N. Teetor, Mrs. Wallace Harkrader, Mrs. Harry Marsh, Mrs. R. R. Brant, Mrs. Laura Hines, Mrs. George Hanley, Mrs. Etta Porter, Mrs. R. B. Ramsey, Mrs. William Ira-. mell, Mrs. Louise Homan, Mrs. Mary ; Belle Giesler, Mrs. Henry Keagy, Mrs. Ada Thurston, Mrs. Emma Fovst, Mrs. Robert Newcomb, Mrs. Alex Kirby, Mrs. John Bunnell, Mrs. William Abbott, Miss Cora Castor, Mrs. George Keagy, Mrs. Lothair Teetor, Mrs. William Miller, Mrs. Lee Brannon, Mrs. Robert Hudson, Mrs. Willard Stahr, Mrs. William Cramer, Mrs. Hugh Shafer, Mrs. A. R. Hartig, Mrs. Dewey Bookout, Mrs. Chester Locke, Mrs. Joe Craw, Mrs. Wilbur May, Mrs. Herman Teetor, Mrs. Harold Wichterman, Mrs. William Prosper, Mrs. Robert Fox, Mrs. Robert Bryson, Mrs. Lucy Taylor, Mrs. Fred Smith, Mrs. J. L. Mitchell, Mrs. Jyle Jones, Mrs. Grover Brower, Mrs. Charles Cain, Mrs. W. B. Hartley, Mrs. Frank Teetor, Mrs. Robert L. Marlatt, Mrs. Leslie Davis, Mrs. Dan Teetor, Mrs. Roy Paton, Mrs. Harold Snoke, Mrs. Edwin Oneel, Mrs. William Parson, Mrs. C. F. Porter, Mrs. Josephine Brant, Mrs. Ralph Worl, Mrs. C. F. Jones, Mrs. Wilbur Pierce, Mrs. Jessie Nicholson, Mrs. Clifford Fouts, Mrs. Robert Allen, Mrs. Donald Teetor, Mrs. William White, Mrs. Charles Parsons, Mrs. Darwin Dur-bin, Mrs. Rebecca Day, Mrs. Joseph Teetor, Mrs. John Teetor, Mrs. Ralph Teetor, Mrs. Hollis Hoover. Halloween Party The members of the Hagerstown and Jefferson Township School faculty and school board were entertained with a Halloween dinner party, Wednesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sedgewicke, Mrs. Alida Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Craw. The dinner was served at Miss Holler's tea room. Later all enjoyed a party at the Boy Scout Camp. Games were featured. All came masked. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cory, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Spuller, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lester, Mrs. Leora Waltz, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Stout, Mrs. Grossman of Huntington, Miss Gertrude Adams, Miss Martha Castle, Miss Ermadine Lester, Miss Ruth Dutro. Miss Flossy Neff, Miss Christine Van Horn, Miss Ruth Wilmore, Miss Lucile Beckdolt, Miss Louise Neff, Miss Kathleen Heacock, Miss Georgia Thompson, Mrs. Miriam Mc- Curdy. Virgil Heniser, Mr. and Mrs Theodore Sedgewicke, Miss Alida Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Craw. Partv Is Given ' Mrs. George Stout and Mrs. Floyd Hutchinson of New Castle entertained with a beautifully appointed luncheon-brfdge party Tuesday at the Hartley Hills Country Club. Decorations were in brown and yellow chrysanthemums. Those at tending were, Mrs. Sidney Bruce, Mrs. W. J. Walters, Mrs. Harry Jennings, Mrs. Don Dowyer, Mrs. Charles Butler, Mrs. Jean Cox, Mrs. Edgar Ferrell of New Castle, Mrs. Richard Banta of Crawfordsville. Dinner Guests Mrs. Jennie Snowberger entertained at dinner Wednesday for Mr. and Mrs. Walter Parks, Mrs. Frances Druley, Mrs. Edith Mansfield, Mrs. Jennie Allen of Richmond. Bridge Club Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bryson entertained the Evening Bridge Club Wednesday. Delicious lunch was served. Those attending were; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Marlatt, Mr. and Mrs. Iris Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Marfield Cain, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Stahr, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Baker, Mrs. Emerson Ashinger. Birthday Party A birthday party was given for Anna Fay Andrews by her parents. Children's games -were enjoyed and lunch was served in keeping with the Halloween season. The guests were: Joan Stahr, Betty Gray, Nancy Bell Wilkinson, Martha Andrews, Anna Fay Andrews. Church Services Communion services held last week end at the Brick Church of the Brethren were well attended. The visiting elders were, Rev. B. F. Summers, a. missionary for seven years in India, now spending the