The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 19, 1950
Page 15
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1HTDAT, MAT 19..19W OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wiilioms Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooptc CAN EASY VVEH,ANC>Yli [ Y#u TOiD lie -m BFi-W-tLja-r mnn. Hif „- i^.. mm BLYTHETTLLE (ASK.) COURIER NEWS WILL. *KJU Ut. I ME KMOW BEFORE NEXT FRIDAY? UH, SHOULD I PUT IT POWM PAPER.-UH- IW INK? YOU CAI-J EASY TELL THAT GUV'S HAP SOME SAD EXPERIENCES WITH BOSSES WHO POM'T MAKE MOTESJ VEH, AND VOU CAN TELL. TH BULL'S HAP SOME SAD EXPERIENCES WITH GUYS HE DIP TAKE NOTES FOR/ I01.D US fo 861 OUR 60XTOPS Of4 BL)Rne-~w6 HEARD JA60M GR&88ED HIM WlTrf A DEPOT HO& IK) tHE 0ACK YARD ANlD HE CRUMPLED LIKE A VJHT PAPSR. TOWEL.' TOUGUB Of 6OSSIP HftS GAR8C6D THAT SlMPLt epfSODE EXTRAVAGAKSTLy/ -*— FACT IS, BURKE A^RELV STUMBLED INl /WAKlfJG A FLVlhlS TACKLE.' ND TACKLED GROUND THE PIPLOMATS BY HERMINA BLACK run STOUT. Kim.* i ,J nui l>«r» Cl«»«-Mr> jSi a nkea tar b«rMM* PA(JE flfTKtStt Television on Friday 12:30 p.m.—Arlmr. Slicniinn 1:30—News Roundup 1:45—Movie Matinee 1:5S—News Summary 2:00—MfdSnulli News 2:15—Household Hints 2:30—FusliEon I'ariiile 3:00—Jr. Disc .lockey 3:30— Howdy Dooily 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30— Hello, L:iil!os 5:00—Kukla, Fran & OIHe 5:30—Koberta Quiiilan 5:45—New.s Caravan 6:00—Fealurctlc .?—What's New -We the People 7:UO— Versatile! Varieties •7:30—Twin Tini* 8:00—Cavalcade of Sports 8:45—FighLs of the Century 9:00—Top Views in Sporls 9:13—News Summary We otfer complete Television service., supplying and installing General Electric, motorola, • nd Capehart inodcLs. fORFRJE ESTIMATES TELEVISION & RADIO / SALES ANDSERVICE !> BLYTHEVUlESALfsCo? '3Qf MAIN ST. BlYTHEVlUE.AHK. Rent A Car ... P?ive It Yourself •^/f Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Anywhere Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones -1948 - 937 KIDS Pony Rides Are Fun I Open Daily 3-9 P.M. ^Shetland ~ Ranch Just South of Starvue Drive-In South Hiway 61 I<T 01 Syrlr nod Joa Anblrlrj. hill noon Clrniene? rc-nllar* abr baa 1'H.I her hrnrr (•» t*1rr« AMtt4-rlrT. J"n » btochrr at nfcti»«- luxvrinn* Jorlh ACrlrjtH aomr lar nnrrlrd r*nilly llvr» Syrli- u bltlntcly «tirciisil4- whfn *he brar* (hr B*»T« find JOB M-arrhtB hi* *rl(« wMb •» alMijiBt rrlKhirnlnK ^rlb •» var- aonlf nmnHcmrnr. H'brB Ctrra- eiiL-y rritrrHK i« ibr Bnmer? thai nlKht ahr nndM llaba !• b«4 vndcr in open window *r[(b Ibr r4M»l nl^M Rjr from [hr AT^erlaH deitcrl "'""'•t '» " brr. Tbe <-bll< I. rhlllrd anrl (be atxl day Klttcbll? III. Clrmt-nr, | r>r> . ,1,,, Ja , „„„, bnv, l,rc Ihf window up r . wbra br MKI whh rm<1 child. Clrmt-ni-y }• lolrt thnt J:iy b; Syrl» thni .hr lnlrnd» Co cnKHKc a new fovfratttm XXV! pLEMEHCY nad snid nothing about finding the nursery opon, knowing thai it would only cause a row between Syrie and Jon and if acrimonious passages between those two could be avoided, she fell it would be a slight relief. She had warned Louilie to 3ay nothing, but she had every intention herself of coping with Jon In no uncertain manner at the Brst opportunity, "Baba's only got a little cough," Syrie said after visiting the nursery, where Baba was Inclined to enjoy being an invalid. "It's ridic- ( ulous to keep her in. I've told Louilie she can go out." "I don't think she should." protested Clemency "She kicked oil her bed clothes last night and got chilled—; - "Nonsense. On a day like this," interrupted Syne. "The sun will do her good. I have told Louilie to take her out—please see my orders are obeyed." Seething with anger Clemency looked after Syrie as she walked out of the room, shutting the door abruptly behind tier She wished Piers were here, and she could have consulted him. She did n« feel Baba should go out: but unfortunately Syrie was the child's mother. Bnba seemed a little more fever- ish when sne came In, and by me evening she was coughing quite a lot. So that when Piers returned just before dinner and came straight up to the nurseries, sne asked him it he would mind very much if she stayed with Bnba—as it was Louilie's tree evening. "Of course I mind. I'll probably come and keep you company later." he told her. "If visitors arc allowed!" Then the lender laughing faded from his eyes: "That kid dees took oil-color. I'll telephone In the morning tor the doctor to come, shall I?" "It would be a good Idea," said Clemency. "Ought you to ask Mrs. Jon?" "No. I shall tell her I have sent for him." Again that shadow in his face. But it was gone, and she forgot it as he drew her into his arms. "MisFrd me today—a little?" "Every minute when you are not here," she confessed. "I always shall." "Darling—- He kissed her, between her eyes so candidly full ol her love, en either chee*. and then lingeringly on her mouth. "You've a wonderful technique (or a bachelor." said Clemency, rubbing her check against his shoulder. "Oh, Piers! 1 never dreamt I'd dare say all these things to you!" He lifted her chin, a finger beneath it. "There are so many things 1 want to hear you say. Know what the most important will always be?" "No-o." "You do.~Three words." "1 love you—" She turned her head quickly. "Listen to that child coughing." But E J iers was in no mood to listen to anything of the sort iust then as he drew her face round to bis again. • • • QAN one be loo happy? Clemency wondered dreamily, smoking a cigarct m the day nursery two hours later. Baba was sleeping—not as qui- etly as she aroula a»v» dk«d ha to be—(I'iers was sure «o rtrmcm- bcr 10 send for tht doctor) and she was alone with ner thoughts. Loving t'iere—being loved by him—having each other always. She thought, a liitle smu> touching her lips: I suppose 1 alwayr knew it would b« like thi»—when M came I'm glad 1 never cheated— I*n- glad ! never cheapened myself. i'm glad every heartbeat—all i am are bis. She turned her head suddenly, conscious that there was someone else in the room, and saw Jon Amberley watching her from the doorway, that hall sneer on his face which she nad noticed when he watrhcd Syrie yesterday "Hello, future sister-in-law," he said, moving forward rather carefully. "I've come to see my daughter." Obviously, although he was not drunk, he was far from sober "Don't go into the night nursery, please." Clemency said crisply "Baba Is asleep. She husn't been well all day, and I don't want her disturbed." • • « JON was In the mood to take ** ofTense, having had far more to drink than her inexperience guessed. He looked at her truculently -My Kid. isn't she? Or has my wife given orders, or my wile'a boy friend?" "Don't b« silly," she said co4dly. "Baba's got a bad cold. U she wakes up now she wont get off to !;leep again easily. And it's your fault she has got a cold. Why did you leave the nursery window open last night?** Jon looked taken aback at ihit direct attack. "Me?" "Yes, you. I came to and found it wide open." Hit expression changed to dismay "1 went out on the balcony lor a breath of air—it was stifling." "It's never stifling tn there. The ventilators are always open. I found her with no bed clothes on and chilled throuBh and through." "My fault I was a fool." "Be more careful next time," said Clemency more gently. "A child could get pneumonia thai way." 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BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN I'M iUST NOT HUM6WV f\ MtRt CtGA OT

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