Winter in Moore- land: Carlm Carpenter, M. L. Paul of Mooreland, Esthel McCullough of Middletown. Brick Aid Society Mrs. Mattie Rinehart was hostess to the Brick Aid Society Wednesday at her home west of town. Next Wednesday Mrs. Alice Ward will entertain the society. Those present were: Mrs. Josie Werking, Mrs. Cora Hoover, Mrs. Martha Belt, Mrs. Surilda Bales, Mrs. Jennie Shel- lenberger, Mrs. Cassie Stout, Mrs. Alice Push, Mrs. Anna McFherson, Mrs. Orpha Marlatt, Mrs. Eva Hoover, Mrs. Opal Rinehart, Marilyn Mar latt, Mrs. Colwell, Mrs. Rinehart. Is Seriously 111 Mrs. Sarah Bell is reported seriously ill. Mrs. Rose Mills of Dayton and Mrs. Mary Fritz, sisters, are both ca the sick list. Government Exams To Be Conducted for Many Positions The United States Civil Service Commission announces open competitive examinations in a number of classes. Full information concerning the examinations may be obtained from C. R. Kienzle at the Post Office. Examinations will be open for a principal marketing specialist; senior marketing specialist; marketing specialist; associate marketing specialist; assistant marketing specialist; agronomist; senior agronomist; household equipment specialist; agent for home economics and special agent for home economics education. I qrd Individual Jack o'Lantern mince meat plea carry out the Halloween ABINGTON ABINGTON, Ind. There will be a Halloween party in connection with the Parent-Teacher Association meeting at the Abington School Building Friday evening, Oct. 26. Please mask. If you do not you must pay a fine, this fine may be a pound of sugar, beans or macaroni. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ramey and son, Johnny, spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hiatt and sons. Mrs. Mabel Geise and children of Milton were the guests over Saturday and Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Rife Paddock and family. Virginia Beck spent Sunday with Roberta Schab. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Lawrence and family visited Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kovac and family. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Woods and family were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ray of Liberty, and Johnny Smith and children of Lynn. Mrs. Mamie Smoker has returned to her home near here after being in Muncie for the past few weeks with her daughter, who has been ill at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Lamott. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lemmons and family had for their dinner guests Sunday, Robert Ranck and Miss Rena Wright. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Schroy and family, with the following friends and relatives, attended a dinner Sunday held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hall and son near Kitchel. Those in the party were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wise. Mr. and Mrs. Georee McFarren, Mr. and Mrs. Albert West, all of Connersville; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dolphin of Connersville, Mr. and Mrs. William Schepler and son of Springersville, Mrs. Sue McFarren, Mrs. Frank Noll, Miss Edith Woods, Miss Virginia McCashland, Lawrence Woods, and Roland McCashland. Mrs. Celia Jarrett visited a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jarrett. Miss Audrey Sittloh was a weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens and family near Williamsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gilbert and daughter, Patty Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gilbert of Richmond called on Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbert and daughter, Betty, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Clarence Pope and daughter, Marie, and Mrs. Carl Martin called on Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pope of Whitewater Thursday evening. Halloween with Its ghosts and gob lins and its tradition of gaiety is the ideal occasion for a party, and an easy party, moreover, for supper served cafeteria style is entirely in keeping with the spirit of the whole Idea. The dining table stretched to its limit, or two long tables placed counter-fashion near a wall in the dining room, may be arranged with the food and the necessary china and silver. Trays, for each guest are piled at one end of the table. Next to the trays is a pile of napkins paper, probably each wrapped around the required silver. If you like, you may tie each napkin with a bow and tiny favor, or if bridge or other games requiring tallies are to be played, the tallies may be tied around the napkin. Small tables are scattered through the -Jiv ing rooms to serve as supper and bridge tables. . Self-service The host may carve and serve the meat and the hostess pour the coffee as the guests help themselves. Ar range the salad on individual plates bread and butter size rather than salad or, even better, it may be put on a large platter from which each person serves himself on his supper plate. The dessert, unless It's the melty kind, can be placed right on the serving table to be taken with the rest of the menu, or the guests may return to the serving table for it after the first course is finished. Here's your Halloween menu: Ham To demonstrate our Fresh New Stock of Smart Hosiery and Lingerie, we offer the following SPECIALS for Farmers' Day Saturday, October 27th, Only 75c LADIES' BLOOMERS (TQ Others reduced to 79c and 98cOtC 75c LADIES' PANTIES Others reduced to 69c and 79c $1.00 COMBINATION SETS Others reduced to $1 and $1.59 I C- 59c $1.98 PCRE SILK NIGHTIES $1.59 Others reduced to $1.25 and $1.98. $1.25 SILK SLIPS OQ Others at $1.50 and $1.98 7oC $1.98 RAYON KNIT PAJAMAS $1.29 These are tyles beautiful new Others reduced to 98c 69c D Specially priced 98C tO $1.98 ALL COTTON SLIPS On sale Saturday at 50c Hosiery L Vv.f I. V - 1 piirif 111 Saturday a Special Sale of new fall styles, perfect quality, sheer chiffons and service weights. 79c Hosiery at 59c Pairs For $1.00 Other special values at 79c and $1.00. GOEBEL'S HOSIERY and LINGERIE SHOP 915 Main St. Mrs. .John H. Goebe, Prop. Mrs. Minnie Clapper, Mgr. XX - Cracked WHEAT MEAD The Benefits of Bran Plus ' The Precious Wheat Heart . It contains a blend of different flours, the cracked grains of wheat, and is delightfully sweetened with clover honey. Baked by the Bakers of "Corn Top Bread" Ask For It By Name .... "Dietzen's Cracked Wheat". Brown SUGAR 4 pr8 19c Large 21 Size PUMPKIN 3 CZ 25c FAULTLESS SODA CRACKERS Li Carton 19c . Fresh and Crisp PUMPKIN PIE SPICE McCormlck's Bee Brand can Or S Cans Asst. 25c 9c Yes, We Have Sweet Cider Fresh Pumpkin Pop Corn Figs and Dates Diamond Walnuts Marshmallows For Your Party MAXWELL PREMIUM LOG CABIN JELL-0 PILLSBURY MINCE MEAT 3 House Coffee Shred Coconut Syrup Table Size 3 pkgs. Pan Cake Flour Fkga. Condensed 33c 10c 23c 19c 10c 25c KREMEL DESSERT 2 pfT 9c CHOCOLATE CARAMEL Vanilla CREAM CHEESE 18c SUGAR 5 Lbs. Cane Granulated 29c COUNTRY ROLL BUTTER 28c Ivory Soap 4 5SS 21c Large Size OXYDOL 23c P. & G. Soap 4K21c FLOUR ONIONS CABBAGE APPLES BANANAS Loy's Supreme lJt S Found Bag 10 Lb. Bag 23C 60 Lh. Bag j)QC Jonathan, Grimes 4 Pounds Golden Fruit 4 Pounds 19c 23c PEACHES 17c Rich Syrup, Large 2 J Can The Finest Food Markets In Your Neighborhood ; Are At Your Service J. K. CHENOWETH C. SCHNEIDEWIND GEORGE FIENNING L. C. HASECOSTER E. H. STEGMAN CO. CARL BULLERDICK CLEVENGER MARKET DENNY BROS. R. D. ASHBY W. KEHLENBRINK GUY E. BULL GEO. A. CUTTER Q, K. DUNBAB & SON, CentervUle baked in cider and served with twice baked sweet potatoes, horseradish and mustard sauce, ginger ale salad, toasted muffins, Jack o'Lantern pies made of dry mince-meat, and coffee, Fanciful names such as goblin roast, pixies' potatoes, witches' delight sauce, All-Hallow bread, hoodoo salad and Jack o'Lantern pie may be given to the items If you like, and if any of the family is good at it, you might have the menu cleverly printed ana illustrated. Jack o'Lantern Pies Another good Halloween supper menu is built around veal and ham pie of Pickwickian fame. With this you might have squash croquettes, cabbage and orange salad, cheese cups and little Jack o'Lantern pies. Two tablespoons prepared mustard and two tablespons prepared horseradish are added to one cup whipped cream to make the witches' delight sauce. , Home-Coming Will Be Celebrated at Mt. Pleasant Church PINHOOK, Ind., Oct 25. Home coming will be observed Sunday, Oct. 28 at the Mount Pleasant United Brethren Church. The morning service , will open with Sunday School followed by preaching. A basket dinner will be served at the noon hour to be followed by afternoon services at 2 o'clock at which time the following program will be presented: Duet, Waneta and Emory WEEK-END SPECIALS Home Dressed Meats STEER CHUCK ROAST, per lb. 12c and 15c' PORK ROAST VEAL BOAST VEAL CHOPS PORK LOIN BOILING BEEF . HAMBURGER LARD, 10 lb. pail LARD, 5 lb. pall . 12Jc and 15c . 10c and 12c 16c '18c , 8c lb. 9c $1.25 63c GUY E. BULL 5th & S. A Sts. Phone 1040 Bothast; two instrumental numbers, Margaret Purdy; recitation, Waneta Bothast; duet, Lee Bothast and 'F. C. Beetley. Evening service at 7:30 o'clock with communion and the presenta- tlion of a playlet,' "What ShaU I Render?" by five small girls.. Every one is invited to attend all services and to bring well filled baskets for the dinner to be served at the noon hour. The first cast iron road, several miles in length, was laid in London, England, five years ago. This road has stood up so well that 10 additional miles are being put down. Five and a half is the average size of shoes worn by women. i t m ' rtym, v ..i !! CORN FLAKES CNEN-FRESH FLAVOR-PERFECT ua, tuoaa ihuttu m Si 4t jTsi Read those words on the redand-green Kellogg package. "Oven-fresh Flavor-perfect." Four words hut they tell why no other cereal has ever appealed to people like Kellogg'g. No other, comes to you so fast from the factory, protected by the patented inner WAXTITE bag that keeps the flakes; ovenfresH arid flavor-perfect. Order Kellogg's Corn Flakes today. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. tjgg I I The Grand Goodness of Coffees iempis you to drink more , You'll hear It every time you serve Kroger'g Hot-Dated Coffee "Fes 177 raJfce anotAer cup." For this richer, super-fresh coffee positively perks up -coffee appetites. No wonder for never before has any coffee merchant dared to date- his coffees at the roasting ovens. Never before has any coffee merchant made such "young" coffee available to the public without a premium price. Remember, Kroger does not put the store delivery date on its coffees. Kroger stamps the shelf-limit date on . the bottom of each double-sealed bag. Then this roaster-hot coffee is rushed direct to the stores, and the date tells the store people just how long it can remain on the shelves. If it's not sold before that date, it's withdrawn from sale. Just think, now you can go to any Kroger Store and be absolutely sure of getting coffee that out-freshes all others.. And this means coffee that is richer, smoother, fuller of flavor-giving oils. Try hot-dated coffee and just as sure as you read this, you'll be boasting about it and praising it to all your friends. mm, i s x ?' iftnni trflT the roaster. Withdrawn lr JJJf't I I SSXTZTJlii ,rom al" in Krofer Mi9JJ W I ft'''1t'"'l Stores after that date. . . Sy : . ' ' . ' -f , - , - . Out . y-r'WI:fHK i : - - k t :( V ;JlrlktA 1 mm JEWEL COFFEE a Mmooth, tngnat, Sra-bIHms bind. Hot - dtfd. Mealed in a double Hotd bit- Ground ai jeu bur It. 21c COUNTRY CLUB , ii ire. I f. RefU 30c FRENCH BRAND Imported, blended, netted and bet -deled by Kroter. Full-bodied, tevorj ground u you buy 1 P n. i t h enA dim tinetire. Vacuum-packed. Repilu price. HOT-DATED attMtoaStUuf

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